Cousins Reunion Ch. 08

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Chapter 8: Three Way

As I washed my hands and face I reflected on the activities Mira and I had just concluded. I had never lost control like that before. Overwhelmed with lust. Fucking Mira with such ferocity. Eating, literally eating her pussy without inhibition. How did I feel about what had just transpired? Embarrassment? Regret? No. I wanted more. The wild sex was intoxicating. The escalation of excitement with Kay and now Mira was a catalyst. I was committed to experiencing these two women and what they had to offer. I was determined to enjoy them both to the fullest of my ability.

I wanted them together again. Our workout earlier in the day, the two of them masturbating me in the sauna and being in the shower with these two beautiful but very different women had me obsessing about being with them both again. Would they actually want to have sex with me at the same time? Mira suggested that was the case. God, what was in store for me?

I pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt and ambled over to the family room. After waiting what seemed like an eternity, three minutes tops, I stuck my head out in the hallway and listened. Nothing. I tiptoed down to Kay’s master bedroom and peaked in the door where I could see the foot of the master bed and two sets of legs. One pair of feet, soles together and facing the ceiling with a beautiful ass slowly bobbing up and down just above the heals between another pair of feet with the soles buried in the soft bedding legs rising up to knees that were gently holding the slowly bobbing ass. I moved quietly into the room. More of the bed came into view. It was Mira’s bum bobbing between Kay’s legs. Mira’s head was nestled between Kay’s legs, her face obviously buried in Kay’s muff.

Kay was reclining comfortably back on the bed with her upper body supported by several fluffy pillows. Her eyes were closed with a rapturous look on her face, her hands gently holding the sides Mira’s bobbing head. Kay’s upper arms bolstered her own generous breasts which were rippling slowly in concert with the motion Mira’s head. Just then, Kay moaned out, “Oh Mira, don’t stop. Your tongue feels so good. Oh god yes my darling, that’s perfect, oh so wonderfully perfect.”

Mira moaned in response, her ass wiggling as she continued pleasuring Kay’s crotch. Mira’s bum cheeks were spread just widely enough that her plump pussy lips were slightly parted and her large clit was visibly peeking out from under its hood. A dark blush of skin surrounded her dark little puckered rosebud. The little anus was winking slightly and glistening with the moisture leaking from the dark slit formed by her pussy lips.

“Oh Mira, god that is so good my baby, so incredibly good. Your soft tongue is heaven on my clit. Yes, oh yes, that feels wonderful baby.” Kay opened her eyes and watched Mira pleasure her exposed güvenilir bahis gash. She held Mira’s head snuggly against her crotch, her knees pulled up and back as she thrust her glistening slit into Mira’s face. Her eyes closed as she threw her head back. “I want to cum, fuuuuck, oh fuck yes, yesssssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh baby, soooooooooo gooooooooooooood,” she sceamed as her hips and pussy pressed and squirmed against Mira’s face and working tongue.

Kay’s breasts slid and bounced across her chest as her head fell back on the pillow and the dark area between her legs bucked relentlessly into Mira’s furiously sucking mouth. Mira’s small firm breasts jounced and jiggled below her chest, their bodies beating in time to the orgasmic symphony playing out in their beautifully in tuned bodies. Mira’s ass bouncing, her ass cheeks opening and closing as her flesh jounced and jiggled up and down with each buck of Kay’s pelvis. Mira’s pussy and anus winking into view with each jounce of her flesh.

I took my cock in my hand, holding it loosely, feeling its weight against my palm, the involuntary twitching of my swollen member keeping time with the music of their moans, their screams of ecstasy, with the rhythm and beat their synchronized bodies were playing out. Pre-cum was copiously oozing from the gaping hole in the tip of my swollen glans. The clear thick liquid was collecting and pooling along the swollen flesh from which it flowed.

Mira broke free from the hold Kay had on the sides of her head. She quickly swung herself around and presented her glistening crotch to my cousin’s waiting mouth, lips parted, tongue already reaching for the delicate lips presented so generously to her. Kay’s tongue split and disappeared into the dark gash created by Mira’s swollen labia. Mira re-buried her face in the wet glistening darkness nestled at the base of Kay’s widely separated thighs. Their breasts now bobbing and rippling in time, the nipples pointed and hard brushing the other’s swaying breast tissue. Both women danced, an erotic and sensual dance of pleasure. The sounds of lips kissing and sucking wet juice laden tissue, skin slapping rhythmically, moans and sighs, whispered nothings creating a beautiful symphony of choreographed spontaneity as their bodies moved and pleasured as if one.

I moved slowly, deliberately around the bed. The two entwined bodies so enraptured with their escalating excitement, they were oblivious to my presence. I knelt on the bed behind Mira’s kneeling form, her ass again bobbing up and down against my sweet cousin’s probing and lapping tongue. The juices of Mira’s cunt dripped freely onto Kay’s slick and glistening face. Kay sensed my presence as my cock approached the dripping faucet of Mira’s gapping pussy. Her eyes glassy with rapture, her tongue lapping at Mira’s stiffly proud clit. I placed my cock against türkçe bahis the gapping lips of Mira’s cunt, my swollen head pressing against her opening, gaining entrance and sliding into her tight, dark vaginal tunnel.

