Three of Us

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It’s terrifying. I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on.

We’ve talked about threesomes before, but never in any serious way. There was always the thing about one of us getting jealous and it causing a huge rift between us. But, I pushed the issue, and you agreed. You agreed, but only if the first time could be with a man. What got my heart beating faster at that wasn’t the thought of you sucking a stranger’s member whilst I licked you; no, what got me going was that you said “the first time”, implying there would be more.

And so, here we are. You stand between us in that light green dress you wore to that long-ago wedding. It’s surreal, watching this strange man run his hands over your body like he was meant to do it. His fingers trail across your shoulders, brushing your hair gently away as he kisses along your collar bone. With his other hand, he caresses your breasts through your dress. You crane your neck, letting him softly nibble at you.

I can’t help but grin. I know all your hot spots, the places you love to be touched and kissed. I know how you like when I blow softly on the back of your neck as I run a finger down your back. I know all this, but he doesn’t. And it’s wonderful. Watching him explore you, working his way around you…it’s like we’ve just met all over again and I’m desperately trying to turn you on.

He’s doing well. Your mouth is open just a little; I can hear your breath coming in little gasps as he cups you backside and pulls you to him. You tilt your head back, letting him shower your face with kisses. Your dark hair falls down your back, just touching the swell of your buttocks.

I stand. I’m not particularly quiet about it, but you don’t hear me. You’re too busy trembling as the stranger slips a strap from your shoulder. He catches my eye; I nod encouragingly at him.

At my touch, you jump. This is what you wanted, my love; two of us. Just for you. I kiss one side of your neck and our new friend puts his lips to the other. I slip my fingers under your remaining strap. “Are you ready?” I whisper, little more than a breath in your ear. Under my hand, your skin prickles in excited goosebumps.

You look at me over your shoulder. I can see the trepidation in your eyes, but it’s nothing compared to the desire. I lean in for a kiss as I slide the strap from your smooth shoulder. Our lips parted, our tongues entwined, your dress falls to the floor.

He steps back to admire you. His wide-eyed face tells me he’s as turned on by you in nothing but high heels as I am. You try to turn away from me, but I hold your chin, keeping you focussed on me. I want him to enjoy you as Ankara Escort much as I and I don’t want you getting self conscious now. Still holding your face, I kiss my way to your ear. You close your eyes, relishing the sensation. “I love you,” I tell you softly. You nod and step out of your discarded dress.

I glance at him. He swallows, and beams. This is a moment he wants to savour. He drops to his knees and runs his hands down the backs of your legs. I lift your arms into the air and over my head, drowning in your exquisite smell. From your wrists, I brush my fingertips down, under the curve of your sensitive armpits and under your breasts.

Our combined touch sends a jolt through you. You wriggle closer to me, my growing erection nestling in the small of your back. I lift your breasts, squeezing them gently as I lower my head to your neck once more. I can only see the top of our friend’s head, but your shudders tell me whatever his hands and mouth are doing are wonderful.

You lift one leg, resting it on his shoulder. I stand firm, bracing you, letting you open yourself for his tongue. I listen to him lick you and I can’t help wonder if he’s got a similar technique to mine. I find it doesn’t matter; what matters is he’s giving you what you deserve. As much as I thought this would be about you with two men, it’s actually two men with you. There is a world of difference, and you are at the centre of that. Nothing else matters but your pleasure.

With your hands still behind my head, you run your fingers through my hair. My manhood swells to its fullest, straining against its confines. I can barely control my lust when I growl “I need to be in you.”

Your breathing becomes heavy; you’re trying to hold off coming. I run my fingers through the dark curls of hair at your face, brushing your hair and tickling your scalp. You jerk against me, your fingers tightening in my hair. Quietly, almost shyly, you begin panting “Oh God, oh God.” He’s good, our stranger.

But you need more encouragement. I lower my hands further and scoop your backside up. You squeal, part in surprise and part in excitement. I lift your foot from the floor; without seeing me, he knows to put both of your legs on his shoulders. Completely weightless, there is nothing you can do to prevent his tongue sending waves of that incredible orgasm throughout your body. Your eyelids flutter and I wonder if you’re going to pass out.

I stand holding you as you come on a stranger’s face, knowing your juices will be sweet on his tongue. You relax into my arms, blissful moans escaping your trembling lips.

He gently places your feet Çankaya Escort on the ground. Your knees threaten to buckle, such was the intensity of your first orgasm to another man. But I keep a hold of you until I’m sure you can stand by yourself. On shaky legs, you brush a lock of hair behind your ear.

