Tissue Tease Ch. 07

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Well, here’s another one – the next tissue tease. This is from my continuing conversation with a female fan. The one from Tissue Tease ch.6, she is one of a couple – that is, they are a female couple. We talked about explorations in public. She had said to me that the beach was one she’d like to explore.

As you may or may not recall, the one of the two I was talking with has little or no experience with men. Her affections to date, are soley for her female partner. And, as per the last tissue tease ch.6, she has express an interest to explore male relationships as suggested by her female partner. Although she is nervous, she is willing to ‘see how it goes’.

Perhaps I am cowardly in that I am not willing to explore this aspect with them, other than in my written reality. 🙂 But as I’ve said, I’m a one woman (at a time) kind of man.

This is actually four parts of the same day. It took me a couple of weeks to write it up though. And as always, I have changed the names from the original.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it and sharing it first with the couple. 🙂

Maybe this should have been a full fledged story instead of a tissue tease? (As you will see, it is different from my other teases.)

Feel free to drop me a note, whether or not you’ve enjoyed it. Comments and suggestions *always* welcomed.


Be well and safe, Vic — Carol laughs as Crystal skips down the steps of their home to the curb. Crystal is in a great mood and the excitement of the day ahead of them was palatable.

“Slow down, Crys” Carol half chuckling.

Crystal turns around with the grin on her face, “Why?”

“First of all, I don’t want you to trip and hurt yourself.” Carol replies while affecting a stern tone.

Crystal pouts dramatically in Carol’s direction.

“Second of all, we want to have all the food remain in the containers we put them in.” Carol makes the second point while pointing to the basket in Carol’s hand.

Crystal winces and lifts the basket up while opening the lid with her other hand to peek in.

“And lastly, our ride isn’t here yet. So what’s the rush?” Carol finishes as she moves down two steps and sits on the steps.

Crystal glances down the street, seeing their ride nowhere in sight, she walks up towards Carol and sits beside her. Carefully, Crystal places the basket behind Carol.

Carol leans forward and kisses Crystal on the cheek. She pulls back and smiles.

“Excited about our afternoon plans?” She asks Crystal.

“Yep!” Crystal replies smiling.

“You don’t want to stay in the comfortable air conditioned home we have?”

“Nope!” Crystal replies again.

Carol shakes her head and smiles. It’ll be a nice break. They’ve been working the last seven or so weeks straight with barely even a break during the weekend. If Crystal hadn’t suggested it and planned the entire ‘break’, Carol believes they would have continued to work straight through the next few weeks. It’s definitely a plan for burnout. So this is a good thing, really. Carol turns to Crystal and leans forward. She felt Crystal leaning towards her as their lips touched. She almost sighed as their kiss continued. Carol could not remember in the past weeks when they had the time to sit and relax, let alone kiss or show any sort of affection. Carol felt the tip of Crystal’s tongue run along the edge of her lower lip. She pushes the thoughts of the last few weeks to the back of her mind as she responds by moving her tongue forward to meet Crystal’s.

Carol involuntarily shivers as she feels Crystal’s fingers run lightly along the skin of her leg. She realizes now that they were in for an intimate encounter. Carol started to formulate a plan for when they get home. She decides that they definitely need to find some time alone to relax tonight.

Carol and Crystal pull back suddenly at the honk of a car horn.

“Okay ladies, why don’t you take that inside. It’s hot enough out here without you two steaming it up some more.”

Both of them turn towards the male voice.

“Finally!” Crystal shouts and jumps up. She grabs the basket behind Carol and races towards the car.

“What took you so long? We were getting bored.” Carol asks as she stood to follow Crystal towards the car.

“Well, if that’s what you do when you get bored, maybe I should have come a lot later.”

Carol smirks and says, “I thought you weren’t into that, Rich.”

Rich glances at Crystal as she looks down the street then runs around towards the front passenger seat.

Rich grins and turns towards Carol. He winks and replies, “Yeah, well, I said I prefer not to ‘do it’ with two women. I never said I didn’t enjoy watching two beautiful women kissing.”

Crystal opens the door and jumps into the passenger seat just as Carol opens the back door behind the driver’s seat. As Carol moves onto the seat, she sees Crystal throw her arms around Rich and squealing. She shuts the door and shakes her head as Crystal Escort Sincan kisses Rich on the cheek.

Rich glances at the mirror and catches her eyes.

“She’s a bit excited isn’t she?” he asks.

Carol laughs and nods.

