Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – Fourth Chapter

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DISCLAIMER: All characters in this story are fictional and over the age of 18. SUBJECT: A young masturbation addict is sent to a dominating older female who has a special interest in his secretion. (tags: milf, masturbation, soft femdom, handjob, big tits, older female vs younger male, dirty talk, cum denial, prostate stimulation, milking, bbc, tease)

Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – Fourth Chapter
Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – Fourth Chapter

I climbed upstairs into the room where Flavius was preparing my bed next to the window. There were two more beds, including the one claimed by Flavius, on the other side of the stove.
– Let me change your mattress, he told me. This part is really icky.
He simply flipped the mattress on the other side, but the old striped mattress was just as dirty on that side too. Who knows how many people slept (or God knows what !!!) on it over the years. They were small, one-person beds, pretty basic and camp-like.
Flavius tried to make basic small talk, asking me where I’m from and how old I am. I learned that he had barely turned 19, so he was practically a teenager, just like me. He’s been brought to Aunt Michelle’s a few years back after being diagnosticated with a severe form of masturb-addiction, and his family just kind of… left him there. His mother would only call from time to time to ask Michelle if he is well, but she never asks to speak to him directly.
– Michelle take good care of us these past few years. She takes boys and grows them to young men, Flavius told me in his slight pidgin accent.
– “Us” …?
His words struck me like a bucket of cold water. Did he mean there’s more?
– Young people come here and go all the time, he said. Over the summer, when parents prefer to leave for vacation, they leave their offspring here. There’s so many young guys walking around you can barely throw a needle. Michelle takes care of us, but sometimes she has to call two more nurses to help. That’s what Michelle does, she help everyone.
– Seriously? It really doesn’t seem that way. To be honest, she kind of gives me the willies.
– You do not believe me? Flavius asked me and better arranged his tennis-balls sized testicles in his underwear. All she does to boys is to help them … and to help many women in need.
– What women in need? I asked very confused. What does one have to do with the other?
– I mean… You don’t know what’s going to happen to you here?
– No….
Flavius was ready to answer, but he stopped when he heard the phone ringing on the hall, followed by my Aunt’s voice answering a floor below.
– Hello? Oh, Carmencita, my love, I’m so glad to hear you … Yes, dear, tell me what’s bothering you?
Flavius signaled me to follow him and tip-toed down the hallway, all the way to the the phone hanging from the wall. He then veeeeery carefully unhooked the receiver and placed it at his ear. He gestured me to be extra silent and placed the speaker between our ears, so that we could both eaves-drop to the women’s conversation.
I could heard a woman’s weeping voice who sounded much younger than Michelle (maybe 20-25 years old?)
– … because I can’t resist anymore. I’m so desperate.
– I told you, Michelle tried to calm her down. The Harvest is not ready yet. You’ll have to wait a few more days.
– But I’m desperate … I’ve already masturbated all the patients in the ward.
When I heard that I froze and could barely refrain from gasping.
– Good Lord, Carmencita, don’t say that … You know very well that if you consume unhealthy sperm all our treatment is useless. You must only consume unspoiled sperm, preferably grown over several days to benefit from all its properties.
– I know, Michelle, and I knew you were going to be angry with me. But I couldn’t control myself. I tried, honestly I tried. I use my shower head every morning and every evening before my shift starts at the hospital, but when I get there, I can’t help it. I need to get my fix. I need my dose.
– Oh, and how many did you empty?
– Last night?
– Yes.
– Six or seven men. Not counting hubby this morning. So I guess Eight, altogether.
– You’ll have problems with the hospital staff.
– I doubt it. My patients already recognize me. Whenever I enter the ward at night, they call me “Lil’ Red Riding Hood” … and they know what’s about to happen.
– Red Riding Hood? Forgive me for asking, but…
– Oh, Carmencita laughs, it’s silly. You see, the first time … the first time I worked up the courage to fool around with a patient, he was a quite a burly dude. I don’t know … probably over 6 feet tall, he played sports in his youth but he was very fat now. And I kept joking: “Mister Pedro, what large shoulders you have, oh, what big hands you have, what thick fingers you have, until one time he just pulled aside his blanket and showed me that there was even bigger elsewhere. And he said: “How about this, Little Red Hoodie? Is this big enough for ya?”
