Unexpected Threesome Ch. 44

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Over the last few years my ‘Unexpected Threesome’ Series, ‘A Threesome in a COVID 19 World’ Series and ‘Discovering What Big Means’ Series have been written involving a common core group of characters.

Most of them; Issie, Amy and Ellen are women in their late 20’s to early 30’s who crewed on 60 year old Ned’s yacht as he sailed the Pacific and became his polyamorous lovers, together with Liddy, a woman in her 50’s.

After returning to Australia, and a period spent still living with Ned, both Issie and Ellen, encouraged by Ned, found more age appropriate partners and settled down with them; but still — with their partners’ approval – kept in close contact with Ned.

Amy and Liddy stayed with Ned.

In order to fill out the yacht’s racing crew in Australia, Shelley and Adam, the primary characters in the Discovering What Big Means Series, joined the crew.

This story takes us back to around 2016; before COVID, after Ellen and Issie had left Ned’s extended family to marry or take up with their husbands and after Shelley and Adam had joined the crew and spent a week together at Ned’s Evans Head beachside cottage.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the background of these characters there is a little — briefly stated — background information woven into the story which might seem repetitive to regular followers. My apologies to those who might feel ‘I already know this’, but it seemed to best way to keep all readers happy.


It was Amy’s idea. She’d seen an email to me about the Hamilton Island Race Week and asked me what it was all about.

When I explained it to her that it was a week-long regatta based around the resort Island of Hamilton Island in the tropical Whitsundays, she asked me if we could take the yacht to participate in it.

It was mid-July (mid-winter in Australia) when we had this discussion and the race is at the end of August. That wasn’t much time to organise things and get the boat there. It was about a 1,100 Nautical Mile trip from our Pittwater base, at least a week of solid sailing.

But Amy, apart from constant sex, asks for so little and is such a kind, generous and gentle soul that I frankly have trouble denying her anything she does ask for. In any case, it was something I’d always wanted to be part of and my inclination to indulge Amy in this case coincided with my own desires.

We set about planning it; something that necessitated organising a crew both to deliver it up and back plus to race it while we were there.

Getting the crews was much easier than I anticipated. Almost too much so.

Amy and Liddy were in for all parts of the trip as I expected they would be.

Issie and Ellen both wanted to participate in the trip up, with Ellen’s husband joining us for the racing and Issie needing to come home before the racing started. My initial reaction was the trip up would then be a delightful reunion of our Pacific Cruise crew, even if the sexual antics were limited to Amy and Liddy.

Then, to my surprise, and even alarm, Shelley and Adam both wanted to do the delivery trip up as well as the race. Maybe more alarm than surprise.

I doubted Amy’s significant sexual demands upon me were going to moderate themselves for the week long trip and nor was she likely to tone down the screaming. As far as I knew Shelly and Adam were both naively young and oblivious to either the quantity or noisiness of Amy’s sexual habits. That could be an issue on the trip.

At least Ellen and Issie knew what Amy was like and had heard it all before.

One other problem then confronted us when I found out that, because I was booking late, all I could get was a three bedroom apartment to stay in up there, rather than three separate apartments. Shelley and Adam were going to learn a lot about my sex life. I just hoped they wouldn’t be traumatised.

I couldn’t help but wonder how all of this would play out.

When I raised the issue with Amy, thinking maybe she might suggest she could keep it down a bit, she laughed at me (lovingly of course)…

“You know they’re rooting each other like rabbits, don’t you? I don’t think the sound of a bit of sex is going to upset them too much. It might even make them feel more relaxed about indulging themselves.”

I smirked internally at Amy’s use of the Australianism ‘rooting’ in that context. We’ve certainly done much to overcome what she originally described as her “British Reserve” since she joined the yacht in our Pacific travels several years ago. But, in my mature age innocence, I had trouble accepting they were rooting quite as — I’m not sure if that the word is “often’ or ‘vigorously’ or both – as Amy’s words suggested. I’ve seen Adam flaccid in swimwear and even I think he’s hung like a horse. Amy, Ellen and Issie have all seen him aroused and exposed and, in Ellen’s hyperbolic words, “He’s hung like a fucking elephant”. Less emotively, Amy reckons there’s no exaggeration to say it’s the length and width of two escort sincan escort drink can stacked one on top of the other.

Shelley is such a slender little thing, I just can’t imagine them having sex together in any proper sense of the word, let alone a rabbit like sense. I knew they were — intimate for want of something better to describe it as — but given their youth (relative to me as Amy would remind me) and what I might have thought as the shear physical impossibility of their sexual coitus, assumed they were up to little more than hand jobs and fingering.

As Amy in her bemused, slightly patronising way keeps reminding me, at my age, the fact someone is 40 years younger than me doesn’t mean they’re still a child.

But even if they are ‘rooting like rabbits’ as Amy says, that doesn’t mean they’re ready to hear Amy’s sexual performances. Maybe it’s where Amy is just as naive as I am. She thinks all she has to do is explain things to another person and all is well. But we’re talking about performances that have had a hotel manager called to the room we were staying in because a neighbouring room thought a woman was being murdered.

‘Screaming’ is the word I and everyone else who has heard it use to describe her performance. But we’re not really talking about a woman’s distress scream, like, say in the movie Psycho. What we’re talking about are moans and groans that work up until they become incredibly loud and delivered in a high pitch screaming register. Which then often lead on to a string of blasphemous and x rated expletives.

I don’t think just telling Shelley and Adam our sex is a bit noisy is going to cut it.

In the end, I decided I’d just have to go with the flow and let Amy sort it out — which she actually does remarkably well.

There was no point thinking I could ask her to cut back on our sex, nor to do it quieter. And I didn’t really want to deny Shelley and Adam the experience of a long distance offshore passage.

Amy’s extreme sexuality is a mystery to all those who know her, more so given her history. She came to the Pacific Ocean in search of a cruising yacht experience to escape an abusive ten year relationship in her native England, which involved strong physical violence and frequent forceful rapes. Her partner made a point of running down her opinion of herself, denying her any loving support whatsoever, preventing her from having any meaningful human relationships and never in their ten years together and his frequent sexual impositions on her, giving her the experience of an orgasm.

Recognising the possibility of being killed if she simply tried to end the relationship, her escape took a lot of detailed planning and the oceanic yacht cruising was a way of making it impossible for her partner to come after her.

Most persons having gone through that would end up with PTSD.

But seemingly not Amy. The only time we’ve seen any real mental aftereffects was when she had a panic attack in the middle of an extremely violent hurricane while we were bunkered down inside the yacht; it having triggered memories of the violence she suffered at the hands of her partner.

How she ended up in my bed is a story in itself. But the point is that, having discovered sex, having discovered that any and all of her nipples, clit, g spot and cervix can singularly or together give her the most powerful orgasms, while also finding the meaning of being truly loved by someone, she seemingly now can’t get enough of it.

And in Amy’s mind, if you’re going to enjoy something, don’t hold back. If your body wants you to scream, then suppressing that desire to scream will reduce your enjoyment. So don’t suppress it.

Perhaps the only other way in which you might wonder whether her mental health was affected by her experiences was her determination to stay with me after we landed in Australia.

Amy is easily the most beautiful and sexually desirable woman I’ve ever known or even seen. Medium height, slender, feminine, strong, fit, taut and with outsize — for her build — still perky, perfectly formed breasts, her skin is flawlessly light olive and her face has a baby like sweetness and beauty qualities that can, and does, make a man melt in her presence. Her very long auburn, sun bleached hair is distractingly sensuous in the way it cascades down her back.

Over and on top of that perfection, her prominently raised mons and the cone like puffiness of the areola from which her nipples project add a sexuality to her body that makes it irresistible.

Plus her personality is sweetness and intelligence personified.

In short, she could have any man she wanted and in the last few years has had no shortage of them try and chat her up.

But, even though I selflessly encouraged her to consider a more age appropriate partner, she was determined to stay with me. Not wanting children and having found love and sexual satisfaction, she doesn’t want to risk making another draw in the male gene pool least she fall into the trap her former elvankent escortlar partner set for her. Not yet anyway.

Maybe there is one other way in which Amy’s past experience now affects her behaviour. When she came to my yacht, her dress standard might be described as frumpy and unflattering in the extreme. Her previous partner did everything he could to make her unattractive to the outside world (while encouraging her to sexualised underwear) and, together with her low self-esteem, it was one habit she didn’t automatically throw off when she left him.

Downbeat after a day in town with Issie where a lot of guys were trying to chat up a rather alluringly dressed Issie, and completely ignored her, a chat with me and some dress guidance from Issie caused her to go from one extreme to the other.

Finding the attention it gained her affirming, she was the lead adopter of what Issie instigated and came to call the ‘fuck me’ bikinis and clothing that Issie said was necessary to keep my testosterone up if I was going to service the considerable sexual demands of first Issie and Amy and then the rest of what came to be known as the ‘Screw Girls’ — a play on crew girls — who came and went on the yacht during the cruise.

Now she is the lead instigator in driving the standard of dress to be ever more – let’s put it kindly but literally — sexualised. She sets the example which all the others, for complex reasons, seems compelled to follow. And she, with Ellen, now set that as the basis for the uniforms they dictate must be worn on the yacht.

When she’s out in a group, whether of the other Screw Girls or out with Liddy and myself, she revels in the attention it draws to herself, flirting with, charming and almost teasing on the males she attracts, but then hiding safely within the pack when she feels they’re getting too serious.

If some want to call that prick teasing, then I think the men of the world owe her that privilege after what she was put through.

And while I’ve concentrated on Amy’s sexual demands, that wasn’t to say Liddy wasn’t going to want her share of attention on the trip too. Just that her performances aren’t nearly as spectacular as Amy’s, nor her demands as insatiable.

So as I prepared the yacht for the trip, there were in my mind some challenges ahead.

During the week before our departure I spent most of my free time getting the yacht ready. I had to make sure the maintenance was up to date and all the systems were working, ensure the safety equipment was all in date, provision the yacht for the trip and clear off the yacht anything not essential to try and put it in optimal racing trim.

The trip was going to be pretty well non-stop from Sydney to Hamilton Island. So as well as topping up the fuel and water tanks, I added several jerry cans of additional diesel stored on the aft deck. My intention was to keep the boat moving at hull speed and if the wind wasn’t enough to do that then the motor would.

Meanwhile, apart from helping me with a lot of the general preparation, Amy conspired with Ellen to expand the yachts range of uniforms to cater to the variations in weather we’d confront over winter as we went from the cooler South to the warmer North.

These ‘uniforms’, and I think it’s fair to put shudder quotes around the term, have a strange history.

As has already been hinted at, while we were cruising the Pacific, the Screw Girls got in the habit, when they were wearing any clothes at all — because at sea we’d often be naked — what they called ‘fuck me’ outfits. They were supposed to keep my testosterone up to help me keep up with their not insignificant sexual demands. And I have to say, they certainly seemed to help in that regard.

These mainly consisted of tiny bikinis and, when something more was absolutely required, equally tiny and tightly body moulded hot pants and cleavage displaying crop tops or plunge neck t shirts.

When we got back to Australia and settled into racing the boat, they sort of continued the habit, even after Ellen and Issie got married; settling on mid blue as a colour for both their identical bikinis and their shorts and tops. And part of that habit was that, unless the weather was particularly foul, they’d wear the bikinis while preparing the boat dockside and only cover them with the shorts and top as we undocked. And I’d have to say, as racing uniforms went, those shorts and tops were pretty out there.

Both the dockside bikinis and the racing shorts and tops naturally attracted a lot of attention, and cheekiness from some of the other — especially male – crews, which the girls actually seemed to revel in and encourage. Ellen in particular revelled in giving as well as she got in cheeky verbal sparring games with other crews.

While conforming to the colour scheme, initially all of myself, Harry — Ellen’s husband –and Issie’s husband resisted their initial attempts to have us prepare the boat dockside in speedos.

But as Adam and Shelley joined the boat, etimesgut kaliteli escortlar they strong armed Adam and Shelley into complying with their requirements and in the process, then got the rule to apply to the rest of the males too. Evidently if it was good enough for us to perve at them in bikinis, then they wanted to perve at us in speedos too.

For the cooler parts of our Hamilton Island trip, and even for racing on a cooler day during the series, Amy hunted out some leggings and long sleeve polo shirts to round out the uniform.

Unable to find the right blue colour in the leggings, she opted for white. You can imagine, skin tight white leggings — the type that tightly hug your bum cheeks all the way down into your bum crack and mould tightly against your mons — are going to be an interesting sight when they get wet. And so they are, only the white thong bikini pants chosen to be worn under them rendering them even slightly decent.

Fortunately us men were allowed long white chinos as our longer pants. For a while I thought we were going to have to wear compression pants.

The girls’ mid blue long sleeve polos started out decent enough, except they were acquired in skin tight sizes and Amy then had a tailor cut away the button up front into a plunging neckline; adding an embroidered name of the boat to them least anyone had any doubts which boat the crews walking around Hamilton Island in them came from. Here again, while we men got close fitting tops and the embroidered name, at least she didn’t insist on us have cut away cleavage lines.

Finally in the clothing stakes, she hunted out matching tracksuits. Of course, they couldn’t be the relaxed fit of normal ones. While warmer, the pants are as tight as the women’s leggings, for both sexes, even if the tops are of a conventional zip up style; once again with the boat name embroidered on them.

To minimise time off work, it was resolved that we’d leave just before daybreak on Saturday morning; everyone collecting on the yacht ready to go as they came from work the previous evening.

The predawn departure was to minimise night sailing for safety reasons. At sea, at night, visibility can be terrible and steaming lights hard to distinguish or read. It is easy to have a collision, which if it happens to be with a large coastal cargo carrier, is not going to be good for anyone’s health. My plan was basically to undock predawn and motor down the relatively safe and well known waters of Pittwater to leave the heads into the open ocean at first light.

The Friday evening was actually quite delightful. A nice sociable take away dinner on board with a moderate excess of alcohol.

It was as we settled into our bunks I realised my poor judgement in having everyone come straight from work. It might have been better if I’d taken Amy home that night and let her get out of her system her sexual desires.

As I settled down in the bed between Liddy and Amy, all of us just a little tipsy, and as is our habit, stark naked, Amy snuggled up to me with a clear intention to more than just give me a good night kiss. As we lay side by side facing each other, she ground her mons against my manhood until she generated a full erection which she shuffled around on me enough to ensure grew between her legs rather than between our stomachs.

It was a case of surrendering to the inevitable. While it’s not my usual approach to sex with Amy, it was a case of how to satisfy her as quickly and quietly as possible. So, just as one example, that precluded her favourite g spot banger.

Amy’s intentions can’t have been missed by Liddy, laying on the other side of me with my back now too her. I looked over my shoulder at her. She was on her side facing me, so our eyes met. The unspoken question had been asked often enough, we didn’t even need to use words any more. She shook her head, indicating she was happy to be a spectator to what would follow, rather than a participant.

That didn’t surprise me. We’d had sex the previous night and Liddy’s needs tend to run to three or four times a week rather than Amy’s — at her most insatiable — three or more times a day.

But it freed me to instigate a ‘go the animal’ on Amy. In a way, it’s an appalling name for it; but it is what Amy and Ellen christened it when they first demanded it from me. They both complained I was too considerate and too focused on their orgasms to let them feel I was approaching them with the requisite degree of unfettered passion they thought was appropriate to our relationship.

Basically they wanted me to get on top and go for it like I was driven by unmitigated lust. In effect, missionary sex delivered with real oomph.

I have to say it took them some time to train me to really do it the way they wanted. Ellen especially, would get quite cranky with me if she felt I was holding back. I just always felt I had to give them at least one orgasm first, however lustful — and I certainly wasn’t lacking that – I might be feeling.

My problem was, and still is, that I was brought up with the view that man on top missionary sex is not great for the woman. Unless you do considerable contortions (which were incompatible with going the animal as the girls viewed it), it just doesn’t normally hit any of their erogenous zones capable of triggering an orgasm.

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The Booth Pt. 01

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There’s one thing having your finger gliding through the swollen lips of a woman’s pussy, and hearing the soft gasp that comes with it, but it’s another thing altogether when that pussy is not your wife’s. And it’s yet another thing to have my wife sitting on the other side of the woman, and another to know that she was deftly masturbating the cock of another man at the time, and yet another thing to be doing this all in public.

This is the night where we went from being a monogamous, faithful couple who made love relatively regularly, but fucked very infrequently, to a couple who discovered what it was to fuck and be fucked.

We were on our annual stay over, where we book a hotel and have “us” time. As much as we love the prospect of putting time aside for each other, there was a routine that had been established. Get to hotel, forget that we have children for a few blessed hours, have dinner and drinks, get a bit tired, go back to the hotel for some ok sex, not sleep all that well, have ok breakfast, drive home. And – as we’d drive home, it turns out we were both harbouring our own thoughts which basically boiled down to…is this it?

The question was never close enough to the front of our minds to actually give voice to. It was only after the latest “stay over” that we got answers to the questions we never knew we were asking.

Wellington is a cool little city, with secret bars off the beaten track, you just have to know where to look. We went to our usual haunts – had lovely cocktails, enjoyed the vibe of the city, and headed back towards our hotel. As we were walking, we saw a young couple kissing, and my wife commented.

“God, look at them – they’re really going for it.”

“Good for them”, I said. “Although they might want to get a room, that could start getting awkward fast.”

We had stopped and were staring, but they were none the wiser, and the streetlights meant our watching felt a little less brazen. The young man was now running his hand up the side of his companion’s body, and I could imagine his thumbs were probably roaming over the sides of her boobs. His other hand reached round to pull her into him, and she threw her head back in apparent pleasure. This exposed her neck, and he didn’t miss the opportunity to lay kisses from her shoulder to her chin, before catching her mouth again and rejoining the passion. She pushed him away gently and whispered in his ear. They giggled, obviously aware that they had just gotten hot and heavy in public.

They held hands and began walking away, but then the young woman spun around to us and asked “Did you enjoy the show?” before giggling again and turning away.

We felt like dirty voyeurs, and we quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed. There was another couple standing near a darkened doorway, and we had to go past them to resume our walk to the hotel. We put our heads down and began what felt like a walk of shame, before a woman’s voice stopped us.

