The Way of the Fist

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Big Dicks

I’d been hanging out with A. for a couple of years by then, and I had wanted her from the start. I had never pursued her though — she seemed very straight to me, and I always thought that if any straight girl is interested in trying something new she is going to at least joke about it first a bit and probe about the possibility, something A. had never done. But sometimes things work differently I guess.

We were returning from a night out with friends, and I was walking her home, when a hot guy passed us by. I may have gawked a bit at him, and she looked at me strangely.

“I thought you were gay? Like, really gay,” she said. Truth be told, I do present myself rather stereotypically lesbian, with my very short hair, piercings and overall demeanour, but so what?

“Ugh, I’ll have you know I absolutely love cock,” I replied with fake outrage. “And I’m still really gay.”

“Jeez, ok, my bad,” she said but looked at me in a bit of a ‘how about that’ fashion.

It seems silly, but I suspect that moment was when something clicked in her: maybe she thought if this girl is bi, it’s really not that strange, or maybe our shared love of cock validated some fantasy she had, who knows. And who cares for that matter; more importantly, she sat me down in front of her house and started asking me questions. You know what kind. I answered them patiently as I could:

I prefer girls to boys in general, but due to the connection, not the sexual attraction; the latter is almost equal really. No, I don’t know with whom I perform better, it depends. Uh, I like to think I’m equally good at oral with both sexes, thank you very much. Now, we were slightly tipsy, otherwise I might have been offended at the straightforwardness of the interrogation. Instead, I enjoyed the interest she showed, but still, I was very much caught Sincan Escort by surprise when she nonchalantly followed this line of questioning with “ok, so… you wanna fuck?”

I am not entirely sure how we reached her apartment from the street, but as soon as we were inside, I was all over her. I kissed her and knew she was not going to change her mind about this; I could tell the whole “kissed a girl” part already excited her and we were just getting started. I groped her magnificent ass with one hand and one of her large breasts with the other while both of hers were on my ass — also a perfect specimen if I may say so. I’m not very subtle when I’m horny so I was about to just take her clothes off but she stopped me.

“Just a sec. I know it may sound strange but since I haven’t done this before can we like, make a plan? What do you want to do?”

That caught me a bit off but I knew what I had in mind.

“Well, I was thinking I am going to eat you out and then I got a strap-on that doesn’t go limp, so I can fuck you all night.” That was a ridiculous and exaggerated line, of course, and as soon as I said it I thought I’m an idiot, but my idiocy wasn’t the part she had a problem with.

“Not that I won’t let you do that, but I do have a boyfriend who can do perform the same, eh, services. I am here to do something different, no?”

She looked at me with such lust in her eyes beneath her dark reddish curls that I just blurted out without thinking:

“Fist me.” She blinked in surprise, but I realised that was what I actually wanted: “I want you to stick your fingers in my pussy, one at a time, and then put your whole damn hand in it and fuck me with it. Hard.” She nodded in a why-the-hell-not-way and I felt my insides burning at the prospect.

I then walked to the bed, took of my T-shirt Escort Ankara and let her stare at me a bit. I put on my best ‘take me now’ face and guided her mouth to my pierced tits, smaller than hers but I never minded that. She soon took charge, throwing me on the bed and ever so slowly moving her hand lower. She put it under my pants and started rubbing my shaved pussy, a bit reluctantly at first, but with more confidence as I moaned to express my approval. Then she stopped nibbling my nipple ring, got up and removed my pants and panties together, with obvious determination on her face. She marvelled a bit at my pussy, or rather at what she was about to do with it, before taking off her own blouse and bra, letting me take my first look at those tits I had often fantasised about.

I didn’t have a chance to stare much, as she got down to business, lowering her face between my legs, telling me “Don’t worry, I’ll do what you asked, but I need to see what this is like from this side as well,” before parting my pussy lips with a finger to start licking me with, I have to say, more passion and skill than I expected. By this point I was already very wet, so when she started to use her fingers to aid her tongue, it didn’t take long before she just got on her knees, her entire fist up to the wrist in my pussy. She was doing the actual fisting very slowly, probably afraid to hurt me but I urged her to pick up the pace (I believe the exact phrase I used was a personal favourite of mine in the bedroom, ‘ravage me’). She had asked me to try and keep quiet to avoid neighbours noticing (that she was having sex or that it was with a girl she didn’t say), so I tried to stifle my screams, but by the time my knees stopped shaking I think her entire bed cover was soaked in my cum.

“I don’t know if you’re that good Eryaman Escort Bayan at this or if I really, really wanted you,” I said, as she brought her juice-covered hand in my mouth to give me a taste of what I had done.

“Now I believe it is my turn,” she said as she sat on my face. I didn’t need her to say it twice; I raised my hands to play with her tits as my tongue went as deep inside her as it could, aided by her position on top of my mouth. She had obviously been playing with herself while fisting me (I was too arched on my back and out of my mind with horniness to notice) because she was already close, and it wasn’t long before I felt her shaking on top of me and I started drinking every last drop of her cum that ended up in my mouth, while the rest soaked my face. But having had some respite from her fucking me, I wasn’t done. I wasn’t going to leave with her thinking she had done more for me than I for her.

I got up, took the strap-on from my purse (no, I don’t always carry that around, but when you are out and about you might as well, right?) and told her as much. “I don’t just want your pussy, I want to enjoy your whole body and you have barely let me take a look at that ass. So turn around and get ready.”

She did that eagerly, and as I slipped the toy inside her I made a move to grab her hair — then remembered her mentioning at some random conversation she doesn’t like that, so instead I slapped her bottom. She squeaked a bit but followed it up with something along the lines of ‘make me your bitch’ so I had by now a pretty good idea what she would enjoy. “Rough it is,” I thought, and pounded on her hard and fast. I soon got tired, sweaty and slower (so much for ‘I can fuck you all night’) but didn’t allow myself to stop while she was still moaning with every thrust. Eventually her knees gave way and she collapsed on the bed on her belly, but I went on a little longer, till she asked me to stop. We got together a few more times (including a threesome with her boyfriend), but never got the bed sheets as soaked in pussy juices as that first instance.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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