I Called She Came

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I was sitting on my back patio in the dark hearing the crickets chirping and letting the humidity wrap around me in the north Florida night. I was still trying to sort out what I saw this afternoon and how it affected me. After I got back from Teri’s I jacked off 3 times thinking about hiding in the closet and watching Angie eat my cum from Teri’s pussy. Angie had no idea who’s cum it was and I was wondering how she would react knowing it was her Dad that had fucked Teri just minutes before she walked in the house. I had lots of conflicting emotions about that happened. The thought of Angie eating my cum both sickened and excited me. As a Dad watching her eat Teri’s pussy was concerning but as a man it was arousing as hell to watch her lick and slurp her tongue and rub her face against Teri’s pussy and clit. Even though she kept her denim shorts on I still found myself wondering what her ass and pussy looked like as she was kneeling head down on the bed. I had seen Angie’s ass wrapped in a bathing suit and I knew it was round and firm but not fat. Since her divorce Angie had worked hard to get in shape and stay there.

As I was brooding in the dark and sipping on my chilled Wild Turkey I could see the light pop on from the top of Teri’s bedroom window through the slats of the wood privacy fence separating our lots. Looking at the time on my cellphone I knew she was probably getting ready for bed and the kids would have been in bed long ago I punched in her number.

She picked up quickly answering by giggling, “Hi Daddy.”

I spat out in a flat tone “We need to talk, can I come over.”

She paused but then answered “Yeah, come to my bedroom door but promise you will be quiet and not wake the kids.”

I guess she expected me to make a scene but I wasn’t sure why I was going over there. Maybe to fill in gaps in my fantasy, maybe to fuck her senseless for doing what she did, or maybe to talk about my fantasies with someone kinky enough to understand the confusion I felt. I robotically moved across the yard feeling the dew on my feet making sure when I got to the fence I used the ladder to scale the fence. I didn’t want to take türbanlı porno the chance I would fall in the dark. She must have been waiting at the door because just as I lightly tapped on her door she snatched it open. She was standing there in a pink teri cloth robe and she had washed all the makeup off her face. She wasn’t as sexy as this afternoon when she answered the door in a black bustier, thong panties, and matching lace up Victorian boots but I was instantly hard and wanted sink my cock into her right then.

I pushed past her as I asked “Can I come in?”

She wrinkled her nose and asked “Have you been drinking?”

I sat down on the corner of the bed looked up at her and said “Only two, I didn’t want to be drunk when I talked to you.”

Teri walked past me to the bedroom door pushing the privacy lock making sure the kids wouldn’t wander in and find a strange man in Mom’s bedroom. Before she came back to stand in front of me she also turned on the TV and found and easy listening music station on the cable to add a little background noise. She was standing in front of me with her hands shoved in her robe pockets as she looked down at me. I sat there in silence not sure what to say or how to say it until she asked softly “What do you want Dan?” I reached around and wrapped my hands around her waist and pulled her into me. She resisted slightly as first but let me. I had the side of my face pressed against her soft stomach and her DD tits pressing down against my head. In that position I asked “How long have you and Angie been intimate.”

Teri sighed and placed her hand on top of my head and began to lightly caress my hair before saying “We started our senior year in high school, we were both 18 but afraid to go all the way with the boys.” Laughing she added, “Actually Angie was I wasn’t getting hit on much with my skinny ass and wire on my face.”

I reached down and stroked her ass and said, “Yeah there has been quite a change over the years.”

She gasped in mock horror before giggling out “You mean you used to look at my ass when I was younger?”

I laughed “Yeah blowjob porno not that you had much of one.”

She playfully slapped my shoulder saying “You dirty old man, at least now I know my efforts were successful.”

I looked at her confused and she continued, “I would try and set up times for you to see my ass or even naked, I always thought you were a hunk.”

Pulling my head into her stomach she changed tone as she finished her story. “It was the first of February, I had finally gotten my braces off and I was spending the weekend at your house.” Pausing a second she added “Adam Granger had asked me to the Valentine’s Day dance and I was nervous about the possibility of kissing a boy for the first time, at least in a truly romantic way.” Taking a deep breath she continued “It was late and we laid in bed in the dark talking about it when Angie suggested that we practice.” She paused again before she went on. “I was shocked when I realized she meant with each other, but like she said it was only kissing.”

Pushing me back on the bed and laying down beside me Teri went on “At first we were too busy giggling but soon we had settled down and Angie was giving a kissing clinic.” Sighing Teri said “She taught me butterfly kisses, French kissing, and how to kiss and move your lips.” Continuing she added “I was starting to get tingly and my breath was getting quicker and I knew this was strange.”

Now throwing her leg over my hip Teri moved up close against me before going on “Angie’s voice was raspy and her breathing was quicker too when she suggested we practice more, so we did, we laid down and began kissing each other with our hands caressing each other’s faces.” Teri was breathing heavily now and had to time her words with her breasts and added ” As the kissing got hotter and our breathing quickened even more our hands moved across each other’s backs.” Her hands replayed what was going on in her mind and she ran her hands under my shirt. She hissed “We had went to bed in crop tops and bikini panties and while we were kissing the cloth was scratching our tingling nipples.”

Sighing heavily esmer porno Teri began to slowly grind her pussy against my hip before adding more “It wasn’t long before the crop tops had work their way up and off our breasts and our nipples were scrapping against each other’s skin.” Breaking her story with a kiss Teri sucked on my lip for a minute before going on “Angie’s tits were bigger than mine and I could feel them mash and spread against my skin.”

I turn my hip so that Teri could get a good solid grind location on it as I slid my hands under her robe and up to her tits. As I caressed her nipples she hissed and whispered “Yeah that’s what Angie did too, she reached up and started rubbing my nipples.”

Her voice now ragged with passion Teri groaned out more information, “We didn’t really know anything about getting each other off other than rubbing each other’s nipples and kissing but somehow our legs intertwined and we were humping against each other like I am now.”

Teri’s grinding had forced open the front of her robe to reveal she was completely naked under it. She leaned into my neck and moaned into my ear as she panted to me “We kissed ground against each other until we both had an orgasm.”

The thought of Angie and Teri intertwined and cumming in moans and gasps was driving me crazy. I wanted to grind myself against Teri but my cock was still in my shorts and I was below the level of her body. I pinched both of Teri’s nipples and pulled slightly as I asked her “Why did you do that today?”

Teri groaned as she recalled asking Angie to lick the cum out of her pussy and the poor girl having no clue it was her fathers. Teri started humping faster as she chanted “She licked your cum, she licked your cum, She!”

About then Teri’s climax started to kick in and she squealed “She licked her Daddy’s cum out of my pu-pu-ooooo-ssssy.”

Teri was slamming her cunt against my hip bone in ragged but repeated thrust as she came. She was letting out a steady stream of moaning pants until she wrapped her arms and legs around me and squeezed.

As her orgasm ebbed she relaxed her grip on me sliding back onto the bed while letting a wan smile crossed her lips she whispered “Angie licked her Daddy’s cum out of my pussy!”

Cupping her face with my palm I pulled her in closer to me and asked, “But why did you do it Teri?”

She giggled and said “Cause it was so damn fucked up and sexy!”

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Princess Ch. 05

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Big Tits

Eventually, we settled with Jacque’s, and returned to the condo. It was about ten o’clock. If I read Jerry correctly, he was interested in some sexual time with Carrie; however, that wasn’t going to happen with Emma around.

Carrie changed all that in a minute. She came up to me. “Jim … Honey … I need you to do something really special for me – for us – especially for my younger sister Em.”

“Yummmm.” I wondered where she was going; this was unusual, and if I read the tone of her voice correctly, her request involved something sexual.

“I want you to make love to Emma. She’s a virgin the same way I was. She likes you – a lot, and would like to … well, she’d like you to be her first lover, even though you’re my fiancé, and I know you just met today. I think that’d be so special, so I’m hoping you’ll really do it. I can be with Jerry, but also be close by. Would you …”

“I interrupted, “Carrie! Sleeping with your sister is not something I imagined I’d have to do to win her favorable report. Is this really something you want me to do or is this some pressure that you don’t understand from your sister?”

“I want this to happen.” Carrie kissed me passionately. She explained, “I love my little sister. Until we grew apart because of being apart for university and other responsibilities, we were so close. I look at this as bringing us back together again with you being a special bridge between us. I do have a sort of kinky request, however.”

“What’s that?”

“I want to watch – to be in the same room as the two of you, maybe even beside her when you … what’d you call it, take her cherry. Would that be too much to ask?”

“I’d like that, and if you’re there it would be comforting to both of us. I want to be sure you’re one hundred percent on this. I don’t want to find I lose you because I fucked my future sister-in-law.”

Carrie chuckled, “More than that, maybe you’ll get to keep fucking her into the future. I know how that kinky little fantasy just might really appeal to your inner man-slut.”

“It does. What will you do?”

Carrie smiled and then moved to Jerry who’d just returned to the living room; she planted a kiss on him that melted his shoe leather. As he returned the kiss, he ran his hands up her sides and under her designer top, obviously feeling her breasts.

Emma watched the pair with fascination, as though she’d never seen anything equivalent.

I said, “Never saw your sister making out with someone?”


“Come here, Emma or can I call you Em like Carrie does?”

“Em, yes; call me either.” She flowed into my arms, and I tilted her head up to me and kissed her. I thought, this is the second princess I’ve kissed in the past two months … and soon it would be the second princess I’d initiated into the sexual part of her life, and the second princess I’d made love to.

Beside us, Jerry slowly pulled up Carrie’s top, tossing it onto the back of the sofa. Her bra followed in seconds, leaving her sexy breasts open for him to feast on. Jerry was a breast man. He lunged forward and kissed Carrie, and then slid down her body until his mouth could totally engulf a breast, even including her large areola.

Emma shuddered next to me. I slowly ran my hand up he side, and then forward until I gently cupped her right breast in my hand. I massaged slowly, feeling the nipple harden under my palm.

Emma looked over her shoulder at me. I leaned in and kissed her neck, turning her slightly so we made better contact.

Em whispered, “I really like you. You and Carrie will be so good together.”

I kissed her again.

Em said, “It doesn’t bother you that Carrie is hooking up with Jerry?”

“No. I like that it makes her happy occasionally. He’s not trying to steal her away, and I believe her when she tells me that I’m her only lover. He may make love to her, but she’ll be mine in the long run.”

“Oh, God, that is so sexy. You let her fuck someone else.”

“I get off on it, actually. I like watching the two of them when they’re together. It’s impressive. I get a little jealous, and it makes me especially attentive to her afterwards. She tells me she reacts the same when I’m with Marjorie, even though we’re a threesome.”

“Does Marjorie fuck Jerry?”

“She does. She introduced him to us.”

“I like him too, but right now I really want my brother-in-law-to-be to do me in every way he can. Just so you know, Carrie and I talked about it this afternoon and again at the restaurant. She said you are such a perfect lover, and are so attentive and imaginative about how to make her cum.”

I slid my hands under her top and lifted. Emma put her hands up, and the top disappeared. Her bra followed an instant later.

I sucked in Em’s left breast, enjoying the swell and how I could feel her breathing change to a different gear. She whispered, “My nipples are very sensitive. I can have an orgasm from you doing that … but I’m still a virgin. Thank you for being kürt porno willing to stretch your boundaries and do me.”

“Oh, it’ll be my pleasure. You are so pretty and sweet.”

As we talked I’d unbuttoned and unzipped her designer slacks, and pushed them down her legs. Emma stepped out of them. I then toyed with the lacy knickers, until I pushed those too down her legs and helped her step out of them.

“You’re beautiful,” I whispered as I moved to kiss her.

“My breasts are small,” she opined.

I sucked a tit into my mouth, and while I held the suction, I flicked her nipple with my tongue. Emma went wild, and ground her bare pussy into my leg.

Finally, Emma said, “Will you lose your clothes? I want to please you too.”

I was nude in seconds, but way behind Carrie and Jerry. The two of them were beside us on my long sofa, each with their hands busy with the other’s sexual parts. They were kissing up a storm, and I could often see their tongues interacting.

Emma inhaled my cock as I turned back to her. Between sucks, she said, “I think I’m pretty good at this. I’ve held off having intercourse, but I know how to suck cock.”

“And talk dirty too. I like that.”

I dropped a hand to her crotch, and started to slide my fingers through her slit, and then to sink a couple into her sweet body.

I said, “Sixty-nine with me. I want to eat you.”

Only seconds later, we were stretched out on my deep pile carpet with my mouth eating the Class A-1 princess pussy, and her mouth devouring my cock, with a talented display of tongue work on both our parts.

I whispered, “I want to make you cum.”

“God, I’m almost there.”

I thrust two fingers into her cunt as I nibbled on her clit. I used the fingers to search for and then massage her G-spot.

Emma erupted in a fireworks display of joy when her climax hit. A long moan floated around the room.

Next to us on the sofa, Carrie lay back with legs spread as Jerry tenderly moved between them and slowly sank his steely manhood deep inside her. Their moans also filled the dimly lit room.

I couldn’t wait any longer. I turned Emma around, ate her pussy for a few seconds leaving a copious amount of lubrication there, and then I took aim with my granite-like shaft, and duplicated Jerry’s move by sinking deep into Em. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Carrie watching us – watching the deflowering of her sister.

Emma and I were fully engaged in each other at that point. I kept going deeper and faster into her, even hitting our pubes together harder as we made love and she murmured ‘harder’ to me. I tried to give her what she wanted, and beyond. I wanted this to be a fabulous experience for her.

I romanced her. As our bodies thrust together with passion and lust, I whispered words of affection and love to her. I told her how beautiful she was, and how I was so glad we’d be seeing each other for all the years to come. I stroked every part of her body that I could reach, kissing each part as well yet keeping us together where it counted – my cock buried deep in her cunt.

I used my finger to massage her clit, watching Emma’s response to the intensity of my touch, and then the kind of motion that turned her on the most. About the time I had that figured, Emma’s body stiffened.

Em gasped, “Oh, God, you’re making me cum. The first time I’m making love, and you’re actually giving me an orgasm with your dick inside me. Oh, this is so wonderful.”

Our brand of wonderful crested. Em’s entire vagina started to spasm around my cock, and that was all it took. I came in buckets, filling Emma’s tight cavity with my seed. I then collapsed on top of her briefly, and rolled us partly to our side so that I didn’t crush her. Em’s passion continued as she kissed me with great ardor.

On the sofa, I glanced up just as Carrie came and Jerry fired his load into her cunt. The two of them were also engaged in a passionate encounter.

Emma and I lay there stroking each other for at least ten minutes. Our breathing slowly returned to normal.

Eventually, Carrie and Jerry got up and went to the bathroom. When they got back, Jerry briefly bid us goodbye, slipped his clothes on and left.

Carrie lay down behind her nude sister, and spooned in behind her. I reached across and stroked her sweet body. I asked, “You have fun?”

“Yes, he’s nice, but I love you.” She leaned across her sister and gave me a hot kiss.

She then turned her sister towards her and added, “And I love you too.” She gave Emma a remarkable kiss, the likes of which I’d only ever seen her share with Marjorie.

I suggested, “We should maybe go to bed?”

Carrie said, “Yes, the three of us in bed together, right now, and then I want to try something.” She stood, and then pulled her sister upright, and led her to our bed.

In the bedroom, Carrie pushed Emma back on the bed. She then separated her legs, and as Emma watched in fascination ladyboy porno and lust, Carrie buried her head between her sister’s legs and started to lap and suck my cum from inside her. Emma’s whole body shuddered, and she muttered, “Oh, fuck. I can’t believe my sister is eating her fiancé’s cum from my pussy.”