“We certainly enjoyed the show – it was fucking hot, don’t you think?”

When I looked, I saw they were a couple maybe five years younger than us. He was taller than me, dark, and probably what you’d call ruggedly handsome. She was quite short, voluptuous with a pretty smile and shining eyes.

“Well, you could hardly miss it, could you?” I offered, and as I said it, I didn’t like the conservative undertones of my words. Then my wife surprised me.

“Oh my god I loved the show. I remember etimesgut yabancı escortlar how that used to feel.”

There was a pause where her simple sentence hit home on a number of different levels. For me, I was immediately aware of the fact that Tabby had spoken in the past tense, and I felt a sense of real sadness at that, how come we no longer had that level of excitement. For Tabby, she seemed shocked that she’d said it at all, let alone to total strangers. And for the couple standing there, they were quite clearly witnessing a moment of realisation. Before it could become truly awkward, the man saved us.

“We were just going up to a quiet little jazz and gin bar we know – come and join us.”

And we did. Tabby and I exchanged a long glance that said a great many things. There was wariness, honesty, and longing in that exchange. So without saying a word, we did, we followed.

They led the way, holding hands, together in their journey. We followed along, hands in pockets, saying nothing – together alone, like the song by Neil Finn.

Inside the bar, it was lit by lamps, and it was immediately welcoming. There was big band jazz coming from somewhere, and the vibe was warm and inviting. We followed the confident, mysterious couple into a booth with a table. It didn’t occur to me to challenge the arrangement – he went in first, while she ushered Tabby in to her seat, leaving me to follow her.

“I’m Marina, that’s Max – it’s so lovely to meet you both.” So strange to be getting introductions as we’re sitting with them in a bar. Tabby spoke up, again, so unlike her.

“I’m Tabby, and my husband is Karl. We’re having our annual date night.”

“Annual?” Said Marina, and she sounded genuinely shocked.

“Yeah, we get the kids looked after, we book a hotel, and – it’s a night about us.” I said, a bit defensively.

“Oh, I know what a date night is, Karl. I’m just sad for you that it happens only yearly.” She said laughing kindly. That kindness eased things a little, and with perfect timing, a waiter arrived with 4 Southside mojitos. I hadn’t even seen them get ordered, and the confusion on my face must have been telling.

“Oh, I ordered these as I came in.” Said Max. He had a deep, resonant voice.

We made small talk, swapping children stories, and the music must have been turned up a fair bit, because we were soon having to lean in to hear each other. I couldn’t tell what Max was saying, so Tabby and Marina had to repeat things, so before long, I was really just talking to Marina. Which wasn’t a chore – she was a very attractive woman and was paying me a lot of attention.

I noticed her perfume – present enough without being overdone. She had an impressive cleavage, which was visible without being slutty. When we chatted, she put her hand on my arm, and from time to time, I would feel her warm breast on my arm. I didn’t really think too much about it, but when her hand touched my leg, not in a sexual way by any means, I immediately got hard. It was breathtakingly exciting to have such a simple thing feel so incredibly sexy. I looked past Marina, and saw that Tabby was in close conversation with Max.

I got up to go to the bathroom, and used that time to order another round of drinks, and when I came back, I saw that Marina, Tabby and Max had their heads together, as if sharing a secret of some sort. I felt a twinge of insecurity, and I didn’t like the feeling ankara yeni escortlar at all.

As I sat down with the drinks, they all sprung apart like they’d been caught doing something naughty, and their delight at my presence was a little too animated, I thought. I caught Tabby’s eye and she made an expression of “OMG” and then smiled. As long as Tabby was smiling, I knew everything was ok, so I relaxed and as I sat once more, Marina took her drink and turned to me.

“Karl, you caught us having a dirty conversation.” She was giggling like a schoolgirl. The look on my face told her to continue. “I was just telling Tabby that watching those two youngsters out in Cuba St got me very, very wet.”

I couldn’t believe my ears. She continued.

“I asked Tabby if it had any affect on her, and she said no, but that it was hot. Well, I didn’t believe that for a minute, so Max and I pressed her on the subject, and guess what? Your Tabby was dripping wet from watching another couple kiss!”

At this point she whispered in my ear “Isn’t that fucking hot? I mean – insanely hot?” And still close to me, she moved so she could look me in the eye.

“Karl, you need to prepare yourself for what I’m about to say, but when I accidentally on purpose brushed your trousers before, I know you’re finding this whole thing a turn on, so I will continue.

I kissed Tabby, and she kissed me back. Just before, when you were in the bathroom. She hasn’t kissed Max yet, because – well, not without you present. But I think she really wants to kiss him. And the thought of kissing you, and the fact that I actually kissed your wife, has made me go from wet to absolutely fucking soaking. Here, feel for yourself.”

She handed me something that felt delicate, and very damp. I know a pair of knickers when I hold them, and it was all I could do not to sniff them, because I would quite probably have come on the spot.

I pocketed the underwear and took a deep breath, trying to regain my composure. It’s not every day that you’re placing the undies of a strange woman in your pocket, and I had to clear my head and try to make sense of what was going on. I told Marina that I had to get some air and talk to Tabby, and as I did so I reached over an touched Tabby’s arm. She turned to me and I saw just how caught up in the couple’s spell she was.

“Tabby – can we talk? I just need a couple of minutes.” She looked lost for a moment and then seemed to come to her senses a bit.

“Um. Sure.”

She squeezed past Marina and we walked into the foyer near the bathrooms where there was a deserted sofa. We both sat down, and I felt lost for words for the first time ever around Tabby. She beat me to it.

“I want it, Karl. Whatever this is, I want it.” There was a steely resolve in her tone.

“What is this?” I asked.

“It’s exciting. I’m trembling with adrenaline. I’ve missed this. I think I want Max to fuck me, and perhaps even Marina, and I want you to fuck her, and then me.” It sounded so odd coming from my normally safe, reasoned wife. I decided to give voice to what I was feeling.

“I’m fucking petrified, Tab. I want to do something with Marina – but I don’t want to lose you.”

“Karl, I get the feeling that this will be good for both of us. As long as we’re in it together. And besides, she has amazing boobs.”

“But I don’t need her boobs, I love your boobs.” I countered, but she cut me off.

“Her boobs sincan oral yapan escortlar will be different, which is exciting. When Marina kissed me, I was excited. When she took my hand and placed it on his…Oh for god’s sake – his cock, there I said it – his cock, I nearly came, Karl. It’s the first cock other than yours that I’ve nearly touched, and I want to see it. And probably have it inside me.”

She looked at me deeply, and affectionately.

“This isn’t about replacing you, it’s about adding to us. Our fire has been burning low for years, and I have a gut feeling that this will change things for us.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for a long moment, and then I got up and held out my hand to her. Holding hands, we walked back to the bar area, and we noticed that the mood had changed. We looked around and where before there had been couples chatting, there were now people deeply engaged in kissing, groping and touching. Before I got to our booth I saw a shiny nipple slipping from an eager mouth, and I had to stop myself from staring.

Marina saw our astonishment. “Can you see why we like it here? It’s a special place for special people to play.” She said.

Marina then got out of the booth to let Tabby past. It would appear that while we were gone they had spoken of the best course of action should we return, because no sooner had we sat ourselves down, Marina pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply, her tongue snaking into my mouth and delicately teasing mine. She was a skilled kisser, and I understood immediately that she was someone who liked being in control, but liked the give and take of passion. When we broke apart, I looked over to see Tabby and Max kissing deeply, and that his hand was inside her blouse.

“I’m glad it’s dark in here” I offered, awkwardly.

Marina shut me up with another kiss, and this time she let her hands wander to my lap, rubbing on my cock. I threw caution to the wind and rubbed her breast through her blouse, and she began making soft noises of content, which spurred me on. I took the back of her neck and kissed her deeper still, before breaking apart and kissing her neck the way I’d seen the young man do to his companion outside. It clearly hit the spot, because Marina began to shudder. Without thinking, I reached under her skirt, and she spread her knees in welcome. My fingers found her hot, swollen flesh, and I pushed two fingers inside her gently, whilst seeking out her clit with my thumb. She began coming immediately, writhing on my hand, kissing me deeply then breaking apart saying “Oh fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming Max, Oh he made me come.” As she rode her orgasm we looked over to Max and Tabby to find them in a similar situation – he was dextrously finger fucking her and I could tell she wasn’t far away from climax. She had his cock in her hand and was jerking him furiously. I pushed my fingers deeper into Marina just as Tabby threw her head back in pleasure. Marina leaned in and kissed her, and that pushed Tabby over the edge. She began convulsing, and at that point Max’s cock erupted, sending a stream of come over Tabby’s hand and onto her skirt.

Once we’d caught our breath, and the mist of lust had cleared, we all looked at each other sheepishly.

“Tabby, dear, your husband did amazing things to my pussy.” Marina said. Tabby giggled. “And I think Max worked his magic on yours, too.”

Max used serviettes to clean up his mess, and reassured us that Tabby had been more than handy with her task. I was surprised at just how normal it all felt.

Tabby signalled her comfort with things when she wrote down our room number on a clean serviette. “Give us half an hour, then you two can pay us a visit and Marina and I can give Karl the earth—shattering orgasm he’s owed.”

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Shifting Gears Ch. 02-03

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Chapter 2 — Getting Started

I was surprised that Sheri knocked on my door at eight a.m. Saturday morning. Her friend Maryann was with her. The came into my apartment laughing.

They were both in shredded Daisy Duke shorts that proved through the gaps that they weren’t wearing any undies and that the lower portion of their butt cheeks were on display. They also both wore crop tops that showed what Sheri called ‘under boob’. A stiff wind and most of their breasts would show. They also wore flip-flops that got kicked aside just inside my front door.

I bonded further with the two of them over coffee that I made. The two of them also chatted about the date Maryann had three nights before with a guy named Jake.

In their conversation that I listened to intently, I learned that Jake was ‘hung like a horse’, had ‘eight inches of magnificent manhood’, could ‘fuck like a stallion, and had the ‘stamina of cheetah’. Jake and Maryann had fucked most of their evening date.

Apparently, they went to dinner and then to his well-appointed bachelor pad, where they started to fuck. Jake liked to ‘eat pussy and was good at it’, brought Maryann to a ‘dozen screaming orgasms’, and then ‘plowed into her body with his cock to deliver more, as well as gallons of man cum’ over the course of the evening.

I wasn’t sure that I even understood all of the terminology, but it sure sounded like she’d had fun and a happy evening, especially from Maryann’s enthusiasm in sharing the details with Sheri. I was sure some of what she’d said was hyperbole, but I didn’t know enough to guess which parts.

I’d never heard anybody describe the details of having intercourse. I got an education and learned a whole new vocabulary about cocks, cunts, cum, tits, sucking, licking, blowjobs, pussy eating, and more.

After their chatter about Maryann’s date, I learned that both women were smarter and a bit more intellectual than I gave them credit for. Maryann grilled me about my background, and again tried to talk me into picking someone more rounded in their life than Sheri, or her for that matter. I stuck to my choices.

As they’d talked the two of them were going through every item of clothing that I owned. They started with the dresser that held my underwear, socks, PJs, and a few other ‘clumpable’ bits of clothing.

The two took out every item of clothing in my closet. I had to stand there as they held up each item to my body and assessed the visual impact. Most items only spent about five or ten seconds held up against me. I could tell they were being rejected as too dowdy. Only a few things survived their scrutiny.

After everything had been reviewed, Sheri announced, “Brianna, your wardrobe sucks. You dress like a grandmother from your skin outwards. Come on, we’re going shopping. For starters, we are going to change how Brianna Ashley is wrapped. By the way, you look great without the glasses.

Six hours later, the three of us girls returned to my apartment. For one, Sheri and Maryann had declared that I was to be called ‘Brie’ from then on, because the name was more modern and had a sexier sound to it. I liked the change and adapted immediately.

I had spent close to two-thousand dollars based on the recommendations of Sheri and Maryann. I had new underwear, t-shirts, two sexy cocktail dresses, a dozen new work outfits, and many casual clothes including crop tops and Daisy Dukes that matched what my new friends were wearing. Most items had been deemed ‘sexy’ and passed that crucial test.

Sheri sat on my sofa and commanded, “Strip! It’s show time. We want to see your new outfits on you.”

I started to head to my bedroom with some of my bags to change into some of my new outfits.

Sheri loudly said, “STOP! Where are you going?”

“To my bedroom to change?” I was already guessing those words were the wrong answer to her question.

“Do it here. We want to see you nude between your changes of wardrobe. If you want to be more like me or Maryann, you need to be an exhibitionist. Come on, show off your body for us. Later, you’ll be showing it off for other people, so get used to it.”

I didn’t question their request, but I blushed as I got totally naked. I couldn’t remember being naked in front of anyone except my mother when she’d give me baths when I was much younger. I even felt some arousal from the act of nudity.

Over the next hour, with lots of ‘girl chatter’ I gave a show for each dress or outfit with total nudity in between changes. Sheri did eventually allow me to put on a new small thong, so I guess I wasn’t completely naked except my pubic hair flooded the thong and spilled out the sides. I was bushy.

After what seemed to be the last of our new purchases, Maryann pointed at my bushy crotch exploding from behind the thong and boldly announced as Sheri laughed, “Haircut!”

I didn’t understand, but Sheri had me remove the thong and sit on my kitchen counter while Maryann went into escort sincan escort my bathroom to gather ‘tools’. She returned with scissors and a razor and shaving cream that I used on my legs and armpits.

As Maryann extolled the virtue of getting ‘lasered’, Sheri applied warm water, and cut away just about all of my pubic hair, leaving only a slight stubble except for a bit more in a kinky trimmed strip over my mons. She lathered me up, and then carefully shaved me as she calmly talked to me about maintenance of my new pubes.

After washing up the trim and shaving job, I got dried with a hand towel, had some coconut cream with aloe applied, and then Sheri leaned into my crotch and started to lap at my slit. I was already aroused, so she found lots of interesting and aromatic fluids to ingest. Maryann soon joined in and they took turns. I had one leg over Sheri’s shoulder and the other, spread wide, was over Maryann’s shoulder.

I one sense, I was mortified with embarrassment. In another, I was wildly aroused and lusting for more. Fingers danced around my private area and then penetrated me as their tongues continued to tantalize me. I had fingers from both of them inside me, sometimes simultaneously. In short order, I had two orgasms. I think I got one from each of them. I was in some kind of delirium from the large amount of sexual pleasure they were providing. I’d never had anything like that happen before.

Gradually, the girls’ kisses moved to my breasts and then to my lips. I kissed them back with surprise eagerness.

Sheri said, “Reciprocate, please. In your bedroom.” She stood and was nude in seconds. Maryann, too.

I’d never tasted a girl’s pussy, not even my own out of curiosity; yet, ten minutes later I’d almost bathed in the sexual juices from my new friends. Both women seemed primed to have an orgasm, and I was surprised when that was the result from my awkward and stumbling oral sex on their genitals. They’d certainly made me orgasm, something that had rarely happened in my life. I was not a fan of masturbation until then. I was also still blushing over all the nudity.

“Brie, you’re a natural. You can do me any time you want.” Maryann liked me. I got some serious kisses on my lips. They were both romantic and passionate; I could tell. I realized that I was also tasting my own pussy on their lips and face. Wow. I was awed by what was happening.

Somehow, we all fell into post-orgasmic naps on my bed, our nude bodies in close contact with each other. The room and each of us smelled like raw sex, and for good reason. Each of us had sexual fluids all over us — our own and each other’s.

I woke up first, cuddled in Sheri’s arms. When she awoke, she went to her tote bag and came back with a box of hair dye. Over the next hour I became a blonde. I barely recognized myself in the mirror. This would take time to get used to.

We each used my shower. We wanted to shower together, but my shower stall is very small. Somehow, we resisted more sex with each other after our naps.

Maryann suggested the three of us have dinner and go to a club. She made is sound so simple and not too far outside my comfort zone, so I agreed. I was fine until Sheri announced that the dress code for the evening outing did not include underwear. I blushed and nothing had even happened yet. I was even still naked and appreciating my new hairdo in my pubic area every time I was myself in a mirror.

The two of them helped me dress in the sexiest of my new clothes. The hemline was only two inches below my labia. I worried that I’d be on display to entire population of the city, but my two friends assured me that I’d be fine and appropriately dressed. The two also used some of my new makeup and ‘did me’ the way they thought I should look. I was even impressed with myself when they were through. I looked different, and I certainly felt different.

Sheri explained that I had to have ‘attitude’ about anybody seeing my private parts. I had to not care, and to even want that to happen so that I didn’t care even further. I tried to assume that mindset.

We took an Uber to Sheri and Maryann’s apartment. They showed me around, and in short order were similarly dressed to me, including the lack of bras or underwear, along with hemlines at least the same as mine if not higher. Maryanne assured me that we all looked like hot sluts and that was the desired effect.

Sheri explained that if you wanted to fish for men, you had to be the bait. Our pussies were the bait. We had to let them breathe, too. “Our aromas will waft across the club and attract desirable males for us to fuck. That’s the whole goal — fuck, fuck, fuck.”

Since I was still a virgin, the ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ part of the evening scared the shit out of me. I prayed for strength and courage.

We had a mid-evening dinner at a place called Lolita’s, and then walked a few blocks to the club that Sheri was targeting. I had new shoes with four-inch heels, so the walk elvankent escortlar was a bit of a challenge as I learned to walk on shoes that high. I complained but no one was listening.

Sheri said, “What you miss is that the shoes carry a message to anybody looking at you. The say, ‘Come and fuck me; I’m available and horny’. Some people call them CFM shoes because of the tall spike heels. They make your legs look like a million dollars, too — very sexy and shapely. Wear them with a bikini, and you’ll probably be laid within seconds of showing up in a group. I love them. Your feet will get used to them. Wear them at home; that’ll help you get used to them, too.”

At the club, there was a three-man jazz group playing lounge music that was really sexy. No one was dancing. We got a small table, and then an order of drinks. I thought I’d get another Cosmo, but Sheri ordered three ‘appletinis’ for us.”

