Ch. 05: Gangbang

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Someone (she thought those hands were Donald’s) lifted her hips and set her on her knees. She was still crumpled and half-conscious, but she wanted more. She wanted to feel those turgid, manly cocks invading her holes. She wanted them to take turns banging away at her doggie style. She wanted to be stood up and bent over and pounded in her pussy. Her anus was now itching for more stimulation; it was no longer sore from last night, but rather stimulated from the poking she took a few minutes earlier. She was ready. She knew what was expected of her, and she was prepared to deliver.

Jennifer grabbed a cover from the bed closest to her and fanned it out in the middle of the room. She felt her way to the center of the spread and got on all fours. She wiggled her ass in the air and said, teasingly, “Who’s next? Rowf!! Bow wow! Woof!”

Someone must have been at the ready with his condom on, because he came right over to her, got on his knees and pulled her hips close. She was hot and wet and ready – there was no need for lubricant this time. He pushed his cock roughly into her and she exhaled hard, “Uh! Uh! Uh!” as he pounded and banged away at her. Her hand reached underneath her and stroked her own clit. “Mmmm… mmmm…..mmmm…..” she moaned happily. With a thrust and a grunt he came and slipped out, only to be replaced by another immediately.

“You guys on Viagra or what?” she asked, with a smile as one man with a moustache (Donald!) came close and kissed her gaziantep bayan escort on the mouth with plenty of tongue.

“Hi, sweetie,” she whispered.

“God, Jen, you are the hottest fuck ever – talk about your ‘twisted sister,’ you take the cake!” was his whispered reply in her ear as the man behind her stroked into her pussy long and deep. She smiled wide and opened her mouth provocatively. She wasn’t disappointed; soon she was happily sucking on yet another cock.

She pulled off for an instant, “How many guys are here again?”

“Just us three…now get back to business, cock sucking whore.” After the man doing her doggie-style slipped out for a new play, she rolled onto her back and drew Donald’s cock back down her throat, using her hands on his ass to control the depth and pace. She didn’t fail to impress him…her depth and capability and pacing were quite satisfactory. No gag reflex, and he was as deep as her lungs, it seemed like. When she had him stroking in and out at the pace she liked, she released his ass and began again to massage her breasts and tweak her nipples. They were so tender and large and hard…she pinched them roughly and squirmed. The other two seemed to have recovered adequately and were stroking themselves to build up good, rigid, hard-ons once again. One sat in a chair and said, “Come on back here and sit on my lap, sweetheart.”

She got up and joined him, getting a handful of lubricant he offered her as she came close. This she coated her ass crack with…knowing what was expected of her. She lowered herself slowly onto his cock, slipping it with some difficulty into her asshole. “Aaaaaaaahhh…. ungh….ungh…. ungh…..mmmmmmmm.”

Her vocalizations were such a turn on – it was clear she was new to ass-fucking, but she was so willing, and seemed to enjoy it once they got going. Now that he was buried in her butt, he raised her up with his strong biceps, and allowed her to slip up and down the pole. “I wanna be stuffed,” she said. “Who’s gonna stuff me?” With her blindfold on she couldn’t have known that another man was within inches of stabbing her cunt with his sword, so no sooner were the words out of her mouth than she was impaled by a hunk of meat somewhat larger than she was ready for.

Her legs shot out and she was practically balanced on her ass, held up between two men stroking in and out. The man she was sitting on was unable to move and stroke, but he busied himself with her nipples. The other one was bracing himself on the arms of the chair, and it was an awkward position. “I think it’s time to make her “airtight,” he said. He slid out and lifted her off the other man’s cock. Her ass felt raw and open.

They moved back to the floor where Jennifer mounted the man laid out there. Another straddled his chest so that his cock was in her face and she readily took it in and began to suck hungrily. Last of all, someone moved in behind her, reapplied plenty of lubricant, and slid his cock into her willing ass.

“Ohhhhhhh, god, yes, this is it,” said the guy in her ass. He had the advantage of being able to watch her head bob and dip as she sucked prick right in front of him. The only sounds heard were moans and grunts, and the squish sound of flesh melding together. They stroked and banged and screwed until she sucked the one in front of her off, taking all of his cum into her mouth and swishing it around for his viewing pleasure until she deliberately, with three gulps, made a show of swallowing his jism. He left the room and went to start the shower. The man underneath her reached up with his head to bite her nipples and squeeze her ample tits. The man behind began to grunt and rut and shoved his cock in harder and harder until she squealed, and he came until he figured he had ripped through his latex protection. Slipping out, he disposed of his condom, leaving only Jennifer, riding cowgirl style, on one other man. He reached up and untied her blindfold, and she saw his face. It was Donald, and he had delivered as promised, even on short notice. “The gun?” she asked, as she continued to flow up and down his pole.

“Cap gun, never loaded,” he replied. “You had to think it was real.”

Recalling the sheer terror she felt when she was sure her life was in peril, and then the adrenaline rush, and behaving like such a good cum-slut, guilt-free since she was “forced” to do so, she forgave him the frightening ruse he had provided. They rolled as one, and he screwed her harder and faster, until, gasping for air, they both came.

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Caring Co-worker… and Her Friend

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This is my first attempt at this kind of writing. More then happy to hear any feedback. Thanks


I’ve been married for six years now. It’s a pretty common story, my wife and I started with a very active sex life but that quickly tapered off to the occasional encounter. We’re in our early 30s, both quite fit and healthy. There is no particular reason we are so rarely intimate, just how things end up sometimes I guess.

My name is Dean. I’ve been working at the same Marketing Firm for over 10 years now. I’ve known some of my co-workers longer then I’ve known my wife and have become very comfortable with them… perhaps too comfortable. There is one woman in particular who I am quite close with. A gorgeous redhead named Gwen, with very large breasts and an amazing lil’ bubble butt. Her ears are adorned with numerous piercings and she has a really well done tattoo sleeve on her left arm (yes, I asked her if she has any other tattoos and she just shrugged her shoulders and gave me a coy smile). I never really thought of her “that way” until recently. She was in a serious relationship until a few months ago and since the breakup has been dressing much more provocatively then normal. Hell, a day last week she came to my desk to discuss a brief and her breasts almost popped out of this tiny white shirt she was wearing as she bent over my desk. I couldn’t help but stare and I know she caught me. Again, I got her patented coy smile.

We vent about everything during our lunches away from the office. She is well aware of my sexual frustrations. A few days ago over Thai, I thought I had gone too far. In my ramblings I admitted that I haven’t received a blowjob since before my wife (she’s just not in to that). I also said that the odd time me do have sex, I love to go down on her. I always makes sure she cums at least once from my tongue before we do anything. I surprised myself with the statement.

Gwen looked stunned but responded casually. “That’s just not fair. She should be giving as good as she gets. I know I would.”

Again, that coy smile was shot my way.

We both had a laugh and I changed the topic of conversation to ease the awkwardness. I have to admit, I couldn’t stop thinking about her the rest of the day though. My cock hardened as I sat at my desk, thinking about her soft lips wrapped around my shaft. Needless to say it was a long afternoon before I could get home and provide myself with a little release.

That weekend, there was a party at an old co-workers house who lived out in the country. My wife was supposed to attend but wasn’t feeling very well that evening so she opted out. I skipped the early BBQ part of the party and strolled in around 9pm. The party was already going strong. I said my “hello’s” as I walked around and stopped in mid-stride as I saw Gwen across the living-room. She was wearing gaziantep bayan escort a short skirt, showing off her fantastic legs and a probably the tightest top I had ever seen. She was busting out of it and every man in the room was loving it.

My mind immediately raced back to the though of her lips wrapped around my cock, head bobbing up and down. My cock twitched but it was too late to avoid her, no time to calm down. We had already made eye contact and she motioned for me to go to her. I didn’t even notice her hot friend, Jen, standing beside her as I walked up and she gave me a big hug. There was no doubt she felt my cock twitch again as our bodies met, she let out a sweet little moan in my ear right before we released the embrace. That smile was waiting for me again.

Not to be rude, I gave her friend a hug as well although I didn’t get close enough for her to feel my hardening dick. Jen was a tall blonde, in her mid 20’s with small perky tits and a tight ass. She was quite slim and looked amazing in her school girl like plaid skirt and white tank-top outfit she had on. I had met her a few times and we got along quite well. I had heard many stories from Gwen about Jens crazy adventures. She was a very free-spirited bisexual and I was sure she had a thing for Gwen.

The booze was flowing heavily throughout the night. People were having a great time and we were all more then a little tipsy. As some point, I got the desire for a joint so I invited the girls out with me. The three of us stumbled outside and into the vast backyard that bordered on farmland. We walked around chatting until we found a nice open space in a clearing, the stars and moon lit up the area as if it were almost daylight.

We all sat down in the grass, myself in the middle and I sparked up. We passed the joint around a few times and just sat there. To my surprise, Gwen blurted out to Jen, “Can you believe he hasn’t had a blowjob in over six years! SIX YEARS! His wife won’t suck his cock at all.”

“Damn, is that true?” Jen asked me. “You must be ready to explode or something… stay back, sounds dangerous.”

We all laughed but I had to admit that it was true.

“You know what, you know how much I like sucking cock. I’d be happy to help you out.” Gwen said while looking me straight in the eyes, “Friends help friends right?”

Just hearing her say how much she enjoyed sucking cock made my dick jump. Without waiting for a response her hands were quickly rubbing my hardening cock through my shorts. “You certainly seem to be OK with the idea.”

I nodded and looked toward Jen.

“Don’t worry about me,” she said “I’m always up for a free show. mmmmmmm. You suck him good baby.”

With that I laid back. Gwen had my shorts off in no time. She pushed my legs apart and positioned herself between them. I first felt her tongue gently teasing my balls. A few quick flicks followed by her sucking with force. She knew just the amount of pressure to use as she sucked each one in deep, soaking my balls. Her hand slowly came up and wrapped around my cock. She firmly started stroking me as she continued to work below.

“Mmmmmm, damn baby, that looks fucking tasty. He’s freaking huge.” Jen said. I looked over and saw that she had her skirt up, panties to the side and she was slowly playing with her clit, watching the action.

Gwen released my balls and said that it tasted even better then it looked before taking my cock all the way down and holding herself there. I could feel the muscles at the back of her throat contracting before she released, grasping for air.

“I’ve been wanting this cock for years. I’m going to make you cum so hard Dean. I want you to cum in my mouth baby, fill it up. I want to be your whore.”

And with that I reached down, grabbed her hair and pulled her down hard on my dick. “mmm, suck me like a good little whore.”

Both girls moaned with pleasure, seemingly turned on by me calling Gwen a whore. I figured I’d try my luck and said “Take my cock in deep you little slut. Milk my fucking cum from that fat cock you little bitch.”

That appeared to set her off. She started sucking on my cock faster and harder, slobber dripping down my balls. Feeling that I was getting close, I held her head in place and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth hard.

“Fuck yes, fuck her face Dean. That’s so damn hot.” I heard from Jen as I kept pumping. “Jesus, I gonna’ fucking cum watching you guys, fuuuuuucccccckkkkk.”

I watched as she started squirming, “Yes, cum for me as I fill up you slut friend’s hot mouth bitch. Mmmm yes Gwen, I’m gonna’ cum too baby. Suck up all that cum baby. Damn.”

I came hard in Gwen’s mouth, shooting load after load deep down her throat. She kept sucking me hard, milking every single last drop from me. Ending it by sucking hard on the tip of my dick.

I hadn’t even noticed until then that Gwen had slipped out of her skirt. I don’t even know if she had had underwear on but that was gone too. Her breasts were popping out the top of her shirt and she looked so hot.

“I have to return the favour.”

I pulled her up forcefully. She slid up my body and mounted my face. She let out a loud moan as my tongue reached her wetness. I slid my tongue across her slit a few times before finding her clit. I teased her in my mouth, gently flicking her clit before sucking it in hard. She tasted so good and I started devouring her.

I had forgotten about Jen completely with my full attention on Gwen. Without being able to see anything I felt hot breath on my still hard cock. Jen sucked me in deep as I continued working on her friend. After another minute or so, and a whole bunch of slobber, I felt her lower herself on me.

“Fuuuck yes,” I heard her moan as she pushed me in to the hilt. As soon as she had me all the way in she began bouncing on my cock with vigour.

I kept my concentration on the delicious pussy riding my face and let her do her thing. I felt that Jen was getting close, her body was beginning to tense up. I broke off for a second just to say, “Cum for me you little slut. Yes.”

I promptly returned to my duties and had both women cumming in minutes. My face and cock were soaked as they both rode me hard.

Gwen got off first, looking back to see Jen riding me for the first time, in the final stages of her orgasm. We watched as Jen jerked violently on my cock a few times before sliding off me and on to her back beside me.

I looked up at Gwen, “Taste your slut friend off my dick baby. Then get it nice and wet for you.”

She quickly bent over and grabbed my cock, licking it from bottom to tip before taking me in. “Mmmmmmm, she tastes so good.” as she released me.

I got up and positioned myself behind Gwen, pushing her down on all fours, her head between Jen’s legs. I pushed myself in with ease, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Yes, your cock feels fucking good baby, fuck me,” she screamed.

“I’m gonna’ fill you up with this fat cock Gwen, you’re my lil’ whore and I’m gonna’ make you scream as you eat your slut friend,” and I pushed her head down between her friends legs.

Jen immediately took control of her head from me and forced her hard to her pussy. “My god yes… I’ve wanted you to eat me out for so long. Yessss Gwen, you feel so good baby.”

I watched for a second, taking in the site of my sexy co-worker going down on her hot friend. My cock twitching as it lay deep inside Gwen. I grabbed her thighs and started plowing in and out of her hard. I reached around and started rubbing her clit as I fucked her. I did all that I could to hold out, whispering “Eat that pussy ya good lil’ bitch, make her fucking cum” in her ear as I kept going.

Jen came again quickly due to Gwen’s skilled tongue. I felt Gwen tightening too as I was reaching my peek. I couldn’t hold out any longer, I told her I was about to cum. She lifted her upper body, her head close to mine and she looked back at me, “fill me up, fill up your little whore” and she slammed her pussy back onto me.

I began cumming hard, filling her up as she kept slamming back into me. She moaned and pulled herself off me when I was finally coming down. She quickly turned around and took me in her mouth, savouring the last few drops of cum and looking up at me in the eyes.

We collapsed together, joining Jen lying on the grass. We stayed there for minutes, just breathing together. Eventually we all got dressed and returned happily to the party.

We were all a little too tipsy to drive still, so our hosts set up some sleeping quarters in the basement. More fun to follow…

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Callie and Rebecca Ch. 02

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Callie and I had just survived several hours or exertion trying to set some type of record for two people having sex for the first time. Her last orgasm had been loud and wet, courtesy of her friend Rebecca who had spent the last five minutes nibbling the blonde’s snatch while fingering Callie’s tight ass. For my part, Callie’s powerful stream of girl juice spurting into Rebecca’s face had spurred my own mind blowing orgasm aided only by Callie’s hand and the three of us were now covered in sweat and genital secretions.

I offered the girls something to drink, and they both laughed. The absurdity of offering someone a drink when they’ve just been hit with a faceful of cum was not lost on either of them, but I got up to walk across the room to my small refrigerator anyway. I opened a Coke, and turned to see them watching me while considering their next move. Standing by the open door, I paused and let the cool air waft across my exhausted, overheated body. They both looked at each other and Callie whispered something causing ‘Becca to giggle. I’d never considered her to be the type to laugh; she’d always come off as humorless and stern. I asked what was so funny, and Callie said, “we were just making a comment about how you look standing there naked.” I initially took this to mean that I, like most guys, looked quite gangly when naked and I looked down to assess what my body’s faults might have been. My frown must have let her know what I was thinking, because Rebecca stood up and walked towards me, “Don’t be silly; there’s nothing wrong with you. We just were commenting on the fact that you’d make a great sundial.” On her way past me, she gave my hardening cock a squeeze, and then continued on to the bathroom.

“It’s good to be the president!” I thought. Nobody else in the fraternity had a private bathroom in their room and right now I was happy to be that guy. A lady trying to find a clean stall in which to do her business this late at night after a party was going to be disgusted to the point of leaving. Woe to the guy who thought his girl was coming back to bed after she spent ten minutes hovering above a dirty toilet seat only to find that their was no toilet paper as well. Rebecca walked into the bathroom and turned on the sink’s hot water which I initially assumed was to cover the sound of her peeing. I grabbed a bottle of water from the door of the refrigerator and walked to where Callie was reclining against a pile of pillows and handed her the beverage. Turning back to the light of the bathroom, I was startled to see Rebecca sitting on the toilet doing her business.