Carrie whispered, “Later, you can eat his cum from my pussy, and if you’re very good we’ll let you do it with Marjorie too.”

* * * * *

We were a highly efficient fucking, sucking, eating, licking, kissing, and tonguing machine by the time Marjorie arrived home for dinner on Monday. She’d had a nice visit with her parents.

It only took the three of us fifteen minutes to seduce Marge into our bed, and in another ten, she was screaming out her orgasms and passion to each of us as we took turns eating her, fingering her, and making love to her.

We had a late dinner that I prepared – omelets all around, and then we were back in bed trying to top what we’d started.

The rest of Emma’s visit went by in a similar vein. I took refuge at work some days because I needed the recovery time. I confess to also falling asleep in front of my computer screen a few times due to the lack of sleep.

Carrie and Emma prowled around Washington. Jerry arranged a female agent to accompany them on their tours of the Smithsonian and a few of the monuments. He also coordinated with Emma’s bodyguard detail. At night we typically ate out, but then spent hours totally indoctrinating Emma into our hedonistic lifestyle.

The following Sunday night when she left on the redeye back to London, she was teary, but totally enraptured with Carrie, Marjorie, and me, plus Jerry who’d also come back to help broaden her horizons a little further.

When Carrie next talked to her Mum, she got told that Emma had given me the highest rating in the family. She also mentioned that all the private investigative reports about my upbringing, plus past and current status were fully supportive. I was who I said I was; I had good earning potential; and I would be an asset to the family. I didn’t abuse them of that notion.

A few more weeks passed, as Carrie and I planned our wedding, aided by a recommended wedding planner. The announcement was made through Marjorie, and reported by her in a special news segment on WDC-TV. There was some footage of the two of us walking through Rock Creek Park holding hands, and occasionally kissing in a lovey-dovey fashion – just the thing TV viewers want to see to make an event come alive.

BBC also was given the footage, and the next we knew, there were about three or four dozen reporters camped out in front of my condo building hoping for photographs, interviews, the answers to dumb questions they might shout out, and any other bread crumb we threw them. Their numbers grew daily.

For the most part we ignored the reporters, but then I got a knock on the door. It was the president of the condominium association. They wanted Carrie or I to disburse the news media. I’d already tried that unsuccessfully. A day later, they requested that we move out of the building because we were a ‘severe disruption’ on the quiet way of life in our buildings. I appreciated their position.

Carrie and I talked about what we wanted to do. We decided we wanted some more space anyway, and so we got a realtor the next evening and started to spend weekends looking at homes. I let the condo association know we’d be moving out eventually, and that placated them.

We consulted with Jerry about the kind of home to get, and any other requirements, given that we wanted some security. He certainly added one feature we hadn’t talked about – a safe room. A safe room was some place where we could go in the house and basically lock ourselves in and be secure from any kind of outside threat until help arrived.

After looking at about thirty homes, we found one northwest of Washington in Montgomery County that fitted our needs. We were a little bit further out of Washington and my work than I liked, but we had about twenty acres of land, a good-sized house, and a large outbuilding and garage that could hold a lot of toys or even double as a stable. Jerry sized up the place, and also recommended we put an electric fence around the land and put a gated fence up. He also wanted us to contract for a fireproof, break-in proof, safe room. The requirements got more severe the more he thought about it.

Carrie thought about that overnight, and then stopped things. She said, “I like the house – as is. I’m trying to move away from safe rooms, fences, bars, and gates. They lock us in as well as others out. Normal people don’t deal with that. I know we’re going to be living on the upscale side of normal and there’s a risk we’ll be targets of some kind, but still, I’d rather take my chances.”

As a sop to Jerry’s pleas for greater security, Carrie agreed to take martial arts training, mainly because of the exercise component, and latin porno also to learn how to shoot a handgun. She rolled her eyes at the prospects, but started on his security-conscious program.

I told the condo association that we’d be moving in six weeks. Our lack of cooperation with the media, except for Marjorie and WDC-TV, frustrated many of them, so their numbers shrunk dramatically as the time passed.

Moving into the house meant I had to sell my condo, and that Marjorie could also put her condo behind her as well. We put them on the market and mine sold within two days because the new buyer could say that a princess had lived there. Marjorie’s condo sold two weeks later. On that basis, a princess trumped a TV personality.

Because of an inheritance, I could afford to put a sizeable down payment on the new house. I didn’t think much about money, because in my simple lifestyle and with the good paying job, I always had enough for whatever I wanted, even a new car from time to time.

I realized the house would stretch my capabilities a little, forcing me to take some money from my investments, but still it wasn’t a showstopper. I figured we’d have a hefty mortgage, but I was due for a bonus and a pay increase.

I’d also never had the ‘how much are you worth’ discussions with either Marjorie or Carrie. When Marjorie’s condo sold, she ended up with a nice size check after paying off her mortgage, and she signed it over to me. I didn’t think much about it, so I just added it into the down payment we were making, and counter-signed it to the real estate people.

Carrie had watched Marge signing over the check with casual interest. She asked, “How much would the mortgage be after what Marjorie and you put in?”

I hesitated, because I didn’t want to shock Carrie, but I told her, “Just under two-million dollars. The whole deal was just under four; they’ll figure out the exact amounts for the closing. I put in some of my investment money as well as my equity in this condo.”

“So, if I want to contribute, and I do, then I should just give you a check?”

“No, I’d just be a middle man. You should make it out to the real estate company. They manage the funds in escrow until everything balances. Everyone gets what he or she wants out of the deal. The money we pay gets split up between the owner, the builder in this case since the house is new, and the bank who’ll carry our mortgage. They sort all that out to the penny.”

“Oh, OK. So, that agent – Laura? – can tell me the exact amount?”

“Right.” I confess to sort of brushing off my fiancée. I had been raised with the ‘a man handles the money’ mentality. Despite that mindset, I cared little for the financial side of things so long as we were all comfortable and protected.

The closing on the new house was three weeks later. We’d told the real estate agent to list all three of us as the co-owners, since we all put money into the deal. When we showed up at the closing, I noticed there was no one from any of the banks there. The only other attendee was the property owner’s lawyer.

I asked Laura, “What bank is going to carry our mortgage? What rate did we get?”

She looked at me sort of funny. “There is no bank involved. This is a cash deal.”

Ever the master of a great vocabulary, I said, “Huh?”

Laura said, “The three of you put together the full four million.”

I shot Carrie a glance and she just smiled benignly at me. I mouthed to her, “How much did you put into this?”

She said in a low voice only I could hear, “Two-point-six million. You put in about nine hundred thousand, and Marge put in five hundred thousand.

I just said, “Oh. Thank you.”

After we left the signing, I cornered Carrie as we walked to the car. “Where’d you get the kind of money to buy more than half the house? That’s a big deal for us.”

Carrie smiled, “I don’t like debt, so I wanted us to owe nothing on the house. I have a lot of money that’s exclusively mine to do with as I want, plus I hold shares in the limited partnership my family created – so does Emma. As we have children, they’ll receive shares automatically. The assets have a good fund manager, so there’s been significant growth every year. A couple of years ago it doubled.”

“I don’t mean to pry, but how much are we talking about?”

Carrie smiled. She knew she was about to blow me away. She stopped and kissed me. “Jim, I love you. I especially love that you proposed to me and had no idea of what I was worth. That made a huge impression on me.”

“I thought you lost everything when you left your family and the track to being a princess.”

“I didn’t,” Carrie carefully replied. “My own net worth is around five-hundred-million pounds or about three-quarters of a billion dollars. The family trust and partnership holds about forty-billion pounds.”

I stopped dead in my tracks. I couldn’t possibly have heard correctly. She was playing with me, but when I looked at her I could tell she was serious.

I said in a low tone, “hooooooooollllllllyyyyyyy ssssshhhhhiiiiittttt!”

Carrie laughed, “I told you I’d pay you back for your troubles the night you brought me home as I was running away. Didn’t you believe me?”

“Not really,” was all I could muster.

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Mistress Tatiana of Brazil Ch. 02

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


In the world of BDSM, there are lots of dominant men and an equal or greater number of submissive women. Comparatively, there are far more submissive men than there are dominant women. This leads the submissive men to be constantly on the prowl for the dominant women that they crave. The competition for mistresses, dominatrices and the like among submissive men is fierce. Not only do they have to compete with each other, but they must compete with macho, dominant guys who think female dominants are theirs for the taking.

Stevenson Moor is a newcomer to BDSM as well as a man of many passions, which is understandable since this proud son of Jamaica is forthrightly Bisexual. While Stevenson studies at the University of Ottawa in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, the brother is exploring his sexuality. The island of Jamaica, Stevenson’s birthplace is way too conservative when it comes to sexual expression. The brother is having a blast in the Canadian Capital, where, among consenting adults, basically anything goes…

The world of BDSM utterly fascinates Stevenson, who has begun to explore it under the moniker SlyGamer1995. The brother has begun attending BDSM-themed munches all over the City of Ottawa, from the ones taking place at chic restaurants on Bank Street to those happening in the By Ward Market. While attending such an event, Stevenson/SlyGamer1995 came across a woman whom he simply could not forget. A mysterious South American beauty known only as Mistress Tatiana…

Stevenson likes both women and men, but what really drives him is a challenge. Every Bisexual man knows that to entice a random man into sex all it takes is a certain specific type of eye contact, followed by a risqué encounter in an even more risqué place. Women make men work to get pussy, while men who like men are practically begging for the dick every chance they get. As a Bisexual man who likes challenges, Stevenson finds his fancy tickled by bossy, enigmatic women who are not easy to get into bed…

Witness the male primal urge in play as Stevenson Moor, a big and tall BDSM novice of Jamaican descent goes after Mistress Tatiana of Brazil, the alluring South American beauty who stole his heart. Well, to be certain, Stevenson has been utterly mesmerized by Mistress Tatiana’s big beautiful Brazilian ass ever since he first laid eyes on her. For the moment, everyone’s favorite Bisexual has decided that the fellas can wait. Stevenson simply must have some of Mistress Tatiana’s goodies…

Stevenson has a thing for Mistress Tatiana but that hasn’t changed who or what he is, a Bisexual adventurer who loves the thrill of the chase. The brother still has his fun and games with various individuals across the City of Ottawa, for many of the locals are drawn to the imposing and ruggedly handsome Afro-Caribbean stud. There’s Lucien Gaudet, a portly French Canadian dude who works for Canada Revenue Agency in downtown Ottawa and has a thing for tall, masculine Black men.

Stevenson finds Lucien Gaudet utterly repugnant and enjoys tormenting the bozo. On the surface, Lucien appears to be the picture of respectability. Lucien has a wife, Mildred, and two daughters. Nobody knows that Lucien, a married man and father, loves Black dick more than he loves oxygen. For Stevenson, a strong masturbasyon porno Black man asserting his natural dominance over a freaky, fake-smiling, passive aggressive white Canadian person is simply the natural order of things…

“Yes, Master, I will do as you command,” Lucien told Stevenson during their last encounter. Stevenson/SlyGamer1995 showed up at Lucien’s townhouse in the Glebe Area of Ottawa and ordered his slave to service him. After offering his master some red wine, Lucien got on his knees, unzipped Stevenson’s leather pants and began sucking his long and thick dark dick. Stevenson grinned as the chubby, bald-headed, meek French Canadian began sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow…

“Damn right,” Stevenson growled as Lucien deep-throated his long and thick Jamaican dick. Lucien sucked Stevenson’s dick until he came, and when he did, he sucked every last drop of his precious masculine seed. After Lucien sucked his big dark dick good and proper, Stevenson put the chubby Frenchman on all fours and proceeded to beat his ass with his leather belt. Lucien howled in pain as Stevenson gave him a sound beating, and then fucked him.

“Oh shit,” Lucien squealed as Stevenson shoved his big dark dick up his ass, after putting on a condom of course. Stevenson gripped Lucien’s hips and fucked him roughly, loving the way the French Canadian punk squealed while getting fucked. It didn’t take Stevenson long to get his nut, and he pulled his big dark dick out of Lucien’s now gaping asshole. Stevenson noticed that he and Lucien had made a mess on Lucien’s basement floor while fucking, and smirked as he thought of a solution.

“For your time and troubles,” Stevenson told Lucien, patting his head in a condescending manner before tossing him forty bucks to buy some floor wax fluid to clean up the mess. Rich white dudes like Lucien think they run the world, and Stevenson loves to remind them that they’re bitches and nothing less. All the money and power in the cosmos cannot change a person’s real self, and Stevenson knows that deep down, Lucien is a bitch. Case fucking closed.

Stevenson has fun with Lucien and a few others like him, but dominant women in the world of BDSM hold a special attraction for him. Stevenson is fascinated with Mistress Tatiana, the curvaceous lady from Brazil who is making waves in the Ottawa BDSM scene. Mistress Tatiana is popular in online fetish spots, and on many of them, she’s posted photos and videos of herself dominating her male and female slaves. The lady has a special appeal which Stevenson really appreciates, hence why he went after her.

“For the last time, Stevenson, I am not looking for a submissive,” Mistress Tatiana said, in that charming Brazilian accent which he found so damn sexy. Decked out in a dark jacket over a long-sleeved shirt, too-tight blue jeans and boots, her long dark hair flowing down her shoulders, Mistress Tatiana looked like she meant business. Of course, this is one of about a thousand things which Stevenson found simply irresistible about her…

“Understood, ma’am, friendship is all I seek with you,” Stevenson replied, smiling at the bodacious, curvy, bronze-skinned and dark-haired South American beauty standing before him. Mistress mature porno Tatiana looked at Stevenson and wondered what this tall, dark-skinned, intense brother from the Afro-Caribbean world could be thinking. As a dominatrix, Mistress Tatiana has become a great reader of both women and men, and she had a bad feeling about Stevenson, the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing…

“Alright,” Mistress Tatiana said, and Stevenson smiled and offered her a drink. They were at a play party for female dominants and their male admirers. Nearby, a curvy Black woman named Mistress Noire dominated her submissive, a tall, skinny Latino guy named Gustavo. Mistress Tatiana nodded appreciatively as Mistress Noire fucked Gustavo with a strap-on dildo after bending him over a table. Stevenson looked at the scene, smiled, and then nodded at Mistress Tatiana. This one really wants me, Mistress Tatiana thought.

