Goodies for Christmas…

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…when naturism moves indoors.

The gentle exhibitionism of Naturist life is something that can give pleasure to the Cockist male and the quiet and geeky girl. My friend Goody I had known for a few years and never got involved with. She was always a little frumpy in her fashions making many of her own clothes whilst quite plain and a little dowdy without flashy detail or enhancement her personality was confident and occasionally loud.

We matched each other and the previous summer had grown close enough to spend a few weeks enjoying time naked together in a non-sexual and erotically negative way. In the true naturist ideal of non-contact friendship. However those first few innocent dates had died away and we moved apart from each other. I dated a different girl for a few months but realised that this friendship was not going anywhere. Late in the year Goody had appeared with a new boy friend and I thought our interest was now dead and buried.

However naturist interests and cockism are not easily thwarted and one evening as I returned Goody home from a local church event she asked

Would you like to come to my office Christmas Dinner?

When is it?

Next Saturday Night, 18 December. I don’t want to go on my own.

What about what’s his face?

No he’s history

Oh. OK…any dress code?

You have to wear clothes!…but I think smart not too formal will pass.

The week dragged past and it was around 7.oo pm that I rolled my car up onto Goody’s drive.

A few seconds later she appeared clad in duffle coat and with patent black shoes and several stepped layers of black lace trim to what ever she was wearing under the coat. She opened the door climbed into her seat and I reversed the car from the drive. The venue for the office party was some distance from town and we chatted about very little on the drive down.

On arrival I parked the car and did manage to get to Goody’s door to escort her to the front door of the venue. Inside she disappeared to the ‘Ladies’ and I was left to push my way to the bar ordering Goodies a small white wine and a non-alcoholic drink for myself. I stood a bit anxiously at the bar sipping my drink and trying to avoid the loud voice of one of the office manager’s who seemed to be well oiled already.

I felt the presence of Goody close to me and turned to see her standing a little shyly with one or two of the older office women. I picked up her drink and walked across the bar.

I got you a drink

Thank you

Who’s the noisy one.

He’s my boss

Over there is his secretary. Next to her is her partner.

This was the first time I had seen two girls together one in a trouser suit and waist coat the other in a little black dress. The guy behind them is the company accountant and his wife. In all there were about 10 people present.

We were called to the table in preparation for the meal. I sat opposite Goody and the drinks order was taken I stuck with the non-alcoholic and Goody chose a diet coke. As we chatted in the lull between the order and the first part of the meal arriving. Goody loosened her shawl to reveal the upper section of her dress. The keyhole neckline showing off a modest lightly tanned chest with the swell of her breasts visible where a more ample cleavage would be displayed.

I tried not to let my eyes grow heavy and forced myself to look into Goody’s eyes when we spoke to each other. The meal passed without too much incident one of the partners got too drunk and fell off his chair and there was a bit of a faff getting him off the floor. The evening progressed at glacial speed and I grew restless. Then the disco started and the thumping music and flashing lights in the small space of the restaurant soon drove all but the hardest of party a****ls from the space.

Goody snuggled up to me and whispered Can we go I’m feeling a bit woozie. I found her coat from somewhere and wrapped it around my slim friend and we stepped out into the night. I could feel her shivering as we stumbled across to the car. The drive home was equally quiet and on arrival I parked on the drive but Goody sat in her seat. I put my arm around her and we snuggled up.

We chatted a little and then I found myself kissing her. This was not in the script. I like the girl but snogging, here and now. Not what I thought was going to happen. Goody snuggled closer and I found myself brushing her cheek. We kissed a second time. Emboldened by this I let my hand drop to the button of the keyhole feature and popped it open. Goody kissed me again.

My fingers slipped inside the open neck and brushed the bare skin of her chest she wriggled a little more and my fingers brushed against a bra cup slowly I slipped a finger then two into the hallowed soft warm of her bra cup. I eased my fingers further inside and then my finger touched her nipple.Goody sighed and I rubbed the little nub of flesh to erection. I’ve wanted you to do that all evening whispered Goody as if her normal voice would break the spell.

Emboldened I soon had my whole hand inside her bra cupping the warm firm half lemon sized boob as we kissed and cuddled for another few minutes. Goody struggle upright and closed the button of her dress.

Enough for now.


Yes I know but I need to go in Mum will go crazy if I spend too long out here.

She opened the door as the light flicked on I caught sight of Goody’s mall breasts filling the neck of her dress.

Mum and I are away for Xmas but I come home on New Years Eve. You could come round if you like.

Ok. Let me know what time.

