I Secretly Finger Myself at Beach

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I’ve finished my last Exam. What a feeling. I’m exhausted from the studying and stress but exhilarated its finally over. For better or worse, I will have a University Degree. After working in menial jobs for ten years, the achievement is sweet.

I phone mum. Some background: My mum is German. She met my dad as a teenager on a school trip to the UK, they eventually married and settled here. She had me when she was only 19 so we are not far apart in age and looks. We get along great.

Mum is excited and congratulates me:

“That’s great honey, let’s go to Germany for a little celebratory break. The weather is warm there earlier in the year than the UK. I can show you all the places I used to go when I was young”.

A few days later, it’s mid-afternoon, and we are at a beautiful swimming lake in the Berlin suburbs. Seaside beaches in Germany can be quite cold, and the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are not exactly the warmest for swimming in early Summer. But Germany has many beautiful, warm, rivers and lakes, perfect for swimming and relaxing.

As we walk to the lakeside, I notice a sign ‘FKK’ and a picture of a camera with a red slash: no cameras. My mum had previously explained the German relaxed attitude to nudity. FKK stands for Freikörperkultur; basically, free body culture, nudism. It dates from pre-war times and seems to be quite popular with old and wrinkly people. FKK notwithstanding, Germans have a very straightforward attitude to nudity. If you need to get changed to swim, a towel around you is not strictly necessary, they don’t really care if anyone sees your bits. German spas are mixed-sex and totally nude, so this probably has something to do with the attitude.

We find a spot at the beach before the FKK section and lay out our beach blanket. We change into swimsuits and head for the water. It is clear and warm, perfect for a long swim. We swim towards a little island in the middle of the lake, circumnavigate it, then head for the opposite wooded shoreline. After about 15 minutes, we step out of the water and sit on a fallen tree to catch our breath and chat awhile.

We take a leisurely swim back across the lake to our spot on the beach. Walking, dripping wet back to our blanket, a guy we pass is staring at us. He looks to be mid-20s, nice body, dark short hair and an attractive face; no beard. He smiles and I smile back.

We settle on our blanket, close our eyes and warm in the sun. We both turn on our fronts . My mum removes her bikini top. I look at her:

“Mum, what are you doing?”

“Oh honey, it’s no big deal here, bursa escort nobody cares. Why not try it, its liberating”.

I didn’t need much convincing, fuck it, I was on holiday and nobody I knew would see me. I removed my top and settled on my elbows. My mum lay all the way back down facing away from me. My boobs were on display to the world -and I liked it. In fact, the thrill was making me a bit horny. A family group, man, woman and two young kids, were settled about ten metres in front of me. Although the man had shades, I was pretty sure he was ogling my tits. He was quite good looking, blonde, a bit of a dad-body and nicely tanned. He was wearing red shorts, reading a book and sitting in one of those low beach chairs that sit directly on the sand. His kids were acting up a bit. His partner mentioned Eis (Ice cream), which caused a flurry of excitement with the kids. Seconds later she got up and kids in tow, headed for the snack bar.

As she walked away, he bent one leg at the knee and readjusted himself in his chair. I noticed his shorts were kind of loose, in fact, I thought I could just about see something private. I put my sunglasses on in a badly disguised attempt at discretion. Was he reading his book or looking at me? A light breeze caressed my boobs and I could feel my nipples begin to harden. Now I was pretty sure he was looking, either that or he was a really bad reader; he hadn’t turned a page in quite a while. He shifted his leg slightly higher, now I was certain, that was his penis I was looking at. As I watched his penis slowly lengthened. The head pushed into view and the foreskin retracted. It continued growing down his leg, in a moment it would poke out of his shorts. He crossed his legs trapping his cock between his thighs. The purple head was still visible up his shorts leg.

My crotch pulsated. After sharing a hotel room with mum for three days, I was horny as hell and needed an orgasm. I laid down from my elbows onto my front, my chin resting on the blanket and looking straight at penis. I laid my left arm beside my head and quietly snaked my right arm underneath myself until my hand was by my crotch. I snuck my middle finger, ever so slowly, over my bikini bottom and between my legs. Nervously, I began to stroke my clit with the tip of my finger. Ooohhh, it felt nice. My pussy was crying out for more but I dared not draw attention to myself and continued to slowly and inconspicuously caress my swollen clit while I gazed at this man’s penis.