Mistress Tatiana found herself curious about Steven/SlyGamer1995, this tall, dark and handsome Black man whom so many people in the BDSM community didn’t quite know what to make of. Everyone knows that Steven swings both ways, but in Mistress Tatiana’s experience, a lot of men who claim to be Bisexual either settle down with a woman or pick sides and choose to be with a man. Steven’s back and forth between the sexes had been going on for a long time and showed no signs of slowing down. This is something which Mistress Tatiana found intriguing…

“Ma’am, please dance with me,” Steven asked Mistress Tatiana, as they went over to a different section where music was playing. Grinning, Mistress Tatiana watched as Steven curtsied then offered her his hand, which she took. They began dancing while Jesse J’s Do It Like A Dude played in the background. Steven and Mistress Tatiana did the bump and grind while the music played, ignoring the screams of submissive men getting tortured by dominant women all around them…

“Steven, they say you like the fellas, I want to see if you can eat pussy,” Mistress Tatiana whispered into his ear. Steven looked at the tall, curvy South American dominatrix and grinned. They went to a secluded booth, and once there, Mistress Tatiana sat on the table and pulled down her leather skirt, revealing thick thighs and a hairy pussy. Steven looked at Mistress Tatiana’s hairy pussy and licked his lips hungrily. This was going to be fun…

“Yes ma’am,” Stevenson said as he knelt before Mistress Tatiana, spreading her thick golden thighs wide open. The Afro-Caribbean stud inhaled the sexy Brazilian lady’s scent, smiled and then buried his face between her legs. Mistress Tatiana sighed happily as Stevenson began eating her pussy. When he began fingering her pussy while sucking on her clit, Mistress Tatiana let out a sharp squeal. For a dude who swings both ways, Stevenson was surprisingly good when it comes to eating pussy, much to Mistress Tatiana’s sheer delight…

“Hmm, don’t stop,” Mistress Tatiana ordered, and Stevenson heeded the Brazilian dominatrix’s command, eating her hairy, wet pussy like a hungry man. Mistress Tatiana rubbed her nipples and licked her lips, loving what Stevenson was doing to her. She felt a pleasant tingle down below as the handsome Black gentleman sucked on her clit and fingered her pussy. milf porno A sharp scream shot out of Mistress Tatiana’s as she came, thanks to Stevenson’s vaginal tongue-lashing…

“Delicious,” Stevenson told Mistress Tatiana, after the South American dominatrix came down from cloud nine. She looked at Stevenson and grinned in an almost feral manner. Stevenson nearly gasped as Mistress Tatiana grabbed his dick and began stroking him. As the world’s favorite switch-hitter looked on, the Brazilian dominatrix got on her knees and took his long and thick dark dick into her mouth. Stevenson inhaled sharply as the sexy, bossy South American gal began sucking his dick like there was no tomorrow. Who says dreams can’t come true?

“Fuck me,” Mistress Tatiana told Stevenson, after giving his hard, dark dick a long lick. Stevenson looked at her, this wild woman who was so damn freaky and deliciously bossy. Mistress Tatiana excited Stevenson more than the other ladies or the fellas he usually dealt with. When Mistress Tatiana got back on the table and turned around, shaking her big and beautiful Brazilian booty for him, Stevenson grinned. Things were looking up…

“As you wish, ma’am,” Stevenson told Mistress Tatiana, admiring that big round ass of hers. Dominant or not, women have their needs and Stevenson knows how to handle feisty dames like Mistress Tatiana. Grinning, Stevenson playfully smacked Mistress Tatiana’s big round ass, and then rubbed his hard dick against her. After putting on a condom, Stevenson pushed his dick into her pussy, and Mistress Tatiana let out a deep sigh. She began grinding against his groin, welcoming his hard dick inside of her. She hadn’t had any good dick in a while…

“Oh yeah, fuck me,” Mistress Tatiana squealed as Stevenson gripped her hips and slammed his big dark dick into her pussy. Watching Mistress Tatiana’s big round ass grind against his groin gave Stevenson a great visual to work with. The Jamaican brother rammed his dick into the Brazilian lady’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. Mistress Tatiana moaned deeply as Stevenson fucked her with authority and passion. He wasn’t afraid of her bossiness or her status in the BDSM community. Nope, he fucked her good and he fucked her roughly, just the way she liked it…

“Suck my dick,” Stevenson told Mistress Tatiana, after fucking her for a long while, until the curvaceous, big-bottomed Brazilian dominatrix seemingly tapped out. Stevenson grinned at Mistress Tatiana, who locked eyes with him. Stevenson, who firmly believes that both women and men, of all races, must yield to the power of Black masculinity, stared Mistress Tatiana down. Smiling, Mistress Tatiana grabbed his dick and began sucking him off. Stevenson exhaled sharply and relaxed, enjoying what Mistress Tatiana was doing for him. The South American dominatrix sucked off the Afro-Caribbean Bisexual stud until he came, then she drank his seed…

“Dammit, Steven, you were good, we should hook up again sometime,” Mistress Tatiana told him, at the end of the night. Stevenson smiled at Mistress Tatiana and kissed her on the forehead. They weren’t friends or lovers, and he wasn’t about to become one of her submissive playthings, nor was he offering to become her master or anything of the sort. Stevenson nodded at Mistress Tatiana, wished the lady a good night and handed a Capital Taxi driver two twenties before tapping on the car hood. Mistress Tatiana smiled at Stevenson as the car sped away from the street. Another great night, Stevenson thought to himself as he headed to the Train. Time to go home…

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The Best Party of The Year

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Author’s note: This story involves drinking and recreational drug use.


The only thing louder than the bass reverberating in my chest was the pounding of my head. I was drenched in sweat. The stupid-looking mesh shirt I wore shined with my own perspiration and with the alcohol spilled down my chest. In the sea of other sweaty college students, I could barely orient myself. All I knew was the flashing strobe light, the pounding beat, and the feeling of bodies brushing against my own. I felt like a shark that would die if it stopped moving, so I danced like I had never danced in my life.

It was the biggest party of the year, so naturally my friends and I had gone all out. I blew half my paycheck on poppers and molly, and I had long since lost count of the number of drinks I’d had. If someone had asked me how long I’d been dancing I would have absolutely no answer for them, but I knew I felt amazing. People’s faces warped around me beneath the strobe lights, but thankfully they were all just as fucked up as I was. We exchanged half-lidded, horny smiles and rubbed against each other for moments before parting ways. This was where I thrived, nameless in a sea of other people just as lost as I was.

I felt a hand on my waist and my body responded with a slow churn of arousal. It was definitely a man’s hand. I grabbed onto it and pressed my hips backwards, feeling his crotch grind forwards against me. “Hey baby,” the man yelled (though he may as well have whispered it, with all the competing noise) in my ear. A shiver ran down my spine. I responded with a dumb smile, reaching back to feel his hip, his neck, anything I could get my hand on. The slick texture of his skin sent blood instantly to my crotch. His hand traveled up my body, unsticking my shirt from my sweaty stomach. His fingers found my nipple and I twitched under their pressure. I felt myself moan, but couldn’t hear it over the music. He ran the palm of his hand over my chest, then firmly pinched my nipple between his fingertips. My legs nearly gave out under me, and I let myself melt further back against his body. My thoughts swam in his smell. His hands traveled the length of my japon porno torso, massaging my chest and stomach, pressing only slightly below the waist of my pants before running back over me again.

As the motion of this man’s hands sent waves of pleasure through my body, I caught the flash of someone’s eyes in the blacklight. He was across the room from me, disappearing sometimes behind the other dancers, but managed to keep his drunken gaze on me. Something about the whites of his eyes looked crazy in the blacklight, but I recognized the glossy look of someone just as fucked up as I was. He had this smile on his face, like somewhere under the intoxication he was watching his favorite show. I smiled back, messy and effortless, before letting myself slip back into the feeling of the man behind me pressing his lips against my neck. Everything was so easy: the way his neck angled to suck on my skin, the way my hips ground against his erection, the taste of sweat on my tongue when I licked my lips and looked again at the man across the room. He was dancing with others, but still managed to catch my eyes.

The man across the room grabbed one of the boys he was dancing with and kissed him. I watched his lips part and his tongue move against the other’s mouth. His gaze flicked back and forth from my eyes to the boy he was kissing. I felt the man behind me run his hands down to the front of my hips again. He was gripping me firmly. The outline of his erection was clear against my ass, and the thought that I was making him so horny drove me into a sort of frenzied trance. I moved with the music. My eyes were either closed or open and unfocused, I couldn’t tell anymore. Sweat dripped down my torso and I felt every drop of it. Across the room, the other man stopped making out and watched me. He palmed his crotch, then made a stumbling approach towards me.

In the strobe light, I could make out his catlike eyes, curved lips, a strong nose, and then he was kissing me. My lips buzzed. His tongue slipped into my mouth and cleared away the bloody taste of shallow sores from chewing at the inside of my cheeks. While his hand held firmly kızlık bozma porno to the back of my head, the man behind me sucked at the skin on my shoulder. His teeth grazed me, making me twitch with pleasure. The man in front of me grabbed my hand and brought it to his waistband. I ran my palm over his crotch and felt his hot breath flood my mouth when I pushed down. Behind me, any regard for the song’s tempo had been left behind, as the grinding directed itself solely towards pleasure. I was now sandwiched between the two men, moving my hips to be met with an erection on either side. The man in front of me wound his fingers in my hair and pulled. I gasped. His tongue was running over my face, but I wasn’t thinking about it like that, all I could think about was the beauty of its wet pressure on my skin. I was shivering and sweating all at once.

I grabbed the ass of the man in front of me and pulled him even closer. His erection was now jammed firmly against my own. I moved between the two men. Their mouths latched onto me. I could smell their sweat and the alcohol on their breaths. I heard the man behind me say something, though I couldn’t quite make it out, and grind himself more firmly against my ass. He lost his rhythm, increasing his pace and intensity. I relished this moment, letting pleasure bloom behind my eyes as I ground my hips into his. He thrusted against me. His teeth clamped down on my shoulder. I didn’t feel the wet patch in his pants, but I knew it was there as his cock began to soften against my ass. His tongue traced a slow, flat line up the back of my neck. I bathed in his hot breath behind me until, with a squeeze of my ass, he was gone.

The man in front of me remained, having spent this time with his lips on my own, or on my neck, or my chest. His hands gripped and massaged my ass. When he pulled away from kissing me this time, a trail of drool followed him. It broke and lay across my chin. He wiped it away with his thumb, then pressed it against my lips. I sucked on his thumb, tasting the tang of his sweat and my own alcoholic saliva. It was delicious. He pulled his hand from my mouth köylü porno and kissed my neck. I breathed in the smell of his hair. I was vaguely aware of one hand leaving my body, his hips pulling away from my own, and then returning. I reached down curiously and, sure enough, there was bare skin. His uncut cock now rubbed against the front of my pants.

He pulled away to look me in the eyes and slid his cock between my legs. His pupils were dilated completely and lazy with pleasure. I pressed my legs together for him, luxuriating in the feeling of him squeezing my ass and tracing over my sweaty shoulder blades. I wanted him to envelop me completely, skin on skin under the pulsing beat. I let my arms drape haphazardly around his torso, allowing him to guide my movements. His pace was slow, and his eyes fluttered with the sensations. I sucked on his neck, savoring his sweat, and traced my fingernails over his back. My full body was slumped against him, and he used the slot between my thighs as he wished. I loved the pressure of our chests together, and the moaning I could see but not hear when he picked up his pace. He reached one hand under my waistband, pushing inside and letting a finger brush over my asshole inquisitively. He rubbed over the sweat that had collected on my ass, then continued that firm pressure to the small of my back. He could touch me anywhere he wanted- I was happy to give up control.

His dick left my thighs and pressed forward, upright, against my crotch. We rubbed together, both flushed and sweating and hungry for more. He reached into my pants, tugging them harshly down, and pulled out my dick. With both of our cocks gripped firmly in his hand, he moved his hips steadily. My hand joined his and I watched our dicks rubbing together. It looked crazy under the blacklight. The way his foreskin rolled back under his hand had my heart racing, if it was possible for it to race any more than it already was. My body was utterly overtaken with the sensation. I gripped harder. He gripped harder. We thrusted against each other until I came and, with a forceful shudder and a tug of my hair, he came too. We brought our sticky hands to each other’s faces and licked away the mess. I wanted to be covered in it; I had never tasted anything so sweet in my life.

Sweetness lingering on my tongue, I struggled to pull up my zipper, then turned and wrapped my arms around another man. There truly was nothing like the best party of the year.

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Prankster Ch. 08

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Late the next afternoon, Tony met with Barely to set things up for that evening’s session at Crazy’s place.

“You know,” Barely said, “I came across something last night when I was editing the tapes.”

“What was that?” Tony asked.

“It’s best I show you, then you tell me if you want it back in. It was me, I’d keep it out. I just don’t feel comfortable with it.”

“Let’s have a look then,” Tony said and sat down in front of the TV.

Barely ran the tape with Kristy and Heather. “Look at how Pruett checked their IDs,” he pointed out.

“Christ, you’re right,” Tony said. “I remember now, old Pruett was wantin’ to get it on with them. He didn’t even glance at their IDs. They’re probably eighteen, but we can’t prove it. Shit, we don’t even know that one’s name and address. But we got the one if push comes to shove. You were right to cut it out. Let’s put it away, someplace safe.”

“We should erase the damn thing,” Barely said, “It could come back and bite us on the ass, someone gets hold of it. You know, she might not be legal.”

“Yeah, I agree, but let’s run it from start to finish again. Those girls were really hot.”

The tape was run, and with a hardon nearly bursting through his jeans, Tony reluctantly erased the incriminating evidence, and with it any hope Sue Ann had of catching him on the wrong side of the law.

Next, Barely ran the remainder of the tapes, which he had put together in a rough chronological order. It was a rough work, one that required a lot more time and editing, but it was enough to provide Tony with an idea of what he had and what was needed to flesh the tape out so that it became a viable commodity on the porno market.

“This is great, Barely,” he told his friend. “We need to use the warehouse tonight. I mean, we’ll find a few willing girls and maybe some guys, and drive them over there. You can go there first and set things up. I’ll find the girls and will bring them on over.”

“Sounds like a plan to me,” Barely said, agreeing with Tony. “What I’ll do is set up a couple different sets and we can . . . let’s see . . . maybe if there are other guys there to boff the broads . . . I can shoot one scene while you shoot another.”

“That would speed things up, for sure,” Tony said.

“We get it done twice as fast,” Barely added.

“Let’s do it!” Tony said and they both nodded and set out to gather all the necessities needed to do the job.


Lieutenant Sullivan of the Vice Squad formed a detail of four detectives, two male and two female, to sit in a van outside Crazy’s place and film the Girls Gone Wild van as soon as any illegal activity seemed to be taking place. The two women were to go into Crazy’s and observe the alleged porno crew from there.

“We have a search warrant for the van, but will only use it if we have reasonable cause. Be especially alert for any underage kids being approached, or leaving with these men. Don’t jump on them too soon, or you’ll have no case. Give them time to take off their clothes, but don’t let them actually have sex. We stop it before that happens. Are we on board about that?”

They all nodded their agreement.

Sullivan continued, “Obviously, if anyone is under age, we’ll arrest them all. If, however, they are of age, and they state that they were perfectly willing to perform sexual acts . . . well, then, we can’t do anything; it’s a free country.”

He paused, and then continued. “Any one underage, you confiscate all the tapes on board, arrest any adults and then get a search warrant for their homes and look for any other incriminating evidence there.”

Deana, one of the female detectives asked, “What about this Pruett guy? He’s still in the hospital, and he’s the one supposed to have boffed the two girls.”

“We leave him alone for the moment,” the lieutenant said.

Deana had another question. “We’re outside, they’re in the van. How the hell will we know who’s doing what, and to whom?”

The Lieutenant glared at her, and then turned to the black detective sitting across from Deana. “Johnson, will the sound detector work on this? If so, please explain it to Deana.”

“Um, yeah, Lieutenant, I think so.” He gave Deana a baleful look and said, “It’s a directional mic, and as long as we’re within two hundred yards we should be able to hear what they say inside the van.”

“That satisfy you, Deana?” He was not really angry with her, for she was new to vice, but he felt that she should have known about directional microphones by this time.

Deana, embarrassed by his curt reply to her question, nodded weakly, and the others followed, nodding that they understood his position, and soon left to set things in motion from their end.


Meanwhile, at Crazy’s, Tony and Barely had their cameras set up at three strategic points within Crazy’s. Barely had brought a cousin along who had some knowledge of camera work. Their goal was simply to film the kids in the bar and to capture sikiş izle any erotic antics that took place.

Tony’s primary job was to lure some of the drunker girls and not so drunk guys to the van and then to the warehouse where several different stages were set up from which to record the actual sex acts they hoped to get out of the girls.


