Making 60 Year Old Man Cum

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Making 60 Year Old Man Cum

I had to be on a break thanks to all the sexual encounters I have had. Now that I am on a break with sex, I shall let you know about my encounters. After I ended up with my father-in-law thanks to my own mistake of accepting the offer from my father (you guys will have to read my earlier stories in order to understand the whole thing) I had to accept all the demands of my Sasurji (father-in-law) after he threatened me.

Being in good touch with the politicians, I was sure that he can easily mess my whole life, so, I had no other choice but do whatever he asked me to, and that too free of cost. In return, he did me a favor by not letting my husband know that I am such a big whore. He called me to his house in Delhi, telling my hubby that he could use my help with the household stuffs as he is alone and not in the best of his health.

I went to Delhi for a week after my hubby had requested me. He had a palatial house, and it was frequented by people from political circles. I had learnt that my father-in-law was very close to getting a seat in the parliament. The day I entered his house, he told me to prepare for a meeting of 5 men. He also forwarded me an old sari with blouse, petticoat, and lingerie that I should wear while serving the men. It was a red sari, and the petticoat and blouse were so small that they revealed more than they covered.

My entire waist was bare in it, and the blouse was so low cut and pallu so thin, that slightest bending would have revealed half of my moons. Just before the arrival of the guests, my father-in-law saw me near the guest and took a nice feel of my waist, saying, I will leave you fresh for Mantriji. I was shocked, he is gonna get me fucked by a minister. I never thought that he could stoop so low, to use his daughter-in-law to get a seat in the parliament. The ministers arrived soon, 5 men in 60’s wearing dhoti and kurta.

I was appalled to see them, and would have never wanted them to have me. Theye continuously stared at me as he entered, and one of them told my father-in-law, “You have a beautiful servant,” and my father replied, “I hired her especially for you sir.” I could not believe what was happening. Hiding my anger, I put up a smile, and said, “Namaste sahib,” greeting the entire team. The minister, held my arm tight in response. They seated in the drawing room, and I started serving tea.

I had to bend down quite a lot while filling the cups, and the ministers seated on the high sofas were getting a really beautiful view of me. I watched them stare at me breasts, and had to put up a smiling face. The old men continued to talk among themselves about work, as I served those snacks and beverages. My father-in-law ordered me to wait in the guest room for any further orders. After about 15 mins, the minister, who appeared to be the most important person in the group entered the guest room, when I was seated on the bed.

He left the door open and walked up to me saying, I didn’t know you were Sunil’s daughter-in-law, he is very determined to get the parliament seat.” He pulled off my pallu, and made me stand up, and sat on the bed. “Beti, I am an old man now, show me your moves, you would not want to disappoint your father-in-law. I slowly took off my sari and sat on the old man’s lap face to face, as he grabbed my waist, making a move to unhook my blouse. I was kissing him now, as he unhooked my blouse, and then the bra.

I kept on kissing him, and he continued to rub my back. He laid down flat on the bed, and turned me over, taking my blouse and bra off, I could feel his cock poking my crotch. I saw my father-in-law enter, and he asked, “I hope she is giving you a nice time sir. She is a great sucker. The mantri replied, “She is Ok I felt bad, when a man in his 60s called me Ok. My father-in-law walked up to me, pressed my teats, and said, yes sir, this could have been bigger. Anahita, give you best to sir.

I will leave the two of you alone.” As my father turned to leave, the minister said, “Don’t go, bring the others too, we can discuss matters as I screw her.” I was being humiliated by two old men, and I had to do it all for free. I took up the challenge of satisfying this minister. The minister was licking my neck, as I tried to take his kurta off. He suddenly slapped me and said, “You don’t get to strip me bitch.” I was lying topless on the bed, and he was sitting on me, with his knees by my side.

As the team entered, he slapped me hard again, “This is so that you don’t forget.” Then he started to knead my breasts, as the guys continued to discuss their issues. I have never had this kind of sex before, where the guy was ignoring me while he was doing me. He got off me, and holding my petticoat from the waistline, he tore it off. I never expected him to have that strength. He peeled my panties immediately and there I was totally naked in front of six fat men, including my father-in-law.

He looked at me for some time, and commented, “Sunil, she is not that bad, has maintained herself in good shape,” he turned me around patted my butts and continued, she has got nice tight butts too. He kept on pressing my thighs, and butts, and added, I could use her for my daily massage, after I test her how good she is. He got naked and oil was brought in for me to massage the minister. I knew this was my opportunity to impress this man who cannot be satisfied easily.

In a minute, the table massage table was brought in too, and the minister was lying on his back on it. Everything had been prepared for this man. I sat naked on his abdomen, and started rubbing the aromatic oil on his chest, which was surprisingly, clean shaved. As I rubbed oil on his body, I felt his dick grow up in my ass crack. But he kept on discussing things with his team, without paying any attention to me.

I decided to turn things up. I moved down on his thighs, laid down on him, and started licking him. The discussion paused for sometime; I knew he was paying attention. I started biting his skin gently now, sucking them and biting again. He tried to continue the discussions, but couldn’t focus on it. He grabbed my waist tight now and I continued to massage his chest in the same manner. I had also gotten a little wet, with his dick constantly poking me. I got down, put my hands in my pussy and with the wetness, I started massaging his cock.

The minister was mesmerized now and the discussion topic shifted from political matters to praises about me. I was successful in my mission. His cock continued to grow in my hands and I now started sucking it. The old man was now moaning in pleasure, while the rest of them watched in amazement. I started to suck it now, and I was sucking it really hard to keep the excitement going. After 20 mins of shaking and sucking, I got the 60 year old man to cum in my mouth. He started to tire out and told my father-in-law, Send her to my place tomorrow I am too tired to fuck her now. All of them burst into laughter as they moved out of the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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