Valentine Surprises

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Thank you to the readers for your past responses. I would love to here from any of you about your thoughts on this story.


Rick watched Roberta on the couch in front of him being attended by two women, one on either side of her. She was blindfolded and could only feel the sensations their hands and lips were imparting on her body. The two women each had one nipple in their mouth; sucking and licking, making her nipples stand straight out. They both had one arm draped under a thigh and their fingers met at Roberta’s slick pussy. Roberta squirmed under their touches as they both pushed their fingers inside her waiting pussy. Roberta moaned when she felt the intrusion of their fingers as they continued to lick and play with her body. Her body jumped when she felt a tongue slowly slide along her moist slit.

“Ohhh that feels so good Rick. If you keep that up, I’ll cum in your mouth soon” she announced between moans.

Carol pushed her breasts into Rick’s back as they watched the man kneeling before Roberta lick up and down her treasure spot. Rick smiled as he thought about how all this began.

“What do you buy your lover on Valentine’s Day?” Rick mused as he tried to concentrate on the paperwork in front of him. It seemed every year he always fretted over what to buy his lover. In the past he had bought her flowers and candy or some small piece of jewelry. Recently, he had listened to a radio station call in program where the guests’ speaker, a woman, told the audience that men should not buy sexy clothes for the woman of their life unless the woman asks for it. She said that invariably the men would pick out the wrong outfit. The women would wear it one time to please the husband or lover and then tuck it away in their drawer. If the woman specifically asked for the outfit, then it was ok to purchase it. This was all the more confusing to Rick as he tried to figure out what to buy Carol.

The office politics was of no help either as the talk at the water cooler between Ken, Joe, Patrick and Paul centered on what they were planning to buy their special friend for Valentine’s Day. The men of course had one track minds, discussing the slinky negligee they were looking at in the latest fashion magazine brought to the office by the sexy receptionist, Roberta. Roberta was a very open minded woman who knew what she wanted and was not afraid to speak her mind. She sometimes said things that made most men cringe and embarrassed by her candid remarks. She overheard some of the men talking as they looked through her magazine.

“See anything in there you boys like” she quipped, as she walked into the break room. The men instantly froze as if caught with their hands in the cookie jar.”

Ahhhh ….. ahhhh no not really” announced Patrick, the office weakling.

Patrick had thick rimmed glasses and always leered at the good-looking women out of the corner of his cubicle. He was considered harmless and the women in the office went out of their way to tease him on occasion. Sometimes they would give him a view of their bosom when they accidentally on purpose dropped something in front of him. Patrick would take the teasing with a good nature but he secretly wanted to know what it would feel like to fuck one of the office women.

Roberta was good looking with soft facial features that hid her mischievous nature. Her shoulder length auburn hair gave off a fiery highlight when the light hit it just right. The men in the office often tried sneaking a peak at her large breasts, which were usually wrapped in a tight sweater or blouse. She sometimes delighted in wearing her blouse with the top two or three buttons undone. Bending down in front of the men always gave them a nice shot of her cleavage. Patrick was her favorite target when she was in the mood to show off her body. She liked to watch him squirm and fidget as she slowly retrieved whatever it was that she dropped in front of him. She would look him directly in the eyes and smile provocatively. Patrick would always look away from her sexual glare.

“Come on men you can do better than that” Roberta laughed, relishing in the fact that she caught the boys in an awkward position. “I bet you’d all like to get those models in your bedroom and have your way with them, wouldn’t you? What about you Patrick? Do you see anything in that magazine that turns you on?” she teased.

Patrick’s faced turned red and he stammered that he had to get back to work. Roberta knew she had the upper hand now and continued her banter. “Boys don’t you think it would be nice to buy your girl friend or wife one of those sexy outfits. I know I’d love to have my boyfriend give me some sexy clothes, take them off me and then make sweet passionate love to me.”

Ken, Joe, and Paul all looked at Roberta in amazement. They were older and still a bit intimidated when a forceful woman spoke as if she were just one of the guys. The trio laughed nervously at her remarks.

Ken tried to act nonchalant ateşli gaziantep escort as he asked “So Roberta, what outfit would you like your boyfriend to buy you?”

