Figure Drawing Favor

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“Please? I really need someone to help me out!” Emma pleaded to Evan over the phone. “It’s just a quick simple assignment, and you live like 3 minutes away!”

Evan thought for a second. “Ok, tell me what the assignment is and I’ll consider it.”

“I just need to sketch someone in an action. I’ll just have you do something and freeze you in place to sketch you every now and then.” Emma explained.

“Oh alright, that sounds easy enough. When do you need me?”

“Tonight. Just come over whenever, I’ll be ready.”

“Ok, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.”


Evan took a quick shower and got dressed. Nothing fancy, but he wanted to look good enough to be drawn. His best fitting jeans and a red flannel shirt. He was soon out the door to drive down the road to Emma’s house.

When he pulled up Emma was waiting for him outside. He had always thought she was pretty. Hell, that’s why they dated his senior year in high school. But that was all in the past and they had grown apart for the most part. This was the first time they had even seen each other in months.

“Come on inside, I have coffee brewing.”

They sat down and Evan started to ask questions about the assignment. “So what action will I be performing for your amusement?”

“Please, this is hardly for my amusement. You just live the closest and I need to get this done. What do you want to do? It doesn’t have to be elaborate as long as you’re moving.”

Evan thought to himself, and kürt porno when he came up with nothing he just told her, “You pick. It’s your assignment. Just tell me what to do! I’m your canvas haha”

Emma got up to go get another cup of coffee. While she was up she got a wicked idea and smiled to herself. When she sat down she still had the smile on her face.

“What is it? That face looks like I’m in trouble…”

“Only if you think getting naked in front of your ex-girlfriend constitutes as ‘in trouble’!”

Evan nearly choked on his coffee. “Wait what?!”

“You heard me. I want to draw you while you shower.”

Evan was shocked, mostly at the suddenness of the whole thing. Was she serious? Why? This was all out of nowhere. “Why?” He asked with a stupid look on his face.

“Well I haven’t seen you in forever and you’re looking really good these days. Besides, we never went so far as to do… Well, anything, back when we dated. I guess I’m just feeling adventurous. Now are you going to do this or what?”

“Well I guess I don’t really have too much of a choice. I mean, it is your assignment.” Evan was warming up to the idea, and definitely liked where this was headed.


“Head to the bathroom.”

Evan walked in to the bathroom and asked what to do next.

“Get undressed, stupid.”

As Evan unbuttoned his shirt Emma told him to freeze. She grabbed her pad and pencil and began to sketch him. His hands were pulling his shirt open, and the light hit his abs in the best way. She made sure everything looked right in the sketch. She even paid notice to the ever present erection in his jeans.

“Ok, that’s enough for the first sketch. Get naked and get in the shower.”

She stopped him again as he was stepping in the shower. She sketched out Evan’s backside, enjoying the view of his firm ass. She even made him hold the pose a few seconds after she was done, just to drink in the view.

“Now get in and leave the curtain open.”

She sat on the sink across from the shower so no water would hit her pad.

“I want a sketch of you facing away from the shower head and leaning your head back into the shower.”

Evan did as he was told, and it was impossible to hide his erection. He caught her licking her lips as she drew. She spent only a short amount of time on anything except his penis. She caught every vein, every ridge, and paid special attention to his head. That was easily the most impressive part of an already impressive member. It was the perfect mushroom head.

“Ok I think I got this angle right. Now I want you facing the head, looking up, eyes closed.”

Evan did this, but also added his own flair by grabbing his cock. He heard Emma gasp and knew it was a good choice. This was one of the most erotic experiences he’s had in a long time! He could barely control the urge to stroke his cock right there.

“Now turn the shower off latin porno and dry yourself.”

Emma stopped him as he had the towel draped over his chest, barely reaching his genitals. As she finished the sketch she nearly chucked her sketch pad across the room and attacked his face with hers. She passionately kissed him as he he pulled her shirt off. She dragged him into her bedroom and he finished undressing her. They fell on the bed and she broke off the kiss.

“Evan I wanted to have sex with you when we dated. But then ya know… Things happened and-“

“It’s ok. Just go with it now.”

They kissed once more as he pushed himself slowly inside of her. She gasped and held him closer as he slowly began to pump. As he thrust inside her she reached her head up and nibbled his ear and drove him mad. He flipped her over and put her on her hands and knees. He started pumping faster and harder as she came close to cumming. His balls began slapping her clit on every thrust and she soon began to convulse, her vagina clamping tight around his dick.

He started to moan and mentioned he was close. Once her orgasm subsided Emma slid off of Evan and turned around, taking him into her mouth. She took him all the way in and even managed to tickle his balls with her tongue. Evan gave one more loud grunt and began to shoot cum into Emma’s mouth. She took what she thought was all of it, but one more think rope managed to shoot onto her cheek when she pulled him out. She took one finger and scraped the cum off and held her finger to his mouth and then he sucked his own cum off her finger.

They collapsed and began to kiss some more, he could still taste his cum in her mouth and felt blood begin to rush to his cock. Emma felt his cock rise between them and prepared for round two…

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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I live in a gilded cage, pampered but not free. My owner likes to collect unusual things. He is a wealthy viscount, living in a chateau in rural France. Attached to the mansion there is an enormous hothouse, the size of the palm house at Kew. It is tropical, with birds of paradise, exotic palms, giant butterflies and parrots. I love to wake up in the morning to the sound of tropical birds and iguanas.

My costume is a feathered skirt and elaborate feathered headdress. The feathers are the colour of flames – orange, gold and red. I am naked to the waist and my nipples are accentuated with crimson rouge. The skirt is heavily layered at the back, reaching almost to the floor, but tiered upwards towards the front until it reaches my waist. This results in there being nothing at all at the centre front except the band that reaches around my hips, holding it all together.

My cage sits high up in the tree canopy, and the door to it is always open. Outside there is a swing, with jasmine and vines growing up the ropes that support it. If I want to I can swing to play, or to get to a platform attached to a wooden walkway leading down to the floor.

I am not alone. There are two gardeners who live and work in the hothouse. They are gay and totally devoted to one another. They are also devoted to me, tending to my every need. We play together like kids when there is no-one around, swimming naked in the lily pool, eating fresh mangoes straight from the tree and teasing the monkeys. It is their job to make sure that I am kept free from body hair, and they take turns to have me spread my legs wide so they can shave and tweeze, leaving me pink and a little sore. It’s worth the small amount of suffering for the yoni massage they give me afterwards. Using a balm which they make themselves, they use their supple thumbs to make little circular movements on my outer labia, up and down. It feels exquisite. Usually it is short (they have work to do) but other times they will keep it up until my juices are flowing, my eyes are closed and I hear myself letting out little moans of pleasure. All it takes is the palm of the hand pressing on my mound and a thumb on my clit and after all of that build up I orgasm in a delicious wave of pleasure. Although gay, they enjoy making me come occasionally and I don’t object, of course! But they can be moody and easily pissed off, so I never ask for that. Things are not always peaceful in paradise, especially when they fall out with each other. But this is rare.

At night my friends retire to a tree house they built for themselves and I have my cave. I love my cave. It is small, but comfortable, having a bed of soft animal fur to lie on, and lit by the soft glow of candles.

Visitors come to the hothouse. They wander along the footpaths between the trees and some venture up onto the wooden platforms in the tree canopy. When they come I usually sit on my swing, unless I don’t like them in which case I’ll stay in my gilded cage.

About once a month the Viscount (I’ll call him Victor!) throws a big party. These are expensive, glamourous affairs with a casino, live music (usually jazz or classical) burlesque artistes and an elaborate feast. At the feast my keepers (the gay gardeners) and I have to wait at table, along with Kat. More about her in a minute. At the house there is a full quota of staff – a Butler, a Cook, a Housekeeper, maids, kitchen staff and a Nanny. Victor keeps his Nanny on the payroll masturbasyon porno despite being an adult. She looks after the health of everyone in the house. Kat lives in the chateau and considers herself to be above me because I only go there for the parties. She looks down on me and we do our best to ignore one another most of the time. She is dark with black hair and wears a sort of catwoman outfit. She curls up at our Master’s feet when he sits in his chair by the fire. I hate her and have been known to pull her tail, causing her to re-adjust her costume.

After dinner the guests are invited to gamble. The casino is set up in the ballroom, a large elaborate room with a magnificent chandelier. There is a roulette table in the centre of the room, and poker tables. At one end of the room near the enormous fireplace there is a billiard table.

One particular party lives in my memory. Victor usually holds an auction or presents as a prize me, or the Cat. He never enjoys us himself, except for occasionally stroking us or inspecting us for flaws, like collector’s items. He is a voyeur and gets off on watching his guests taking their pleasure of us.

One balmy summer evening at a particularly glittering occasion, Victor decided to hold a roulette game and offer the winner the choice of either me or Kat. To show his guests the merchandise, I am brought to the billiard table. For evening occasions in the house I am expected to wear gold stilettos, and I teeter up to the billiard table on 4 inch heels, supported on each side by my gay friends, who adopt serious expressions for such an occasion. This usually means having to try not to laugh, especially if I have been nicking champagne from the kitchen. They lift me up onto the edge of the table and spread my legs wide, keeping my knees straight so I have to lean back on my hands to keep my balance. Then Victor will come and carefully open my pussy lips to expose my pink flesh for all to see. Look but don’t touch is the rule, and after a glimpse of my innermost secrets I am lifted down and turned around, feathered skirt raised to expose my buttocks. The high heels create an appealing shape and also expose my pussy lips. Victor usually gives the Butler a nod at this point, if he is nearby, to slap my pussy lips to make them to pinker and do the same to my buttocks a couple of times for good measure. Then the skirt is lowered and I am whisked away to the main guest suite, left vacant for this purpose, where Nanny is waiting with a bubbly bath. Kat is displayed in a similar fashion and taken away to be prepared in another wing. The winner will be given the key to the room where his prize awaits after making his (or occasionally her) choice.

The main guest suite is sumptuous. There is a four poster bed, a log fire and a free standing bath in the bedroom situated near the fire. On the other side of the fireplace there is an antique chair and Turkish rug. The room is lit with many candles and the bed has silk sheets. At the end of the bed there is a blanket box covered with a kilim.

Nanny disapproves of Victor’s parties and she fusses and sponges my back for me. I lay in the bath watching the roulette game on the flatscreen situated above the fireplace. There is CCTV hidden in the room, so the occupants can see themselves on the screen, and Victor, or whoever else he invites along, can watch from his private rooms on the top floor. After the bath mature porno I am wrapped in fluffy white towels and my skin is oiled. Nanny is good a this. She takes time massaging the oil into my breasts, using just the right amount of pressure. When she rubs the scented oil into my buttocks she has me over her knee with my ass facing the hidden camera. Sometimes she runs an oiled finger down between my buttocks and pushes it into me, using her thumbs on the fleshy bits on either side for extra pleasure. I think Victor enjoys watching this. After my massage I put the gold stilettos back on and a floaty silk robe which has humming birds embroidered onto it. I then sit in the fireside chair with a bottle of champagne on ice and wait.

I noticed a man I had not seen before at the gaming tables earlier, and he was in the front row of onlookers when I was perched on the billiard table and spread wide for all to see. A tall and quite large African, he did not seem to know many of the others and seemed a bit shy. There were some regulars at the table, a tedious bunch mostly, toffs on coke with too much money and too much to drink. I watched with interest as the African (I guessed him to be from Nigeria) effortlessly won the game. He stood to hand in his chips and I noticed he had a lot of gold rings on his fingers. I could not see which key he was handed but was not at all surprised to hear a gentle knock at the door before the key turned and he entered.

He makes a slight bow and introduces himself. Turns out he speaks perfect English, having gained a scholarship at Oxford when he was younger. Also turns out he’s a chief of some sort, rich but not very well travelled. This is his first trip to Europe as an adult and his first introduction to Victor’s social circle. He has 2 wives but has, he tells me, never experienced “white flesh”. He is curious and wants to see if I feel/ taste/ behave any differently from what he is accustomed to.

This man was one of that rare group of men who get pleasure out of giving pleasure. It pleased him to make me squirm with delight, and he would not even allow me to touch him at first. He asked me to sit on the edge of the blanket box and gently undid the silk robe so it floated away from my legs, which he spread wide by pushing on my knees. Still in the stilettos, this had the effect of my pussy being at the same level as his face as he knelt on the floor in front of me. He used his thumbs to spread me open and looked, for what seemed like a long time, at my pink flesh. To my amazement, he then asked “what would you like me to do?”. Men that win me, or Kat, as a prize, usually have no imagination. It is often just a case of bending us over the bed and fucking us from behind, or forcing us to our knees and making us suck them. One time, a rather nasty American guy had me kneel then tied my hands behind my back before asking for a “blow job” (hate that expression!). I lost my balance because my hands were tied so he slapped my face then told me to lean over the end of the bed. He’d had too much to drink so instead of actually fucking me he had to use a candle, but then he got turned on by watching my pussy lips stretch around the candle (it was one of the thicker ones) and made himself come, all over my ass. Satisfied, he slid in between the silk sheets and crashed out, leaving me cold and sticky and with my hands still tied. Bastard.

But this guest was a perfect gentleman. milf porno When I got over my surprise at being asked what was my pleasure, I asked him to lick me. He took a large handkerchief out of his top pocket and, tying it around my eyes, explained that I would get greater pleasure from his ministrations if I could not see. Then he fetched a pillow from the top of the bed for me to lean against. He started by running his fingers up and down the inside of my thighs, using the backs of his hands as well as the palms so I could feel the cold metal of his rings. Whilst doing this he explained that one of his wives was circumcised and got very little pleasure from sex. He said this bothered him and made him feel that he was taking something from her and not giving. This made sex eventually become a duty for the purpose of procreation only. His other wife was intact, but oral sex was considered taboo where she came from so they didn’t do it very often. He told me he enjoyed “sipping from the honey pot” and was looking forward to giving many women pleasure on his trip around Europe. Wow.

From stroking the inside of my thighs he switched to kissing them, and I felt myself getting wet with anticipation. For a moment he stopped and I felt him looking at me again, then he began to lick me. His tongue felt slightly rough on my pussy lips, but pleasantly so as it was warm and wet. He probed my depths with his tongue, making me open my legs wide, wanting more. Then deliciously, he started to circle my clit with the tip of his tongue, pausing to flick at it then switch back to circling. I began to writhe with pleasure, hearing little animal like moans come from deep inside me. I needed to relax and enjoy the slow build up but my body wanted more. Sensing this, he pinned my legs to the bed with his forearms and used his thumbs to spread my pussy lips apart to give him better access to my swollen clit. I could not move. Soon I was gasping as he moved one hand closer to my pussy lips, dipping one finger into my juices. Even though I was pinned down, I managed to grind towards his fingers, wanting them inside me. Suddenly he is fingering me and licking me at the same time. I murmur that this feels exquisite and I am close to coming. But still I could not let go. I needed to be fucked. I needed a big, hard cock and nothing else would do. But I was too shy to say so, so I just kept grinding.

He knew. And he was enjoying making me wait. Grabbing an ankle, he swung the leg attached to the ankle way above my head and leaned forward to whisper in my ear. He asks if I want to feel his big black cock in my pink pussy. I nod, impaled on his fingers as I am.

My oh-so-considerate lover then flipped me over. Blindfold in place, heels still on, feet on the floor, my ass is tipped up towards him and again I feel him scrutinizing me. Thumbs spread my pussy lips wide and I feel the cool air on my heat. I am suddenly aware that I am holding my breath. Then, he slides inside me and it feels so good to be filled up that I let out a moan of relief. I try to reach down for my clit so I can come but he pulls my hand away and rubs my clit himself with 2 fingers. I am shameless now, grinding against his fingers as I move forward and pushing back against his thrusts when I push back. We move faster and faster, frantic. Suddenly I feel the familiar spasm inside me as my orgasm approaches and I come noisily. He doesn’t. Instead, he grabs my hair, pulls off the blindfold and tilts my head back so my mouth opens to receive his hot juices as he spurts and groans with pleasure.