“Brie, we want to get you used to ordering fancy mixed drinks. Just try them as I order them, and remember the ones you like for further use when you’re out on a date. Some are more lethal than others, so watch out. Appletinis can be like that, so sip slowly and space things out. Remember, you’re not drinking because you’re thirsty. For that, get a bottle of water.”

The State Street Lounge was busy, but mostly women and couples. I didn’t see any single men, until ten o’clock, and then the flood gates opened. They came in twos and threes, and all were tall, dark, and handsome. I realized I’d been living in a different city; this one started up after I’d gone home and was in bed reading.

One of the threesomes of men hovered near us only at a stand-up table. They were obviously sizing us up. Sheri commented, “I like these men. I think I know one of them. Watch how Maryann and I turn up the heat on them.”

Both of my new friends started to make eye contact with one or another of the three men. They smiled a lot, and then would whisper together and giggle, as though they were commenting on the men.

Five minutes later, one of the guys asked whether they could join us. His smile lit up the night. He was very polite, introduced himself as Owen, and told the three of us how nice and attractive we looked and how we’d ‘caught their attention’. The bait had been taken.

Sheri gestured to the one open chair, but like magic as the three men joined us, two additional chairs appeared in their hands. They managed to get around us in a boy-girl-boy configuration. We were surrounded and integrated into their clutches. My heart rate had doubled; I was suddenly in a mixed-sex social situation… with men… and I wasn’t wearing underwear.

Over the music of the trio, we talked and introduced ourselves to the men. I was almost having a panic attack. I could feel my heart palpitating in my chest and my mouth was so dry it hurt. I’d never been in this kind of setting, and certainly not without undies and a brassiere, and other layers of clothing I was missing. I kept my legs crossed and a napkin in my lap. Owen introduced his friends Sean and Luke.

Owen and I listened to Sheri, Maryann, and Luke go through the ‘Who-do-you-know?’ game. They quickly established that Maryann’s date from the night before, Jake, was also in their circle of friends.

The guys were into wind surfing in the bay, and amused us with stories of how they could often go faster than the allowable speed in various portions of the bay.

Sean told how he’d been riding a great wind, until he realized that he had just passed the county sheriff’s police boat at close to fifty miles in hour in what was fundamentally a no-wake zone — less than six knots. He talked himself out of a ticket since he wasn’t motorized, but got a warning.

Luke commented that he also was into serious bike riding. I paid attention and asked a few questions, and I was suddenly into a discussion about narrow versus wide tires and drop versus straight handlebars. He’d just spent over two-thousand dollars on a new bike, and was looking to sell his old one.

On impulse, I blurted out, “I’ll buy it. I need a sport in my life, and bicycling would be perfect. There’s even a bike closet at my apartment building where I can store it and lock it up. Tell me about it.”

Even Sheri and Maryann looked shocked at my sudden offer.

Luke launched into a long rant about the bike using terminology I barely understood, but was sure that I’d learn more about. This was going to be fun.

He said, “I’d love to ride with you as you get started.” I didn’t see his remark as anything other than a friendly offer.

“I’m not sure I have the muscles or butt to ride further than the end of the parking lot, but I guess you build up to longer distances.”

“You do. There’s a great crowd of people around here that ride together to special events — picnics and such. We have overnights and campouts at various places, too. For some, it’s a spiritual experience and religion all in one.”

“I’m etimesgut kaliteli escortlar not sure I’m that devoted… yet.” I wrote down my name and cellphone on a napkin and gave it to him and suggested that we swap money for the bike Sunday afternoon. We shook hands on the deal.

As I turned, I caught Sheri’s eye. She gave me the thumbs-up approval gesture and a wink. I’d made her happy. I then realized that I’d done something very social and outgoing.

I talked to Owen and found out that he worked as a techie for Retail Software Systems, an outfit based in one of the industrial parks that put in the point-of-sale terminals for small businesses. He was one of roving technicians that helped keep all of them working and with the most recent software upgrades. He also helped clients with their network security.

“I love my work. I get to meet all sorts of people and see all kinds of sales environments. Some of them are kind of crazy, too.”

I asked, “What’s the wildest one you’ve done?”

He laughed, “Wildest? You asked for it. It’s the Triple-XXX store over on Route 301. They have two terminals and sell everything you can imagine related to sex — porn videos and magazines, racy clothing, dildoes, vibrators, and all sorts of sex toys and games, even BDSM stuff. I never knew any of that stuff even existed until they got hit with a power surge in a lightning storm that blew their system apart. I had to fix it and get them back online.”

I laughed and teased, “So, did you buy anything?”

He looked horrified and then surprised. “I’ll never tell.” He laughed.

Maryann was hitting it off with Sean, too. Soon, some other couples started to dance. Maryann and Sean started us off, Sheri and Luke followed, and Owen and I were then up dancing.

I kept pulling my skirt down trying to make the two-inches up to my labia more like two feet. The best I probably managed was to add a quarter-inch.

I had never seriously danced with a guy except my high school proms. I assumed the standard dance position with my right hand in his, and my left on his right side. Owen gave me a funny look, and then wrapped his arms around me, directed my arms around his neck, and pulled my entire body to his completely closing the ‘appropriate gap’ I’d established. We started to sway and shuffle around the floor with our bodies close together.

I looked at Sheri. She was in a similar clutch with Luke and their lips were smashed together as they made out. To her other side, Maryann was similarly engaged with Sean. I panicked again. I realized I was supposed to make out with Owen.

Owen said, “You haven’t dated much, have you?”

I replied in an embarrassed tone, “I’ve led a very sheltered life, so no, I can almost count the dates I’ve had on one hand. I went to two high school proms, several parties in college, and that’s about it. They were tame. I’m sorry. I just don’t know what to expect or do. I’m very naïve. Sheri and Maryann are helping me develop a more up to date social life and attitude. They’re my role models, but we just started.”

Owen accepted that without comment and didn’t press the issue with me. Later, I was dancing with Sean and then Luke. We swapped around a lot. The other two men were polite and also didn’t try to make out too much. I did kiss each of them.

Sheri then pulled me into the ladies’ room. “Brie, how’re you doing?”

“I’m kind of nervous. I worry about what happens next. I’m having a good time, though.”

“Well, I think you should go home. Take an Uber. Just disappear on us; I’ll cover for you. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

“But one of the guys will be left without a girl to… things won’t be balanced.” I wasn’t making sense, but I was concerned about what the men would think about me.

Sheri insisted. “Don’t worry. I’ll tell you tomorrow how it turned out. You did not arrive with the men, and you do not necessarily have to go home with one of them… or all of them. Maryann and I can handle that.”

I bid her goodnight, and since I had no purse, I gave her thirty-dollars from my hidden pocket to cover my drinks, and then just left without saying goodbye.

Chapter 3 — Awkward Challenges

Sunday morning, about ten a.m., I answered the knock on my door. Sheri was there with a smile. “Good morning, Sunshine. How’d you sleep?”

“Fine, thanks to you. I was so nervous last night with those men.”

“Honey, you did fine. You bought a bicycle from Luke, and chatted with Owen, and danced with all three men. You kissed them, too; and I know that was a big step. You didn’t have to fuck on the dance floor. That was a big step for you. You did well. The next time it won’t be near as stressful. I watched you, and you seemed quite calm.”

I laughed. “It was a façade. I was monkey brain inside my head. How did the evening end?”

Sheri said in a nonchalant way, “We went back to Luke’s apartment because it was nearby. Maryann and I fucked the three of them, and I mean that each of us fucked each man, so no one was left out and uncared for.

“We slept there on some futons that we spread out on the floor. I slept between Sean and Owen, and also fucked both of them in the middle of the night. I did Luke this morning as Maryann took on the other two.”

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My Amazon Army Ch. 15

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Author’s note: Just to help everyone keep track of our heroes – Michael is the half-alien super stud that can create super women by planting his seed in them; Mandy, Michael’s first creation, has unlimited strength and invulnerability; Rachel, has magical hair that is unbreakable and can act as tentacles, a shield, projectiles… and boobs that can squirt milk bombs; Amanda is able to shoot blasts of energy from her eyes… and can fly.

Hearing some of your feedback, I’m going to slow down the pace and go into more story and character development. Hope you guys appreciate it. Let me know.


After a super awkward moment finding Mandy on the couch when Mom and her lover wandered downstairs stark naked, there was a flurry of hugs and kisses between the 2 women, praise for how fantastic they both looked, and then another awkward pause while Mom and man went back up to put on clothes.

A couple of minutes later, Shaun – big, black boyfriend – left, a bit of an embarrassed grin on his face, citing work commitments. Mom and Mandy sat down thereafter to talk, and Mandy found out that Mom had indeed gone for a couple of cosmetic treatments recently. It had actually all started after she had met Shaun. Charming, rich and 10 years younger than Mom, Shaun was a dream catch and after dating a while and hearing her desire for a makeover Shaun had generously introduced Mom to an entire range of the best surgeons and covered every penny. A million dollars, give or take a few hundred thousand, later and Mom looked almost as good as she did when she was the mind-blowing bombshell that she was in her 20s.

And Shaun did property development, and was obviously into her. If spending a million bucks on cosmetic surgery wasn’t enough of a sign, he loved being around Mom, and would spend all his time with her whenever he was in town. He also never demanded anything of Mom, and she had settled into a very happy couple-hood with him. Coupling was fantastic, but it was more than that.

“Wow Mom, I’m so happy for you! Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“Oh well, I didn’t want to bother you… I also wasn’t sure how you would react, plus everything was going so well that I thought we could find a good occasion to have you over, you know?” said Mom, smiling warmly. “What about you? I mean, you look absolutely amazing! I almost didn’t recognize you! You’re taller, chiseled, your skin is radiant, you’re like an amazon! What kind of miracle program have you been following?!”

And so Mandy explained what had happened, the absolutely bizarre few weeks that had passed. How her patient had become her lover. How she was now perhaps the strongest woman on the planet and indestructible for all she could tell. How there was an organization known as the Firm which had been sending superhuman Agents to capture them. And why she was here to get Mom to safety.

“Omigod… it’s too much to take in really… so now you’re here to take me away to your boyfriend’s island so that I can be safe? But what about Shaun? Would they come for him too? To try and get to you through me? What should I tell him about why I’m away? He has about 2 weeks this round to get away from work and we were planning on spending it in Hawaii, we were just about to fly off tomorrow, in fact.”

“I don’t know Mom… maybe you could tell him that we wanted to spend some time together to catch up? I don’t think we should bring Shaun along… there is a bit of secrecy that we want to maintain over all this… We think the Firm is well connected, and the more people who know or are involved the bigger the risk to us actually.”

“OK Mandy, let me give him a call… would it be safe for us to leave tomorrow? I mean, he just arrived this morning and we haven’t seen each other for a month… And Shaun had planned to arrange a bit of a party this evening to celebrate…”

“Uh… I guess that would be ok Mom… but I need to hang around, so that I can protect you if the Firm does show up? Is that alright?”

“Sure Mandy, you’re more than welcome! I’ll give him a call and go grab some stuff to put together a nice dinner? It would be nice for us to have a meal together… And we can go to the cafe you like down the street while we’re at it.” said Mom, all smiles again.

“Sounds good Mom.”


Whitney’s arms and legs shuddered as her muscles slowly unstrung themselves after the convulsions they had just experienced. Drool and sweat had ruined her make-up and her eyes had rolled back in their sockets. Her chest was flushed and her B-cup breasts rose and fell raggedly as she gasped for air. Her legs were splayed, and her exposed pussy leaked thick white semen, which formed a saucer sized pool on the sheets, soaking her ass cheeks.

“Uh, uh, uh, uh… Lover… Oh, uh, oh, Lover, I think you broke Whitney…” said Victoria as she tried to get her words out around her involuntary moans of pleasure.

The Bull, positioned behind Victoria in doggy style, didn’t seem to hear Victoria, and continued his rapid thrusts into her pussy.

Slap! Slap! ankara ucuz escortlar Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! was the sound of his muscled pelvis hitting her buttocks as he fucked her hard.

“Oh, Lover… Ohhhh, stop… Stop… Stop!” managed Victoria, turning her head and reaching back with her right hand to gesture to the Bull to stop his thrusts.

“Why? I want to cum. Why boss lady want me to stop? You not enjoying? Your pussy tells me you enjoying the fucking very much… It squeeze my cock real tight, not want to let go…” said the Bull, slowing his thrusts, a look of confusion on his face.

“Unnhg…” groaned Victoria as she unplugged herself from his baton sized cock, “Hang on lover… I’ll let you cum in me again… don’t worry ok? I just need to go check on Whitney, I think that last load you shot in her may have been too much for the poor girl…” she said as she crawled over to the other side of the bed where Whitney lay like a discarded rag doll.

“Ok boss lady, you go fix Whitney, I go fuck Cindy, you call me when you ready ok? No go run off ok? Your pussy real nice, I want to fuck some more…” said the Bull nonchalantly, as he strolled off towards the row of women strapped to their harnesses at the other end of the room, pussy juice and pre-cum dripping from his cock as it swung in front of him.

Victoria gently shook Whitney to try to rouse her. She remained unresponsive – her eyes were rolled back, lids half open, mouth slack and drool running down her chin and neck.

“Poor thing, looks like 1 load was all you could take huh? That 2nd load seems to have totally fucked you up. Don’t worry, mummy’s got just the thing to turn the lights back on in those pretty eyes of yours…” as Victoria lay down next to Whitney, chest in line with her face, and cradled Whitney’s head to allow her to nurse from her left teat. The moment Whitney’s half-open mouth cupped Victoria’s nipple, the secretions did their magic, triggering Whitney’s suckling reflex and within moments she was sucking with all her strength. Her efforts in turn coaxed Victoria’s breasts to discharge little drops of clear fluid, filled with millions of healing nanites.

After only a few minutes of suckling, Whitney regained consciousness… and when she realized she had been sucking on Victoria’s tits, rolled back in surprise.

“Oh! I’m sorry Miss Victoria, I don’t know what came over me, I… I… the last thing I remember was getting fucked by 01 and then, I think I must have passed out or something, and then…” said Whitney, flustered, but alive once more.

“Don’t worry kid. You did good. 01 really enjoyed you, you made him cum twice before you passed out. That’s quite an achievement! Most of your friends barely survived round 1 before they lost their minds and woke up in the hospital the next morning.” replied Victoria, smiling. “You just needed a little help snapping out of it after his 2nd load. Nothing to be ashamed about… so I gave you a bit of help. How do you feel?”

“I feel alright actually… That was the most amazing fucking I’ve every experienced… and I’m only saying that cos I don’t know how else to describe it… it was mind-blowing… I must have cum like… I dunno… continuously from the time he put his cock in me? Omigod… it was amazing… And now… aside from a bit of soreness in my pussy, I feel kinda good… like there’s a nice warm glow in my gut that’s spreading outwards into my chest… Is that strange?”

“No babe, that’s perfectly fine. What you’re feeling is the nanites that 01 inseminated you with… It means he enjoyed fucking you and decided to reward you… You got 2 doses of nanites, most likely, and so you’re starting to feel the effects of their re-engineering. I can’t recall the last one that got 2 doses, was it Rayne? Anyhow, she came out of it quite a different woman, if I recall correctly – her eyes and reflexes sharpened so much that if she could see something, she could hit it. Pretty cool…”

“Oh yah! That’s right! She’s with Team 4 now right? Wow, am I going to get powers like those too?” said Whitney, all excited.

“I dunno babe, we don’t pre-program 01’s nanites unless it’s for specific transformations. So there is a bit of random evolution here, or maybe 01 already gave them instructions on what he wanted them to do for you… ” replied Victoria, shrugging, “So, you think you’re up for round 3? I’m sure 01 wouldn’t mind having you again. I’ll be here to watch out for you, help you recover if it gets too much, and I’ll also remind him to go easy on the dosage… if he wants to fuck you some more, he needs to remember not to fuck your brains out, literally… haha!” said Victoria, and both women giggled.

“Of course I’m up for it! What’s the worse the could happen? Dying of pleasure is the best way to go! And if I survive, I might become some form of Supergirl… I’m on! Let’s do it!” thrilled Whitney.

“Sure thing… Oh lover boy? Yo… I turned Whitney back on again… you wanna come over here and ride her some more? Just be sincan üniversiteli escortlar gentle ok?” yelled Victoria in a playful tone.

“Yes boss lady! I come over now! Whitney got nice pussy too! Maybe if she don’t die I give her throat fuck and anal fuck too… ” came the reply, which was accompanied by a woman’s loud moans and the squelching sounds of sex juices squirting out of a pussy stuffed full of cock.

Well, you never know, maybe Whitney may end up being Agent material after all… And this session might be more than a chance to blow off some steam, thought Victoria as she helped Whitney to her feet and walked hand-in-hand towards the Bull, as he finished off his latest labor.


Dinner with Mom and Shaun had been great. Mandy had gotten to know Shaun somewhat and indeed it seemed as if he was really into Mom, and Mom was obviously smitten with him.

Thereafter, the couple had retired to their room, and Mandy got into the shower. The day hadn’t turned out at all as she had expected, though in a rather pleasant way.

It was just as Mandy had started soaping her stomach and breasts, that the noises began coming in from the bathroom window.

“Ohhhhhh! Don’t stop! Ohhhh! Baby! Harder!!”

Mandy suddenly remembered that her bathroom window was actually just adjacent to Mom’s bedroom window. And since she had been living alone for so long, she hadn’t had to close either the window or the drapes because there was no one else in the house that could have overheard or peeked into her bedroom.

“Uhhhh, uhh, uhh, yes! That’s right! That’s just right! There, hit me with your big cock right there!”

Mandy’s hands had stopped mid-motion when the moaning had started and she now felt her right nipple coming erect in the palm of her suds covered hand. Her pussy juices had also started flowing and she could feel her clit starting to swell.

I can’t believe it… I’m getting all wet listening to my mom fuck her boyfriend. Sheesh…

Yet despite feeling somewhat embarrassed at her body’s arousal, she couldn’t resist her curiosity. Spraying away the remaining suds quickly, she stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel. Then she turned off the bathroom light and crept over to the window to peek.