“Okay ladies, seat belts on and off we go to the museum!”

Carol glances at Crystal and laughs.

Crystal looks at Rich just as her hand strikes Rich’s arm.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“We’re going…” she answers, “to the beach!”

For emphasis, Crystal hits Rich in the arm again.

“Ow! Hey, that hurts. Now I can’t drive.”

Rich grabs his arm with this free hand, rubbing it as if it continues to hurt while making shushing sounds of pain.

Carol groans at the display.

“C’mon, Rich. Let’s go!” Crystal says.

“Only if I get another kiss.”

Crystal sighs and crosses her arms.

“Oh look, the arm is going numb!” Rich says as he lifts his right arm up with his left hand and let’s it drop to his lap like dead weight.

Crystal glances at Carol but Carol shrugs.

Crystal sighs again and turns in her seat as she leans towards Rich. As Crystal’s lips near Rich’s cheek, he turns and plants his lips against her lips. Kissing her quickly and pulling away, he immediately starts up the car.

“Ewww! Crystal kissed a boy! On the lips!” Rich says in a mocking tone as the car speeds down the street.




The traffic to the beach wasn’t that bad. Granted, they left a little later than planned but the day was beautiful. It was hot and the sky was clear.

They pulled into the parking lot where there were only two other cars parked. Crystal is first out of the car. She ran to the trunk and took out the blankets. Carol stands behind her and wraps her arms around her waist. She kisses Crystal’s neck as she hugs her from behind. Crystal leans back against Carol, enjoying the feel of her closeness.

“I can’t wait until we get home tonight.” Carol whispers into Crystal’s ear.

“Oh?” Crystal asks, “What are we doing tonight?”

“Yeah! What are you doing tonight that you can’t do here?” Rich whispers into Carol’s ear.

Crystal laughs. Carol pushes Rich back a few steps with her arm.

“Can’t a couple of girls get a moment of privacy?” Carol asks in mock annoyance.

Rich winks at Carol and says, “Not at a public beach.”

Rich runs forward and wraps his arms around both Carol and Crystal.

“Hey!” Carol says.

Rich laughs as he releases them. He moves next to Crystal and winks at her as he lifts the cooler out of the trunk.

It did not take them long to find a spot. The beach was practically empty. They picked a spot in front of a dune. Quickly, the set up the two blankets side by side and placed the cooler, basket and radio strategically so a sudden gust of wind will not rearrange their blankets. They quickly stripped down to their bathing suits and sat on the blankets. They all reached into the cooler to take out some juice.

Carol puts her juice down and says, “Honey, could you put some lotion on me?”

“Certainly, dear!” Rich says as he tosses the bottle of lotion from one hand to the next.

“I think she meant me, Rich.” Crystal says as she laughs.

Rich waves her back down, “Nah, I’ll do it. Sit. Relax. I’ll do you next.”

Carol glances at Rich as he opens the bottle and squeezes a liberal amount in the palm of his hand. He rubs them together so that both hands have lotion.

“What? No smart remark?” Carol asks as Rich positions himself behind her.

“Smart remark about what?” Rich asks in return as he places his hands on Carol’s shoulders.

Carol closes her eyes as Rich slowly applies the lotion along her shoulders, almost massaging. His fingers move slowly and firmly along her skin as the oil seem to cool her skin somewhat. Carol caught herself from moaning at the relaxing sensation.

“About doing Crys next.” Carol murmurs.

Rich’s hands move slowly down Carol’s back around her shoulder blades. Carol pushes back gently against his hands as he moves along her skin. Carol sighs quietly at the sound of Rich’s voice by her ear, whispering.

“Why Carol, are you propositioning me to ‘do you’ now?” Rich whispers quietly into Carol’s ear.

Carol shivers slightly as Rich’s hands suddenly seem to send waves of electricity through her skin while applying the suntan oil.

“Lay on your stomach. I need to get to the rest of your.” Rich said huskily into Carol’s ear.

Quietly, Carol leans forward and shifts her legs behind her as she lies on her stomach. As she did that, Rich quickly pours more oil onto his hands and shifts beside Carol. Rich places each hand on the back of Carol’s leg right below her ass. Slowly, his hands firmly move down her legs. Carol could feel every movement of his hands and fingers. She followed as his hands moves down past the middle of her leg towards the back of her knees. She could feel his fingers moving more and more towards Eryaman Escort the inside of her legs. Carol concentrated on his fingers as he moves back up, slowly and teasingly up. His fingers touch the inside of her legs more and more. Carol found that she was slowly spreading her legs, giving him more access.