Then he thanks me, takes me by the hand and leads me back to the bubbly bath. Handing me a glass of champagne, he tells me with a smile that he has had an enjoyable evening. Then he leaves.

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The Wolf-Orc

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Warning: can be erotic and scary at the same time. Scarotic. Read at your own risk.


Thorg and Lance had been climbing the mountain since daybreak and had to stop for the night halfway between the bottom and the summit. They were supposed to climb up there for a day’s hike, but because the main route was closed due a recent landslide, the had to climb an alternate route. Thorg was unhappy with this. In fact, he had been this since the day Lance asked him to join him on the trip. Thorg joined him, half willingly, because Lance begged him to go, it would be a total waste from his reward from his promotion, not to mention, extra help and protection. Seems there’s no other choice then, Thorg thought. It got them over with. It’s really an odd thing for an orc and a human to camp on the mountains. But in this day and age where anyone regardless of race, skin colour, gender and sexual orientation, it wasn’t a major issue.

At least the night was young, even though they’re not. They saw the stars that shone brightly, sang age old campfire songs each never sung, drank beer, got drunk, had sex (ok, no sex… yet) and headed off to the tent they shared. It wasn’t much of a romantic night, if that’s what they thought, but Thorg seems to admire Lance through his jet black hair and his icy blue eyes.

When midnight came around, Thorg woke up suddenly to take a leak, only to find Lance gone. Must’ve stated off ahead, he thought. Once outside, he was shocked to see the camp in a total wreck. Yet, he couldn’t see Lance around the area. He must’ve been chasing off something that sacked the place. Nonsense, Thorg disagreed. And, through orcish instinct and imminent fear, he went off the woods.

Thorg called Lance’s name in vain, searching for him. The first thing he found was his torn shirt, covered in blood. Now, Thorg was getting afraid. It’s a natural thing to be afraid, even for orcs. He trekked around the forest, gathering up every evidence of Lance. His jacket, his pants, his accessories. All torn and bloodstained. And something wasn’t right here. He checked the ground for footprints to whatever attacked Lance. The prints were not those of any familiar animal in the woods. It does resemble a wolf’s though, but at the same time, human. Some psycho or maybe something supernatural must’ve killed him. Oh, please don’t get killed. Thorg reassures to himself that Lance would be safe.

Really pissed off from this, and now wanting to take a piss, Thorg walked down to a nearby tree. As he relieved himself, he heard a rustle from the bush, and followed to where that rustle went. What Thorg saw was a shadowy figure popping out of the open, and without warning, attacked Thorg. The creature’s claws were sharp, slicing off almost all of Thorg’s jacket. And so deep was it claws, it bled Thorg’s right arm. He saw blood from the creature’s brown fur and it’s eyes were glowing an unnatural yellow. Perhaps this was the one that killed Lance.

Even through warrior’s blood, he can’t help get thinking he would lose to this creature, and every desperate attempts to stop this creature through his bare hands fail. And with one swipe, the creature struck his claws on him and threw him halfway to the field. Still defiant and still a warrior, Thorg, will strike back against this creature who killed Lance. And true to his warrior blood, will not stop even down to his last breath.

Yet, so a instinctive creed can be futile to the creature, and off-guard, bit Thorg’s left shoulder. The bite was so strong, so intense, that Thorg screamed in pain, a pain orcs cannot bear. Fallen and vulnerable, Thorg bravely prepares for what to come. His and Lance’s death leads here, he thought. It ends here…

And suriyeli porno just before his final rites to his god, another creature caught him by surprise, and savagely attacked the first creature. He was as muscular as the first one. It’s dark hair tackling without surprise. The two monsters retaliated together. Their growls and snarls filled Thorg’s ears with anxious fear. And he can’t tell who’s winning. He can’t see it in the dark. Even if was the full moon and the trees cover it and… Oh no, he thought.

By Grummush, they’re werewolves, as he fully pictured it!

And as the fighting subsided, the screams of growling and shredded flesh fading, Thorg couldn’t wonder if Lance was killed by those werewolves, or turned into one, and then got killed by the werewolves. Thorg was conflicted by this. It had been a long night.

One creature that assaulted the other approached Thorg, it’s muzzle and the rest of the furry body was covered in blood. He was frightened, yet ready for what would become. Thorg thought that he shouldn’t have been here. He knew he should’ve refused the offer, but it would break Lance, and Thorg doesn’t want that. And to Lance, Thorg was the only one he could really trust, his protector, none else, and he was his friend, his handsome friend, a handsome hunk, a handsome hunk with raven hair and blue eyes.

No no no, you’re not going to think about crushing Lance while some pup of a werebitch’s gonna maul you. Thorg’s thoughts welled up as the walking furball stepped closer, staring at his eye. Look at him, with all that muscled body covered in black fur and those blue eyes staring, there’s no way he won’t ki-… And Thorg realized something. This creature that attacked Lance was different somehow. It had that muscled body, that black fur, those blue eyes. Blue eyes, it’s so beautiful like-. It couldn’t be…

Lance!? Thorg just couldn’t believe it. That cute pinkie from the cubicle, who’s two heads shorter than he is, is standing right in front of him, standing tall as he is. Eyes glowing blue like the full moon, so compassionate, mellow, stern, and ready to hunt.

Lance, is that you?! Can an orc try to communicate with this creature?

The wolf couldn’t say anything but nod.

Thorg couldn’t help asking a plethora of questions like, [i]what happened to him, what in nine hells is going on, why did he brought him here in the first place, why is he naked,[/i] and so many others. Thorg was filled with questions, and filled with anger in every confused question.

Lance simply just nodded.

Then Lance sent closer, despite Thorg’s resistance, and Thorg’s questioning mouth was suddenly silenced by Lance’s sure mouth. And Thorg was damned surprised about this. He admits that he had a crush on Lance for some time now, and all attempts to spit it out on him were thrown away with Lance, as a werewolf, for the love of the gods, simply took the advantage.

It was a flash, it was unexpected. The kiss was passionate like a lover and the air was raw as blood. And from that sudden moment, Thorg’s face turned red, and returned to Lance’s mouth. Hot mouth over wet mouth and wet tongue over hot tongue, the wetness run down their chins. Thorg felt like it was love, even he thought about this. And somehow, the guardian now feel like he’s being guarded. For a moment.

Suddenly, Thorg broke from the kiss, sensing something isn’t right. There was something tugging his shoulder. He looked at Lance, but his hands were down. Feeling woozy, he said, in a somehow slurred and deep voice, and he staggers as he walks, like a drunkard on a Prohibition night. Thorg grasped his wounded shoulder to check if it hurts.

That’s strange, why is it healed? Strange indeed. The wound from Thorg’s shoulder was unnoticeable. Still, Thorg walked on out of the woods. Lance followed him, not making sure why. The moonrays flooded the dark woods, the hints of stars glisten the onyx sky, and the music of owls and nightly creatures bring ambience to the night. Thorg and Lance agreed it sounded beautiful.

As they walked out, the uncovered full moon shone upon them, and down below, she shines over the bright neon and blinking LEDs of the city. Thorg came first, needing air to relax, and stares at the beautiful silver disk, dropping his arm on his shoulder and just stands there, as if something in his mind tells him not to sit down, or do anything else. When Lance came out of the woods last, he saw Thorg staring at the moonlight, and just standing there. As Lance puts his paws on Thorg’s miraculously healed shoulder, he was suddenly startled when Thorg turned around and smacked him to the ground.

Thorg’s eyes glowed yellow, the same glow from the creature that attacked him, but the orc’s was more of a fiery amber while the latter spawned a sickly yellow. His eyes were filled with bestial rage. And what’s more surprising to Lance when Thog turned around was he seemed hairier than noticed, and is still growin. His once serious and stoic voice deepened into wolfish snarls and grunts. The once-disappeared bite that had bit Thorg must have done this to him. And now, he saw fright when Thorg’s screams turn into whimpering growls.

Thorg fell down in agony, screaming and whimpering down in unknown pain. He was afraid at Lance seeing him like this, and he was afraid of what will happen to him. Run, Lance. the orc told the wolf. But the wolf cannot run, frightened by the screams and the trembling Thorg. Lance got used of being a werewolf some time ago, he didn’t just told him. But this was Thorg, it was his first time. The one thing that Lance couldn’t help thinking is that what will Thorg will even look like when he turns into one. Humans turning into werewolves is one thing, but orcs turning into one is another.

Orcs are bestial creatures, as bestial as all beasts. If Thorg turns into one, Lance thought, He’ll be a walking havoc… He contemplates over this as he watches Thorg transforming uncomfortably. He was right, it was his first time.

Thorg continues exchanging bellows and snarls as his body feels the change under the full moon. Was he going to be one too? Obviously yes. He was shaking, and stumbling, crouching with his hands grasping with internal pain. The hair on his arms grows and grows until he notices that his arms are completely covered in hair. He feels his teeth and tusks growing, his nose getting longer. He can feels himself growing, by muscle and bone, his legs get longer, knees getting weak. His already ripped clothes start to rip out even more. And the very painful thing in this undesired metamorphosis was something in his lower back was growing. He can feel his spine getting longer and trying to push to the skin of his back. He screams as the lump behind his back grows and turns into something like a tail.

But the most interesting thing that Thorg felt was in his crotch. He feels his orchood changing as well. He can feel it shrinking, or growing, he can’t tell, but he feels the base swelling like a fruit, and he feels his whole cock stirring. His libido seemed to rise more than his usual. With a final scream, he rips off the remainder of his clothing, and rises, screams turning into a spine-chilling howl, figure blocking the moonlight.

Lance, seeing the whole thing, was completely freaked out, his blue eyes opened wide travesti porno with terror, his breathing was rocky and rapid, heartbeat like a drumbeat of a metalhead, his tail spike out with fright, and the tip of his cock trying to get out from its shaft.

It could have been from Thorg’s physique, it could be some other kink.

Well, this is interesting Lance can hear Thorg’s gruff voice, as he checks his furry body for the first time, and quickly, admiring it. And, always being a show-off from the office, flexing it. Lance, confused, awestruck and uncomfortably horny at the same time, sees Thorg in his new stare behave normally than expected. With that it gave him relief.

Lance sparked a new fear as Thorg approached him, with eyes of gold, fur of woodland green, boar-like teeth of ivory and a cock of cherry red.

Don’t be afraid. It’s just Thorg, Thorg’s voice was gruffly soft, comforting Lance with his soft furry hand paw.

Thank the Gods it’s you. Lance sighed with relief again.

With that horror pushed aside they talked more about each other as they headed back to the wrecked campsite. They talked about their secrets, Lance’s experiences growing as a werewolf, Thorg’s confession about his more than platonic love for men, Lance’s coming out, Thorg’s response. The conversation went on and on, as they sat around the campfire they fixed, drinking beer and other stuff, like they did hours ago.

But since they expressed their feelings for each other, they shared a warm passionate kiss that they had back in the woods. This time, Thorg takes the lead, digging his longer tongue through Lance’s. Given by experience, he was being careful not to bleed Lance’s mouth with his tusks. The night was still young, even after the midnight has passed. They slobbered from the heating love. They explored each other’s parts. Their cocks now pop out from their shafts, big, red and juicy. The knots from the base of their cocks swell up with lust. So great was their libido, and sexual excitement, that it sent a steam of musk emitting out of their bodies. The aroma of their musk was so great, it sent them a frenzy of desire. But so great a desire, it gave them a haze. A haze of sex that neither of them can control.

Thorg couldn’t remember what happened last night. It had been a giant haze. His head was heavy, and his eyes were gloomy. What he knew before that was that he fought a werewolf, and saw Lance fighting it too, as a werewolf himself too. He can also barely remember him and Lance kissing under the moonlight, him transforming into a werewolf as well, and then making wild love with Lance.

It must’ve been a dream, thought Thorg, still trying to think events since that night.

Maybe it had been alcohol…

And speaking of alcohol, before he could even conclude the parts, he feels a draft in his whole body, and he can feel something sticky in his loins. He was in the tent, but he doesn’t remember coming out his sleeping bag. What’s more confusing was that he can hear Lance moan and purr in his sleep.

He looked further to see he was fully naked. His cock oozed with drying cum, and it was fully erect. Orcs are proud of their libido and their multiple orgasms and quick reloading. Beside him was Lance, cum oozing from his ass.

What in nine hells is going on… Thorg still asked in his mind.

As Thorg contemplates on the confusion, Lance moans. He was actually pretending to sleep, given that he can’t sleep from Thorg’s sexual prowess. Lance could tell him about what happened now, or probably later. But for now, he’ll tell him soon. And for now at least, he’ll enjoy a pleasurable sleep, thinking of Thorg. It will take them two days more to reach the summit, but Lance got plans to make it longer. Three days? Five? A week or two? Who knows? He has all the time he needs with Thorg.

Besides, Lance said in his mind, This is Wolfback Mountain. He smiled with satisfaction, and drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

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My First Affair (and Black Cock)!!

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Big Tits

I know that I may look like your stereotypical “soccer mom” to most people. I do drive a big SUV and sit around at the country club pool most of my days, but I have a few skeletons in my closet. Most of the wives I chat with are all pretty uptight and old fashioned. However, I have mad my wild days, you see I used to be a stripper in a seedy little run down club for 3 years when I turned 18 and left the house. But then I met John, my true love. John is a very successful doctor who is more than happy to provide for me everything I would ever need. Well at least so I thought.

At 32 and with 2 kids I still feel that I have a very sexy body. I’m 5′ 6 130lbs with shoulder length blonde hair and big blue eyes, also a very nice set of implant 38D’s thanks to John. I work out at the country club everyday but Sunday then go and lay out for a bit in the sun. Very rarely do John and I find the time to get out, with his work schedule and finding a baby-sitter and all. But last Saturday night was something we pre-planned for. John had the night off and I had already dropped off the kids at my Moms.

John and I headed out for a night on the town, which consisted of a nice dinner and a movie for us. I was dressed up in a short, but not slutty short, black skirt. A tight red blouse with a fairly low neckline. Under it all a sexy black lace bra and thong along with some thigh high garters from Victorias. I finished up my outfit with a pair of new 5 inch spikey heels. John liked it when I dressed sexy for him and I liked to make him happy.

Our dinner went well, it was very nice and we both had a great flow of conversation about home and his work. Then we headed out to the movies. We got our tickets and headed to the theater. We got there and found a pretty long line just to get in, they were apparently checking stubs in order to root out those trying to wander in from another show.

As we made our way up to the doors I saw one of the men working the door was a rather handsome younger black man, about 23. I hadn’t ever been with a black man, I have heard the usual things about them but I guess it never really interested me. But this one looked up and caught me, our eyes connecting and I felt something rush through my body. Just the look he gave me turned me on. John and I continued to chat as we waited, but from time to time I looked up and he was looking right at me each time. Finally we made our way to the door, he took my ticket from my hand as he clearly looked my body up and down, mentally undressing me. I smiled and gave him a quick “thanks” and headed in for a seat. I wasn’t for sure why, but I just couldn’t seem to get my mind away from that hot little stud during the movie.

During minyon porno a slower part of the movie I decided to use the restroom and take a little break to clear my mind. I was so nervous as I walked out of the door, expecting to see him there, just waiting for me. But he wasn’t to be found, so I headed to the restroom. I freshened up a bit and made sure to adjust my cleavage, just in case. Then headed out and back to the movie. But on the way the man appeared again. This time with a mop and a bucket outside the mensroom.

“Hey there, enjoying the show?” He asked as I walked by. I stopped and paused, not sure if I should keep going or not.

“Uhh yeah, its kinda slow right now though” I replied. He just smiled as he looked me up and down again.

“You know, you are a very sexy woman. Much too sexy for your husband that you are with” he said as he adjusted himself in front of me. Any other guy who would try to put John down like that would get slapped. But I didn’t feel angry at all. Instead I felt hornier, and my mind couldn’t get off of what he had under those pants.

