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She-male, T Girl, Flashing, Hand Balling, Fisting, Multiples and Cream pies

It was a Lazy Saturday. Porter and Gloria were leisurely cleaning house. She in a simple cotton house robe, he in loose fitting shorts, bare chested. He sat on a deck chair as she passed by. On her return pass, Porter grabbed her, she toppled into his lap. Her bare ass rested on him as he removed his cock, probed around for her ass hole as she giggled. She squirmed helping him find it and sank on him saying, “you can’t be ready to fuck me again”? Then she felt the sudden warm, wet flow inside her, she giggled, “Oh, you needed to pee”. She sat quietly then said “are you finished”? Porter grinned, she laid on him saying, “next time just tell me that you need to pee. I’m here for your every need”. She got up smiling, walked to the edge of the deck, squatted and seconds later Porter heard her releasing his piss. She stood, shook her hips grinning saying “spoiled! I even have to piss for you”. She kissed him saying “Nasty Man”.

It was 2pm, bored, Porter said, “let’s go flashing”? Gloria rose going to change. She came back in a simple summer tube style dress. It was off white with a broad black swirl across her breast, and around her hips to her knees. He knew she was nude beneath. She lifted the hem, spun flashing her hairy bush and bare ass. Porter grabbed her forced her against the wall and quickly fucked her. As he spent a wad into her in minutes, she giggled “is that pre lube”? Am I getting fucked by someone”? Gloria turned and kissed him saying “I need to get my string”. He held his hand up showing a tampon string attached on a small rubber band, she chuckled, “I guess I am getting fucked”. She slid the band on her little cock, tucked the string into her hair saying “lets go”. If her flashing drew someone, she would say she was on her period and offer her ass. She grabbed her small ground cushion, a book and snapped her Smart Watch on her wrist. The Smart Watch was actually a small video/audio camera. It transmitted to Porter’s Cell phone.

Keeping his distance, Porter monitored her as she sat reading her book on the ground under a tree. She turned her arm flashing an small up-skirt to the camera, Porter said “perfect”, she giggled. Reading as her camera scanned with each twist of her wrist, he said “incoming, your rear left”. The man passed her glancing back, “he’s slowing, he will be back”, he said. Her wrist cam caught him turning around. In a minute he was talking with Gloria. The man sat directly in front of her, the cam saw his eyes staring into her crotch as they chatted. In 10 minutes, the man was slowly squeezing his stiffening cock directly in Gloria’s view she said “that’s a nice one” and slightly raised her knees giving him a better view of her hairy patch. He replied that she could get it! She told him that she she wished she could but she was on her period. The cam showed his face grimace, she said “my back door is open”. His face lit up as he stood offering his hand. Porter followed them keeping his distance as they walked to his SUV. The passenger rear door opened, the man laid down the seats as Gloria turned her arm camera around on her wrist. Porter saw him watching her as she climbed in flashing her bare ass and laid on her stomach. It viewed him as he climbed in, spat into his hand, covered his cock and laid on her. In seconds he was “rabbit fucking” her ass hole! It didn’t take a minute before he huffing air and cumming inside her! The cam saw him lift and watch his cock stretch as he pulled out of her. He spread her cheeks, looked at her dripping ass hole and got off her. As she reached back to cover her ass, the cam saw it also, covered in cum and her finger dip into it before she pulled her hem down. In another, she was walking away as he drove off. With Porter at her side she giggled, “he’s not getting any! He was dribbling cum before her entered me! He gave me a heavy load”! Moving around the park, she pulled the same stunt 3 more times. Twice in a park restroom and once pressed against a tree.