Rich moves his fingers up and Carol quickly moves her hand over to her mouth to cover the moan that was about to escape. The tips of his fingers touch her as he moves his hands up and away from the inside of her legs. Carol felt herself shift her hips, moving herself to touch more of his fingers through her bikini bottom.

Rich moves his hands away and starts again on her lower back. Slowly, as before moving down, he moves his hands up towards her shoulders. Then carefully, he applies the oil on her arms as his hands moves down either arm. As his hands reaches both wrists, he let go of one arm and moves up the other with both hands.

Carol relaxes her arm and she could feel her fingers on his lap. She enjoys the way his fingers move along her arm, towards her shoulder. She gasps lightly as she feels the top of her fingers brush against Rich’s obvious excitement. Rich did not remove her hand as he reaches over to her other arm and slowly moves down that arm. As he reaches the wrist of that arm, Carol feels Rich lean forward allowing her hand to fully touch his excitement through his swimsuit.

“Turn over, I need to do your front.” Rich whispers slowly into her ear.

Carol extends her fingers and blatantly brushes them along his hardness. Then she turns over to lie on her back. Carol glances at Crystal and sees her lying on the blanket on her stomach flipping through a magazine. She looks down at Rich and sees him pouring some more oil onto his hand. She watches as he lifts a leg and straddles her leg. She does let a moan escape her this time as she feels his hardness pulse against her leg through his swimsuit.

Rich’s hands move down from her shoulders, over to the tops of her exposed breasts. His fingers move firmly and electrically along her skin. Carol looks up into Rich’s eyes as his hands moves down from the top of her breasts. His hands firmly cup both breasts and gently squeezes. Then his hands move away towards her stomach. One hand follows the other. She could feel herself moving her hips lightly, anticipating his touch. ***

Carol watches Rich as his hands lift away from her stomach. She sees him squeezing more suntan oil into the palm of his hand. She shivers as he moves his hands towards her. Carol closes her eyes as his hands touch her stomach once more. Slowly, his hands move up, then as they reach below her bikini top and breasts, his hands move down slowly. She follows his movement with her mind’s eye as his hands brush against the top of her bikini bottom. Rich carefully moves his hands over the top of the bikini bottom to her legs. Slowly and firmly, like the way he moved on her back, he moves down the front of her legs. Both hands massage the oil onto her leg. As his hands reaches her ankle, he switches to the other leg. There, Rich moves up the other leg. As he moves, Carol realizes that the hand Rich is using against the inside of her leg is moving more suggestively. Carol opens her eyes and looks at Rich.

She sees Rich smile at her as his fingers slowly move in a circular motion as he moves along her middle inner thigh. Carol feels herself breathing harder as his fingers move higher along her inner thigh. Her hands grab at the blanket as she feels Rich’s fingers brush lightly and electrically across her bikini bottom. She feels the movement along her pussy as if she was not wearing that bikini bottom. This time she could not stop the moan from escaping her lips.

Crystal hears Carol’s moan and looks up from her magazine.

“Hey!” she says and looks around quickly.

“What are you guys doing?” Crystal asks.

Carol’s mouth opens but she closes it right away. Rich’s index and middle finger moves against Carol’s pussy along her bikini bottom. Her body responded to his movement and the strength of the tease causes Carol to concentrate on the feel. Rich’s fingers move slowly along her bikini bottom as he massages Carol’s pussy.

“Well Crystal, I’m trying to tease Carol here but I think she’s going to be a bit noisy here for anyone walking by.” Rich grins mischievously at Crystal.

“Any idea on how we can keep her quiet?”

Crystal glances around again and again she sees no one nearby. Smiling, she quickly got up and scooted over to Carol. Crystal leans over Carol and kisses her hard on the lips. As Crystal kisses her, Carol moans.

Rich moves his fingers a little faster along Carol’s pussy. His other hand carefully guides Carol’s legs apart. He spread her legs enough so that he could lay on his stomach while supporting his upper body with his elbows. His fingers never left Carol’s pussy. Rich continues to run both fingers along her. Moving slowly up along her and carefully circling near where he Keçiören Escort believes her clit to be, he moves his tongue back down again.

Rich watches as Crystal kisses Carol. He could see Carol responding and kissing her back. Crystal is lying on her stomach. Her head over Carol’s kissing her. Rich sees Crystal move her hand towards Carol’s breast. As Crystal cups Carol’s breast, Rich leans towards Carol’s leg and lightly kisses her inner thigh.

