Trailer Trash Party

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“Hey lady, Whatcha doing?” Dianne asked Susan over the telephone.

“Just cleaning my house.” She replied. “What do you have in mind?”

‘There is a costume party tonight at Dan’s farm. Everyone is dressing as Trailer Trash. I thought you would like to go.”

Susan laughed at the suggestion. “Trailer Trash Night Huh?” she said with a smile.

“Come on it will be fun. You haven’t been out in weeks” Dianne prompted

Susan knew that most of Dan’s friends were bikers and his parties usually turned out to be wild ones.

“Ok what time” Susan answered grudgingly

“Pick me up at 8pm. Wear something slutty cause I will”

Susan laughed and said “You want to look slutty for Dan. Ok seeya then”

Dan was Dianne’s on again off again boyfriend who leaves her for a different woman about every other month. Susan finished cleaning her house and walked up stairs to the shower.

After the shower, she looked in her closet for the perfect costume. Her perfect Trailer Trash outfit was her old pair of denim bib overalls and a tube top. After adorning her outfit, she looked at herself in the mirror and smiled. The old pants had several tears and missing buttons. The sides of the bibs were not able to be buttoned and everyone would see that she was without underwear.

“She wanted slutty” she said with a smile. The outfit was complete with the three toe rings on each foot and the ankle bracelets.

Susan started her old pickup and drove the short ride to Dianne’s home. She walked into Dianne’s house and called for her. Dianne ran down the stairs like a school girl.

“Nice bathing suit you almost are wearing.” Susan said with a smile.

The suit barely covered her nipples and was practically transparent.

“It’s called a Wicked Weasel. Do you like it?” Dianne asked with a gleam in her eye

“Girl, you could be arrested for wearing that.” Susan replied

“Thanks. That’s the look I wanted. I have one for you also” she replied with a wink.

Dianne looked at what Susan was wearing and said “Loose the tube top and the outfit will be perfect”

Susan laughed and said “Oh so we can share a jail cell together?”


Susan pulled the tube top off and re-snapped the overalls. The bibs barely covered the nipples. “Do you think you should wear something Escort Çankaya to cover yourself on the way over?” She asked Dianne.

“I guess so.” She ran upstairs and returned wearing a short denim skirt. They walked to the pickup and drove away.

“Can we stop for cigarettes? I’m almost out” Dianne requested. Susan nodded and pulled into the convenience store. Both women walked into the store to the delight of the pimple faced clerk.

“We made his day.” Dianne beamed proudly as they sat in the truck and both laughed.

The driveway to Dan’s farm was filled with all sorts of trucks and motorcycles. Music could be heard blaring from the back yard. They walked around the back of the house and were amazed at the quantity of people. There was a live band playing. Most of the people were drunk. Dan waved at them and brought over two beers. He kissed Dianne and said

“Wow” as he saw her bikini top.

There was a topless girl walking around giving our jello shooters filled with alcohol. There was also shots flowing freely throughout the place. They met some old friends and well as some new people. It didn’t take long for the women to consume enough alcohol to start loosing their inhibitions.

Susan looked up to see two men with Dan that she had never met. One was a tall tattooed man with long hair pulled into a pony tail. He was wearing a denim vest, jeans and biker boots. The other man was a very tall black man wearing a leather vest and tight jeans. Dan walked over and introduced the men to them. The guy with the ponytail was introduced as Tony and the black was Goose.

She could feel the men eyeing her and it felt exciting. The men sat on each side of her on the porch swing. She was flirting with them as more alcohol was consumed. Goose lit a joint and they shared it.

Tony asked if she wanted to dance. She followed him up to dance. The song was fast and she found herself watching his body as they danced. The next song was a slow one and he reached over and pulled her close. His strong tattooed arms held her tight. His hands were on her hips and she felt his excitement as she was pulled closer. His lips met hers and their tongues were exploring each others mouths. His hands reached inside her pants, groping her ass. A soft moan left her lips.

