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Its a hot day out side I am trying to stay indoors and keep cool. laying around in just my nighty. My nighty is short and light blue with lace around my chest. even with the air on I can feel the heat from out side.. or maybe its the heat coming from me. I cant seem to get him off my mind.

I feel his fingers as they trace over my pussy. first rubbing lightly all over my smooth pussy. kissing the inside of my thighs as he does. “mmmmm” a warm tongue seeking to find my inner most being. I feel my lips being parted as his fingers trace my slit. Soon he is pulling my lips apart. He kisses the very erotic spot at the juncture of my legs and pussy. My hips raise seeking that warm breath. I hear him chuckle and say not yet baby. His fingers playing, teasing. He kisses back down my leg to the under part if my knee. His tongue flicks around .. “mmmmmm yes I say” he kisses down to my toes and slowly licks and sucks on each one.

I move to my bed room not thinking. Feeling only the need to get that release. I reach in and escort bayan pull out my vibe. Not turning it on I rub it around my pussy.

I feel like I am in heaven mini little orgasm rack through my body. He kisses back up my leg across my hip to my tummy. His tongue teases me flicking in and out of my belly button. I once again lift my hips wanting it all, wanting the release. Feeling every touch of his tongue on my pussy. Feeling the warmth of my pussy as it runs down between my ass. He roams to the under side of my tits.. licking around each one.. cupping them in his hands .. he first licks 1 nipple then the other. Pushing them together he sucks both nipples into his mouth. Feeling my orgasm getting closer.. I slow down wanting it to last. My mind out of control as I remember his every touch. Rubbing the vib around my pussy not touching my clit as I know I will go over the edge fast. Wanting it to build.

lifting my body wanting to be as close to him as I can .. wanting to feel his tongue on my clit. But tuzla genç escort loving the attention my tits are getting. ” mmm baby that feels so good” I moan. Feeling your hard cock rub against my leg as you suckel on my nips. ” mmm god baby I want you to lick me” I moan .. you say. “what do you want .. tell me”.. ” I want you to lick me” I say “Just lick you .. like this” as you lick my arm..

“mmmm no… lick me” I say..

” Say it.. tell me what you want”

telling you, almost yelling, needing to feel you mouth on my pussy.. ” my pussy lick my pussy..” I slide the vib deep into me. Plunging it in and out.. Getting so close but not letting my self cum yet. Moaning and moaning. Im sure the nieghbors can hear me.

You move down I feel your breath on my pussy. Your tongue flicks across my clit .. just before you burry your face in my pussy.. your tongue driving in .. searching for all my warm juices..I feel your tongue drive into my pussy hole. twisting and turning.

Not wanting to tuzla kendi evi olan escort cum I slide the vib out and reach for my egg. I rub it along my pussy.. not yet turning it on.

Your tongue finds my clit.. you slowly lick around it..my hips lifting grinding my pussy into you. You grab my hips as you attack my clit sucking it into your mouth.

As my mind remembers I turn the egg on getting it ready to be in me. I want to cum now like I did when you were licking me .. wanting my memory of my cum to happen at the same time as I do cum.

“oh my goddddd yess suck it baby ……suck it.”

Oh yes.. I’m cumming.. I slide the eggs against my clit. My body starts to shake. My legs tremble, my arms .. trying to keep ahold of the egg. I feel my orgasm building.. knowing the release is here. So intense that I drop the egg. My body shaking my mind blank riding the wave you have sent me on. Breathing heavy as I cum back down.. wondering if I became unconscious I reach between my legs to grab the eggs and feel so much wetness. Feeling the bed,, omg I did ..I came so much .. it remember feeling it spray out of me as I came dropping the egg..I bring my fingers to my mouth. Licking each one clean then rolling to my side I lay breathing heaven and soon drift off to sleep .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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