“Well thank you very much. But I think he already knows that” I said with a smile. My legs frozen not able to walk away now even if I wanted to. Then he dropped his mop, it landed right beside me.

“Oh damn, uh you think you could grab that for me babe?” He asked me, a big wide grin on his face. I smiled, knowing exactly what he wanted me to do. I don’t really know what came over me, but I went ahead and did what he wanted. I turned around with my back to him and bent all the way over to pick up his mop. Then I felt his hand slide from my thigh right up to my ass and pat it lightly as I stood up. I turned around with the mop in my hand

“Umm here you are” I said as he just grinned.

“Say babe, you know how to work one of those better than I do. Maybe you should come in here and show me your techniques?” He asked me as he reached down the dirty bucket of water he was using and headed into the mensroom. Without even thinking twice about what I was doing I just headed down the hallway and into the mensroom with him.

“So how do you use that thing?” He asked me as he stood by the urinals.

“Well I prefer the sweeping like motion” I said as I showed him mopping a bit. He walked around behind me and got very close, I could feel the bulge in his pants up against my tight ass.

“Yeah that’s real good babe” He said as he reached up under my skirt and played with my ass.

“How about you try to show me how good you are with this here” He said me as he grabbed my hand and put it right on the bulge in his pants. I started rubbing up olgun porno and down the big bulge until he grabbed me by my arm and spun me around to face him.

“Don’t be shy now girl” He smiled and slowly slid my top off over my head. He reached between my chest and undid my bra and slid it off. I reached down and fumbled with his button and zipper to his pants before undoing them. His big hands roamed over my chest, rubbing them together and playing with my nipples. My hand pulled his cock out of his pants and slowly started to stroke him up and down. He was so big it had to be at least 8 inches, and it was growing!

“Yeah, I bet your hubby would be real proud of you now girl” He mocked as he reached up under my skirt and started to rub my pussy through my thong. “Damn bitch, I got you all wet already don’t I?”

“I uhh well, I can’t help it” is all I could manage to get out as I felt his fingers rubbing hard against my wet thong. Then his hand slid from under my skirt and he rested both hands on my shoulders, then he pushed down on them. I took his hint and got down onto my knees, not even caring that it was a sticky dirty floor. I looked up and his big black cock was staring me right in the face. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen, it had to be at least 11 inches long!!

“You want some of this black dick in your white married mouth don’t you slut?” He grabbed his cock and rubbed it on my lips, back and forth across them with the big thick head of his cock. Then he pulled it to the side and brought it back to my cheek, slapping me with it and said “You want it in your mouth right slut?”

My eyes looking up at him and nodding my head “Yeah I do” I replied. Then I opened my mouth up wide as he slid it right into my hot waiting mouth. Cock had never tasted this good before I thought as I sucked my way down his dark shaft with my eyes closed. His hand still at the base of his cock, wiggling it side to side making it jiggle all around in my mouth.

“That’s a good little white slut” he groaned as he let go of his cock and put his hand on the back of my head. His hand pushing me further down his cock, I just kept right on sucking and licking his black meat. My hands reaching down to my chest as I played with my nipples, tugging on them lightly as I deep throated his cock.

“OK slut, time for me to fuck your little white cunt now” He said as he tugged on my hair, lifting me off of his cock and on my feet. He reached under my skirt and pulled my now soaked thong down to my feet. He bent over and took it off and put it in his pocket. “These are mine now bitch” He said before pushing me up against the wall of the urinals. He got şahin k porno behind me and kicked my legs apart. Then he lifted up my skirt over my ass and put his thick cockhead against my wet slippery pussy.

“Damn girl, this pussy don’t need any lubrication or anything. But this ass might” he said as he slapped my ass then shoved that big black cock right into my wet pussy.

“Uhhhh yessss” I moaned out as he slammed into me hard enough to push my face up against the cold tiled wall. He slowly pulled out then rammed it right back into me. He kept doing it, over and over. My pussy was getting slammed by his huge cock and I was loving it!!

“Yeah you like that black cock up in your pussy huh bitch?” He teased me as he started pumping away at my pussy. I nodded my head and let out a “yesss” moan for him. His dick was fucking in and out of my hot pussy so fast and hard. My tits were bouncing forward, then back in rhythm to his fucking motions. One of his hands gripping my hip hard, the other slapping my ass and rubbing it.

“Now to do something about this tight ass” He said as he continued to pump away at my pussy. Then he spit right on my ass, his finger rubbing it around my asshole before slipping a finger deep in my ass. I let out another loud moan as he did, feeling closer to the first real orgasm in years.

“Shit you sure have a tight ass, my cock won’t fit in that. But this will” he said as he kept fucking my pussy hard. Then his finger slipped out of my ass, a few seconds later I felt something pressing against my tight asshole.

“See bitch, this is how you work the mop” He chuckled as he slid the handle into my ass.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck” I whimpered as he fucked me with his black cock and my ass with the mop. I squirmed around on his cock, slamming back into his cock each time he pounded my pussy hard. “Uhhh I’m gonna cum” I screamed out as I felt the warm rush of my orgasm building up and starting to peak.

“Yeah hoe, cum on my cock, I’m gonna cum up in your pussy too” He said. I knew I should stop him from that, but I started to cum and I couldn’t do anything about it now. I screamed out as I clenched my eyes tight. At the same time I heard him let out a low groan then I felt the warm spurt of his hot cum in my pussy. Spurt after spurt as he kept fucking my dripping pussy. Then he pulled out of me and put his dick away.

“Damn you are a good fuck for a married slut. Now get your cum filled cunt back to your hubby” He ordered me. I grabbed my bra and top and quickly put them back on. I stopped in the ladies room to clean up quickly before getting back to watch the rest of the movie. My hubby never even had a clue!

After the movie we left, I didn’t see the young man around at all as we headed out then went home. I fingered myself to another orgasm that night in the shower thinking about that big black cock of his. That was the first time I cheated on my hubby, but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to be the last!!

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My Chemical Romance Ch. 02

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Double Penetration

“Nine Inch Nails, Disturbed. . .” I frowned at the next CD in my hand. There was so much dust on it that I had to blow it off. Okay. Now I could see it. “Can, Slipknot, Cradle Of Filth, Beck–“

Thadius snapped his fingers. “Gimme the Beck CD. But if it’s anything before “Sea Change,” leave that shit on the shelf.”

I handed him Beck’s latest CD, “Modern Guilt.” Thadius then walked over to my stereo and slipped the CD in. He skipped all the way to “Gamma Ray.”

Sophomore year at the University of Illinois. Decent grades. Cool new friends. Tons of girls. I mean, TONS.

Thadius kicked back on my bed and smiled. “I love your side of the room. Your dorm mate is a fucking pig.” Thadius noted, looking at the food stains on my dorm mate’s comforter and the Styrofoam box of leftover Chinese food with its chopsticks hanging out. “Surprised you don’t have roaches.”

I unbuttoned by flannel shirt, exposing just a white tank. When I heard knocks on the door, Thadius’s eyes darted to it. I asked, “Who is it?”

A feminine voice on the other end replied, “Caitlin, silly!”


Thadius laughed behind his hand. “Should I go? Am I cockblocking by just being here?” Thadius grabbed the stereo remote and paused it.

I shook my head. Caitlin was one of the girls I’d been fucking who didn’t understand what the term ‘friends with benefits’ meant. I didn’t love her. But she could deep throat like no other chick I’d ever had before.

I manned up and opened the door. She stood there, this tiny ass skirt and pumps that screamed “fuck me now,” and I rolled my eyes. “Caitlin, I said I wasn’t having any company over at my dorm tonight.” I closed the door behind me, knowing Thadius was about to get up and listen.

Caitlin scoffed. She folded her arms. “Adam, don’t be such a prude. You know what I came here for,” She purred, hands running up my biceps. I shook her away.

“Look, I don’t mean to be an asshole, but Caitlin, I don’t want you right now.”

She looked confused. Did I really have to be a dick to her? Guess I did.

“Caitlin! Come on! I use you for sex and only sex!” My eyes were bugged out. If she didn’t get it now, she was just stupid.

Looking mad, Caitlin shot back with, “You’re a fucking douche!”

“Well, shit, when you come on to me at the frat party asking me if I thought you were hot, did you really think this would be serious relationship, Caitlin?”

She got mad and pushed me into my door. I knew Thadius was listening because he fell back on the other side.

“Fuck you!” She spat, and then walked off, in that tiny skirt that barely covered her ass.

Whatever. I walked back into my room. Thadius was nursing his bruised head.

“Man. That slut is pretty strong.” Thadius hopped back onto my bed and resumed the CD. I waved her off, closing and locking the door.

“So how’s Northern? Anybody else get shot up there?” I joked, watching as Thadius flipped me off. I went back to organizing my CD’s. Saosin, Thrice, Danzig. . .

Thadius sucked his teeth. “Nobody got shot. But surprisingly, a lot of Ammington chicks are at NIU. Your ex’s buddy Stacy is up there. Guess she couldn’t go to Brown like she hoped, huh?”

He was referring to Aleesha Crest, the last Ammington girl I dated before Jayda.

I placed an Joy Division CD in front of a Jawbreaker one and stopped. Turning around, I saw Thadius rifling through my top nightstand drawer.

“Dude, leave my shit alone!” Thadius was always into somebody’s business.

When I got to him, he held up a picture of me and Jayda. I stopped being mad and instantly grew a bit sad.

“When was this?” He asked.

I snatched the picture from him. “From when we went to Six Flags the summer before freshman year.” I studied the picture. She had on her cute shirt with a denim miniskirt and black leggings and Chucks. I remember joking that she looked like a white girl, and she looked in the mirror and laughed.

“We had so much fun that day,” I sat down and continued staring at the picture. Damn it, she was so beautiful.

“We rode the Giant Drop about seven times. Then we had funnel cake and almost threw it up when we rode the Raging Bull.” I laughed to myself picturing Jayda holding her stomach, and then leaning over to retch in the grass, but pulling back, realizing it was a false alarm. When I stared off into space, Thadius snatched pic from me.

“Dude,” Thadius tossed it back into my drawer and closed it. “Look, it’s been some time. You gotta let her go. Jayda was awesome, I know, but there will be more awesome chicks. You’re going around screwing every girl and being a complete douche just because your ex lives in the South now? That’s not right.”

He had a point. “I can’t just find some girl to be with. I mean, even when I’m fucking other girls, I think of her. I try to re-create that night we had sex. The smells, the setting, the snow, everything.”

Thadius frowned. “The smells?”

I looked at him. “Her perfume, you perv.”

Thadius raised his hands. “You said it, not me.”

I’d had enough of this conversation. I needed to continue rearranging my CD’s. Nirvana, Sunny Day Real Estate, Green Day. . .

“Look, deny it all you want, but you know I’m right. Let her go. You might find someone more awesome than she is.” Thadius’s eyes drifted off to a vintage Beatles poster, but then wandered back over to me, rearranging CD’s. He’d skipped over at least five Beck songs when “Gamma Ray” cut off.

“This CD sucks. I think the Scientology is fucking with his ability to make good music.”

I had to laugh at that one. As I sifted through my CD’s, I came across Maroon 5. Maroon 5. I got Jayda hooked on them. That’s when I began thinking of them again.

So out of complete boredom and loneliness, I’d gotten heavily into playing my guitar. I’d do covers around U of I, and some girls even gave me cash. A lot of them said I looked like Adam Lazzara, but sounded a bit like Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Some girls even said I sounded like Adam Lazzara. Geez, whatever connection I had with that guy from Taking Back Sunday, I’ll never get it. I don’t even think I look like him.

I’d actually taken part in a music festival up there. Besides a bunch of other musical acts, there was me. I would play my acoustic guitar and do my little rendition of Beck’s “Pay No Mind.” Completely mellow and just my style.

“Please welcome Adam Warren, everybody!” Applause. Then I came out and I got more applause. I wonder why. I looked pretty simple in an AC/DC t-shirt, jeans, and Vans.

“Thank you, everybody!” I yelled. Thadius was there, and so was Caitlin, who’d rolled her eyes at me at least five times before I even began.

“I’ll be doing Beck’s “Pay No Mind.” Applause. I don’t even think half of them knew the song.

So I started out, and I got to the chorus. “That’s fine, pay no mind,” I sang. Some of the guys knew it, but none of the girls did. They just nodded to the vibe. The room was dimly lit, but there was one little spotlight on me. Tons of girls were whispering things in each others’ ears about me, and a few had taken out their phones and started filming. Thadius, being the idiot that he is, started dancing to it like it was a Flo Rida song. I had to keep from laughing and fucking up the song.

I continued, looking out into the crowd every so often. When I did, I saw two unfamiliar looking faces. I hadn’t seen them around school before.

I kept singing, even though I was trying to see who it was.

My heart started pounding super fast.

From what I could see, it was a super hot black chick who looked like Jayda. She had a guy with her, probably her boyfriend, but I couldn’t tell.

When she moved closer, I was in shock. It was her! Jayda was here!

I finished the song, and people applauded. “Thank you!” I grabbed the guitar and practically ran off the stage.

She had a huge smile on her face. So did I.

“Jayda!” I practically ran into her and gave her the biggest hug ever. She laughed and said, “Adam! Boy, it’s been so long! How are you?”

I set my guitar down and hunched my shoulders. “Good. Doing my music. Doing a bunch.”

Thadius’s hand smacked me upside my head. Did he know about this?

“Hey, Thadius.” Jayda reached over for that tall black guy next to her. Uh oh. She had a man.

“Adam, Thadius, this is my boyfriend Julian. Julian, this is my ex, Adam, and his friend.” I smiled, even though I didn’t want to. Julian looked like Jamie Foxx. Suddenly, even though I thought he was funny, I began to hate Jamie Foxx.

“How y’all doing? ” Julian nodded his head up.

“How did you guys know I was here?”

Jayda pointed to Thadius. “I wanted to surprise you. He said you’d be performing. I love that song.”

I lit up. “Really?”

“Yeah. I loves me some Beck. He weird, but he’s pretty good.”

Julian looked around. I could tell he didn’t want me to be here. Especially when her ex was around.

After we’d been through the bullshit talk, we eventually all met up at the U of I cafeteria. I had to probe Jayda. Ask her what was going on with her life at Grambling in Louisiana.

Julian had said that he wanted to see U of I because one of his cousins, who lived in Illinois, wanted to go there. Even though Thadius didn’t even go here, he obliged to take him on a tour of the building, just so me and Jayda could talk. What a good friend.

“So uh, how’s Grambling? How does it feel to know that you live in a place where it never snows?” I hoped I didn’t bring up anything awkward with the snow reference.

She kind of blushed as she fiddled with her chopsticks. “Grambling is raw. I knew going to an HCBU would be the best thing for me. And I met so many cool folks. Julian is a good man, too. He helped me find my way through the school, helped me with my math homework and all that shit.” Jayda worked some chow mein noodles into her mouth and I kızlık bozma porno nodded. She then asked, “What about you? How’s U of I?”

I shook my head, dropping one of my chicken nuggets to my tray. “It’s okay. I mean,” I hunched my shoulders. “Pretty normal. Pretty freaking normal.”

“Girlfriends? Dips? Anything?” She asked, surprising the hell out of me. She looked good, in her cute little gray beret and silver earrings. I’d tell her anything.

Wiping my mouth with a napkin, I shook my head again. “Naw. I’m just. . . fucking around.”

We went on to talk about everything. In those thirty minutes, I swear, we reconnected. Jayda had told me how she and Julian met, the new bands she was into, and how long she was staying. Only a week. Just to visit her mom and Emma, her friend back at Ammington.

We shared a weird moment a few seconds before Julian came back. Jayda had said, “Adam, you know I missed you like hell, right? I couldn’t even stop crying the first week I was there.” Her hand inched over to mine and she squeezed it. “I actually burst out crying because I knew I’d never see snow living in Louisiana. It’s just hot. All the time.” Another squeeze. My pulse quickened. She was looking dead into my eyes. I broke the hand hold because Thadius and Julian were back. We tried as hard as we could to make it look like we hadn’t totally had a moment.

