Seducing My Grandpa In The Shower

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Seducing My Grandpa In The Shower

I told grandpa, “Lets shower together we haven’t done it in a while.” I was very scared to think grandpa would know something is up.

Granpa was surprised but he eventually agreed to it. I went to the bathroom to wash myself and make me perfect for grandpa.

I told grandpa to come inside. As soon as grandpa entered he saw me facing the other way with my fat ass cheeks staring at him. I knew I had a big ass and it needed to be kissed and squeezed. I could tell grandpa was getting aroused. He took his towel off and was in his white underwear. I could see the lining of his cock which made me hard. I took grandpa’s hand and slowly made him enter the shower.

Grandpa got some soap and started to apply it on my whole body. Grandpa’s touch felt nice and cleaning me felt even better. I turn around so my ass is touching his cock. There I found out he is getting hard. I was so horny when he started to rub my ass and slide his hand in my ass crack.

Grandpa noticed I had a lot of pubes so he said I need to shave them. I got the courage and asked if I can see his penis. Grandpa hesitated but slowly took off his underwear. I was getting scared and excited.

There right in front of me lied his big juicy cock. I started to touch and gave grandpa a smile. I finally asked with a soft voice, “Can I suck on it?”

Grandpa was silent then he said, ” I guess so.”

I turned off the water and got on my knees. I have never gave a blowjob so I was gonna try my best. I started to stroke grandpa’s cock fast. Grandpa started to moan like ahhhhh ooo yeaaa. I put his cock in my mouth and gave a nice rim job. I started to suck and slobber his meat all over my face. Grandpa’s cock became extremely hard. I sucked his cock for a good 10 minutes. I got up slowly and smiled at him and he was really happy.

I asked grandpa if he can touch my ass and start licking it. Grandpa hesitated but he finally agreed. So grandpa got on his knees and started to slowly kiss my ass. I felt soo hard I thought I was gonna blow right there. He kissed and licked my ass from corner to corner.

Then he took his tongue and started to lick my asshole. I started to moan loudly everytime grandpa moved his tongue faster. He finally got up and said I have a nice ass. I told grandpa to slowly inject his cock in my ass.

Grandpa got worried that it will hurt but I assured him it won’t. My ass was right behind his cock. I feel the tip right at my asshole.

I relaxed myself and grandpa started to put it in. It pained at first a lot but then grandpa made slow movements. I did most of the work since grandpa was a little old to do fast movements. My ass started to clap his thighs really fast and loud. I started to move my ass around so I can give his cock and nice time.

We were doing this position for 10 minutes. I took his cock out of his ass and told him to sit on the toilet. I gave him a nice lap dance and started to wiggle my ass on his cock. I made my way over and faced my grandpa.

I slowly inserted his hard cock in my ass and began to go up and down. Grandpa had his hands on my ass started to squeeze and smack it. I was going faster and began to moan louder.

I slowed down and rolled my ass on his thighs to see him smile. Grandpa said he won’t be able to hold it anymore and is going to cum all over.

I began to turn around and moved my ass over his cock. He stated to bounce really fast and began to go higher up and down. Grandpa’s cock was all the way in my ass. I got up slowly and asked grandpa to lay down. He laid down and I was right next to him.

He inserted his cock into my ass and held onto my nipples. His big balls were hitting my ass so fast I thought it was gonna hurt. I didn’t want this moment to end. I started to go deeper because his big cock made me really harder. Grandpa started kissing my stomach and went down to my ass. He licked, spit, and kissed my ass. I never felt so good before.

After 5 minutes, grandpa got up and told me to open my mouth. I got up and stroked his cock. Squirt squirt squirt all of his cum was on my face. That was such a big load I started to suck it off of his cock. Grandpa was sweating and needed to lie down.

I started to put his cum in my mouth and drank each and every part of it. I gave grandpa a great big smile and kept sucking his cock with saliva and cum on it. Grandpa squeezed my ass and kissed it as a last part.

We both went back in the shower together to clean ourselves.

I was happy to see grandpa liked what I did. We did this 3-4 times until I had to shift to another college. This was my best experience.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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