Rich continues to watch as Crystal kisses Carol and plays carefully with Carol’s breast. His lips moving slowly and lightly along Carol’s inner thigh as his fingers continue to move along Carol’s pussy over her bikini bottom.

Carol was on fire. Her lips were pressed against Crystal’s, their tongues dancing with each other. She feels Crystal’s hands squeezing her breast and her fingers teasing her nipple. At the same time, Rich’s lips moving softly across her oiled thigh is sending waves of electricity up and down her. Then there were his fingers, moving along her pussy. Touching her clit just so. She wanted either of them to touch her or taste her. Her body was moving. Riding a wave of pleasure, moving up and down. Her hips move forward and backward. Carol feels Rich’s lips leave her leg. She opens her eyes but only see Crystal’s lovely face. She continues to kiss Crystal as Crystal kisses her harder.

“Crystal.” Rich says.

Rich’s fingers continue to press and move along Carol’s bikini bottom. He glances down to see that Carol continues to move her hips in time with his fingers’ movement.

“Crystal.” Rich says again.

Reluctantly, Crystal pulls away from her kiss. She turns and looks at Rich.

“I was thinking of eating, but it might get a bit noisy.”

Crystal continues to look at Rich, not quite understanding.

Rich chuckles and says, “Well, I think Carol wants to eat too. This way you can keep her quiet while she and I both eat.”

Crystal smiles, as she understands. She gets onto her knees and takes a long look around the beach. It’s gotten a bit later, more towards late afternoon. And since no one seems to be around, Crystal shrugs and shifts forward. As she reaches Carol, she lifts a leg and kneels over Carol’s face. Taking one more glance around, she reaches down and pulls aside her bathing suit bottom and lowers herself.

Carol, not quite hearing the exchange because she was concentrating on the movement of Rich’s fingers opens her eyes to see Crystal’s naked pussy being lowered onto her face. She immediately responds by opening her mouth and sliding her tongue out. Her hands reaches up and carefully guides Crystal’s ass down.

Crystal shivers slightly as she feels Carol’s tongue on her. It’s been a while, is the thought that first goes through her mind. The next thing was that it feels good. She settles herself on Carol’s lips as she closes her eyes while Carol’s tongue moves along her pussy.

Rich watches as Carol’s hands gently take Crystal’s ass. He looks for a little while as he catches glimpses of Carol’s tongue moving along Crystal’s pussy. Then, he shifts forward slightly and leans forward. Using his other hand, he carefully slides his finger under Carol’s bikini bottom. His other fingers continue to move, slowly up and then down again. Rich tugs aside the bikini bottom and suddenly, Carol feels his fingers against her pussy. She moans into Crystal’s pussy as his finger slide slightly into her. She moves her hips a little more as his fingers move up along and in-between her pussy lips. Then back down again. Carol’s scent of excitement tugs at Rich. He leans forward and runs his tongue along Carol’s pussy lips. His tongue tip moves up along her pussy lips, past his fingers and up to her clit. Carefully, he runs his tongue tip over her clit, then around it. Slowly his fingers began to move deeper into Carol’s pussy. As Rich moves his tongue tip around or over Carol’s clit, he glances up at Crystal.

Crystal’s back was towards Rich or else he’d see her face. Crystal has her eyes closed. A look of concentration on her face as she moves her hips in time with Carol’s tongue. She has always enjoyed that certain technique that Carol uses. The way her tongue always seems to find the right spot. The way Carol’s lips move against her pussy. Crystal leans back, pushing her pussy forward slightly. This allows Carol’s tongue to reach more of her. Crystal’s hands push against the blanket for support.

Carol could have cum as Rich’s fingers moved deeper into her but she wanted to enjoy more of his work. At the same time, she was really enjoying Crystal. She wanted her to cum and cum hard on her face. She wants to wait until then to cum all over Rich’s fingers and tongue.

Rich shifted slightly and presses his tongue harder against Carol’s pussy and clit. His fingers move carefully in and out of Carol’s pussy. Rich moans lightly against Carol’s pussy as his tongue allows him to taste her excitement. Rich moves his free hand up and presses his palm against her thigh.

Carol feels Rich’s hand spreading her leg. She realizes that she had raised her legs to put her feet on the blanket and his back. As her leg is pushed back, she could feel more of his lips against her. Her hips rock a little faster against his fingers and tongue.

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