Undaunted, Roberta pulled the magazine from Joe’s hands and flipped to a page showing sexy Valentine Day outfits.

“I’d like this one” she responded pointing to a model wearing a silky red bra with black lace trim. A bow with a heart was fastened where the cup and strap joined. The matching thong barely covered the model’s pouting lips. Tiny hearts matching the ones on the bra were placed on the string that held the small piece of material in place. “Yes, this is the one I would want to wear on Valentine’s Day when my boyfriend makes love to me.” The silence was deafening as the three men stood looking at the luscious model in the magazine and then imagined Roberta wearing the outfit. Each of them fantasized that she was their lover and she was going to make love to them.

“Ahem,” Paul coughed, “I’ve got to get back to my report for the old man or he will have my ass.” Ken and Joe looked at their watches and announced they too had to get back to their work assignments. Roberta laughed lightly and bid them farewell with a knowing smile that she had embarrassed them again.

She walked back toward her desk smiling and with a slight swagger in her step. It was as if she was silently telling everyone that she had just claimed another victory over the water cooler boys. As she walked past her boss’s office, she noticed Rick deep in thought. She had always liked Rick and thought he looked distinguished with his silver hair. His hair had turned early and he laughed at the office jokes about getting old early. Rick would always respond that the white hair was from all the wisdom he possessed. He also noticed that lately a lot of women smiled warmly when they passed him. He could tell that some of their smiles were more than token glances and he could pursue them if he wished. Roberta had made advances toward Rick but had not succeeded in landing him in bed. She thought he would be a tiger in bed and spent many hours at work fantasizing about the two of them fucking like banshees.

Roberta popped her head inside the door to say good morning, smiling as if she had a great secret. Rick glanced up from his papers and saw that mischievous grin on her face. He knew only too well her reputation around the office as a woman who stood her own ground with the men.

“So Roberta, what mischief did you get into with the boys so early in the day?” Rick said motioning for her to have a seat. She was only too happy to recount the events at the water cooler as she watched his eyes light up as the story unfolded. He laughed loudly as he imagined the look on the men’s faces as she toyed with them.

“You would think that they would know you by now and at least play along” he laughed.

“I like to have them squirm in their pants every so often” Roberta remarked.

“Well just be careful you don’t get charged with sexual harassment from those poor ole boys” he commented.

“Oh don’t worry boss” she said in a suggestive voice, “I only tell them what I like and not what I’d like to do to them.”

“And would you like to do something with them?” he said smiling.

“No not them, but there are a few guys around here that I’d like to get my claws into” she responded looking directly into his eyes.

Rick knew that Roberta would like to be more than friends are, but he just felt there was no real connection sexually between them. Changing the subject, he said “Roberta I’d like to get your input on something.” He explained his dilemma with buying something special for Carol and told her about the radio talk show. “If I were to buy something sexy for her, how would I go about getting her to tell me so that it remains a surprise.” He could see the disappointment on her face when he started talking about Carol.

“Well boss, I had a boyfriend once who bought me these awful outfits that I really didn’t like but I had to act like I did so I didn’t hurt the poor man’s feelings. I think it’s better to ask or go shopping with your girlfriend but I may have a better idea for you two if your game for it” she said giving him her sweet sexy smile again.

“Please tell me Roberta. I’d love to surprise her with something sexy” Rick said seeing the sudden interest again in her face.

“There is a nightclub downtown where I help out sometimes when they are busy. They are planning to have a private showing for Valentine’s Day this weekend. The place closes to the public for one night and they have the wait staff and a few other people model sexy outfits for men and women. You can purchase the outfits you like that night. It is by invitation only and if you want to attend I could get you a couple of tickets” she explained hoping he would say yes. She had always wanted him and now was the chance she was waiting for.

“Hmmm ateşli gaziantep escort bayan that sounds very interesting. Maybe I should talk to Carol about it and see what she thinks” he said.

“I wouldn’t tell her” Roberta quickly responded. “You should keep it a surprise and besides I’m sure she’ll like the strong young virile men who will be waiting on her.” Roberta sat frozen for a moment letting the thought sink into his head. “Let me know by the end of today if you want to go to our little show” she said with more suggestiveness in her voice.