“What’s the matter?” she said, “Haven’t you ever seen a girl pee before?”

“Honestly, no. I’m just surprised that you are running the water to cover the noise but leave the door open so I can see you piss.”

“First of all, stud, the water is warming up so I can soak a wash cloth and clean us all up. And as for you watching, I don’t mind. Come over here and you can might learn something about a girl’s plumbing.” As she said this, she leaned back so I could see the junction of her legs and the little stream of yellow liquid that dribbled from it. Her jutting tits and tight stomach looked sexy as hell and until my cock hardened further, I didn’t know that I would be turned on by seeing a girl urinate. She finished and grabbed a little patch of toilet paper and offered it to me. “‘Wanna wipe me?” I couldn’t tell whether she was teasing or not, but before I could answer, Callie called out in a low whisper, “Just finish up already. It is your turn, you know. I thought you were horny.”

Rebecca laughed quietly and wiped herself. Standing up, she flushed the toilet and moved to the sink. She grabbed a fresh wash cloth from the rack and soaked it with the warm water. I stood and watched, staring at her great ass as she slightly bent to wet the rag in the sink. When she finally turned to head back towards the bed, I was already sitting next to her friend waiting to see how this would play out. The light went out in the bathroom and soon her petite form was silhouetted by the small night light in the corner of the room. She moved to us with a towel in one hand and the wet cloth in the other.

“Callie, you look sticky. Would you like me to clean you up some?”

Callie whispered, “Why don’t you clean us both up? Do a good job, but don’t mess around. You’re going to cum next, so let’s not waste time. Dave hasn’t had a chance at you yet and I know I’d like to get a few licks in too.” Whatever I’d done to deserve this treatment must have been good. I mentally promised myself to find out what it was and do it more if this was going to be the reward. Callie flashed me a look that told me she wasn’t sure about whatever my “chance” meant.

Rebecca gently wiped the combined sweat and cum from Callie’s breasts and stomach, worked the rag up and down the length of her crotch, and then moved to me. She gave my neck, torso, and legs a quick rub, moving tentatively around me like she was afraid I might grab her and start in on her before she finished gaziantep bayan escort her task. She stood and returned to the bathroom and we heard the water running again. I leaned over and nipped Callie on the ear and stroked a breast. “What’s next?” I asked.

Callie smiled and said, “Just watch. You’ll know what to do.” Rebecca returned with the freshly soaked rag and began to clean my groin area. She scrubbed my pubic hair, cleaned my balls, and then began to carefully remove the sticky stuff from the shaft of my cock. Callie watched intently and Rebecca finished up and looked for Callie’s approval. “Good job, Sugar. Now spread out that towel and lie down so we can get a look at you.” We moved out of her way while she made the preparations. She was going to get some much deserved attention and she knew it. It was a pleasure watching her move. She seemed to always be conscious of how a certain position or angle would make her look and she went about her task gracefully. The large, white beach towel was spread out over the bed and she moved to lie down on it.

Callie and I stood back and watched like diners waiting for the buffet to be restocked. That is if the diners are naked and one of them is standing behind the other with his hard on poking her in one of her asscheeks. The petite brunette was a study in contrasts to Callie. Where Callie was tall and blond-nearly as tall as my five feet and eleven inches, Rebecca was short and had black hair. Callie’s hair was slightly curly, reaching to just above her shoulders and ‘Becca’s was straight and hung halfway down her back. Callie was curvy, with padding at her hips and breasts, and her shorter friend was lithe like a runner, but with bigger tits. Callie’s nipples were light pink, barely discernible compared to the flesh around them and Rebecca’s darker colored nipples contrasted sharply with the mounds that they poked from like another set of miniature breasts. Callie wore her sparse makeup tastefully with just enough accents to compliment her naturally beautiful features and ‘Becca went without, still enjoying the benefit of her younger age. Callie and Rebecca both had long, elegant fingers but their nail polish was where they differed. Callie wore hers with long manicured French tips while Rebecca kept her blood red nails fairly short.

When the preparation had finished, she looked at Callie as if expecting permission, or maybe a command. I still did not understand the nature of this relationship, and wasn’t about to waste time trying to figure it out. Rebecca gestured silently to the bed and Callie climbed back onto it, lying on her back with her head at the foot of it. She looked at Rebecca and motioned for her to join her and Rebecca obediently climbed aboard. She straddled Callie’s head and bent forward, blowing her warm breath on the taller girl’s pussy. She supported her weight with her left arm while teasingly rubbing around Callie’s outer lips. Callie looked up at me from just below Rebecca’s crotch and whispered, “She’s allowed to get hers, but I decide how. In this position, she sure looks vulnerable, doesn’t she?” Then she licked a long finger and unceremoniously slid it from the top of the girl’s slit to the tight pussy hole, which she penetrated without any further manipulation. Rebecca cried out in surprise but pushed back towards that finger.

“Don’t forget what you’re doing, dear.” Callie hissed, “I’d like some more attention down there if you please.” Rebecca bent back to her ministrations on Callie’s hairless cunt and Callie fished around in the younger girl’s snatch like she was looking for something. It just didn’t seem right to poke and prod at that delicate snatch like it was an old handbag whose folds hid the last pack of cigarettes. While Callie worked at finding the brunette’s g-spot, her other hand pulled at the hair growing above the outer lips. I thought she was trying to “comb” it out of her way, but when I looked closer, I realized that she was grabbing small sections of Rebecca’s pubic patch and actually pulling at it like she was trying to cause her pain. When this apparently ceased to interest her, she added a second finger to the one that was penetrating her friend and started licking at her clit. Rebecca moaned with her face in Callie’s box, but kept at her task.

Callie’s lips sucked tightly on the brunette’s button and the fingers of her right hand stroked away at the hidden g-spot. Wet noises filled the room, but still I stood and watched with my steely shaft poking out in front of me waiting for the moment when Callie would let me know when to join in. My cock swung and bobbed lewdly as the veins throbbed along its length. I felt like a porn star waiting for the director’s cue.

Rebecca’s movements were becoming jerkier; she was clearly enjoying the sensations that her older friend was producing in her pussy. Callie closed her legs which forced Rebecca’s face from between them. I assumed that this meant that it was time for Rebecca to begin concentrating on her impending orgasm. Callie’s fingers slowed their stroking of the spongy tissue inside her friend, but her lips and tongue never let up on the clit.

It suddenly occurred to me that Callie had said earlier that I would know “what to do” when the time came. It was, after all, stupid and wasteful of me to be standing there doing nothing with a perfectly good hard on. Taking a step forward I moved between Rebecca’s legs. Callie looked up at me and winked. She pulled her slimy fingers from the box above her with an audible sound. She rubbed the girl’s juices on the end of my cock and then reached up and put a hand on each of the brunette’s cheeks. She fiercely grabbed a handful of flesh in each hand and pulled her open to expose both of Rebecca’s holes. Above the puffy, wet pussy whose clit Callie’s sexy lips still sucked at, was the soft brown orifice of her ass winking at me.

The sight was almost more than I could take. It was probably four thirty in the morning and my boss was eating the pussy of a girl that I was fairly certain didn’t like me. To add to the scene, she was holding the smaller girl’s ass cheeks open as if to invite me to poke whichever hole I desired. But looking at that little rosebud, I knew that if I was to start working my cock into it, I would surely cause her pain. No matter what though, I needed to make a decision. Standing there and doing nothing was not going to be at the top of the list.

I grabbed my shaft and bent my knees to lower the head of my throbbing cock to level it with her gaping pink opening. Callie stopped sucking on Rebecca’s clit so she could hold still while I got lined up. The bulb of my head poked at her opening. Callie continued to hold those glorious cheeks open and I gave a little push. She tensed up and her anus clenched as she initially resisted the penetration of her cunt. “Oh, no you don’t!” I thought to myself “Callie is in charge and she wants you fucked. So like it or not, it’s coming. Hold on you little hottie, cause here it comes.”

I couldn’t believe that this thought was running through my mind. Me, the guy who had never acted so forceful with women and had always tried to be gentle in bed with them, was about to push into this tiny pussy with a force that may or may not have caused her pain. All I knew was that Callie “owned” this girl and if she was offering it to me, then I was going to own her too. More accurately, my hard cock was going to own that impossibly tiny pussy.

Once she got over the realization that I was bigger than Callie’s fingers, she attempted to relax and let me get into her cunt. Her own natural juices helped and certainly what Callie was doing to her clit was not hurting. I pushed in a millimeter at a time, watching as her lips strained to accommodate me. Callie continued to hold her open but let go of the little clit that she had been working on and pushed back to lick my ball sack. The sensations produced by fucking Rebecca while getting my sack licked were amazing. At last my entire length was buried in that tight space and I began to thrust in and out of her. When I was up to the hilt in Rebecca’s quim, Callie’s tongue would lave my balls. As I pulled out, my sack would drag across Callie’s nose and forehead. Rebecca seemed to get into it and started to push back while grunting louder and louder.

The noises coming from the mouth of such a petite girl were funny in that they were not very ladylike. She sounded like a crack whore in a two bit porno trying to earn a bonus by overacting. I figured that anyone sober or awake enough to hear them would ask about them around the house in the morning. Eventually, when it was found out that a girl in my room had produced the sounds, the stories of my exploits would grow and become legend. Usually I consider myself above such “kiss and tell” bragging but a girl making those kinds of noises was bound to inspire some interesting stories. Maybe the tales would spread to the nearby sororities and I would become an object of interest among the nubile, young girls who lived in them. “Word of mouth is the best advertising.” I thought as I anticipated the legend that would grow as it passed from class to class of my brothers.

As our pace increased the noise from our rutting began to worry Callie. “Quiet down, Rebecca. If you wake up this house, you’ll have forty horny boys standing outside the door when we try to leave. You don’t have time for that, do you?”

Rebecca, apparently fearful that her night in the fraternity house might become a gang-bang, lowered the sounds of her pleasure by an entire order of magnitude. Callie winked up at me as if to say that there was no way that she was going to share this hot little minx with anyone other than me but she was not above threatening it. I looked away and went back to concentrating on burying my bone in the brunette’s tight box. Over and over I thrust into that hot orifice and over and over those pink lips sucked greedily at my length. Watching the winking of her little asshole was going to bring me off. When a bead of sweat fell from my chin and hit that little brown bull’s eye, she increased her pace and arched her back.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, ffffuuuuccccckkkkkk…..!” she tailed off as her orgasm struck her. She froze and I made one final, grunting, lurching thrust as if with that one final stab at her hole I could finally split her in two. My world erupted and I thought I’d black out. Fighting to push in even further, I pushed her so hard that her knees could not hold her ass in the position, she fell forward, and we ended up with her lying flat on top of my beautiful boss. My continually pulsating cock was still buried in her pussy but I was trying to hold myself up with my hands on either side of her so as not to add too much weight to that which had already suddenly been added to Callie’s stomach.

Just as I felt my prick’s squirting start to diminish, I felt a wet tongue trying to slide between my ass cheeks. The surprise attempted penetration renewed my vigor towards Rebecca’s fuck hole and I must have pulsated several more times and grown back to my full size. Rebecca looked back over her shoulder in a tangled, sweaty flurry of black hair and quizzically looked at me like she was trying to figure out what was keeping us from getting up. I had her pinned down like a butterfly in a collection.

The fingers of Callie’s left hand pried at my ass crack, while her right pushed with a saliva-coated digit at my nether hole. I could feel her wet tongue snaking its way between my cheeks as well and briefly wondered how I would feel about being penetrated in this way. When she sensed me tensing up, she pulled back from her attempts and laughed. “Since I know you want to fuck my ass, I wanted to see how you’d feel about having your own violated.” she said. “You can get up, if you can get that pigsticker out of Rebecca’s puss.”

I slowly moved backwards and the removal of the bulb of my cock from that overused cunt caused a loud popping noise followed by the dripping of my jism from the hole. I moved to stand up and Callie lifted her head to watch the white liquid pool on her stomach as it seeped from her friend’s pussy. As Rebecca tried to dismount from her position above Callie, the leaking increased. The trail of cum across Callie’s stomach and tits lengthened and Rebecca noticed it and started to lick it up. “Look at that, will ya Dave? She won’t miss a drop.” As she moved over Callie, her box again resumed its position above Callie’s face and the blonde’s hands moved to stop her from moving further.

She lifted her mouth to the creamy opening and began to suck and lick at the liquids inside. Rebecca closed her eyes and held still to better enjoy the attention. Within a minute, Callie raised a hand to the clit above Rebecca’s hole and resumed working it. In just a few moments, Rebecca was having another, but quieter, orgasm. This one came with soft whimpers and very little movement, nothing that would distract Callie from continuing. As Rebecca’s orgasm hit her, Callie returned the favor that Rebecca had done her while eating her earlier in the night: she pushed a pussy soaked finger into the younger girl’s quivering asshole. Rebecca’s head thrashed back and forth as this new invasion increased the intensity of her orgasm.

If I hadn’t already come just one minute before, I’m sure that I would have shot ropes of cum across both of them. In my exhaustion, I stood with half a hard on–the best I could muster after all the effort of the night–and watched, knowing that eventually I would get my chance to fuck one or both of them in the ass.

When Rebecca stopped shaking from her exerting bliss, Callie grabbed the wash cloth and wiped the liquids from her own face then gave her friend’s box a quick swipe. “That’s all you get babe. We’ve got to get going. One of us has to work in the morning and it won’t do to have you show up late and walking funny.”

I stood, still naked, and watched as the two of them untangled themselves from each other, rose from the bed, and proceeded to get dressed. Callie put her skirt and heels back on, buttoned her shirt over her braless tits, and smoothed her clothing. Rebecca combed her matted hair and started to put her bra back on. Callie stopped her. “Leave it; we’ve got to go.” With this she grabbed the brunette’s undergarments and threw them on my bed. “‘Something to remember us by. Plus, I know you can jack off to those while you think about this night. We’ll come back.” Callie stepped to me and kissed me on the lips lightly. I could smell/taste the combined juices of what her friend and I had just shared, but didn’t care. She turned towards where ‘Becca was getting her last article of her outer clothing on and said, “Come on sweetheart; you need to drive me home.”

On her way past me, Rebecca hugged me and timidly said, “Thank you. That was…nice. I want to do that some more if we can.” Her reluctance to like me had apparently passed and in return I smiled down at her and stroked her long, black hair before letting her go. Callie whispered from the open door, “Sleep tight, if you can. I’ll see you at work.” Holding the younger girl’s hand, she led her out into the hallway as I weakly waved goodbye.

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Can’t Lose Football Bet Pt. 03

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I lost a football bet to my husband and his two best friends. Now I have to serve them and whomever they invite to their weekly poker night wearing whatever they pick out for me to wear. The first week, they had me dress like a French maid and my husband and his buddies were well served by the end of the night. The second week it was a naughty school girl. This third and final week is another tried and true male fantasy. This story may stand on its own but to fully understand it might be a good idea to read Can’t Lose Football Bet Parts 1 and 2.


Week 3

After last week, I could think of nothing but sex. It consumed me and John got the full force of my sexuality as I fucked and sucked him morning and night. He has never refused me but there were times when I could tell he was tired but there was no way he was going to give this up.

Thursday morning, I woke John in what had become my new usual way which meant he arose each morning to the feeling of my warm mouth on his cock. This time though he pulled me away and said, “I want you good and horny for tomorrow night.”

I didn’t know how to tell him but I had never been so horny in my life and couldn’t wait until Friday night. I had asked him several times during the week what the outfit I was to wear was for Friday but he refused to tell me.

Friday morning, John woke before I did and left while I was still asleep. I woke to find a rose on the pillow next to me with a note that simply stated, “I can’t wait until tonight.”

I could hardly wait either and all through the day, I fantasized about Avery’s giant cock filling my pussy, James’ thick cock sliding past my lips to the back of my throat and Mike’s firm hands pinching my nipples until I couldn’t stand it.

I also thought about having two cocks again, one in my pussy and one in my ass, pumping me furiously. I couldn’t keep my fingers away from my pussy while these thoughts kept running through my brain all day long but I somehow managed to stop before orgasm each time. By the time 4:00pm came around, I had to be the horniest woman on the planet.

John came home early and under his arm I saw yet another box. I couldn’t imagine what it was this time but I wanted it to be something good, something sexy, something that would take their minds away from poker and onto me.