Mom and her boyfriend were both standing on the bed fucking in a bent-over sex position. Mom was bent over at the hips, arms stretched out to hold herself steady, like a 4-legged tent with her ass as the peak. Shaun stood tall behind her, big hands gripping Mom’s buttocks to control their fucking rhythm. Mom’s big, soft tits hung down like 2 water balloons, slapping against her armpits and chin as Shaun rocked her backwards and forwards on his big cock. Her beautiful black hair was spread in a fan on the white sheets, and blocked her expression from Mandy’s view – her screams clearly describing the passion that would no doubt be etched on her face.

The room was brightly lit and Mandy could seem sweat beading on Shaun’s chest as he fucked her Mom. Shaun’s eyes were closed, no doubt focused on enjoying the pleasure shooting up his cock, and maybe even controlling himself from cumming too quickly.

Wow! Mom can fuck! What am I saying? The way she was throat fucking Shaun this morning, why am I surprised that she’s able to fuck a man’s brains out. OK, there’s no way I’m going to be able to stay home while their fucking without either masturbating or bursting into the room to join in. I need to get some air…

And with that Mandy dried herself and put on her clothes, hurrying down the stairs, the sounds of sex and Mom’s moans following her out the door.


“Mmmmmm… luh, luhg, ugh, ughhh, mmmmm…” went Whitney as she alternated between sucking the tip of the Bull’s cock and thrusting it deep into her throat.

After 2 hours of fucking, 3 close calls requiring Victoria’s resuscitation, and 5 cum dumps from the Bull in her pussy, ass and mouth, Whitney was a changed woman.

Her previously cherry blonde hair was now a platinum blonde, thicker, more luxuriant and seemed to always have a sheen. Her features had all grown just a little sharper, eyes wider and arched together with her eyebrows such that they dripped sex appeal.

Her previously small, cute mouth had widened, reshaping her entire jawline, with full lips – this change had taken place after the Bull had tried to throat fuck Whitney unsuccessfully. Instead, he had flipped her over and torn her asshole discharging his frustration into her anus and, after Whitney regained consciousness, returned to find her mouth now perfectly sized for his cock, her lips forming an almost watertight seal around his shaft. He had happily pumped load 4 into her throat. He got a bit carried away with this load strength and almost killed Whitney – she went into fits and started frothing from the mouth and bleeding from her eyes and ear – and thankfully Victoria was able to bring her back. The bigger mouth was obviously an intentional design change for his new toy. No doubt Whitney’s elvankent vip escortlar ass was now elastic enough to take his cock as well, though he hadn’t wanted anal again so far.

Her legs had lengthened, making her the embodiment of a leggy blonde. Her waist had shrunk and her ribs and abs were now clearly visible. Her pussy mound had swelled, creating a soft hump of flesh to cushion pelvises crashing together during passionate fucking. Her labia were bigger and peeked out of her pussy even when she was standing with her legs together. Her east-west B cups were now relaxed D cups that hung like 2 partly deflated footballs on her chest – in a tank top, its gentle slope and generous cleavage could help now help Whitney hold her subway sandwich while she dug for her car keys. Her previously small areola had enlarged, and were now the circumference of a coke can. Together with the shape of her face, her chest were the most significant changes – a big change not only in boob size but also in appearance both with and without clothes.

Other changes had also happened beyond the physical outlook, but those had not revealed themselves yet.

Whitney stopped blowing the Bull suddenly and flipped onto her back, head hanging tilted back over the edge of the mattress.

“Throat fuck me baby! I want you to spray that amazing cum of yours right into my stomach!” she said, reaching out with both hands to pull his groin towards her face.

“Good idea! I feed you my cock! You love swallow cock don’t you?” grinned the Bull, and not waiting for her to reply, shoved his huge cock into her mouth, fat glans tunneling 2 inches into her throat on the first thrust. Both hands reached over and grabbed a big handful of tit flesh each, massaging Whitney’s new love pillows for all they were worth.

“Urrk! Uggg… Uh… Uuuhlll… Urrk…” choked Whitney as his cock repeatedly closed her airway and triggered her gag reflex. Tears started to streak down her forehead into her hair, mixed with drool spurting out every time she tried to desperately draw breath between strokes. But while her body felt assaulted, her mind obviously craved the punishment. Whitney’s hands grabbed and clawed the Bull’s butt cheeks, encouraging his thrusts, pushing back whenever he lingered too long and she couldn’t breathe.

On and on he fucked her. On and on Whitney gagged and gasped, and before long, her face and hair were wet with drool, precum, tears and maybe a bit of bile. However, after about 10 mins of throat fucking, Whitney’s hands stopped guiding the Bull and started hanging limp off the edge of the mattress. The Bull’s arousal had caused his cock to leak more and more nanite rich pre-cum into her throat, and she was starting to lose consciousness from its effects. Her eyes had rolled back into their sockets and her breathing was now completely ragged, only drawing breath when the Bull pulled out his cock, face turning blue when he kept it in her throat. The Bull kept fucking her, hands gripping her breasts like two pink handlebars, hips thrusting like he was riding a mare, either unaware or unconcerned by what was happening to his poor fuck doll. His eyes stared straight ahead, mind in his cock as he enjoyed the sensations Whitney’s mouth and throat were giving him.

After a few more frantic thrusts, his climax arrived and a huge torrent of cum came gushing out of his cock straight down her throat and into her stomach. Squirt after squirt blasted into her, every squirt accompanied by a loud moan from the Bull as he mindlessly unloaded his entire nanite reservoir into Whitney. By the time he was shooting blanks, the Bull had been fucking her throat non-stop for almost 5 min. Whitney’s face was completely blue and she had stopped breathing.

At this point, Victoria stepped out of the shower and saw what was happening. Immediately noticing that Whitney was near death, she raised her right hand made a flicking motion toward the Bull.

An invisible force lifted the Bull, grunting in surprise, and threw him 20 feet through the air into the mattresses at the far end of the room.

Switching to a come hither motion, Victoria instantly brought Whitney to her, effortlessly guiding her to land on the mattress beside her. In parallel, she squirted a big dollop of healing nanites into her left palm, which she then applied into Whitney’s nostrils and pressed into her throat. She then begun CPR to try to restart Whitney’s heart and blow the healing nanites deeper into her throat and lungs.

30 heart stopping seconds later, Whitney gasped back to life. Disoriented, she struggled frantically for a while before her sense returned and she collapsed back onto the bed, dazed but no longer manic. Victoria squirted another big serving of nanites from her right boob and fed them to Whitney before covering her with a blanket and leaving her side.

She walked briskly over to the Bull, who was idly stroking his cock, grabbed him by the neck with one hand and flung him the remaining 10 feet through the air into the nearest wall. He slammed into it so hard the reinforced concrete wall cracked, and the Bull let out a grunt of pain as he fell to the floor. Victoria didn’t let up and strode forward to land a kick to his stomach which once again launched him into the same wall, this time fracturing the wall and launching shards of concrete into the adjacent corridor.

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Group Project

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Group Project Grant moves from loss to lust, thanks to several luscious coworkers

Chapter One

There was no reason to go home, so Grant decided to keep working. Katie’s death was six months in the past. And for eight-months prior, Grant cared for her through the slow, hopeless death spiral of cancer.

Looking up from his screen, he realized the office was empty. His co-workers all had families to see, and dinner to eat. Grant wasn’t hungry. His appetite disappeared with Katie’s diagnosis and never returned. The only upside was the loss of 25 pounds he didn’t need. He was 51, and felt even older.

A pang of loneliness hit him unexpectedly, and ferociously. He missed Katie. But at this moment, he longed for human contact. Someone to talk to. Someone to touch him. Reflexively, he took out his phone. He Googled “dating apps for mature adults”. After reading reviews for a few, he picked one that seemed the least intimidating and downloaded it.

Grant looked at a few pictures of singles in his area. Then decided to pay for six months of access, and make a profile. He was still working on it when the outer office door opened. Standing up in his cubicle, Grant watched a group of co-workers walk in. Leading the pack was Bethany, the newest member of the marketing team, fresh out of college. Carrying two pizza boxes, she was headed for the conference room. Of the group, he knew Bethany the least, but enjoyed her positivity and enthusiasm. She was still pumped over landing this job right after graduation.

Michael and Teresa followed next. Teresa was the team leader. She was about Grant’s age, and always wore high heels to compensate for her small stature, and a suit to cover her chunky form. Grant got along well with Teresa, though they didn’t work directly together. Michael was her right hand man, and as far as Grant could tell, gay. Even if Michael was still in the closet, the closet was made of glass, and Michael was inside it wearing a feather boa, singing along with Barbra Streisand gay. Despite having little in common, he’d spent enough time with Michael to appreciate his wit and work ethic.

“After you,” someone said from the hallway. Grant recognized Jennifer’s voice. The tall brunette had joined the company several years ago, when her youngest child went into first grade. But it wasn’t Jennifer who appeared through the doorway first, it was Claire. Apparently Jennifer was the door holder for the group. Like Jennifer, Claire was nearly 6 feet tall. It was probably the reason the two had connected right away.

If Grant were to guess, both women were in their mid-thirties. The similarities stopped there. Claire was blonde, fair, willowy, single, and on the quiet side. Jennifer’s dark hair framed a sun tanned face, full lips and figure, with a bust as big as her personality. She also had two kids and a husband. And she was the one who noticed him peering over the cubicle.

“Hey Grant. I thought everyone was long gone.”

Most of the group stopped and turned back to look at him.

“I, uh…just wanted to finish up some stuff.”

Teresa smiled and said, “Our team has a project to finish too. So I decided to get us some pizza. You’re welcome to join us.”

“No…but thanks,” he felt embarrassed for some reason. “Once I’m done, I’ll head home.” The group kept moving toward the conference room. Grant sat back down and stared at his monitor. He toggled between spreadsheets, wondering which one to pull up.

“It looks more like you’re starting, not finishing.”

Grant jumped. Jennifer was standing behind him, looking at his phone. He’d left it face up on the desk with his unfinished dating profile open. He flushed.


She pointed at his phone. “You’re starting to look for a date. Good for you.”

“Yeah, well I thought I’d give it a try,” he said with a shrug.

“Lemme see,” Jennifer said, grabbing the phone before he could protest.

She leaned over him as she scanned what he’d written. Her right breast hung an inch from his left cheek. Out of the corner of his eye, Grant stared at the straining buttons on her cream-colored, satiny blouse. He couldn’t look away. An erection sprung up so hard and so fast it hurt. His sport jacket gave him some cover. Fortunately, he was wearing jeans instead of dress pants, so there was no obvious tenting either.

“Sorry, but your headline sucks.”

“What’s wrong with it? It’s honest.”

“Honesty is good. Long and boring is not.”

Erection no longer a problem, Grant listened as she read his headline aloud.

“Good man, done grieving, ready to meet someone new and move on to a new leg of life’s journey.”

Jennifer shook her head, and made a face. “You’re dragging baggage into a relationship that hasn’t even started. You need it to be positive and intriguing. Trust me, I’m in marketing.”

“Fair enough,” Grant replied. “Work your magic.” As he said this, he pushed himself up from his desk chair and felt his elbow brush against the fabric covering her breast. He flinched. etimesgut duşta veren escortlar Jennifer didn’t seem to notice. She was focused on tapping words into his phone.

“Listen,” she said. “Ready to cross borders to escape boring.”

“I don’t know. Sounds like I’m on the run from the law.”

“Try this then…Single? Sane? Salacious? I’m in.”

“Too alliterative.”

“Then you’re going to hate this one,” Jennifer said with a smile. “Sexy, single, silver fox looking to share his den.”

“I’m not ready for this,” Grant murmured. “And false advertising won’t help.”

“There’s nothing false about that, other than you’re only gray around the temples. You should post that one, along with a profile picture, and see what happens.”

“You, um, would describe me as sexy?”

“If I wasn’t a married mother of two, with pizza waiting for me in the conference room…I’d do you right on this desk.”

In defiance of his returning hard-on, Grant countered, “I’m old enough to be your Grant-daddy.”

“Boo,” Jennifer replied as she shoved him playfully. “I don’t know whether that’s an innuendo or just a terrible dad joke. But either way, I’ve got to leave.”

Grant followed her with his eyes as she headed down the hall. Her backside swayed hypnotically in the tight black skirt. His gaze drifted lower as her long legs came into view. The memory of Jennifer saying “I’d do you right on this desk” made his cock harder than it had been in a year. He shifted it with his hand to a more comfortable position, but touching himself only increased the longing for release. Reluctantly, he sat back down to find some work.

An hour later, he decided to revisit his dating profile headline. After numerous attempts, he finally admitted that he couldn’t come up with anything better than Jennifer’s suggestions. So he settled on the silver fox version, and a username of TakeMe4Grant. After answering all the profile questions as well as he could, he scrolled through his photos looking for a decent picture.

The best one he could find was from a two-year-old fishing trip. His buddy had snapped Grant holding a nearly 5-pound largemouth bass. Grant was grinning widely. He looked suntanned, manly, successful, and happy because Katie’s diagnosis hadn’t happened yet. Putting the pic in edit mode, he cropped the unsightly gear and clutter on the boat, centered on himself, and the prize fish. He was about to upload, when he heard the conference door open. Grant turned off his phone and went back to his monitor.

A moment later, Jennifer and Claire peered over the top of his cubicle.

“I came to check on you,” Jennifer said. “And I brought reinforcements.”

“Aren’t you two supposed to be enjoying a working dinner?” “Turns out we already made our contribution,” Claire answered. “Teresa said we might as well head home while they put our ideas into motion.”

“Well I’m not going home yet,” Jennifer said defiantly. “Since hubby expects to be handling the kids all by himself tonight, I say the three of us go for drinks. Are you in?”

Grant tried not to look surprised. He knew both of them as well as you can know people you see in the office every weekday. But the three of them had never done anything together.

“Come join us,” Claire said. “Jen mentioned you were working on your dating profile. It’d be fun to help you with that. Watching you get a date is far more exciting than anything else I’d be doing.”

“We’ll go Dutch Treat,” Jennifer added. “Although that sounds a little politically incorrect.”

“Absolutely not,” blurted Grant. “I’m too old-fashioned to be in the company of two beautiful women and not pick up the check. Besides, I have nothing else to spend my money on.”

Chapter Two

The 420 was a hipster bar across the street from the office. Grant looked around and judged himself to be the oldest person in the room. Even Claire and Jennifer looked a bit out of place. Their drinks arrived. Claire had a Fanciulli, whatever the hell that was. Jennifer’s gin and tonic, seemed more in line with his whiskey sour.

“Cheers,” he said, raising his glass.

As they all touched glasses, Jennifer yelled, “Hey, Bethany!”

Grant looked back over his shoulder to the front door and saw that the newest member of the marketing team had just entered.

“Come on over,” Jennifer said with a motion.

Bethany seemed to hesitate for a second, but then smiled, walked over, and sat down at their table opposite Grant, between the other two women.

“Michael and Teresa decided I didn’t need to stay after all.” She sounded disappointed.

“You are an eager beaver, aren’t you,” said Jennifer. “Get away while you can, is my motto.”

Grant asked Bethany for her drink order, and studied her as she thought of a response. She was significantly shorter than the two other women, which put her at normal height. Her light brown hair was in a ponytail. Her face had a healthy glow, with little or no makeup. She was ankara fetiş yapan escortlar wearing tight fitting black pants and a blue colored top that almost matched her eyes. Even though she was probably 30 years younger, Grant couldn’t help but note Bethany was as pretty as she was natural and refreshing. It struck him that he was sitting at a table with three lovely women, and he couldn’t help but smile.

“You’re just in time,” Jennifer told her. “We’re going to help Grant with his dating profile.”

“That’s right,” Claire exclaimed. “I haven’t even seen it yet. Pull it out Grant!”

There was a half second of silence before Jennifer and Bethany burst out laughing. Claire’s face immediately flushed, and Grant couldn’t help but smile. He slowly slipped the phone out of his sport jacket.

“Here it is ladies,” he said in a deep, husky voice. “My p…rofile.”

He winked at Claire, who was a little embarrassed, but not humiliated. She seemed as classy and confident as she was quiet. Claire folded her arms over her chest, crossed her legs, and stared back at him. He glanced at her ankle high black boot that zipped down the side. It had a heel. Claire had no qualms about towering over everyone. Grey pants covered her long legs, and the matching jacket covered her red blouse. Grants gaze quickly traveled upward to meet her eyes. It was his turn to blush.

“What is that?” Bethany asked. She pointed at his phone. Grant’s facial recognition had unlocked the screen and his fish picture was still in edit mode.

“That’s going to be my profile pic,” he said confidently.

“Not if you ever want to get a date,” Bethany retorted.

“You need more help than I thought,” agreed Jennifer.

“What’s wrong with it. I think I look fine. I’m happy. Outdoorsy. Successful.”

“If the reaction you’re going for is ewww,” added Claire, “you’ve nailed it.”

“I’m going to take a good pic of you right now,” Bethany said while grabbing his phone. “But first, I’m deleting this pussy-repellent.”

Grant was too baffled to object. And when Bethany ordered him to smile, Jennifer stuck out her tongue and slowly licked her lips.

“That’s deer in the headlights,” Claire scolded. “Pretend like you’re having a good time at a bar with three women. Which you definitely are!”

Grant tried again, and this time Jennifer put both hands under her boobs and jiggled them twice.

“More leer than smile,” Bethany said, “but better. What do you think girls?”

They all leaned in as she placed the phone in the center of the table. It looked like a candid shot, since Grant wasn’t looking at the camera. His black blazer and buttoned down blue striped shirt showed up well against the dark background of the bar. His smile had reached his eyes, which were also a little wide, given that he had been staring at Jennifer’s tits.

“Looks good to me,” said Claire.

“Me too,” Jennifer added. “Hurry up and post it, I want to see what kind of fish you catch with this bait.”

Grant finalized his profile, and started to order another round of drinks. Then remembering that he was the only one who hadn’t eaten anything, he ordered three different appetizers to share instead. He was beginning to feel the first drink and delayed a second round until the food arrived.

