Summer of Fun Part 6

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This is the 6th installment of a multipart series. I appreciate all comments that I have been getting. And when you comment it encourages me to write more. So please don’t forget to comment. Thank you

After my cock had been baptized into the first older woman I ever had things were changing around me. In the beginning I didn’t notice but then the changes more immense. My whole life was taking a turn and not for the worst in most cases. I returned to Brandy’s house a few more times during that week, Of course Brandy was not there and it was odd to me. Her mother said that she would only be gone for a few days and nights, but with her being out of the way I was always welcomed into her mom’s bed. Michelle and I kept the bed warm and sticky, her re-awakening of her own desires and sexual prowess took me by surprise a few times but I never backed down or out. On the following Saturday I was over there again. She didn’t have to work so I was there in the morning. I arrived at her door and as she let me in I could sense she had something important to tell me. I waited until we got into the other room before I asked if something was wrong. I myself was fearing that she was going to tell me she was pregnant even though it was way to early; I guess a part of me didn’t believe her after the first time. She explained to me that Brandy was moving in to her boyfriend’s parent’s house with him and her visits would be more less frequent. Apparently as she explained to me that was her plan after he had left there. I couldn’t see the reason especially seeing that he was aggressive toward her. After Michelle had told me this I sensed that she felt I was not going to come around anymore and expressed that she enjoyed us having sex and I was a good lover toward her. I had no plans to stop coming over and by this time what I felt for Brandy was almost gone, her mother helped out on that. As soon as I assured her that I was not going to stop by just because of Brandy’s absence I seen her face blush.

She hugged me and I hugged back, she then slipped out of my arms and before I knew it she was on her knees undoing button on my shorts. “I got a surprise for you, something I have not done in a while. Only my ex had this treatment” she said seductively. Moments later she had her hand wrapped around my shaft and began to pump her fist making me big and hard. Then her mouth wrapped around it as she pumped at it while sucking. Sloppy wet noises followed as I began to remove my shirt. Michelle tugged on it tighter causing me to let out a slight painful “Ow”. She loosened her grip and continued to suck. After ten minutes of her constant attention and her detail with her tongue to my cock-head I was nearing my climax. It wouldn’t be long before I would blow. I remembered the last time she sucked me off and didn’t let me cum so I pushed her head into my crotch making the whole seven inches go into her mouth causing a large “guhmmff” sound, it was a mistake on my part as I could feel her back molars scr****g away at my flesh. She pulled back with force and as I let her up I could see her saliva come back with her as it was still attached to my shaft as it was going limp. She gasped for air “Are you going to let me finish or what” she said in an angered tone. “Yeah, sorry” I replied. She cleared her throat and went back to sucking me off. I didn’t try to interfere again, as I caused a restart. It took another ten minutes for me to get closer once more. I warned her “I’m going to cum so soon” but she paid no attention. As my body began to stiffen up and my knees began to lock I tried to warn her again but no avail. I must have blacked out for a second or two just as I started to release my cum. I didn’t just cum, I exploded in her mouth. I felt torrent after another spew out and she just kept on sucking me until I was done and then she lifted her head and looked at me and opened her mouth, it was full of cum and then she smiled and swallowed it all.

