Becoming a cuckold part6

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Part 6
Synopsis parts 1-5
my path down the cuckold lifestyle started about 2 maybe 3 months ago. my Girlfriend Tish found my stash of cuckold porn and started teasing me to no end so much to say in the past few months i have cum more times from just the words she has spoken. Kept me hard by discussing our sex life with random sales girls. Then there was learning how to suck Her dildo. So if you’re just joining the story there you go.

To say that we returned to a normal life would be a lie. Quite the opposite happened. Tish’s teasing became more intense. I was being forced to watch Tish masturbate daily sometimes twice a day She was getting more and more vocal using words like pussy cunt fuck hole as She fingered Herself. I still wasn’t masturbating hoping She was going to fuck me. It must have been Her plan every ten days or so Tish would fuck me and straddle my face after i came in Her sometimes I was ordered to lick softly other times Tish would grind Her pussy all over my face not letting me clean the cum up off my face until morning. The best was Having Her pussy inches above my face lips swollen cum clinging to her lip Tish would hover there letting my cum slowly drip out of Her all I would hear was
“you want His cum don’t you cuckie you want to eat his big load the one He shot up My slutty cunt”
I would spend several minutes begging Tish to let me eat her sometimes I’d get the treat others she would roll over and masturbate again I never knew what was going to happen.
I was falling more into the cuckold role Tish was loving it as well I was always attentive to Her needs but was uber attentive now in all manners. So much so Her Daughters also noticed the change in Her and our relationship (but more on Mac and Kris latter maybe LOL)
Then the faithful day came that i was so nervously excited about i was at work and I received a text from Tish “Surprise” was all it said I opened up I opened the text and yep that’s all it said was surprise and an attachment. I opened the attachment and there right in front of me was a picture of a Man’s cock and Tish’s hand around it. i was instantly hard I needed to get away no one knew about any of this and didn’t want to embarrass myself. I got up to the bathroom when the second text came in
Do I continue baby?
I swallowed hard and thought about it then another text
Well cuckie should I continue?
Then another text came in again with an attachment
“Since you didn’t answer I decided to continue”
I opened the attachment it happened to be a short clip there right in front of me was Tish jerking this cock off the lucky Bastard was not much longer than i am but thicker. The next text came in again a vid say hello to cuckie
“hello and thanks cuck for wanting to share your Woman”
Tish’s hand was still stroking him
i was so close to cumming it took amazing restraint not to jerk off but the text stopped i sat there wishing Tish would send more my cock was deflating then the final text came in Cumming was all it said this time all it was, was a picture of Tish’s hand covered in cum
There was no more text’s no responses to mine at all I spent the rest of the afternoon in a daze I kept looking at the pictures and vid all afternoon she finally did it she cuckold me there was no turning back someone out there knew I was a cuckold other than Sam the sales clerk.
I got home at my usual time but Tish wasn’t home but on the table was a note “Don’t start dinner I’ll be bring THAT home”
Tish was bringing dinner home I had been so horny all afternoon that the thought that Tish had been fucking Someone made me cum without even touching myself. i licked my cum up just as Tish would want me to do went upstairs and cleaned up and changed. I was sitting on the couch absentmindedly watch some show just trying to keep my mind on other things. It wasn’t working at all I went for semi erect to hard to semi erect back and forth as mu mind drifted in and out of the fantasy. It was driving me crazy did she didn’t she fuck him or was it just a hand job.
Forty five minutes later Tish pulled up Her hair was disheveled and her clothes normally well put together was crumpled. There was a huge smile on Her face as She looked up to the window and saw me looking out. The other two doors opened and Sam got out and some Other Guy. Both of them were carrying bags dinner it must have been. i went and opened the door for Them my questioning look on my face made Tish smile
“Did you have a good afternoon cukie?
Tish kissed my cheek and squeezed my hardening cock and walked by
Sam walked up smiled as She walked by said
“Did you like those pics We sent?”
The Guy just smiled and walked by.
I closed the door and followed Sam and the Guy walked into the kitchen and put the bags down Tish was sitting on the table looked at me and told me to have a seat in front of Her. I did and Tish lifted Her skirt Her lips were swollen and red
“Like how My pussy looks”
I looked up pleading
“oh it’s alright you know Sam already knows and that’s Sam’s Boyfriend”
All I could do is stammer a yes Ma’am
“Good cause We had so Much fun this afternoon We’ll tell you about it later or show you the video”
Tish did it again had Me harder than anything if She had talked much more I would have cum in my pants yet again. Sam and Her Boyfriend (Rod fitting isn’t it) put the food on the table Chinese one of my favorites. The conversation was pretty bland talking about work and shit like that I was starting to feel comfortable. Dinner was finished I started doing the dishes while The Three of Them went into the Living room
All I heard was giggling a few hearty laughs and a few snippets of I can’t believe he wants you to do this.
“Anybody want anything to drink?”
“babe bring the tequila in”
I walked in with the tequila and shot glasses pored a round we all had a shot then another.
Tish Spoke up
“well I know I certainly don’t want to get drunk on Tequila on COCK maybe so did you want to hear about the day I had or watch it?
“Ummm watch it i guess”
Tish sat down and patted the seat next to her.
“So once I start the video you can’t get up and leave angry upset or otherwise understood?”
I nodded my head as Rod left the house and came back He sat on the other side of Tish and handed Her a video camera.
“No answer Me not a nod”
“Yes Ma’am i won’t leave”
Tish opened to camera and hit the payback in front of me was the same screen shot that I got sent to Me Rod’s cock in Tish’s hand then the action started. I watched memorized as Tish’s hand started moving up and down Rod’s cock
“Oh babe that feels so good I love your hand all over My cock”
My own cock was getting hard as I watched and listened
“Rod your cock is so hard I can’t wait until You fuck Me in front of My cuckie but for now just a hand Job OK?”
Rob grunted
“Come on does he really need to watch you get fucked the first time by someone else?”
“Yes I promised him and I never break a promise just enjoy My hand wrapped around your beautiful cock”
Rod cock was twitching Tish slowed her hand job down like she had learned so expertly with me I knew what Rod was feeling I knew how badly He wanted to cum
“Don’t worry Rod I Promise you be the first to fuck Me If it gets there We’ll even do it bareback “
With that statement Rod came covering Tish’s hand with His cum.
Tish stopped the vid must have been 3 or 4 minutes
“Well what do you think cuckie did you like that should I continue with your fantasy?”
I swallowed hard and said
“If it will pleases you Yes Ma’am”
“No do you want to see Me become the cheating Wife that we’ve talked about That I’ve teased you about that we’ve role played over the past several month?”
With fear in my heart i looked at Tish knowing that IF i said yes my life would forever change
“Yes i want you to cuckold me watching you Jerk Rod off has me so turned on i just have to see you making love to someone else”
Tish whispered into my ears
“I will only make love to you. You are My true love My heart My soul and My world”
Tish kissed my cheek and said loudly
“But I will allow My Slutty Cunt to be fucked by anyone I choose”
With that she took the vid pressed the button again and the vid continued
Panning out it was Rods cock in Sam’s hand and not Tish’s same shaped hand same nail polish but wearing Tish’s rings
“Surprise cuckie I just wanted to be sure this is what you wanted”
Tish Kissed Me and then Turned to Kiss Rod

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