Kathy Comes to Dinner Ch. 02

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This story is protected by copyright, by Peter, the author, and cannot be reposted or used for any purpose without his prior consent.


Just as I was making the final preparations to light the barbeque the doorbell rang.

“Can you get that?” yelled Lisa.

I quickly wiped my hands and ran to the door. When I opened it, I’m sure my jaw dropped a foot. There was Kathy looking absolutely stunning. Her long hair was flowing down over her shoulders. She was quite tan. And she was wearing the smallest, tightest tube top I’d ever seen. It was blatantly obvious she didn’t have a bra on, and her nipples were making a couple of prominent pokes in the material. She had on the tightest, shortest shorts I’d ever seen too. Her long legs ran down into a pair of 4 inch heel sandals which were a blood red color that matched her finger and toe nail polish. I couldn’t help staring. I looked her up and down slowly twice before I could speak.

“My, don’t you look great!” was the only coherent (if stupid) thing that I could get out of my mouth.

Just about that time Lisa showed up. In a tone that both indicated mirth at my loss of place and irritation at my ineptitude, she said “Aren’t you going to invite Kathy in?”

“Of course” I said, slowly regaining my composure.

“Here is my contribution to dinner” Kathy added, handing me a bottle of chilled wine.

By this time the women were on there way toward the back yard, as if I wasn’t even present. My mind was still swirling, what the Hell was up. Kathy had NEVER dressed anything like this when she came over. In fact, in all the years I’d known her, she’d never dressed in anything this sexy, at least not that I’d seen. That fact coupled with Lisa’s earlier behavior was an indication that these two had cooked something up and that it was going to be at my expense. I had no idea what it was though.

Waiting just a minute for the hard-on that had spontaneously sprouted when I’d seen Kathy and trying to get a still better grip on the situation, I headed for the back porch. By now I could at least think and talk. Trying to avoid looking at either of them, but not act like any more of a fool, I finally asked if anyone wanted a glass of wine. Both indicated they would like some of the Chardonnay Kathy had brought. I fetched each of them a glass and returned to the kitchen to pour myself a rather stiff bourbon and water.

While I was getting the coals going for the ribs Lisa walked by and whispered, “You can have one of those and nothing else to drink until dinner, clear!” It wasn’t xslot a question. “I don’t want you to embarrass me any more this evening, and trust me you don’t want to find out what will happen if you do.”

While it was evident things were unfolding exactly as Lisa intended, she was dead serious I could tell. The admonition about 30 cumless days wasn’t forgotten either.

While I worked at the barbeque on the deck, Lisa and Kathy were ostensibly checking out the recently redone back yard landscape. Bending over Lisa’s new bonsai, standing on tiptoes to smell the flowering trees. You get the idea. Even I could tell it was all a sham to give me a constant show of tits and ass. Notwithstanding the fact that I knew exactly what was going on, I couldn’t help but stare, nor could I control the tent pole effect it was having in my shorts. As the two of them came up the few steps to the deck I saw Kathy definitely stare at my predicament. She acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary, except for the huge grin she gave me while looking straight into my eyes as they headed for the kitchen to refresh their wine.

For the first time I realized the full effect of being teased regularly and cumming infrequently. The more subtle non-physical teasing I was being subjected to this evening was nearly as devastating and frustrating as the more direct stimulations that I’d become accustomed to the last few months.

Finally dinner was ready as I served the food and poured the dinner wine, Kathy and Lisa were back to acting as if I wasn’t even there. Talking about “girl things” and ignoring me completely. During dinner things started out rather normal, but soon Lisa was up to one of her favorite tricks, which was to plant one foot in my crotch and start her slow methodical strokes of my shaft. Very soon I was rock hard and having a very hard time acting normal.

Kathy soon asked, “Is something wrong Peter, you seem to have lost your appetite.”

I mumbled that I was fine and tried to resume eating. Finally Lisa stopped, but within seconds, well before I could begin to recover, she asked me to go to the kitchen for something. I looked straight at her and she returned a look that left no doubt as to its message, GO! Even as baggy as my shorts were, my condition was going to be blatantly obvious the second I stood. I hesitated just an instant longer, then rose and turned to head for the kitchen as quickly as I could.

I was about half way there when Lisa said, “Here, take this with you as long as you’re going.”