At home, Porter placed her on her hands and knees and hand balled her scum filled ass hole she said, “you like having me fucked”. His hand was inserted deep inside her, thrusting slowly at least 8 inches deep, she said, “your girl out there turning her ass up so some man can fuck her… Some man scr****g his cock inside me until he cums”. Porter was pressing deeper she said, “they’re getting your pussy. I’m whoring for you”. He balled his hand into a fist, pulled clear of her and punched into her sloppy ass hole, Gloria said “You know you’ve given me a prolapse. Ruined me. I’ve more loose ass pussy than real women have pussy”. Porter heard her as his breathing grew rapid. He pulled his hand out, clasp both hands together, then slowly pressed both into her gaped ass hole she moaned “ughhhhh….Uh….Uh….Ahhhhh” as they slid inside she groaned “open me up Baby. It’s all yours”. She grunted as he stretched her saying “make your pussy”. In a minute, he pulled free. She heard his pants dropping and knew what was coming next. She felt his hand slid easily into her, then his cock slid in. He grasp his cock and started jerking it inside her loose ass canal, she said, “jack it Porter! Think of those men fucking me today”! His hand was flailing inside her as he rapidly jacked off! “Grip that cock and make it cum” she growled! In seconds she felt his cock throwing cum, splashing from side to side, as he jerked his self to completion. He flopped on her back gasping she said, “douche me Porter, wash me out”. It took a minute until she felt his piss flowing into her as she laid down. They lay for several minutes before he rolled off her. Gloria immediately turned, cuddled him, kissed him saying, “ is my Baby satisfied”? He smiled saying “I Love you Ms Gloria”. She cried like a baby telling him that she hadn’t expected to hear that”. Still sobbing, Gloria stood up, lifted her hem exposing her hairy crotch. Her little cock remained hidden as Porter saw a trickle of watery cum break through the hair, steam downward and begin dripping to the floor. When the flow stopped she said “you love me”, and the trickle started again. Her knees shook as the flow stopped again, she said “Porter, you love”? He answered “yes, Ms Gloria” and she swayed, almost falling as cum streamed through her hairy crotch in mass!

Gus, a friend of Porter’s had come to visit. The first day, she had pantie flashed him many times. The second day he got cleavage shots and by days end he saw a naked tit. As she lay in bed being hand balled after fucking Porter, she told him that she needed her “string”. He said, “you’re going to give him some of this big ole ass pussy”? Gloria giggled, “if you kept your hand out of it, it wouldn’t be so big”. He laughed as he removed his hand and sank his cock back into her replying “If I didn’t keep it open, the damned thing would close up”! Porter thrust slow, she said, “Is it really still good to you, Baby? I don’t know if I’ve ever been fucked as much before. Am I getting loose”? Porter thrust in deep saying “No! You’re the best pussy that you have ever been”. Gloria giggled, swirled her hips as his cum throbbed into her.

The next morning, she fed them breakfast as Porter had to work. As Porter left, he groped Gloria making sure he flashed her panties. She finished the morning dishes, sat watching TV with crossed legs. Gus kept his eyes on her. She uncrossed her legs and flashed her sheer yellow panties. Gus could clearly see her thick hairy bush filling her panties. Acting as if she caught him, she quickly slammed her legs together! Gus looked up, she said “you know better” and giggled. Gus replied “I’m a man”! Gloria laughed, “and what does that mean”? Gus laughed “I’d fuck you until my cock fell off”! Gloria gave a fake blush saying, “I’ll take that as a compliment but….my playground is shut down, my monthly thing unfortunately”. She gave her “let down” look, he said “maybe I could…slide behind you”? She faked surprise then said “I’m a very versatile girl. Porter requires his “daily” so I don’t mind a man who likes a soft behind”. Gus grinned and snickered, she giggled “Porter had me twice this morning so I’m well lubricated”. Gloria stood up, bent over, slid her pantie leg opening to the side. Gus saw her ass cheeks with the “string” hanging down. He opened her ass cheeks and could see the shine of spent cum. Her ass hole was set deep in her crease, dark and wrinkled. Gus stood, slid his cock into her in full push, he said, “now that’s good! Warm, soft, Heck girl, Porter has made “this” pussy”! Gus stroked into her slow, feeling her walls sucking and gripping him he added, “ woman, this is so good that I understand Porter getting it twice”! Gloria giggled.

Gus was stroking faster, she said “Get it like pussy! Bang me! Fuck that cum out”! He started ramming, slamming, she said, “now you’re doing it! Get that cum in me”! Gus shouted, “Hell yeah!…Uh Huh!…There it is!..Cumming in you”! She felt his cock “grunt splashing” into her, shooting like bullets! In 15 minutes, they sat side by side he said, “you know I want more before Porter gets home”? She giggled, “I thought you might”. Gus fucked her twice later with the last time occurring as she bent over the kitchen table. Gus’s load was shooting inside Gloria as Porter walked up to their front door. She stopped away letting his cock slid out, Gus sat at his table seat with his cock outside his pants as the door opened. Porter spoke, went to wash his hands and Gloria giggled as Gus stuffed his cock away. Gus told her that he still wanted more. She giggled telling him that she would see what she could do. The ate, Gus left them as they cleaned the kitchen. Porter ran a hand under her dress, felt her wet panties plastered on her ass which still oozed cum, he grinned. Gloria said, “he was cumming in me as you came in”.