They all were having a good time. Talk about Grant’s dating led the women to open up about their own romantic lives. Claire’s long-time boyfriend had moved out months ago, taking a job on the west coast. Texts and calls were becoming less frequent. He didn’t seem ready to move back, and she didn’t want to move there. Claire didn’t appear all that bothered by it.

Bethany was still attached to her college boyfriend. He had moved on to grad school, hoping a Masters would guarantee a better job, and eventually allow him to pay off his loans. She sounded wistful when talking about him, but Grant couldn’t even remember the guy’s name when she finished.

Grant’s story and status was already known. Claire and Jennifer were even part of the group from work that attended Katie’s funeral. So they turned to Jennifer for her romantic update. She held up both hands.

“I’ve got nothing to share. I’m married with two little kids, so Danny and I don’t even have sex.”

“Obviously you did at some point,” Grant observed.

“Hilarious, bass boat boy. Yes, we did, and occasionally still do have sex. On birthdays, anniversaries, major holidays. But we both come home from work, take care of the kids, fix dinner, do housework, and collapse into unconsciousness. Once, I came home late and found Danny had fed the kids, bathed and put them to bed, loaded the dishwasher, and was asleep on the couch still holding the vacuum cleaner. I had an orgasm right there.”

“Did he get anything out of it?” Claire asked.

“I opened his zipper and tried to kiss it to life, but he was too tired to get hard. Then in the middle of the night, I woke up to him rubbing his cock on my ass. I almost told him to sincan iranlı escort beat it, literally. But then I rolled on my back and said, ‘pull my nightie down when you’re done.’ Just about the time he was finished, I started to get interested. Then it was over.”

Bethany said, “Married life sounds great. A few years of that and I’d be praying for an early death.”

Her face paled, and she turned to Grant.

“Sorry, that was stupid and insensitive. I was just being a smart ass.” “No worries,” replied Grant. “But hopefully you get in enough good times to outweigh the bad before death. Katie and I did.”

Claire patted his shoulder. Grant found it comforting, but it also stoked his longing for human touch and connection.

“We need to get you back up on the horse, bass boy,” Jennifer smirked. “I’m speaking metaphorically, of course. I think you can land something better looking than brood mare.”

They checked the app. No responses. Grant felt relieved. But no sooner did he put the phone down, then a notification popped up. All three women demanded to see. They leaned over him as Grant opened the app and read aloud.

ZenDenMother41-Sun worshipper, meat eater, fun collector, risk taker. Dear TakeMe4Grant: I like your profile and your look. Sharing your den could be fun, but I already have one. Want to chat?

“Sounds interesting,” Jennifer said, “but let’s see what she looks like.”

Grant touched the thumbnail and ZenDen filled the screen. She was posed in a beach chair, under an umbrella. A bit of the ocean was in view in the upper left corner. Her blonde hair almost matched the sand. She was wearing a dark blue one-piece bathing suit.

Claire spoke first. “Doesn’t look shopped. Not bad. I’d guess she’s about 40.”

“Too young for you Grant daddy?” quipped Jennifer. Seeing the looks on the other girls faces, she said, “That’s a joke from earlier.” Turning to Grant, she added, “Or do you prefer bass boat boy?”

“Neither would be great.”

“Message her NOW,” Bethany insisted. “I want to see you in action.”

“What should I say?”

“Lure her in with your words,” Jennifer urged. “Draw her like one of your French girls.”

Grant sighed and paused. Then started tapping. Dear ZenDenMother41: Your profile is intriguing. Your look is mesmerizing. If there was a “like” button I would push it repeatedly. Chatting would be fun. Here’s my number if you’d like to call.

Hearing no objections, Grant sent the message.

“You did good, Grant,” Jennifer said with approval. “I’m surprised…and a little moist.”

Grant almost dropped the phone when it buzzed. He stabbed at the green button three times before managing to answer.

“Hello, this is Grant.”

“This is your friendly neighborhood den mother.” The voice was sultry, rich, and inviting. “You can call me Issa.”

“Ok, Issa. You can call me…”

“Grant,” she finished. “I got that part. Is now a good time to talk?”

Surrounded by three women vigorously shaking their heads in approval, Grant said it was. Clearly they could hear what Issa was saying, even though she wasn’t on speaker.

“Are you home alone?” She asked. “Don’t answer that. I just realized that if you asked me that question it would sound really creepy.”

He laughed. “I’ll answer anyway. It’s no to both. I’m not home or alone. I’m at the 420 Bar with three…um, colleagues.” He glanced up at them as if to verify their presence.

“Boys night out?”

“Not really. They are female girls…I mean women.” Grant was flustered.

“You sound popular.”

“No, I sound like an idiot. We just decided to have a drink after work. And they were helping me get up and running on this dating site.”

“I saw you were a newbie. They don’t mind you talking to a fourth female girl?”

“Absolutely not!” yelled Jennifer, with a slight slur in speech. She was one round ahead of the rest. “Why don’t you come have drink with us? It’s only 7:30.”

“And there’s safety in numbers,” Bethany added.

There was dead silence for a moment, before Issa said, “That ok with you Grant?”

“Sure. Sounds good. Let me give you the address.”

Issa gave a throaty laugh. “What is this, 1990? Besides, the 420 is like 5 minutes from me. I’ll be there in 15.”

Chapter Three

The four finished the appetizers and the second round of drinks while waiting for their guest.

Grant was facing the door, and spotted Issa as she stepped into the room. She was wearing a dark blue dress that clung to her curvy form. He waved at her. She smiled and moved toward them. Issa was thicc. Grant stood, grabbed a chair from the empty next table next to them, and motioned her to it.

“I assume the guy surrounded by lovely women is Grant,” said Issa.

“You look just like your picture,” Grant responded. “Minus the bathing suit, of course.”

“Minus the bathing suit,” mocked Jennifer. “In your dreams, bass boy.”

Issa looked slightly confused, but laughed along with the other women.

“Don’t mind Jennifer,” Claire explained. “Her mind’s in the gutter, even more than usual. There was some sex talk before you arrived.”

“Sounds fun,” replied Issa. Turning to Grant she said, “And you look just like your picture. You’re even wearing the same clothes.”

“I’m sure you could talk him out of them,” Jennifer blurted.

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Bisexual Riya’s Family

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Hi, I am Riya from a big city, where the lockdown affected me a lot.

I am a bisexual girl, who can sex with both men and women too, and can have lesbian and dildo sex and anal.

We are three sisters my number is second.

First one is Priya, and the third one is Mia.

We are in a joint family. My father has 2 more big brothers, both have one girl and one boy.

And in the female section there are 3 aunty type ladies, including my mother.

Hot Beauty type girls, including me, were 5 and 4 boys. I have 2 brothers.

Nobody knew about my bisexuality until I was 22.

I was eager to watch porn films while I was alone; I like to watch lesbian porn but I also liked straight (male female fucking) too, but I was attracted to Lesbian and dildo fun with ladies.

We have an enormous house in which one room is allotted for me and my elder sister, Priya.

We both sisters sleep semi nude (in bra panties). Many times I got attracted to my sister and tried on her, pressing her boobs that were smaller than mine.

I have a good pair of curvy and chubby boobs and chubby thighs.

Only my two aunts and I have big boobs in my family and others have lemon shaped boobs with no attraction including my mother, many times my father too sees my aunt’s boobs with lust.

I had sex with blood relatives more times than I can count only 7 female family members.

One night, when I was sleeping beside my sister Priya, after she slept, I opened porn videos on my phone and tried to finger my pussy, but I couldn’t satisfy myself.

I was watching videos one by one.

In one video I saw one girl directly start licking the pussy of another girl sleeping beside her and then another woke up and started enjoying.

I also wanted to take the risk, but I was worried.

First, I titillated her thighs, and after her no answer I got courage to get ahead.

I took my hand ahead on her pussy; she gave no response. So, I took my hand in her panty and started wheezing her clitoris. She enjoyed that, so I increased speed and she was getting much pleasure and moaning too.

I stood up and tried to remove her panty, before I removed her panties she woke up and said, “Riya, what are you doing? Why are you removing my panties? And why are you fingering me?”

I had no words to say.

Priya said, “don’t worry, I know you watched porn videos, and you wanted to do the same.”

I was saying nothing and again she said, “you were doing a pleasurable thing I was enjoying. Can you continue it, I will tell no one about all this.”

I said “you also have to do escort sincan escort with me otherwise it is only a demonstration of a pleasure that you can enjoy, if you can’t do with me you also get nothing.”

After this deal, I continued. I removed her panties, and I saw her beautiful pink pussy with cleaned hair.

I licked her pussy, and she was pushing my mouth into her pussy. She fell all her cum in my mouth and I licked all her stuff.

Then it’s her turn now she came on me and she was wild but hesitated.

She removed my bra and started pressing my boobs and licking my nipples too I was in heaven; she bites my nipples; I was moaning but enjoying too.

Now she removed my panties and we both are fully naked.

Priya firstly entered one middle finger in my pussy and it was tight as because it’s my first time, I had never touched it yet.

Priya was fucking me with her finger and then she took her finger out and licked it, then she started licking my pussy.

I was moaning and after such a wonderful mouth job by my sister I fell in her mouth and she drank all my cum and cleaned my body.

I said “you are great Priya, from where you learnt all these?”

She said “we both have the same teacher.”

I didn’t understand what she said; I was looking at her face.

She said “the phone and the internet and videos, you watch videos at night and sleep late. I wake up soon and watch, we both are sisters.”

She smiled.

We both enjoyed it again. From that day on, it was our daily program.

One night, before our program, my two cousins (uncle’s daughter) came to us and started talking to us.

We both were in bra panties and they were in shorts.

Suddenly, one of them opened her phone and showed us a video. After watching that video, our ass ripped, and we said nothing.

The video was a recording of our night programme.

Priya was so smart she said, “what do you want?”

(One’s name is meenu and other one is Tina)

(Meenu is my father’s elder brother’s daughter and Tina is the second one’s)

Meenu said “nothing, we want to tell your father about this but I thought I should give you time to prepare yourself.”

Priya closed the door and came near meenu and held meenu’s widened legs, and got them up.

And then she removed her shorts inside so that she wore nothing. She was naked inside.

Meenu was laughing at this act and said, “Priya, I was testing you. Now fuck me, I want you to get us with you. Tina can’t do like you and Riya, please teach us.”

(These all were their plan elvankent escortlar to get with us to enjoy, Priya understood all that in starting)

I had no problem with 2 2more players in my gang.

I removed Tina’s clothes, and she was too naked inside with no bra and panties inside.

I stretched her small cubicles with my mouth and gave them a great time, taking long mouth jobs.

Then we also enjoyed mouth job by them and we all slept naked in one bed.

It was too late in our night programme that’s why it’s not possible to wake up early in the morning. So, till 10am no one of us woke up so my aunt (meenu’s mother) started searching for meenu and Tina, she searched in their room and when she came near my room; she saw a scene from the window which created goosebumps.

We all are sleeping naked on each other in 69 positions.

My mother and both aunts had seen the scene and knocked on the door I was dressed in and left them all covered with a blanket.

My mom wakes up all Priya, meenu and Tina are naked standing in front of mom and aunties.

They were trying to cover their pussy, but unable to do so.

Mom asked, “what were you doing naked here?”

Meenu said, “we were doing sex, lesbian sex, would you anyone want to do? You can join us.”

Mom and aunts had teary eyes after they listened meenu.

Meenu told Tina to close the door.

Mom and aunties didn’t know what was happening.

Meenu said “you asked us what’s happening here, now see what’s happening here.”

But instead of doing anything with us, meenu and Tina held my mom and aunties and tried to undress them.

My mom slapped me on meenu’s cheek.

Meenu and Tina attacked my mom and tore down her clothes. My mom was only in her panties now (I forget to tell you that my mom doesn’t wear a bra).

Now Tina grabbed my mom and removed her panties and started licking her pussy.

My aunts understood the game or I think all this is their plan.

They fastly undressed themselves and meenu started licking her mom’s pussy and Tina was enjoying my mom’s pussy. My mom started cooperating with Tina, and Priya grabbed the other aunty, and then my mom dropped all his pussy juice into Tina’s mouth.

And Tina licked all the juice and then my mom saw me alone and started giving me a mouth job.

We all enjoyed it a lot. My mom gave blowjobs to all the girls and aunties given to each other.

After all this ended, they all left my room. My mother stayed here with my sister, Priya.

Priya was not satisfied with the scene and how it all etimesgut kaliteli escortlar happened perfectly.

So my mom said “your aunts many times they talk about sex, that their husbands are now gone old they can’t satisfy them, once they swapped but their husbands don’t know, but after swapping they too got nothing, they were not satisfied.”

Priya said, “what’s the connection between swapping and our scene?”

Mom said, “I think they started lesbian sex with each other and they want we don’t disturb them that’s why they did with us.”

Priya said, “Let them enjoy themselves.”

Priya: “why don’t we get one step ahead of them?”

Mom asked “how?”

Priya: “if we started these ladies fucking, then why don’t we include the boys?”

Mom refused, but Priya was so intelligent, she agreed.

Mom was too suffering from sex problems, because of mom has not had such an attraction dad don’t fuck her but mom says my dad is as much powerful that can satisfy two three ladies.

But he lost interest in my mom.

I said “why don’t we start with our brothers, let them tell to fuck us.”

Priya agreed, and mom too.

Mom said “in starting in will fuck from all of them.”

Mom left.

At night we called our both brothers and as per our plan we both got fully naked.

When they came into our room, they were not as shocked as we thought.

We both widened our legs, our pink pussies are visible to them.

Priya said “attack.”

Both of them removed their clothes and sat between us.

I asked “why don’t you be shocked to see us seeing naked?”

They said “we had seen you all in the morning, your lesbian sex.”

I asked, “how did you know we called you for sex?”

They said “mom told us, we fucked her before coming here, you can see her, she now can not sit or walk properly, we tore her ass.”

I said “please think of us as virgin, please do it politely.”

They both roughly fucked us, and after listening to our screams, my aunties, meenu, and Tina came into our room. They were all shocked to see us.

We both sisters were getting fucked in doggy style and the white bedsheet had new red spots of our purity.

My mom came moaning from outside. She could not walk properly.

My aunties saw her and seen her teared ass, a wide open hole is visible in my mom’s back after fucking, she was virgin from ass.

My mom called my dad, too. He came and enjoyed my aunties in a separate room with my mom.

My aunties didn’t involve their sons in this game because they were satisfied now and whenever they get time, they get sex.

And I also I can have sex with anyone, male or female, in my house that is involved with us.

(This story is auto edited by AI bot, because when I check this story I get horny and I can’t make corrections, so please don’t comment badly and rate with 5star.)

Thank you.

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Tom, Madison, Karen , Dr. Feel Good

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Tom Needs to Go to the Doctor

This is part of an ongoing story over multiple Categories with common characters.

At a certain age you need to go to the doctor. Not when you’re sick, but that yearly checkup. At first, I was against it, then a friend of mine, who hadn’t gone to a doctor in years passed away. Just like that. Found out if he had gone earlier, they would have caught the issue and he’d probably be alive. Anyway, I was going in for my annual checkup.

I was sitting in the waiting room, the nurse had done my blood pressure and left, so I was on the phone, on the internet when he came in. Glenn and I exchanged greetings.

“So, Tom,” he began. “Your tests came back pretty good. Nothing to be concerned with, no red flags. Might want to check your cholesterol. Jennifer can give you dietary info on the way out.” He had my records in his hand and was going down them as we spoke.

“Good, glad to hear it,” I replied.

“So, I have to ask you a question,” he said looking eye to eye. “You have a lot of sex partners?”


“I mean I see you’re still not married and it’s common for healthy men to have more than one sex partner.”

“Yeah sure, I understand that. What’s the concern?” I asked.

“Oh, sexually transmitted disease,” he said matter of factly.

Okay, whatever. I had been pretty careful, sure I had a lot of partners, and a wide variety of kind, but I wasn’t concerned.

“Oh, don’t be offended,” he said.

“Oh, I’m not. Just caught me off guard a bit with that one. Yeah, I have multiple partners.”

“Female only?”


“I was wondering if you’re only having female partners. Not being judgmental, I mean now a days same sex partners is pretty common.”

I looked at him with a quizzical look on my face. What was this all about? I mean, I had known him for about ten years since I moved here, but these questions never came up before. Well, knowing that doctors were required to respect patient confidentiality I said…

“Oh yeah, I have male sex partners.” Okay Doc, where to now.

He nodded his head and put the folder down. “A lot?”

I smiled, “Oh yeah. Ten or so at least.” Now what Doc?

“Want another one?” he replied.

I looked at him and was stunned to tell the truth. What the hell was going on.

“Huh, well, huh…” I started to say.

Glenn laughed and said “Okay Tom, here’s the deal. I know you suck cock, so do I, and I was wondering if you’d like to get together.”

“Okay, you know I suck cock and how is that?”

“I can’t tell you, patient confidentiality.”

I shook my head. This was crazy. So, one of my dick sucking partners told my doctor, I guess our doctor, I sucked cock?! I was trying to process this when Glenn said, “I’ll suck your cock now Tom, if you’ll let me.” He went to the door and locked it.

This was crazy, but also hot. Glenn was good looking and a bit younger than me, maybe five years. Fuck it. I looked him in the eyes and began to unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants.

“Keep your clothes on this time,” he said and knelt down in front of me. “Nice cock. I’ve seen it before, you know that, but not hard and I like it hard.” He pushed me slowly back to the treatment table, I leaned against it and he grabbed my cock.

“I have other patients today Tom, so try and cum as fast as you can,” he said and went down, licking the head of my cock with his tongue. I reached back and placed my hands on the table, not sure what his preference was. He spun my cock in a circle as he ran his tongue on it, then went in the other direction.

“I like this Tom. Nice cock,” he said again then took the head into his mouth. He continued to spin my cock this time with the head of it in his mouth, hot, wet mouth. His tongue spun circles on it and then he went lower, taking more of my hard cock into his mouth.

I slid my hands up to my hard nipples and began to rub them as he went lower. I looked over to my right and saw the tall mirror on the wall. The tall mirror that showed my doctor sucking my cock! Holy shit!