The craziness of what I was doing added to the excitement and I desperately wanted to frig bursa escort bayan the hell out of my clit but, forced by circumstances, I continued to slowly drive myself crazy with the desire to cum. The minutes passed, the dad’s penis deflated somewhat and he uncrossed his legs again. Now I could see his entire shaft once more. And once more it began to lengthen, becoming veiny and thick. Did he know I was watching? He must. Did he know I was masturbating? No, he couldn’t. He couldn’t see. Then it struck me, oh shit! The guy behind me, the one we had walked past after our swim.

My head snapped around to look over my shoulder. The dude was on his front, same position as I, wearing shades and apparently looking right at my crotch. Shit, could he see me fingering myself? My legs were spread only very slightly but I realised he probably could see my finger doing its secret work at my crotch.

He smiled, then rolled on his side. Fuck! his shorts were tented out. The waistband was pulling away in front. My pussy queeved. Whoever says girls don’t get sexually aroused from visual stimulation is full of crap. I was gushing in my bikini, my pelvis involuntarily thrust into the blanket

I looked down at the blanket in front of me. I was so embarrassed but also so turned on; I didn’t know what to do. Maybe I could go the loo and have a wank in there? But it wouldn’t be the same, now that it had happened, I really wanted to look at these guys cocks in public while playing with my pussy. Again, I realised, I was far from home and a stranger to all; fuck-it.

I looked in front again. The dad dude smiled and shifted his leg to give me a nice view of the engorged head of his penis. I smiled in return and repositioned my finger outside my bikini to continue masturbating. I had to be careful, there were also families around.

Once more, I slowly and inconspicuously, ran my middle finger up and down my slot then traced circles around my clitoris. A wave of pleasure swept over me. The dad in front moved his leg back and forth so that his penis banged against it. It stretched to maximum length and the head appeared outside his shorts. He quickly pulled his shorts lower on his hips and it was once more hidden from general view -but not from me. It pulsed, it strained; his face flushed and beads of perspiration appeared.

I wanted to finger more quickly up but it would be too risky. This slow fingering was driving me crazy. I alternated between slow circles of my clit and running up one side and down the other. Once I pushed my bikini into my cunt hole and almost escort bursa groaned. It was so wet that it stuck in my slot and I had to pull it out again. I pulled the fabric a little to the side as I did so, to give the tented guy behind a little show and it turned me on even more.

The guy in front stood and wrapped a towel around himself, as if to change, then sat in the sand. Bending his legs at the knee, he peeled his shorts off. Placing his shorts to the side he picked up his book and pretended to read again. Then, parted his legs to give me a private view of his thick and tall erection, throbbing, bobbing and veined, his pre-cum dripping.

I am so close to cumming, it’s delicious, but also painful. I need to cum, to clench, to clamp, to roll my eyes back. I maintained my slow clit circling, my buttocks clenched and my whole body trembled. I was on the edge -almost there. Circling my clit, feeling the pressure build. I want to go faster but I can’t. The pressure is building, building. The guy in front surreptitiously moves a hand under his leg and gives his cock a little wank. His mouth opens with pleasure. My pussy is pulsating, my clit is doing little jumps, I am so close. The guy wanks his cock faster his abs becoming hard and tight his knees trembling slightly. I continue slowly teasing my poor clit. It is heaven and it is hell. The guy spunks, a thick squirt of jism sprays out in front of him. I imagine him spunking inside me and that does it, one last clit circle and my pussy spasms. Waves of pleasure course through me. I have to bite my left hand to prevent my-self screaming. My hips are bucking and there is nothing I can do. The blanket under me is being fucked good. Throwing caution to the wind I pull the bikini aside and stick my finger in. My pussy walls clench and pull it as my orgasm continues unabated. This is the best orgasm I have ever had. Finally it settles and I pull my finger out.

I look over my shoulder, the guy behind has followed the example of the dad guy and is sitting with a towel around, his hand under his leg, wanking himself. His cock is enormous. He sees me turn and blows his load, soaking the sand in front of him with seemingly endless pulses of semen. For the second time today, ejaculate for me, has erupted from under a wanking guys towel.

My mum snorts;

“Did I fall asleep?”

“Yeah mum, should we go soon? I’m kinda hot.”

“Ok, honey, let’s go.”

She stood to get changed, flashing her tits to the dad dude. She turned he back to him and, without bothering with a towel, removed her bikini bottom and bent over to rummage in her bag for her clothes. The dude’s eyes widened as he took in the full rear view of my mum’s pussy.


“Bet he spunks another load after this, eh love?”

Fuck, she wasn’t asleep after all!

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