Intimacy Labs – KEX Experiment Ch. 02

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My alarm is going off. It’s 8a.m. I groan and roll over, swinging my arm out to fumble with my nightstand, blindly tapping about for the snooze button. I succeed and the evil beeping is silenced. What day is it? I feel around the nightstand again searching for my phone and when I tap the screen I see that it’s Sunday. Not a work day. Hallelujah.

I press the off button on my alarm clock to keep it from bothering me again and I snuggle into my warm blankets. I flinch slightly when I roll to my side and my hip feels sore. I have no idea why it should be sore. I don’t remember bumping into anything. Oh well. I am glad I can sleep some more, I feel really tired. I must have been up late yesterday.

Why would I have been up late yesterday? Closing my eyes I think about it. Yesterday…i draw a complete blank. Thinking further back, I remember Friday. I left work late and I was irritated that I would miss my favorite show on tv. I got home, I made spaghetti, watched tv, then got on my computer to play games and chat with people. I don’t remember talking to anyone specific. On the internet people could be whoever you imagine them to be, so I hardly ever bother with specifics. Someone I talked to had gotten me pretty horny and I had logged off to watch some Hentai and use my toys before bed. I can’t remember anything between getting in bed on Friday night, and waking up in bed on Sunday morning.

Frowning to myself, I grabbed my phone again. Maybe the calendar app is malfunctioning and it is only Saturday. I turn the phone off and restart it. I kick my feet off the side of the bed and sit up yawning. As my blankets fall away I realize I’m completely naked. That’s weird. I remember putting on my pajamas before I got into bed. Shrugging it off, I get up and head to the master bathroom. My pussy feels tingly when I walk and I smile to myself, thinking of the things I did with my toys.

Reaching in, I turn on the shower and let the water heat up. I turn to the sink and start brushing my teeth. When I look up into the mirror I frown. I have makeup smeared around my eyes. I didn’t put makeup on before work on Friday, and I didn’t go out so there’s no reason I would have put it on. What the hell is going on? I finish brushing my teeth and rinse my mouth out. Then I step into the shower. The warm water feels heavenly and I hum happily as it trickles over my skin. I grab the soap bottle and squirt some onto my sponge and lather it up. I wash my arms and neck with my eyes closed, enjoying the gently abrasive scrubbing of the sponge. It feels different somehow. Better. My hand stops dead as I look down at myself to wash my belly.

I have bruises on my thigh. My pussy is shaved bald, something I rarely ever do, and certainly don’t bother with when i’m single like I am now. And I have a clearly defined bite mark on my hip.

In a daze I scrub at the bite mark with my soapy sponge. It aches but the pain is kind of nice. Looking at it makes me want to blush and I’m not sure why I’m not more scared. I press on it and the colors do not rub off. It’s not a trick. I don’t even know anyone who would play this kind of trick.

Stay cool Cassie. I command myself. Facts. Proof.

I finish in the shower and wrap my body in a towel. I walk back out to look at my phone. It still says its Sunday. I go to check my messages when a blinking notification catches my eye, a new email. I click into it and in my inbox I have one new message from I frown. I don’t recognize the name. It rings a tiny bell in my head somewhere but for the life of me I can’t put any meaning to the title. I click on the message.

Good Morning Gorgeous,

I hope you are feeling as good this morning as I am. Yesterday was a spectacular success. I’ve edited and attached the video as you requested. I can’t wait to see you again on Tuesday.

Have a Sexy Sunday!

-Male Participant

I click on the video link. A black screen comes up with a white title saying Female Participant # 7, Experiment number 1. I see myself show up on the screen, I’m bursa escort wearing a robe with the letters I.L. embroidered on the chest. Off screen someone’s voice says, “Okay we are ready, just read the contract.”

I look up and smile at the camera.”Hi, I am Participant
, I have agreed to be a willing but anonymous participant in this case study of 5 new intimacy enhancing drugs for Intimacy Labs. Today I will be testing out the new drug KEX. KEX is being developed by Intimacy Labs as an oral drug that is taken to increase sexual desire, increase and maximize arousal and sexual stimulation in women. I understand that this experiment is of a sexual nature, and I have been fully informed and consented to being recorded and monitored during the course of my treatment in order for Intimacy labs to fine tune the dosage, and exact chemical makeup of KEX. I have been informed of the expected side effects. Mainly, partial to complete memory loss, increased libido, increased metabolism, increased sensitivity of the sex organs, and some participants have shown a marked lack of impulse control for up to 72 hours after consuming KEX. Due to the highly competitive legal market, and the high potential for abuse of these drugs, I have signed this contract swearing to absolute secrecy. I will not mention KEX to anyone, I will not talk about intimacy labs with anyone outside of the control group. If I complete the case study by testing each one of the 5 drugs they have developed, Intimacy Labs will compensate me in the amount of $25,000, and a free 30 day supply of whichever intimacy enhancer I prefer. If I violate the terms of this contract in anyway, or quit the study before the end, I will not receive any compensation as leaving the study would invalidate my results.”