The vice squad set up their observation post approximately 75 feet from the Girls Gone Wild van. They heard and recorded every word spoken by Barely and Tony while they were inside the van. Fortunately for them, they kept their dialogue to phrases about the equipment, and not what was actually intended later in the evening.

Rescue volunteers waited patiently outside the front entrance, certain that a handful of teens would require their assistance from alcohol and drug overdoses sustained by some of those foolish enough to overindulge.

The two women from vice wandered around Crazy’s not certain of what they were looking for. They had no accurate description of Tony and did not know that his accomplice was black.


Tony and Barely wandered around Crazy’s, and eventually made their way to the bar. They ordered a couple of beers and, when Crazy himself saw them, they learned that they were drinking on the house.

The college girls, as usual, flocked to the bar, anxious to perform all sorts of willing rituals; one of which was to bare their breasts or genitals for Jell-O shots, or free T-shirts. They were lured in by drink specials, promotional merchandise, and the chance to “go wild”.

Stark Raving Crazy’s was the most popular establishment frequented by the almost rabid females who tromped in after crossing the beach sand littered with empty, crushed beer cans, condoms, and bottles of Nair, handed out as promotional gifts by sponsors of the various contests conducted on the public beaches less than a block from Crazy’s.

By ten o’clock, there were over 2,500 very young and very drunk people careening around inside. The police (other than the vice squad on hand) had been paid to leave them alone, and even the vice squad was under orders not to interfere with the rescue volunteers, who stood in the background, unless requested to help.

For Tony, this was nirvana. The place was filled with drunken women willing to flash their tits, or pussies, or French kiss another girl for little more than a jell-O shot, or tonight’s special, a Girls Gone Wild T-shirt.

And at ten-fifteen, Crazy Stark himself announced that for this one night only, Girls Gone Wild would be auditioning willing ‘persons’ for a video to be distributed nationally in several months. A roar went up from the drunken crowd, most of whom missed the instructions from Crazy on just how to apply to get in the video.

Pieces of conversations could be heard anywhere one turned. They were all similar. “Isn’t this is the wildest vacation ever?”

“We had a group shower . . . two girls and three guys . . . it was wild!”

“Ginny had oral sex with this guy in Appleby’s while we waited for our order.”

“I hope they pick me. I’m ready and willing to take on anyone!”

“You’re a filthy slut, Amy!”

“Yes, I am and proud of it. Now, where’s that pussy they want me to eat?”

“What kind of guys do you like?”

“Two at a time, silly. Gotta fill both holes, right?”


Barely and Tony were manning their cameras as the crowd milled around them. Then Tony handed the camera off to Barely’s cousin, and went into the crowd with a microphone while the other two videoed him.

“Hi,” he said to a pretty girl who was half black. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Rita,” she replied with a drunken slur. She wore a skimpy top and a very short mini skirt. Her pink underwear was visible every time she crossed her legs, which to Tony, seemed to be every five seconds. He soon realized that she was on ecstasy and on the hunt for someone with a stash of cocaine. He eased out of the conversation as quickly as possible.

Immediately, several other girls moved in on him. One was a hot Indian girl and her not-so-hot, frizzy headed girlfriend. Tony engaged both in a conversation, but the girls actually scored very low on the scale he had established for the girls to be picked up that night, and he wound up dumping them as well.

Tony turned around and bumped into a pretty, but plumpish blonde girl in a bikini and a jaunty black, cowboy hat. “What can we expect of you if we put you in the video?” he asked with a leering grin.

“I’m planning to kiss girls,” she said, and glanced at the brunette to her left. “I was kissing her last night. You missed us then.”

“Let’s see you kiss her again,” Tony said, as Barely went into a crouch and elevated his camera lens. The blonde in the cowboy hat smooched her brunette friend, and then smirked at the camera.

“Good, very good,” Tony told her, and then asked, “Would the two of you do brazzers more if we had a more private place for you to fool around in?”

“Would we be in the video?” the brunette asked, breaking her self-imposed silence.

“Of course,” Tony replied. “Just show your driver’s license to the camera there so we know that you’re over eighteen and legal.”

Both girls dutifully complied and were handed a chip that would get them into the van later.

“Hey, girls,” Tony said, “how about showing your tits to the camera there?”

The girls giggled, and Cowboy Hat grabbed her bikini top with both hands, and yanked it up, tilted her head to one side, beaming at the camera.

Barely whirled around from filming some other girl’s antics in time to capture the moment on camera. “First of the day,” he said. The brunette revealed her ample chest after the cowboy hat had covered her chest.


The two female vice squad members looked at one another and wondered if they were seeing – or would see – anything illegal from the camera crew.

“We could bust some of these clowns snorting coke, I know that. But these guys are only asking the kids to show their tits and that’s not against the law, at least in this town.”

The shorter of the two women said, “I’m going into the ladies, find a booth and call the van. Tell ’em what’s going on.”

“Okay, but be warned – you’re likely to see ten or twenty sluts using . . . will you ignore it, or will you try to make an arrest?”

“I’ll do my job.”

“Your job is to observe the Girl Gone Wild guys, see if they fuck up. We want them. No one said anything about nailing druggies. Personally, I think the local police are paid to look the other way.”

“You think?”

“I’m pretty damn certain. Let’s stick to our orders. We hang out another 30 minutes and then leave if nothing happens. The way it looks, this guy is lining them up to go out into his van. We can get them there. The guys are listening in to their conversation . . . well, I mean, they will when they’re in the fucking van.”

“Of course . . . I guess you know best. So, we’ll sit here for a half hour more. Maybe something will go down.”


Crazy himself was running a wet-T-shirt contest, and had plenty of entrants, as girl after girl came on stage wearing bits and pieces of what had once been t-shirts that were now tied implausibly around their breasts.

One pert brunette kept slapping her rear hoping it would propel her into the finals. It didn’t.

A red head, wearing a red, white and blue cowboy hat, and an almost transparent T-shirt did, and collected $300 for her troubles.

Tony was on her instantly, trying to coax her and her friend (who finished third) to join them on camera and in the van. To his delight, they both accepted and after furnishing proof of age, they received the coveted chip, granting them admittance to the van.

A few moments later, Tony was elbowed accidentally by a petite blonde, who reacted by shouting, “Woooo! Hey, like are you guys making a movie or something?”

“We are,” he told her. “We’re with the Girls Gone Wild film crew.”

“Like wow!” she exclaimed, obviously excited.

“Are you a naughty girl?”

“Oh, me bad . . .” she giggled, and followed with, “I am so naughty!”

“Are you?” he said, egging her on.

“I am so . . . like wasted.”

“Show me your pussy,” Tony said. She peeled her shorts and panties down enough to provide him with a good look.

“You shave,” he said, confirming what he had seen.

“Once a week, yeah,” she giggled again.

“Um, for information’s sake,” he said, trying to sound formal, although he knew she was drunk. “Do you suck cock?”

“Love it!”

“Are you willing to kiss and do other things with another girl?”

“Sure . . . if she’s decent, no pigs . . . you know?”

“How about anal? Have you done anal?”

“I done it . . . didn’t much like it though. The bastard didn’t lube me up . . . you know?”

“What if we really greased you up for it?”

“Okay, unless his dick is huge. In that case no deal.”

“Are you at least eighteen?”

“Oh . . . ” The girl took a second or two to think, “Yeah . . . I’m twenty-one now.”

“Here’s a chip, I’ll see you in the van.” Tony had a thought a moment later. “Hey, what’s your name?”


“Try to throw up here and not in the van, okay?”

“For sure . . . hey,” she said brightly, “I’ll do it right now!” That said Sheila headed for the ladies room. Tony had every confidence in her that she would succeed.

He made his way back to Barely and his cousin, through a crowd of girls writhing against one another, their faces fixed in dazed sexual stares.

“Do they all want in?” he asked Barely, who nodded affirmatively. He turned to the two girls closest to him and asked, “Why do you two want to be in the video?”

“I get so wild,” one told him. The other nodded fake taxi porno vigorously, and added, “It’s like our 15 minutes of fame, man.”

“How old are you two?” he asked.

“Ginger’s going to be eighteen at eleven tonight,” the taller of the two girls said. Both were brunettes.

This was nirvana to Tony. “See me at eleven,” he told them. I definitely want the both of you, but after she turns eighteen, and not a second before.”

The camera crew wandered through the crowd stopping only to capture a wildly wanton teen wearing a skirt-and-shirt ensemble that exposed her stomach, most of her breasts, and much of her bottom. Barely asked her if she wanted to be on the video and she screeched, “Hell, yeah! I want everybody to see my body! I’m fucking hot, ain’t I?”

“Will you fuck somebody on camera?”


“Boy or girl?”

“Don’t matter. Both, you want me too.”

“Give the lady a chip,” he said after confirming that she was of age.


At the stroke of midnight, Tony took the microphone an announced that all women holding chips should head out to the van outside. Then he added, “And, if Ginger and her friend would please come forward, I have a chip for each of you.”

Ginger skipped up to him and her friend was right behind her. “You two stick close to me,” he told them, and headed out the door.

In the van, Barely’s cell phone rang.


“Can you ever forgive me, baby?” Essence said sexily.

“Maybe,” the albino replied laconically, looking at all the girls he could have if he wanted them.

“Please? I was wrong and I know it now. I don’t think I can live without you.”

“Sure you can,” he said coldly.

“No, no I can’t. If you tell me it’s over, I . . . I’ll kill myself.”


“I’ve got a bunch of ludes . . . I’ll take them all at once.”

“How many?”

“I didn’t count, wait a minute . . . um, you still there?”


“Twenty something.”

“That’s enough to do it, all right.”

“You . . . you want me to go ahead and take them?”

Barely waited a few seconds before answering her.

“No . . . no, I don’t want you to take them. I’m headed over to the warehouse. We’re going to do a major shoot. Get your lovely black ass over here. Maybe I’ll let you suck my dick . . . you know, like a fluffer, or whatever they call those girls in the porno industry who keep the guys hard.”

“I’ll do it!” she replied, and there was a sound of hope in her voice. “You won’t be sorry, baby, I promise you, you won’t be sorry.”


“Yes, baby?”

“Bring the ludes. I think some of the girls will be needing them.”

“Ten minutes, baby. I love you, Barely.”

“You barely love me?” he said, teasing her.

“No . . . you know what I mean. I love you. You and only you.”

“Me too,” he said and smiling, he hung up .


The two female vice squad members followed Barely and his cousin as they lugged the camera equipment out to the van. They saw Detective Johnson wave them over. They sauntered over to the vice squad’s van. Johnson was blunt. “See anything in there we can use?”

“What I saw was this guy talking to various girls, and asking those he was interested in for ID. He made a big deal over one girl who turned eighteen at eleven; he waited until midnight and a minute after, he gave her and her girlfriend chips.”

“Chips?” Johnson said, confused.

“Yeah, they gave the girls selected a chip. Probably for entry in the van. See,” she said, pointing, “they’re loading the van right now.”

“Get in the van,” Johnson said sourly.

Once inside, Johnson asked the guy listening in on the other van if anything worthwhile was being talked about.

“No, not yet. Oh, he asked his buddy to recheck this girl Ginger’s ID. Something about making sure she was eighteen.”

“Shit!” Johnson exclaimed unhappily. “This ain’t going well. Keep listening. Let me know the moment they start fucking.”

“They’ve got a hell of a lot of people in the van if they intend to film them fucking,” one of the females said.

“Shut the fuck up!” Johnson snarled. “We’re here to bust these cocksuckers, and that’s . . . .”

“They’re moving!” the listener shouted.

“What?” Johnson said, forgetting to curse.

“They’re moving all right. Shall we follow?”

“Yes, follow them. Did they say anything we can use?”

“No, nothing,” the listener said, and then shrugged.

“Let’s see where they go,” Johnson said and fished his cell out of his right hand pocket to call the lieutenant. And when Tony’s Girls Gone Wild van pulled to the curb, everyone jumped out and headed into the warehouse, Johnson swore. “Damn it, we don’t have a warrant for this place. We can’t go in and we can’t listen in either. His frustration was evident to the others as he notified the lieutenant, who told them to call it a night.

After letting the girls out of the van and escorting them into the warehouse, Tony made a couple of calls to old acquaintances he trusted, asking them if they were willing to get laid while on camera. Two of the four men he called agreed, and he gave them the address and told them to hurry over.

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Espied Pt. 10

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And she was right. A naked, freshly showered Sal stepped out of her French windows into the summer darkness. The day was over, and it was nearly time for her bed, but she had something to do first. Something to do with her neighbour.

How Sal liked being outside naked! She did not straightway go to her neighbour but instead walked a little away from her house and then across the field. There was barely any moonlight but enough to see a path familiar to her. Half way across the field she paused thinking about how she had photographed her young black friend right there. The thought of his so lovely and so big cock in her mind. She knew she wanted to suck it, take his big plum in her mouth and make it come; she knew she wanted to be fucked by him as well. As she walked on her thoughts were of him and whether he would be strong enough to do what was in her mind. Could he carry her across the field with her legs either side of his hips and she sitting on his embedded penis, feeling it sliding and pushing simply because of his moving hips as he walked?

At the edge of the wood she paused and shook her head. Her thoughts really had got quite out of hand. So not what they had been in the past. Leastways when she had had such thoughts they had been very much ‘bed’ thoughts but now not only did they come at other times but she was not simply imagining things but doing them. In the house next to her own her neighbour would almost certainly be ready for her, knowing she would willingly come and suck his cock until ejaculation. She caught herself running her tongue over her lips. Sal shook her head. She was becoming so naughty. A good spanking was needed or Lady Godiva’s riding crop across her buttocks. Sal imagined the scene, she bent over the woman’s knee, before adding the thought of the woman gently easing her thighs apart, exposing her soft sex before she pushed the black lad’s penis into her.


She was touching herself, enjoying her naughtiness of being out naked in the moonlight with her thoughts. It was time to go back and suck her neighbour’s cock, feel it big and meaty in her mouth and be sucked herself in turn. But ahead she heard a noise. Someone or something was approaching, Sal turned to the side and made her way with a little difficulty into the trees to hide. It was a rider and a horse. Lady Godiva? But no, it was a man. Difficult to make out in the faint moonlight. Clearly it was a man who knew his way as he was not holding a torch to guide himself and his mount. Perhaps Lady Godiva’s husband out for a late ride. Sal could see the man was clothed. She smiled as, behind a tree, she watched the rider disappearing unaware he was being watched by a naked and rather sexually aroused woman. Perhaps it was Lady Godiva’s husband, though Sal had always rather pictured him to herself riding naked and with a large, erect penis rising up before him. A silly idea in the saddle of course.

It was the way of her thoughts. She was becoming fascinated by penises and there was one perhaps waiting for her at her neighbour’s house. Or, might he be waiting there with his friends or Mr Grant. Three or four penises to enjoy and suck. Would she do it? Would she kneel and suck one after another? Sal had now seen four – her neighbour’s, Paul’s, Mr Grant’s and, of course, her young black friend’s. Lovely to see, lovely to photograph, lovely to touch. In the darkness Sal giggled, lovely to suck too.

An aroused and sexual Sal made her way back and down her neighbour’s garden. She could see him through the windows. He seemed to be naked, sitting upon a settee with his back to her. Sal looked for a time, even touching herself, before stepping through the French windows. He must have heard her.

“You have a friend?” He said it without turning around, his eyes on the television screen. Upon it the evidence of Sal’s friend, her young, black friend and her. The two of them walking in the garden. Sal dressed, but the black lad naked and sporting his rather large erection. “A young friend, I see. A well-endowed friend. Have you?” The black lad was erect on the screen and, as Sal looked down, so was her neighbour. It stood up between his thighs. The images on the screen must have aroused him.