“Ya boy Thadius? Worst guide ever.” Julian laughed to himself, looking at Thadius, who was cycling through little slips of paper. Numbers from girls, I already knew. The guy had only been to this school a few times, and each time he visited me, he got numbers!

Julian put hands on Jayda’s shoulders. “Ready to go, baby?”

She nodded and stood. “Yeah. Bye, Thadius.” She gave him a quick hug. “Bye, Adam.” She gave me a longer hug. I could feel her big boobs pressed against me. And then I smelled her. She smelled like cinnamon. I would never wash my shirt again.

Julian and Jayda–that sounded so sickening to me–walked off, hand in hand.

Thadius looked at me with pity. “Sorry, man. But hey, in some strange twist of events, during the course of this one week, she could miss you so much and just dump her boyfriend to be with you.” I could sense the sarcasm in his voice. I threw a balled up napkin at him. Asshole.

Even though Jayda was staying at her mom’s with Julian, she spent almost all of her time calling me during the hours when I was free. She visited me on campus and saw my dorm room. We saw a movie, and caught up like we were friends again. Everything was like it was normally. I was even getting those same sexual feelings for her. We flirted with each other again like high schoolers. I couldn’t help but want to have sex with her again. And again. And again . . .

One night, after a long day of nonstop learning, I just wanted to go to sleep. To my surprise, Jayda was sitting on top of my bed. My roomie still wasn’t here, thank God.

“Jayda?” I dropped my backpack to the ground. “How did you know my room number?”

“I ask the lady at the desk. Visiting hours were five minutes ago. Guess you just getting in, huh?” She looked so scrumptious in her pink t-shirt, denim hot shorts, and white flip-flops. Two white earphones were sticking out of her ear. She’d grabbed my CD player and listened to something.

“Nice little surprise.” I smiled to myself and sat beside her. “What are you listening to?”

“Nine Inch Nails,” she responded, looking at me. “I like them a lot.”

I smiled again. “You’re listening to my shit, woman?” I poked her and she laughed.

“Yeah. I wanted to hear some of your weird shit. I’m feeling it. Cradle Of Filth, the Misfits, Helmet, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? I like they asses! I never thought I’d be into rock music like that.”

I was so happy to hear that she was expanding her tastes even further.

“I actually bought a Justice. They remind me of Daft Punk. You know that song “D.A.N.C.E.?” Do the d-a-n-c-e, 1,2,3,4,5? That one?”

I laughed, hearing her do the falsetto voice. “Yeah. I love it.”

Small silence. I looked away. Then back at her. Hotness. She was pure hotness.

But then I reminded myself that I was wasting my time. Jayda would be going back home in two days. And then the dream would be gone.

“Jay, why are you here?” I asked sullenly, reaching out to touch her face. “You have a guy who cares about you. Why are you in my dorm?”

Jayda closed her eyes and touched my hand. She wanted me to do that.

“The real reason?” She paused and shoved some hair out of my face. I loved it when she did that. “I broke up with Julian yesterday.”

I was shocked. “What?”

“Yeah.” She smiled. “I told him that me and you had too much going on, even after almost two years. So I said I was breaking up with him because I’d rather do that than hurt his heart by cheating with you.”


Jayda ran her hands through my hair again and pulled my face to hers. She kissed my köylü porno lips. “I missed you, baby. I can’t live without you.” She kissed me again, and I sat up straight. She yanked the earphones from her ears and got on her knees to kiss me, holding me close to her, her breasts pushing up against my chest. It felt so good. I could feel myself growing hard.

“Wait, wait, wait.” I stopped her, even though I know she wanted to go further.

“Look, I understand that you still love me, but how could you up and dump Julian like that? What about Louisiana? What about our relationship? Are we back together? Is this long di–” Jayda cut me off.

“Stop asking so many damn questions.” She sat back down. “Look, I know it’s real confusing and kinda messed up, but I feel too strongly for you to let this go. True love can survive anything. Even distance. I mean, what, the Mason-Dixon line gonna keep us from loving each other, boo?” She touched my chest, and I realized she had a point. “Been working out?” A devious smile inched onto her face.

I nodded. “Yeah.” I squeezed her love handles. “Been eating?”

“You know I gotta stay thick for you, Adam.” Jayda smiled. She watched as I felt her up, from her waist to her hips, and back to her breasts.

“Just like the snowstorm,” She said, closing her eyes.

“I love you, Jay.”

“I love you too, Adam.”

We had the most passionate kiss in the world. I bit her bottom lip, sucked on it, and then kissed her like she was dying tomorrow. Then I slid my tongue in her mouth and let my hand caress her booty. She moaned when she felt my dick stiffen against her thigh.

“Just from kissing me, Adam?” She asked, looking at my hard-on.

“Hell yeah!” I said, laying her down. I unbuttoned her shorts and took off her panties, kissing every inch of her thighs. Her graceful, thick, beautiful thighs. Then, I slid my tongue into her opening, searching for her fattened clit.

“Ooh, just like that.” Jayda watch me work my tongue around and around. I sucked on her clit and flickered my tongue at it like it was popsicle. I looked at her while I did so, and she practically vibrated on the bed, grabbing the headboard, and squeezing the covers.

I fucked her hole with my tongue. In and out, in and out, like a smaller dick. I liked her labial folds, then worked it into the top opening of her pussy. I let the hot saliva from my tongue fall onto her clit and continued sucking it. It felt like she was pissing into my mouth, but I knew that she was just squirting. All of that built up passion? It got to her.

Jayda moaned for so long, I thought I was hurting her, but I knew I wasn’t. I wanted to take this as slow as I possibly could.

When I finished making her come for what I thought was the fifth time, I rubbed Jayda’s thighs, then her pussy, covered in tiny little curly hairs, and then I rubbed her breasts until I see her nipples poke through her pink shirt. I loved to suck on them. I made her come just by doing that and that alone a few times.

Jayda watched as I slid her shirt off, and then took off her bra. She looked at me as she lay down, and I saw her hand reaching for my dick. She rubbed my crotch and I said, “You are still the finest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.” We started our tongue play. I flickered my tongue against hers, and she continued rubbing my crotch until I got excited and a little pre-cum had seeped onto my pants. When Jayda started touching herself as we kissed, and then started squeezing her tits, I knew it was time for me to hop back into action.

“Oh, your nipples look so hard.” I started playing with one of them and Jayda licked her lips. “They are. Suck ’em.”

I did as she said. “Ooh, I love the way that feels…” Jayda watched my tongue envelop her thick black nipples. I sucked on them, and then she guided my hand to her pussy.

“You love that, don’t you?” I sucked harder and she let out a ginormous moan that prompted me to shush her. I did it again, trying to see if she could control herself.

“Adam, you asshole!” She blurted out, watching me drive her crazy. If she got too loud, she could possibly be kicked out of my room.

I moved onto her other breast, delicately running my tongue over her nipple. She shivered. I saw goosebumps sprout from underneath her skin. I fingered her and watched as her hips grinded onto my fingers while I covered her nipple in my saliva. I just kept sucking and licking until she absolutely lost her mind.

“Damn, boy.” She ran her fingers through my hair and brought her face to mine. From the looks of my crotch, it looked a little like I’d peed my self. A little.

We made out some more, and then she took off my shirt. She ran her long tongue up and down my torso, tracing around my abs, and making me shiver.

“Oh, I wanted you for so long.” I whispered to myself, my hands rubbing and down Jayda’s naked back.

“Me, too. Me, too, baby.” She unzipped my jeans and practically snatched my cock from my boxers. Then she jerked it off, watching my expressions the whole time. It was bliss.

When she took off my boxers, my dick was so hard. I, again, felt like it was going to just explode. She continued jerking it off, and then some of my cum spurted into the air, some of it landing on her arms on the bed.

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I Missed My Daughter

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This is based on an idea, from someone who emailed me. I hope you enjoy.

I waited at the Airport, excitedly awaiting the arrival of my daughter, Sophie. She had been away for a year in Europe, taking a gap year off to travel after completing high school and before starting University. I had spoken to her on several occasions, but after a year I really wanted to see her in person, I had missed her so much.

The arrival board had said her flight from London had landed, but still no sign of her. I suddenly spotted a large group of new arrivals, and then I spotted her. She was looking around, carrying just a backpack, my eyes willing her to look at me. When our eyes finally locked, it produced us both to smile excitedly. Without a luggage trolley, she was able to quicken her pace and weave through the people until we were both in each others arms.

“I missed you so much mom.” she said.

“Not as much as I missed you, a year is too long.” We stood together for a few moments before it got too crowded and I led us outside towards the car. “Where’s Claire?”

“She met someone in London, last night. And before we left this morning she told me she wanted to stay a while.”

“Barbara will not be happy, does she know?”

“Yes, she said she phoned her mom before she told me.”

“Well, it is good to have you back, let’s go home. I have cleaned your room, fresh sheets on your bed, so you should be able to have a good night’s sleep.”

“Thanks mom, I might need a couple of night’s good sleep just to get over the jetlag.”

We got into the car and I drove us home, it was a 3 hour drive home, and Sophie slept quietly the whole way. We eventually arrived home and I parked in the driveway. Sophie looked so sweet and peaceful as I watched a moment as she slept, but in the end nudged her awake.

“Sophie, honey, we’re home.”

“Oh, sorry mom, I can’t believe I fell asleep. I wanted to keep you company during the drive.”

“You did, having you next to me and home, is just what I needed. Plus you need as much rest as you can get, you start university in less than a month.”

“I actually feel really good right now, I think that sleep really helped.” We went into the house and I suggested Sophie grab a shower and get comfortable, while I’ll get lunch started. I made a Chicken Ceaser Salad for us both and was ready about 20 minutes later. Sophie returned, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, she looked so thin, but her legs and arms were very firm and muscular. We ate and talked, Sophie stating just how much she missed my cooking. Telling me all about the different places she stayed at, and some of the awful meals she had to stomach.

“Did you have a good time though?”

“It was amazing, so much life. Different cultures, food and people. I visited some amazing places, though I think I need to go to University. It got too much towards the end and even though I will be busy at University, at least I will be in one place.”

“Well you look ok, though personally you seem a bit thin. But you do seem to have gotten very fit.”

“Yes walking for miles every day will do that. I agree though, I do feel too skinny; I need to put a few pounds back on.”

“So who was this mystery man that Claire met. And did you meet any interesting men on your travels?”

“Well as you know, one of the reasons Claire and I decided on this trip, was to go somewhere and explore life in a strange new place everyday. But also to have fun, the drinking age is 18 in most places, some were younger. We went to lots of parties and we did meet a few people, but we were very careful and cautious. You hear stories of people going on foreign travels and going missing. So we limited how much time we spent with the opposite sex. But then one night, while we were in a nightclub in Bulgaria, Claire met a woman. Don’t tell her mum, but Claire ended up spending the night with Petia. Afterwards Claire thought it might be safer and fun to spend the night with women sometimes. We searched the internet and discovered about safe sex between women. A visit to a chemist and we were set up with some female condoms. And in London, Claire met a woman, she told me that she really felt close to Rachel, so wanted to explore a few more weeks with just one woman to see if it might be something she is more inclined to do.”

“So did you have sex with woman too?”

“Yes, does that shock you?”

“No, I just wondered. I have been with women before, does that shock you.” It did as she just stared at me.

“So was this before you married dad?”

“Yes, and I have been with women since. I have never been with another man since your father. I do enjoy being with your father, but I also know that I do prefer sex with women and sometimes I need to experience that a few times through the year. How was it for you?”

“I can’t believe you cheat on dad with women, does he know?”

“I don’t know, he has never said anything and I have been very discreet.”

“But what about dad, cheating on him is not a nice thing to do, I know when I meet someone I would never cheat.” I did not feel she was judging me, just making a statement about her own feelings. It was nice to finally have this discussion with Sophie and it was time she learnt a few truths.

“You are old enough to know how things really are at home between your father and I. Firstly, we do love each other; this is not a sham marriage or anything. But when we married, after about a year, just after you were born, I was very uncomfortable having sex again for a while. So one day your father just came home and asked if he could have sex with another woman, he needed relief and I was not going to give him any. So I said yes. A few weeks later, I wanted to have sex too, it was just not going to happen with your father, so I went out one night with the girls and spent the night with a woman named Monica. It was so good to be with a woman again. Monica and I had sex together for about a year, and that was all it was, just sex. Since then your father and I have been together sexually, but sometimes we both need something more and we secretly find someone else to have sex with. Like right now, even though your father wants to be here to see you back home, he does have an important conference to attend, but he may also find someone to have sex with.”

“I can’t believe what you are telling me. I was so proud of you both as most of my friends parents are divorced and that my family was so strong and happy. Now I find that you both are cheating on each other, I did not realise you were both unhappy being together.”

“Please understand we are not unhappy. When we have sex with someone else, that is just what it is, sex. In my case, as I think your dad would agree, it is just our way of keeping the marriage together. Sex with the same person for me, just gets boring, so only when I need a little excitement do I search for another woman. I probably have sex about 6 times a year with another woman, and it very rarely happens twice with the same woman.”

“So you and dad are not going to divorce or anything?”

“No honey, we love each other very much, he is my best friend. Believe me, if anything was going to happen, we would tell you. I think that neither of us has told you any of this because of how you might react. Please try not to feel bad about any of this; it is just something we do to stay happy. We are both sexual people, and I am sure you will experience the same when you go to University. Am I wrong?”

“I have been with women and it was fun. I have been planning on experimenting with more women when I go to University. Though eventually I will settle down with a man, but will wait till I meet the right person. I need to go to bed now, thanks for dinner, goodnight.” And with that she kissed me on the cheek and left to go to bed. While I cleaned the kitchen I thought about what I had told Sophie and how she reacted. When she left she did seem distant towards me, maybe it was a bad decision to tell her. But it was good to tell her something more personal about myself and hoped we would have a closer and more honest relationship. It was about 2pm and decided to chill out in front of the TV and hope when Sophie woke up she would feel better.

It was about 6pm when Sophie finally made an appearance, she was still dressed as before accept now she had bed head. She seemed so cute and smiled when our eyes met.

“Sorry about leaving earlier mom. I do understand what you told me, and I do not think any less of you or dad. I just think it was a shock.”

“I completely understand Sophie, I was a little afraid I might have done the wrong thing by telling you about the more personal aspects of our marriage. But a part of me feels better for telling you.”

“I am glad you could be so honest with me.” she said as she sat next to me on the couch.

“I am happy you had fun on your holiday and that you are safely back at home. I did miss you so much and worried everyday whether I would see you again. So what do you want to do now?” I asked.

“Well I feel wide awake and want to do something special, just the two of us. Maybe we could go out for the night, it is Saturday and it would be nice to go out like we used to.” Even though Sophie is underage to drink, she looked old and mature enough to go out, and was responsible. This was one of the reasons I trusted her enough to allow her to go abroad. But before she went we did start to go out a few nights a month together, thankfully being with me helped her get into most places without the need for ID. I felt we bonded more when we went out together. It was fun to just chat and check out guys. But now that she knew I liked women and that Sophie was not completely strange to the concept, maybe we could do something more interesting.

“I did miss our nights out together. How about we go somewhere for dinner first, celebrate your return home? Then if you fancy it, may I suggest that we go to this Gay bar I know, we could dance and check out women together, it might be fun?”

“Going brazzers to a Gay bar with my mom, sounds interesting, at least we could dance together without all those men getting the wrong idea about us. And dinner sounds good too, maybe something that serves proper American food, I have missed good local greasy food.”


“Perfect, give me 30 minutes to get ready.” I followed Sophie upstairs and got ready in my room. I had a shower and dressed in some smart jeans and a t-shirt. The nights had been very warm lately. I was finished before Sophie and waited downstairs for her. When she finally came downstairs, my mouth hit the floor, she was stunning. She wore jeans like mine, but they were very tight and she also wore a tight t-shirt. She was not wearing a bra and had her hair up, with only a few touches of makeup. My own hair was tied back.