John came in smiling when he saw me in just a t-shirt and jeans. I wasn’t wearing a bra and when I saw him looking at my chest, I realized that my nipples were rock hard and pushing against the thin, white material. You could have hung an umbrella on them; they were sticking out so far and were so hard.

I reached for the box and he pulled it away quickly. He smiled playfully and said, “Not even a kiss first?” I almost jumped in his arms and planted a long wet kiss on him, shoving my tongue in his mouth.

“That’s better”, he said as I climbed back off him. I wanted to see what was in the box and when I grabbed it this time, he let me have it. As I pulled off the top I couldn’t quite tell what it was. As I grabbed the silky material to hold it up, John said, “I dream of Tabatha tonight” and he turned me and playfully smacked me on the bottom, pointing me toward the bedroom.

With the box on the bed, I began removing the latest outfit. It was a harem outfit, not unlike the one Barbara Eden wore in I Dream of Jeanie. There were harem pants made of see-through silk, and were gathered at the bottom of the legs. Around the waist was a band of gold to which hundreds of small bronze or copper coins had been sewn. It was beautiful silk and looked far more expensive than any of the other outfits had been.

The top was a bra made of the same material as the gold waistband on the pants, with more coins sewn to the underside of the cups of the bra. This too was exquisitely made. Lastly, there was also a small vest and a fez like hat, again, very similar to the one Jeanie wore. I wanted to try it on but first I had to make sure I was totally clean and perfumed for my boys.

I spent a long time in the bath, trying to minimize the time between being completely ready and having to wait for the guys to get there. It was still two hours before they would be coming and I wanted to spend the time primping as opposed to waiting.

Finally, I had my bath complete, my make-up on and I was ready to try on this new I Dream of Jeanie, or as my husband called it, Tabatha, fantasy. I was a little surprised at first by the harem pants. They initially seemed like a very sexy idea but they didn’t seem to have nearly the easy access that the dress and skirt I had worn previously allowed, or so I thought.

I went through the box one more time looking for panties and found none. I’ve told you before, I don’t normally wear panties but with the sheer material of the harem pants I thought there would be something. There was nothing.

I thought about putting on one of my tinier g-strings but then thought, not in the box, then not on me. I pulled the harem pants up over gaziantep bayan escort my smooth, shaved legs and up over my waist. The waistband of the silky pants was somewhat elastic and when I had them all the way up, I realized the waistband had a v shaped dip in the front, dropping all the way to the top of my pubic mound which put the bottom of the coins dangling from the bottom of the waistband, just touching the top of my clit.

Standing up, I also realized there was a slit running from the bottom of the V, all the way to the back waist band. When standing still, you couldn’t tell there was a slit there but it allowed easy access to my pussy and ass.

Looking into the mirror I also realized that the sheer material left nothing to the imagination. I could clearly see the fabric shining and seemingly flowing over my skin but I could also clearly see my pussy through the material. Turning around, it was almost as if there was nothing covering my ass.

I had the same feeling I had with both other outfits in that I wanted to back out of this because everything I had ever been told said it was wrong to do this but at the same time, the feel of the silk on my skin and knowing that in less than an hour there would be a table full of guys staring at me, made me glow with anticipation.

I put the bra on next and got another surprise. The material was luxurious but like the cups on the corset I wore on the first week, they only just covered the bottom half of my breast. Also, just like the waistband of the harem pants dipping down, the cups of the bra had cut-outs that dipped, this time, below my nipples. The cut-out was almost the exact size of my nipples and the circular cut-out followed the curve of my areolas, but left the top of the circle open.

This was barely a bra and it only served to hold my breast up and out. I thought maybe the vest was going to cover my nipples but sliding it on, soon realized that the front part of the vest barely came to the side of the full cups of my bra. This was the most daring outfit yet with both my pussy and breasts in full view. Barbara Eden would have been smoking in this outfit.

I kept looking at myself in the mirror and was amazed at how I appeared to be wearing clothing (of sorts) but nothing was really covered, at least not in the conventional way. I pulled my long hair into a pony tail at the top of my head and placed it through the fez thing. That certainly completed the outfit. Whoever had the I Dream of Jeanie fantasy was going to love this.

There were also shoes at the bottom of the bed that I hadn’t noticed before. They were gold in color and matched the outfit and had a good five-inch heel on them.

I really looked like a concubine in some harem, ready to by sent to the Prince for fucking. I added a few gold bangle bracelets and gold dangly earrings for effect, touched up my makeup and walked out to find John.

It didn’t take long. I almost ran into him as I was leaving the bedroom. I backed away from him and asked “Is this what you wanted?”.

“Baby, you are smoking hot tonight” while wearing one of the biggest smiles I had ever seen.

“So who’s I Dream of Jeanie fantasy is this anyway?”, I asked. He said it was Avery’s and he couldn’t wait to see his face when he saw me.

He didn’t have to wait long. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and Avery opened the door and walked in without waiting for us to answer. His eyes immediately went to me and he was obviously stunned. He didn’t move except for his eyes as he went from my toes to the tip of my head, back and forth for about a minute before he said anything.

I finally grabbed him by the arm, reached up and pushed his chin up, closing his mouth and said, “Earth to Avery”. He just smiled. I almost burst out laughing at his dumfounded expression but noticed the huge bulge in his pants.

I looked up at him, teasing him saying that I could really tell he liked my outfit. He still couldn’t find any words to say and just nodded. Avery had come early in anticipation and it was still about thirty minutes before anyone else would be there.

I looked at John and coyly asked if he minded if I helped out Avery so he would be able to walk and play poker later? He just smiled and told me to help myself.

Before Avery even realized what was happening I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants. His enormous cock came flying out and almost hit me in the face. As he looked down at me, I slid his monster cock into my mouth as far as it would go, all the while looking up at him with my big brown eyes. I could still get both hands around the base of his cock with as much as I could take in my mouth. I started a steady rhythm, sliding my lips and hands over his thick shaft. The sheer size of his cock, filling my mouth made it hard to use my tongue against the underside of his prick, but I did my best, never losing suction.

I only stopped once to pull his swollen purple cock-head out of my mouth and rub it against my rock hard nipples. The cool air on his wet cock made it twitch and a drop of pre-cum oozed onto my left nipple. Still holding him with one hand, I lifted my nipple to my lips and used my tongue to clean it off. All the while, Avery watched, and then as I slid his cock back into my mouth I could see his eyes almost roll back in his head.

For the last two weeks the blowjobs I gave Avery were more like hand-jobs because he is so big. This week, I was determined to get more of his cock into my mouth and I was pushing harder and harder, forcing his cock deeper into my throat. My eyes were watering and I was gagging and having a hard time breathing but was determined.

It took about ten minutes but finally, I was able to control my gag reflex and push him all the way in my throat and felt the skin of his tight abdomen against my nose. I guess Avery felt it too because the second time my nose hit his belly I felt his cock begin to pulse and a second later, felt his hot cum deep in my throat.

After I felt his orgasm subside, I pulled his cock out of my mouth inch by inch, sucking every last drop from him. I could feel his knees shaking slightly and he just looked down at me and said “You’re amazing. No one has ever done that before.”

I assumed he meant getting his huge cock all the way in their mouth. I felt very proud.

I was also dripping wet. I could feel my pussy barely holding in my wetness. The lips were slick and I could feel the juices working their way out of my pussy. I didn’t want to get my outfit all wet so I excused myself with a smile to go fix my makeup.

Once in the bathroom I put one foot on the side of the bathtub and separated the silky material between my legs. Only a small amount of my juices had leaked onto the silk but my pussy lips were swollen and my clit was hard and standing at attention. I barely touched my little love button and my pussy lips literally opened and I caught the flow of my built-up juices with a tissue. I wanted a cock so bad I didn’t think I would be able to make it until later.

As I cleaned up, John came into the bathroom with a big smile on his face. He said, “You did a number on Avery, I’m not sure he’ll recover in time to play cards.”

I just smiled and kissed him and said “You always said I was the best.”

A few minutes later James knocked at the door and I realized I hadn’t asked who else was coming. I like my three guys and I was beginning to really like Chris as well but there was always a fifth guy. When I asked John, he told me it was a surprise. I couldn’t imagine who it could be. He made it seem like it was somebody new which always made me nervous and excited.

Avery was coming out of his daze and James had given me a big hug and wasn’t shy about sliding his hand through the slit in the harem pants to grab my ass and with his other hand cup my breast and flick my nipple with his thumb.

I kept after John to tell me who else was coming. He did tell me Chris was coming and that he was bringing a special guest. I racked my brain trying to figure out who it could be but I was drawing a blank. I would have never guessed who came to the door five minutes later.

When I heard the knock at the door I had goose bumps. I recognized Chris’ blonde hair but when his wife Tammy came in behind him, I panicked. I wanted to run from embarrassment but John had anticipated my panic and wrapped me up in his arms, whispering in my ear that it was alright, that everything was going to be great.

Chris’ wife is blonde and is a personal trainer. She has a rock hard body, was just about an inch or so shorter than me and had nice firm c-cup tits. I had flashes of doubt and I all of the sudden felt like such a slut. It had always been just me and the guys and I know how to handle guys.

I had only ever been with a woman once and that wasn’t really anything. One time in college my roommate and I had been out drinking and came home late, drunk and horny. I had just slipped on my t-shirt to sleep in with nothing else on when my roommate came and sat on my bed totally naked and began to cry. She told me she had seen her ex-boyfriend at the bar with another girl and she was a little lonely.

We held each other and cuddled until I felt her hand reach up and cup my breast. After a few minutes she must have felt my nipple get hard and she began fondling me. Eventually this led to me fondling her as well and we even kissed once. Even though we spent the whole night in my bed nothing much more happened. I thought I felt her hand moving between my legs in the middle of the night but it stopped abruptly and the next morning she was gone when I woke up. We had never talked about it after that and it never happened again.

Now, here I was, with my guys and another woman. I didn’t know what was expected; was she interested in me, was she interested in the guys? This was all feeling very weird. I had fantasized about being with another woman, even having a threesome with Avery and his wife, my best friend, but I never thought I would really do it.

As I thought through different scenarios in my head I felt a twinge between my legs and realized I was getting excited about the possibilities.

Then, just as quickly there she was standing in front of me. Me, virtually naked in front of this woman I barely knew. I couldn’t think of anything to say and as I started to stammer out a “hello”, I noticed she was staring right at my tits. They were totally exposed and they are huge and she seemed mesmerized.

I began to smile as I realized that she was here because of me, she wanted to be with me. That gave me confidence and I spoke up. I acted is if I wore outfits like this every day and smiled, welcoming her, telling her it was nice to have another woman join us.

That seemed to give her some confidence and she smiled back at me or at least at my tits. I smiled again and said “I guess Chris told you about the bet I lost.”

She nodded and said, “He also told me what an … accommodating hostess you are. I hope I get to experience some of your hospitality.” She actually licked her lips, then turned to give John a hug and thanked him for inviting her.

Now that everyone was there, they all sat down to play as usual. I kept the drinks flowing and the snacks coming. The guys all now openly grabbed my ass or my tits if I came next to them. They would run their hand up my legs and Avery and James ran their fingers over my pussy more than once. At one point, they ran into each other as they both went for my pussy, one up each leg. We all giggled at that.

I avoided Tammy at first but after I had a few drinks I found myself purposely leaning over right in front of her and brushing my breasts against her when I brought drinks or food. She had a few drinks as well and for every time I brushed up against her, she brushed back, but I could tell she was still hesitant and afraid to feel me up like the guys were.

I was really getting horny and the little coins on the waistband bounced lightly against my clit every time I moved. The hornier I got and the more swollen my clit was, the more the coins stimulated me.

The movement of the coins also seemed to catch the attention of the guys and Tammy. Every time I moved the shimmering of the coins would have everyone looking at me. Of course being able to see right through the almost invisible clothes may have had something to do with it.

By around ten, everyone was getting pretty drunk and the betting was pretty heavy. They were playing a lot of made-up, two eyed jacks are wild kind of games. I had just brought John, my husband a drink and decided to check his package. I reached down and grabbed his crotch. He wasn’t completely hard but he was definitely excited.

He grabbed my hand and held it in his crotch while it was his turn to bet. He said “I’ll see your dollar and I bet a hand job from my lovely wife.”

I jerked my hand out of his lap and smacked him on the head. Then I think I shocked him by saying “I’m not going to waste a perfectly good, hard cock with a hand-job, make it a blow-job.” That pretty much got everybody’s attention. The next few minutes were hilarious as some major bluffing was going on. Nobody folded, including Tammy.

When all was said and done, Chris won the hand, narrowly beating out John. Now I was in a predicament. I was going to give a blow-job to a guy whose wife was there. I tried to gauge her reaction and saw that she was laughing and clapping.

The thought of what I would have done if she had won ran through my mind as I watched her. She was beautiful and didn’t seem phased by anything that was happening. I thought about what it would be like to have my head buried between her legs and I just couldn’t imagine it. But I could very easily imagine her between my thighs with her tongue buried in my pussy!

Chris scooted his chair back and asked, “Do I have to wait or can I collect my winnings now?”

I retorted,” I think you should have to wait unless you’re all done.” I looked around the table and everyone was looking at each other, each seemingly avoiding being the one to end the game. Of course they all knew that when the game ended the real games began.

I sashayed my ass over to Chris and moved between his legs. I positioned myself between his knees and reached behind my back with both hands, unhooking my bra. Staring at Chris I pulled the bra away from my tits and asked “would you like me to keep it on?”

He only shook his head, no. I dropped the bra to the floor and knelt between his legs on the floor in front of his chair. I reached up and ran my fingernails along the fly of his jeans. He was already hard and getting harder by the second.

I purposely rubbed my bare breasts against his thighs as I continued to massage his hardening cock through his pants. I could see his cock straining against the material of his jeans and lightly ran my nails over the bulge and down to his balls. I then slowly started to pull down his zipper. I only got half way before the force of his dick pushed the zipper the rest of the way open.

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Briget Ch. 04

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We’re soon reaching the point where my story and Brian’s story will intersect for good. After this installment, we have decided to write the stories together. All Brian needs to do is finish his adventures in Colorado.

Although he is happy with the response from the Literotica family, he is a lazy bastard when it comes to writing, so that may take some time. (He has been taunting me with the fact that his stories have garnered more feedback, while I just tell him to look at the votes…)

A note on the names… The facts are true, and the names are fiction, other than Brian’s, Briget’s and mine.


There were some good magazines in Anya’s bathroom and I read for a while as I drank my beer. I had another smoke while sitting on the can and let Briget and Karen do their thing. I came out of the bathroom a half-hour later and except for the TV playing a late movie, the world was still. Anya’s door was closed. I opened it a crack and peered in. She was asleep and snoring quietly. I walked over to the sofa and Briget and Karen were cuddled up together.

They both looked at me and smiled. Their hands were idly stroking each other’s tits and they both looked sweaty and wrung out but very happy. Briget’s shaven puss had a nice sheen to it, like she had just been kissed all over. Karen’s pubes had been shorn in the shape of a heart and the short hair was damp and matted.

I was still naked and my average-sized cock swung freely in front of me with the vague beginnings of a hard-on. Karen watched it move.

“Got a smoke?” asked Briget.

I fished one out of the pack. I offered one to Karen as a joke and much to my surprise she took it. I must have raised an eyebrow as I lit them both.

Briget blew out a gentle plume of smoke. “Karen has decided that she wants to be a bad girl, isn’t that right?” Briget leaned over and kissed Karen chastely on the cheek, while stroking one of Karen’s huge tits at the same time.

“Not just a bad girl,” cooed the blushing innocent. “A horrible girl. And Briget’s going to teach me, right?”

The two of them laughed together, but I wasn’t surprised. Briget was doing it again. She had led me out of my shell and then she had just done the same for Anya and then the plump little number beside her. We were all more than willing to be led.

Briget was only passing along what her roommate Roslyn had taught her. It was a circle. Roslyn had introduced Briget to bisexuality. I had been introduced to cock sucking by Brian and now I was convinced that being bi was the only way to go. I still hadn’t reached the point when I could start something with another guy besides Brian, but I felt the day was coming.

Karen only took a few drags from her smoke and decided that she didn’t want to be quite that bad, yet. She walked over to my ashtray and butted it out. She flashed me a smile as she flashed me her ass.

Briget changed position and when Karen came back she pulled the younger girl onto her lap. “So dear, what do you want to do?” She was like a naked Mrs. Claus. I almost had to laugh.