You could come round for say 5.oo and we could have a Chinese take-out.

I’m sure we can fill the evening with something.

She closed the car door and walked to her door. Turned blew a kiss and disappeared inside as I started my car and reversed of the drive.

The week to Christmas dragged past. My parents had invited an aged and deaf Aunt to stay so the house was on best behavior all the time. So it was with some relief that I managed to excuse myself from the dismal delights of Boxing Evening and drive to the Chinese takeaway for a set meal for two.

When I got to Goody’s and parked up the meal had filled my car with a heady series of odours all delicious and all making my stomach rumble with hunger. I walked to the door and rang the bell, Goody appeared and ushered me in. I took the meal to the kitchen and we set t out on the kitchen table. We ate in stages punctuated by giggles and laughter as I described that my Aunt had left her hearing aids behind.

We fed a few shrimps to the cat and tidied the remnants of the meal into the fridge.

What next I wondered. We drifted into the lounge a well set fire lighting the room with a warm glow. Goody settled at my feet and I brushed her Henna reddened hair. We chatted in an aimless way both wanting to move thngs on and both nervous of saying something unthinkable. In the end I suggested.

Shall we have a bath?

Ooo do you think we should?

Who’s going to say we can’t?

We’ve seen each other naked at the beach so it’s not like it will be a surprise. Then I can massage your shoulders.

A few seconds later Goody was in the bathroom running the water and I was in her bedroom stripping off my clothes.
Goody joined me and undressed carefully folding each garment and putting it onto her bed. My own clothes lay in a heap.

You are SO untidy! she grinned at me. but it is nice to be naked again together.

We padded to the bathroom and I held Goody’s hand as she balanced from foot to foot as she stepped into the warm water.

Would you want me to wash you?

That would be nice.

She sat into the water and I splashed the silky warm liquid over her body then lathered a sponge and rubbed it onto her skin. She sighed and relaxed as the massage sponge rubbed over her back and then over her front her small half lemon shaped right breast a full cup size larger than it’s companion. It was the first time I had been able to study Goody’s naked form. She shifted from sitting to a crouching on all fours as I lathered her back and rubbed the sponge between her thighs and across her boyish rump, before rinsing her down. I helped her leave the water and she wrapped a towel around her body which I then rubbed to get her dry.

Mum would go mad if she knew about this.

You going to tell her?

Nah she can stew on it.

I stepped into the water and let Goody lather me up and then set myself onto all fours, she applied the massage sponge with some power so my cock and balls knew who was in control… Goody rinsed me down and then massaged me dry. I went into the lounge and added several good shovel fulls of coal the quiet fire. It smoked and spat a few times before the flames once more danced at the back of the firebox and up the flue.

Goody appeared with a large eider down and spread it on the floor in front of the fire pulled a cushion from the sofa and put it under her head. she settled back the flames of the fire illuminated the room casting numerous shadows across her slim body.

Got any baby oil?

Some in the bathroom cabinet

I padded from the room and returned with the bottle of viscous fluid to find Goody lying face down.

I settled beside her added some baby oil to my hand and started to massage her shoulders and back. My hands sliding back and forth to match her breathing.

She yawned. This is the life. I’d like to have this forever.

She rolled onto her back I anointed her chest with the oil and started to massage her breasts. Each nipple a tight sharp point under my hand. My hands moved down and she spread her thighs a little wider. The henna red of her trimmed pubes now lit by the lively fire. My hands massaged up and down her thighs. She closed her eyes. and spread her thighs a little wider. My hand brushed against the smooth rubbery delight of her waxed labia and I let my thumbs rub against her labia which parted.

Goody groaned and wriggled under my touch so that mu thumbs dipped inside her vagina with each languorous stroke up and down her things. Slowly I built up my attention around her pussy. Its mix of fur and skin highlighting her sensual pleasure. With a longer sigh and some shaking Goody let her legs spread wide before closing her thighs together. A very quiet gentle orgasm causing her body to quiver and shake gently.

I lay down beside her our naked skin touching in the warm light of that coal fired evening of gentle passion. Goody and I shared several quiet eveings iin before her mother returned. By the following easter Goody had moved out and we met at her flat for evenings of gentle masturbation and sensual massage.

k**s in 2018 know little of the erotic and sensual side of a sex life. It seems a missing art that few practice most going for the simple fuck on a second or third date. few even think about the eroti or sensual in the heat of a life filled with What’s ap or Faceache. Technology may have moved on but so much is now missing from relationships where aprtners are only as good as their last orgasm.

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