“Have you sucked his penis, Sal? It looks very suckable.”

A shake of her head and a ‘no.’.

“You have not done very much then. Have you wanked him?” He laughed. “But I know you have.”

And, as easy as anything, the man brought the evidence up on the screen. There was Sal with her friend’s big, black penis in her hand. Not just erect, not just really big, not just held with her fingers encircling, but actually ejaculating there in her hand. She had hardly forgotten the scene but had not really expected to see it again or for her neighbour to see and know. He could even see the tripod and her camera and would know she had been photographing.

“He comes very well, Sal, has he come on your body? You must suck him as you must suck me again. Where did you meet?”

And Sal had to explain. About the photography club and using porno the young man as a nude model. She stood behind her neighbour looking at the scenes of herself on the screen and then down at the man. He was both naked and erect, his knob up in the air. He was not wanking, at least not whilst she had been there, it was just standing showing his excitement at what he was seeing. Or was it also because of her behind him? He had not even looked at her. Did he know she was naked?

She looked down at her neighbour’s erection. She liked the male organ, had developed a real taste for them… Taste! Yes indeed, she had come around to his house with every intention of sucking upon his penis. She had not sucked upon her young black friend’s penis, but the thought did not displease her at all. Far from it.

“A fine model for your class. Good enough to have him modelling again in your garden. I like the way you pose him. Come and pose me.”

Sal came around the settee, knelt and touched the erect penis, sliding its skin. It was lovely, being able to just walk around and play with her neighbour’s organ. Not as big as her black friend’s but certainly as firm and as male. What a pleasure to have them both seated there and to not only fondle but to compare and – yes – suck each in turn. Sal leant forward and opened her lips. She liked that. She worked him with both hand and mouth at the same time, as Chloe and she had done with Paul. In her mind the thought, but not the reality, of her young black friend seated next to her neighbour and she able to go from one to the other.

“Sal, go and lie on the table. Let me eat you before I fill your mouth. Come on. Leave it!”

He smacked her bottom as she got up and turned for the table. A liberty, but she liked it.

Her neighbour watched her climbing up onto the table. It gave her a thrill to slowly open her legs and show her sex to him. He walked towards her, penis pointing. Had she been closer to the table edge – if her sex was close – he could have walked straight up and inserted. Made the connection of man and woman. What would that be like? Sal had certainly visited the doctor’s for The Pill. Sal was going to find out soon. She wanted to see, she wanted to feel. Her recent sexual arousal – so heightened and present compared to the Sal of only a few weeks before – was driving her on.

It was not the man’s penis but his tongue that entered her. Sal spread her legs the wider almost as if she could draw it further in. The feeling so good. The intimacy so utterly pleasurable, the wonderful feel of her neighbour’s wriggling, rasping, stroking tongue exploring her sex entire – going everywhere. She was wet, very wet and knew he was effectively drinking her as she would him. His so mobile tongue tip slipping along her lower lips, touching her clit – no, flicking it before returning to enter her body, was just so right.

Sal bit her knuckle – rather hard – her neighbour had sucked her clit and the soft, moist flesh of her sex into his mouth. The thoughts in her head were of wanting to be fucked – for a man, or men, to stick hard and big penises into her and push and pull at her – perhaps she might suck a man whilst her neighbour did just that to her. Mr Grant’s, her black young friend’s, Vince’s, Al’s, Paul’s – even Mr Soames’ – Sal was not worried. She wanted cock!

Sal pulled herself from her neighbour’s tongue, swivelled around on the table, grabbed his penis and had cock in her mouth in almost one fluid movement. Mmmmm – cock! She was almost out of control, so aroused, so wanting – cocks! She sucked and stroked up and down the penis with her wet mouth wishing one was in her vagina as well. Her neighbour tried to pull away, but she grabbed his balls. He was not going anywhere – he was going to come in her mouth. And, of course, he did, almost immediately. Warm, spurting, salty pulses of man!

And Sal would have taken more – more penises – had they been there. ‘Aroused’ was not the half of it. Again, she spun around offering herself to the man, his semen still unswallowed in her mouth. And rather than stuffing his penis into her as she had half wanted, her neighbour did the right thing of bending and pushing his face into her sex once more – it must have been like a hot, steaming and so wet flannel to the touch! He brought her off, really quickly, his lips holding her clit and his tongue flicking it. She was thumping the table with her fists as she came.

Finally, Sal got up from the table and stood. She felt weak at the knees. She knew her wetness was running down her thighs. Her neighbour stood looking at her with wet, soft penis, his foreskin drawn back and it showing rather creamy at the end. Two adults recently engaged in ‘sex acts.’

“I’ll… I’ll be going,” she said.

Her neighbour patted her bottom as she turned to go. “Do come around, Sal, any time. We can do that all over again.”

Sal had tried watching television but had been restless. It was two days since she had been spread upon her neighbour’s dining room table and been ‘eaten.’ It seemed almost degrading anime porno to feel the urge to go around to next door and ask to ‘do things’ but he had very much issued the invitation. She did so want the touch of other fingers than her own and, perhaps a tongue! There would be no harm in just going around in the dark and peeking to see if he was there. If Vince and Al were there too, then perhaps she would scuttle back home. And if there was no one there she could perhaps have a nice little play on her neighbour’s lounger on his patio as she thought about ‘things’ and men in the dark.

Vince and Al were not there, and her neighbour was not how she liked to see him – naked. He was there, though, sitting and working at his dining room table. Should she leave him be or… It was the ‘or,’ her arousal did not permit her to simply leave him be: not with the prospect of lying across that table and being eaten! She knocked, and he looked up.

“Vince and Al were interested in you club, Sal, they like the idea of photographing intercourse.”

“It’s not like that. It’s not that sort of club. We are a photography club. We photograph nudes not sex.” She was indignant. What would Mr. Soames or Mrs. Riley say at the idea?

“But you said he erected.”

“An accident, nothing more, men…”

“… have erections and you know how to deal with them, don’t you Sal. Mr Grant was asking after you. Would you help him again? Would you suck his penis? He wondered if he, we, could take you out to dinner and then you might…”

Sal’s arousal grew. She could not help it. So wrong, but two penises to suck…

“Think about it. He’s a nice old boy and was so grateful. It will be a very good dinner I can assure you. But, as to your club, you told me, you and the black lad are going to pose together. Surely, he will erect and…” he smiled, …” can you resist touching, Sal, you know how you like to touch.”

“He’ll have… he’ll have come beforehand.”


“Yes, in the kitchen. Where we get ready.”

“The two of you taking your clothes off – together?”

“Yes, of course, if we are to model!”

“I’d like to see that, watch you in the kitchen when you make him come.”

“No, he’ll do it himself.”

“No, he won’t Sal, now will he?”

He was undressing as he spoke. His penis was already hard. Sal knelt as she knew she would. Knelt and opened her mouth. It was becoming a habit.


She raised her eyes up to her neighbour, “Yes?”

“You will suck Mr Grant won’t you, after dinner?”

“I’ll, I’ll think about it.” It was awful, just not right for a nice woman to think, but the idea of having two cocks before her, not just the one, one in each hand, each to be sucked alternately, was very pleasing. Mmmmm! What was becoming of her?

Sal stood naked in her garden, the taste of her neighbour’s semen once more in her mouth. A few moments before she had been in her neighbour’s house with his cock in her mouth. What was becoming of her? He had been good to her again. Had spread her on his table and eaten her. She had just agreed to have dinner with Mr Grant and her neighbour in town. He had asked again and she had agreed. Where would they take her – afterwards for the sucking? Had she really agreed, effectively, to suck two cocks together?

The day, or rather the evening, of the photography group meeting came around. Sal showered and put out a dress on her bed. In the mirror she looked at her naked body, she turned this way and that looking at herself. Should she perhaps trim her ‘bush’ a bit more? But it was not a beauty contest. She would be there – naked – as a model for the group. A natural model. The interest was in the nude form with a special emphasis on the contrast between the male and the female and perhaps the different skin colour between her young friend and herself: it was not glamour photography or, worse, about sex. That would be dealt with in the kitchen. There was no need, the lad could take care of his penis himself but, she knew, she would offer to help him come – ejaculate his penis so he did not embarrass himself or her, by becoming erect and showing his arousal to the whole club. She would offer to help so it all happened quickly with little delay between them entering the kitchen and appearing as nude models. She reached out with her hand and brought her fingers to an ‘O’ shape as if practising to… to extract semen from a male. Slowly she shook her head. Sal, Sal, Sal!

Sal knew she would become excited but perhaps the club would think her erect nipples were a response to the cold. Mrs. Riley, though, knew – knew too much about her. Sal had seen her eyes drop to the pool of wetness that had dripped from her sex the time before when she had been on that table and had seen her wipe it away with a cloth before the others had noticed. Maybe Sal had not been the only aroused person in the room. Had there been several stiff penises hidden in trousers? And when her young black friend had been exposed upon the table had quims moistened arap porno at the sight of his naked body and then his engorged penis? It was difficult to imagine they had not. It had been such a sight and she had seen it again in her garden and on their walk. Both an erotic sight and, without question, a beautiful sight. The way it had matched the polished mahogany of the table, it, the boy’s penis, was a gorgeous reddy brown colour and did stand as if carved from wood, and polished to a perfect shine. In the mirror Sal saw one of her thighs slide against its neighbour, even the thought of her polishing his cock in the kitchen made her excited.

Even before she had parked her car outside the hall Sal found she was aroused. Turning off the engine she opened the car door. Mr Soames had just parked and was waiting, camera bag in hand, for Sal to join him. He was smiling in his usual friendly fashion. Sal was careful to get out of the car in a ladylike way, not one foot followed by the next, but swinging herself around so both feet touched the tarmac at the same time with knees together. So easy, if not making the manoeuvre with care, for the material of the dress to ride up her thighs and even expose her sex to the man. She had not bothered with panties – she was going to be taking her clothes off anyway in a short while – but, actually, that made the whole careful attempt at maintaining modesty a bit unnecessary. Mr Soames was going to be seeing her naked and very likely, depending on pose, between her legs as well. Of course, a sudden glimpse of thighs and curls might well be highly erotic whereas simple nudity on the big table not at all… but she was not sure.

Good to chat away with Mr. Soames, good to see Mrs. Riley and others; so normal, just like another meeting, all enthusiastic photographers together carrying camera bags: until the young black lad arrived. It was the cue for the models to get ‘ready,’ for the table to be prepared and the lighting set up. It would all be a little difficult for club members – dark skin and light skin require different settings – it would be a challenging evening. No doubt the photographers would relish that.

The closing of the door of the kitchen behind them left both a little nervous and tongue tied. From the babble of noise in the hall to the quiet of the kitchen. They had been left alone to prepare.

“Well,” said Sal, “here we are. You OK?”

The boy nodded, “There are a lot of people here. More than last time.”

Sal nodded. As a photography group it had been steadily growing for some time. Though she had been a little surprised to see not only her neighbour, but Vince and Al come through the door. Her neighbour had said they were interested in photography and joining the group, but she had not really believed him.

“Are you still up for this then?”

The grin that broke out on the lad’s face was a delight, such white teeth contrasting with his beautiful skin. Sal wanted her camera and to take his portrait.

“Just a bit ‘up,’ Sal! He was undoing his belt as he said it. Down went his trousers and pants and he pulled off his tee shirt.

There was no doubting he was ‘up.’ His penis was as strongly erect as when talking to Lady Godiva, it was there in all its male glory.

The enthusiasm with which he had exposed himself revealed that he did, indeed, like revealing himself to her. “You’re looking well tonight!” she said.

Another flash of teeth and then Sal watched him bending as he removed his trainers, socks and the dropped trousers and pants. What a firm bottom! Lovely to see her friend once more completely nude. Even in the bareness of the hall kitchen Sal was thinking of photo opportunities. He would look fantastic in just a pair of rubber gloves – yellow ones – washing up and turned to the camera so his cock showed hard. Best if perhaps the crockery being washed was also yellow to aid the composition and colour mixes. The closed curtains were already so right, yellow flowers on a pale brown/beige background. It would work. It would work and be not only a wonderful photograph but amusing with it – the male of the species aroused by washing-up!

“We’d better do something about that.” It was going to be ‘we,’ Sal’s level of arousal was not going to let her not touch it!

The boy nodded, “Wouldn’t do to walk into the hall like this.” He was deliberately presenting himself – and he really was big!

Sal thought it would be a fantastic picture, the two of them walking into the hall. She, leaning on his arm, as they walked out of the kitchen with his penis so big and prominent. And everyone watching! She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter at the thought. Perhaps, or certainly, she not in her dress but walking out as naked as he. As easily as he had removed his tee shirt, Sal lifted her dress over her head. There was no hiding the way the boy looked her up and down, no hiding the bobbing of his penis. His reaction to the sudden nakedness of Sal was sexual. His eyes told it all. She knew too, that the reality was he would enjoy – a strange nervous, embarrassed enjoyment – in walking out into the hall erect with her. The strange sexual excitement of total exposure she felt. Sal was sure it must be even stronger when one had had a cock to expose. And what a cock to expose!

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Meet Your Master Ch. 01

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She shivered, staring out at the crowd before her. They were mostly rough looking men, and the thought of going home with any of them nearly frightened her to death. She had heard the stories for years, and now she was about to experience it. “Oh Lord,” she asked in her mind, “Why? Why?”

Her life had been different only a week before. She had lived in New England as a free black woman. It wasn’t a perfect life, and she certainly wasn’t equal to the whites, but it was a life that a slave would dream of. She had learned to read and write and had gotten an education. She taught at an all black school and went to church every Sunday.

That evening she had been walking home later than usual from a meeting with a woman’s group at the church. They had spent the night drinking tea and putting together quilts, laughing and telling stories from earlier that day. By the time she left, it had become dark outside. She had been nervous walking alone in the dark but was getting closer to her house and began to relax. No sooner had she began to feel calmer, when an arm wrapped around her waist and a hand covered her mouth before she could scream. She struggled against the stranger, trying her best to get away, but it was useless. The person behind her was a man who weighed twice as much as she. She tried biting his hand, but was shocked to receive a hard slap across her face. He continued to drag her towards a wagon that seemed to be waiting for them. Many days later, several other blacks from her town, as well as others picked up along the way and were brought somewhere in the Deep South. She didn’t even know what state she was in. But did it really matter now? Here she was, on a stage, no, make that an auction block, soon to become Uzun porno a slave.

Jacob stood silently among the group of hollering men. He felt uncomfortable and very out of place. He had always tried to avoid this scene and had been sickened by the institution of slavery but now here he was, ready to buy a human being. He was no better than the rowdy, sick men around him. He was working very long hours as he had been assigned the sheriff’s deputy. At the end of a long day, he just wanted to go home and fall asleep. But his horses, pigs and chickens needed tending to, his house was a mess, and he was barely able to put together meals to feed himself. He decided to get a young man, about his age to help out with the chores. He figured it could be good company as well. There would be someone to smoke with out on the porch and play a game of cards every once in a while.

Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted from catcalls and whistles throughout the crowd. That was when he saw her. The sight of her took his breath away; she was absolutely beautiful. She was a young black woman, probably in her early twenties. She had golden brown skin and dark curly hair. It was much straighter than most black peoples’. He guessed she might be the product of a slave and her master. Unfortunately, it was a common occurrence here in the South. He looked at her closer, observing her petite body with perfect curves. Her dress hugged her small waist and fell down to her ankles. However, on top, it was not so modest. A large rip ran from the neck to her chest, exposing the curve of her heaving breasts. She seemed frightened and that she had been roughed up quite a bit before hand. Poor girl.