Karen blushed again. “Well,” she stammered, averting her eyes, “I’d really like, well… you know, to do it…”

“Do what, Karen?” This was another of Briget’s best maneuvers. She had an open, engaging personality that people were attracted to, and in turn people opened up to her. And when it came to sex, she made them speak their needs out loud. I found that it was partly to avoid any confusion about who wanted what, but also to get the person to verbalize what was usually only a deep dark fantasy. If Briget didn’t want to be a teacher she would have made a great psychiatrist.

To some degree I had used the same technique on Karen earlier. I got her to masturbate in front of me by admitting that I did it all the time. By telling her how hot it looked I was able to have her ask that I cum all over her huge breasts. Now Briget was getting Karen to talk about what kind of things she really wanted in her sex life. And I had a feeling I was going to be called upon to help.

If Briget asked me to do anything I was ready. Because of her, I had had more sex in the last two weeks than I had had before in my whole life, so I was ready to do what she asked. Besides it was something you could do for the person you loved.

“Well?” Briget’s question had been left hanging. What did Karen want? She’d have to say before anything happened.

“Well, the next thing I want…Well, I want to make love, I guess. With a guy.” Her eyes flickered quickly to my naked cock and away again.

Briget soothed Karen’s brow with one hand, brushing her short bangs away from her forehead. Briget left that idea hanging too. She motioned that I should come over and cuddle with them. I took our smokes and butted them out.

I nestled in beside Briget and Karen swung her legs over mine as she sat on Briget’s lap. Briget kissed me and gave Karen a nudge. Karen smiled bashfully and leaned in to kiss me, too. I could taste the last remnants of each other’s kitties on their lips and it was ambrosial. Karen’s tongue gaziantep bayan escort was now more forceful; more direct as she brought a hand up to stoke my cheek. I ran a hand up her thigh and around her ass before she leaned back and kissed Briget again.

“Do you really want to make love, Karen? Because you have to have someone you love to reciprocate. And that may take some time. Or you could find a guy and just…”

There was a silence, as the two girls looked at each other. Then a light went on in Karen’s eyes. “And just… fuck?” I could tell she was getting used to using that word.

Briget smiled like a teacher with a prize pupil. “Right!” she said softly, seductively. “You could just fuck. Just like me and Anya did, just like you and Denny-man did and… just like me and you did. It wasn’t actual fucking but you get the idea.”

Karen nodded thoughtfully, not looking anywhere. Then she looked at Briget. “I’d like to get fucked. By a guy… a nice guy.” She looked briefly, shyly at me.

Briget squirmed on the sofa, with Karen’s ass still in her lap. “Oooh, Karen has that got you excited!” She reached between Karen’s legs and came out with a glistening finger. “You’re positively dripping, aren’t you? Aren’t you?” Karen nodded. “You’re horny.”

Karen giggled.

So did Briget. “Then say it.”

“I’m horny. I’m wet and I’m horny and I want to get fucked.” Either she was still kind of drunk, or Karen had turned a corner in her sexuality.

Briget squealed and wriggled beneath Karen’s bigger bottom. “Oh my god! Every time you even think something dirty you drip a little more!” She looked at me and winked. “You should see how much she came when I ate her.”

Karen covered her face in her hands, totally embarrassed. “Oh, stop it, Briget!”

“But it was yummy!”

Karen gave her lady lover a gentle nudge. “You make me sound like a freak,” she laughed.

“It just means that you were turned on. You were turned on, weren’t you?”

“Oh, yes…” she sighed. “More than I’ve ever been in my life!” She snuggled up to Briget and kissed her soundly. Briget sighed and started kissing her back.

I was rubbing Karen’s ankles and calves and I was starting to get turned on, though my cock was barely responding after the punishment I had put it through tonight.

Briget and Karen broke their kiss and Briget looked at me. Her voice was low and sultry. “So Denny-man. Would you like to make a couple of ladies happy by fucking one of them right into next week?”

“You know Briget,” I said, “I’m right out of gas. I think I need to call the cavalry. What we need here is… well, Brian.”

Briget was ecstatic. “What a great idea! Two wonderful guys at once! How’d you like that, baby?”

Karen’s mouth was wide open and her eyes glazed over. It was almost comical. She moaned and clamped her legs together. Briget smiled and looked at me. “I think she likes that idea. She just soaked me again! Feel that!”

I snaked a hand under Karen’s legs and felt Briget’s lap. Karen giggled like a schoolgirl as my hand tickled the soft parts of her. I could feel the dampness of which Briget spoke, and I probed for the source. I gently touched Karen’s labia and she was torn between a sigh and a scream. When I pulled my hand away it was quite soaked.

Looking in Karen’s eyes, I licked my sensually fingers. She moaned when I held up a finger for Briget to suck and she nearly died when I let her lick her own juice off the last digit. Her mouth sucked my finger all the way in, then let go.

“Oh, shit, I really want to fuck the both of you…”

Briget laughed. “We will, Karen, we will.”

Karen whined playfully and put her face in Briget’s shoulder. “But I have to work tomorrow. It’s nearly one-thirty and I’m gonna have a hangover and I have to open at 10… Can we do it another time? And you can call this other guy? And we can get together and… and…”

“And fuck, Karen?” prodded Briget.

“Yeah, and fuck… but I gotta get to bed now.”

At that moment Anya staggered out of her room in a red silk kimono. Her hair was a mess but her nipples were all I really noticed. “I thought I heard voices,” she said. “What’s up?” And then she noticed Karen cuddling naked on Briget’s lap. “Karen? Holy shit.”

Karen giggled and slid of my girl’s lap and advanced on Anya. “Yeah, you bitch! You bush out when you promised to go out with me…” She grabbed the lapels of Anya’s kimono and looked pissed off. Anya looked contrite and mumbled an apology.

Karen smiled. “It’s okay, Annie. I had a great time and I forgive you.” She stood before her friend, and hesitating only a second, leaned in and kissed her. Anya was taken completely aback. She apparently got over it because she took the back of Karen’s head in her hands and pulled her in closer. The two of them kissed deeply for a brief moment, moaning and sighing.

I snuggled closer to Briget. She grabbed my hand and drew it through the trail Karen’s wet pussy left on her thigh and then smiled at me.

We watched the two girls embrace and kiss, with Karen’s bare tits mashed against Anya’s silk robe. Then they stopped and just looked at each other. Karen turned and grabbed her robe and put it on.

Looking at me, she smiled and said, “I guess I’m bicycle!” I just about fell off the sofa laughing and Briget and Anya looked at each other. I said I’d explain later.

Karen wished us all a good night and bounded happily out of the room.

Anya could just watch, shaking her head. “Fuck, I don’t believe it!” she muttered, then turned to us. “Hey, I hate to be a party pooper, but do you guys need a ride home?” Briget and I said that would be appreciated. “Get dressed and I’ll run you where you wanna go. I had a nap and I can’t sleep…”

Briget and I sorted through our clothes and got dressed while Anya went into the other room to do the same.

“So tell me what happened in the washroom at the hotel,” I asked as the door closed behind our host.

“Well, we went in and she went to a stall. I followed her in and closed the door behind us. Then I took my hand and ran it from her thigh all the way up to under her tit, then I stroked the nipple with my thumb. I could feel it even through her bra. Well, she closed her eyes and just about melted right there. That nipple was like a rock.

“So I leaned in and asked if I could kiss her and she just nodded so I kissed her and then I slid my hands around her and kissed her and held her ass and held her close. She was a bit shy at first but she got into it.”

Briget smiled. “Then I got all demure on her and told her to turn around while I peed and she did, then I did the same for her. Then when she stood up, I held her close and asked her if she wanted to fuck the night away with the two of us and she said yes. Then I told her what I wanted us to say when we got back to the table.

“And that’s what we did. Did you like it?”

“I thought it was the sexiest thing that ever happened. Like, just admitting that we wanted to use each other like that. You are fucking wonderful, girl,” I said.

She smiled. “And I hope I’m wonderful fucking!”


Anya drove us home. She didn’t mind dropping us off at our separate places, because Briget needed to get some sleep for tomorrow’s day of work. When she got out of the car, Briget leaned over and kissed Anya and thanked her for the wonderful evening. Anya grabbed her hand lightly before she could leave.

“I’m sorry I had kicked you guys out but I’m beat and I have to work, too.” There was a silence for a moment. “I… well, I want to thank you two. I don’t know if I’ll ever do anything like that again, but… well at least I’ve done it this once.”

Briget leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me on the lips and said “See ya later”, and she was gone.

Anya drove me home. I kissed her on the cheek like Briget and told her that I’d see her at work sometime. When I got in Brian was snoring on the fold out couch. I debated waking him up, but just grabbed a beer and went to bed, reading one of Briget’s erotic picture-books until I fell asleep.


I heard Brian in the kitchen when I woke up.

He was just going to knock on my door when I stepped out of my room and strolled naked to the bathroom.

“Nice ass,” he muttered and told me the food was ready.

We ate at the coffee table and watched morning TV. Something was bothering him, I could tell. When I asked him what it was, he said that they had taken his grandfather to the hospital the day before and he was going downhill fast.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “Is there anything I can do?”

He just shook his head and kept eating.


His grandfather died the next day and Briget and I went to the funeral out of respect. We didn’t see Brian for about two weeks after that because he moved in with his grandmother to help settle the family affairs.


After the funeral, Briget stayed at my place from Thursday to Sunday and we had a great time. Roslyn had the flu and didn’t want anyone around to nurse her, so it worked out well. Briget and I were getting used to each other as friends and lovers. We cranked up the steam heat to a comfortable level and walked around naked all weekend long.

We had planned on getting together with Karen for a threesome, but that fell through when she got her period. Besides she had just started on the pill again and needed another two weeks before it kicked in. So, it was just the two of us.

We went out to a movie on Saturday night and she demonstrated again that she was just fun to be around. She wore her hair up in a bun and her makeup was subtle and lovely. She wore a pair of glasses, something I hadn’t seen before. She said that she sometimes had a problem with distances, like in a theater. I told her she looked like a librarian and she laughed.

We were both dressed up a bit, and she said that we looked like quite the couple. We held hands and snuggled during the movie and that was it. I tried to grab her breast but she gently slapped my wrist and said, “Librarians don’t do that sort of thing…” and we went back to watching the movie.

When we got back to my place, she got me a beer and sat me down in the armchair. She went to my bookshelf and took a book down. Looking at me over the tops of her glasses, she asked, “Do I really look like a librarian?”

I said she did. I started to get up and she pointed me back to my chair and told me to stay there. She put a tape in my cassette player, cranked the volume as loud as was acceptable to the neighbors and she started swaying to the music playing.

She put her hands on one of the shelves and with her feet apart, gently swung her ass back and forth. She moved to the middle of my living room and did a slow striptease. She was a really good dancer! And oh so sexy. As each article of clothing came off it sent more blood to my cock. Her bra landed in my lap. When she turned her back to wriggle out of her panties, she did so with her knees locked; her ass and bottom of her pussy was so inviting.

She kept herself covered as best she could as she went, so it wasn’t just taking clothes off. She was really teasing me. She allowed me to adjust my growing cock as I sat there but wagged her finger at me when I tried to disrobe. I had to sit there in agony.

She covered her tits and brought the nipples up to kiss each one in turn until they were rock hard. Then she let them go and finally she shook her hair out, and took off her glasses and the transformation was complete. She went from looking like a librarian to a whore and I mean that in the nicest possible way.

She stood there naked and still dancing, running her hands over her luscious body, stroking her tits, pinching her nipples. She dipped a finger in her pussy and pulled it out all shiny. This was turning her on as much as me. She crooked the wet finger at me; inviting me to stand and dance with her. I wasn’t a bad dancer but it was hard to keep a rhythm going while getting stripped and kissing all the while.

I’m not a big guy but sexual adrenaline is not to be scoffed at. I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. I laid her on the bed with her red hair like a halo on the pillow. I slid my cock into her and we fucked passionately the most of the night.

“Thanks for the striptease,” I said later.

“Your welcome.”

“Did you have that planned?”

“I was going to do a strip for you one way or another. I didn’t plan on the librarian angle. That was just a bonus. Did it work?”

I showed her just how much.


I have to say right now that every time we did it wasn’t all spectacular, surprising sex, sometimes it was just really nice lovemaking: tender, and caring that each other was getting what they needed.

She did have a few surprises, though.

The day before, we woke in the morning and kissed and cuddled for a while. Then we both went to the bathroom to freshen up. I came back to bed where she opened her legs for me. I went down on her for a few minutes until she drew me up to lick her own nectar off my face. She moaned out loud because she really liked doing that.

She urged me to fuck her and I willingly complied. Then she got me to put my legs outside of hers, so my cock was nicely pinched between her legs deep inside her cleft as we fucked. It was a new position and it was great for slow, leisurely fucking, but it was going to get even more different. We were enjoying each other when she dropped a hand to the floor beside the bed, but she wouldn’t let me see why.

We were talking to each other like always, and looking deep into each other’s eyes, when I felt something slide down the crack of my ass. It was hard and cool and slippery. I stopped fucking for a moment but she urged me to keep going. Then there was pressure on my ass hole and something slender and greasy slipped in.

Oh… my… god…! My girl was fucking me up the ass with a dildo and believe it or not, it wasn’t that bad! She went slowly and kept talking.

“How’s that feel? Is that nice?” she asked. She was sliding it in and out and being very gentle in virgin territory.

“Whew!” I said. “Wow… That’s sure different.” I was actually starting to hunch my ass back and forth and she was matching my thrusts into her, like she was using the dildo as an extension and using it to push me deeper into her slick cunt.

We were starting to get more active and I clenched my ass cheeks around the intruder and put my legs back in between her thighs. She responded by pushing the ‘little intruder’ deeper into my ass. It was hitting something down deep and it felt really good; it felt like I was going to cum in buckets.

“Wow… so is that a dildo?” I asked, looking at her.

And she smiled and said “No. It’s a–” And I knew what was she going to say.

She said “vibrator” at the same time she turned it on.

Holy FUCK!!!

I had never felt anything like it when she twisted the end cap and the vibrator started buzzing deep in my ass. She simultaneously moved it deeper and it hit my prostate and I came like never before! I bucked and writhed and pumped cum into my sweetie. She held it into me and held on and went for the ride.

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Business Trip

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Ping! I look over to the bottom right-hand corner of my screen and see the notification for an incoming message. That’s weird, who would be writing to me at this hour of the night, and from work to top it off. Well, let’s just ignore the fact that it’s a Friday night and I’m sitting on my bed in sweats and a sports bra, writing a report that isn’t due for another week, my two cats as my only company. As usual, they’re both asleep, one at the foot of my bed and the other between my outstretched legs. I open up the message and see it’s from my boss. Oh lovely, the client has rescheduled the final presentation for next week instead of the week after. That means that we’ll have to fly out first thing Monday morning. Guess it pays off to be married to the job, because there shouldn’t be any problem in having the report done in time, even with the unexpected rescheduling of this meeting.

Being married to the job also has its deficiencies, especially in terms of relationships. It makes for some very lonely nights. Thankfully I have a very vivid imagination and a decent collection of toys to help me deal with the dry spell. Speaking of imagination, I notice that the new guy is included in the list of people going to visit the client next week. Oh yummy… he’s been the star of my fantasies since the first day I saw him at work. Shawn Calvin. His name sounds like he should be an underwear model, and his looks just reinforce that idea. He’s tall, dark blond, with a body that would put Michelangelo’s David to shame. I’d love to have a go with him. Yeah, as my good friend Chris used to say, if wishes were horses I’d be driving a Ferrari.

Thinking about Shawn takes my mind off the report and I realize just how late it is. It’s time for me to turn off the computer and relax for a bit before going to sleep. I save my progress, wait for it to shut down and then get up to place it on the night table. On my way back to the bed I debate whether I should grab one of my toys or not, finally deciding to go for it. I grab my favorite purple vibrator and lay down on the bed, letting my imagination take over.


Monday morning at the airport the group assigned to the client presentation meets up at the gate to wait for the plane to board. I arrive last, and see Shawn (dreamy sigh), another coworker named Miriam and Ben, our boss (another dreamy sigh) already seated and waiting. Ben is older, maybe late 40s, but still works out almost every day and has an extremely defined body that looks killer in a suit. He also speaks in a super-sexy European accent that makes me shiver just listening to him. I’d love to be the middle of a Ben and Shawn sandwich if I ever got the chance. Thankfully no one can read my thoughts as we wait for the plane to board, or I’d probably die of embarrassment. As is, thinking of the two of them together has me squirming in my seat.