Down he went, slow, slower, then up he went. Fuck he was good. Up and down, he went, pausing at times to swallow, to tighten his mouth on my cock. My now aching cock. His hand went down to my balls and he massaged them as he sucked.

“Going to give me some cum Tom?” he asked, mouth coming off just a bit then back down to suck more. He was good and my cock appreciated it, my cum building up and he sped up. Soon it was bam, bam, bam as he slid up and down, fast, him now squeezing my balls vigorously. I was going to cum.

A large gush of cum flew into his mouth, he swallowed as I shot a big load. I watched in the mirror as he moved up and down, faster, and faster, being sure to suck me dry. After too short a time I had to push him away, my cock spent.

He stood up and wiped a bit of cum from his lips, licked and swallowed erotik film izle it. “That’s what I’m talking about,” he said. He smiled as I pulled my pants up and redid my belt.

“Now here’s the deal Tom. I sucked you and you have guaranteed patient confidentiality. Can I get the same from you?”

“Yes,” I replied. “When can I suck your cock?”

“When you fuck my ass Tom,” he said as he turned to leave. He handed me a card and said, “Here’s my personal contact info…. I hope it’s soon.”

He left the room, I followed and I was still trying to process what happened.


I had asked around the usual suspects; Dave, Frank, Aaron for doctor recommendations but got zip, nada. Then I got a text a few days later.

Glenn — How are you doing Tom? It’s Glenn.

Hmm, that’s interesting. I texted back.

Me — Good Doc. You?

Him — Call me Glenn. Doing well. Interested in getting together this week.

Ooo, that’d be good. I’d like to suck his cock, I love newbies. And he had promised me his ass. Oh yeah, I’d be interested,

Me — Sure, what works for you?

Nothing for a few minutes then “Ding!”

Him — How about Friday night? My place?

Me — Sounds good. What time?

Him — How about 7pm. The missus is a great cook, and we can have dinner together.

Whoa! Missus? Dinner? Maybe I was misreading this, but he had sucked my cock — quite well as a I matter of fact. I texted back.

Me — Sounds great. Test me your address. Should I bring anything?

Him — How about Madison?

Son of a bitch! I texted back.

Me — Sounds great, I’ll see if she’s available.

Mother fucker! Madison? I went to the kitchen and made a French Press of coffee.

Ding! It was Madison.

Her — Hi Tom. Any chance we could get together? Maybe for dinner or something? ??

What a sly… I texted back.

Me — How about Friday night? Glenn’s?

Her — Love to. You’ll like Karen. We go way back.

I bet.

Me — Love to. See you then. Take care.

So that’s who I had in common, Madison, we shared a doctor…but we didn’t.


Friday couldn’t come around fast enough. I was curious as hell where this was going. I got to Madison’s house, picked her up and as we drove to Glenn and Karen’s she filled me in.

“Karen and I go way back, back to when I was following the Dead,” she said.

“So, she’s…”

“Little younger than me but you’ll like her,” she replied. “She likes them young, well she did until she married Glenn. He’s younger than you but she always did like younger guys.”

Madison reached over, smiled, and grabbed my cock, squeezed it, and said, “I do too.”

I smiled and we drove to their house.

It was up in the hills, as was Madison’s, the real nice neighborhoods. We got out of the van and went to the front door. I rang the doorbell.

Karen opened the door and holy shit. She was gorgeous, like Madison, and they hung out together at a young age? Karen and Madison hugged tightly and kissed lightly.

“So good to see you again Madison,” Karen said. “Been too long.”

Madison laughed and replied, “It’s been two weeks love.” They exchanged looks and smiled.

Karen said, “Two weeks too long. You must be Tom.”

“Yes, pleased to meet you,” Shit. That always sounded so lame when I said that.

“C’mon in, c’mon in,” Karen said and led us into the house. It was big, well-furnished to say the least, yet very welcoming. Karen looked at me and said, “Why don’t you go see Glenn and he’ll get you a drink.” She motioned to the left and as I went down the hall her and Madison headed to the kitchen, well I guessed it was the kitchen. A few steps down the hall I heard Glenn’s voice from the doorway to the right.

“Tom! C’mon in man. How about a drink?” he asked.

I went into the bar, it was nice, like Madison’s but a little bit bigger. Glenn licked some salt off of his hand, tossed back a shot and sucked on a lime. With a smile he asked me what I wanted to drink.

“Tequila looks really good right now,” I replied. He gave me the salt and lime, I did the routine and tossed back the shot.

“Madison says you like Margaritas, so does Karen. That work for you?” he asked as the blender whirled.

“You bet,” and it would. He poured me a drink and three more. “I’m really glad you made it. You’ll have fun.” He handed me a second glass and we went towards the kitchen. Before we entered, he stopped and looked back at me.

“Tom,” Glenn said. “Hey wait a second.”

I stopped and said “Yeah?”

“I’m good with you fucking Karen,” he replied with a smile.

I nodded, he confirmed what I had guessed. We entered the kitchen.

Madison was working on the salad while Karen was scooping out rice and beans from pots on the stove. “You like Mexican food?” Karen asked.

“Oh, yeah, 30+ years in restaurants, I appreciate and like film izle it all. Need any help?”

‘Oh no, we’re good,” she said. “Madison and I used to work the kitchens when on the road back in the day, so we’re good with this. Have a seat at the table.”

Glenn motioned me to the dining room, and we had seats at the table. The girls were pretty much right behind us with the food and after a second trip to the kitchen we all were seated. It was a help yourself type of spread and we were soon eating.

“Geez, Karen. Did you make these tortillas from scratch?” I asked. She smiled and nodded that she had. “These are great,” and they were.

Dinner was delicious and a couple of Margaritas later we were in the living room making small talk. It was easy, Glenn and Karen were good people, and Madison, oh yeah. About 30 minutes in Karen stood up and walked over to Madison. Her eyes flashed, Madison smiled and spread her legs, and Karen dropped down between them. She leaned forward and the two were kissing, hands moving over each other like old friends.

Glenn looked at me and smiled, nodding to the bedroom while rubbing a nipple through his shirt. I got up and we headed for the bedroom.

“Ladies, care to join us,” he asked.

Karen pulled away, the two got up and we all went to the bedroom. As we began to undress Glenn opened a drawer and pulled out a large tray. I looked inside it and saw a variety of toys. Once we were all naked, I wasn’t sure where to start, but Karen knew.

“Tom. Glenn and Madison said they enjoy sucking your cock. Mind if I give it a go?’

“Please do,” I said. She moved forward and pushed me back into a comfortable chair. Once in the chair she dropped to her knees and spread my legs. Her hand went up and cupped my balls, my cock already hard. She looked at me, smiled and said, “Oh yes, I’m going to enjoy this.” Her tongue went to the head of my cock, she licked it, looked back up at me and said “And you will too. I promise.” Down she went.

Her hot, wet mouth slid over the head of my dick and her tongue licked my sweet spot. Her hands went up to my hard nipples, she must have been talking to Madison, and stroked them. Down my cock she went, down until she took it all into her mouth, balls deep. Damn! This lady had talent. I heard Madison.

“Oh yeah Glenn,” she said softly. I looked over and she was sitting on the edge of the bed, resting on her elbows and Glenn was down between her legs. Madison reached over to the tray and pulled out a long vibrator. She tapped Glenn’s shoulder and handed it to him. He looked her in the eyes and swirled it in his mouth. As she looked over at me with a smile, Glenn turned it on, and slid it into her cunt. Her eyes rolled back a bit. Back down went Glenn.

Meanwhile, Karen had been sucking me really well, my cum rising to the top. I ached then reached down to her shoulders and pushed her away. She backed off, smiled, and asked, “Something you’d like sweetie?”

I got up, grabbed her by the arm and spun her into the chair, Tossing her legs on the arms she said, “The blue dildo Tom. I like the blue dildo.”

I went over to the tray, took out the blue dildo and stuck it in my mouth to wet it up. Okay, her pussy was probably wet already but I like sucking dildos before I slide them in. Karen was fingering her clit as I dropped to my knees and slid the dildo in.

“Ohhh, that’s it baby,” she said softly. “Lick be Tom, I need this.”

So, did I. I bent down and began to lick her pussy, around the lips to start, the dildo sliding in and out. Then onto her lips, wet and tight on the dildo, then to her clit. It was rock hard, and I sucked it and swirled my tongue on it. She reached down and grabbed herself above the pussy and pulled up, exposing her cunt even more.

“Oh fuck!” Madison was cumming. I didn’t know for sure, but it sure sounded like it. “Oh Glenn, Glenn!” she said.

I was busy myself, lost in licking this lady’s cunt. Lick, suck, lick suck, dildo in and out, she had her hands on my shoulders.

“Oh hell!” she said loudly. “I’m going to cum!” Her pussy shook up and down, her clit hard and her lips clamped on the dildo. She was wet, flowing all over my tongue and lips. I wanted it and so did she.

After a bit she pushed me away.

I felt a pair of hands on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Glenn. Or I should say I saw Glenn’s cock. It was hard, close to my mouth and looking good. I reached for it with my hand and pulled it close, slipping the head into my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around it, swallowed a couple of times, he moaned and said, “Fuck yeah.”

That reminded me, he had said I’d be able to fuck his ass. I wanted to but right now I wanted to suck his cock well so that I could add him to my list of friends. Down his cock I went, to the middle and swallowed, mouth clamping down on his now expanding cock. I grabbed his ass with both hands and held him tight seks filmi izle as I went farther, then farther down. Did I reach his balls, I didn’t know but I got his dick deep inside me. Up I went, then down, wet, and tight, he began to breath heavily.

“Fuck his ass baby,” Madison said. She had slid down next to me and licked my ear as she spoke. “Karen and I want to watch.”

I sucked a bit more then stood up.; Karen walked over to me with a bottle of lube and began to lube up my hard cock.

Madison was on the bed rubbing her hard nipples. Glenn stood up and went to the side of the chair. Bent over the arm, on his knees, ass up.

“Come fuck me Tom.”

Karen walked over and joined Madison, both looking at Glenn and waiting for me to mount him. I went over, one foot down, one knee up I grabbed my lubed cock and rubbed the head of it on his asshole. He pushed back a bit, I slid forward and was in. Only head deep, then more, more, and until my balls were up against his ass.

“Oh, fuck me, Tom,” Glenn said softly. “I love your cock.”

I loved his ass as I was all the way in, and he flexed it tight.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Tom,” Karen said. I looked over at the two on the bed and smiled. Karen had the vibrator in her this time and Madison a dildo. Both had, oh shit, Mr. Pinks on their clits! Well, Madison had one and I’m sure she let Karen know.

Anyway, I began slowly sliding my hard cock in and out of Glenn’s ass. He was resting his head on the chair and loving it. I could tell as he was making quiet moaning sounds and the occasional “Oh yeah.”

“You want to fill me up Tom?” he asked me.

“Can you fill us up too Tom?” Karen asked as she buzzed her clit. “We have all night sweetie.”

“Oh, he can,” said Madison with smile. “I know he can,” as she blew me a kiss.

All night? That sounded really good. I picked up speed and started to pump Glenn’s ass faster.

“Slap his ass Tom! He likes it slapped,” Karen said.

So, I did. Balls deep…slap…balls deep…slap.

I started to cum, and I came hard! His tight ass, my balls aching, the girls watching; oh shit, I came fucking hard, long, and deep up his ass. I yelled in pleasure and fell away onto my back.

As I rested Glenn came back with a hot towel, wiped me clean and said, “Suck me off Tom. Can you suck me off?”

He sat back in the chair, I got up onto my knees and grabbed his cock. I took the head in my mouth as I had before but this time, I wanted his cum. I sucked hard and fast, my wet hand locked to my mouth as I went down, sliding away when I bottomed out, then back onto my hand when I went up. Knowing his ass was wet with my cum I slid one, then two fingers up it and sucked and finger fucked him in rhythm.

“Oh hell,” Karen said. “This guy is hot Maddie. Cum lick me.”

I was concentrating on Glenn’s cock, so I guess Madison (Maddie?) was going down on her. Glenn yelled then shot his load…a nice big, long load and I caught it in my mouth. Being sure not to swallow any, when he pulled away, I went up to his mouth, opened it and slid his cum and my tongue inside. He moaned and rubbed his tongue against mine, we both kissed and licked until his cum was gone. Even after that we continued to kiss for a bit.

I pulled away and looked at the girls. This time Madison was on the bed, at the edge, Karen was sliding a large dildo in and out of her. Karen’s head was between Maddie’s legs, licking that fine pussy no doubt.

“Fuck her Tom!” Madison said and Karen spread her legs apart. I couldn’t say no, my cock was hard again anyway. I slid over behind her, grabbed her by the waist, then worked the head of my cock into her pussy. Her wet fucking pussy! The girl was wet, but she was tight. I like short women and Karen was the right size. I started to fuck her.

Madison was breathing hard and fast. We locked eyes and she said, slap her ass Tom, slap her ass!”

I did and began to fuck her hard. I knew my dick wasn’t going to stay hard forever, not yet, after cumming so hard, so I pumped and slapped her ass how I had done Glenn’s.

“Oh shit!” Madison yelled as she started to shiver, shake, and bounce up and down. She was cumming hard and then…

“Fuck!” Karen yelled. WTF? She was cumming?! She did, fell forward, then to right, off of Madison, and my cock came out of her. I looked down and saw Mr. Pink still buzzing.

Truthfully, I’m glad she pushed away as my cock was getting soft. I had cum so fucking hard. Madison looked at me and smiled, blinked, and said…

“Tom honey. Bring that cock up here to me. I know it tastes like Karen and I like that.”

How could I say no? I climbed up on the bed. She took me into her mouth and sucked, I started to harden up. Glenn walked over to us and sat next to Karen, pulling her close.

“You good lover?” he asked.

“Oh yeah babe,” she said softly, eyes half closed. “Can we fuck all night?”

“Tom?” Glenn asked.

Looking down at Madison she was wide eyed and smiling. “You haven’t fucked me yet lover.”

I looked at Glenn and replied, “We can fuck all night.”

And we did.


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Rooftop Relations – Swiss Triangle

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…Heidi’s mouth fell away from Shaun’s cock, her hand tightened on his shaft, as she grimaced and winced with pleasure, as inch by inch, the wooden strap-on moved onwards and inwards, without compromise. Nine fat inches of varnished mature oak filling her newly christened pussy, with Sasha looking calm and confident, holding Heidi’s waist from behind for balance and control….

Rooftop Relations Part Two

Swiss Triangle

Friday night was a late one with Heidi, and on top of a sweaty full week of work at the shipyard, a couple of days resting up in the good weather by the pool was Shaun’s main focus for the weekend.

Heidi had left on Saturday morning, and after a wholesome shower, Shaun went for a wonder and found a café on the promenade not far from his hotel and had a couple of expressos and a pastry as he watched the world go by.

Malta’s coastal areas around Valetta are populous and busy, but with that brings character and vitality.

Shaun sat and pondered, as the busy traffic revved and tooted, cars interchanging position with bikes and mopeds, with the obligatory bus forming a semi-movable barrier. Bus stops never lonely, and children with parents off to get provisions for the weekend. Teenagers and adults alike darting in and out of small independent stores with branded bags on arm.

Shaun felt in some ways privileged, knowing that nearly all of what he was observing was not him, but at the same time, feeling that he was missing out in some way? It was life that he was witnessing.

Was the reason a lack of commitment to his girlfriend; marriage, children, property? All of which were options, but discussions were constantly being kicked down the road when the topic was broached.

He wasn’t sure, but for this weekend, the goal was resting up, and that meant back to the hotel and up on the roof for the day, poolside with a cold drink or two. He wasn’t sure what the Swiss girls were up to today, but he knew at some point he’d catch up with them. They were going home on Wednesday, and regardless of home life, Sasha needed to be thanked for facilitating Heidi’s induction into adulthood.

It was mid-morning now, and via his room, Shaun had got his essentials for the day together and was up on the roof terrace.

It was busy again, but not packed, and a lounger was located easily enough. The Swiss girls weren’t there, but that didn’t trouble him. The atmosphere was subdued, with the majority flat out on the sunlounges’, quiet and motionless. The sky was cloudless and it was going to be another hot day, and even though it was not even midday yet, several residents had gone for shaded cover under the extended bar canopy. It was apparent that most were in a hangover cycle from Friday night. Shaun’s head felt fine as drinking had ceased early for an alternative pastime.

He walked over and got another coffee from the bar, and in doing so, looked over to the area of roof top railing from the previous night’s activity, and sniggered to himself, wondering if anyone had been seeded by his hand assisted shower! Still smirking, Shaun got back to his lounger, lay down, closed his eyes, and slow baked under the Maltese sun. “Beats Latvia in February,” he thought, as he drifted into an early siesta.

The morning morphed into the afternoon. Shaun’s siesta had come and gone, and had had the desired effect. He was feeling refreshed and the afternoon was shared with several beers and occasional ventures into the pool. The atmosphere had warmed as well. The music was on, and there was more frivolity and general noise. It was as if everyone were cold blooded reptiles this morning, but with sun on their backs, they’d come alive.

Shaun was enjoying the moment. People smiling, gorgeous vibrant guys and girls bouncing around in the pool, and congregating by the bar. He felt good.

Then in the late afternoon, a bunch of the Swiss girls came round the corner from the lift lobby, all bikini-clad, with some sarongs and loose joggers on. Heidi and Sasha were amongst them, and walked over to him enthusiastically, smiling and waving. The others followed and acquired lounges in the vicinity of Shaun.

Shaun was looking fit with his toned body naturally tanning over the last week or so, and with a sheen of sweat enhancing his form. All the girls were checking him out as they casually fussed over the loungers.

Heidi waved, but Sasha was first, “You’re hot and salty,” as she kissed his cheek and licked his neck discretely. She continued, “Heidi told all this morning. I think you’ve given her a new hobby. She’s cock hungry like me now,” Sasha declared.

Shaun laughed, “Is that right? Well, it’s all down to you. Before you go home, I feel obliged to thank you for all you’ve sorted Sasha.”

“That could be tricky.” Sasha knew what he meant and was clearly up for another piece of Shaun. “You were Heidi’s first, and she’s got some misguided ownership mindset over you, and getting some privacy without her could be difficult,” Sasha proclaimed.