They sat chatting and hour before Gloria excused herself. She came back to them wearing a short flowing house robe. It was long enough until she sat down and it crept back. If she crossed her legs, her top leg exposed her to an ass cheek which was bare, as she was nude under the robe. She sat flashing glimpses of hairy crotch to Gus. After a few minutes, Gloria crossed her legs. Gus’s eyes popped onto her ass cheek. She leaned into Porter’s shoulder rolling her exposed cheek up. Gus saw a perfect pair of lower ass cheeks and her “string”. She even managed to casually drop her hand on her hip and completely exposed her ass. Gus had sweat beads on his forehead. Knowing what she was doing, Porter threw an arm over her shoulders causing her to slightly lean more. Gloria dropped her hand lower, lifted an ass cheek letting Gus see her fresh, clean ass hole. They chatted as she flexed and clenched he ass. In minutes she had pulsed her flexible ass hole to bud out. Gus was actually breathing loud. Porter had laid his head back, closed his eyes as they chatted, Gus mouthed “more”, Gloria winked. Porter felt her body tremble knowing she was straining. He could only imagine how much she would push out? Gus was viewing a “first”! Her ass hole was budding and flowering outward in meaty red, wet rolls. The naughtiness of what she was doing had turned her on to the max! She could feel the coolness of the room on exposed ass meat. Gloria strained looking into Gus’s eyes which were watering in lust!

He sat locked on the red mass protruding from her ass. His tongue flicked and licked his lips as he mouthed “wow”! She quietly mouthed a giggle as she literally turned herself inside out. In another minute, she had it all out. Gus rubbed his cock through his pants. She slid her under her prolapse meat, cupped it in her palm as if she was offering it to Gus then flat palmed the end, pressing it back inside her. In a minute, she shifted herself from under Porter’s arm. He sat up saying, that he needed to get a shower and left. Gloria was on her side with Gus thrusting into her before Porter’s shower water started! “How did you do that”, he asked? Gloria giggled, “Porter really likes taking me there and over time, it just happened”. She felt him changing his stroke direction, probing around inside her he said, “Damn I swear it’s better than pussy”! She grinned to herself, seconds later she felt his cock pulsing out his cum. She sat up as he fell back into his seat. They heard the shower running, she told him that she was going to wash Porter’s back and left. She walked in the bathroom and grabbed her ankles. Porter slid his cock right into Gus’s hot cum inside Gloria’s well fucked ass hole. He stroked asking “think he’s got any left in him”? She giggled “I’m sure”, he told her they would flip fuck her. Porter shoved deep, then sprayed his cum into her. He pulled free of her, she left with a wet ass. Back with Gus, he sat with his cock standing. She straddled his lap sinking on his cock.

Gloria rode him, fucking him, he said, “you’re something else! No wonder Porter adores you”. She grinned, “just give me that nut before he comes back”. Gus grunted and threw his cum upward into her! She got up saying “I’ll give you more after he’s asleep”. Gus replied “I’ll Damn sure be waiting”. Porter returned, sat and chatted then left going to bed with Gloria in tow. In the bedroom, she lay as Porter sucked her cock. “I fucked him, she giggled, and he still wants more”! He used his fist like a piston, thrusting into her cum soaked ass hole. His fist sloshed easily into her, drawing cum out each time it slammed into her. “He saw my prolapse and loves it”. Porter gnawed her cock and she came giggling. Porter slid up, kissed her saying “go get him and have fun”. Gloria stood up, changed into a chemise that barely covered her ass. She leaned to hold the night table as she forced her prolapse completely out. Porter saw it saying, “he’s going to freak out”! It hung down like a red tail, as she left him.

She walked in, Gus saw her and smiled. She stopped at him and turned. Gus hissed loudly as he saw her glistening, red meat! “Damnnnn, It’s ugly pretty! Can I touch it”, Gus asked? She giggled, “ You’ve been fucking it, why not”? He softly lifted it, it had no weight, just softness, he said, “no wonder it feels so good to fuck you”. The next thing she knew his tongue softly licked it. Gloria moaned. His hands took her hips, directed her to the couch. On hands and knees, her ass in his face, Gus lapped, licked and gently ate her. In a minute, she hung clean and dripping with his spit. Gus stood, lifted it, found it’s center hole and eased his cock in. He pushed slowly, sinking his cock only into the 5inches that was outside. He made slow gentle strokes literally only fucking her prolapse. “oh my god, that’s good”, Gloria whispered. He fucked her a full 20 minutes then pressed an inch deeper into her and came. His cum gushed into her in thick ropes. Gus unloaded all he had left. With drawing his cock, her prolapse spat his cock out with a wet “pop”! Gloria reached behind her, pressed it back inside her and sat down. Gus sat beside her, she hugged him and kissed him. She told him that he was the first to fuck her prolapse like that. He kissed her telling her that he hoped he could do it again in the future.