The plane boards soon after and the flight is uneventful. We reach our destination and check into the hotel. As luck would have it, Ben, Shawn and I are on the same floor, almost in neighboring rooms. We all go up our rooms to leave the suitcases and meet for lunch before heading to the client’s office. Lunch is quick, though as a group we all get along and except for Shawn have known each other for years. I love my job so much largely in part to the great professional relationship I have with Ben and the others in my department. Most days it seems we’re more like family than coworkers, which is a rare thing in the business world.

The meeting with the client later that afternoon goes better than expected. They’re happy with the results presented, which means that we’re the front runners for obtaining the next project of this type that they might need. Once we leave the client’s office, Ben invites us all to a celebratory dinner. Miriam declines, but Shawn and I eagerly accept. We drink wine to accompany our food, and before I realize it we’ve gaziantep bayan escort downed about a bottle each, maybe more. I know for sure that I’ve passed my limit because I stand up and the room starts spinning. Both Ben and Shawn notice and reach out to steady me as I sway a little. “I’m so sorry guys, this is extremely embarrassing,” I say. “I don’t think I’ll be able to walk up to my room. Could you help me out?”

“Sure” says Shawn at the same time Ben replies “Don’t worry. We’ll help you up.”

I accidently (ok, maybe on purpose) keep brushing my breasts on their arms as they hold me up and guide me along, using my unsteady state as an excuse. Both of them try to ignore it, but I can see that Shawn is getting a little flushed around the collar. Interesting possibilities run through my wine-infused brain, and I keep “accidently” brushing up against him as we walk. Ben is much harder to read though, but it’s fun to keep up the act. Between the two of them they help me reach the elevator without incident. The elevator opens up, and Ben walks in first, me behind him and Shawn bringing up the rear. As the doors close I trip on my feet and fall against Ben, who had just turned around, my whole body plastered against his. I pull Shawn with me since he had been holding my arm at the moment, and he fall against my back. I start to laugh and blurt out “I’m finally in a Ben and Shawn sandwich!” before clamping my hands over my mouth and trying to stand up on my own, face red with humiliation. I lower my eyes to the floor so as to not see either of their faces in fear of being laughed at, but they both try to make light of it as the elevator reaches our floor and we get out.

Walking down the corridor to my room it somehow feels different. There’s an electric feeling to the air that wasn’t there before. I’m probably imagining things though. Ben takes my room key from my purse and hands it to Shawn, who opens the door. He then leads me in as Shawn closes the door behind us. “Thank you guys so much for helping me to get here” I say. “You don’t have to worry about me anymore though. I can handle things on my own from here.”

Ben sits on the edge of the bed next to me and turns to look me in the eye. “What you said in the elevator, about being in a Ben and Shawn sandwich, is that something you’re really interested in, or is it just the wine talking?” I blush furiously and stammer a bit, unsure of what to say.

Shawn kneels in front of me and takes my hands into his before saying “You don’t need to be embarrassed. It’s something we’d like to know.” Ok, I think to myself, I’ve definitely had way too much to drink, or I’ve dived head-first into the Twilight Zone. Ben puts his hand on my shoulder and starts playing with my hair as they wait for an answer. I’m dumb-founded, turning to look from one to the other.

“Would…” my voice trails off, barely audible. I clear my throat and try again. “Are you guys asking what I think you are?” I’m finally able to say.

Ben replies in his oh-so-sexy accent “We’re asking if you would really like a threesome with us.” Leave it to him to get to the point, as always. I look at him and back at Shawn, who is rubbing his fingertips over my hands as if trying to calm me down. Actually, it’s having the opposite effect. My heart rate is through the roof, blood pounding in my ears at the thought that this is actually happening, that I’m being invited by not just one, but two extremely attractive, handsome men at the same time.

“If you’re not interested just tell us,” says Shawn “and we’ll all go on like this never happened.”

I lower my gaze to catch my breath, bringing Ben’s crotch into focus. Holy cow! My gaze flies up to look into his eyes, and he smiles ruefully at my reaction. “I can understand it’s a bit much to take in, but we’d really, really like for you to say yes.”

“A bit much? Talk about an understatement,” I say under my breath.

Shawn chuckles at that and replies “We’re still waiting for an answer. Not to pressure you or anything, but we’d kinda need to know.”

“You’re both ok with this?” I ask again, trying to wrap my head around the situation.

“Of course we are,” says Ben, “otherwise we would never have asked.”

“Ok, I get that,” I say. By now, much of the alcohol induced fog as left my brain, and my libido has kicked into high gear. “If you two are sure you’re ok with this, then yes, I most definitely want to be in a threesome with you two” I reply before my courage gives out.

“Thank you sweetheart” says Shawn as Ben turns my head to kiss me, his tongue tracing my lips before slipping between them to deepen the kiss. Shawn sits down on the bed next to me, kissing my neck, his hand slipping under my shirt to caress my breasts over my bra, molding and kneading with his palm. I reach down and place my hands over the bulges in their pants, stroking over both at the same time. My head is spinning, never having expected my wildest fantasy to have a chance of coming true.

Shawn puts his fingers on my chin and gently pulls me towards him for a kiss, our tongues twining together, so Ben starts massaging my other breast. He slowly starts to unbutton my blouse as he kisses my neck until its gaping open and the dark blue lace of my bra is completely visible. He bends down and suckles my breast through the bra and I moan into Shawn’s mouth. Shawn takes off my shirt while Ben unbuckles my bra and removes it. Both of them kneel down in front of me and each one takes a nipple into their mouths. It’s a weird feeling, having both nipples sucked on at the same time. I can feel the difference in pressure, in how they use their tongues to flick and lick my nipples until they’re hard peaks and I’m squirming on the bed, my panties already damp and my clit throbbing. I moan softly as they continue to torment me in tandem, biting, licking, sucking on my hard and distended nipples, my hands in their hair, pulling each one as close as possible.

Ben stands up, takes off his shirt and unzips his pants, pushing them down to his feet before stepping out of them. His cock is so thick and hard, my mouth waters at the sight. He steps closer and I wrap my hand around the base of his cock, licking my lips in anticipation. I pump it once, twice then lick the head using teasing flicks of my tongue, swirling it around and around before opening my lips and letting it slide into my mouth. Shawn playfully bites my nipple and I gasp with Ben’s cock in my mouth, which he uses to his advantage and pushes in fully so the head hits the back of my throat. I gag on it a little, working to swallow around it and take it deeper. “That’s it baby, breathe. You can take it all” he says to me. I look up and see the lust burning in his eyes, and that makes me want to please him so I stay there, working my throat around his cock. He pulls back and I draw in a deep breath, noticing that Shawn has stood up and is now naked as well.

Boy oh boy, I am in a hedonist’s heaven I think to myself, letting my eyes run over the two gorgeous men naked in my hotel room. I take Ben’s cock in my hand to stroke it as I drop to my knees and take Shawn’s cock into my mouth, moving slowly back and forth while he runs his fingers through my hair and urges me faster. I oblige and speed up, lips tight around his cock, tongue caressing on each stroke, one hand on his thigh to help me stay balanced. He pulls me back and helps me up so that he can kiss me passionately and Ben presses into my from behind, moving my hair over one shoulder so he can easily kiss and lick my neck. I writhe between them, loving the feel of their hard bodies and even harder cocks pressing against me, their hands roaming over my body. Someone, I don’t know who at this point as my brain is no longer working, unzips my skirt and pulls it down my legs, baring the matching blue lace thong that long ago lost the war to contain the moisture dripping from my pussy. They both growl appreciatively when they see me, and help me to step out of it before laying me down on the bed, ass resting just on the edge and my feet on the floor.

Ben steps between my legs and kneels on the floor, running his hands up and down my thighs. Shawn kneels over my, his legs on either side of my torso. I prop myself up on my forearms as he scoots forward so I can take his dick in my mouth. Ben starts licking over my pussy, teasing with his tongue outside my pussy lips, over and around until finally licking straight up the center and homing in on my clit. He sucks and licks at it, not letting up and then licks down to stab his tongue into me deep, drawing out my juices. He alternates fucking me with his tongue and licking and sucking on my clit. At the same time, I’m playing with Shawn’s dick, licking and teasing the head before letting it slip past my lips and sucking on it. He draws back and I lick as much of it as I can reach. He then pushes past my lips and slides it in until the head hits the back of my throat and I work my muscles around him to take it deep before he slides back out slowly and then picks up the pace. I’m awash in sensation and it doesn’t take long for me to cum, crying out around Shawn’s dick in my mouth, legs shaking and body trembling as I lie helpless while the pleasure sweeps through me.

I lay there panting, trying to regain some sense of control while Ben keeps licking me, his face covered in my cum. Shawn gets up and helps me to sit up and change position, so that I’m kneeling on the bed on all four. He moves behind me and Ben moves in front, his cock hard and straining, the veins clearly outlined under his skin. There’s a drop of pre-cum on it that I can’t resist and flick my tongue out to lick it off. Behind me I hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper just before I feel Shawn press his cock into my pussy. I’m so wet that he slides in without much trouble in spite of my pussy being so tight and swollen around him. He pushes in until I can feel his balls slap against my clit and he just stays there, filling me almost to the point of pain. Ben places his cock against my lips and I lick over the tip and then let him slide into my mouth. He also pushes in deep, as far as I can take him and then pulls back. Shawn pulls out of my pussy and slams back in, jolting me forward to take Ben’s cock in my mouth again. Over and over they work me, penetrating my pussy and my mouth with their hard cocks, keeping a steady pace they can tell is driving me insane. My body starts to quiver as the pleasure grows within me until I reach the breaking point and cum hard, my pussy pulsing and milking the cock in it, and my mouth sucking stronger than I previously had on the cock fucking it.

My legs feel like they’re going to give out but Shawn grabs me by the hips holds me up, slamming into me hard and deep. I cry out at his penetration which intensifies the aftershocks shaking through my body. He cums with a low grunt, his thrusts slowing down but not completely stopping. Ben then takes over, making me focus on his cock as it slides in and out of my mouth. I use my tongue to caress it on each stroke and he wraps my hair around his fist, his other hand urging me faster. He one final stroke and he explodes down my throat, long hot pulses of cum that I eagerly swallow jetting from his cock. At this point I’m so overwhelmed that I collapse on the bed.

Ben lies down next to me and takes me into his arms so that I’m facing him, our legs intertwined. Shawn lies down behind me, spooning me from the back. “That was absolutely amazing,” I say. “I never would have believed it if I hadn’t lived it”. Ben just chuckles and kisses me softly and I can feel Shawn’s answering smile against my shoulder, his cock twitching slightly as it nestles along my butt, making me thing of round two. For now I’m too tired so I start to doze off, surrounded by hard male bodies and heat and think to myself, a girl can definitely get used to this.

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Brad’s Road Trip Ch. 18

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This is the second half of the day that began in Chapter 17. I don’t normally split a day up into two chapters, but I ran off at the mouth (fingers?) a little bit on this day, and I didn’t feel like editing it down. So, I split it in two.

Ch. 17 was a big tease, a big setup for this chapter, so if you don’t read it, this one won’t make any sense. This is where all the sex Brad was working for in Chapter 17 actually happens.

There should only be two (maybe three if the diarrhea of the fingers continues) chapters after this one. It’s been damn near 10 years, but I’m hoping it’s finally coming to an end.

As always, thanks to my editor, AnInsatiableReader, for helping me clean this thing up. When I send it to her, it looks nothing like the finished product you’re about to read.


“Tom!” I shouted, standing up and waving my arm. He’d been looking around and scanning the crowd, and his head snapped directly toward me when he heard my voice.

Chris Cagle had finished his set a little while ago, and he was the final opener before Lynyrd Skynyrd. We probably still had a few minutes before the legendary southern rock band came out, though. I’d gone down to the stream, leaned up against a tree and had actually fallen asleep for about 20 minutes. Since I’d woken up, I’d been texting back and forth with Kelly. I told her about everything I’d done to Sara (and what little I’d done with Liz), and she’d wished that she could handle business again, but she was at a restaurant with her family and spending 10 minutes in the bathroom would be extremely difficult to explain. She told me about what she’d been up to today. She was fairly stingy with the details because she was much more interested in what I was doing, but I gathered that she’d spent some time exploring caves and generally tolerating her dad’s large extended family.

It was time for her to head back home, so I’d had to let her go, and that’s when I looked up and saw Tom approaching. He was in standard civilian clothes now, but he was still easy to identify as a Marine.

“Hey, Brad,” he said, making his way over to the group. “You sure you have room for one more?”

“Absolutely, man,” I said. The gaggle of college girls sharing the same blanket giggled and nodded, too, rearranging themselves so he could sit down.

“Hey, Tom,” Janine said. We had three blankets spread out on the grass, and she and Chad were cuddled up together on the one in the middle. Russ sat behind them with two girls he’d apparently picked up during the day.

“Sgt. Andrews,” he said, nodding at her. He seemed a little confused by her current companion. It was pretty obvious that Janine and I were planning to hook up when I’d first met him last night, and I’d basically confirmed that we had when I talked to him earlier in the morning. I was guessing she hadn’t told him anything about Chad while they were working the booth together, and it wasn’t my place to tell.

“Tom, we’re off the clock,” she said. “It’s Janine.”

He simply nodded at her, clearly waiting for her to introduce her new friend. I handled it so she didn’t have to. “Guys, this is Tom Callahan, another of the Marine recruiters out here this weekend. Tom, this is Chad, and the guy behind him is Russ, along with a couple of his friends that I haven’t met. Chad and Russ served with me in San Antonio.”

Everyone said hi, and Russ even introduced the two women with him. I was impressed he knew their names. Tom grinned when Chad shook his hand then wrapped it back around Janine’s waist, but he seemed to take it in stride. He turned his attention to the girls on my blanket. We both sat down, me on the edge and him to my left.

“And these girls are all students at Mesa State here in town,” I said. “I apologize for not remembering a lot of names, but this is Lindsay,” I added, motioning to the brunette sitting on Tom’s left. She introduced the rest of her friends, then they all went back to giggling about whatever 18- and 19-year-old girls giggle about.

“So, Tom,” I said. “Who handles your recruiting duties when you’re off playing soccer?”

“Sgt. Andrews, mostly,” he said. “Gunny knew about my travel schedule before he assigned me to this office. There might be a couple other recruiters in and out to help out, but I’ll only be gone three business days, so it won’t be too bad.”

“When does the tournament start?”

“Thursday afternoon,” he said. “I fly out Wednesday night, then spend pretty much the next four days playing soccer. I’ll fly back early Monday.”

“Where are you playing?” came a voice from his left. I’d hoped we’d have an eavesdropper, which is why I started talking soccer even though my interest level in the sport was zilch. And Lindsay didn’t disappoint me.

“Oh, I play for the Marine Corps’ soccer team,” he said, turning toward her. “We’re playing a tournament in Washington D.C. next weekend.”

“Wow,” she said. “I guess you’re pretty good, huh?”

“I can play a little,” he said. “What about you?”

She straightened gaziantep bayan escort up so he could get a better look at her top, a maroon T-shirt with the Mesa State soccer logo on in it. “I’m on the college soccer team.”

“So I guess you’re pretty good, too?” he said. “What position?”

They went back and forth about soccer for another few moments, and I quickly realized that I wasn’t needed anymore. I smiled to myself and started to get up.

“Aren’t you just the little match maker?” That was Janine, loudly enough to get my attention but not so loud that Tom or Lindsay heard her. “Two days in a row, huh?”

“Hey, I wasn’t trying to make any matches last night,” I said, matching her volume so as not to broadcast our business to all of western Colorado. “I was just trying to scratch a couple things off your list. Whatever this is,” I said, motioning to the two of them still cuddled together, “you guys did that totally on your own.”

“Yeah, but you made the introduction,” Chad said. “Got one more match to make, huh?” He added, motioning his head toward Sara, who for now was sitting alone on the third blanket. She’d changed into a tiny red halter top and baggy blue shorts with a white Air Force logo on them. Liz had gone to get more beer.

“Ooh, that’s right,” Janine said. She whispered something in Chad’s ear.

“I don’t think he really needs that,” Chad said aloud, but she then whispered something else, and Chad’s face lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.

“Oh, yeah!” he exclaimed. “I DO remember that. Thank God I took the boy under my wing when I did.”

