You never know which dick you end up with

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Just before I stepped up to pay my fee to enter the arcade area at one of my favorite adult book stores, a hot younger guy, who acted somewhat inexperienced with the routine of the place, was paying for his entry. I wondered if I might get lucky with him as I followed him back to the dark aisles of the arcade, admiring his slim ass all the way.

There had been some damage to the place since I was last there—doors ripped off their hinges and stuff like that. But still, there were a lot of men milling around. I followed the object of my attention all the way to the back where the door to the largest booth was closed. As this young guy moved closer to the door, it opened, as if inviting him to go in. That is exactly what was going on. A naked man was standing on the broad bench in the room, peering over the door and looking out. He seemed to be surveying the clientele for prospects to invite to his private party.

But it wasn’t so private. As the door opened, I could see four guys in the room. All of them were naked or near-naked. The action looked mighty hot, and I didn’t want to miss it, so I slipped in. Up on the bench was an older man with a fairly big belly and a nice cock of averaged length being sucked by an equally naked, but really buff 30-something guy with a full beard who was standing on the floor as he serviced the door monitor. He had a broad back and big arms with sculpted muscles. His butt was round and firm, and humping him from behind him was a slightly over-weight guy in his 40s.

A tall slender guy in his 50s made up the quartet. He was also totally naked and stroking a medium sized dick off to the side as I entered. Walking up to him, I opened my shorts and pulled out my own rapidly growing dick. He bent down to suck it, and it quickly made it up to its full eight inches. I swung around to sit down in the room’s one white plastic chair. This allowed me the opportunity to suck this guy’s dick for a while before he pulled back in order to kiss with his curious tongue and then resumed his action on my equipment. I really loved it as he licked my balls and below where he had full access since I was sitting and leaning back in the chair.

The humping guy parted our company leaving the four of us paired up. The door monitor standing on the bench kept trying to lure the younger guy in the hall to join up, but he never took the bait. An older guy walked in and joined my pair. As my partner on the floor continued to work on my hard dick, I took the new man’s tool in my mouth. It was one of those delicious dicks with a big ball of a head on a narrow shaft. As I sucked him, he pulled his ass cheeks apart. I picked up the invitation and began to finger fuck him. He sighed with pleasure at the fingering, but eventually pulled his pants up and moved on as did my dick servicer.

That allowed me to move over to the other pair. I bent down to investigate the fat dick of the young stud as he kept working on the standing door master, sucking hard at the hard dick offered to him. I stood up to share that dick with him for a while, but then the muscled stud put his clothes back on and wandered off. I asked the door master if the guy came, but he didn’t think so.

Eventually I wandered out to see what else might be happening. I ended up at one of the glory hole booths right at the front and bent over to see what was on the menu in the next booth. Right at that point, the bearded, muscled guy appeared at the door and also looked in. He left, and I thought he might be on the way to the back, so I followed him.

We returned to the now empty large booth in the back, and a short, heavy Hispanic guy followed us. After getting naked, I sat on the bench and the stud stood in front of me. He didn’t seem all that interested in my meat, but bent over to start sucking the other guy’s fairly small dick. He went crazy sucking the thing as I fondled his equipment. The Hispanic guy shot his load, and the bearded guy swallowed the whole thing. That must have done the trick for him as he stood up, turned to face me and proceeded to jack out an enormous load on my dick and thighs. That was enough for me to also jack one out with the lubrication of his cum and the scent of his semen sufficient to push me over. It sure was satisfying.

I hope that cute young guy with the hot ass who I initially followed into the arcade had as much fun as I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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