After I had recovered we embraced each other again as she kissed me on my lips. As I returned the kiss and the affection my hand had found her waist band and soon I slid my hand down the front. She gasped from my touch as my fingers began to split her outer lips, with my middle finger I eased my way down to the entry of her hole. “Your wet, why is that?” I whispered into her ear. Before she could respond, my finger went inside and I began to poke in and out of her. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves in her room naked and making out. At first I enjoyed the taste of her vagina, that was always my thrill. I love the taste of pussy and hers especially. We fucked in a mad passion after which she had me watch her play with my cum that was oozing from her freshly filled hole. I watched her smear it around and insert her fingers inside pushing out more, as she did this her fingers returned covered in it. She smiled and laughed over and over as she put her fingers in her mouth and swallowed expressing how good it tasted. “mmmmm, young man cum. I keep on forgetting how good it tastes” she said. The phone rang on the nightstand by the bed, her fingers were still covered when Michelle picked up the receiver. As she answered it my cock was coming back to life, “I’m on my way” she said into the phone. Suddenly she slammed down the receiver, wiped her crotch with the blanket and hopped off the bed. “I gotta go, Brandy is having her baby!”. I watched as she s**ttered around the bed to gather whatever she could find to wear. Knowing she was leaving me hanging literally I appreciated it when she tugged on my cock and gave it a kiss on the head before leaving the room still topless. I gathered up my things and began to get dressed. A few seconds later I followed her outside and she was already in the car about to drive off. “Rob… lock up the house and go back home, I might not be back for a while. I will let you know” she said to me as I still had not put my shoes back on, then she drove off. I did what she wanted me to do, I finished getting dressed and locked up the house before I left. As I got home I noticed my dad’s truck and my mom’s van was in the driveway. I hesitated for a moment because I knew I smelled of sex. I hoped that no one would be around so I could slither upstairs when I got in and take a shower. I went in the back way hoping but when I got inside and just my luck my mother was standing over the sink doing the dishes. I heard banging and clanking from the basement door so I knew where my father was. My mom knew it was me that walked in the door, “Well, welcome home stranger. Is that my son Bobby or just a gust of wind” she said still looking down at the sink. “Hi mom” I replied. She put the pan that she was holding and placed it in the strainer. “Come here and give me a hug, you haven’t been home much”. I tried to shy away but when mom wanted a hug there was no stopping her. She wrapped her arms around me with her hands still wet and hugged me. I could tell right then she smelled the scent of another woman and the hint of pussy that was still on my face. “Oh gosh, you need a shower”, “Yeah mom I do, so can I?”. I tried to pull away then She released me and as I walked away she said “When you get all cleaned up, we need to talk, so you can tell me all about her”. “Fuck!” I thought to myself “she knows”.

After I had showered and came back down I was present for a sight that was very rare in my house. My mom and dad were involved in a very intense verbal argument, I felt kind of guilty right there thinking it was about me but it wasn’t. Dad was very pissed; I could tell he was at his limit. After all these years I can say my father had a terrible temper but he had enough self-control not to go off the deep end and hit my mom. To him that was the most terrible thing in the world and as I grew up he taught me and my older brother the same; never hit a woman, for you a not a man then. He left the house, I could hear his tires squeal as he went down the street. I stood there seeing my mom mad at herself and just as she caught eye of me knowing I had just seen the whole thing she walked right passed me not saying a word going to her room. I heard the door shut and lock. I looked over at my younger sister with a surprised look, “What’s all that about?”. She shook her head “It’s been crazy here for a few days, mom and dad are doing so well together”. I tried to get more information but she refused to speak about it. I walked into the kitchen and finished off the dishes as my sister continued to watch TV. As I washed the dishes I couldn’t help to think that knowing I came from a loving home that my parents would argue like they did. This was very rare and with my sister not telling me nothing made it even harder. Our two older siblings, my brother and eldest sister not being home somewhat sheltered them away from anything going on. My eldest sister was at college far away from home and my older brother was somewhat of a wanderer, something like a black sheep but no one ever gave him a reason to be, that was done on his own.

Dad returned late that night and gathered up a few things. “Bobby, Nikki. I am going to stay at a hotel for a few days, call me if you two need anything”, “OK dad” we both said in unison. I followed my dad out to his truck and was a bit hesitant about asking him but I felt that I had too. “What’s going on?”, “Me and your mom are not getting along right now. We have issues at the moment and its best that I let her cool off; don’t worry I will be back and everything will be ok. These things happen once in a while, and sometimes people just need their space”. Dad tried to reassure me nothing major was going on but I had my doubts, he hugged me and told me to take care of my sister and mom while he was gone and so I promised him I would. I waived to him as he drove off again but it left me more worried than before.

A day passed and mom was back to her normal self, and it seemed that she had forgotten about the other day when I came home smelling like sex. Me and my sister were watching tv when mom had asked me to join her in the kitchen. I did as I was asked and there she was standing at the stove, just as I got over to her she started asking questions, apparently she didn’t forget. I eased her concerns until the phone rang. I picked it up and answered, it was Michelle. Mom left the room to give me some privacy or at least that’s what I thought she was doing. We talked and Michelle had asked me to stop by the house and get together a night bag for her, of course I told her I would. Then in a whisper she continued to tell me that my cum was still inside her all this time and how she felt uneasy about the idea but enjoyed the naughty thrill. I hung up the phone and left to Michelle’s house only telling my sister I was leaving. On the way there I kept on getting a hard on thinking about what Michelle had told me over the phone. I arrived at the house and went inside, I entered the bed room; it was still a mess from us fucking that day and had light scent of our actions. The smell and the thought about her pussy was too much, I got hard again and began to jack off pointing my cock over the bed. Then it struck me, “Why don’t I jack off into a pair of underwear for her” I said to myself “Yeah she would enjoy the feeling of fresh cum on her crotch”. So I did just that, spewing cum all inside her underwear making sure I covered the front all the way. I finished up the overnight bag and awaited her arrival. It was an hour later when she arrived, she didn’t have time for a better greeting, only for me to put the bag in the backseat and a quick semi romantic kiss we gave each other; then she was off again.