“You look amazing Sophie, but everything seems a bit tight. And here I thought you had lost weight?”

“I have, these are the only things that would fit me comfortably. These are my clothes from when I was 15. So I look alright then?”

“Alright, yes indeed, very beautiful. Play your cards right, you will defiantly get some action tonight.”

“Mom! Tonight is just for us, no one else is allowed in. And I must say you don’t look pretty fantastic too. If anybody gets any action it will be you.”

“Sophie!” I teased. “Well let’s go and have fun, at least tonight, if anyone asks who you are, I can say you’re my hot young date.” Sophie laughed, seeing the funny side of what might happen tonight. We had in the past got rid of men before by saying we were lesbians on a date, Sophie’s idea.

We got the bus into town and headed to Pizza Heaven, for some proper American food. We were both very relaxed and even discussed some of the women we had been with. We left and I took Sophie to a place only a few blocks away. Top Cats was a place that opened about 8 years ago, and has been a very popular place, and has allowed me to easily find me some pussy for the nights I needed it. Just as we entered Sophie took my hand in hers, intertwining our fingers. We agreed that if we seemed like a couple, it would help her get in. And it did.

The moment we entered, their were a lot of eyes on us, some I even knew. Just to add to the charade, Sophie kissed me on the cheek and offered to get the first drinks in. I found us a table in the corner, close to the dance floor and music. Sophie joined me a few minutes later with a drink for each of us.

“Seems like a nice place, have you been here a lot mom.”

“Yes I have, but it might be fun tonight if you call me Amy?”

“Ok amy, so do you want to dance?”

“That would be lovely.” Sophie took my hand and we joined the slowly filling dance floor. The songs were fast and we got a few good songs in, dancing not close together, but close enough to hear each other sing to the songs that were playing. We returned to our seats to continue our drinks and talk more.

“Amy, don’t you worry anybody will know who I am?”

“No, in all the women I have been with, only Monica has ever been to our home, all the rest were either in hotels or their place. It is nice you are here with me tonight. With the exception of Monica, nobody really knows me like you do, especially now that you know I like women and about my extra-marital sex life. I know it might seem like I am gloating the fact, but I really am not. I try very hard to remain faithful for as long as possible, but believe me, it can be difficult. It is just nice to be able to talk to somebody about it.” Sophie leaned closer towards me so she could talk discreetly.

“Mom, I will always be available to talk, even when I go to University I will only be a phone call away. Maybe when you feel the need to wander, you could come spend a weekend with me. You can at least have your privacy to explore your need for a good woman, so it does not get back to dad. I am sure there are plenty of gay bars around campus, maybe even some students might be interested.”

“Thank you honey for your loving support and understanding, I really have missed you so much.” A few tears left my eyes as I pulled Sophie into a hug. I missed being able to talk to someone about my feelings, and that my own daughter accepted my choices, helped me to deal with the guilt I sometimes felt. During the hug I could feel Sophie’s breasts against mine, it felt wonderful. It did not feel sexual, but I did enjoy the closeness I had missed with Sophie.

“Anytime Amy. Plus I haven’t been with anybody since Germany, which was about a month ago. It was a woman and I do miss being with a woman.”

“Well if anybody interests you tonight you are free to take them home if you want.”

“Tonight, it is only you that interests me.” If it was just the way she said it, that made me think she was talking in sexual terms, the smile and gleam in her eye sure made it seem that it was defiantly sexual interest towards me. I just smiled, but felt nervous. Was my daughter flirting fake taxi porno with me? Just then Sophie got a tap on the shoulder and an invitation to dance. Sophie looked at me and I nodded. I knew who she was and if anybody could distract Sophie it would be her, I felt slightly uncomfortable with Sophie at the moment.

I watched Sophie dance, seeing the way Sally was touching her, and at first my maternal instincts kicked in, wanting to protect her. But then I realised I was jealous. I did not know what to do, and then suddenly I got my own distraction.

“Hi Amy.”

“Hi Teri, how are you?”

“Very well thank you. I see Sally managed to get her hands on your date. I am amazed you let her dance with Sally, you know how she is.”

“Sophie can look after herself. Sally just might get disappointed tonight.”

“I must say that this is the first time you have brought someone here. It must be serious, in all the time I have known you, you have always come alone.”

“Sophie is very special to me. How about you, anybody special at the moment?”

“Only you. I feel a bit put out to tell you the truth. You said you never dated, and here you are with someone special. Sally said that she would like to play with your date, giving me the chance to get you.” Teri could be a bitch and had managed to steal a couple of my dates in the past. She said if she could not have me more than once, she would stop me from doing it to others. I knew she was jealous, even though before we had sex we agreed it would only be a one time thing. She told me afterwards that she wanted more. This was about 3 years ago, and she still had strong feelings for me. Though I just thought she hated the fact that she could not have her way with me again.

Teri approached me and tried to kiss me. I tried very hard to push her away and was struggling. Suddenly Teri got off me then I saw her on her back with a very angry Sophie stood over her, shouting and pointing in her face. I looked up and saw Sally stood alone on the dance floor, she seemed pretty angry she had failed to get Sophie. This made me very happy and proud of Sophie. But Teri seemed a bit pissed off and I needed to help Sophie. So I got up and took Sophie’s hand and dragged her onto the dance floor. I nudged sally with my shoulder as I walked passed her.

“Oh I am sorry Sally. But it seems Teri needs your help again.” But before she stormed off, I got my own two cents in with the conniving couple. “And Sally, if you ever go near or touch my Sophie again like that, you had better think twice, because I will fuck you up you bitch.” She yanked her arm away and walked away. She helped Teri, before they both left together.

“Friends off yours?” Sophie asked as we dance and held each other close.

“Not really, though I have slept with them both. Sally, the one you danced with was trying to get you away from me, while Teri tried to get what she wanted.”

“Well you did seem to be struggling; I hope you are ok that I came to help.”

“I was, I really did appreciate your help. It felt nice to have someone care about me enough to do that for me.”

“I do care Amy; it pissed me off a bit to see her force herself on you.”

“Pissed off, I thought you looked ready to rip her throat out.”

“I almost did, but tonight is our special night.”

“How special?”

“Special enough to not let Sally get what she practically begged me for.”

“Weren’t you interested at all?”

“No way, I know what I like, and it is not the predatory type. I am like you; I just want someone nice, up for fun, without it being another notch on the bedpost.”

“Thank you for coming to my rescue Sophie.” She smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. We spent the rest of the night drinking and dancing without any further incidents. The more I danced with Sophie and the more we drank, the closer we got. She was a good dancer, and seemed a different person to what she was before she went to Europe. When she almost hit Teri, I saw a different side to Sophie. Not scary, just more outspoken and unafraid. She was quite shy before and when we went out she stuck to me like glue, not allowing anybody to get close. To be honest I would not have let anybody get near her anyway.

When she left, she was a like a baby bird. She needed to spread her wings and finally leave the nest to explore life. I felt the experience she would have in Europe would allow her to finally find the courage to survive and become an adult. It would surely prepare her for University life, and allow her to be more headstrong and confident. When she returned I immediately noticed a difference, she had returned a fully confident, caring, beautiful woman. I was happy that she had returned home safely, but ecstatic she had truly gained the wisdom and experience she got from travelling alone and without her parents for guidance. She was truly ready for life and what lie ahead.

As the night progressed, I found myself more and more relaxed in the arms of Sophie. Our dancing became more and more provocative and it was this that kept other woman away. During the end I realised I had become very attracted to Sophie, and very wet. It made me nervous a little and decided it was time to leave. Sophie seemed ok with this and soon we got a cab and returned home.

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Raquel Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Dear Reader:

This story is about a “housewife”, that means she is married…if you do not want to read about adultery please do not continue. Otherwise…enjoy!

Thank you!


© 2004 V. A. Alexander

I woke up in Jackson’s arms; I looked around for a clock and saw one on his nightstand. I rolled off of him and turned the clock to face me. It was almost 2:00 am. I climbed off the bed and went downstairs to use the restroom. As I approached the bottom of the stairs I heard my cell phone ringing. I ran the last few steps and grabbed my phone out of my purse. I looked at the display, it was Irene.

“Hello?” I whispered.

“What the fuck are you doing Raquel? I’ve been calling you for over an hour!” She yelled into the phone.

I was still a little groggy but I was coming to the realization that I was in deep shit.

“Ummm, nothing…” I stammered.

“BULLSHIT! Your husband would only call here if it was an emergency. You weren’t answering your cell phone and he DID call here.”

“What? Oh my god, what did you say Irene?!” I was panicking.

“Don’t worry, I covered for you, I told him you were crashed out…too much wine. I happened to mention that your cell phone was dead in case he called again.”

“Thanks Irene, I owe you one.” I sighed with relief.

“Oh no you don’t, spill it! I wanna hear all the gory details. Who is he?” She whispered.

“Who is who?” I tried to play dumb; I knew she wouldn’t buy it.

“I said spill little sister, I want to know exactly what I’m lying to your asshole husband about. May I remind you, it’s because of me that he thinks you’re crashing here tonight.”

“Well…umm, I met a guy yesterday…” I started.

“Yesterday? Damn sis, you work fast! How was it?” She sounded positively giddy.

I couldn’t lie to my sister and I HAD to tell someone…

“Irene…it was amazing! I’m in total lust, he’s gorgeous and he’s the best fuck I’ve ever had.” I cooed.

“Oh puhleeze! You’ve fucked…what…two guys?”

“Three…well four now.” I giggled.

“Yup, you got it bad! You’re dick whipped!” She laughed.

“Shut up! I just met him…I can’t do this again. It’s a one time deal.”

“Oh really? Tell me that in the morning!” She laughed loudly and hung up.

I stood in the dark bathroom and looked around. I turned my phone off and dropped it back into my purse. I washed up and used the bathroom before climbing back up to Jackson’s bedroom.

When I walked in the room he was standing near the window with his clothes on. I was still naked and feeling a bit underdressed when he turned and looked at me.

“I thought you left so I got dressed and ran after you. I heard you on the phone so I came back up to wait for you.”

“I was worried when I saw the time; I had to call my husband.”

“Will you need to leave now?” He asked quietly.

“Only if you want me to, otherwise I’m yours all night.”

He smiled wickedly and walked towards me, by the time he was within kissing reach he was naked again. We kissed and made our way back to his bed. He pulled me on top of him and we made love until the sun came up. We took turns being on top, we took turns pleasing each other orally and we finally fell asleep in a 69 position around 7:00 a.m.

I woke up at noon wrapped in Jackson’s arms. I smiled and fell back to sleep until Jackson woke me up by burying his face in my pussy. After he licked me to orgasm he climbed on top of me and made love to me slowly. We climaxed together and rested in each others arms.

We finally climbed out of bed to use the bathroom and shower. When we were dressed we walked to his car and drove to the same café we’d had breakfast at the day before. I called my husband and let him know Irene and I would be spending the day together, he was fine with that as long as I called him the next time I decided to stay away all night. I agreed and we parted with an “I love you” and a promise from me to call him when I was on my way.

It was a weekday so Jackson was missing work, I found out he called out for several days after we met in the parking lot. I guess he knew we’d be having an affair before I did, I didn’t mind at all, I was happy to be spending time with him. We window shopped and sat in the square under a tree. It was romantic and the sexual tension was mounting again. Without saying a word we walked back to his car and drove to his house.

We didn’t make it into the house. He parked in the garage and pushed the button to close the garage door behind us. Before we could get into the house I was on top of him kissing him and he was pulling his pants down. I quickly (but not easily) stripped out of my pants and was riding him before the garage door had fully closed.

We scooted over so the steering wheel was no longer pressing against my bottom; we sat in the front seat fucking like teenagers. I rode him hard; the car was bouncing up and down and creaking as I fucked him. He started moaning, his cries getting louder and porno louder as I came on him. I felt him explode seconds later. I climbed off of him and got out of the passenger door. I grabbed my clothes and ran to the door and waited for him.

He smiled and got out of the car; he grabbed his discarded pants and walked towards me. He kissed me softly and opened the door to the house. We managed to get into the kitchen before we attacked each other again. This time he pressed me against the wall and lifted my right leg. I felt his erection pressing into my belly; he was still wet and sticky from the car.

I lifted my other leg and wrapped it around his waist. He positioned me above his cock and slid me down his long shaft. I screamed as he picked me up and slammed me up and down on his cock. I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him control the rhythm of our fucking. He fucked me fast and hard, I bounced up and down his shaft, my breasts squished against his chest but still managing to bounce up and hit his chin.

I pulled back and let my tits fall in front of his face; he stuck his tongue out and began flicking my nipples, taking turns with each one till they stood out. He bit and sucked the hard peaks till I was cumming again. I cried out his name and held on to him as my orgasm knocked me senseless. I opened my eyes and realized we were moving. He carried me to an island with a small sink and a large counter. He sat me down and I leaned back onto my hands as he grabbed my hips and began to slide slowly in and out of my pussy. He kept a nice slow rhythm, grinding his full length into me then sliding all the way out. He seemed to grow with each thrust, filling and stretching me with his massive cock. I felt his balls tightening against my ass and it pushed me over the edge again. I came just as he exploded inside me.

When we were finished we walked upstairs and showered. We came back down to the kitchen to retrieve our clothes and get something to drink. I was dehydrated from the activities of the past day and a half. He dressed as I downed a huge glass of water. I dressed while he downed two glasses of water.

“When do you need to get back home?” He asked as he rinsed our glasses and put them in the dishwasher.

“Well, he thinks I’ll be out till after dinner.”

“Would your husband mind having you away another night?”

“I don’t know if he’d agree to that, I can’t stay away forever, I have to go home eventually.”

“I understand but I’d like to see you again.”

As I thought about it I knew I had to see him again, if I couldn’t spend another night with him soon I’d go crazy. I guess Irene was right, I was dick whipped…big time!

“I want to see you again; we’ll have to work some things out.”

So we did, we sat down and planned out days we could get together for several hours. As it turned out he wanted to fuck me as often as I wanted to fuck him, it was perfect.

We arranged to meet up every other day. Since we’d spent the night together we figured I should go home and we’d meet up again the next day. We’d meet at the auto body shop to pick up my car, then park it and drive to his place in his car. After everything was set and we had exchanged cell phone numbers he dropped me off at the rental car. He was going to be there with me when I picked up my car, I couldn’t wait to see him again.

I arrived home to an empty house, I ran upstairs and showered and changed. I made sure there were no marks on my body to give away my sin…I was feeling pretty damn guilty now that I was home. It was barely 5:00, James was at his mothers’ house for the night and Howard wouldn’t be home until almost 8:00. I sat in the living room and thought about the events of the past few days. I couldn’t believe I actually had an affair with a total stranger. I was beginning to believe it was all some crazy fantasy when my cell phone rang. I looked at the display, “Private”, it had to be Jackson. I quickly answered it.


“Thank god! I was afraid I’d dreamt the whole thing.” He laughed softly into the phone and my insides turned to jelly.

“Oh it’s me, I was just thinking about you too. I’m glad you called.”

We spent the next 2 hours talking about ourselves and getting to know each other. By the time Howard arrived home I knew Jackson’s life story. I greeted my husband with a kiss on the cheek and we went into the kitchen to eat a late dinner. We didn’t talk much, he asked how my time with Irene was, I lied and knew he’d never find out…Irene would never tell. Keeping the secret was eating me up inside. I felt guilty about cheating on Howard yet part of me was so turned on that I had fucked another man…and he was amazing. I didn’t know what to think or how to feel.

We went to bed before 10:00 and he was asleep and snoring by 10:15. Once I knew he was sound asleep, I crept downstairs and called Jackson. We talked on the phone till after 3:00, we finally agreed we had to get some sleep. We said our good byes and I climbed into anime porno bed with my husband. I watched him sleep and wondered how long I could carry on an affair before he found out or before I got tired of lying…we’d see.

The next morning I woke up after Howard had left; I showered and dressed for my day with Jackson. I chose a short gray skirt with a white cap sleeved shirt. I opted to go without panties; I knew Jackson would love that.