The bidding had begun. Öğrenci porno Men around Jacob began hollering out prices. He could only imagine what this woman would have to endure from them. Because she was light skinned for her race, she was sure to work in the house, but he knew that this only brought her closer to the filthy men’s bedrooms. She would be raped and beaten. He didn’t want to imagine that happening to her. She was just looked so sweet and beautiful, and soon he realized he wanted her under his own roof. So much for his original plan.

He began to hear himself blurt out numbers along side the others. Though the temptation was strong, the price began to rise too high for most of the men. Before Jacob knew it, the slave auctioneer had pointed to him and yelled, “Sold!”

Jacob swallowed and looked up at her. Their eyes met briefly and he felt an odd feeling run though out his entire body. “Remember,” he told himself, “she’s just to help you around the house.” He walked towards the stage to retrieve her and bring her home.


Nervously Raven looked down at the man walking in front of her. She sat upon his horse as he walked in front, leading them down the dusty road. He hadn’t said a single word to her yet. She observed him from the back as they continued their path. He was tall, with short dark hair and quite muscular. She guessed him to be in his mid twenties. When she had looked out at the crowd while on the stage, every man’s face had seemed so frightening, but this man’s was different. He had dark eyes that were mysterious, but at the same time, comforting. When he had retrieved her from the stage he didn’t say a word, but looked at her in an odd way as if to stay cimcif porno he wasn’t going to harm her. Though he was a complete stranger, she believed him. She couldn’t help but blush, and feel quite uncomfortable as she found the man to be very attractive.

“Well, we’re finally here” were his first words to her. Raven focused back on the present and looked in front of her to see a small white house, a barn, several animals out front and many acres of land. Jacob led her and the horse to the barn into one of the stalls. He came around to help her off the horse, but immediately regretted it when he found his hands around her small waist. Her back was to him as she slowly slid down the side of the animal. Standing merely an inch away from each other, he didn’t immediately release his hands. “Aw, hell,” he thought to himself. He was tempted slide his hands upwards and explore beneath the large rip in her dress and bodice and touch her dark skin. Surely he was entitled after saving her from the other men. He wondered what color her nipples would be and what they would taste like. He thought to himself she was his property now, and rationalized to himself that he had the right to take her right there.

Raven shivered as she felt the man’s strong hands around her waist, feeling his warm breath on her neck. No man had stood this close to her with his hands on her before. Nervously, she closed her eyes in anticipation as to what was going to happen next. His hands began moving inches upwards towards her rib cage, and then suddenly he let go.

“Come on,” he said in a raspy voice. She turned to see him walking away from her. “I’ll show you the house. I’m sure you’re hungry and would like to get some sleep.”

“My name is Raven, sir. What is yours?” she called after him, standing still.

He paused without turning around. “Jacob. I’m Jacob. Come on, it’s starting to get dark outside.”

Silently Raven followed him, scared and uncertain of what her new life would have in store for her.

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Meeting Malcolm Pt. 01

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My name is Laura and I’m 19 years old. For the last year and a half I worked part time at a high end men’s shoe store in the local shopping plaza. I really enjoyed working there. Over time I had developed some regular clients that I knew by name. Usually they were mature men who oozed professionalism and stature.

We had a dress code that my manager established. It was less about wearing a certain type of clothing or color combination. This dress code was entirely arbitrary and she (my manager) would just suggest alterations to my ensemble routinely until I figured it out.

Basically, we had to wear skirts or dresses only and they should never pass the knee. Our blouse selection should be firm fitting, yet classy. The longer I worked there, the more I realized why. Men liked to look down our tops when we were fitting shoes. They liked it, they bought expensive shoes and they kept coming back for more.

Some men were pretty casual about eyeing me up, but others were quite blatant. All I really thought about was my commission to be honest. So if showing a bit of cleavage helped my sales, what could it hurt?

Small talk was a big part of it as well. Mostly it was them talking about me and my interests so it was pretty easy to do. Some pushed the limits about whether I was single, or liked older guys etc. I always responded friendly with a smile telling them I was taken.

My boyfriend Jake worked in the mall as well. The back alley used to transport refuse and receive stock to the stores was shared by both our stores. He was 20 and worked in sporting goods store. When he took the garbage out, he always stopped and asked if he could take ours as well.

My boss was away on vacation for a week and I was working full time at the store. She told me an assistant manager would be coming to help me out at some point. I knew I could handle the workload and told her to enjoy her trip. The days would be long, but the commission should be awesome.

I was organizing the store for opening when I heard the familiar rap at the back door. Opening it, I saw Jake standing there.

“You alone?”

“For now,” I responded. “Someone will be by at some point to help me out.”

“Good!” He pushed his way in the door and started kissing me.

Jake and I regularly had quickies in the back of the store when I worked alone. If the front was empty he would take me against the racks of shoes with my skirt or dress hiked up over my waste. Usually it ended with the chime of a client entering the store. Sometimes when he was close I would just call out that I would be a minute and let him finish.

As we kissed he ground himself against me. “I need you!”

I turned around and lifted my dress up for him. He immediately pulled my panties to the side and entered me. He fucked me quickly and shot his load on my ass so we wouldn’t get caught. I enjoyed the danger element and it wasn’t really about getting off for me.

Cleaning myself up I made my way to the store front to open the doors. A middle aged black man Avrupalı porno stood there with a peculiar look on his face. Unlocking the door I greeted him and he introduced himself to me.

“I’m Malcolm.” He held his hand out to shake mine. “I’m here to help you out.”

“Nice to meet you Malcolm, I’m Mel.” Smiling as I shook his hand.

“I was standing there for ten minutes tapping on the glass.” He chided.

“Yes, sorry about that. I was in the washroom.”

“What do you say we get this store open?” his voice enthusiastic

We opened the doors and setup our signs and displays before returning to the cash area to chat and wait for clients.

Malcolm was tall and slender. He was dressed in a casual suit wearing the nicest shoes our store offered in my opinion.

“Nice shoes!” I pointed down at them.

“Yes, thank goodness for the discount. Right?” He smiled broadly. His pearl white teeth were perfect and he carried himself with an unsettling confidence.

“Just so you know I will be in and out so we can work a schedule. I’m looking after two stores.”

“Not a problem” I craned my neck up to smile at him.

The day was extremely typical. Jake came over and fucked me, I sold shoes and men ogled me. Somewhat surprisingly, Malcolm also took every opportunity to brush against me or look down my top as well.

The next morning I opened the store alone. Lunch rolled around and there was still no sign of Malcolm. I was starving when Jake walked in asking I wanted to go for lunch. Torn about what to do with the store I quickly made a sign that said “back in 5 minutes”, and posted it on the door after closing and locking it.

We hit the foot court and I raced back to the store to find it open and Malcolm was assisting a customer. He didn’t make eye contact or greet me; he just helped the customer and cashed them out.

Once the customer left, he turned to me. “What were you thinking when you closed the store?” It was clearly rhetorical as he continued his lecture. “Losing business so you can go have lunch with your little boyfriend? I should fire you!”

All my attempts to cut in were stymied until this point.

“I was only gone 5 minutes. See?” I held my lunch up to show him. “I didn’t know when you would be here.”

“You should have just waited or sent your little boyfriend to get it for you.” His voice was stern.

Walking to the back of the store I sat with tears in my eyes as I ate my lunch. Who was he to yell at me or threaten to fire me? The remainder of the day I was off my game and thoughts of being yelled at lingered until the store closed.

“Mel?” He asked as I locked the store front.

“Yeah?” I couldn’t make eye contact.

“I’m sorry about being so harsh with you earlier. It was unwarranted.” His voice seemed genuine.

“I take my business very serious Mel. I get passionate about it which makes us successful.”

“Your business?” I inquired.

“Yes, that’s my name on the sign out front.” Video porno He smiled.

I was in shock. He really could have fired me.

“I’m sorry I closed the door sir.” I said meekly.

“Sir now? I’m still Malcolm, so let’s put this behind us won’t we?”

That night I told Jake about the reaction and who my helper actually was. He didn’t like the idea that he yelled at me or made me cry, but his hands were tied.

The next morning I opened up and walked to the back of the store to grab some new stock when the infamous knock appeared.

“You can’t be serious Jake?” I scolded.

“What? We’ll be quick. I need that little pussy of yours. You know that.” He explained.

“Later!” I said closing the door.

I turned around and Malcolm was standing there. “Does your boyfriend pop by often?”

“He usually grabs our garbage for us.” I responded wondering how much he heard.

“He forgot the garbage.” He pointed at the two bags from the previous night.

“I didn’t want you to get mad, so I told him no and I would do it later.”

“Ah okay,” he said. “So what was the part about needing your pussy?”

My jaw dropped and I was speechless.

“You don’t fuck in my store do you?” He asked.

I prayed it was another rhetorical question but he stood waiting for a response. “Once we did.” I blushed and a pit developed in my stomach.

“No more of that. Now get to work.” He demanded.

The customer chime went off and I couldn’t help but feel relieved as I rushed out.

Later in the afternoon he told me I would be working late after close and that we needed to have a meeting. I just smiled and carried on as the rock grew in my stomach.

I locked the store and Malcolm waited for me by the check out. I slowly made my way over finding ways to delay as long as possible by fixing the shoes.

“Let’s get on with this Mel.” He said. “I don’t want to be all night.”

“What would you about this situation if you were me Mel?” He starred in to my eyes.

“I don’t know.” Shrugging.

“Would you give yourself another chance or fire someone who does what you did?”

I just shrugged again. “I don’t know what you want me to say. It won’t happen again.”

“Stand up!” he commanded.

I stood from the stool. Now I was eye level with him.

“Take your shirt off.” He instructed.

“What? Uh” I stuttered frozen. Did I hear that right?

“I’m not going to ask you again Mel.” His deep voice rose slightly. “Take it off or I will.”

I unbuttoned my shirt disbelieving what I was doing.

“Faster Mel! I don’t have all fucking day!” His scolding voice returned.

I put my shirt on the counter beside me. I stood there in my paisley skirt and my black push up bra.

“I tell you what I’m going to do Mel. You and I are going to have some fun. If you agree, I will not only let you keep your job, but you give you a raise and promotion to assistant manager.” His big hand wrapped around mine. “Well?”

“What gizli çekim porno do you want to do?” I asked.

“You are a grown woman Mel. You know what I want.” He smiled as his hand rubbed the front of his dress pants. “I want you to make me cum. I want it right her in the store. You can pretend I’m that little boyfriend of yours.”

He stood up towering over me. “Get on your knees.”

I kneeled, still disbelieving what I was doing. He fumbled with his zipper and slid it down.

“Reach in and grab my cock.” He patted the bulge in his pants.

I reached up slipping my hand in the front of his pants. His cock was right there and he wasn’t wearing underwear. I clumsily pulled at it trying to pull his cock out, but he was no help. He just watched from above.

His cock stiffened in my hand as I tried my best to spin it around so I could pull it out. The stiffening just made my job a lot harder. Finally I put both hands on him and pulled him free from his trousers.

His cock was semi erect as he stood there watching me. The skin was a dark ebony and covered part of his head. I stared in amazement at it. It was at least 8 inches long and it wasn’t hard yet. My fingers barely touched when I squeezed his girth.

He undid his belt and stepped out of his pants. “Better?”

His nuts were the size of golf balls and hung low. I grabbed his shaft and squeezed it with both hands.

“Mmm, good girl.” He moaned loudly. “Open that little white mouth of yours.”

I opened my mouth and he flopped his cock in to it. My hands held him steady as I began to lick the head like a lollipop. Swirling my tongue around his rapidly swelling head.

“Suck it bitch!” I was shocked but began to suck him deeper.

His big hand grabbed a big handful of my hair. “Get your hands off it. I’m gonna fuck your mouth.”

He began guiding my head and thrusting himself deeper in to my mouth. His cock pounded at my throat causing me to gag. His cock stiffened more with every gag. My eyes watered as he plunged himself in and out of my wet mouth.

“Mm, yes good girl. I’m gonna give you a big load of my nigger cum baby.” His other hand grabbed a handful of hair and his thrust increased probing me deeper. His cock head pounded in to the opening of my throat. All my gasping for air and gagging did not stop his pace until his cock exploded.

His cum shot the back of my throat, some was swallowed and some blasted out the sides of my mouth and dripped on to my tits and bra. He slowly released his grip on my hair and pulled his cock from me.

“Mm, good girl. You will do so much better with practice baby.” His hand caressed my hair. “I bet lots of customers want to have what I got Mel. That long red hair of yours and tight little body mm mm mm.”

“I will see you tomorrow.” He handed me my shirt.

Cleaning myself up in the washroom, I did my best to fix my makeup and splashed water on my puffy eyes. I gave up on all the cum that had landed on my tits and just rubbed it in. His load was huge and a big mess to clean up.

I spent the night thinking about Malcolm and surprised myself when I realized I was playing with my pussy. I couldn’t help but wonder if he would fit in me or how it would feel. I was sure of one thing though, Malcolm would want more and I was open to it.

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How Did You Know? Ch. 04

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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“Yeah hon, how ya doing?” I ask.

“Okay, but I’m calling to see how you’re doing.” Beth says.”

“I’m doing okay, just getting up.” I’m lying now, and I feel Becky stir next to me. I’m glancing at her and staring at the nipple rings, damn, those things amaze me.

“So I was gonna come over, is that okay?” She asks.

“Maybe later, I’ve got a few things to do this morning. What time is it anyway?”

“About nine thirty,” she answers, sounding disappointed.

“Why don’t you come over about noon?” I ask.

“Okay, hey, is Beck up yet?” Beth asks.

“I don’t know; I don’t think so.” And the question ticks me off, but I say nothing about it.

“Well, when she does, would you have her call me?” She says.

“Sure, as soon as I see her, I’ll have her call.” Now I’m uncomfortable with the lies and want to hang up.

“Thanks,” Beth says, then finishes with “Bye.”

I hang up the phone and Beck rolls over to face me. She is awake.

“So dear sir, are you protecting this maidens’ honor, by not telling Beth I was right here?”

I look at her amused, but go with the genre.

“My dear Madame, are you the young queen, or are you still the princess?” I ask quietly.

“I’m the princess; I’ve not yet become queen.” She replies, lowering her eyes. God she does look innocent I think, actually, she looks fifteen years old like that and I’m dumbstruck.

“Well, until you do, become queen I mean; I’ll protect your honor from being tarnished by anyone. That includes the maiden Bethany.” I finish.

She giggles, and then gives me a quick kiss on the cheek.

“And has this knight ever had a royal worship him?” She asks, keeping that coy look in her eye.

“I think not,” I reply.

Then without another word, she slides down the bed, engulfs me and within seconds I’m as hard as any saber ever used in the middle ages. I’m in bliss here and when I get through with what she was going after, she holds me longer than any woman has ever held me like that. Finally, she releases my cock and heads back up the bed to my arms.

She kisses me on the cheek, and then suggests we take a shower. I’m for that and we head into the bathroom. Now it’s almost a repeat of earlier, she’s washing me, taking her time, and then I wash her. When that’s all done, she turns around and takes advantage of my height and her lithe body and good strength. She encircles my neck, pulls herself up until her legs go around my waist, holds herself up with one hand, she then uses the other to take my surprisingly hard-again dick and impales herself.

I can not believe that within a few minutes of my cumming, she’s got me hard again. She doesn’t move at first, just uses some mysterious muscles in there to milk me like a soft velvet glove. Within minutes though I’ve got to move and as I do she throws her head back and arching her back goes vocal. Now I’ve had a lot of experience with sex, and I’ve cum at the same time as my partner, but I’ve never had one pull me with her scream right to it. Her head slumps against my shoulder, holds on tight with her arms, and removes her legs from around my waist. Slowly, ever so slowly she lowers her feet to the shower, kisses me, and shuts the water off.