I took my time returning home, but I never made it. I was walking down the main road when I was stopped by a driver going in the opposite direction. The vehicle stopped and before I knew it my name was being yelled and a head stuck out the window. Hard to believe it was my mom, she began cursing at me and insisted I got into the van with her. I argued the fact that I was heading home right that moment but she didn’t want to listen. I got into the passenger seat and just as I closed the door mom sped off in a frenzy. “Who are you fucking? tell me Robert. Is that baby yours and if it is so help me gawd!” she screamed at me. “Where are we going?” I asked. “Show me where they live, I like to meet this woman, girl, or slut you are having a baby with”. I was in shock, “Were you listening to my conversation?” I asked. “Yes, and it’s my right, I am your mother and it’s my house”. I refused to answer but she kept on at it, we drove past the street where Michelle and Brandy’s house was. She was still ranting and raving like I never seen her do before. She was mumbling things under her breath and then an outburst here and there scaring the hell out of me every time she did. After twenty minutes she gave up and turned around driving toward the house. She was steaming and silent. When we pulled into the drive way I got out after she stopped the car. She followed me inside and started in on me again about the phone call and the baby. I tried to explain that I was just helping a friend but she knew and I knew it was far beyond that. I went to my room and closed the door, just before I did she was on the phone calling my father and telling him her misguided fantasy.

I stayed locked up in my room for a while, I knew when my father would come back there would be no stopping a conversation with him. My little sister came knocking at the door. “Bobby?, Can I come in”. I really didn’t feel like talking to anyone but I opened it up. “Yeah sure, come on in”. She came inside and sat on my bed “Mom is really mad at you, is it true?”. “Is what true” I said with annoyed response. “Mom told me about it”. “No its not, I am just helping a friend and yeah we are a bit close but that’s all. No baby, Nothing other than just friends”. I looked at my sister and for some reason that cute and blissful look she always gave to me would break down the great wall. I walked over to her and gave her a hug and told her same lie I had just told my mom. She wrapped her arms around me and held tight “I don’t want to see you mad, mom and dad are not getting along and it’s all because of dad” as she began to tear up. I wanted to know what was going on but didn’t want to pressure her, she was always the most caring and loving person in my life other than our parents. “Can you tell me?” I asked. She was silent and the tears began to come out more. “Mom caught dad on the phone with another woman, she has been thinking a lot about it for a while now, and I think it may be true.” I was a little shocked but then again I wasn’t. After she had told me more about it I decided that maybe I could use her to get mom off my back. And just as me and her were talking about it, dad had called. My mom came into the room and handed me the phone “Your father wants to speak with you”. I swallowed the lump in my throat “ummm hi dad” with a scratchy voice. “Robert, is it true about this girl and the baby” he immediately asked. “No dad, I am just friends with her and I was asked to help her out, and no the baby isn’t mine”. After my father spoke to me more trying to trick me up on my answer he asked about Michelle. “And what about the older woman your mom heard”. I didn’t want to outright call my mom a liar so I played it off like we were k**ding around. I knew he didn’t buy it but it worked and explained to me that mom and him were of course not doing so well and encouraged me to ask him questions. My sister was still sitting on my bed watching me on the phone with our father itching just to talk to him. That’s when I came up with a plan, what if I had my sister come over to the house with me one day put on a show, and then she would run and tell mom all about it. Of course I would expose where they lived but I had to get my mom off my back. Just before I handed the phone to my sister I told my dad to prove everything I would take my sister with me one day and that should prove my innocence, of course my dad said I didn’t have to prove anything but he said it would help ease my mother.