Six months had passed. Gloria and Porter had been celibate for a week in preparation for a visit to Reno, Nevada to celebrate. Once there, they gambled, made the Bar rounds dancing and having the usual fun. Gloria flirted, flashed and primed them both for sex. That night it was all about them and the sex was stellar! Worn out at 2am, she stepped out on their small deck. Gloria was in a sheer, black chemise trimmed in red lace. She walked to the rail, leaned forward and saw a tall, bald black man beneath her on his deck. Their eyes met, she spoke as his eyes surveyed her. His deck was at ground level and in a few minutes he stepped out to face her as they chatted. She knew his upward view of her would be revealing. “BJ” stood 6ft 3inches was only 26, averagely buff. His eyes took her in from her well shaped legs, hairy crotch and full ass cheeks. Bare chested in Gym shorts, she saw his cock swell as they continued talking. After finding out she was not alone, Gloria saw his cock fade. In minutes, he told her that he enjoyed their chat and left.

They saw “BJ” at the complimentary breakfast. Seeking something different to do, he suggested that they all go to the River Walk. Dressed casual, Porter thought it was perfect. BJ drove them in his Volkswagen Beetle. Gloria had worn a long Jersey over a denim mini skirt. As BJ drove, he admired her legs as she rode up front. Her skirt rode back exposing her plain white cotton panties twice. He saw her thick, puffy bush plumping her panties. Assisting her from the car, he saw a wide gap exposing her full frontal mound. He also saw that from the high cut shape, it was probably a thong. They walked the area stopping at nearby eateries, sitting spots and even walked in the water’s edge. For hours, Gloria flirted and flashed. Once as she attempted to sit on the bank side, Porter held her hand as she sat. She flashed her crotch at BJ, he saw the slim band of her thong passing between her ass cheeks. Back at their Hotel, they rode the elevator up to the 20th floor Bar.

It stopped on every floor, filling the elevator. Porter stood in front of Gloria, BJ behind. She stepped back into him and felt his solid cock press against her. Reaching behind her, she grasp it then slid her hand down it’s length. BJ closed his hand on hers encouraging her to play. On the 8th floor, he lowered her hand to his shorts leg hole. Her fingers felt his bare oily glans. She felt his pee hole, slimy with oil. On the 10th floor, she lifted her skirt, d**g his cock over her ass band then forced his cock head under it. BJ held her hips as she paused then pressed it against her ass hole. It slid in easily and seconds later BJ was rapidly short stroking into her. On the 19th floor, he pushed deep inside her and shot “snot thick” cum into Gloria. She pressed back into him as he unloaded. When she stepped forward, she used her skirt to wipe his cock then turned saying, “you alright back there”? He grinned “other than the heat back here, I’m good”. In the bar, BJ immediately went to the restroom as Porter and Gloria grabbed a booth. Gloria giggled “I fucked him”. He replied “really”! She told him that her ass was full! Felt like he dumped “pudding” inside her! On BJ’s return, Porter made a restroom run. BJ said, “Damn! That was your ass”! Gloria giggled “ I couldn’t let Porter find my cunt filled could I”? Back at their room, Gloria stood and purged BJ’s cum out snickering. Porter watched her squirt and dribble a long stream trailing down her leg saying “Fuck! He was full”!