I was mortified, I’d xslot Giriş have no choice but to turn and face them and walk straight toward them. It would be impossible to miss my hard on. I felt my face turn crimson. I took one more step toward the kitchen and finally turned back to the table. The two of them were silent, and had their eyes glued to my bulging cock.

As I reached the table Lisa handed me the empty platter and with a wicked grin, said “Thanks”.

I headed back to the kitchen, more embarrassed than I’d even been in my whole life. As I turned the corner into the other room Lisa and Kathy burst into uncontrollable giggling.

It was obvious that teasing and embarrassing me was the agenda for the night, and that Kathy was totally clued in. Once again my mind was reeling. Lisa’s ability to continually push beyond the edge of the envelop was growing daily. My ability to keep up was in question, but the cost of failure was too high to not go along. Plus I knew that it would only momentarily delay the inevitable. I was in the kitchen for quite some time, trying to wait for my cock to soften. In spite of the embarrassment I felt, I was unbelievably turned on and it took several minutes before my shorts could adequately conceal my now only semi-hard dick.

When I finally returned with what Lisa had originally requested, she said with that same grin, “It sure took you long enough.”

Kathy let out a giggle that she was clearly trying to contain but couldn’t. I turned beet red again. I was very confused, in spite of nothing more than embarrassing me some more I was starting to get hard again.

Lisa and Kathy poured the last of the wine in their glasses and headed for the living room. Lisa “suggested” that I clear the table and then join them. I was doing my clean up rather slowly, to give my self the opportunity to get a grip on the situation. I hadn’t even considered that Lisa would expand our new situation beyond the two of us and the confines of our home. Now I was questioning how far this might ultimately go, and even if there were any limits. That thought actually scared me. Finally I had the place pretty well cleaned up and had stalled as long as I thought I dared. Pouring my self the last of the wine I headed for the living room.

When I got there Lisa and Kathy were both just finishing their wine and I was sent back to open another bottle. By now I’d had one drink while cooking and about a glass and a half of wine with dinner. I would have had more, but when I was pouring my second wine Lisa gave xslot Güncel Giriş me a look that contained a clear message. The girls however had each had a few glasses, and while hardly drunk, they were clearly ‘relaxed’.

“Peter, I haven’t told you the whole reason I invited Kathy over tonight” Lisa began (I started to worry) “Kathy needs our help and advice about something.”

I breathed a deep sigh of relieve. It didn’t happen often, but there had been a few times before when Kathy had asked us for things like this. For example since I work in financial services, I’d once help her by getting her some information about refinancing her condo.

“Shoot,” I said “anything I can do to help out a friend.”

Not that it would have mattered, but that turned out to be exactly the wrong thing for me to say.

“Oh good” they said in unison and then laughed.

“Do you remember that Friday night, when I was stroking you with my feet and the phone rang?”

“Lisa” I yelled.

Both of them giggled.

“Oh don’t be such a prude, Kathy knows all about that.”

Once again I turned bright red. ‘That’ Friday night was the beginning of Lisa’s and my teasing and denial lifestyle. (Read the rather long story Friday night for the details.) During one particularly intense portion of the evening Kathy had called and Lisa talked with her as if nothing else was going on. And there had been another time during one of our teasing sessions that Lisa had stopped abruptly to answer a call from Kathy. I’d already suspected that the second one was set up, now I was sure.

It turned out that Lisa’s cryptic comments on the phone that evening had aroused Kathy’s curiosity. During a subsequent conversation Lisa had told the whole story to Kathy and had been keeping her up to date on how life was progressing ever sense. Unbeknownst to me, Kathy was actually quite a cock tease. Evidently since I was her best friend’s husband when we first met, I’d never seen that side of her. Now she had a new guy she was dating and wanted some ideas to take it a step further.

My mind was a blur, so I’d only been getting about half of what Lisa was saying until she dropped the bomb.

“So tonight I’m going to demonstrate some techniques for Kathy that she can try on Bob (her new guy).”

“Are you nuts?” I yelled.

Lisa became very stern and said slowly, “I know this is unexpected for you, so I’m going to overlook that outburst this once. But remember what I told you before Kathy arrived. I’m not going to remind you a second time.”

With that Lisa told me to go into the bedroom and undress. I was to wait there until they came in, and I’d better be naked.

To be continued…

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