Erotic Show Put Up By Our Wives

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Erotic Show Put Up By Our WivesErotic Show Put Up By Our Wives 2

Hi. I am going to narrate a real incident happened during our visit to my best friend’s house. This was the start of our sexual exploration. Me (Ranjith) and my wife Deepti have a few common friends whom we visit regularly.

One such friend is Vishal and Pratibha. Vishal is my college friend. My wife and Pratibha get on very well as they have the same frequency. On this day we were having our drinks just beer and watching cricket. Unfortunately, India lost.

We were very much frustrated and we changed channels finally came to FTV seeing a girl walking topless. At the same time, our wives came down from the other room to check if we want some snacks. They saw the TV and smiled.

My wife teased asking why we are watching girls with the almost flat chests. Prathiba pulled our legs by saying that their catwalk would be far better. Vishal said there is nothing to watch on TV. He is ready to watch their catwalk for a change.

Now my wife backed off saying she just said it for fun. I told the girls they should keep up their words. I added that my wife had done ramp walk in college. Vishal insisted them to go ahead. Both girls finally agreed and got up to get ready.

We took another beer. Switched off the TV and put some music. Now the girls are back they are wearing a floral design low cut night dress and white pants. Nothing exposed but their shapes and assets could be clearly noted. They walked one after another making some coordinated moves.

Wow, we noted the girls had not worn their bra. The wobbling movements of their breasts showed and nipples pointing out explained that. They made gestures like they were removing the tops but didn’t do it. When they finally bowed to say thank you, we could see their cleavage.

Prathiba said that they have proved they are better than those European models. Both of us agreed and cheered their show and said they could have shown more. My wife said better watch FTV itself and went to bed. Vishal and I decided to encourage our wives.

I said both girls looked like twin sisters. Vishal jumped to say they have got the matching size. I was shocked and laughed saying the girls have guts to come braless. We spoke for a while and came back to our rooms to sleep.

I saw my wife still awake. She asked me did I like the show. I said awesome. She asked did Vishal like it. I said obviously. I asked her did they come braless. She nodded with a smile. I asked her if she liked it?

She said she was thrilled and loved it. I went near her grabbed her face, started kissing it and sucked her lips. Now my hand lifted her shirt and exploring her breasts and her nipples were erect and hard. I moved down to kiss her nipples.

She was kneading my hair and asked what else my friend said? I told her he liked your ass movements and guessed your breast size right as 34c. I said maybe Vishal is thinking of you while fucking Pratibha. She said, “Cheee.”

I started to cup her breast and suck her nipples and moved down to her. I pulled down her pants and started kissing her thighs and licked her pussy. I was surprised to see it already wet. Now she asked me did I watch Pratibha. I said her boobs were bigger for her size and I got a glimpse of her naked boobs while bending.

I came on top of her she moved her legs wide open. I was positioning my dick on her hole. She asked if I wanted to fuck Pratibha. Imagine her as Pratibha. My cock got stiffened more and fucked her imagining as Pratibha. I kissed her and moaned Pratibha.

I asked her if she is imagining Vishal. She said, “Cheee,” and moaned after a few seconds. She moaned out Vishal. This is the first time we are having a roleplay. We fucked our imaginations and my wife was very shy after having a lovely roleplay sex.

We were about to leave for our place. I went to the toilet found some inner garments hanging, definitely not my wife’s. I went back to bed and told her about it. She went in, wore it and asked if I would like to fuck her again. I pulled her to the tub and had another session of steamy sex.

We left for our hometown that evening. We spoke about the fun we had and giggled. It had spiced up our sex life. After that, we were concentrating on our jobs. In the weekend the girls were again on the phone. I asked her what is it about.

They said they are planning for my birthday. We were again planning to meet on my birthday at our place. The girls were doing extensive shopping and makeovers. The day arrived.

We invited them we had a chat and played cards. We had a good dinner. My wife had made some special dishes. It was about 12, so we decided to cut the cake in our garden. We played by putting cream on each other’s face.

I asked my gift from the girls they said to wait it is a surprise. Vishal had moved the sofa, put lights in dim mode and nice songs. Two chairs and a stand fan on the side. It seems he was aware of the plan. Now the girls came out in white tops and red satin skirt till the knees.

Walking in heels, push up bras projecting their lovely asset. Swaying their asses. They had the boldness but they were blushing. Now girls started performing. Prathiba came first wished happy birthday stood near the fan with her hand on head and hips.

I was ogling at her sexy boobs hidden behind the push-up bra. Now Deepti came to show her assets. Posing the same as Pratibha and Vishal were ogling at her now. They turned around did some sexy ass swaying movements. They danced uniformly, removing the bottom buttons of their white tops.

They danced as if lifting their gown up showing more of their thighs. Wow, it was creamy white and I started to get a hardon. They sat on the chair by the sides, exposing their shapely asses covered with white satin panty. Both the girls made seductive facial expressions.

They opened all the buttons of the white tops. Standing in front of us with red bra and skirt but the white shirt is not removed completely and still covers the back. The girls helped each other by removing the bra and threw the bra to their husbands.

But we exchanged our wife’s bra and we smelled it. Our wives blushed. They buttoned their shirts but the top three buttons are still open. We saw the breast is almost exposed and their thick big nipples sticking out of their white shirt

We clapped for them and I said the girls are bold. He said Deepti is like a model. I told Pratibha too, and he blushed. The girls had removed all the buttons and walked holding their tops. Next, they crawled with their breasts hidden between the clothes. The area between the boobs and umbilicus were exposed.

Our jaws dropped as they walked sideways. I showed Vishal Pratibha,s awesome boobs, and exposed nipples when she walked sideways. Vishal showed my wife’s big umbilicus and thick nipples. We whistled and cheered for more.

Our wives stood showing their ass towards us. We asked for more. They looked at each other and now the girls removed their tops completely. They covered their boobs with the hands and we could see them blushing.

They were very shy and hesitant to face us. They said the show is over and they decided to run into the nearby room to change their dress. We begged them to continue. I said we will never get a chance to admire them.

We convinced them that I and Vishal are both enjoying. Vishal said he is already aroused and pointed his tent. The girls agreed with shyness and they turned towards us. But still covering their boobs with hands and folded arms.

They were doing slow movements. Our wives asked us if we are really ok with nudity and something more than that. We voiced yes for that and convinced them, saying we are not cheating each other.

The girls agreed and slowly started removing their hands away from their breasts. Then stood still. I exclaimed, “Wow what a view!” I was totally lost on Pratibha’s big set of boobs with small brownish areola and thick short nipple.

Vishal was salivating and moaned while describing Deepti’s beauty. He said, “My wife has bell-shaped boobs and big areola, adding the beauty with big nipples,” and said he would love to suck and press if allowed. The girl’s nipples are getting erect seems they are getting aroused.

Deepti and Pratibha discussed something among themselves in a whisper when they ordered us to remove all our clothes except our briefs. They walked towards us exposing the lovely boobs and just wearing a red skirt. They stood in front of their husband and said, “Love you, guys,” and they said they will treat us equally.

But the birthday boy gets the first surprise and asked us to be patient and enjoy the fun. Now they switched their place. They kneeled in front of us. Smiling and blushing started to rub our chest. Vishal looked at my wife’s boobs so closely his hands were ready to fondle but Deepti told him not to be in a hurry.

To be continued.

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