The next day I only spoke to Michelle on the phone when my sister and mother were not there and told her my plan. She was hesitant at first but agreed, then she informed me that Brandy would be there as well. I thought to myself this works out perfect but after a few days of being a dry spell my mind kept racing “What if…. Nope. But maybe” went through my head. I could fuck both of them, if brandy let me, but at this point I was so deep into her mom. The next day before I left I jacked off to relieve any tension in my balls before me and my sister went over there. When we arrived we were welcomed inside by Michelle. She gave me a seductive look in a way just as I could only see her doing it. When I came face to face with Brandy it was a little awkward for me. Every word I spoke I repeated in my head afterwards and at the same time thought of something else to say. Brandy knew I was not comfortable speaking to her and she noticed I was under a lot of tension. “It’s ok Rob, I know about everything”, I thought to myself “oh fuck”. I stuttered trying to come up with something, I was just about to spill the beans just as Brandy took me to the side. “My mom told me everything about why your sister is here, its ok. And if it makes you feel better after my mom leaves for work we can do a little something something” she winked at me and then turned her attention to my sister in the other room. My heart dropped, I for sure thought that she knew about me and her mom fucking. I got lucky. After a couple hours I could tell my sister was getting bored and I knew she didn’t find anything criminal about me. We left as I walked her home she was quiet. As we got in the door there was our mom waiting on us, “How’d it go?, did you find out anything?” my mom asked my sister. She began to speak just when my mom pulled her into another room and closed the door behind them. I knew my little sister was working for my mom, she was always the tattle tale. They both emerged after a few minutes and my sister looked terribly regretful, she didn’t look at me or anything, I think this time she felt ashamed. My mom went the other direction in which I followed. “So mom, are you happy now, there is nothing going on” I said to her aloud. She didn’t want to admit it but she was over exaggerating the whole situation. She pressed hard into the floor with her foot and finally admitted that she was just doing that. She apologized and offered a hug, in which I offered one back to save face. “You can still go over there but I want you to be here too, if you haven’t noticed your dad isn’t around much right now”. I agreed to be home more often but holding up to that was going to be hard.

I let things dissipate over the next couple of days, I guess with me being home my mom felt much better having at least one male in her presence. That night I showered really good, I mean I scrubbed everything. It had been almost a week since Brandy had her Baby and my plan was while my mom was at work to go over the Michelle’s house and at least have sex with one of them. The next morning, I made my attempt, it being summer vacation my little sister always slept in until 2pm. I arrived over at the house in the morning hoping to see one of them there. I knocked on the door, and knocked again. I was about to go back home when Brandy answered the door. She let me in and introduced me to her daughter, of course she was sleeping and in the crib. We talked quietly not to wake her. We got on the subject about her being there because I was under the impression that she had moved in with the father. She went on and on about how he treated her and it just didn’t work out. Her daughter woke up crying, Brandy went right to her motherly duties. I was expecting her to get a bottle for her but instead I watched as she sat down with her and pulled out her breasts. I was in shock, I knew this happened but never had I seen it in action. She and I continued on with our conversation while she fed. I couldn’t help but to stare at her other breast hanging out of the top of her button up shirt. She noticed before I caught myself looking at them. They were larger than they were before, more full than the last time I had laid my eyes upon them. She smiled at me and squeezed her other nipple. Milk shot out hitting me right in my chin, Brandy laughed and encouraged me to taste it. I refused at first but when she wasn’t looking I did. Minutes later her daughter fell back asleep and as she placed her down into the car seat as she left her breasts exposed. I was expecting her to place them back into her shirt but instead she came over to me “You want to try?”. I was shocked but I was more dumbfounded than anything, “I don’t know…” I replied. She positioned her breast closer to me and put her nipple close to my lips. “I’ve tried some before, how about you give it a shot”. I didn’t move, she squeezed her nipple and as she did her milk began to leak from the tip. Still unable to bring myself to do it I stuck out the tip of my tongue and tasted. It was a bitter taste but a sweetness followed shortly after. After the initial taste I placed my mouth over her enlarged nipple and began to suckle. As soon as I began I could tell she was getting aroused while me suckling from her. She moaned a little bit but then I took the chance of moving my hand to her crotch. “Oh…God…Rob!” she panted. “Oh…fuck…oh…fuck…uh…right there baby…Fuck”. I rubbed at her pussy through the fabric of her shorts, I could feel her wetness seeping through as I rubbed harder at it until her juices were staining her shorts. She opened the waist band of her shorts just enough for me to put my hand through and I began to rub her clit. It didn’t take long before I had my fingers inside pumping at her. I could feel her insides, they were more loose than the last time we had fucked, but it was all the same to me. She reacted passionately to each time I pushed in, allowing her juices to be released. She came only after a short time, I felt how tender she was in there. I made her cum, she bit down on her lower lip “ffffuuuuckkkk… Ahhhh” she tried to muffle her cries of pleasure, some she did and sometimes she didn’t.