“Fuck, oh fuck yes. That feels good Jay. Oh my god, slide your hard dick into my pussy. Fuckkkkkk yessssss, fuck my pussy,” cried out a surprised yet very please Mira.

My cock slid home into a sloppy wet slit. My balls slapping into Kay’s nose as she lapped and sucked Mira’s long hard clit.

Suddenly, Kay licked my balls and sucked on my scrotum. “Fuck, my god, Jesus, Kay, unhhhh, that is good.”

“Give my your cock Jay. Stick your dick in my mouth. I want to suck your dick and taste Mira’s pussy juice. I want to suck Mira’s wetness and taste her necter.”

I pulled my cock out of Mira’s hot hole and plunged it into Kay’s waiting mouth. I had no mercy. I pumped it viciously into her open mouth and plunged it deeply into her throat.

“Suck that,” I said as I plunged my dick to the hilt, my pelvis hitting Kay’s mouth as my cock slid deeply into her upraised face and open gullet. Kay gagged and choked as my cock slid in and out of her open mouth. I fucked her face with rapid thrusts of my hips letting her gag as my cock forced its way into her upturned face.

I pulled free of her face and slammed my rock hard dick into Mira’s waiting cunt. She screamed with surprise and pleasure as my cock slammed into her cervix.

“Fuck my pussy, slam your dick into me, please don’t stop Jay,” Mira pleaded as I grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. She squealed as I pinched her nipples and slammed the head of my cock into her gapping cunt.

“I want your dick in my pussy,” pleaded Kay. “Jay, its my turn, I want your dick back in my pussy now,” she whined as she squirmed and pushed Mira away and off of her reclining body, tearing my cock form Mira’s hot pussy.

Kay pushed Mira down on her back, straddled her face, grabbed my cock and pulled my member to her ass. “Put your cock in my cunt Jay,” she ordered. I obeyed gladly. I rammed my dick into her pussy. I viciously slammed into her waiting cunt. I felt Mira’s tongue licking my balls and shaft as my pumping hips presented my moving genitals to her reaching tongue.

“Oh my god Kay,” screamed Mira. Yes, suck my clit hard. Make me come, Christ that feels good,” she said as her lips left my balls and shaft to suck and lick at Kay’s clit.

The two women were now intent on making their dear friend orgasm. They signaled their closeness to climax with the building crescendo of their moans. My cock was inside of Kay’s pussy, all but forgotten now by my dear cousin who was intent on an orgasm being orally orchestrated by her best friend.

My cock was nearly numb. After so much abuse and so many orgasms this day, it was hard, but güvenilir bahis siteleri it was not close to a climax.

I looked at Kay’s anus, contracting with pleasure as her orgasm approached. I pulled my dick from her stretched and abused cunt and pressed it against her messy and puckered asshole. I was not gentle. I plunged my stiff cock into her ass. My cousin screamed, I thought in pain, then realized My cock stretching her ass and plunging into her ass perfectly coincided with the onset or actually even tipped her over the crest onto the tidal wave of her orgasm.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, holy mother of goddddddddddddddddddd, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Yesssssssssssssssssssss, yesssssssssssssssssssssss, oh my goddddddddddddddddddd, so fuckkkkkkkkkingggggggggggggggggggg gooooooooooooooooooooood,” cried out my cousin obviously in the grip of an intense orgasm.

“My turn, my turn, make me cum,” pleaded our poor Mira as my cock plunged in and out of Kay’s tight ass. My cock was now being super stimulated by the hot tight flesh and contracting muscles of Kay’s anus and rectum.”

Kay stopped screaming and collapsed sideways onto the bed my still rock hard cock popped out of her stretched ass hole. “My god Jay,” she said. “That was incredible. Mira get on her knees again, I’ll suck her hard little penis/clit and Jay, you fuck her ass like you fucked mine and she’ll cum.”

I watched as they once again changed positions. Mira slammed her crotch into Kay’s open mouth and ground her long clit into Kay’s tongue. I positioned myself once again behind Mira’s tight ass. I grabbed my slick cock and pressed the dripping head against Mira’s anus. Mira held still when she felt the tip of my rock hard penis touch her tight hole. I pressed slowly at first. Then, when the muscle relaxed, I thrust firmly and quickly gained entrance to her rectum. Mira screamed with pain as my prick forced its way into her hot rectum. She cried out and tried to move away from my invading flesh. Her tightness caressing my swollen member and perfectly stimulating my flesh. I was going to orgasm and I did not want anything to prevent the tremendous release of pressure that I now needed.

I grabbed Mira’s ass and held it firmly in place as I repeatedly slammed my cock into her stretched asshole. Mira screamed with a combination of pleasure and pain as Kay continued to suck her hard clit. I exploded and screamed out with the agony and ecstasy of the incredible climax that ripped through my groin. Mira screamed in ecstasy as well and now thrust her ass rapidly against my pulsating and pumping cock as her orgasm mounted and ripped through her cunt as well.

We collapsed as one tangled mass of dripping and spent flesh. My cock still trapped inside of Mira’s rectum. Mira’s pussy surrounded Kay’s still licking tongue. We finally untangled ourselves. I lay in between these two wild women wondering how they could still put up with someone who had so abused their bodies. They silently reassured me the abuse was enjoyed. They wrapped their arms and legs around my body as we drifted off into a sex induced slumber.

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