After the song, she Ankara Escort went back over and sat down on the porch swing next to Goose and Tony sat on the other side. After another joint, Tony pulled her closer and began to kiss her. He unsnapped her bibs and allowed them to fall. His hands started pulling and twisting her nipples. Goose then pulled her pants the rest of the way off. Four hands were groping her naked body and she loved it.

She unsnapped Tony’s pants and pulled his hardened cock out. As she bent over to taste it, Goose positioned himself behind her. She opened her mouth and took Tony in while she could feel Goose behind her. He plunged himself in her wet pussy and she gagged momentarily. Tony pulled her red hair as she sucked him while Goose fucked her hard and fast. She felt possessed by them. Tony soon filled her throat with his cum and she felt Goose going harder.

“Fucking bitch I want to cum inside you.” He said.

“Fucking bitch, I like the sound of that” she thought.

Goose filled her with his cum and she could feel it running down her leg. “Bitch, clean my cock” Goose ordered.

She turned around and licked him clean. He pulled out and made her lay on the grass.

“Make yourself cum slut” Goose ordered.

She lay back onto the ground and her right hand started pulled her nipple while her left began massaging her clit. Goose watched intently as she masturbated.

“oh Fuck Yes Yes Mmmm” she cried out as the orgasm hit.

She opened her eyes to see Tony walking toward her. He said. “Put this on. We’re leaving.”

He threw the other “wicked weasel” bikini at her. She knew this outfit would not be proper for being in public but didn’t care. As she walked around the front of the house, she saw that Dianne was in Dan’s Suv . She sat in the backseat. She was flanked by Goose and Tony. The men attached collars and leashes to each woman. The SUV pulled out of the drive and she felt hands groping her willing body.

The driver pulled into the National Bar; a well known biker bar. Goose led them into the bar by their leash. The floor of the smoke filled bar was littered with dirt, ashes, cigarette butts and spit. Several of the patrons watched them as they were paraded through the bar. She was on display as his toy; she felt so decadent. They Sincan Escort led her into the back room and there were several bikers there.

“What you got there Goose?” a middle aged biker asked

“We got us some fine sluts that need fucked,” Goose answered.

“Is that so?” the man asked.

“yep, tell him bitch” and he pulled Susan’s hair.

“I’m a slut that likes to fuck” she said looking down.

Goose ripped her top off and said “Lookee at these tittees. She likes em pulled”

He twisted her nipple and smacked her ass. She moaned. The others gathered around. She could Dianne getting the same treatment. Her body was bent over a small table and her arms and legs tied to the table legs. While her naked body was on display, the patrons took turns invading her pussy and ass with beer bottles, cue sticks and fingers. Men lined up in front of her mouth as well.

It all seemed like a dreamas the men called her names while fucking her three orifices. Her body seemed to be on a perpetual orgasm. Guys spilled beer on her as a joke. The truth was that she liked being treated like this. She was soon pulled off the table and dropped on the dirty floor. She looked over and saw that Dianne was next to her. She looked up and saw that the guys were circled around she and Dianne. They started masturbating. She and Dianne were in a circle jerk. She soon felt the hot semen hitting their bodies. It was in their hair, face and stomach.

One of the guys said, “Make em eat each other out” She had never been with another woman.

Goose yelled at her, “Bitch, clean her cunt out.”

Susan rolled over and found her face between Dianne’s legs. She lowered her mouth and tasted the semen. She began to lick at her. Susan could hear Dianne’s groans. Dianne’s legs squeezed her head as the orgasm hit. She could hear the men laughing. Tony reached over with his foot and gently pushed her off Dianne.

“Get the fuck out of here sluts.” They were led to the front door and pushed outside, completely nude.

“Girlfriend, you look like shit” Susan joked at Dianne.

Dianne laughed and said “I told you it would be fun”

The walk to Susan’s truck was only a few blocks but seemed an eternity as they feared seeing a car or worse yet a policeman. They made it to the truck and drove to Dianne’s house. Dianne asked her to come in to clean up. After a hot shower and a cup of tee, Dianne walked over to Susan and said

“You know You made me feel so good I would love to repay the favor.” Susan smiled and took Dianne’s hand as they walked upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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