Showered and dressed for the evening they going to a place Porter had planned to visit. It was a infamous, notorious Bar. When they entered, Gloria felt eyes crawling on her. They had drinks, danced and she she danced with others. At 11pm, a bell rang! The waitress’s dropped their blouses and served topless. The air inside the bar electrified! Gloria noticed the Restroom area seemed extra active. When she needed to go, Porter smiled telling her that he would go also. She entered the door and saw at least 30 unmarked doors. Finding an unlocked door, they went it. She saw a wall with a flap covering a glory hole and giggled. Porter hugged her, rolled her dress to her waist, thumbs grabbed her panties and he slid down removing them. Porter stood, kissed her, backing her against the glory hole saying “Happy Anniversary”. As their tongues meshed, an unknown cock slid into her ass hole. She hugged him being rocked against him, as the person fucked her. As Porter made love to her face and neck, the cock rammed then squirted hot cum into her, she said “thank you, my Love”. The cock pulled free, another replaced it instantly! She whispered “2”. This cock was short but wide. It felt like a meaty beer can plugging into her. Her arms went around Porters neck, holding and letting the cock have her, he said “are they getting good pussy, Baby”? Gloria moaned, “yes Baby, you made it that way”. Seconds later, that cock splashed cum inside her! Gloria giggled “3” as another cock shoved into her. They could hear it making wet, squishy sounds. “MMMmmm, this one has length, long, deep strokes”, she whispered. In that second she giggled, “Damn! He’s already cumming” as she felt him throwing cum. Another cock pushed into her, she grinned “4 and short! Only his cock head is in”. A minute later she felt his cock spraying cum against her outer ass hole. He was quickly replaced “5 and he’s got size and Oh my god! He;s hung like a Horse”! Porter kissed her saying, “he’s all up in your guts”! She whispered, “feels like your arm, Baby”. Porter dropped to his knees, suckled her cock inside his mouth and Gloria moaned loudly! Instantly she spurted cum into his mouth saying “he’s fucking it out of me, Baby”. Porter nibbled her as she bent over holding on his shoulders and offering more of her hole to the unknown cock.

Porter could see the wide, black cock stroking beneath her! It made loud slapping sounds as old cum flowed beneath it, collecting on his balls. His kinky black pubic hair was slimmed in white foam, as his fucking churned it. The cock pulled free, He saw an apple sized glans with a pencil sized pee hole. In seconds, it slammed back into Gloria! After several more strokes, he saw his ball tighten and squirm wildly! Gloria groaned and he knew the cock was dumping inside her! A minute later the cock pulled free and cum gushed below Gloria like white water! Porter raised kissing her and she returned the kiss like a wild woman! Gloria broke the kiss, sat on the commode and relieved herself. She stood, cleaned herself saying “have they had enough? If not, I’ll go back”? Porter kissed her and smiled as they left the restroom. Behind them they heard “Hello neighbor”. They turned to see the black man who had been on the other side of the glory hole. Boldly Gloria replied “Hi! Did you enjoy yourself”? Porter turned, shook his hand replying “hello”. They walked out, shared a table and chatted. “Shaft, is what I’m called”, he said. Gloria grinned “They got that right”! Porter was calm smiling. “Really nice ass. She-male”, Shaft asked? Porter replied, “100%” as Gloria giggled. “You ever had a double”? Gloria grinned “No, I’ve only recently gained size thanks to Porter”. “My Hotel is next door if you’re interested”, Shaft said. In minutes they left.

In Shaft’s room, she stripped nude and climbed over Shafts naked body. Gloria squatted, then slowly sank on his cock. He fucked upward several strokes and urged Porter to join them. Porter stripped, oiled his cock, got behind Gloria and thrust his cock into her! Porter stroked a few minutes feeling his cock being pressed by Shaft’s cock. Gloria’s inner ass walls, folded open and closed tightly with each stroke. He stopped and Shaft stroked upward, Gloria moaned, “Mmmm Porter, he’s fucking both of us”. Soon they had a pattern of both of them stroking into her, she said “Goodness! I like this double fuck”, she wailed! That set Porter off, she said “Baby! You’re cumming”! Porter blew his loud strongly inside her and not missing a thrust! Shaft laughed “Lady, Good pussy like yours will do that to you”! Soon both men were ramming into her knocking grunts with each stroke! Gloria laid on Shaft groaning as her little cock blew cum on him. “Stroke her Porter! She’s cumming”, he growled! Gloria jerked her hips, gripping them with her ass hole as she came. She relaxed wheezing and Shaft felt her wetting him, he said, “we got her! She’s pissing like a cow! Flooding like a fucking river”! Porter felt Shaft’s cock actually lurch as he fired cum into Gloria. He said “Kiss her! Tongue fuck her mouth until she can’t breath! Make her pass out”!

It was 20 minutes later that Gloria woke up feeling them towel washing her. In a daze she looked around as Porter said “welcome back”. She giggled, “I’m done. You two got it all”. She told Porter that when they got back home they had to do it again! Porter and Shaft laughed loudly!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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