We met up at the car rental agency then went to pick up my car. After we picked up my car he followed me to the parking lot and we left my car there. On the way to his house he slid his hand onto my thigh; I put my hand over his and felt the familiar electric current running from the point of contact. I had never before felt such passion for another person, it was intriguing. I again began to wonder how long I could keep this secret from Howard. I’m not a good liar and I was scared I’d blow it before the week was out.

We arrived in his garage a little after 9:00 a.m. We walked hand and hand into the house and up the stairs to his bedroom. We undressed each other without saying a word and began kissing and exploring each other with our hands. I ran my fingers through his silky hair and trailed them down his neck to his broad shoulders. His body was magnificent; he looked like a sculpture, beautiful and hard. His skin was cool and so soft I was afraid it was softer than mine. I relished the feeling of his cool flesh under my warm fingers, he moaned softly as I raked my nails down his back to his buttocks. I grabbed his firm cheeks in both hands and began to knead his smooth flesh.

We continued to kiss, all the while feeling each other and learning the others erogenous zones. He found one of mine, my wrist. He held my right wrist to his lips and began to kiss and lick it. I felt my insides melt as he began to nibble on my tender wrist, sucking softy and licking with his warm mouth. I thought I was going to cum but I managed to hold back until he finally released my hand.

I looked at him and smiled, he looked so sexy standing in front of me with his smooth dark skin and flawless looks. Even his cock was perfect. It was long and thick and had that perfect upsweep, the small curve that manages to hit your g-spot without much effort. He puts effort into though, and that makes it even more difficult because he can make me cum like a woman possessed. His effect on me is frightening; it’s scary to feel something so powerful for someone I just met.

The days turned into months and pretty soon autumn was upon us. Jackson and I had been carrying on our affair for over 4 months. I couldn’t believe I was getting away with it. Part of me was proud of myself for managing to keep it a secret but the other part of me was in utter turmoil because I was betraying my husband.

After 5 months I knew I had to come clean with Howard. I couldn’t continue to carry on secretly, I love Howard but now that I’ve experienced another side to myself and to life I had to take the opportunity. I made up my mind that I would sit down with Howard and tell him what was going on. I knew in my heart that he does love me but I also know he doesn’t feel for me what I’ve felt with another man. I didn’t know sex could be so liberating and wonderful. I used to be so naïve about sex, I had limited partners and we did limited things. I thought oral sex was something that should be done occasionally (like once a year) rather than several times a day.

I look back at my life and wonder, how the heck did I become so inexperienced when it came to sex. Why did I let myself believe it had to be only one way and that way was usually a few minutes of humping before he came and rolled away (falling asleep in mid roll). I had no idea the sensations and tastes that were waiting for me “out there”; I was going to be selfish for once in my life. I was taking control of my actions…

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.


After Halloween I sat down with Howard and told him everything. At first he was angry (I expected that) then he was hurt (I expected that as well), he even cried (so did I) but then…he said something that blew my mind.

“I already know Raquel.” He said quietly.

I thought my heart had stopped beating.

“What?” My voice sounded flat and strange.

“I knew something was going on with you, I had a feeling you might have been seeing someone so I sort of spied on you.” He actually sounded embarrassed.

“Are you serious? Why didn’t you ask me? How long have you known?” I was stunned.

“I found out for sure two months ago, I knew you weren’t at your sisters so I followed you one day.” He looked up at me and what I saw in his eyes was a mixture of pain and such hunger it made my insides do a flip. “It didn’t take me long to figure out who he was, Jackson, that’s his name, isn’t it?” He looked intently at me.


“Once I knew who he arap porno was, I followed you to a restaurant and watched you two eating. My first reaction was to storm in and confront you. I couldn’t believe how beautiful and sexy you looked. I started to get out of the car and when I stood up; I realized I had a huge hard on. I sat in the car for over 2 hours before you finally came out, then you drove to his place.”

I took the opportunity to apologize to him; I didn’t mean to hurt him. I wasn’t sure how to react about him being aroused so I didn’t mention it. He continued to talk quietly about what he saw.

“I parked the car around the block from his house then walked back and sat on the side of his house, I think it was his bedroom because I heard the two of you…making love.” He stopped talking and went to fix himself a drink. When he sat down he sipped his whiskey and continued to tell me about that night.

“I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. You were screaming like a crazy woman, you were saying things I knew I’d never hear. I wasn’t upset anymore, I was happy that you found someone that could do that to you. I also knew that I had to see the two of you doing it, you know, with my own two eyes. Hearing was one thing, seeing was different.”

He drank his whiskey in one smooth swallow and placed his glass on the coffee table.

“I finally saw what I needed to see. You told me you were spending the weekend in Santa Barbara with your sister but I knew you were going to be with him. I followed you two to a hotel off the coast. While you were out to dinner with him the first night I paid a maid to let me in your room, I said I was your husband.” He chuckled softly before continuing.

“I pretended I needed to get something out of the bathroom, when she turned her back to me I unlocked the connecting door and we left the room. Later on I checked into the same hotel and requested the room next to yours. I waited for you to get back and relax before I opened the door.” He looked up at me and he was blushing, I couldn’t believe what he was telling me.

“I heard the bed moving and knew you two must be getting ready so I quietly opened the door leading into your room and watched the two of you kissing. You were half naked and your skin was all flushed and you were breathing heavy. I was never so aroused in my life. I watched him undress you completely, when he removed your bra I saw him devour your breasts. I couldn’t believe you were letting him kiss and touch you that way. I never imagined doing that sort of thing.”

He got up and refilled his glass. He offered me a drink but I said no, I didn’t think my churning stomach could handle the booze.

“You were sort of straddling his lap with your breasts in his face, he was mauling you and you were loving it. I saw him stand with you still attached to his body, you were clinging to him like he was your lifeline and all I could think about was how sexy you looked.”

He swigged his whiskey in one shot and sucked air through his teeth.

“He had stripped his pants off by now and I watched you writhe around in his arms then I heard you begging him to…fuck you. You were saying such erotic things; I couldn’t believe my wife was that woman clinging to a strange man with muscles I couldn’t compete with. He sat back on the bed and you pushed him back. You had your back to me and watched you position your…vagina over his penis; you screamed his name as you slid down him. I came in my pants right then, while you made love to a stranger named Jackson. I closed the door and locked it but I could still hear you screaming and moaning, I heard him yelling your name and grunting like a wild animal. I came twice more before I finally fell asleep.”

I didn’t know what to say so I just sat silently while he refilled his glass and sat next to me.

“You’re not the woman I married Raquel. The woman I married doesn’t have sex with strangers, the woman I love doesn’t scream other men’s names, the woman I fell in love with would never cheat on her husband.”

He sipped his drink then set it down; he took both of my hands in his. I was trembling as he brought them to his mouth and kissed the tip of each finger. He took my hands and pressed them into his lap. I felt the unmistakable bulge of his erection. He felt enormous and hot through his slacks. I looked up at him and waited for him to speak.

“I don’t know you anymore Raquel. Part of me is sad that you’re gone but the other part of me is so excited at the new woman I’m living with. Every night after you fall asleep I go in the bathroom and masturbate with the image of you on top of that man. I don’t know why but seeing you that way gets me aroused and I can’t explain it.”

He leaned his head back and closed his eyes; I took that as my cue. I slowly began to open his fly and ease his swollen cock out of his shorts. I had never seen him so hard, the head was almost purple and it was covered in pre-cum. I licked the tip of his cock and he moaned softly. I slowly wrapped my lips around his slick head and began to ease him down my throat. When he was more than halfway down my throat I began to swallow and contract my throat around his cock. He moaned louder this time and placed his hands on my head.

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Scenes from a Marriage Pt. 10

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It had been an incredibly busy and stressful week due to all of the coronavirus news and restrictions. I’d been working from home and aggravating my back by hunching over my laptop. My son’s school had been closed, so my wife had been dealing with him all day rather than having her customary personal time while he was at school. It had been affecting our sleep and our mood, and we hadn’t really felt like playing all week.

That morning, we both woke up early, and we took the opportunity to snuggle a bit before our son woke up.

“Good morning, my love,” I said, wrapping my arm around her.

“It’s too early. I don’t know why I’m awake this early.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“No. My muscles are all achy, so I wasn’t comfortable enough to sleep well.”

“I’m sorry,” I replied, hugging her to me. Then I grinned. “Maybe you need a good orgasm to relax your muscles.”

I hadn’t actually expected her to take me up on the offer, but she surprised me. She thought for a second and then said, “You know what? I think I would like that.”

“Oh yeah? I’d be happy to do that for you!”

She pulled down the blankets and pulled off her pajama bottoms and panties, and I slid down between her legs to pleasure her.

I really wanted to take my time and build her up slowly so that she could have the most intense orgasm possible, but I knew we didn’t have that much time before our son woke up, so I just dived right in. I alternated between giving her firm pressure on her clit and licking up from her opening to her clit, which I know she loves.

Soon she started moaning quietly, and I could feel her legs tensing up as she had her first quiet orgasm. That was a nice start, but I knew that she needed more to really relax her muscles, and her second orgasm is usually stronger anyway. So I kept going, and she started climbing toward a second orgasm.

As I could feel her getting closer, I increased the pressure I was putting on her clit with my tongue, and I slid a couple of fingers inside of her to rub her G-spot. That combination always sets her off, and this morning was no exception: it immediately triggered a much bigger orgasm. I was incredibly gratified to feel her muscles tense up and to hear her cry out softly – no doubt trying to avoid waking our son – as the climax washed over her.

When she was done, I crawled back up next to her and wrapped my arms around her, and we stayed snuggled together until our son woke up.

She didn’t offer to unlock my caged cock or take care of me, but I loved the fact that she was willing to focus on her own pleasure. Even though it wasn’t a real scene, I still loved making her cum.

That night, my wife had me take a viagra before I put our son to bed. When I finished getting him settled, I joined her in our room.

I stripped and put on my collar. She had me turn on our LED candles. Then she had me take out my blindfold and go downstairs for a cup of ice, which was a new twist. It seemed that we were going to be doing some sensation play!

I came back up and placed the cup on my nightstand. “I haven’t had my dilator in yet today, Mistress. Should I do that now?”

“Yes, do that.”

Our previous anal play had been a little uncomfortable for me, but it was still something I wanted to explore, so we decided to order a dilator kit to help open me up for future play. It had arrived the previous week, and Mistress had ordered me to have one of the dilators inserted for at least 30 minutes every day, and I had been doing so, aside from accidentally skipping one day earlier that week in all the coronavirus craziness. I had started out with the smallest dilator (1″ diameter), but I had moved up to the next size (1¼” diameter) by this point.

This was the first time I was going to have the dilator in during a scene. I lubed up the dilator and inserted it into my ass. I took a moment to let it get comfortable and then went to wash my hands.

I came back into the room. “Ready, Mistress.”

“Lie down in the center of the bed and put on your blindfold.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, complying.

When I was positioned with my blindfold on, Mistress pulled my arms up and cuffed my wrists to our under-mattress restraint system.

She sat down next to me on the bed and ran fingers over my chest, running her fingers through my hair and pinching my nipples. “I love seeing you like this, all tied up and helpless for me.”

“I love being like this for you, Mistress,” I replied, luxuriating in the feeling of her touch.

She reached over to pick something up, and then I felt the sensation of tiny leather falls running back and forth across my chest. “Do you know what that bakire porno is?”

“It’s your small suede flogger, Mistress. The one with the blue falls.”

“Very good.” She seemed a little surprised that I figured it out.

She pulled her arm back back and struck the left side of my chest with the flogger. I arched my back to give her a better target, and she repeated the action on my right side.

“This is for not following my orders. I know you didn’t insert your dilator one day last week.”

“I’m sorry, Mistress! I promise I’ll do better!”

“Well, now you’re going to get punished for it!”

She resumed flogging my chest, alternating sides with each strike. I could feel the sting of the flogger hitting my skin. It wasn’t too painful for the most part, aside from one unlucky strike that hit my nipple dead-on, but I still enjoyed the sensation.

When she tired of flogging me, she placed the flogger in my left hand. “Here, hold this for me.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I said, grasping it. My wrist was still restrained, so I was holding on to it without being able to change the angle. It wasn’t very heavy, but it was still an interesting distraction!

She ran her fingers all over my chest, down over my abdomen, up and down my thighs, and teased my cock through the bars of its cage. I moaned in appreciation as she heightened my sense of touch.

Then I felt her reach over to my nightstand, and I heard her pick up an ice cube from the cup I’d left there. I knew it was coming, but I still gasped at the sensation of the cold water dripping onto my chest!

“Does that feel cold?” she asked innocently.

“Yes, Mistress!”

“Then let’s see how this feels,” she replied mischievously. She put the ice cube down on my chest, making me gasp again. Then she started moving it all around my chest, making me shiver and squirm. I even gave out a small yelp whenever she drew the ice across one of my nipples!

“Oh, poor baby. Are you still cold?”

She picked the ice cube off of my chest and brought it to my lips. I hadn’t even realized until it hit my lips that I was so parched, but I guess my mouth had gotten dry from all the gasping. I gratefully sucked on it and ran the moisture over my lips. She must have noticed how thirsty I was, because she pushed it into my mouth and let me have it. I quickly chewed and swallowed it.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

“You’re very welcome,” she replied. I could hear the smile in her voice.

She took another ice cube and placed it on my chest. This time, she started moving it down my body, running it all over my stomach and abdomen. I had started getting used to the cold on my chest, but now she was attacking a new part of my body, and I was back to gasping, shivering, and squirming.

Not satisfied with that, she then ran the ice cube down my upper legs and inner thighs, moving all around but never touching my caged cock. I tried to keep still, but it was a real challenge. I never knew where she was going to move it next.

“Is there a problem?” she asked teasingly.

“No, Mistress. Why would there be a problem?” I attempted to strike a bit of a sarcastic tone, but we both knew how much I loved serving her.

“I don’t know,” she replied in an innocent tone. But soon she gave up the act. “Mmmm, I do love watching you squirm for me.”

Finally, she decided to get really cruel: she moved to ice onto my caged cock! I yelped and instinctively tried to pull my hips back to get away from the cold, but there was nowhere for me to go. I could feel the freezing temperature through the bars as she moved it all over my cage.

“Oh my god, Mistress! I hope you weren’t planning to use that tonight, because you’re really making it shrivel up!”

She laughed. “Well, I guess we can’t have that, can we?”

She relented, pulling the ice cube off of my cock and dropping it on the center of my stomach. The change was a bit of a shock, but still quite a relief – albeit a short-lived one.

Mistress leaned down and started blowing gently all over my skin, emphasizing how cold I was, making me shiver and causing my hair to stand up on end. She started on my stomach, but she also briefly blew on my cock before moving back up to my chest, making my nipples pop up and giving me a chill.

Then she picked up what was left of the ice cube and dropped it into my mouth. I had once again gotten parched without even noticing it, and I gratefully chewed and swallowed it.

She leaned over me as if to kiss me. I raised my head to meet her lips, but she held back. “Tell me what you want.”

I smiled. “Whatever you want to give me, Mistress.”

“Put evli porno your head back down.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

She teasingly kissed my forehead, then my neck, then my chest, each touch making me arch up for more. She licked and bit my nipples, warming me up and making me moan.

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” She grabbed a towel to wipe all of the cold water off of me, so that I could finally finish warming back up. “There, is that better?”

“Yes, Mistress!”

Next, she reached for my left hand, which I had almost forgotten had been holding the flogger that whole time. She took it out of my hand, and I assumed she would just be putting it away, but she surprised me by flogging my chest again! I sucked in air in surprise.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes, Mistress! Just surprised.”

“Okay. I’m going to trust you to use your safe word if you need to.”

“I will, Mistress, I promise,” I said as sincerely as I could.


She resumed flogging me, alternating between the two sides of my chest. I once again arched my back to give her a better target, and she made good use of it. Most of the strikes were not that painful, but it really hurt when she struck one of my nipples!