Shaun hadn’t thought about the erotik film izle possible side effects of last night regarding Heidi’s thoughts, but Sasha’s comments made sense. He’d met a fresher at University a decade ago, and they’d fucked each other silly for a few weeks during her first term. The girl stalked him everywhere he went for months. He had to get the student authority body involved, as she’d threatened to cut his cock off if she saw him with another woman.

Shaun paused, then said, “Well, you need to be frank with Heidi and explain that nothing’s going to develop, and its adult holiday fun and games. Come September, she’ll have the pick of the university’s academic intake.”

Shaun then had a ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’ moment. “There is another way,” He claimed.

Sasha looked a tad bemused. Shaun continued, “All three of us together for a private party?”

Shaun’s expression was stuck with an extended bottom lip, as if to say, “Why not?”

He could see Sasha mulling over the request for a few seconds, then, “I’ve no problem with that. I had to spend time persuading her to go with you last night. I fear it’ll take a bit of work once again, but leave it with me,” She stated in a determined fashion.

Sasha continued, “You’re a dirty bastard, but I love it.”

Shaun just smiled, “Drinks ladies?” he asked. A round was organised but again, Heidi’s dad’s tab took care of the bar bill, (God, is he going to get a shock), and they all enjoyed each other’s company around the pool for the next few hours.

Shaun was in his room. It was Saturday evening, and he’d decided to have a quiet night. The girls were all going out, and he’d been asked to join them again, but given what may be occurring, he needed to be with it and have plenty of energy. The pair of them were likely to be a handful later if they showed.

Having a quiet one certainly didn’t mean siting in watching the news channel in Maltese, but he had promised himself not to go clubbing and allow things to get silly.

The evening passed without fanfare. Shaun had been for some pasta at an Italian joint, and his bar for several beers as he people watched.

Time to get back he thought. It was after midnight, but not by much. “I wonder where the girls are up to?” he thought.

It was after 2am, and Shaun had just finished watching an American film, with an Italian voice-over, and English subtitles, and was starting to doubt that Heidi and Sasha would ever occur. Then, just when hope had almost evaporated for the night, he heard footsteps outside in the corridor, with muffled female voices and giggles.

The door knocked, and another round of laughter burst. He knew it was them. He just hoped it wasn’t them plus eight of their mates. He’s good, but not that good, and besides the room wouldn’t be big enough.

Shaun switched the TV channel to one of the music channels and opened the door. It was Sasha and Heidi, and that was it. No inquisitive extras thank god. Shaun was thrilled, but dialled down his thoughts, and beckoned them in. “Good evening ladies. Come in, you both look stunning.”

They’d both had quite a few drinks, but weren’t legless by any stretch. Heidi was first in, and just walked past and stared and bit her own bottom lip gently, and sat across the room on the desk chair.

Sasha passed from the hall, and provided a bit more of a proactive welcome, rasping her tongue into Shaun’s mouth and firmly grabbing his cock and balls through his jeans. She meant business. They both did really. Shaun’s hairs bristled up on his body. He could sense something good was going to happen. He moved across to the mini fridge and sorted drinks out.

The girls’ fashions were similar to the previous night. Heidi’s more teen, with a tight top, not cropped, but short enough to show a wedge of waist and stomach, with a short skirt with white runners. Sasha on the other hand, was of a more confident woman, given her physical advantages, and had crimped her hair, and was wearing a tight white dress, with flower print high heels, and a shoulder bag.

The room almost smelt of sex. Shaun was already feeling horny, and needed to get out of his jeans and get comfortable.

Sasha piped up towards Shaun, “Babe, get Heidi stripped bitte,” as she walked through into the bathroom.

Shaun smirked, and simply nodded as she closed the bathroom door behind her. He then turned his attentions to Heidi, and offered his hand to pull her up from the chair. She duly obliged and they grasped each other. Heidi straight to his jeans, unbuttoning and releasing his belt, whilst Shaun grabbed her top and violently pulled it up and over her head. He then lobbed her on the bed, unfastening her skirt and dragging it down over her white trainers. At the same time Heidi was already unclasping her bra. Shaun then completed the task with an agricultural knicker removal; the brief line catching on her hip slightly as he roughly pulled them down. Within seconds Shaun was also naked and had crawled on to the bed and was kissing Heidi’s thighs.

Heidi film izle was giggling and moaning faintly, enjoying the feeling, whilst her hands wondered across her own body, warming to the event.

Shaun was already hard due to expectation and was tempted to fuck her there and then, “but better to taste the whole menu, than to feast on a starter,” he told himself.

So, with a long-game mindset, he worked his way up to Heidi’s neat and petite shaved mound, already sodden with a glazed appearance, already disturbed by Heidi’s own wondering fingers. His nose pushed onto her as his tongue rasped down over her clit and the top of her pussy. It was causing Heidi’s legs to wriggle and gently roll and wrap across the back of Shaun as she groaned with pleasure.

He attended to Heidi for a tad longer, and then it dawned on him, that Sasha had been a good while in the bathroom. He called to her, and she replied, “One minute.”

Heidi took the opportunity to switch positions, and got Shaun to lay on his back, while she knelt at the end of the bed between his thighs, with her arse in the air. She then sank her head down on his fat hard cock, gripping the base of his shaft as she slurped and rasped across his bellend with more vigour than the other night. It felt amazing to Shaun, and he lay back and closed his eyes for a few seconds and took in the fantastic sensation.

He heard the bathroom door open, and at the foot of the bed, beyond Heidi’s raised arse, he could see Sasha standing there. She’d stripped completely apart from the high heels and had baby oiled her whole body. She looked incredible, and her look was finished off with a harness and a big fat wooden dildo fastened into position with a pronounced smooth varnished and oiled bellend. She must have put it in her bag when they got back to the hotel. Sasha looked like a sexual god had descended into the room. A stunning vision.

Heidi continued to suck and toss away on Shaun’s cock. She hadn’t noticed Sasha in the room, that is, until Sasha knelt down on the floor and gripped Heidi’s ankles on the end of the bed. It startled her for a split second, but she continued with her cock task.

Sasha then buried her face into Heidi’s arse rasping at her arse hole, which caused Heidi to tighten her mouth round Shaun’s cock and make a muffled dick-strangler of a groan.

Shaun was bubbling up inside, and his balls were telling him things were warming, then without any ceremony, Sasha gently pulled her face from Heidi’s arse hole, stood up, and guided her oil-soaked wooden strap-on into Heidi’s wet pussy.

Heidi’s mouth fell away from Shaun’s cock, her hand tightened on his shaft, as she grimaced and winced with pleasure. Inch by inch, the wooden strap-on moved onwards and inwards, without compromise. Nine fat inches of varnished mature oak filling her newly christened pussy, with Sasha looking calm and confident, holding Heidi’s waist from behind for balance and control.

Shaun couldn’t see the physical insertion, and in many ways, it was sexier that way. Sasha looking confident, focused, and in control, whilst Heidi’s body movements, along with her whimpers and facial expressions, gave him a huge thrill as his cock pulsed under her hand control.

Sasha widened her stance at the bottom of the bed, her fine high heels imprinting into the carpet, straight legged, beautifully tanned and toned. Heidi had pulled her knees slightly wider, dipped her body with her arse more pronounced, pushing Shaun’s thighs slightly wider to make space, her head laying on Shaun’s waist, his pubes flattened down by the side of her face, whilst she gripped and stroked his hard cock.

Then, with Sasha calling out to Heidi in a confident German tone, and with Heidi murmuring an acknowledgement, Sasha started rocking her hips, thrusting slowly at first, but quickly increased the pace.

Sasha was looking down watching in a determined but daze like fashion at the fat timber rod bio-mechanically plunging in and out Heidi’s stunning pussy. Shaun was so turned on by the scene he had grabbed round Heidi’s hand on his own cock and was controlling the leisurely cadence of her stroke.

Heidi was becoming more animated, calling out loud, breathing heavily, her body shifting and gently writhing as the rock-hard tool drilled into her. Sasha’s thrusting more animated with her oiled breasts rocking rhythmically.

Then, Heidi lifted her head slightly from the side of Shaun’s cock, and looked straight into his eyes, with a contorted look of part ecstasy and part despair. A wave started crashing through her. She yelled out loud, dug her fingers and nails into Shaun’s arm, her body snatched. Sasha’s face lit up with glee, and grabbed Heidi’s hips hard with her wooden strap on tool hilted all the way in. However, even with her grip and positioning, she couldn’t keep Heidi’s body under control, and Heidi bucked and twitched her pussy off the tool, and slumped onto Shaun. Her long legs sliding down onto the bed with her white sneaker covered feet twitching away.

It was such a sexy sight. seks filmi izle Shaun was incredibly hard, and Sasha had already slipped out of the harness. Heidi who was still laying on Shaun twitching, was unceremoniously dragged off him to one side by Sasha.

“My turn,” Sasha declared determinedly, as she climbed up the bed and knelt across Shaun’s head and dropped her clit right onto his nose, and started squirming. Shaun lapped his tongue around her pussy. It was sweaty and wet, and it tasted divine. She leant back slightly to grab his cock, and started jacking away on his fatness. Heidi was curled slightly on the bed to the side of them, de-trembling as her body recovered.

It didn’t take long for Sasha to become quite animated, and with her visibly flushed, she decanted herself from Shaun’s face, and ushered him to move. She lay down on her back where he’d been, and pulled her legs back and held them back by the stem of her high heels next to her head. It was clear she wanted a proper balls deep, hard fuck. The animal had awakened from within her.

She looked determined and it turned Shaun on so much. So, without further delay, he held his cock and guided his wide bellend and pushed it between her flushed entrance. She growled and stared at him. Meanwhile Heidi had gathered herself together and was next to them watching, squeezing and pawing at Sasha’s breasts and body.

Shaun then started pounding his cock. Leaning forward holding the backs of her thighs, with her legs in the air. Her pussy centre stage, giving her instant feedback, her nerve endings singing to her brain, as his cock, powered forces of pleasure deep into her.

Sasha was crying with joy, and Heidi had a sixth sense about such matters. She grabbed Sasha’s nearest leg and pulled it wider, and at the same time, it allowed her better access to Sasha’s clit, and with an ever-increasing attention over her mound, Sasha could hold back no more.

Sasha grunted, swore and wailed all at the same time producing an indescribable noise, thrashing her head from side to side on the pillow, her designer heels shaking high in the air as her thighs bucked away below. Heidi moved her hands up to Sasha’s breast and gently stroked them, whilst she continued to wriggle with her face screwed up. Shaun cock fell out of her. He was close, he just knew. “What next?” he thought. He hadn’t had any control so far, merely a foot soldier to their needs.

But Sasha had other selfish ideas. Without delay, and with her still twitching, she snapped at Heidi and pointed at her own soaked pussy. Heidi with an obedient manner, moved round between Sasha’s thighs which were now laying parted on the bed, and again in an all-fours position, Heidi lowered her head and established contact with Sasha’s German pleasure palace.

Shaun’s cock was ready to explode, he just needed somewhere to call home for a minute or so, and he saw his chance.

He walked across and retrieved the oil from the bathroom, and then from the base of the bed, he dribbled some of the bottle’s contents down onto Heidi’s stretched butt cheeks as she was bent over Sasha.

Shaun then pushed his fat end against Heidi’s arse hole. It looked a physical impossibility, and feeling the pressure being applied to her ring, she snapped her head round worryingly and shouted “Nein.”

Sasha, who was in her element being eaten and fingered by Heidi barked back at her in German. Whatever was said, Heidi nervously then nodded to Shaun, and re-buried her head between Sasha’s thighs. But she wasn’t active with Sasha. Heidi had tensed and was gripping Sasha’s thighs hard with expectation.

Then, with her mumbling in German, Shaun applied pressure, and his fat bell end slowly stretched open her lubed sphincter and it disappeared into her tight arse. The sharp pain made Heidi squeal and Sasha swore due to Heidi digging her fingers into her thighs.

Shaun was in wonder at the sight of his cock slowly sinking into her arse. Inch by inch slinking into her dark depths, with a small seam of oil being pushed along his shaft as it’s gobbled up by her tight rectum.

Heidi relaxed slightly once it was hilted. Shaun squirmed for optimum position, and with Heidi breathing heavy with puffed cheeks, he drew his shaft back and started fucking her arse. Methodical strokes, causing her to now hug Sasha’s waist and groan heavily, whilst Sasha stroked her head and shoulders.

An utter rare delight for Shaun. His girlfriend back home never gave up her arse under any circumstances, and it was a decade since he’d got some back door action. He was loving the sensation, but he knew he was close, and sensing similar from Heidi he tightened his grip and plundered his tingling cock deep into her shit box, fucking hard and fast, with her petite butt cheeks gently quivering.

Heidi, was being extremely vocal, and quickly moved one of her hands down and started rubbing herself. It was brief, perhaps less than ten seconds, and then a massive wave of pleasure emanated away from her clit. She screamed and screeched. At the same time Shaun’s cock exploded deep within her. Warm threads of cum pulsing out of his cock crashing deep inside her rectum, and with it hilted, hips tensed, a few final globs of jizz dribbled inside her virginally fucked arse.

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Going Solo for the First Time

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My husband and I have been visiting sex clubs for about ten years now. I was reluctant initially to go, but after a lot of reassurance from him, I said I would, as long as I could make the rules, and he promised to love me no matter what might transpire.

Our first visit was to a club that had a dungeon, pool, hot tub, and several different levels of rooms. We didn’t play with anyone, but he did tie me to the cross, and I enjoyed being aroused and stimulated manually. We made use of the private room, but that was it.

Fast forward about seven years, and we discovered another club that we very much enjoyed, since they had theme days. I am a white female, fitness instructor/trainer, and I work very hard to keep in shape. So I have a lot of energy, endurance, and a very high sex drive.

I also have a great love of black men. I have no urge to have sex with any caucasian men other than my husband. Our club has a BBC event once a month (I wish it was more!), and i have been lucky to enjoy many virile and well endowed men.

I finally developed enough confidence to attend a BBC event on my own. I did ask my hubby to come in with me initially and buy me a drink so I could undress and relax. Once I took a couple of sips of liquid courage, I sent him on his way with instructions to not return until I texted him.

Dressed in a semi sheer cover-up, with my long hair spilling down, partially covering my erect nipples, I decided to take a stroll around the club. It was early yet, so it was relatively quiet with only about twenty men and women lounging at the bar.

As I stopped to watch one of several screens showing different porn flicks, a handsome guy in his early thirties, Vince, walked over to me. He was about six feet tall, well muscled, with sexy bedroom eyes and a gorgeous smile. We immediately began chatting, and of course, flirting, and before long he asked me if I would like to go into ankara yabancı escortlar one of the three doored rooms.

The room had muted lighting, but it was not dark. As soon as Vince closed the door, I removed my cover-up, walked over to him, and dropped to my knees. I pulled his towel away, and a scrumptiously thick, fully erect 8.5 inch cock revealed itself to me.

Vince said, “I want you to suck my cock just a little, because I’m going to need a lot of time to fuck your pussy. And then I’m going to take your ass, baby”.

I loved how dominant he behaved, as if he knew I needed it. I swirled my tongue around the tip of his cock, and then licked his shaft to the base and back up. I took as much of his thickness in my mouth as I could and sucked him noisily. He moaned and spurred me on with his sounds of appreciation.

After about five minutes he reached down and gently took my hands to help me up. We moved to the bed, and I laid down on my back, stared longingly at his cock, and rubbed myself slowly. He crawled onto the bed, between my legs, and began licking and sucking my clit, while groping my ass.

I whispered my need to have him inside me but he kept sucking and stroking my clit with his strong tongue, while moving his hands up to grab my nipples and roll them between his fingers and thumbs. I can orgasm just having my nipples sucked or stimulated, so that in combination with the oral sex had me squealing and squirting in orgasm.

He pulled away to reach for a condom and after rolling it on, crawled on top of me, and slowly penetrated my pussy. He was so perfectly thick, I nearly came again once he was fully inside. He fucked me hard and fast after that, kissing me while our tongues intertwined.

After another intense climax, Vince told me to flip over onto my belly. At first he just laid on top of me. It felt so intimate. Then he reached down and inserted ankara yeni escortlar his finger into my wetness before withdrawing it and swirling it around my anus, and began to gently insert his finger. I’m a lover of anal sex, so it was easy to accept his finger and I began moaning as he pumped my ass first with one, then two fingers.

He said he needed to prepare me for his very thick shaft.

He penetrated my soaking wet pussy first, lubricating himself, and then withdrew and began to slowly penetrate my ass. It was the thickest cock I’d ever taken anally, and the pain was intense at first, but Vince was very aware of his size and he took his time to make it good for me. I felt so dominated, so owned.

Once he was fully in it took only seconds and I was screaming in orgasmic bliss. He began going faster, harder, and I came again. I lost track of time, but I think we fucked for about forty five minutes before he emptied himself in my ass.

He went and opened the door, where there were other men and a couple who were asking to join in.

Vince asked my permission to let them in, which I happily agreed to.

Three more beautiful black men came in, as well as a caucasian couple who were around my age. At this point, Vince asked me if I would be okay while he got a drink and a shower. He was so sweet and concerned about my comfort level. I said I was good, and thanked him.

Now I have never done anything with another woman in any of the previous times we were at the clubs, but this turned out to be the first (but not the last!) time I played with one.

One of the guys got on the bed in front of me. I got on all fours and began sucking his impressive cock, while his friend entered my pussy from behind. (Yes, it happened that fast.) While I was being split roasted, I felt hands massaging my tits, and then, after a few minutes, fingers rubbing my clit. I could feel another ankara oral yapan escortlar orgasm building-the fingers seemed to have the ability to touch me exactly the right way-and I bucked and swallowed the cock in my mouth while I came again. It was so intense, I felt dizzy.

That’s when I heard a voice whisper in my ear, “Was it good for you, sweetheart?” and it was a female voice! I could not believe it. I’m definitely straight, but it felt so good to have her expert fingers stroking my clit, while I was being fucked hard.