After we had finished she covered herself back up and I was licking my fingers clean of her she checked on her daughter making sure she didn’t wake her. As I watched she then went into her bedroom and disappeared behind the door into a corner of her room. I sat there; rock hard wanting more, but was uneasy how to make the next move. I could see her shadow from the crack in the door hinge and the door, she looked as she was digging through a bag, I could hear plastic being moved around and things falling to the floor. I went close to her door to investigate, I welcomed myself inside her room and seen her bent over. She was partially naked, trying to put on a dress of some sort. I came closer to her and got a full view of her, her plump ass and her pussy lips protruding looking swollen and just begging me to put it inside her. She realized I was standing there looking at her, she came back up and turned around. By this time, I had already released my cock from its prison and was stroking gently. “oh my god Rob, you just can’t stop can you” she said to me as she was teasing me with her naked body. I nodded my head not saying a word. “I can’t…. not right now”. I still was stroking looking at her. “I can help in another way though” she said as she got to her knees on the floor in front of me. I stepped closer as she got a hold of my dick. She went right to work sucking on it. She wasn’t light when she started off, she was sucking it like she wanted me to cum that instant. It worked, only a couple of minutes later I began shooting off into her open mouth, she giggled and played with her tits as stream after stream shot onto her tongue and into her cum hungry throat. When I was finally finished she said something but I couldn’t quite understand what she was saying and swallowed it all. A loud gulping sound came from her as she did. “I can’t get pregnant this way” and smiled at me. I think that was what she was trying to say with her mouth full.
Later that day after her mom had returned home from work I was in the process of feeding her baby a bottle as Brandy began getting the baby bag ready. In a little while I knew she was leaving, and come to find out a friend of hers was going to take her. I awaited her to leave and said goodbye to her when her girlfriend arrived to take her to a doctor’s appointment. Michelle was in the shower at this time, I went to the bathroom door and knocked “Hey Michelle, Brandy just left”, “Ok, I’ll be out in a few”. I was just about to leave when she asked me to get her another towel. I left the door and retrieved a towel from the laundry room. I returned and knocked again “I got your towel”, “Just leave it on the toilet sweetie”. I opened the door and was welcomed by a rush of steam. I put the towel where she told me to. I peeked through the curtain and got a glimpse of her shaving, I then heard her go “ouch, damn it”. I asked if she was alright and she replied “Yes yes, I am ok”. I left the bathroom and watched tv until she came out. Minutes later out of the corner of my eye I seen her wrapped up in a towel walking past me and was going upstairs. I followed her after I knew for sure she had made it to her bedroom. I didn’t even try to conceal the fact that I was making the steps creak as I went up. When I did make it to her bedroom I was welcomed by her laying on the bed spread eagle already playing with herself. Her hair was still wet and there was still beads of water on her body. She smiled at me and patted her pussy inviting me to join her. Seconds later I found myself between her legs licking away at her, she pulled her legs toward her chest to allow me full access. As I licked and sucked on her lips and clit something came over me. Just the sight of her puckered anus turned me on even more than I was. I hesitated for a moment and the next thing I remember was that my tongue was all over her butthole. She gasped deeply as I was now licking away at her puckered asshole and was still paying attention to her vagina.