You bite your lip as you stare at our bulges. “Now,” you say in a hungry way that fills me with passion, “someone said something about needing to be inside me?”

He looks at me, but I wave him on. He’s done all the hard work so far; you should reward him for that. But you shake your head and smile. Slowly, you kneel in front of us. You run a hand across each of our crotches, playfully raking your nails across us. My breath shudders. At the same time, you unzip us. My hardness needs no further encouragement; it falls into your waiting hand.

Your eyes light up at the stranger’s organ. It’s longer than mine – I try not to be jealous, but fail – but he’s less thick. You tug us both, as if testing us. I have to bite my lip against the wonderful feeling.

You lick your lips and place a light kiss on my tip. Then you turn to the other and lick from head to balls. He groans when your tongue snakes its way back to his head. You engulf him in your mouth and set to work using that skilled tongue I love so much on another man.

All the while, you squeeze me, pumping in slow, rhythmic motions. My pre-come wets my head, glistening in the light. My vein throbs beneath your palm; my balls tighten. I ache to be in your mouth.

You look up at me and wink. I nod, letting you know I’m fine. Still watching me, you swallow as much of our friend as you can; I hear him moan as you take the length of him in your mouth. Your pace quickens on my shaft, jerking me until I don’t know if I can hold back.

You bring your head back slowly, taking your time. When he slips from your mouth, you immediately replace him with me. I let out a long, low moan of pleasure. But I can’t lose myself in this; if I do, then I know I’ll come. And I want to come in you.

I can feel the tension building; I’m readying myself to come in your mouth. And you stop. I knew you would, knew you had to, but I still judder and sigh with momentary frustration. You lick my head and kiss the tip again.

We help you up, your hands unwilling to let us go. “One at a time,” you tell us.

I spin you to face him. “Lift her up,” I say to him. As if you weigh nothing, he picks you up and draws you to him. Your arms wrap around his neck and your legs around his waist. I hear your heels clicking together behind his back and I step closer.

He Etlik Escort slides inside and immediately begins to thrust. Your breath is pushed from you each time. I run my hands along your arms until I come to your wrists; I pry them apart and loop your arms over my head as I did earlier. Your breathing becomes sharper as the angle of the stranger changes.

But you should know by now that I’ve got you. Smriking, I take a step back. Now, as before, you are suspended between us. I hold you up with my body and let my hands wander across you. I squeeze your breasts, mesmerized as they bounce in time with the stranger’s motion. Your hair is long enough that is lightly kisses my length; each strand that alights on the head brings as an intense feeling as anything I have ever felt.

Your fingers lace behind my head. Your moan becomes breathless and your mouth widens. I look at our friend, who is holding your hips as he pushes himself deeper inside you. You are all he sees, all he thinks about. He clenches his jaw, trying to postpone his own orgasm until your second one. By the way you’re bucking, though, he needn’t bother.

The scream escapes you. “Fuck him,” I tell you. Your eyes are squeezed shut and your scream has gone so high-pitched, it’s practically silent. But you hear me and you nod. You hammer against him, your velvety folds sliding down him.

You climax, your nerves firing brightly as his grunting reaches crescendo. His body rocks as he fills you. Do I feel a flash of jealous rage? Yes, but then the scent of your sex is surrounds me, hugging me and I realise I don’t care. This is about you, and you’re in ecstasy.

Breathing hard, he lifts your hips and withdraws. I feel your grip start to relax. “Stay where you are,” I whisper.

You look at me with bleary eyes. “Your turn?”

I don’t answer. I close the gap between myself and the stranger, sandwiching you between us. Pressing you against him, you hang onto his neck. He takes you in his arms, holding you in place for me.

I push inside you. With a quivering moan, you take my full length. Your familiar softness is slick with his come, but I don’t care. It makes no difference to me: you belong to me and I to you. I bury my face in your neck, losing myself in you. I thrust into you, feeling my release close.

You are still reeling from the previous time, but as I slide in and out of you, building my furious pace, your muscles pulse with energy. I concentrate on you, listening to you, feeling you.

Bouncing, you twist to look at me. “Don’t wait for me,” you pant. “Come.”

I do. I come for you, letting myself go. I thrust once, twice, three times more and then I’m spent. I kiss you and slip out of your embrace.

Our friend sets you on the floor, where you lie shaking. You smile at us both, your chest rising and falling with huge gasps. “Who…wants…a…shower?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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