After that, she laid down and the guy I had been blowing started fucking her. Her husband took the place of the guy who had been fucking me. And he came around in front of me, pulled off the condom, and I sucked his dick until he shot down my throat, and I cleaned every last drop off of him. The husband came at about the same time, so I was having a bit of a rest.

I was watching the wife being fucked on her hands and knees, and I’d always been curious about what it would feel like to suck a womans tits. So I asked her if I could try, and she said please do, She said that she loved having her tits sucked. I said I did too. So I crawled closer, rolled onto my back, and got under her tits. I started sucking on her soft, large nipples, and gently stroked my clit and labia. It was so erotic, and I loved it. She had a huge climax while I sucked her nipples hard, drawing one, then the other into my mouth, and the guy who was fucking her totally got off on what we were doing. He started groaning, thrusting harder and faster, and emptied himself into her pussy.

The group of us laid and sat on the bed afterward, relaxing and talking for a bit, until Vince knocked at the door to ask me if I was ready for round three, because he had four friends who wanted to take turns double penetrating me…but that’s another story.

The club doesn’t allow phones/cameras/photos, so you’ll have to use your imaginations, But I can assure you that this is a very real story, and I will be writing part two soon. As for personal info, I’m 5’6″, brunette with waist length hair, and a fit, athletic build (I teach yoga, spin, Pilates, and HIIT training classes).

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Breaking The Barrier Ch. 02

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I squinted my eyes as the sunlight touched my face. My stomach growled and I realized that I did not get to eat anything last night. I sat on my bed and the soreness of my lady parts reminded me of last night’s incident. My body went hot all over as I remembered how my best friends touched me and sent me to a place I never knew before.

I was standing up when my bedroom door opened and Sandro entered.

“Hey.” He smiled as he walk towards me.

“Hey.” I blushed remembering that his handsome face was once between my legs.

“You hungry? You haven’t eaten last night.”

Yeah I didn’t eat last night, coz I was too busy getting eaten!

I mentally slapped myself from my dirty thought. God! What’s wrong with me?

“We heated last night’s dinner.” Sandro held my hands and helped me stand up. “Come on, let’s eat.”

We walked out of my room his hand still holds mine. When we reached the dining room, Cato greeted us with a huge smile on his face.

“How are you feeling?” Cato asked as he pulled a chair for me.

“Fine,” I answered plainly unable to meet their eyes. Now, that the sun is up and I’m facing them, I felt the uncertainty rising in my chest and doubts filled my mind.

Did we do the right thing? How can we keep on being friends when I know that last night’s happening would change everything? How can I look at them without remembering how good they made me feel?

Cato was putting some Thai food on my plate when Sandro lifted up my chin to look at him. “Tell us what you’re thinking,” he commanded. He was standing beside me, his hand resting at the back of my chair.

“What happened last night.. I-I think-” My words tumble out of my mouth, unsure of what I really wanted to say. I enjoyed what happened last night but I don’t think we should do it again.

“Can we forget about it,” I sighed. How can I forget about last night?

I looked away and stared at my food. We were silent for a moment until Sandro said a resounding ‘no.’ I flinched at my seat and gulped. I felt embarrassed not because of his rejection but because I could feel my juices soak my underwear.

I squeaked as Sandro picked me up and placed me on the dining table. He’s standing between my legs and he’s so close I could feel his breath on my face. He put his hands on either side of my face and forced me to look at him. His dark brown eyes become darker by the second.

“What happened last night happened because we all let it happen,” Sandro’s voice was stern and his eyes are full something I can’t comprehend — anger, annoyance, desire? Sandro is usually the composed and rational one among us but right now, I could see how pissed he is.

“S, calm down,” Cato — who’s usually the frisky one — seriously said. “Let’s hear what she has to say,” he continued and for the first time in our four years of friendship, Cato was the rational one.

Sandro exhaled and placed his hands on the table on either side of my thighs. Cato rubbed my back and said, “Do you really want to just forget about last night?” I looked at him and his eyes do not have their usual gleam.

I looked down and sighed. Do I really want to forget about one of the best nights in my life?

“I don’t know.” I put my hands on my face. “You guys are my best friends and what happened last night will definitely ruin what we have.”

Sandro removed my hands from my face. He’s mood has changed and I can feel him calm down. “Did you want what we did last night?”

“I don’t know,” I answered hesitantly.

Sandro smirked, his face smug. He looked at Cato, his eyes had the look of mischievousness, “What do you think, C? Did her begging last night sound like she’s unsure?” My face felt hot and my breath was caught.

I looked at Cato and his usual cheeky grin has returned as he replied, “Not sure, man.” His gaze landed on me and his smile got wider. “But her moans did sound like she definitely wants it.” I gulped at their words and I can’t help but whimper.

I could feel Sandro’s hands explore my thighs until he reached the hem of my underwear. I tensed as he played with it and I could feel the gush of liquid leak from my underwear. Cato placed an open mouth kiss on my neck and I can’t stop myself from moaning and tilting my head back.

“Looks like she wants it again,” Sandro whispered as he inserted two fingers on my underwear and plunged it inside me. I placed my hands on his shoulders and groaned. I involuntarily lifted my hips and spread my legs wider.

Cato was now sucking my right breasts through my shirt and Sandro’s fingers are moving slowly inside of me. Agonizingly slow. I need more! I tried to lift my hips and thrust myself on his fingers, wanting to speed up the pace but their hands are restraining me.

“Please,” I whispered. My voice is so soft I wasn’t even sure I said a word.

“Hmm did you hear that?” Sandro asked, amused. “It sounds like someone wants a repeat of last night.”

“Should we give it to her?” erotik film izle Cato replied and I felt his finger tap my clitoris.

I moaned. Their hands are amazing and the way they talk about me as if I wasn’t in the room was doing something in my body.

Sandro’s fingers moved faster inside me while Cato rubbed small circles on my clitoris. I could feel myself getting closer and closer and my moans are getting louder and louder. Sandro curved his fingers inside me and I jolt as he touched a spot inside. He pulled it out then drove it in fast. After a couple of strokes, I could feel myself reaching the peak. I could almost feel it, feel myself getting undone until…

“I don’t think so.”

My eyes snapped open as both of their hands stopped and quickly vanished from my body. Both of them are looking at me amusedly, playful smirks are plastered on their faces.

Sandro grabbed some tissue and held his two fingers up. “She’s dripping,” he announced. I blushed as he wiped them with the tissue. “But I think she wants to forget what happened last night and we should respect that. Right, C?” Sandro’s eyes are looking at me intensely, his face smug.

“Definitely,” Cato agreed and both of them put a distance from me.

I was horny and panting and confused. My legs are spread wide and I could feel my juice dripping on my thighs. I stared at them as their words sank.

Oh please don’t.

My nightmare was confirmed when Sandro spoke, “We’ll get going, Renée.” He kissed my cheek and whispered, “Sorry for last night, it won’t happen again.” His eyes are gleaming as he walked out of the room.

Cato kissed my nose before saying, “We’ll see you around hopefully, we can forget about last night.” He flashed a cheeky grin before following Sandro out of the room.

I heard the front door closed as the frightening realization dawned on me.

It will be impossible for us to go back to what we were and I don’t think I want to either.

* * * * *

When I met Leon for our date later that day, I was so distracted. My mind kept wandering, dreaming about the eyes and the grins of the very people who left me unsatisfied this morning. I was not able to remember anything from the play we watched nor from the conversations we had — that is if Leon talking nonstop while I reminisce my best friends’ hands on me can be considered a conversation.

“You seem distracted today,” Leon glanced at me. He was driving me home from the play that I barely watched.

“Just really tired. You know work and all.” Oh and have I mentioned that I was left horny and frustrated by my best friends so I touched myself but my arousal was not quenched a bit?

“I understand. The hospital is very busy as well this past week.” The car stopped and I realized that we already reached my apartment. Leon opened the door and I stepped out of his car.

“Thanks for today and I deeply apologize for being so distracted.”

“Apology accepted BUT If you’re really sorry, maybe you could spare some time again with me next week?” He grinned and I can’t help but smile back.

“Sure,” I answered and he took a step towards me. Oh god is he gonna kiss me?!

Before I can process everything, his lips are on mine. I gasped and after a while, I closed my eyes. The images of a blue-eyed man hungrily kissing me and a brown-eyed male devouring my lips flashed before my eyes. Fortunately, Leon broke the kiss and smiled again. I smiled back at him, the feeling of guilt spreading on my chest.

“I’ll see you on Saturday?” He asked, his eyes looking at mine.

“Yeah, I’ll see you then.”

I watched as he drove away. I don’t know why I felt that going out with him feels wrong. I shrugged off the feeling and planned to sleep it through.

* * * * *

Three days passed and true to their words, Sandro and Cato never mentioned about what happened last Friday night — and the morning after — and acted as if nothing has changed between us. As for me, I try my best to act normal but every time they would come close to me or touch me, my breath hitch and I involuntary squirm. The image of the things they did to my body never left my mind and my imagination ran wildest whenever they are with me.

I slumped on my office chair hoping to catch some sleep before the lunch break is over.

“Wednesdays are boring!” Melanie, my co-worker and my only office friend, sat on the cubicle next to me.

“You have plans for tonight?” She asked. I looked at her and groaned a ‘yeah’

“Okay let me rephrase that. Aside from watching TV and sleeping, do you have plans for tonight?” She looked at me knowingly.

I closed my eyes and remained silent.

“There’s a newly opened bar downtown.”

“Pass,” I quietly answered.

“Come on! Have some fun! My birthday is coming, let’s celebrate!” She poked my arm and I opened my eyes to look at her.

“It’s the middle of the week and your birthday is not until next week,” I said hoping film izle for her to drop the subject.

“Okay I won’t force you to come tonight but promise me you’ll come next Friday to celebrate my birthday.” She looked at me hopefully.

“Fine,” I finally agreed. Mel squealed and I smiled. I realized that it has been a while since I last went out with her so I owe her this one. Maybe this might also take my mind off of two men who barge in my mind 24/7.

“Am I invited?” Out of the blue, Abby — the most annoying girl in town — butted in.

“Are you my friend?” Mel rolled her eyes at her.

“I can reserve a VIP room for you guys. I know someone from there,” she said not hinting Mel’s annoyance. Or maybe she did.

I rolled my eyes and Mel replied to her, “No thanks! I already reserved a room.” I’m not sure whether it’s a lie because like me, Mel is tight on budget. But what I’m sure is that we both don’t want Abby around.

And if you think the name Abby is familiar, you’re right because it is the same girl who stalked and harassed Cato after he broke up with her.

“Okay but expect me to be there! I’ll be going with Brad.” Her eyes are forming hearts as she mentioned his name but I did not fail to notice her sideways glance at me.

Yes, the world is so so small that the ‘Brad’ she is dating is the same Brad who pressured me into giving up my virginity. And not to be self-centered, but I think she only dated Brad because she wanted to get back at me because I am friends with Cato and she did not like that.

“She’s such a bitch!” Mel hissed as Abby went to sit on her cubicle.

* * * * *

I am peacefully watching The Crown when I felt the hair on my body rise and before I can look around, a husky voice whispered on my ear, “You want to come?” Flashbacks of hands and orgasm filled my mind.

I whipped my head and stared face to face with Sandro. “What?” I looked at him and my mouth slightly parted.

His eyes are intense as he looked at me. “I said do you want to come and eat? We brought some dinner.” He smiled and I’m pretty sure he’s aware of what he does to my body.

I squealed as I felt myself being lifted up from the couch. I smacked Cato’s chest as he placed me on a dining chair. He just chuckled and kissed my cheeks. I blushed.

“How come I didn’t notice you enter my home?” I grabbed a pepperoni pizza and took a bite.

“How was your date by the way? We never got to ask you about that,” Cato asked ignoring my question as he poured me a soda.

“It was fine. We watched a play then ate dinner. We had fun.” I replied nonchalantly.

“What was the play about?” Sandro inquired.

“It’s a –” I rummaged my brain for anything I can remember about the play for I only remembered thinking about them and how they left me aroused and frustrated. “It’s about uhm America’s founding father.” I finished my pizza and take another one from the box.

“Oh you watched Hamilton? How did you like it?” Sandro looked at me and I can sense something in his voice that I can’t quite point.

“It’s good, the songs are great,” I focused my attention on my pizza hoping that they won’t ask for more.

“What was your favorite song?” Cato asked.

Why did they have to ask? Why did they have to know about the play?

“I don’t remember much about the songs but I liked them,” I stood up and started washing my hands hoping to avoid their questions.

“Hmm did you cry when Eliza died?” Sandro asked as he stood beside me and washed his hands.

I quickly went to the table and started cleaning, disposing the empty pizza box and soda cans. “Yeah definitely. It was so sad, good thing I brought some tissue with me.”

“Oh yeah?” Cato has this mischievous look plastered on his beautiful face. “I almost teared on that part too. You did too right, S?” I kept my head down. Something is wrong and it stresses me that I don’t know what it is.

I felt Sandro’s chest on my back and I stiffened. He placed his hands on my waist as he softly said, “Hmm it’s sad isn’t it? But you know what really brings me to tears when I watch plays?”

“What?” I whispered. My breathing is getting ragged as I feel his thumb draw circles on my waist.

“When the heroine was so horny and aroused but she didn’t get to come so she was frustrated all day and can’t focus on her date.” My eyes went wide. What the?

“How di-” I turned around and was met by Sandro’s hungry lips. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth but before I can explore his, he stopped and looked at me. His intense stare was melting me and I felt my knees wobble.

We stared for a couple of seconds before he picked me up, placed me on his shoulder and walked to my room like a caveman.

“Sandro, put me down!” I hit him on his back and kicked my feet.

“Stay still, baby girl,” Sandro said and spanked my bottom. I stiffened and I felt my core clenched.

I saw Cato inside my room as Sandro dropped me on my bed. They seks filmi izle stood on either side of the bed staring down at me. I suddenly felt self-conscious and tried to sit up.

“Stay down,” Sandro commanded and I followed without thinking.

“Are you horny?” Sandro asked, his face void of any emotion. I looked at Cato hoping for him to save me from humiliation.

Cato sat beside me and traced a finger from my neck to my shoulders to my chest and it stopped on my cleavage. “Should we just check?” Cato whispered.

My pulse raised and I felt Cato drag his hands across my stomach before stopping on the top of my pants. He looked at me before removing my pants. I raised my hips to help him and he successfully removed it together with my underwear.

Cato met my eyes as he dipped a finger in my groin. He pushed it inside once then twice and it took a lot of strength to stop myself from moaning. He removed his finger and raised it. I felt my blood rush to my face as I saw my wetness dripping on his finger.

“I’m gonna ask one more time, baby. Are you horny?” My eyes went back to Sandro and his heated gaze caused more wetness on my core.

I nodded. No reason for me to hide it when the evidence is dripping from Cato’s hand.

“What do you want us to do?”

I tried to open my mouth but no words came out. Touch me. Touch me again please!

Sandro sat on my bed and lightly touched my hard nipples over my shirt. He looked at me as he slipped his hand under my shirt and scratched my nipple with his fingernail. I whimpered, begging him with my eyes to touch me more.

He raised my shirt over my chest and bit my nipple deliciously. At the same time, Cato penetrated two fingers inside me.

Sandro’s eyes brightened as if he remembered something. “Oh, I know what you want.” He smiled at me before continuing, “You want us to stop this and forget everything right?” He grabbed both my breasts and squeezed and I felt Cato add another finger inside me.

No, I want you inside me.

“Answer me, baby. Or do you want us to go?” Sandro threatened and both of them stopped pleasuring me.

“Please don’t go.” I arched my back begging them to continue touching me.

“Then tell us what you want.” I looked at both of them and closed my eyes. Shame, arousal, and nervousness clouded my mind.

My voice was barely audible when I confessed, “I want you guys inside me.”

“Want what where?” Sandro looked at me seriously and Cato removed his fingers inside me.

“Do I really have to say that? You know what I mean.” I reached a pillow and covered my face out of embarrassment.

Sandro took the pillow and helped me sit up. “Do you know what this implies, baby?”

I looked at him before I nodded.

“What does it mean?”

I took a deep breath, “That I want to give you my virginity.”

“And are you fully aware that it is impossible to forget about this night, the other night, and the many nights after this?” Cato put a hand on my cheek as he said those words.

And the many nights after this? I blushed. Fuck this! I don’t care if they’re my friends, I have wanted this for so long. I nod my head, fully aware of the consequences of our actions.

“Now, tell us what you want and I want you to use your big girl words,” Sandro coerced.

Big girl words? What does that supposed to mean?

“I want you to be specific. What do you want to put inside you and what exactly is ‘inside you’?” Sandro’s eyes are full of lust and I bit my lip to stop a whimper.

“Your thing. I want them in my lady canal,” I whispered, blushing at my words.

I heard both of them chuckle and Cato lifted my chin with a finger. We stared at each other before he slowly drove three fingers inside me. I let out a shaky breath and closed my eyes.

“Open your eyes. We’re not yet done talking.” I opened my eyes and looked at Sandro before he removed my shirt and left me buck naked while both of them are still fully dressed.

Cato’s fingers are gaining speed and I released another moan. Sandro laid me on the bed whilst kissing my lips and sucking my tongue.

“Baby, you have to be more specific than that,” Sandro said in between our kisses.

When I didn’t answer, they pulled away from me and stood up.

Oh no! Please not again!

I panicked, searching for words I can say to please them. “Don’t go please! What do you want me to say? I’ll say it just don’t leave me again like this,” I begged.

“We’re not leaving, Renée. We just think it’s unfair that you’re naked and we’re not,” Cato said as I watched them remove their shirts. Cato sat back on the bed and dove his head on my shoulders, biting and sucking, while I watch Sandro remove his pants and underwear.

Oh my! He’s big! I inhaled deeply as I watch his penis bob up and down. He is long and thick, so much bigger than my dildo. His penis is leaking of precum and I bit my lips to prevent myself from begging to lick it. I don’t think I can put it in my mouth, it’s so thick!

He stepped on the bed and placed himself between my thighs.

“Are you sure about this, baby?” Sandro rubbed the tip of his penis on my slit, eliciting another moan from me.

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