“It’s late June, Chad,” I said, my eyes rolling back in my head. “A little hot to pack the hiking boots, so stop with the bullshit, OK?”

He laughed and look past me. “Hey, Winters! Come here a second.”

Sara looked over at Chad, who was motioning her over. She got up and headed toward them, shooting me a look of “What’s this all about?” as she went past. I just shook my head and tossed her a guilty grin, then sat down by myself on the blanket.

“She ditched you already?” Liz’s voice said from behind me. She was holding six bottles of Coors Light, three in each hand. I took a few away so she could sit down without sloshing.

“She’s over there talking to our friends from Texas,” I explained. “How are things with you two? All better?”

“Yeah, I think so.” The twinkle in her eye told me there was more where that came from, but I could wait to find out what it was. Sara had changed out of necessity, but Liz thankfully hadn’t. She was still wearing the yellow shorts and white tank top she’d been in every time I’d seen her today, and her nipples were still straining against the cotton. In fact, neither of them were wearing a bra, and I guessed the same was true about their panties.

A few seconds later, Sara came back and plopped herself down between myself and Liz, which worked out well for me since there wasn’t enough room to sit down between us. She was basically straddling my right leg.

“So what did she say?” I asked.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Sara replied. “She gave you a glowing recommendation.” She leaned in closer to my ear. “A very glowing recommendation,” she finished, punctuating it by sucking my earlobe into her mouth.

“Is that right?” I’m pretty sure my grin stretched into the parking lot.

“She said you were the second best sex she’s ever had,” Sara added. I had to look over my shoulder, where Chad and Janine were smiling widely at me.

“Second, huh?” I called out. “I’m pretty sure less than 24 hours ago I was the gold medalist.”

“I told her that,” Janine said.

“But you know how it is, man,” Chad said. “Once you go black…”

“Don’t get too upset, Brad,” Janine said. “The second-fastest man in the world still runs a mile in under four minutes.”

“Too late,” I said, though I was smiling to let her know I was kidding. “The damage to my fragile male ego has already been done.”

“I wonder what you could do to me in under four minutes,” Sara said from the other side of me, although it was quiet enough that no one but Liz and I could hear.

“I think I showed you that a few hours ago,” I said. “Lucky for you, I won’t have a time limit next time.”

She threw me a demur smile, the first time I think she’d ever done anything demurely, and she turned her attention toward Liz. She was still half-sitting on my lap, but she was having girl talk now, presumably sharing with her best friend some of the naughty details Janine had given her about last night. They occasionally looked my way and giggled, and one time Sara blew me a kiss, but my only contribution to the noise was the clinking of empty beer bottles as I added them to the pile.

I really needed this last show to get started, mainly because I was really looking forward to what was going to happen at the end of it.

I’m not the world’s biggest Lynyrd Skynyrd fan, but as far as southern rock goes, they’re about as good as anyone. I’d seem them a couple years ago down in Texas, and I imagined their set list hadn’t changed much. I started thinking about the different songs they’d sing, and how I could use a few of them to get to Sara prior to what I knew would be their encore.

Before I could get too immersed in my thoughts, the band came out onto the stage, and the whole crowd lost its collective fucking mind. We got to our feet and stayed there through the band’s first two songs. I’d been inching closer and closer to Sara, and by the time the third song, What’s Your Name, started up, I was standing directly behind her. When Johnny Van Zant got to the chorus, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her back against me.

*What’s your name, little girl, what’s your name?*

I sang right along with the band, my lips less than an inch from Sara’s right ear. I’d had to sing pretty loud so she could hear me over the band, but I was hoping the overall effect was me whispering in her ear. She melted against me instantly, her back and ass somehow molding perfectly against my chest, hips and thighs. My cock had been on high alert all day, and I’m sure she felt it pressing between her cheeks.

*Shootin’ you straight, little girl, won’t you do the same?*

She turned around to face me with a demonic little glint her in eye. “Always,” she said, just barely loud enough for me to make it out. She then mashed her lips hard against mine, forcing her tongue past my teeth and halfway down my throat.

“I’ll shoot you straight,” she whispered into my ear, her hands firmly gripping my ass. “I feel something pretty straight right here” – she emphasized her meaning by pulling my hips into hers, pressing my cock into her stomach – “and I want you to shoot me with it. Right now. We need to go.”

“Uh uh,” I grinned back. “Patience, my dear.”

“You and your patience again,” she whined back. “Fuck your patience. I’ve been patient all day.” She licked my earlobe for effect.

“Like I said before,” I said, pausing to nibble on her neck. “What’s another hour or so? I have something special planned for you, Sara. You just have to wait. I promise it will be worth it.”

She growled at me as she spun around, thrusting her ass against my cock again.

“It better be,” came a whisper in my other ear, from my right. It was accompanied by a light swat on my ass. “After all, you have three years to make up for.”

Things had escalated so quickly between Sara and I that I’d momentarily forgotten Liz was even there. Her face was flushed – a combination of the beer, the heat and her watching mine and Sara’s little show – and her green eyes were blazing.

I pulled her to me and moved my lips toward her, making like I was going to kiss her on the mouth before veering off and kissing her cheek at the last second.

“Trust me. She’ll be telling you this story for years.”

It was a little harsh, knowing that she wanted me and I wasn’t going to be able to do anything about it, but honestly, I had no idea what was going on with the three of us right now. I assumed they both knew this was all about Sara, but they’d both been flirty with me all day, and now Liz was getting handsy.

“Promises, promises,” she said.

The rest of the show flew by. Simple Man was perhaps my favorite song by the band, so I sang the lyrics into Sara’s ear when they played it in the middle of their set. Halfway through, she leaned her head back onto my collarbone and we swayed back and forth, slow dancing by proxy. We sat down on the blanket after that, and when they played Gimme Three Steps, Sara got aggressive, reaching up into my shorts and stroking my cock through the hole in my boxers.

She got pretty close to making me cum, which might or not have been her plan, but I stopped her before it was an issue. The next 30 minutes was going to be some of the sweetest torture I’d ever endured.

Finally, they played the last song – of their main set, anyway – and of course, everybody in the world recognized the opening riffs of Sweet Home Alabama. Sara and Liz both pulled me to my feet and started dancing on either side of me. At one point, we shared a three-way kiss. Their tongues touched, and while I’m not sure that was the goal, it was incredibly fucking hot. Liz also helped me spank Sara once, with her getting one cheek and me the other. Sara’s nostrils flared in anger momentarily, but when she realized what had happened, she simply said “Again.”

So we did it again.

About halfway through the song, though, it was time to set my final plan in motion. I left Liz with a long, languid French kiss, then took Sara’s hand and led her out through the mass of humanity. I had to throw more than a couple elbows to make room, but we eventually found our way to the edge of the crowd.

“Y’all leaving before Free Bird, man?” some drunk college kid babbled as we made our way past.

“Some things just can’t wait,” I shouted back. Sara grinned at me.

“I dunno, Brad,” she said with an evil grin. “You made me wait this long. What’s one more song?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” I countered, pulling on her arm hard enough to let her know she was coming along. “We’ll definitely still hear it.”

I approached the merchandise booth. There were customers, but not nearly as many as there would be in about 15 minutes. The guy I’d talked to earlier, Jason, spotted us immediately and beckoned us over.

“So that’s what this is all about, huh?” he asked, pulling up a white rope and letting us underneath it.

“Yes, she is,” I said. Sara might have blushed, but she’d been drunk and turned on for more than an hour, so I couldn’t tell. Jason put lanyards around our necks.

“Well, now I understand. Anyway, these will get you past the security guards over there,” he said, waving toward the corner of the band shell, where Skynyrd was on the back side of Sweet Home Alabama. “It’ll get you into the backstage area, too, but don’t go back there, or I’ll be in deep shit.”

“No problem,” I said. “What I’ve got in mind works a little bit better with privacy, anyway.”

Sara was holding my hand, and when I said that, she squeezed it tight.

“Not necessarily, not at these things,” Jason said, laughing. “But I appreciate it. If you go where you said you were going, I think you’ll be just fine. I’d wait till they come back out and start up before you make too much noise, though.”

Sara looked at the ground. There was a line there about her being a screamer, but even though I knew Sara had a thick skin, she was standing in front of a stranger who knew she was about to go have sex in public. I didn’t want to embarrass her any more.

“Thanks, man,” I said. We walked hand-in-hand toward the band shell. The security guards let us through with barely a glance at the cards around our necks. A few more feet, and we were in a huge, dark area to the left of the stage. Another couple football fields would bring us around backstage. This area was well-traveled in between shows, as it was the path fans used to get to the back for meet-and-greets. It would have a ton of traffic after the show, too, but nobody would be leaving until after the encore.

Nobody but Sara and I, anyway. We could clearly hear the band finishing up Sweet Home Alabama as we walked along the plastic shell. I stopped about halfway between the security guards and backstage.

“Brad, I don’t think I’ve ever felt more alive than I do right now,” she said.

“I’m happy to hear that,” I said, pushing her up against the wall and leaning into her.

“I’m just saying,” she said. “After all this buildup… if you disappoint me now, I seriously might kill you.”

I chuckled. I traced the outside of her right ear with my tongue before whispering. “Oh, I don’t think there’s much chance of that.”

“Neither do I,” she muttered back. Our lips met for the umpteenth time that day, but this time it was different. I sensed that she knew the time for foreplay was over, and that what was about to happen was going to be epic. She let me take the lead, her hands simply resting on my shoulders as I kissed her.

*Sweet home Alabama, lord I’m comin’ home to you*

It had a different sound now, as we were much closer but blocked off by the plastic shell. We could hear the closing guitar riffs of the band’s second most famous song as we made out feverishly. I slid my hands up over her tits, pinching her nipples through her halter top.

“We love you Grand Junction!!” came Johnny’s yell, met by thunderous applause from the crowd. Everybody knew the drill – they’d act like they were done for the night and they’d leave the stage, and the crowd would scream its collective head off, chanting “Encore!!” and “Freebird!!” until they came back. And of course, they’d come back and close things out properly.

My other hand dipped south of her waist, but I avoided the moist area between her legs, instead focusing on her hips and thighs. Sara made a direct grab for my cock, but I playfully swatted her hand away.

“Patience,” I whispered again. I wasn’t sure she could even hear me until she groaned. “We’re on somebody else’s schedule now.”

I slid my hand up her back and used her ponytail to gently pull her head backwards. I voraciously attacked her neck, kissing up and down her windpipe and nibbling slightly. Her nails dug into my shoulders as she moaned.

“Whose schedule?” she gasped when she got her air back.

“Theirs,” I said, pointing to the plastic shell behind her. As if on cue, the crowd started up with a vengeance.


“I’ve never wanted to hear a song worse in my entire life,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “If they wait too much longer to come back out, they’ll start a riot.”

“I know the feeling,” she said.

“Shh,” I said, kissing her passionately. A whimper caught in her throat, but I could hear the vibrations as I cupped her cheek. My mouth left hers, trailing over her chin and revisiting her neck before continuing south. I kissed as much of her chest as her top let me before moving to her stomach, bunching the fabric up below her tits and licking my way to her belly button.

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Banged at Bike Week Ch. 02

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After reading the story I wrote about Bike Week, Karrie decided to write her OWN version for me. I figured what the Hell, I should submit it to you all. Let her know what you think.

We’re on our way to Bike Week in Daytona, but we’re broke. You’ve lost your wallet with all our cash. We’ve already paid for the hotel so we don’t have to worry about a place to stay. But what about drinking, eating, entertainment? How will we make it back home I wonder. I hold tighter to you as we’re riding down the road, pushing the thoughts from my mind and enjoying the ride. I know you’ll figure something out. You always take care of me.

There’s a lot of bikes on the way down. Sometimes we ride with a group and other times it’s just us. We need gas so we pull into a station where a bunch of other bikers have stopped too. I end up flashing everyone as I get off of the bike. Maybe I should’ve worn jeans instead of the tiny mini skirt I have on. You smile as everyone notices the shot of my shaved pussy and pierced clit. You’re proud to show me and your bike off. You’ve worked hard on us both! I go into the store to use the bathroom as you fill the bike up.

When I come out of the store, you’re chatting with a group of bikers. One of the rougher looking groups we noticed on the way down. I walk over to you and you put your arm around my waist, pulling me close. You kiss me long and hard and my knees weaken like they always do at your touch. Just as I think I might collapse, you put your hand up under my skirt and shove two fingers in my pussy. You break off the kiss and turn my head to the crowd of bikers that I had completely forgotten.

Taking your wet fingers out of me, you put then in my mouth for me to suck which I do, my eyes locked on yours. A look of lust, and curiousity crosses my face.

You turn us around, and as we walk back to the bike you look over your shoulder and say “Like I told ya, see you in Daytona.”

You tell me to ride with my skirt up around my waist so I pull it up as you start the motorcycle and tell me I’m your good little slut.

As we finally roll into Daytona, I wiggle my ass to pull my skirt back into place, careful not to upset the bike or let you know what I’m doing. There are bikes, bikers, and just plain people everywhere, and more than a few of them stare as we ride down the main drag toward our hotel.

We finally get to the right place and pull into the parking area reserved for bikes. We find a spot way in the back beside a white fence bordering the beach. As we dismount the bike you tell me that you’re disappointed in me. At first I’m confused, so you explain that a good little slut does what she’s told and that I should have known better than to pull my skirt back down when we rode into town.

Next you tell me that as my punishment for disobeying I’m going to have to prove what a good little whore I can be by earning us the money we need to have a good time and to get home. You tell me that if I don’t make you enough money you’ll “sell” me to the rough bikers we saw at the gas station. I look into your eyes and although they’re playful, I know you mean what you’re saying.

You tell me to bend over the bike, which I do without hesitation. I look back over my shoulder and watch as you walk away, stopping to talk to different groups of people. As you point back in my direction, people laugh and whistle, clapping you on the back. A few of them shake your hand.

After what seems like an eternity, you come back and stand by the bike. There’s a crowd gathering and you tell them that for 25 dollars I’ll suck what’s in front of me and for 50 I’ll fuck whatever is behind me. “How else is my little whore going to earn us enough money to get back home?!” you say as you pull up my skirt and slap my ass hard.

As the crowd begins to form a line you bend down and whisper in my ear “You better make this good bitch.” Then you wink at me and move to the first man in line.

I’m a little scared at first. Ok, I’m a lot scared! But I relax a little as the hunky, tan guy with the blonde hair walks up and hands you 25 dollars. He pulls his dick out of his jeans and shoves it in my mouth. It’s hard and warm, not too long, but a bit on the think side, just the way I like ’em.

I do my best to suck his cock well and I feel a little proud when he tells you how good I am at it, but after only a few minutes I feel his cock swell gaziantep bayan escort even more, the head nearly doubling in size. I feel his balls draw up and suddenly he pulls out of my mouth and shoots his cum all over my face.

As soon as he walks away there’s another dick in my face. I suck it in, and soon this guy’s cum is mixed with the blonde guy’s all over my face and in my hair. I’ve suck two more guys when I notice the rough crowd from the gas station heading toward the line. I remember you saying I’d be going with them if I don’t get you enough money. This group doesn’t stop at the end of the line, but instead pushes their way right to the front. No one seems to object, or at least no one seems willing to challenge them.

As the cock in my mouth shoots more hot sticky cum on my face, you see a look on my face that makes you walk over to me. You bend down and pull my shirt open tearing the butttons off, then you pinch my nipples hard and tell me I’d better do whatever the people want me to do. “Don’t even think about saying no, my little whore” you say.

One of the rough guys is now first in line. He’s short and stocky with thick hairy arms and a large beer belly. He hands you a fifty and walks around behind me. He slaps my ass hard and says ” You better be worth it cunt.”

Kneeling down, he takes a good look at my pussy and ass then shoves a finger up my hole and laughs. “Whore’s wet.” he says.

Standing back up he spits on my pussy, its as much to let me know he’s in control as it is to wet it. He says I’m already hot and wet and ready for his fat cock. And with that he shoves it all the way in.

The sudden intrusion borders on painful, but I’m wet from having sucked those cocks, and also from knowing that not only is some man I’ve never met pounding his huge cock into me, but he’s doing it outdoors in a public place with a crowd of some 30-odd people looking on, and one of those people is the man I love. In fact my man is the reason I’m doing this in the first place.

The beer-bellied man continues to fuck me fast and hard, and as he’s fucking me, a guy and a girl from the rough bunch walk up to you. I see you talking to the man, then you nod your head and take his money.

