Group fun

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Finally, I’ve been dreaming of this for years, bottom for a group! After chatting, meeting and fucking around with a couple of fellow CD’s for weeks we arranged a group session with me being the bottom for 6

it was set for a hotel in London just a few days ago, I had my sexiest lingerie, my chastity on and my toys in my case. I arrived and was greated by the couple I knew, they pointed me to the bedroom so I could dress, I felt nervous but excited, the day had finally arrived, I’d convinced myself I wasn’t going to refuse any cock, no matter how big it was and I would swallow any cum I could get. My cock was already hard and straining in my chastity but there wasn’t anything I could do since I don’t hold the key. I was dressed and ready to go…

I walked out and the others had arrived, 7 of us all fully dressed, it was like heaven. After a couple of drinks and chatting I was looking at Sam and she knew I was I looking, I could see her cock bulging in her panties, she walked over and didn’t say a word, I just dropped to my knees and started sucking her cock, Annie came over too, now I’ve got 2 cocks to suck!

Before i I knew it I was being led to the bedroom and was placed on my back, all 7 of us on the bed, nylons rubbing against each other and our heels clashing, I’d never seen so much cock at the same time. Suddenly I am flipped over on my stomach, my thong moved to one side and a cock forced in my ass, oh fuck it was big, it went straight to my second hole, thrusting hard, I couldn’t scream because I was gagging on the cocks in my mouth, I felt her pushing harder and deeper for what seemed like eternity then from nowhere she came, hard and deep in my ass, she pulled out but before I knew it another cock was inside me, I was still face down and my legs being pulled towards my head and being held round the ankles, suddenly my ankles where being cuffed, I thought to tie me down or put a spreader on but no, my wrists were being cuffed too, I’m being hogtied, now I’m completely helpless and at their disposal!

Tammi slid underneath me on the bed and tried to push her cock inside me but it wouldn’t go as I was still being fucked by someone else, it didn’t stop her trying and she was determined that I have her cock inside me too, I’d never had 2 at the same time. Tammi wasn’t giving up, she got out from under me and grabbed a plug, she pushed it hard inside me while I was being fucked and said…see bitch it will go and your having 2 cocks inside you! By now I’d had a second load dumped in me and one on my face. Tammi wasn’t giving up and she slid her cock inside me from behind, Jax was now under me and trying what Tammi had tried before, I could feel her hard cock pushing at my hole, suddenly it went in, OMFG I screamed, I was still hogtied so I couldn’t do anything, to stop me screaming I was face fucked, hard, I had 2 in my ass and 1 down my throat, it felt so good!

Tammi and Jax continued to fuck me hard, my hole now stretched to the max, Jax picked up the pace, fucking me harder, I knew she was cumming and with a hard push she came, I could feel her cum running down my leg, she slid out from under me and I thought that’s it but now another did the same, she came inside me too while Tammi continued to fuck me using the others cum as lube, by now Tammi was ready to cum but not in my ass, she wanted me to swallow, she came from behind and pushed her cock deep down my throat, all I could taste was cum from the others and my own ass, she pushed hard, grabbed the back of my head and made me gag, after a few minutes I knew she was about to cum, I was helpless, still hogtied and being held by the others because I was wriggling around and struggling to breath, with one final thrust Tammi came, her cock was so far down my throat I had no choice but to swallow, Tammi pulled out from my throat and said…you took it well sissy bitch, next time there will be more of us

After 3 hours I was untied, I’d been leaking cum from my chastity for ages, my legs were shaking, my hole gaped and dripping with cum, I’d got cum on my face which I was told to wipe off and eat, but hmmm what a night, which I would love to repeat, hope Tammi keeps her word

Sweet dreams xxx

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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