Rick watched Roberta stand and walk to the door. Her ass swayed back and forth suggestively. When she got to the door, she half turned and smiled whispering in a low voice “remember, if you want to treat your lady to something very special, I need to know by the end of today.” And then she was gone leaving Rick a little breathless and wondering what the hell had just gone in his office.

All day Rick toyed with the idea of attending the show. He knew Roberta wanted him and her suggestive manner left little doubt that she was still trying. Throughout the day he imagined her body decked out in sexy underwear, standing in front of him and then rubbing against his body. He felt a twinge in his pants as his daydream continued. He pictured her gyrating in front of him with her finger crooked toward him, urging him to come closer. His hands reach out and run softly over her covered breasts feeling them respond to his touch. Her nipples harden under his touch. He grabs each of them between his fingers and twists slightly listening to her soft moans of pleasure. The ringing of the phone interrupted his thoughts. Roberta’s soft voice on the other end informed him that his 3:00 appointment was waiting in the lobby.

Before hanging up, she asked “have you made up your mind about our little party?”

He could hear the sexiness in her voice, which had an immediate effect on his level of desire. “I’m still thinking about it and I’ll let you know by the end of the day” he responded. He did not want to appear too eager to accept her invitation.

His appointment lasted longer than he had planned and when he called Roberta into his office most of the other employees had left for the day.

“Have you made your decision yet, boss?” Roberta asked as she smiled and sat down in the chair opposite his desk. Rick noticed her skirt slid up a little bit more than normal when she sat in the chair. With her skirt at mid thigh, it gave him a perfect view of her shapely thighs.

“The party sounds very intriguing” Rick responded. He decided to ask her a few pointed questions before he told her of his decision.

“Are you and your boyfriend also planning to attend the party?”

“Oh yes we will be there but not as spectators. Dave and I will be participating as models in the show” she told him in a sultry voice and a twinkle in her eyes. I’ll be wearing some very sexy and revealing clothes” she added for good measure.

“So you and Dave will be wearing the sexy outfits?” Rick continued, trying to imagine Roberta prancing around in a skimpy outfit.

Roberta saw the fire in his eyes and shifted slightly in her chair giving him a better view of her open thighs. “One thing you can count on boss is that Dave and I will pay special attention to you and Carol. I think you both will enjoy the sight and sounds of the evening. If you know what I mean?” Roberta looked Rick directly in the eyes, knowing that she had his full-undivided attention. She continued in a low sexy tone “Besides wouldn’t you enjoy seeing me in one of those frilly outfits that the boys at the water cooler drool about.”

There was a moment of awkward silence as the sexual bantering weighed on Rick’s mind. He had no doubt in his mind that he could get out of his chair and make love to her in his office if he wanted. He could see and hear some of the other employees in the outer office. Under different circumstances, Rick may have been tempted to taste her sweet delights but he knew Carol was waiting for him to pick her up later. “Roberta, when you put it that way, I don’t know how I can say no” Rick said looking her body up and down imagining her sitting in front of him half naked in some sexy outfit.

“Ohhhh GOOD” Roberta squealed loud enough for the employees outside to hear her. They looked through the glass into Rick’s office seeing a huge smile on her face. Roberta stood, and as she smoothed her skirt, said “boss you won’t be sorry you said yes. I think you and Carol are going to have a great time.”

“I hope it is half as good as you describe it” Rick said getting up to see her to the door.

“Oh boss, don’t worry, you just let me take care of everything” she responded with a mischievous wink as she walked out the door.

Rick didn’t mention his conversation to Carol that night, except to tell her that they were invited to closed ateşli escort gaziantep party on Saturday. As they lay in bed, softly caressing each other, Carol asked about the particulars of the party and who would be there. He told her it would be a surprise and that she would have to wait until Saturday to have all her questions answered. He did tell her truthfully that the only people he knew for sure would be Roberta and her boyfriend Dave. Carol continued to ask questions about what to wear and what would the other people be wearing.