The new guy makes his girl stand in front of me then asks beer-belly guy to bend me backwards over the bike. He moves me roughly into the new position and shove his thick dick back into my waiting pussy while the girl in front of me pulls her pants down. Then facing away from me she lowers her ass until the puffy swolen lips of her excited wet cunt brush the tip of my nose.

Her man tells me to lick her pussy til she comes so I stick my tongue as far up her cunt as I can and then lick her clit in small hard circles. Soon she’s mashing her trimmed pussy into my face even harder while her man stands next to her, watching us and stroking his dick.

As the girl screams out that she’s cumming, her man shoots his load all over my face and her pussy. You tell me to make sure I lick all the cum off her cunt. While I’m licking her clean the man fucking me pulls out and splashes my belly and tits with rope after rope of hot sticky cum, but as soon as he’s done I get turned back onto my stomache and bent over the bike at the waist. I feel another dick enter my pussy and yet another gets shoved into my mouth. This new one in my cunt is not as long but its much fatter than the last.

I moan around the dick that’s in my mouth. You hear me moan and laugh saying ” I knew you’d get into it slut”. But just as fast as it starts, both men finish leaving me feeling momentarily empty, half anticipating the end, and half afraid that it actually IS over.

At just that moment, a large dirty man walks over to you and as he pays the two of you laugh. This man is huge. Easily 6ft 5, and probably close to 275lbs. He’s wearing cowboy boots, dirty jeans that look like they’ve been worn for the last few days, and a dirty t-shirt with obvious sweat stains at the armpits.

I can see the amusement in your eyes as the huge man steps up to my face. You know how humiliated I’ll be at having to touch this filthy man. You see me looking at you. Your eyes narrow and I know I have no choice, but I can also tell that all I have to do is say the word and you’ll put an end to the whole thing.

I tell myself to just concentrate on the new dick that’s just been shoved into my well lubricated cunt and has begun pounding away.

The dirty man drops his pants. I can smell the sweat around his penis and almost gag as he shoves it into my mouth. His cock smells like a man who knows what it is to do hard labor and it tastes of salt and sweat, but I find myself turned on from knowing that I AM a slut whore, willing to do whatever I’m told because my man wants me to.

After only a minute of me sucking his huge dick, the dirty man pulls out and turns around. Looking over his shoulder he says “Lick my ass you fucking slut!”. I can not believe I’m expected to lick this smelly man’s asshole for $25!

You see me hesitate and storm over to me grabbing my chin in your hand. You look me in the eye and ask me who I belong to.

I answer saying, “I belong to you.”

You tell me I have to do this. I have no choice, and you slap my face hard as I start to talk. Then you look at the guy fucking me and say “Fuck her ass. Hard.”

You slap my face again to remind me I’m yours, call me a bitch, and walk away. The large man laughs and says “Get to it.”

I shudder but know I have to do it. As I stick my tongue out I hear hoots and hollers and clapping and laughing coming from the crowd. The man bends over as I start to lick his asshole. My tongue goes farther up his hot foul hole. At that moment I feel the guy behind me pull out of my pussy. I feel him line his dick up with my asshole and shove it all the way in. I scream out in pain and hear him laugh, but the pain doesn’t last long and soon turns to unbelieevable pleasure, heightened by knowing I”m surrounded by strangers watching me perform these lewd acts and waiting their turn.

The man who’s ass I’m licking is getting even more excited and he turns around and fills my mouth with his dick. I try to relax so it doesn’t gag me but the dick in my ass is pounding away so hard I can’t think. Just as I feel like I’m going to suffocate on this man’s smelly dick I feel him shoot his load straight down to my belly. I feel the dick pull out of my ass and hot cum splash all over me.

The man who was fucking me slaps my ass, throws you another 20 and comes up to my face. He puts his cock in front of my mouth and tells me to lick it clean which I do.

As another cock is put in front of me to suck, a tall athletic looking black girl with big tits comes up to me. She breathes into my ear, saying, “Your man says you like fat things in your pussy. Well then I’ve got a treat for you, sugar.”

She takes the last sip of her beer which is in a 40 ounce bottle. Right away I know what’s coming. So does the crowd. More and more people gather around to watch, some throwing money at me. You casually pick up the money near me telling me I’m making it for YOU. The black girl gets behind me and puts two fingers into her own pussy while she licks and spits on mine. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy and rubs the wetness onto the bottle. Then she pulls my pussy lips apart with one hand as the other one guides the massive bottle into my hole. She pushes the head and neck in but struggles as it gets fatter. The man fucking my mouth stops and walks behind me, but a woman with dark brown hair pulled back in a pony-tail pulls up her short skirt to show everyone her shaved pussy and immediately walks up to have it licked.

The man who had walked behind me strokes his cock a couple times and then cums on my pussy and the bottle, coating them both with his slippery jizz. The bottle slides in a little more now and I grunt into the pussy I’m fucking with my tongue.

The brunette cums on my face adding her stickiness to the mess I’ve become, and I hear a voice say “I hear you licked Tom’s ass real good. Now it’s my turn.”

I look up into the face of a gray haired old man. He must be about 65. I hear you laughing off to the side but I try to concentrate on the bottle stretching my pussy wide as I start to lick his ass. The bottle is splitting me in two and the pleasure I was feeling is replaced with pain. I cry out but the old man just shoves his ass harder into my face, moaning as my tongue probes deeper into his asshole. I feel something hot spatter my pussy lips and know someone else’s cum has helped to lube the bottle.

Just as the old man in front of me turns around and bathes my face with his load I feel my pussy stretched to the limit and know the bottle is all the way in. The crowd cheers and hollers as the black girl starts to fuck me hard with it.

I suck more dicks and lick more pussy. There’s a seemingly endless supply but I don’t know how much more I can take. I’m still being hammered by the beer bottle and am tonguing a pussy with whispy soft blonde hair when you walk up to me. The blonde asks if she can suck your dick, which you agree to with a smile. You begin to fuck her mouth with your hard cock while you look down at me. I’m a little unsure how u feel looking at me being such a mess, but u smile and wink at me and I feel ok. Good even. I know I’m your little slut, Ive earned you your money, and I’m yours.

I’m pretty well adjusted to the massive bottle in my pussy and I start to moan around the pussy I’m licking. Soon she’s cumming in my mouth. You pull out of her mouth and push into mine. As you fuck my mouth I moan around your dick and you know I’m loving the feel of the bottle now. You slap my ass hard and egg me on knowing I’m going to cum soon. You tell me how slutty I look soaked in the cum of countless men and women. I’m fucking back onto the bottle now and the young black girl fucks me even harder. You pull your self out of my mouth and move behind me. I can tell from the noises that you’re fucking the black girl as she’s ramming the bottle into my cunt. I start to convulse and scream out in pleasure and pain as I cum hard. A cock is in my mouth before I finish. I can still feel you fucking the girl behind me. Soon you’re back in front of me and I’m sucking her juices off your cock. You shoot stream after stream of hot tasty cum down my throat.

The crowd starts to thin out and as I’m sucking the last of the dicks and getting fucked by the old man who’s ass I licked earlier I notice someone bring a bucket of wamr soapy water. I’m so happy at the sight of the water and knowing I’ll soon be able to wash the stickiness and dried cracking cum from me body that I almost don’t realize that the two men have finished with me.

There’s still a few people hanging around, watching the show, seeing what’s going to happen next but you tell me to pull off my skirt and I happily shed it as you bring the soapy sponge from the bucket to me. I take the sponge and start to bring it up to my face. You stay my hands by covering the sponge with your hand. I look up at you, confused. You smile and shake your head. You nod at the bike and say bikes come before dirty little sluts. Now clean the jizz off this seat with your tongue, then wash the entire bike, and it better be done right, slut. You pinch my nipple and stare into my eyes before you walk away to talk to a biker and his dog.

I groan inwardly knowing I have to clean your bike before I can get washed up. I kneel down and start on the motorcycle seat making sure I do a good job. You go around talking to the remaining people as they watch me washing your bike naked. You come over to check my work and say that because I did such a fine job I can now use the leftover dirty to clean myself up. I do, knowing I need to be thankful for even that.

When I’ve finished, I pull my skirt on and wrap my tattered top around me and you walk me into the hotel.

We can go straight up to our room because while I was getting fucked and sucking everyone in the parking area you went and got our key. I’m grateful for that. You tell me to go get a shower while you get us lunch.

I stand under the hot spray for what seems like hours. I get out and join you in the other room. After we eat, you throw me on the bed, shove your cock in my pussy and fuck me. I’m about ready to cum and you turn me over onto my belly. You pull my hips up and spread my ass apart as you ram your slick cock up my asshole. You fuck me fast and hard, playing with my clit and fucking my well stretched pussy with four fingers telling me you know how much I liked being used for other peoples’ pleasure and how much of a slut I was. You tell me how good I was at it and how I made us all the money we needed and then some. You say there’s lots of ways you’re going to have me make money for you from now on.

You come in my ass as I cum on your fingers. You raise your hand to my mouth for me to lick off. Then you tell me to clean off your dick and suck it til its hard again. After you cum again down my throat, you tell me to lie down and take a nap.

You get dressed and tell me you’re going out and will have a surprise for me when you get back. I lie down with a smile on my face wondering what you’ll have when you come back……

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Back Lot Ch. 02

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Things between the two went on like this for some weeks, every morning they would meet early in the back corner of the parking lot and have quickies. And her shyness wore off quite a bit as well as her hesitant habits as he taught her to ‘let go’ of those hang ups she had in the beginning about being reserved. He learned that she didn’t know why but she had always been reserved though she tried, it seemed with him she was beginning to open and loosen up…in more way’s than one!

Now instead of just laying there and taking it she was playing a more active role in their secret trysts, she had even taken to riding him and she seemed to be getting better at sex period and things just seemed to be getting hotter and hotter. In fact that weekend she had even feigned having to work Saturday, and they had spent that entire ‘work’ day at his place. It was a Saturday spent in the lap of his wet dreams, they had done it so many times they lost count…not like they were counting. He couldn’t imagine a better day than spending it with this thick and voluptuous woman, each time was more passionate and each time except for once he came inside her constricting cunt.

The once he did not come inside her she had sucked him off while in the shower, she had him pinned against the wall and sucked him until he groaned pitifully and she sucked his hot seed down her throat eagerly. That day she drove home her pussy swollen and tender, sensitive to any touch almost painful in a raw sort of way. Danny had worked her so well she felt herself practically hanging open and as she drove soaking the tampon she had in, she had cleaned up and took a shower and still.

The rest of the weekend went fine, her boyfriend was tired he said and well they didn’t do a thing which was pretty common unless he was on some sort of horny bender. Which was fine with her this weekend, Danny’s huge cock had her sore and swollen inside and out and she hoped it would go away sooner than later. Not so strangely though she found herself soon enough wanting him again on Sunday, but there was no way to do that and she wouldn’t risk her boyfriend finding how swollen and well fucker her pussy was it would be a dead giveaway if she so much as tried any thing until the swelling went down. All this continued the next week though she made it a point of getting home on time all week to keep up appearances, so in the mornings they did mostly orally service each other and when they could they fucked in the back of his van.

Then one weekend there was a party being held at a VFW hall by the company and alcohol was there and Danny invited her t go adding her boyfriend could too and he would play it cool, after debating and things to her amazement and worry things lined up and they found themselves at the party. It was odd and worried her her boyfriend and Danny talking and drinking, here she was with two men she was involved with. Her boyfriend whom she had two young children by and lived with, and on the other side of her she had the man she was sleeping with in secret. Danny became a friend to them both and even was invited over occasionally, he dared flirt with her when her bf was out of the room a bit.

Then one night when the kids were at their grandmothers they had a new years party, not too much of a party as it was just her her boyfriend and Danny and lots of booze. After the new year came in they kept drinking and were pretty drunk, then things started to get weird as her boyfriend and Danny started talking out of ear shot. She didn’t know or remember how it happened but some how or another she wound sitting on the low couch with both her boyfriend and Danny standing in front of her their pants down and their cocks out and hard as a rock, one big cock in each hand she took turns sucking each one.

Eventually they wound up in the bed room on their new queen sized bed, in the beginning they were both on her licking and sucking her as she sucked one or the other off. Then it turned into her boyfriend sitting in a chair he had brought in from the kitchen, and he was jacking himself off as he watched Danny fuck her brains out for a good long while, she felt like a total pervert but the guilt was laced very heavily by lust and the kink of it. Here they were drunk she was on her back her thick legs spread wide and her boyfriend sitting in a chair not but probably 4 feet from the gaziantep bayan escort bed or less watching this guy from her work pound her shaved pussy with the biggest cock either had seen, she could see pre cum leaking from his cock as he jacked off running over his stroking hand and she groan as Danny landed deeply again and again. She could feel him starting to swell inside her and knew he was close to cumming, then he pulled completely out his voice was a little slurred.

“Ahhh shit…fuck would you look at that, your girl is just creaming my dick man.”

“Surprised she can take all of that thing, it’s fucking hot.”

Danny waved his swollen and sopping wet cock around a little, as if to quote the point made by her boyfriend physically.

“Well your not half bad yourself, maybe she’d like two from now on huh?”

Danny plunged his dick back deep inside her knocking the air from her a bit as he did and he kept it there a bit, their pelvises locked his balls on her ass. He held her legs back and began pumping her again soon making her cum once more, he was panting by this time obvious he was having trouble holding back when he chimed in again.

“Hey…where do you wanna see me put my nut? Your girl your choice, I’m close…”

A minute passed or it seemed that long to her, then he answered.

“Go ahead and cum in her, I got one for her to suck out soon as your done so just bury it in her man.”

And with that talking was done for the time being as Danny fucked Rebecca in earnest really giving it to her and as she started cumming she kept on cumming as he fucker he like crazy for a couple minutes before he stiffened up and slammed it deep inside her, he’d hold it all the way in her for a second then pulled half way out and quickly slamming it back in to the root and repeated this over and over grunting each time he went balls deep in her constricting cunt as he emptied his balls inside her.

After a while satisfied he pulled himself from her the big thickly hooded head coming free from her with a wet popping sound he rolled onto his side his cock spent looked half hard and shrinking, it lay across the lower abdomen still swollen and gleaming with a thick heady mixture of their combined juices tip to root. She just lay there her breath slowing down her large breasts heaving with her breathing resting along her sides with their weight large nipples still hard, her thick legs spread wide her shaved pussy soaked and practically hanging open. It took a few minutes to well up and then she let a cough out and then thick gobs of Danny’s pearl colored seed spilled out from deep in her and ran down her ass crack to pool on the bed sheets.

Soon her boyfriend moved onto the bed next to her and soon she was happily sucking him off, after a few minutes though he decided he wanted more than just her mouth on his cock and moved between her legs. He slipped a couple fingers deep inside her, her pussy was open and hot and slippery as he pumped his fingers in and out of her hitting her g spot purposefully making her squirm and groan as her worked her sensitive slit for a minute. After that though he pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his rock hard cock slamming it home all the way to his balls getting a yelp out of her as he hit bottom hard, he groaned loudly as he took a couple strokes in and out of her marveling at how loose and hot and slick her newly well fucked and seeded pussy felt around him as he fucked her.

“Fuck you feel so good baby, not gonna last long so hot…”

His cock was soaked in her juices but mostly with Danny’s large thick load as he fucked her harder and harder, cum and juices spattering them both and the bed making more of his cum leak out of her onto the bed with every stroke. True to his word he soon groaned and emptied himself inside her as well, it felt like he had shot a pint of seed inside her when he was done all she did was moan feeling more hot cum flowing into her. He soon rolled off of her as well on the opposite side panting, there they were two guy’s and her laying on the big bed recovering side by side. The room reeked of sex and fluids Rebecca’s slit puffy and leaking seed profusely their spent cocks laying on their stomachs, though neither of them had any intention of being done for the night.

Soon enough they were all up the two men simply wiped their cocks with a damp wash cloth and she went to the bathroom to clean up so she wouldn’t be draining all over the place, while she did that the two men went to the kitchen getting beer from the fridge and sat at the dinner table Danny rolling a joint.

“What do you think so far?”

“Hum? Great, never thought she would go for this kind of thing I had ex wives do it though.”

“Yeah? They hot too? Any way, I think it’s going to be a hell of a night.”

Danny lit the doobie took a hit and passed it, he was sitting there in the chair nude his legs spread out hit junk laying heavily on the chair no longer sticky with cum but even limp he was impressive. He was just so thick it just gave off the look of heaviness, he had no doubt it was too but wasn’t going to find out for himself.