We leave the shower, I grab a towel, throw one to her and as I dry off I walk back into the bedroom. A minute later, she comes out, naked as the day she was born. I watch as she removes the nipple rings, puts them in her purse, then grabs her panties, puts them on and follows with her jeans. I’m mesmerized, and don’t know why. Then she picks up her sweater, faces me fully, naked from the waist up and slowly pulls her sweater on without ever taking her eyes off me. She glances down, slips into her shoes and then says, “You gonna get dressed or what.”

I recover from my trance and go about getting dressed. When I finally pulled my boots on and turned around, she’s gone.

I walk down the hall, turn into the kitchen and she’s standing with the refrigerator door open. The coffee is beginning to brew, so she’s already taken care of that.

“Want bacon and eggs?” She asks.

“That sounds good. And while you do that, I’ve gotta go out and feed the horses. Won’t take but a few minutes. Okay?”

“Sure,” she says without looking at me.

“Oh, and you’re supposed to call Beth.” I remind her. She nods her head.

I go out the back door and head to the stables. Looks like it’s going to be nice day weather wise, but that’s probably all it’s going to be. With Beth coming over, it really wouldn’t matter if the sun was shining or not. We’re going to have a storm, and that storm has nothing to do with the weather.

My thoughts turn to Becky and now that I’m away from her, breathing fresh air and thinking a little clearer, I smell trouble. Mentally, going back to the bedroom I think about the conversation we’d had and it hits me. Jesus Christ, would she take the “princess or queen” thing to think I’m proposing marriage. Shit, that’s not what I meant, but can clearly see how she could have taken it that Porno 64


I’m feeding the mares, notice the bucket outside the bin, and realize Beth had fed last night. I wonder if she came into the house, then doubted it. Becky’s car is in the driveway and my truck is missing from the garage, I just hope Beth didn’t come in.

My mind wanders back to Becky. I’m troubled now; I’m thinking this is not what she or I need. So she had a crush on me once, maybe still feels strongly about that, but how fair is that to her? In ten years I’ll be depending on doctors and meds, maybe even Viagra to keep me on an even keel. Ten years from then who knows what? I mean she’d be in her mid fifties; I’d probably be in a wheel chair and then what? I smoke for Christ sakes that will probably change a lot of things in the next couple of years not ten or fifteen.

What about kids? Becky should have kids, and I sure as hell don’t want kids at my age. Net, net, this is a bad move all around. Well, there’s more reality I think as I slam the stable door shut and head to the house, my head somewhere around my ankles.

Walking into the house I’m hit with the sweet smell of bacon, see eggs sizzling in the pan, and the toast pops up just as I close the door. Looking at the table I see my plate already has hash browns on it and a glass of tomato juice sitting there too. God this girl did pay attention when she lived with us; she’d just made my favorite breakfast.

“Hungry?” She asks looking up as she takes the eggs out of the skillet.

“Famished.” I say and go to sit down.

She brings the rest of the breakfast to the table, fills my plate, and then hers, before she finally sits down.

“Reality huh?” She asks, looking at me with hurt in her eyes, and something else. Scared; she’s scared right now, and I’m thinking she can read minds. I start turning red with embarrassment, she’s figured out what I was thinking while I was outside. How? Hell, I don’t know how, call it woman’s intuition, but she knows as surely as if I’d said it.

“What do you mean?” I ask, feigning innocence, but I’m as good at wearing that as I am humility and I know she knows that too.

“Never mind, just eat before it gets cold,” she says icily.

We do, and before you know it, the foods gone and I’m feeling like a cigarette. I offer her one and she takes it, leaning to the flame I offer her.

“Wanna go for a horse ride?” I ask, and have no idea why I’ve done so.

“We have time before Beth gets here?”

“Sure, and if we’re not back, she’ll wait.” I reply.

So we clear the table, stack the dishes in the sink, and head outside. As we go into the stable, Becky heads to the tack room and starts pulling on a pair of boots. I look at her symmetry again, and my heart wavers a moment. God, to be with something like that for the rest of my life I’m thinking. How could that be a bad thing? I push the thought away from my mind.

Twenty minutes later, we’re headed out the back field fence and into open country. We ride, easy with each other’s company, but neither of us is talking until she breaks the silence.

“So what’s got you so deep in thought Phil?” She asks, looking at me.

“I dunno, a hundred things I ‘spose.”

“And am I any one of those?” She asks, staring at me hard.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, you are.”

“Good things or bad things?” She continues to stare.

“Becky, I don’t know, I really don’t. I wouldn’t classify you in any ‘bad’ thoughts, maybe sad, I don’t know.” I reply.

“Why sad?” She asks.

“Cause you are so young. Hell honey, there’s twenty plus years between us, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you, I don’t. What about kids? You probably want to have kids, and to be honest, I sure as hell don’t.” I explain, looking directly into her eyes.

“That’s it. You’re older and don’t want to have kids?” She asks surprised.

“Well, there’s more I suppose, but those are the biggest ones.” I respond.

“Wow, that’s pretty simplistic Phil, does it matter how I feel about it?” She asks.

“Well of course, I’m thinking about you, you’re the reason I am thinking this way. Becky I could so easily fall in love with you forever, but how fair is that to you?” I ask.

“Does it have anything to do with what others will think?”

“No, not really.” I’m a bit stunned by that but hold my tongue.

“It wouldn’t make any difference to you that I’d suddenly be Bethany’s step-mom if we got hooked up?” Becky asks.

“Well, I don’t think so. I hadn’t thought about that. It’s the age and kids, really it is Beck.” I finish, but looking at her I know she knows I’m lying. Hell that is an issue. What would people think?

“Get off your horse Phil.” She says flatly.

“What?” I ask; having no idea what this is about.

“Get off your fucking horse Phil.” She says mean as a snake.

I dismount and as I come around the left side, Becky who’s still mounted up to the right of my horse, leans down, grabs my horse’s reins, wheels, Konulu Porno and takes off. I’m no where near ready for this maneuver and I stand there dumbfounded as I realize I’ve got about two miles to walk to get back to the ranch. Shit!

When I finally arrive back at the stables, Becky is nowhere to be seen, and there stands Bethany, grooming my horse, Becky’s horse is already unsaddled and back in her stall.

“Long walk?” Beth inquires.

“Yes. What the hell was that all about?” I ask, mad as hell.

“Dad, let’s forget for a moment what’s between us. I gotta tell you, you’ve hurt Becky more than you’ll ever know. I can’t believe what you said to her.”

“Hurt her, Jesus Christ Beth, I was being honest.”

“She told you how she felt about you, and all she’s been through?”

“Yes she told me all of it,” I say.

“No dad, she didn’t tell you everything.” Beth says flatly.

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“Look, go in, get a cup of coffee, and let me get your horse done. We’ve got a lot of talking to do, and actually I don’t care if we settle the issue between us, right now, I don’t give a fuck about that.” She says uncharacteristically.

So, I did. I go to the house, pour a cup of coffee, go to the cupboard, put a shot of brandy in it, and as I light my cigarette realize that my hands are shaking.

Goddamn it, life wasn’t so complicated forty eight hours ago. I was trying to get over my wife’s death for heaven’s sake, and this, well, this sucks, big time.

A few minutes later, Beth comes into the house and grabs a cup of coffee for herself. She stirs the creamer into it and comes over to the table where I’m sitting.

“Okay dad, as I pull into the drive way I see her leading your horse on a dead run headed to the stable. I figure you’ve been hurt or something so I run out to meet her as she slides to a stop. She’s almost hysterical by then, which makes me believe you really are hurt, but as I keep asking her, she keeps saying no, you’re walking home. After a minute or so, she calms down long enough to tell me what she’d told you last night, about her dad, her feelings towards you, the whole bit. Okay, you won’t talk about what you and Becky did last night and I respect that, but she made it very clear that for a few hours last night she had realized her long held dream of telling you how she felt. Not only did she get to tell you, she actually got to show you how much she loved you. Those were her words. She also said, she was ‘on cloud nine’, until you came in from feeding the horses. She knew you were having second thoughts then, but went riding in the hopes she was wrong. On the ride, she realized she wasn’t and you were already getting cold feet.”

“Cold feet? Jesus Christ Bethany, I’m not having cold feet, I’m being practical. She’s your age for Christ’s sake! Life doesn’t work that way. Autumn/Spring marriages are a mistake, I’ve seen it before.” I’m a little pissed right now.

“Didn’t she call you this morning?” I ask.

“No, I waited for her to, but the first I talked to her was out by the stable.” Beth answers, and then continues, “Practical? You call love being practical? When did that start? Beth asks.

“When reality hit me this morning.” I answer.

“Tell me, goddamn it, tell me what practical is all about.” She slams her fist on the table.

“I’m middle aged, she’s young, she’ll want kids, I sure as hell don’t.” I blurt out.

“So you’ll fuck her, but won’t marry her. That’s sweet, I know a lot of young men that would do the same thing, I thought you were a bit above that you prick! Becky can’t HAVE kids!” She screams at me. It’s then that I reacted in a way so uncharacteristic of me, I was shocked.

I slapped her. I reached across the table, swung as I stood up and slapped her across her face. I dunno it wasn’t just what she’d said; ’cause I really WAS a prick. It was a combination of being with two women, so different on one hand, and so very much alike on the other. One was my daughter, I’d actually fucked my own daughter and I was sick about it. I’d made love to Becky and I loved it as it happened. I guess I felt trapped. Trapped by what Beth had done, and very much on the spot by what Becky had said. Now I find out Beck can’t have kids, and I’m stupefied again.

Beth’s reaction caught me off guard too. She slapped me back. Well, that’s not true, she didn’t slap me, she cold cocked me. Her fist was doubled up, she connected with my jaw and I dropped like a ton of bricks. If that wasn’t bad enough, she calmly walks over and kicks me square in the balls for the coup de grace.

She does that, then she drops to her knees, pulls me to her and crying hysterically tells me how sorry she is. I’m trying to pry my eyeballs from the back of my skull, holding my balls and wondering what’s coming now.

During the next thirty minutes, I recover; go back to sitting in my chair. Beth keeps the coffee coming and we’re not speaking during the whole time.

Finally after what seemed like hours, Porno İndir but as I said was only thirty minutes, Beth finally sits back in her chair, across from me. She’s idly stirring her coffee but still not talking.

“You know what dad?” Beth asked.

“What now?” I ask.

“This is so fucked.”

“What is?” I’m looking at her steadily.

“This whole thing about you and me, this thing about you and Becky, I don’t get it.”

“What don’t you get?”

“Was the sex good between you and her?” She asks.

“I’m not talking about that Beth, and you know it.” I respond.

“Okay, was it good between you and me?” She asks now, and I really don’t want to talk about that either and say so.

“That’s not fair, actually that’s unfair as hell. What is sex to you then?” She changes her tactic.

“It’s about love, with someone you love, someone you care about.” I reply.

“Do you love either one of us?” She asks.

“I love you both, differently I suppose, but I do love you both.” I answer.

“What’s masturbation?” She suddenly asks.

“What? I’d rather not have this conversation Beth, really I wouldn’t.”

“Well we’re having it goddamn it, and we’re having it now, so answer the fucking question.” She says defiantly, as my jaw throbs and balls ache remembering that just a bit ago I pissed her off, and didn’t want to go down that road again..

“Masturbation is a tool I suppose for those who choose to use it.” I reply a bit hesitantly.

“Do you?” She inquires.

“Masturbate? Well, is that really important? Why do you need to know that?”

“I’m asking the questions here dad, you just answer.” She’s pretty adamant now.

“Okay, I do, so what?”

“I’ve already said, I’m asking the questions, and I kind of figured you did. My question is who do you think about when you do?” She says; arms folded across her chest.

“Well, I don’t know, I think you already know about my feelings for Nancy, so I suppose it’s her when I do.” I answer.

“Is she the only one? I find that a little hard to believe.”

“Well no, there are others, actually, Becky has come to mind on more than one occasion, especially when I was drinking so much and Becky stayed here awhile with you and I. Hell, you both moved back in for that month or so.” I said as honestly as I could.

“What about me? Ever go there with me?” She asks.

I hang my head ’cause she’s hit a chord, and I really didn’t want to hear that tune played.

“You do, don’t you?” She asked, and not being surprised by it.

“Yes, well I have I guess.” I say.

“You GUESS? You fucking guess? What kind of an answer is that?” Now she’s mad.

“Okay Bethany, I do, I mean I have, yes you’ve come to mind at times. What do you want me to say?” I’m looking her right in the eyes now.

“So which is better, the fantasy or the reality?” She asks, much subdued.

“The reality is of course. Actually I…” and I pause.

“What? Actually you what dad?” She stares back at me.

“Well actually Beth, I’ve never thought about what we really did the other night, I guess I fantasized about your breasts mainly, how they’d feel, that sort of thing.”

“So the answer is the reality was better than the fantasy.” She says.

“Well of course it was; it was mind blowing, to say the least. That is of course, until I found out who it was.” I finish.

“And what exactly made it so bad when you found out?” She’s going to press this to the end, I know that now.

“It’s the whole incest thing Beth, it’s wrong, it’s a bit sick and twisted, I dunno.” Look what Becky went through, look how she’s suffered because of that.” I say and now I can’t look her in the eyes.

“Dad,” she starts. “Look at me dad. Do I look like I suffered because of what happened? I’m thirty five years old for Christ sake, not a fifteen/sixteen year old kid that got forced into some perverted shit with a drunk dad who couldn’t keep his hands off me. I WANTED that to happen, I LOVED it when it did, and I want MORE whenever it’s offered.” She finished, and the honest look in her eye tells me she’s serious as a heart attack.

“When Beck’s dad killed himself, there were rumors at school. Kids hear their parents talk and everybody knew he hung in the bars and screwed anything he could get his hands on. Now Becky, she denies it all those years, because she really felt way down deep it was in some way her own fault he did that to her. She knows now it wasn’t, but back then it was pretty hard on her. She always thought if she’d just run away and not left the note, her dad wouldn’t have shot himself, and maybe even gotten help. But I gotta ask you, don’t you feel what happened between us is on a different level? Do you think I’m gonna get all twisted up and shitty over us?” She says.

“Probably not Beth, but that doesn’t make it right. It just doesn’t seem right, I dunno, I can’t even think about it right now.”

“Well look at these dad,” she says and opens her blouse. I’m staring at those beauties again, and this time in broad daylight. Jesus Christ she has a pair of tits like I’ve never seen. Even carrying two children those puppies are standing there like erect buildings. I drop my eyes hoping their magnetism will release me, but not before I notice the nipple rings are missing.

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Pleasure Cruise Ch. 03

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Admittedly, Darlene and I have always enjoyed being watched while we fuck. There’s just something about that, which raises the level of intensity and desire in each of us. For Darlene, it’s the trigger, the key that somehow turns over the switch in her otherwise demure, almost shy personality whenever she’s not actually on camera. In a way, it’s that same metamorphosis for her. The camera coming on turns her into the smart, intelligent professional that she really is. Fucking…in front of someone, turns her into the wicked, devilish, totally uninhibited woman that I so love seeing whenever that happens.

Darlene had stood moving over towards the railing. It was one of her favorite positions, being taken from behind, half standing, half leaning over. Madeline continued to watch us, still fingering her split, her look concentrated as she did so.

“If I may ask a question of you both,” she said smiling. It was a rhetorical question as she continued before either one of us could actually respond. “I was wondering if you’d care to indulge an old lady a request, a particular form of pleasure that I so enjoy.”