“I don’t know what the other people will be wearing but you should wear something sexy” he told her smiling and pulling her closer. His hand landed on her breast feeling the soft skin.

“Will there be entertainment at this party?” she questioned.

“I think there will be some type of entertainment. You seem to be awfully interested in this party all of a sudden,” Rick said thinking that Carol may know about what would be going on at the party.

“I’m just curious that’s all. Since you won’t tell me about it and say it’s a surprise” Carol responded rolling over and sitting on top of his stomach. “What I want now though is to feel you hard cock inside my pussy,” she said moving her lips down to meet his.

Carol’s lips brushed over his lips as her body made contact with his. She felt her nipples graze against his chest making them harden. She moved them slowly back and forth, exciting his skin. Carol’s tongue tenderly traced the outline of his mouth. Rick felt his cock rise from her nipples and tongue stroking his body. His hands found her ass, slowly stroking the tender skin before moving to the small of her back. Carol moaned when his hands made contact with one of her more sensitive areas. Her body rocked back and forth on top of his and as she pushed herself harder against his body, she felt his rigid cock against her ass.

“Mmmmm baby I feel your hard cock is awake and ready for some fun” she whispered into his mouth. Her mouth closed over his before he could answer, her tongue pushing its way into his waiting mouth. Rick’s hands roamed over her back from her shoulder blades to her ass. He ran his fingers lightly over her skin feeling the goose bumps he was causing. Her hands clamped onto his hair pulling his mouth harder against hers. He grabbed her hard around the back and pulled her breasts against his chest. They moved together, touching … kissing … building their own internal desires of fire.

Carol’s pussy rubbed over his stomach sending sweet sensations through her body. She was hot and there was only one thing that would cure her aching desire … a nice hard cock buried inside her burning cunt. She lifted her lips off Rick’s and announced, “I’m so horny tonight baby. I need to feel your hot hard cock in me.” She reached behind her and grabbed Rick’s hard tool between her fingers.

“Hmmm baby I love it when you stroke my hard cock” Rick responded as his breathing quickened. Carol’s tits dangled in front of his face, tempting him to touch and kiss them. As Carol stroked Rick’s cock, he reached out and caressed each breast in his hands. He felt her hard nipples and when he grabbed each one, she moaned throwing her head backwards.

“Oh fuck baby kiss my nipples” she moaned as Rick lifted his head to one of her nipples. His lips captured one and sucked it deep into his mouth bringing about another round of moans. “Bite it baby … bite it … please … she pleaded. Rick’s teeth closed around the rubbery nub and bit down softly. “Ohhh … yeaa” came the moans from her lips as she grabbed his cock and squeezed harder.

Carol pulled her breast away and moved over his manhood. Grasping it, she slowly slid it along her slit. “Ahh … yeaaa that’s it … Rub my cock over your hot juicy pussy” Rick moaned. He could feel her juices covering his cock head. When she slid it over and around her extended clit, Rick felt his cock jump with desire. He grabbed her luscious breasts as she moved his cock further down her slit. He felt her warmth engulf his cock when she pushed it inside her tunnel.

“I want to feel my cock deep in your pussy baby” he moaned when her tunnel opened and he slid inside. Both Carol and Rick let out long low moans the further he slid inside. When Carol’s pussy had accepted all that he had, she started a slow rotating motion. Rick felt his cock head being massaged by her pussy. Carol gasped when she felt his cock push against her walls deep in her tunnel.

Rick pinched and rolled her nipples between his fingers. Leaning up he captured a nipple and began nibbling and chewing on the hard nub. Carol cried out from the feeling of his teeth scraping on her nipple and his cock buried deep inside her. She rocked back and forth trying to push his cock deeper than it could ever go.

Putting her hands on his chest, she pushed herself straight up over his cock. Pinching his nipples brought moans from his mouth as she rose above him. Carol felt his cock sliding along her slick vaginal walls as she pulled herself upwards. Rick’s eyes squeezed shut as he felt the exquisite pleasure on his cock. When she got to the top, she could feel his cock head lodged just inside her pussy. Her hips started slowly and then picked up speed engulfing his cock once more. Again the moans of the two lovers filled the room when his cock filled her pussy to the hilt.

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