When she was done, she set down the flogger and opened our toy drawer. I heard her rummaging around a bit, and I thought I knew what she pulled out.

“Do you know what I have?”

“I think so, Mistress. Is it the nipple clamps?”

“Mmm hmm.”

She pinched my right nipple and attached the clamp. It took me a few seconds to adjust to the pain, but it wasn’t that bad.

Then she moved around to the left side of the bed and did the same thing on my other nipple. She must have found a really sensitive spot for that one, because it really hurt, a lot worse than the other side had. I cried out in pain.

“Let me give you a minute to adjust to that. Are you still okay?”

“Yes, Mistress! It hurts, but I’m still green.”

She leaned over me again and this time kissed me passionately. I lifted my head to intensify our contact and kissed her back with everything I had. I was struggling to focus from the pain in my nipples and couldn’t have found the words to convey how I was feeling even if she’d let me talk, but I tried to put everything I was feeling into that kiss: how much I was hurting, how much I loved hurting for her, how much I loved that she could reduce me to such a state, how much I craved and needed her dominance and control, and how much I loved her.

After enjoying the kiss for a few moments, she pulled back and leaned down next to me. She ran her fingers over my stomach, down my thighs, and around my caged cock.

“I’m going to make you cum in your cage,” she announced.

“Oh god!” Would that even work? Could I actually get enough stimulation this way to cum? And if I did, would I actually be able to enjoy an orgasm that way?

I didn’t know the answers, but it looked like we were going to find out. She started running her fingers over my skin through the bars of my chastity device. I could feel my cock getting hard again, starting to press against the cage. She kissed my side as she ran her fingernails up and down my cock, teasing me slowly.

After a minute or two, my cock began to bulge out through the bars as the cage cruelly denied me any possibility of a full erection. I was starting to get really turned on, but I was also worried about how this was going to turn out. And of course, those worries just distracted me and made it harder to focus on my arousal.

“You know, Mistress,” I said in a pleading tone, “you could sit on my face and let me please you while you tease me.” I did honestly want to please her – I always do! – but at that moment, I was mainly thinking that licking her sexy pussy would really help me get off.

“This is about what I want, not what you want,” she said firmly. “And I want you to cum in your cage.”

I groaned in frustration.

“But if you’re a good boy and cum for me, maybe I’ll let you go down on me afterward.”

“Ooh, yes, Mistress!” That idea alone was certainly helping me get more turned on.

She continued playing with my cock through the bars of my cage. She had me really turned on, but I was still finding it hard to really get closer to an orgasm.

Then she turned the screws even further. “Tell me what feels good to you.”

I couldn’t believe it. She was going to make me help her torture me?!

But then I realized what she was doing. She was giving me a chance to submit to her at a whole new level. Not only was I going to willingly accept whatever she chose to do to me, but I was going to actively help fake taxi porno her discover the best ways to torture me. How could I possibly refuse to give her that gift?

“Yes, Mistress,” I said in a voice full of sincerity and acceptance. “I will gladly do that for you.”

“Then tell me,” she said. I could hear the satisfaction in her voice.

“I like it when you run your fingers lightly over the skin of my cock.”

“Like this?” she asked, running them gently between the bars of my cage.

“More up and down, Mistress. More contact on the head.”

“Oh, like this?” She adjusted as I asked.

“God, yes!”

On the next up-stroke, her touch was so light that she was only touching me with her fingernails. I gasped in surprise. “Oh, that feels great, the light touch with your nails!”

“Oh really?” she asked teasingly, repeating the motion as I bucked my hips and gasped. “What else do you like?”

“I like feeling pressure around my cock, Mistress. I like it when you squeeze it through the bars.”

She did so, making me moan again.

“Are you gonna cum for me?”

“Oh, god, Mistress, I really want to, but I don’t know if I can!” I was certainly getting more turned on, but I still wasn’t sure that I’d actually be able to cum this way.

“Well, that would be a shame. I guess if you can’t cum, I would just have to leave you all locked up without any relief.”

I groaned in frustration, but I finally realized she was really serious. If I wanted to cum, I needed to make it happen.

So, I started to fantasize. Given that I still had my dilator in my ass, my mind went to my fantasy of her pegging me. It was something that I’d had trouble admitting to myself that I wanted, much less asking her for, but I had made myself do it. And to my amazement, she was willing to try it. We had been planning to try it once I’d been using the dilators long enough to make it more comfortable. For now it was still just a fantasy, but one that really turned me on, which made it the perfect thing for that moment.

“Do you know what I’m thinking about, Mistress?”

“What’s that?”

“I can’t wait until you peg me. I want to feel you fuck me. I want you to claim me, to make me yours that way. I want the first time to be missionary, so that I can see your face while you fuck me. But after that, I want you to just bend me over and fuck me whenever you want to. I want your cock to be inside of me always.”

“Mmm. That does sound good. But we’ll just have to wait until you’re ready.”

“I think I’m ready now, Mistress. The size dilator I’m currently wearing is already bigger than your small strap-on.”

“Oh yeah? Well, then maybe we’ll try that tomorrow night.”

That made me moan in delight. I clenched my ass down around the dilator, trying to imagine her cock sliding in and out of me.

She could tell how turned on I was, and she pounced on her opportunity. She grabbed my cage and started moving the whole thing forward and backward on my cock. I was pressing out through the cage so much that it didn’t have much room to move, but I was so turned on that the added stimulation at that exact moment pushed me right over the edge!

I started crying out as my orgasm began. “Are you cumming for me in your little cage?” she taunted, which just intensified my orgasm.

“Yes, Mistress!” I cried, as my cum poured out of my caged cock, over her fingers, and down around my cock. “I’m cumming for you!”

She continued jerking me through the cage as I came down from my orgasm. I couldn’t believe that had worked!

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked in a satisfied tone as she removed my blindfold and uncuffed my wrists.

“Oh, yes, Mistress,” I replied tiredly. “I can’t believe you actually got me to cum that way!”

“Well, now that I know I can make you cum that way, I may not let you out of your cage for a very long time.”

I groaned in mild arousal at that thought, even despite just having cum. I truly loved being under her control, knowing that my submission could please her in ways no one else would. If she wanted to keep my cock locked up forever, I’d have gladly let her. “It’s up to you, Mistress.”

“I know it is,” she smiled at me.

“Would you like me to go down on you now, Mistress?”

“No, actually, I’m good. You took care of me this morning. Go get cleaned up.”

“Are you sure, Mistress? You said I could if I came.”

“I said maybe. But I really am fine. I want you to get cleaned up. Then we can snuggle.”

“Yes, MIstress,” I said resignedly. It was never easy for me when she denied me the opportunity to pleasure her, and it was particularly hard in that moment, since I had expected her to let me do it. But I knew that I needed to trust her to tell me what she wanted.

I got cleaned up and put away our toys, and then we got into bed and snuggled up together. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

This had certainly been an evening of firsts!

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Private Venice for Three

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This story is copyrighted ©, all rights reserved. If you wish to use it please contact the author.

Oily water is closing on the oar as it enters the water in regular long strokes and emerges, glistening wet, like a tongue on a lover. The lagoon is still, heavy deep fog around us gives even more of a sense of stillness.

Venice is just a dream. The fuzzy border of the embroidered cape brushes against my neckline, eyes stare away. A thrill runs down her spine, in anticipation of the delights of the coming evening.

My hands flatten the long skirt as I settle more comfortably into my seat. I await the time to stand up, to show off the long red skirt with gold embroidery, just as wide as the fashion dictates. To walk sumptuously through the main door, to hear us be announced, walking with straight spine and high chin, as the evening begins.

Then to mix with the other guests, to be just another pretty creature in wig and laces whirling around the ballroom, finally enjoying the anonymity of a crowd.

I can see my Husband’s eyes have stopped; his attention is drawn on the little triangle of skin the cape fails to hide. My breasts are pushed high by the corset, their fullness lies on the cups, there is no hiding.

My eyes throw a silent invitation in his direction, his stare moves out to the black braided panel separating us from the rest of the world.

A thump and a yell tell we have arrived. The weight of the rower moving the boat to moor makes it lurch. My Husband stands, however bent, and opens the wooden door. ‘If you would come along, Milady.’

My hand is raised high on his when we enter, barely touching. The dress moves with my steps like a bell, red and gold attracting envious looks from the other ladies in the hall. But it is due to end soon, the orchestra starts a minuet and attention is drawn elsewhere.

‘Perfect timing.’ I think when I feel his hand leaving mine. I look at my Husband but he is already disappearing in the crowd. Not a look, not a word.

My eyes scan the people, looking for a face. So many painted faces, smiling eyes and parted lips, so difficult to look for someone in particular. With small steps I move along the hall, my gown brushing against others, my silk slippers making no noise, timid looks exchanged one another with the other guests, ‘where is he?’ I think.

My nipples harden in anticipation; they look pointed even through the corset. Four tall columns, all in white and gold stand tall at each side of the hall. On top of them the orchestra plays, on a balcony, the light of so many candles shines in the hall and the gold is even brighter.

‘Champagne, Madame?’ minyon porno a voice wakes up my senses, pausing before the word Madame. Almost instantly my most private folds begin to moisten. I turn to see my lover, wearing a waiter’s uniform and no wig. ‘Could you help me?’ I ask in return pretending a detached tone.

‘I will show the way, if Madame wishes to follow me.’

My right hand slips down the long skirt and grabs a handful of fabric, raising the hem enough to see a silk slipper. My head inclines on tilts to the side and I smile, ‘Of course, please do.’

Moving around the guests, my skirts brush against others, like tongues playing a lusty game. Is that what will come soon? Long eyelashes smile, unknowing of everything. Fans move quickly but no fan could refresh the fire burning inside me, the time has come.

We move through a crowd of laces, perfumes, jewels and twinkling things. The waiter moves quickly through the crowd until a reaching a heavy green tent, where he stands to the side with a smirk. The music attracts everyone’s attention; I easily slip under the tent, to find a small door with my lover following closely behind.

The small corridor behind the tent is so different from the magnificence of the ballroom. There are just a few lamps lighting the way. His hand holds my side with a possessive touch, I feel his breath on my neck ‘I want you.’ he whispers in my ear.

And he just does not know how much I want him; my nipples are exploding under the corset, begging release. ‘Soon.’ is the only word I can speak, my mind is numb I can’t think about all that will be expected of me tonight.

His left hand reaches to a door on the side, encountering no resistance. A room welcomes us with the same opulence and golden reliefs of the big ballroom, but with a strange, hot light given by red candles. My eyes stop on the lovers before me.

I see my Husband, naked from the waist down and standing at the side of a rich sofa while pounding a young man bent on the armrest, legs spread, shuddering with each blow. His eyes fixed on the back of his lover; he seems not to notice us. My heart beats so quickly, I could never imagine to seeing such a forbidden scene, his ass is spread and following every move of the big cock torturing it. His eyes are closed experiencing that state when pain and bliss fuse together, I quiver inside with anticipation.

My own lover steps in front of me, a satisfied yet excited look on his face. He bites my neck, shutting off my view of the scene. His teeth dig into my skin. He licks and bites, licks and bite. My nails grasp his back, his mouth moves down olgun porno to do the same on my breast.

His hot breath excites my skin but we are rapidly divided with a growl. My Husband, now finished with his lover on the sofa, is standing behind him, his cock still hard.

Hands fumble quickly on my corset, letting it hang from my waist. The look on my Husband’s face is a mix of revenge and entertainment. His hand pushes on my shoulder, his excitement is so real it can be touched. His big cock is glistening wet from the recent fuck; a quick glance at the sofa reveals he has disappeared quickly.

‘Kneel’ My Husband says in a whispered growl. I ease myself to my knees offering the scandalous show of my bare breasts on top of the soft meringue my dress has become. My lover, still dressed in the waiter’s uniform stands before me; I face his engorged manhood, too tight in the fabric of his trousers.

My Husband touches my head, more a rebuff than a caress. I can feel his impatience growing.

My lover’s fingers run through my hair while I unbutton his pants to get to the core of his excitement. His manhood points up before me, engorged, excited and ready. The red head is covered with a neat web of blue veins, I can see them pulsating as I hold it in my hands, contemplating. Both men are looking at my fingers, closing slowly on the hard shaft. Their breathing is held, captured by the excitement of the scene.

I want it. I want that hard cock in my mouth, in my cunt, all over my body…I want it before passion burns me up, I want it to burn me inside like a hot rod. The solidness under my fingers takes my mind back, how many times we have met in secret, and how many times our bodies have been enough to bring each other to ecstasy. My lips get closer to the tip of his manhood, lay a kiss on his wetness and slowly open my mouth.

My red plump lips part, welcoming his cock inch by inch. The shaft lies on my tongue, flat in my mouth and I start moving along his rod.

My right hand helps out my mouth moving along his cock while my left hand fumbles with my gowns, eagerly reaching for my clit.

Music reaches our ears from the other room; the most relevant people in the Republic of Venice are dancing a few steps from us, unaware of what is happening. It is incredibly exciting to think of the Society ladies while I am keeling to suck cock.

My hand fumbles and finally finds a way to free my body from the gowns and be naked. My pale skin gleaming in the candle light. My soft lips sliding along the hard throbbing manhood in front of me.

My Husband moves around and disappears from my sight until şahin k porno a hand with a ringed finger possessively appears in front of me, the family finger. In one swift move he grasps my lover’s hips.

Looking up I see desire growing on his face, his eyes closed and mouth open breathing heavily. With his legs parted, my lover holds on to my shoulders. As I let his rod slip out of my mouth I see two pairs of balls getting closer; both my hands pump quickly on his cock. The second pair of balls gets closer and I feel his fingers dig into my skin, a grunt, how I envy him. My hands pump quicker, enjoying seeing the tension in his face, the last straw before his asshole gives up to the invasion, tensed lips, closed eyes and a final grunt of pleasure.

I welcome his rod back into my mouth and my head rocks back and forth from the force of the blows coming from behind my lover. My free hand wander, massaging two pairs of balls, the hairy balls of my Husband and the shaved smooth balls of my lover, both so swollen and ready to explode. My tongue circles his cock, moving into a spiral than sucking hard, feeling his hardness in my mouth.

My lover screams a desperate moan while my Husband fucks him harder, I can see his cock moving out then disappearing from my sight. A punishing cock taking a hold of all his being, like a hot rod, drilling into his bowels to make him shiver, pant, moan and sending him into oblivion. I’m dying to be in his place, to be penetrated and pumped. In a moment I free myself from my lover’s hands and kneel on all fours offering him my back and two very eager holes.

My two fingers move frantically on my clit but are distracted by the sharp pain of a big cock pushing into my ass. My lover’s hands grab onto my hips and hold them as steady as my Husband’s thrusts will allow. It’s a quick penetration, quick sharp pain immediately shifting into dull ache, then pleasure as the tip of his cock passes the muscle ring. There is no time; my fingers enter quickly into my cunt, finger-fucking my own slit, deeply tickling my pleasure. I feel it build up, like a wave.

My pain, his pain, our pleasure, it is all fused together. We move with the same rhythm frantically climbing the ladder of pleasure to reach the top. The scent of sex takes over the room, a mix of sweat, man cum and pleasure, if pleasure has a smell of its own. It is pleasure beyond human senses just to be there, my ass filled of cock, that same cock throbbing under the hard pounding of another ripping his ass, the moans, the yells, a whole universe of pleasure.

My body shakes from a pleasure I cannot hold back, a huge red colored wave takes a hold of all three of us, in the light of the candles we shake like leaves with the wind. Our senses are lost in a fog of passion; I am the first to fall from the blows of the two men. My body collapses on the floor and my lover falls on me, my Husband’s blows still pounding, then fading like a fog.

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I All But Fuck My Son Pt. 01

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“You bastard, you dirty, rotten bastard, fuck off,” I screamed down the phone to my husband who had just admitted yet another ‘casual fling’, this time with a twenty-four-year-old receptionist in his company. It was the third time I had caught him and like Bill Clinton said many years ago it was three strikes and out. I had told him not to come back to the house and asked where he would like his clothes sent.