I was buried balls deep inside Darlene’s cunt, stopping the slow thrusts in and out of her pussy as we both turned curiously towards her. “What do you have in mind?” Darlene asked smiling at her with an almost knowing sense of her as still yet unasked request.

Madeline stepped over closing the distance between us. As she did, she slipped her hand down, forcing me to withdraw slightly as she grasped my cum covered prick, Darlene’s girlish fluids clinging to it, though she purposely ensured that the head of my cock at least remained inside my wife’s slick juicy pussy.

“It is my biggest joy to be in control. To ask, no…let’s be honest here,” she amended. “To demand and expect compliance with those demands,” she now said her eyes taking on an entirely new look. “To bring about pleasure in unexpected ways, to prolong it, delay it, even to the point of denying it until I see fit to allow otherwise,” she said now fondling my cock, and then squeezing it hard, before actually yanking it out fully from my wife’s quivering slick tunnel. She rubbed the head of it around and about my wife’s ass, leaving a nice trail of sticky lubrication as she stood there toying with it.

“Since Edwards death, and up until now, I’ve not been able to fully enjoy those pleasures, or partake of such carnal delights. It is my hopes of course to do so during this cruise, but what I again ask, is that perhaps the two of you consider allowing me to entertain a few of those now.”

Darlene and I had from time to time entertained and thrilled one another with some mild forms of bondage. We had of course tied one another up in bed, had teased, tickled, and pleasured one another in mild, though delightful little ways, giving up control, being entirely at one another’s mercy. At times the sex had even gotten a little rough, a bit wilder than normal, but never to the point where we had caused one another any real pain, or had caused one another to fear being hurt or truly injured. Now however, as we both stood there realizing the implications, this was an entirely new area for us, especially as we’d literally just met Madeline and knew very little in the grand scheme of things, as to who she really was. She seemed to sense our hesitation.

“Have no fear,” she said smiling, softening her look. “I am good at reading people, knowing what they’ll like, what they can tolerate and enjoy…and what they can’t. Allow me to just share with you a small taste of what I believe the three of us can all enjoy together,” she asked.

Once again we smiled, and perhaps that mere act gave permission or approval, I don’t honestly remember now, though it mattered not. In the next instant, I first heard as well as felt the stinging slap of her hand coming down on the bare surface of my ass cheek. It wasn’t a simple slap either, something else that Darlene and I had both toyed with, dabbled in quite innocently. And it wasn’t that it really hurt so much, though it did sting to some extent which took me by surprise, but that it came so unexpectedly and so resoundingly causing me to jump, though I thrust deeply inside Darlene’s cunt upon feeling it. Hearing my wife groan pleasurably, I then felt Madeline now soothing my ass with the palm of her hand where she’d hit me. At least now, I knew what to expect, and actually steeled myself for the next one. Once again she caressed, I began to withdraw in order to slam into my wife once again, but again her hand came between us, grabbing me, holding me in place.

“Only when I say,” she said with those again piercing eyes of her, her hand continuing to draw light tickling circles on the back of my ass. “With my hand…” she finished, the slap once again coming unexpectedly, catching me off guard, stinging yet again, even more fiercely perhaps this time as I involuntarily responded to the sensation, thrusting inwards, Madeline’s hand suddenly releasing me at just the last moment. Once again buried to the hilt, she stepped behind, pressing herself against me, sandwiching sikiş izle me between the two of them. She spit, wetting her fingers, I felt her touch, felt her gentle easy probe though I am sure my eyebrows raised up several inches as I felt her middle digit suddenly encircling the tight opening of my ass. I felt her mouth on my back, her tongue and lips kissing, the sudden nip of her teeth, once again causing me to lurch, which I did, just as her middle finger buried itself deeply inside me.

“Fuck your wife,” she hissed, easing her finger in and out of my passage. I slid out, and then in, feeling another stinging slap of her hand on the opposite side of my ass, her finger impaling me just as firmly on the stroke. “Again!” she commanded. And again, I thrust, hearing Darlene’s moan of delight as I impaled her fully, deeply, just as deep as Madeline’s finger impaled me. “Again!” she stated, and again I thrust, holding still only for a moment, sudden surprise as the tingling sensation of a too soon release began to manifest itself deep within my balls. I felt her hand, her finger slipping out as she once again stepped beside the two of us. She took Darlene’s hand, drawing it down between her own legs.

“Pinch it,” she said looking at her. Forced to step back, I stood there and watched, amazed to some extent by what I was looking at. “Pull on it…tug it,” she said once again. Madeline had taken my wife’s hand, placing it on her sex, or rather upon the largest biggest clitoris I had ever seen before in my entire life. It looked like a miniature penis, blood engorged, swollen, nearly the size of my pinky finger, though somewhat shorter in length, though not by much. I saw the look in Darlene’s eyes as she realized what she was now holding onto, looking down, smiling in delight as she indeed pressed it between two of her fingers, pinching it, holding it, and then pulling on it as she’d been asked to do. “Suck it,” she now told my wife.

It was erotically odd to see my wife so obediently slither down the woman’s legs until kneeling before her there on the deck. As though hypnotized, Darlene drew the woman’s enormous clit in between her lips, sucking it in much the same way that she so delightfully sucked my cock.

“Spank her ass,” Madeline bade me, looking down and over at my wife, her heart shaped ass so vulnerable as she knelt. Darlene continued to suckle the woman’s clit, now very much aware of my presence as I circled around behind her, now likewise kneeling down. “Hard!” She reminded me, nodding her head in approval.

This was again something we had both dabbled in, and even as my hand came down on my wife’s ass, slapping her, I had done so far less harder than I’d done before in the privacy of our bedroom. Madeline looked at me with a less than approving look. “You can do better than that, and your wife knows it!” she said somehow knowing she did. Darlene had moaned, but not as intensely as I’d heard her do when I’d spanked her before. I spanked her again, far harder this time, hearing that moan, though Madeline again looked at me disapprovingly. “Harder!”

This time I wasn’t as sure, but I slapped her, felt the sting in my own hand, felt Darlene jump a little, though to my amazement, she didn’t complain, or quit sucking Madeline’s clit. She smiled at that, nodding her head in approval and then reached down, drawing Darlene back up to her feet.

“I’m going to show you something quite pleasantly exquisite,” she told her. “But you’ll need to trust me, along with your husband a little in order to do that. Will you?” she asked.

“Yes!” Darlene responded without hesitation, but the look in her eyes confirmed the fact, that the wild woman in her had emerged. I knew then and there, she was in the zone, ready and willing to do whatever the hell it was that this woman wanted her to do. But then again…so was I.

“Good!” She said grinning wickedly, and then proceeded to tell us what it was that she wanted us to do. Even after hearing her explain it, I still wasn’t sure. Darlene as well seemed a bit hesitant, but then that wickedly naughty woman inside her took over. To my surprise, she positioned herself as she’d been ask, waiting expectantly for me to do my part. “It’s not all that difficult,” Madeline told us both. “I’ve in fact done, and experienced this myself as you’ll soon see. It’s actually quite erotically stimulating and a hell of a lot of fun!”

The upper railing was smooth, rounded and made up of polished brass. It was high enough of course to prevent anyone from accidentally falling over, though from our deck, it wouldn’t have been into the water, but onto the main deck surrounding the ship below us. Even then, I was nervous though Darlene didn’t appear to be in the slightest as Madeline and I lifted her. Darlene draped her legs over the upper railing, now supporting herself as she hung there upside down. Just seeing her hanging like that took on a look of erotic decadence, the sensation of which sent a surge of throbbing want up and down the length of my rock hard shaft.

“Perfect!” Madeline said as we let go stepping brazzers back to almost artfully appreciate my dangling wife. Once again she moved forward, inching apart Darlene’s legs ever so slightly, the affect of which opened her up even more obscenely than she already was. She leaned forward, her tongue immediately coming out to lap at my wife’s very swollen exposed clit as she hung there, twitching, quivering. “Good…now, jerk off my clit,” she instructed my wife, “while I suck yours!”

Madeline had likewise instructed me to come up from behind her. Using her own slickness, I momentarily fingered her wet juicy split, as my wife hung there beneath her, working the woman’s large extended clit, literally jacking it off just as she’d done to me. Assured my finger was well lubed, I applied it to Madeline’s ass, quickly locating her own puckered little spot, and slipped the tip inside her. I continued worming it about, and then slid the entire length of it inside as she spread herself more openly, inviting the play as well as giving me even easier access to that particular tight little passage.

In the meantime, Madeline licked, tickled, and sucked my wife’s clit, all the while having her hanging upside down against the railing, her feet dangling off the side, though she was in no danger whatsoever of falling over suspended now the way that she was. But even I had to admit to the wickedly decadent position she was in, seeing Madeline leaning over, sucking my wife’s cunt while I stood there fingering her ass.

“Squeeze my tits!” Madeline told me. “Pinch my nipple, as hard as you possibly can!”

I knew by now of course that Madeline’s pain threshold was far greater than my own, and even Darlene’s. I pinched, pulled, and twisted her extended nipples painfully, though it was clearly evident to Madeline, it was perfect. She moaned delightfully, still flicking her tongue into my wife’s split, causing her to squirm there against the railing.

“Now…slip your prick between my legs, not in me…but between me,” she commanded. I stood behind her doing so. “A little more,” she instructed. I had no idea what we were doing, though I felt her wet slick lips pressing against my shaft as I pressed myself even more fully against her. Apparently, my wife immediately figured out what was happening. In the next instant, I suddenly felt the tickle of her warm mouth surrounding me, and realized as she did that, she had likewise gathered in Madeline’s thick, long little clit. She was sucking the two of us simultaneously!

“Oh my God!” I cried out with the realization, my wife struggling just slightly in order to accommodate us, though manage it she did. The fact she had gathered us inside her mouth together, licking and sucking us both seemed to much the perversion that it was, yet so erotically stimulating that I once again threatened to discharge my spunk all too soon.

Unable to hold the position for as long as I might have liked, I finally had to step back, though Darlene’s pussy was at that precise moment exploding in extreme ecstasy anyway.

There were times when I had seen her squirt, though she didn’t do it all that often, or certainly every time either. But this was in fact…one of those times when she did. Suspended as she was, her cunt directed upwards so provocatively, even Madeline was pleasantly surprised as Darlene came, screaming out her pleasures which I noted upon standing next to the railing looking down, weren’t missed by those now standing below us. Many of which now gathered, looking up in wild-eyed surprise upon seeing my wife dangling there the way that she was, precious clear-liquid eruptions sprouting from her cunt, her spray arching back up and over the railing, some of which fell all the way to the deck below us, garnering applause.

Now drained, no longer able to sustain herself, Madeline and I helped to lift her up off the railing and then back onto very wobbly, weak knees. She collapsed down into one of the lounge chairs, her face red with the flush of her pleasure, but to some extent with shy embarrassment too as the persona of her usual self had returned.

“Oh my…that was certainly…interesting,” she mused still flush in the face, yet obviously pleased at having experienced all that.

I was myself on the verge of simply shooting off, without even using my hands! Madeline now reaching down, grasping my cock and leading me back over towards the railing. A few still standing below us, though most now had moved off. Upon seeing us once again near the railing, most stood below looking up expectantly, wondering what might happen next. No one had very long to wait as Madeline made it clearly obvious what it was she was up to. Even I was a bit embarrassed and hesitant at first. Madeline now stood behind me, her full firm breasts pressing against my back, her hands reaching around in front, my rock hard prick now stuck through the railings as she stood there jerking me off. Many below stepped a bit further back, mostly the men, though much to my amazement, two women actually moved inwards still looking up, almost fake taxi porno expectantly.

“They’re waiting for it,” Madeline charged me. “Don’t…disappoint them.”

I stood there watching the first jettison of my cream arch into the air through the railing. As though in slow motion, I could see the two, and then three women standing below, actually gauging the decent of my flying cream as it flew out, and then plummeted down towards the deck as they stood there below, waiting for it. Somehow, the weirdness of that very act caused the second, third, and even forth spurts to exceed the first, shooting even further out and forward before gravity claimed them, pulling them down. And though only one splat of cum actually ever reached the mark, it was as though a bride’s bouquet had been tossed, and the lucky recipient of it below me the winner of the unexpected surprise. There were giggles and laughter, and moments later more applause as our captured audience below finally began moving off as our sensually erotic show ended. I couldn’t help but laugh at the blonde haired woman below me who actually looked up once again, waving, pointing at the area of her breast where my cream had obviously landed hitting her. She showed it off to her friends, almost proud of the prize she now carried away with her as they slowly sauntered off.

I now stepped back, rejoining my wife in one of the lounge chairs. “Well I must say Madeline, you are indeed an unexpected delight, and I for one am glad to have met you,” I told her quite honestly. “That was indeed, a very strange, though very erotic little experience.”

She smiled at that. “I’m glad to have met the two of you as well, and hope that we’ll again have opportunity to explore a few other things together as well. Perhaps tonight, since it is fetish night,” she then added hopefully.

We all parted company then, Darlene and I both heading back inside for a shower, and then actually dressing for lunch, something which now felt strange in actually wearing clothing as we’d both gotten so used to not wearing any.

We sat enjoying our lunch however, and wondering about the evening entertainment. We of course had a few vague ideas of what to expect, especially with the theme and all. We’d of course purchased a few appropriate items to wear when coming to it, but neither one of us had truly dabbled in anything really too kinky, until recently of course.

Dressing up as part of a party, enjoying the look of others was one thing. How far either one of us could actually go, or participate in whatever challenges might be asked of us, or require us to face, was something we could only deal with, when and if it happened.

Which of course…it would.


For those who wished to attend, the “Fetish on the Sea” party as it was called began at 8:00 that evening. Darlene and I were surprised at the rather large turnout realizing that so many would actually attend such an event, but apparently it was in fact one of the more popular evenings planned during the ten day cruise.

Darlene had in fact gone out and purchased a few items for us to wear. I wasn’t at all sure, or entirely all that comfortable in wearing the tight leather pants, though especially the collar with the chain attached to it, which my wife would be leading me around by. The outfit she’d chosen however was certainly far more interesting. She looked a little like Cat Woman as portrayed by Halle Berry in the movie, though without the head gear. I actually wouldn’t have minded her wearing something like that either, but with her long dark hair and a simple eye mask, she looked good enough even then. Her full breasts were certainly an obvious feature, the thin skinned material highlighting every precious curve, not excluding her sculptured ass. But my favorite thing about her particular costume was the strategically spaced zippers that could easily be undone, giving access to the more intimate parts of her entire body.

Once again, we were also pleased to see that both Jack as well as Beverly were in attendance as well, though Jack was in fact a bit more uncomfortable as he was indeed wearing a piece of head gear that completely covered his face. Beverly had shown some boldness herself, her leather bra having cut-outs, allowing each one of her nipples to protrude quite erotically through it. A pair of very short, black leather shorts, high heels and fish next stockings, along with several dangerous looking spikes and chains hanging on her completed the ensemble. Not too surprisingly, we all took a table together, ordered drinks, and then enjoyed the parade of sometimes macabre, sadomasticistic outfits seemingly worn by nearly everyone in attendance.

But the one thing that the four of us all found quite interesting, and extremely curious, were the various platforms, and props that had been placed about the ballroom area. Obviously there wasn’t a scheduled band, though a DJ was playing appropriate music for the night’s event. But as I said, the various platforms, stages, with somewhat interesting devices which had been spread about, proved to be an interesting topic of conversation as we all sat trying to figure out what their various purposes might be for. And in consideration of the cruise we were on, the prospects of finding out soon enough would prove interesting to say the least.

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