“”You gonna last man, I got some viagra enough for a couple times on me I got from a buddy of mine if you wanna try it out.”

“Really now? Sure I’ve been wanting to try that for a while, it work like they say?”

He took a drag off the joint and passed it to Danny, Danny took it and just gave him a grin smoking on it a minute before answering.

“Yeah, oh yeah it works. Makes my dick hard as a rock for a few good hours, shit will make you harder than you ever been and makes you as big as you can get too far as I am concerned…your girl will really wonder what the hell when we take that stuff.”

They both laughed a minute then Danny gave him a blue pill and then took another one himself, Rebecca came into the kitchen and sat in a chair between the two with a glass of water they both looked at her she had put on a long t shirt.

“You don’t need to be shy girl, specially after that…and there’s a lot more to come too so a shirt is kinda pointless.”

They sat and drank and talked while they finished the joint, before long the guys noticed a sensation and it grew and they discovered that their manhood’s were growing too. It only took a minute or so before both men were at full mast, her boyfriend hadn’t ever felt his cock so hard it felt tight and it throbbed some thing fierce just pulsing and aching. He glanced over at Danny which had taken the viagra at the same time as he did and found that he also was hard, his big cock now looked monstrous. It looked about the same size as earlier but a little different. It looked positively swollen, thick dark veins coiled and branched off all along the thick shaft. The head was also swollen and had turned a deep shade between purple and a dark sort of red the skin to tight on it the skin was shiny and the piss slit was open a bit…lower the sizable balls were mostly cinched up against his body below his cock jutting from his pelvis like a log.

Oddly enough for him the sight of this mans cock being that big and that hard made his own shaft feel even harder and ache even more, he didn’t know if it was the pill the drink and pot or weather it was the fact that this guy had fucked and was going to fuck his girl a lot more with some thing like that…or was it that he himself was turned on by this guy’s dick. Either way though it didn’t matter as all three of them were gathered for one reason this night, and that reason was to fuck this voluptuous woman that sat with them.

It didn’t take the trio long to be at it again Danny had one foot on the floor his other on a chair and Rebecca sitting with her chair turned outward and sucking on him, she couldn’t get much but the head in her mouth if he was hard she just didn’t have room in her mouth for his massive thickness. But she did her best sucking it hard and running her tongue around and along the sensitive head, taking it from her mouth now and then to run it along the sides and underside of his shaft her hands working him as she sucked him. Rebecca’s boyfriend just watched on there wasn’t much to do if he wanted except maybe play with her tits and he wanted more than that, he could have gotten up and offered his own cock but he watched them instead as the current position seemed exclusive for the two of them.

It was pretty hot too Danny standing that way gave her full access to his cock and balls and she used it to advantage too, her small hands worked his cock as she sucked and licked him moving from his shaft to his ball sack kneading and massaging the balls inside. He had reached down and was slipping a couple long fingers in and out of her slit as she serviced him, they made little noises as this went on between moans and groans and fairly loud slurping and smacking of lips.

“Mmm…damn that’s good, suck it…mmm yeah you love my dick. Ah shit here, suck your old man…he’s over there jacking that big dick of his come over here man and get sucked too.”

Now she was working two cocks and her boyfriends she could suck a lot more of even a couple times she was so into it she swallowed most of him deep throating much of his long cock making him groan, moving between the two men she sucked them getting more excited and as she did she kept taking her man down her throat and giving Danny the best head job she could also making him groan. They both to her seemed even bigger than they were the time before and it turned her on to no end knowing they were both this rock hard for her, she knew at this point that she more than had her work cut out for her with these two ragingly hard men.

From there they fucked her on the couch and on the living room floor on an spare comforter for the bed spread out, for her things seemed to go on and on forever. But she didn’t get bored of it as both guy’s kept her cumming time and time again, one guy had length which he drove deeply inside her causing both pleasure and some pain and the other was so thick and hard and almost as long as the first it reamed her out her clit rubbed his shaft it was so thick as he stroked in and out of her so good she was actually creaming his cock which she had never done before.

And over and over again she would have a hell of a toe curling orgasm as she felt each in turn time and again spurt their hot cum deep inside her, and if not inside her then it would flood her mouth as the man in her mouth came shooting thick ropes of sweet and salty sperm into her mouth. Once Danny pulled out of her almost too late and shot a couple streamers onto her big tits having her milk him with her hands as he shot, to her the amazing thing was that they strangely never went completely limp. After getting off they seemed to get slightly less hard and stay that way for a while, unless they had her suck them off after which most of the time they did after a few minutes and it didn’t take long for either of them to be right back to full mast and ready to fuck.

Just before what would be the last fuck for the night they were resting and talking for a little bit when the subject came up about what Danny would feel poking him while they were fucking, come to find out she had was what called a Murena it was a form of birth control. They talked about it a while, then Danny out of the blue offered to pay to get it taken out and get her on a different but just as effective birth control so they wouldn’t have that thing poking at them all the time.

“The thing is just distracting and painful a few times girl, hurts mostly when I bury it in you and your old man knows what I’m talking about too with him being longer than I am. Could get on the pill or some thing, least see what they got that’s just as good but less pokey.”

“I don’t really care, but what ever I get on it has to work or I’ll get pregnant quick…he’s knocked me up twice in a row and I think you’d knock me up just as fast and then we’d be in a mess.”

“Haha don’t worry about that if you get on a good birth control, besides…if you decided to just go off birth control and let us take turns knocking you up…I think we could have you done up for some years haha.”

“Haha ha…no thanks, as much as I like being pregnant I don’t think having another mans baby would go over well.”

“Well…who the hell else besides us would know it wasn’t your man’s kid in your belly? Sorry haha, I just am perverted and think it would be hot as hell to knock you up is all and…I like pregnant pussy too. Any way…think about the birth control switch subject, it can’t get much better but I think not getting stabbed in the dick head when I bounce my balls off your ass would be great.”

The last time for the night was leisurely for all three of them, the viagra was wearing off and every one was swollen and sensitive, Becky was no different especially when Danny was fucking her with long slow full length strokes deep into her pussy. One after the other finally grunted and poured what they had left inside her, she was surprised they could feel any thing she was so fucked out and loose and full of seed.

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BBW Anal Holiday Stories

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My name is Ivan James. I am a tall, good-looking young black man with an obsession. What is my little obsession? Well, it’s not something that would be considered mainstream by most people. I love fucking big women in the ass. Seriously. I am addicted to the booty holes of big beautiful women and there is no known cure for my affliction. Just call it an anal fixation, with a twist. I also like to have big women fuck me in the ass with thick strapon dildos. Yeah, I know what you think. This guy is weird. He must be sick in the head, or have homosexual tendencies. Nah, I’m completely heterosexual. I just happen to have wickedly different sexual interests. This is my all-time favorite fetish. Now you know. It’s my life, damn it!

I live in Boston, and I must say that I love the city. Plenty of sexually adventurous big women live here and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I currently attend Darrell College, a small private school located right outside Boston. Darrell College has eighteen thousand students spread over two campuses, Brockton and Boston. I live in the Boston campus. It’s where the athletic facilities and the men’s and women’s dormitories are located. This small, liberal arts school was founded in 1988 by Luther Darrell, a famous and wealthy Boston architect. Since then, it’s become one of the best schools in the state of Massachusetts. It’s a very liberal place filled with loose women. I love it. Folks, this is the wonderfully twisted place I now call home.

The freakiest people on campus are the athletes. The Darrell College Department of Athletics sponsors Men’s Varsity Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Rugby, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Gymnastics, Fencing, Water Polo, Rowing, Volleyball, Archery, Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse and Bowling along with Women’s Varsity Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Soccer, Swimming, Ice Hockey, Archery, Gymnastics, Equestrian, Fencing, Rowing, Volleyball, Field Hockey, Wrestling, Water Polo, Lacrosse and Bowling. We compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division Two in all sports except Men’s and Women’s Ice Hockey, which competes in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Division One. I’m not a varsity sportsman but I’m a major fan of all Darrell College sports teams. I used to play Baseball in high school but had to quit after a shoulder injury. I still love the game, though, and I chose to attend Darrell College partly because it had a good Baseball team.

Darrell College has several club teams in Men’s Boxing, Men’s Cycling, Women’s Ultimate Frisbee and Women’s Badminton. I joined the Men’s Cycling team. It’s a pretty competitive team and we’ve won awards in competitions against other club teams from around the state. I like to stay active, you know. It keeps me healthy. I’m a six-foot-one, 250-pound black male. I’ve always been a big man. But I’m health. I don’t want that to change anytime soon. So, I ride my bike and exercise a lot. I do alright gaziantep bayan escort in all my business administration classes, so I got plenty of free time to do whatever I like. What I like doing more than anything else is hooking up with sexually adventurous big women. The bigger the better.

I went to visit two of my favorite athletes when boredom kicked in during the 2008 Holiday Season. Jessica Quentin, a tall and thick, large-breasted and big-bottomed, brown-haired and brown-eyed white chick from Quincy. This Softball player stands five feet ten inches tall and weighs two hundred and thirty pounds.. Her roommate, Ebony Rogers, a tall and thick, large-breasted and big-bottomed black woman. Ebony is a member of the Darrell College Women’s Basketball team. She stands six feet tall and weighs two hundred and seventy pounds. Yeah, she’s big and plump. With a huge, sixty-inch black bubble butt. She’s really fine. Just the way I like my females. We had known each other for some time. Those two were some kind of freaky, folks. We’ve had tons of fun together in the past and I see no reason why our good times can’t continue indefinitely. Sex is one of the best things in life. Especially casual sex. Casual sex is simply the best.

When I knocked on the door, Ebony came to greet me. The big blakc woman was wearing nothing except a bra and panties. I looked her up and down before smiling wickedly. Ebony smiled too, and kissed me before pulling me into the apartment. I stepped in, and saw Jessica. The big white girl was standing naked in the room, Harmonica in hand. Upon seeing me, she smiled. I grinned too. It’s always good to see her. Jessica is big and beautiful, and decidedly down with hot and kinky sex. And she’s fun to hang out with, too. Could a woman get any cooler? I strongly doubt it.

Yeah, we got down and dirty. Ebony got us some drinks. I chugged down some beer, as did Jessica. Ebony drank some white wine, and put on some music. We started dancing. I did the bump and grind with Ebony while Jessica watched us, fingering her pussy. Man, feeling Ebony’s plump black ass against my groin got my dick hard as hell. She could feel my dick harden in my pants and pushed her fat ass against me, grinding it. Oh, yeah. That’s what I like! A big black woman with a big booty grinding it against my groin. I’m a chubby chaser and that’s my idea of a sexual heaven. If you don’t like it, sue me!

Pretty soon, Jessica joined us. Oh, yeah. I was having tons of fun. Feeling Jessica’s tits on my back while bumping into Ebony’s booty was definitely hot. We went into the bedroom, all of us drunk and horny. I crashed on the bed, horny as hell. Jessica and Ebony lay on either side of me. I unzipped my pants and freed my dick. I’m packing eleven inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. It’s been known to make lots of people squeal in pleasure. Ebony and Jessica gasped when they saw it. They’ve seen it before, but it still gets gasps from them. I asked them to show my Jimmy some love. They were down with that. Jessica began sucking on my cock while Ebony licked my balls. I lay there, relaxed and enjoyed. You’d do the same thing, trust me.

Man, having these two plump females working my dick was awesome. In no time, they made me cum. Jessica and Ebony greedily drank up my manly seed. Then, we tried something a bit more interesting. I spread Jessica’s legs and breathed in the smell of her pussy. Nice. I liked it. I knelt between her legs as she lay on the bed and began licking her pussy. Meanwhile, Ebony played with my ass. Ebony loves playing with butts, both male and female. That’s my kind of female. She spread my ass cheeks with her big hands and began licking my asshole. Man, I love it when females lick my ass. My dick gets hard just thinking about it. I busied myself licking and probing Jessica’s pussy with my fingers and tongue. Jessica moaned in pleasure and urged me on. I worked my magic. Suddenly, I felt something enter my ass. Ebony slipped first one then two fingers into my asshole. I like this stuff. You really ought to try it sometime. It feels good.

I worked my magic on Jessica’s pussy until she squealed, totally orgasmic as she came. Yeah, I still got skills. She looked at me, wanting more. I grinned, and slid my hard dick into her pussy. I placed my hands on Jessica’s hips, and began pounding her tight pussy with my dick. Meanwhile, Ebony was licking and fingering my ass like ass rimming was going out of style. Damn, this plump black chick likes black male ass! I fucked Jessica, hard. I drilled my dick into her pussy. She wrapped her arms around me and begged me for more. I gave her all the cock I had to give, and then some. I came inside her, filling her pussy with my cum. Jessica squealed in pleasure. I roared victoriously. I owned that creamy white pussy!

Next, we tried something new. Ebony took a break from licking my ass and watched me ass fuck Jessica. I put Jessica on all fours and spread her plump white butt cheeks wide open. I pressed my dick against Jessica’s asshole, and pushed it inside. Jessica didn’t scream as my cock popped into her asshole. Nah, she merely grunted. That’s a good gal. I put my hands on her hips and began fucking her. Tired of playing spectator, Ebony rejoined the action. She snuck up right underneath Jessica and me. In this position, her face was at the level of Jessica’s pussy and her spread legs were at the level of Jessica’s face. Ebony began licking Jessica’s pussy. I looked down and watched her do her thing. Nice!

As I fucked Jessica, an idea came to me. Why didn’t she return the favor and lick Ebony’s pussy too? I smacked Jessica’s ass. She said ouch and gave me a dirty look. I communicated my idea to her and she smiled, then nodded. She leaned down and buried her face between Ebony’s legs. I leaned over and watched as the plump white chick licked the big black woman’s pussy. Hot damn! This was hotter than most porno movies! I continued to drill my cock into Jessica’s butt hole. Her asshole was wonderfully warm and tight, just the way I liked them. I continued to fuck it until I came. I filled Jessica’s ass with my cum. Then, slowly, I pulled out.

I sat back and watched as Jessica and Ebony did their thing. Folks, there’s nothing hotter than watching two big beautiful women, one black and one white, going down on each other in Sapphic bliss. Jessica eagerly lapped at Ebony’s pussy while Ebony dug her fingers into Jessica’s pussy, working her magic. Hot damn. I watched the two of them as they worked each other into orgasmic bliss. They came almost at the same time, I think. It was hot. So much that I came as well. I sprayed both their faces with my cum and they opened their mouths to receive my manly blessings. Yeah!

Afterwards, we were still not sated, so we tried something new. Ebony got on all fours and spread her plump black butt cheeks, offering me her ass. I smiled. This was a rare treat. Jessica was down for almost anything sexual but Ebony had reservations about anal sex. Apparently, in the spirit of the season, she wanted to receive some anal love. That’s cool because I’m always in a giving mood! I pressed my cock against Ebony’s asshole and pushed it inside. Meanwhile, Jessica had gone to fetch her strapon dildo. It looked sexy on her. She smiled and came up behind me. The plump white chick spread my ass cheeks wide open and slowly pushed the dildo into my black male ass. I gasped as it went in. Oh, man!

I placed my hands on Ebony’s wide hips and pushed my big black cock deeper into her asshole. Meanwhile, Jessica placed her hands on my hips and pushed the dildo deeper into my ass. Oh, man. This felt oddly good. Having a dildo up my ass while my cock was inside a woman’s ass felt strangely wonderful. I began pounding Ebony’s ass, slamming my cock deep where the sun didn’t shine. Jessica began fucking me hard and fast, pumping the dildo into my ass. I liked it! The harder I fucked Ebony’s ass, the louder she screamed and the more turned on I became. The harder Jessica fucked me, the more I screamed and the harder my cock got, leading me to fuck Ebony all the harder. I grabbed a handful of Ebony’s long hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. I came inside her asshole, flooding that tight crevice with my cum. It turned me so much. I stayed hard and fucked her some more. Jessica continued pounding me and I demanded more from her. She was happy to give me her all. We romped like this until we collapsed, exhausted. Three cum-covered, sweaty bodies lying in a heap on a king-sized bed. Hell yeah!

As I lay between these two big, beautiful ladies, I felt happy as a clown. This is how I spend my Friday nights, folks. I do things the rest of you can only dream of. It’s my life and I do as I please. I love big women and they love me. We have raunchy and passionate anal sex together. If you don’t like it, then shut your damn mouth. Darrell College is my collegiate paradise, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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