Instantly a tube of lube came out of nowhere, I guess as I was busy with my face buried into her lower half she must have been getting the tube. It rolled under my chest until I grabbed it. I opened it up and just poured it all over her pussy. It made its way down and covered her asshole and then I watched it disappear into her crack. I continued licking at both, when I was busy licking at her twat I was rubbing my finger around her puckered hole. Suddenly my finger seemed to have been sucked into her ass, now I was licking and fingering her ass. Moan after moan erupted from her, her legs were jolting and she began to wiggle around “oh fuck, ahh huh, God damn!” she screamed. Next thing I knew my face was dripping wet and it was very warm. My head jumped back and I watched for the first time a woman squirt. It went everywhere my whole face was covered, her crotch was just one wet mess. Her orgasm subsided after a few seconds, her breathing was heavy and deep. She let go of her legs and they fell lifeless to the bed. Without even a break she flipped her body and groaned to get into position “Fuck me from behind Rob, please Baby. I want to feel your cum inside me”. It only took for her to say that, before she could even finish I was already placing the head at her slippery opening. I pushed in and gave a quick thrust “Fuuu… that’s it fuck me deep” she said before burying her face into the pillows. I pumped a few times but almost every time my cock kept on sliding out. She turned back to me “What’s the matter, aren’t you hard enough”. I was kind of mad when she said that, I pointed the head toward her hole again and with a quick push I thrusted deep into her. “Fuck yes…” she screamed out. “Fuck me good, make momma cum”. It turned me on as I fucked her furiously almost to the point where I couldn’t feel my dick anymore. I pulled it out and slapped it on her ass cheeks. Smack, smack, smack. The head of my dick left wet spots on her ass cheeks, a combination of her juices and my pre-cum that was already oozing from the tip. I slid my cock again along her slit just before I shoved it back in her awaiting hole. But it didn’t go into the hole I intended. I must have moved in the wrong direction or something but as I pushed I felt it was harder for my cock to go inside. I thrusted with all my might. “Www wait” was all I heard her say. I felt my whole dick inside her, it was warmer and tighter. “damn she really knows how to hold on to my dick” I thought in an instant until I looked at the back of her head. She was screaming into her pillows and saying something but the only thing I could hear was “My ass!!”. I panicked and tried to pull out but her sphincter was holding onto me tightly. “I’m sorry, sorry. Oh my god are you ok?” I said as I panicked. She said nothing as she was now taking deeper and longer breaths. I pulled with all my might but her asshole tightened more around my shaft. “What are you doing” Michelle said in a gasping breath. “I think we’re done here, I… I didn’t mean too…”, “Shhh… just fuck me” she said. I was astonished but was still trying to pull out. “Fuck my ass Rob, God damn, just do it” she commanded. I pushed in all the way back in until I couldn’t feel nothing on the head of my cock, it was like there was a void ahead of it. I pulled out just a little bit, I watched her reacting to every move I made inside her. After I had got a rhythm going, she was going wild, moaning and screaming my name, insisting I keep on fucking her ass. I was doing just fine until she said her magic words to me, “cum in my ass, fucking Jesus, cum deep in my ass”. I shoved it in deep as I could, using the bed to push against. Then it happened the words I never forgot to this day as I can hear them now. “Cum in mommy’s ass baby, cum deep into my ass”. Right then I exploded, her asshole felt like as it was milking me the whole way. I must have filled her up to her stomach. Cum was trying to exit her ass around my cock as I felt it drip down onto my balls. After I was done filling her up I collapsed on her back, my weight must have been too much as her knees gave out from under her. In that second my cock flopped out of her cream filled ass making a popping and sloshing noise. I rolled off her and laid on my stomach recovering from the best anal sex I had. I turned my head to meet hers and knew she was fulfilled and relieved, her face was crimson red, sweaty and she had a glowing smile about her I never had seen before. She began rubbing my ass and sometime during that I had fell asleep.

Michelle came to me in my dreams, fucking and sucking me the whole time. I was abruptly woken up by her voice “Wake up, hurry; Brandy will be back soon” I was startled as she was tossing me my clothes. I was rushing getting dressed as she came over and started spaying air freshener all over my half naked body “Now you won’t smell like pussy and ass” she was saying as she was choking me with it. I got dressed all the way and gave Michelle a passionate kiss as I grabbed her breast squeezing it. I had just left the house in time, I watched Brandy return home from a bush at the corner of the street that I hid in after I seen her friends’ car. The next few days was about the same routine. I would fuck Brandy while her mom was at work and always she had somewhere to go in the afternoon which gave me the perfect amount of time to fuck her mom, and always leaving before she would return. It worked out perfectly, too perfect. I did have my suspicions that it was all set up but I didn’t bother with thinking too much about it, all that mattered was I always left with a sore cock and a smile. This continued up until the last week before I had to return to school. I was coming into my senior year in more ways than one.

Part 7 will come soon, please don’t forget to comment on my other installments. Thank you.

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