How I Gave My Virginity To Mr Roy

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I am 26 years old. I am on the chubbier side. I stand 5’6 tall and I have 36C boobs and 43 inches ass. It would be 36C -32 -43 when said properly.

I have always been interested in sex right from my teenage. I grew curious about it. I learned to masturbate at the age of 18. The first time I masturbated, I read an instruction from the internet.

It said to rub your clit continuously. I went to my room and I did it. It felt so good. Since then I masturbated regularly. In fact, I was very naughty. I used to watch porn and masturbate.

I used to moan like I am having sex. But I wanted to taste a cock. I wanted to have sex in real but I had no idea how. I didn’t have a boyfriend as well. So I waited until on my 18th birthday.

After the birthday celebrations, my parents had to leave for our grandfather’s place due to his health issues. I couldn’t join them as I had exams coming up. So I stayed back and my parents asked my neighbor, Mr. Roy, to look after me for a few days.

I could cook my meals myself. Mr. Roy was around 35 years old. He was a tall and smart man who used to ask me a lot of questions related to my school subjects. I did not want his company but it was my parents’ will so I couldn’t go against it.

Later that night I had my meal and I went to my room. Mr. Roy was called by my parents and they wanted him to stay at my place. I went to my room. I opened my clothes and as I was masturbating. I began to think of Mr.Roy. I grew wet at the thought of him.

Maybe I could take this opportunity!!! My eyes gleamed and my pussy grew wet. I left the door ajar. I got completely nude and began stroking my clit moaning loudly. I heard Mr. Roy coming towards my room. I masturbated vigorously.

He looked at me. I pretended to stop and hid my tits. He went away. I wore nothing and followed him. “Mr.Roy,” I said, “I am sorry but I couldn’t stop. I should have been careful about the door.”

There was silence for a moment. Then he smiled and said, “Its fine. I know you are a teenager.”

“Mr. Roy, did you like it?” I said. He blushed. “I mean look at me,” I showed him my naked body. “Would you fuck me? It will be a secret between us.”

He was shocked. “No c***d. I can’t,” he said. “Please Mr. Roy, I want you to satisfy me. I want you to fuck me.” I gathered all the courage and touched his cock. It was hard. He went away.

I pulled him and placed his hand on my boobs. It was electrifying. That hand on my boobs. Mr. Roy suddenly picked me up and took me to my room. He put me on the bed. And he said to me, “You are such a slut, little one,”

I giggled, “Yes I am. Fuck me today. Please take my virginity.” He smiled, “Look at you,” then parted my legs. Then he said, “Yeh tight chut chodne mein maza ayega” I grew even wetter at this.

My juices began to drip down on the bedsheet. It felt like meri chut se paani beh raha hai. Mr.Roy examined my pussy for a while and he began to rub it. He rubbed my clit. A man’s touch felt so good on my pussy.

He was in no hurry to go inside me. He played with my pussy which had swollen with lust by now. Then he bent down and licked my wet and aching cunt. It sent me jolts all over my body. I came into his mouth about two times.

“Mr. Roy now fuck me. I want your cock.” He took out his cock. I was amazed to see a huge and hard dick. It was my first view of a real cock. It was huge around 8 inches long. When I saw his size I felt a bit scared but Mr. Roy told me that he knows how to handle virgins.

I spread my legs wide for him. He got on top of me and he rubbed his cock on my pussy. Then he placed the tip of his cock near the hole. He looked at me, kissed me and told me to hold tight. I did and I was curious what he would do next.

He pushed his cock a little and I felt a slight pain. “Now I will push it all in,” he said. And gave me one hard push and he was in. I must admit it was painful. I let out a loud cry. Tears filled my eyes. He kept his cock in for a while and he pulled out.

I saw blood on his cock. Again he inserted. This time the pain was a little less. Mr. Roy began to move now. He began to fuck me. I also began to enjoy the feeling of a cock inside me. He increased his speed and our thighs were making the sound of clashing against each other.

Mr. Roy now started to knead my boobs. “You are such a randi. I am gonna fuck you every day now.” He fucked me hard. I moaned loudly. He made me ride him as well. Then he cummed in my mouth.

That was my first taste of a man’s cum. I hungrily swallowed all his cum. We took rest for a while and then Mr.Roy trained me to give a blowjob. He said I am a natural at sucking cock.

We fucked again. Then we went to sleep. Next morning I opened my eyes. Mr. Roy was standing. I quickly got up and pulled him. “I want you, you randi,” he said.

Usne apna lund mere muh mein dal diya. I sucked him. Then doggy pose mein usne mujhe choda. He fucked me hard and came in my mouth again. From then onwards, I began to have sex with Mr.Roy.

After I went to the college, I made a boyfriend and fucked with him but still I visit the man who took my virginity as sex with him is so satisfying.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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