I swallowed hard, as I imagined the owner of the lustful voice behind the line. She just continued retelling the story to her friend, obviously enjoying to relive those intimate moments.
– And while I was sucking him off and he was holding my hair I could hear him through his clenched teeth: “Yeah, that’s it … suck it Little Red … play with my dick … Holy Cow, you give good head, Lil’ Red Hood”. The next evening, when I came to do my shift, he’s already told his 70 year old colleague in the next bed. So in order to keep his mouth shut, I had to suck him off too. And again, “Little Red” this, Little Red” that…
– I understand you, Carmencita, and I know it’s not easy to refuse an engorged penis, especially when it’s right under your nose… but once you started my treatment, you have to stop taking any other type of cum. Especially from strangers.
– But it was so good … After the sixth or seventh semen ration I can say I finally felt full. And I even started to hick up – you know those little cum burps you tease me for – and the men would cheer.
As I stayed there, glued to the phone piece, I couldn’t help noticing Flavius’s dick, who had awoken in his briefs and was now demanding attention, pulsing and stretching the white fabric.
– I’m sure you’ve satisfied your appetite…
And when saying that, Michelle sighed so hard that it made me wonder if she didn’t take this opportunity to masturbate while on the phone.
– But you have to admit … the quality was in no way top shelf. Your patients are middle aged men, many of whom have c***dren of their own.
– Yes, I think partly that’s what excites me about them, Carmencita sighed over the phone. At first I thought it was just the taste, after your eye-opening experience. And I just tried to suck of them as quickly as possible, make them spill their seed and let them sleep. But now I like to play with them, change the movement and intensity and see how the quality of their spunk is affected. I masturbate some of them furiously, even while they’re ejaculating. I watch them struggle and try to grab hold of me, trying to jam their cocks as far down my throat as possible, in the same time trying to push me away because their members are just so sensitive. I noticed they’re the ones who produce thin and frequent jets, and they shoot far down my throat. Others I like teasing more and when I see they’re about to burst, I just slide my hand down to their balls and squeeze them like a small oil pump. This causes them to ejaculate lazily and their spunk just drools out in one thick gush, like squeezing toothpaste out of the tube. Many times I don’t even look at the guy I’m sucking, I prefer to look at the next one. I lock my eyes with his, fueling his anticipation and letting him know he’s about to get the same oral treatment. They’re poor people, down on their luck. Nobody likes being in the hospital, so having a 25-year-old nurse offering them free fellatio every evening is their only joy.
Michelle breathes harder and harder over the phone. I broke away from the receiver and peeked over the wooden railing, all the way to the living room. I could not see my Aunt’s face, but as I looked, she was really sitting on the couch with her legs spread open and both hands between her thighs – one holding her panties down, another furiously rubbing up and down her puss. Her breasts flooded voluptuously over her stomach and her flesh moved in waves under her arm’s energyc movement that simply pounded away on the inflamed vagina.
– Hello …? Michelle? Can you hear me?
– Yes, my aunt belched over the phone. Just a second, Carmencita. Hold that thought …!
I heard the phone drop on the floor, followed by a loud splooshy sound from both the receiver and the downstairs room, like someone was beating a soaking rag.
Good old Michelle raised and lowered her knees in full ecstasy, and her hand was frantically working under her pubis. She let out a long thick moan resembling a cattle groan, followed by a loooooong and spastic chuckle. My auntie just came like crazy on the edge of the sofa and I could hardly keep my dick under control. Flavius also tried to press down on his humongous penis, but every push only seemed to aggravate his erection.
Suddenly my aunt stopped. She drew her wet hand from between her legs and kept it suspended in the air to prevent messing up her clothes and cover. She pulled her silk robe back over her puffy breasts and put the phone back to her ear.
– Yes, Carmencita. You understand the problem. I will pray for you to better control your impulses from now on. In any case, I have a harvest this week which I think you’ll just die for.
– Ooooh, do we have a new volunteer?
– My dear, if this boy will ejaculate how I imagine he will ejaculate … You won’t ever settle for anything less. You will ask permission to milk him for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
– Oh, Michelle, that sounds amazing! I can’t wait to tell the girls! We can barely wait for the next meeting. “
– Very soon, my lovely lovely girl, very soon ….

Aunt Michelle’s Secret Formula – Fourth Chapter 2
– TO BE CONTINUED – ( o Y o )

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