Introduction to Men Ch. 02

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Kissing a man was unlike anything I had ever experienced. First of all was the rough feeling of beard (or at least shadow of beard) against beard, then there was a forcefulness of the lips that was missing from kissing my wife and finally there was an urgency or arousal that I had never felt in my limited heterosexual experience.

I continued to kiss Larry, swinging my body around and wrapping my arms around his shoulders to pull his body to mine. Briefly I wondered what was poking me in the lower abdomen when I realized that Larry was aroused like me. I took one arm and reached down between us to grasp and stroke his fine erection while I pushed him onto his back with my other arm. “Let me see what’s going on here” I commented leaning down to Larry’s crotch.

Gently I stroked his erection, what a nice cock he had, it had a different head — more bulbous than mine — but nice none the less. “Why don’t you try licking it Sandy,” said Larry. I tentatively poker oyna stuck my tongue out and licked the head which glistened with his pre-cum. I found it clean tasting I decided to try and put the head into my mouth. Opening my mouth I was able to take the head in but wasn’t sure whether I could take any of his shaft as well.

“Lubricate it with your saliva Sandy.”

I worked up as much saliva as I could and found that his cock slipped quite easily into my mouth until it touched the back of my throat. An involuntary chocking action forced me to pull him out quickly. “Just try breathing through your nose Sandy that will help you swallow my cock.”

Trying to lubricate a stiff cock, breath through your nose and swallow your first-ever male organ is not an easy thing to do, practice makes perfect I guess. I was able to get most of Larry’s cock into my mouth and throat but I was not convinced I had the skill to suck him to orgasm. “Just try and take part canlı poker oyna of it in your mouth and move up and down like you were sucking on a popsicle” Larry advised, a little thick-voiced with arousal.

That helped me to relax and focus on giving Larry the best blowjob I could. My efforts were acceptable because he was panting in short order. “I’m going to cum Sandy, get ready.” Larry groaned.

Well I was not sure what ‘get ready’ meant from my position but I continued to suck greedily, putting pressure on the cockshaft with my moistened lips. A quick thrust of Larry’s hips signalled his orgasm and my mouth was suddenly full of warm, salty, slippery semen. Having already tasted my own cum I wasn’t put off at all by Larry’s orgasm. I let him finish pumping his seed into me and remove his softening cock. I swirled the semen around in my mouth and looking him squarely in the eyes swallowed his load and licked my lips. “Yumm, I enjoyed that Larry.”

Larry internet casino collapsed onto the bed and lay panting; I crawled up and lay next to him with my head on his heaving chest. We lay together relishing in the thoughts of what had just happened, I in receiving my first ever blowjob and in sucking on my first cock and Larry for having received the largest load of semen he’d ever had.

After a while it just seemed natural to get dressed and leave. At the door Larry kissed me to thank me and asked “Did you enjoy gay sex Sandy?” while running his hand down the front of my pants.

I kissed him back and said “I sure did Larry, can I come back next week?”

In response to that Larry fell to his knees, pulled down my zipper, extracted my cock and swallowed in what seemed like a single motion. It hardened in his warm mouth and I began to fuck his hungry mouth. In a matter of minutes I felt the impending orgasm and grabbing Larry by the ears forced my cock down his throat to unload another torrent of semen into his stomach.

Smiling broadly Larry stood up, re-dressed my penis and said, “What do you think Sandy? See you next Wednesday.”

End of Part 2

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