Me on the screen lifts the paper contract up and shows the camera that it is signed, you can’t quite make out my full name but I recognize the big C and L of my signature. Then the screen goes black again.

I close my mouth when I realize that my jaw has fallen open in disbelief. I’ve never even considered entering into one of these medical trials. What on earth must have possessed me to sign up for one? I mean those side effects don’t sound THAT bad though. What was it I said? Increased libido, Increased sex organ sensitivity, and increased metabolism? That’s not bad at all. The memory loss is kind of a blessing because I don’t have to think about what I did, and the lack of impulse control probably won’t apply to me because i’m not that impulsive of a person anyway. Huh. Twenty-Five Thousand dollars. That’s no small chunk of change. I could pay off my car, and still put 9 thousand dollars in savings. As I was musing over this the black screen changed. I hadn’t realized the video was still playing.

A man walks into the same room that I must have just left. He is a very good looking man, in my opinion. He’s got semi long black hair, blue eyes, he’s got white skin but he looks tanned like maybe he works outside or spends a lot of time in the sun. His broad shoulders and muscle structure would suggest that he spends a lot of time working out or lifting something.

He starts to talk, ” Hi my name is Male Participant # 6 and this is experiment 1. I have been trained by intimacy labs to watch over, monitor, and record the female participants of the KEX study. I have been assigned to Female Participant
for the duration of this trial. My main purpose is to keep an eye on her vitals, collect samples and monitor her behavior while she is on the drug and record her experience from an objective viewpoint, as she may not remember the experience in order to record it herself. I will check in with Female Participant
daily and dispense her medicine according to the guidelines I have been given by intimacy labs. Whenever possible I will maintain video evidence of the subject. I will prevent any harm from coming to her, either from the drug or from her own actions. Should the participant ask for my help at any time during the trial I will be available to assist. I will maintain a professional and bursa escort bayan objective perspective at all times. If my subject completes the trial I will be compensated $25000 and a 30 day supply of the drug of my choice.” He holds up another paper. I can’t make out any of the letters in his untidy scrawl so I have no idea what his name is. The screen goes black again.

Well he was very sexy. It wouldn’t be too bad to be monitored by him for a week or so. However long the drug trial went on. He’s going to be coming by every day? So he knows where I live, which means that if he wanted to, i’m sure he could find out my name and information. I bite my lip nervously and a tingling sensation starts on my bottom lip. Surprised I run my tongue along my lip, and the sensation goes with it. A pleasant sexy tingling feeling. Then I realize that I can feel the soft towel material tickling my nipples too, i’ve never noticed before how nice that feels.

Letting go of my towel I let it fall open, the sliding cloth tickling as it falls away. My nipples are standing at attention, even my boobs themselves seem to be perkier than usual. Probably just because i’m cold though. Still holding my phone in one hand I set the palm of my other hand over my nipple. It tightens ever so slightly and the heat starts to spread over my chest, curling in my belly. I’m amazed. My nipples have never been very sensitive before. I had let many of my previous boyfriends play with them but never felt that they were contributing to my pleasure in anyway. I squeeze my breast softly and I am surprised again to feel my pussy getting wet from the attention. That has definitely never happened before.

I set my phone down on my nightstand and leaned back on my bed. Putting my hand on my other breast I start to massage them together. Squeezing my 38DD breasts and rubbing them in circles. My breasts are sending waves of heat to my core, and I start to wonder if I can orgasm just from having my breasts touched now. I let go of my chest so that only my palm is touching my raised nipple and slowly slide my hand up and down. The tickling sensation is very pleasant, and somehow seems to translate to my clit as well. Intrigued I reach into my toy drawer and pull out one of my vibrators and my square hand mirror.

I’ve perfected the art of holding this mirror with my feet so that I can watch my toys go in and out of my pussy. I get my body into position and look into the mirror. My pussy looks very pink and slightly swollen, reaching down I pull my pussy lips apart and I can see the inner layers are glistening with my juices already. Just the curious act of parting my labia sends enough sensation into my belly to make me moan. I feel the orgasm building like its alive inside me, tightening and curling, like a restless snake. I stop touching myself at all and just look at my pussy in the mirror letting the sensations settle down a bit.