Throwing my mobile down onto the settee I put my head in my hands and started to cry.

“What is it mum?” Peter, my son asked as he came and sat beside me.

Sobbing I asked. “Where did you come from, I thought you were out.”

“I was but plans fell through so I just came back and it seems that was lucky.”

“Nothing, don’t worry,” I said rather ridiculously as I had tears streaming down my face.

He put his arm around me and said. “It’s dad again isn’t it?”

I started to deny it but thought what the hell and replied.

“Yes love it is.”

“What is it this time another bimbo?”

“Oh Peter don’t get involved.”

“Not Carla in the office is it?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“I saw how they were when I worked there in the holidays, it was sickening.”

“Do the staff all know?”

“No one said anything to me but they wouldn’t would they, but I think most know there’s something going on between them?”

“Even more of a bastard then doing it so they’ll all know and making me look like a right tit.”

“Well not sure about just a right tit mum,” he said smiling and trying to lighten the situation although I didn’t get it.

“What do you mean Peter?”

“Well people don’t just look at the right one mum.”

“Oh shut up,” I said nearly smiling as he joked about my 36 inch D cup boobs, something that he’d started doing over the past few years.

My family, John, my soon to be ex, Sara my eighteen-year-old daughter and Peter, my twenty-two-year-old son and I had a very open relationship and from when the kids were quite young we had broached subjects that many other parents shied away from. Thus, making a joke about my boobs was nothing unusual.

“And you’re right mum he is a bastard, a right one too, I’ve known it for years.”

“You don’t have to side with me love after all he is your dad.”

“I’m not siding mum, it’s true he’s always treated you badly, I’ve known and seen that for so long.”

Nothing was said for some time but suddenly I realised he still had his arm around my shoulders and his hand was holding me just above my elbow. My head was resting against his upper chest and shoulder and my left boob against his lower chest. It felt nice and I felt secure, comforted and consoled. Another feature of our family was that we had always been quite ‘touchy feely’ so him hugging me was not that unusual.

“Ah well,” I muttered, starting to move, but he held me.

“Don’t move, mum just calm down and stay like this for a while.”

It did feel nice being held and consoled after the shock of finding out about John yet again cheating on me. And I realised it also felt nice that it was Peter, my son, holding me so I stayed exactly where I was and without thinking rested my hand on his leg just above his knee.

Peter and I had become much closer over the past few years. I realised that this corresponded with the decline in my marriage and that it was almost as if my son was replacing his father in my affections and my life, well most of it.

During his time at university and the first year at work with the investment bank I saw quite a lot of Peter. He came home fairly frequently from uni, mainly for friends’ and family parties and for football and cricket club events and lived with us when he first went out to work. Having him ‘on tap’ as it were gave me a range of feelings and emotions. A straightforward mother’s pleasure at seeing a lot of her son which was natural and pure. But then there was the unnatural and somewhat impure thoughts when I imagined us together in situations that mothers and sons most definitely should not be in. However, most of the time I was able to cope ok, but then something would trigger me off, perhaps when I was ironing his clothes or tidying his room or when I saw an attractive young man when I was shopping or at the gym. Then I would have lurid thoughts that worried me and made me feel guilty. Looking back, I had worked out that I had those mostly when John and I were at war, which was becoming more frequent. And of course, other events from the past regularly came into my mind.

The time when I was celebrating my fortieth where John had let me down about going to the Ritz to dinner. When I took the phone call that he could not make it Peter had consoled me to the point that I thought we were going to kiss and as we had travelled home in the chauffeur driven car with his arm around me I thought he would do something when Sara dozed off. When we danced at my wedding anniversary and he held me in a completely, non-son/motherly way squashing my breasts against his chest and I felt the movement of an erection; suriyeli porno the afternoon he came home unexpectedly and I was lying topless on my back in the garden. I looked up and our eyes caught. We both smiled. His eyes zeroed in on my breasts. I froze. I didn’t know what to do. I half wanted to sit up and flaunt them at him and then I thought for a moment he was going to sit on my sun bed but he said rather croakily.

“Sorry mum,” and went inside.

There were other smaller incidents. Little touches, brushing against each other, lingering smiles, catching him looking down my top, at my legs or breasts, frequent flirtatious remarks and double entendres.

Several times I was tempted to make an advance or more really indicate that I would not reject one from him but I was scared of rejection and what he would think of me if I had got it all wrong. In addition to the times when I thought he might kiss me or do something there were stares and holding each other’s gazes that led to nothing, but must have meant something and, I concluded possibly meant he was feeling the same as me; scared, worried about rejection and wondering how I was feeling. At other times and this was the majority I put all such thoughts from my mind and concluded that I was just being silly. Things like that rarely happen in real life, I concluded. But then, I started researching the issue of mothers and sons and what I found online amazed me. It seems that a slight majority of mothers in the UK do have sexual thoughts and feelings about their sons and around 10% of them have some form of intimacy. That might simply be anything from an overeager kiss or caress to having penetrative sex. There was little data available on what proportion did actually go all the way, as it were, largely because it’s a crime but it was thought that it was probably between 0.1 and 0.2% meaning around a 1000 each year.

“So what are you going to do mum?” he asked out of the blue.

At first I didn’t know what he meant. I was confused by what had happened on the phone with John and what was happening now with him. But what was happening, indeed was anything happening? Then the penny dropped.

“It’s the last straw, he’s insulted me enough and made me look foolish in front of the whole company.”

“So what’s that mean?” he asked, squeezing me tighter as his fingers slid further round the front of my arm so that the ends of them were grazing on the outside of my breast. That sent a shudder through me.

“I’m kicking him out and I’ll get a divorce.”

“Great, good for you mum,” he said, sounding joyful and kissing the top of my head.”We thought you should have done it ages ago.”


“Yes S and me, we do talk you know and we do care for you?”

I looked up and into his eyes.

“I’ll help you mum, make sure you get everything you’re entitled to.”

“Thanks love.”

“And make sure you don’t get screwed.”


“Well by him at least,” he smiled, making me wonder what was going through his mind as at the same time the outside of his fingers were pressing more obviously into the outside of my breast.

“Now, now, I’m not like him with bits on the side.”

“Perhaps that’s what you need mum.”


“Someone on the side to er, um…” he said leaving the punch line hanging.

“I don’t think so, I might give up on men.”

“Going the other way are you?” he smiled.

“No, of course not.”

“Anyway you’ve always got me haven’t you?” he said quietly.

“Yes, love,” I murmured, feeling a surge of arousal tear through me and wondering if that was a double entendre or something more provocative.

It was stronger than usual, much stronger, but then I rationalised I was in his arms and cuddled up against him with my left breast squashed against his chest and his fingers on his right hand squashed between my arm and the outside of my right breast. Although we had cuddled and he had held me like this before never, or so it seemed to me at that moment, had it been as intimate and, maybe, as provocative as this. Or was it provocative? Was there anything in it at all, anything more to it than him consoling and comforting me? Was he feeling anything like I was? I had no idea.

I managed to shake myself out of the trance-like state I was in.

“Let’s have a drink Peter.”

“Sure what can I get you? Maybe Champagne to celebrate.”

“Celebrate what?”

“Well perhaps us.”

“Us, what do you mean?”

“Well we’re a new team now aren’t we?”

“How?” I asked, wondering what he meant but full of curiosity at what it might be.

“Fighting him, getting you sorted out mum of course, what else?” He said rather flippantly as he got up and walked out to the kitchen.

Standing up I looked at myself in the mirror, fluffed up my spiky, blonde hair and fumbled my glasses back into position. I saw that my blue, denim, rather too tight skirt had ridden up my bare legs and that one of the two inch wide straps on the blue and white hooped, twitter porno sleeveless top had slid down my arm showing that clearly I was not wearing a bra, something I often did when at home by myself as I had thought I would be that evening. It’s such a nice feeling to be braless when you are fairly full breasted and your weight fluctuates a little as mine does meaning that some of the time at least most bras are on the small side and the strap and underwiring digs into me.

“Here drink this,” he said, handing me a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and putting the bottle into a cooler on the low, glass table in front of the sofa. He sat down beside me, very close sipping his Peroni from the bottle. “Feeling any better?” he asked.

“Oh I don’t know,” I muttered.

“Look at it this way, it’s been bound to happen for some time hasn’t it?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Things haven’t been right between you or not like they used to be for ages,not since Sara and I were kids have they, be honest mum?”

“No I guess you’re right and no they haven’t.”

“It’s happened before hasn’t it?”

“What other women?”


“Yes several times.”

“Why have you put up with it?”

“Well in part that’s just how he is and was a reason I fell for him, he’s very charismatic and charming.”

“Fucking bullshitter,” he replied.

“Peter, don’t swear,” my motherly instincts caused me to utter at his use of the f word.

“Well he is, I sussed that ages ago, he’s full of shit and has been on lots of things for years mum, surely you see that now don’t you?” he asked as I started to cry again.

Putting his arm around me again this time his hand didn’t go around my arm but instead went between it and my body so that the length of his fingers were pressed against the outside of my breast.

“Don’t worry mum we’ll beat him and sort this out.”

I looked up and our faces were so close.

“We’ll do it together, I’ll look after you mum,” he whispered as our faces started moving towards each other. Just as our lips nearly met my phone rang. I reached out to get it but he held onto me and said. “Let it ring, leave it.”

I was tempted but knew that was wrong.

“No it might be Sara, she’s at Fern’s for the night and there might be a problem,” I said looking at the phone. “Oh no, it’s him.”



“Don’t answer, ignore it.”

I did as he said but seconds later the house phone rang.

“That’s bound to be him as well.”

“I’ll get it,” he said standing up and picking up the phone.

I listened warily to the one sided conversation.

“Yes, I know…mum told me…not possible…I have to help her…you’ve been a right bastard… “Ok when?…no that’s not fair…ok if you insist…yes half hour…what do you want?…I’ll get it ready for you…that’s not your business… you can’t see nor speak with her…no she’s not here…that’s not your business… ok fine half hour…ring when you’re outside…ok bye.”

Putting the phone down he came and sat beside me again. He held both my hands in his with the back of one of his resting on my leg just above my knee. I was sobbing.

“What’s he want?”

“Some clothes and stuff, his laptop and golf clubs.”

“I don’t want to see him.”

“You won’t have to, I’ll pack his clothes and get everything ready.”

“You said I wasn’t here,” I said as he squeezed my hands and rubbed the back of them with one of his fingers.

“Thought that was best. Come on help me find what he wants.”

We got his golf clubs and shoes from the garage and his laptop and tablet from the study and then went up stairs. I was acutely aware that Peter’s face was just a few feet from my bottom in the short, tight shirt and that his eyes would be seeing my legs almost up to my panties. That excited me.

I pulled out John’s clothes, some shirts, chinos, golf stuff, a couple of suits and a pile of underwear, socks and casual shirts and his business and casual shoes while Peter packed them into two suitcases.

Hearing his car pull up we expected him to ring but instead he opened the front door with his keys.

“Oh Christ what now you said I wasn’t here?”

“Go in my bedroom, he’ll never go in there.”

I went in there, sat on Peter’s bed and waited. I heard the muffled sounds of you and him talking and there was some raised voices as you and or he went up and down the stairs a few times presumably getting more than what we had thought he wanted. All went quiet and then I heard his car start and drive off. I felt such relief.

That was, though, accompanied by a range of feelings about Peter. I loved how he had handled the situation both on the phone and when he was here and how he had the emotional strength to take his father on and the affection and consideration he showed to protect me.

The door opened and I stood up the backs of my legs against the bed.

“He’s gone,” Peter said as we moved towards each other and as natural as anything can be travesti porno we fell into each other’s arms. He pulled me to him and cuddled me.

“Thank you darling,” I whispered almost into his ear as my breasts squashed against his


“Not at all mum.”

“You were very brave and did so well.”

“Not really, dad’s a bully and I can handle those.”

“Well thanks for protecting me, I couldn’t bear seeing him.”

“I liked it mum,” he said stroking my hair as neither of us did anything or showed any intention of breaking the clinch. “I want to protect you,” he went on, taking my chin between his thumb and forefinger and lifting my face so that our eyes met. “I always have wanted to and always will.”

“Oh Peter,” I sighed as I felt stirring in his jeans.

“What mum?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t know what?” he asked, moving his stomach slightly away from me and saying.

“Sorry mum.”

“About what.”

“This,” he replied, moving it against me again. It had grown and he was now fully erect.

“Oh my god Peter.”

“I am sorry but I can’t help it.”


“Thinking of you like that.”

“Like what?”

“Loving you Jayne, making love to you.”

“No darling, no please don’t.”

“Oh Jayne, I’m sorry I’m so sorry,” he groaned breaking the clinch. “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I shouldn’t have said anything.”

It was terrible seeing him so upset and suffering about something so loving and intimate. I couldn’t stop myself from putting my arms round him and cuddling him. Stroking his head I whispered.

“Oh baby, my baby, it’s alright, everything’s ok,” as I stroked his head.

His arms went round me and he pulled me against him again, his erection now quite unashamedly pressing into my stomach and seeming to fill the gap between my pubic mound and navel. That made me gasp partly with surprise and partly with desire.

“Oh Jay are you sure?”

“Yes darling I am, I am really.”

Moving his body so his face was close to mine he asked.

“Can I kiss you mum, please?”

I didn’t answer but instead closed the gap between us and I kissed him full on the lips.

We were standing in the middle of his bedroom right next to his double bed. It’s a fair sized room about fifteen feet square and it’s bright and tastefully decorated in pale beige and cream with some touches of grey and charcoal. I was in his arms and we were kissing. It was a long, deep and passionate kiss and as it was our first it was meaningful and certainly memorable. We had both nibbled and sucked on the other’s lips and had reached the stage where our tongues came into play and each had probed into the other’s mouth. It was a kiss that included more parts of the body than merely our mouths. My hands had run up and down his youthful, broad back, had stroked his rower’s arms and ruffled his hair. His had slid up and down my sides brushing the edges of my full breasts, caressed around my waist and hips and had then slipped down and squeezed my buttocks in the tight, short for a forty-something-year-old, blue, denim skirt. My breasts were squashed against his firm chest and his full erection nuzzled into the softness of my modest mumtum.

It had been ages since I had kissed or been kissed like this and I was reaching that stage in a kiss where rational thought leaves you and all that matters is the other person, their mouth and body and yourself.

But it couldn’t go on, could it? Surely no, surely this had to be the end and not the start of something. Surely a mother and son could not go any further could they? No they couldn’t but how I wanted to and judging by what was pressed into my stomach so he did as well.

Before today nothing overt had happened between us. Looking back a couple of years I could see how today had been coming and looking back on today I could see how the kiss had come about. But it had to stop, we could not go further or do anything else. No this kiss was it, all there was and all there was going to be.

Calling on my very last reserves of willpower I broke away groaning.

“Peter no please stop.”

“Oh mum no, no I can’t,” he sighed as I moved away towards the open window.

“We must,” I sighed, putting my hands to my head.”

“Jay please, please?” he said coming up behind me and placing his hands on my shoulders. “You can’t stop now, it was beautiful, the most beautiful thing ever in my life.”

“We have to, it’s wrong, we mustn’t,” I muttered, shaking his hands off my shoulders.

“Where did I go wrong, what did I do to upset you?”

“Nothing darling, it was just the circumstances, the emotions, dad leaving.”

“No, no mum it was more than those, more, much much more and you know that.”

“It wasn’t’ Peter,” I lied desperately trying to think of a way out of this without admitting anything or hurting him too much.

“It was, you were into it as much as I was and still am,” he said walking round me and making no attempt to hide his erection so we stood face to face. He took hold of my face in both of his hands, looked right into my eyes and said. “Now tell me it was just the circumstances mum.”

“Oh darling I can’t no I can’t”

“Oh mum, Jay that’s fantastic,” he cried, gathering me up in his arms again, pulling me against him and kissing me again.

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