Then I grab my vibrator and turn it on, curious, I touch it to my nipple. It’s intense at first and I bite my lip forcing myself to hold still. And the sensation starts to build again. My nipple feeling hot as it gets stiffer and I start to massage the tip of my vibrator around my large breast. It sends heat over my whole body in waves. It’s very pleasurable, but it reaches a certain point and stops building any higher. I’m extremely aroused but know I will need more to get off. Turning the vibrator off again I set it down and start to squeeze and pull on my nipples with my hands again. I close my eyes and imagine its the man from the video. What would it be like to have his hands on my body? I imagine he’d be rough, so I squeeze my nipples harder making myself moan. I scratch my fingernails over my chest and think of beard burn. I scratch over my hard nipple and cry out from the jolt it sends through my tummy.

Opening my eyes I look down at the little mirror again and see my pussy is wet and more swollen now. I reach down and slide my finger through my slit, shuddering at the amazing feel of it. I force myself not to linger and I wipe the wetness escort bursa onto my nipples. I blow on them and the chill makes my whole body pulse.

Fuck it. Someone else can try to make me cum with just my breasts, I want something inside of me NOW. Knowing any orgasm I get is going to be too intense for me to keep my legs still, I set up my mirror on my nightstand and angle my body so I can still see what I like to see. Then I grab my large purple vibrator off the bed and can’t resist giving its slight corkscrew shape a lick with my tongue. Then I lean back on my pillows and slide it down my body without turning it on. The ticklish trail that it traces down my body feels like it should be visible. Like my body is lighting up wherever it touches. But of course I look the same as I ever do. Reaching my pussy I slide my toy over my slit and spin it so that the outside gets all coated in my juices. The vibrator still feels cold to my hot body. Once its covered, I change the angle and look into the mirror so I can watch as I start to press it into my body. My pussy is soaking wet but its always so tight that I sometimes struggle to get my toys in on the first try.

The stretching sensation feels pleasant and familiar as the head of my toy sinks into me and disappears.

“Mmmm fuck!” I moan as I watch the toy slide in, my body pulling tight around it. As I slide it in further I realize I feel kind of sore on the inside, but the pleasure starting to race through my veins quickly knocks that thought away. I’m already panting as the first six inches slide in. I usually can’t take the last 2 inches but today I find myself pressing further. I want to make this purple fucking monster disappear completely. I press and wiggle a little and I feel it stretching the back of my vagina. God I feel so deliciously full! Looking in the mirror I see the last half inch sticking out of me and take a deep breath before quickly pressing the on button while simultaneously shoving that last half inch inside myself. I made my largest vibrator disappear.

I have about a quarter of a second to feel smug with victory before the vibrating sensation starts to rock my soul. I keep my hand pressed against my closed pussy lips to keep my toy from reappearing. And as the vibrations start to pulse inside me I whimper and buck against my hand. I glance at the clock, it’s 8:45, and I challenge myself to keep this thing inside me for 3 whole minutes, knowing that with my usual routine when I try to keep the vibrator on I can’t even do it for 1.

My hips buck involuntarily and it mashes my clit against my hand. I cry out, as a mini-orgasm flips through me and my whole body starts to convulse with pleasure. My pussy squeezes the purple monster tighter and the vibrations seem to get stronger. I start pumping my hips up on purpose, fucking up against the air, but the motion makes my toy rock against my g-spot and a bigger orgasm starts to build. The snake in my belly winding tighter and hotter with every thrust. Bigger than any orgasm i’ve ever had by myself before. And I can’t stop I realize. I keep thrusting against my left hand with desperate urgency and I can feel my whole palm and wrist is coated in my hot pussy juice. I thrash my head from side to side with disbelief at how good it feels. I glance at the clock again, 8:50, I can cum now.

I grab my breast with my free hand and squeeze, letting my fingernails dig in. At the same time I cup my pussy with my other hand and squeeze there too. Pressing against the vibrator inside me and my clit under my palm. And for the first time ever, I actually scream out loud.

It seems to go on forever. My body writhing as the fiery hot pleasure burns through every nerve ending in my body. I feel wetness splash against my thighs and realize I must have squirted, though I never have before. The strength starts to drain out of my arms and legs and they fall open and limp to the bed. A wave of dizziness sweeps over me and I think I may black out. Looking at my mirror I see the vibrator base reappear, and as my pussy pulses and throbs around it, it gets pushed out bit by bit, until with a final shudder from me it plops onto the wet spot on the bed. Still buzzing merrily away. I muster the energy to reach down and turn it off before my body succumbs to exhaustion and I pass out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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