Meeting is near an end

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It was finally the end of the first week of the training conference. Although there was still another week ahead of us last night they had thrown a dinner party for the group to let off steam after a long and sometimes very boring week.

I woke up and tentatively opened my eyes knowing I had over indulged the night before and waiting for the hangover to hit. My roommate was already gone as today was the day everyone had to themselves to either visit family or see the sights. I wanted to take the day just to decompress. As usual being hungover I was also extremely horny, and my cock was rock hard after an entire week with no sex of any kind.

I grabbed my iPad and threw the covers off me. I found some hot gay porn that was all blow jobs and facials. I found a hot video of a younger man sucking off a well hung older gent and my hand went to my cock. I propped the iPad against a pillow so I had both hands available to please myself. I always loved to masturbate and did quite often.

My dominant hand took hold of my cock and the feeling of pleasure was instant. The urge to grip tightly and beat off fast was there but I contained my eagerness to build up my orgasm slowly knowing I had over a weeks worth of cum that needed to be released. So I stroked my hard shaft slowly almost to the point I was barely touching the shaft but enough that the pleasure was building. I lay there with my legs spread wide and watched the young man on the video take the older man into his mouth. My thoughts went to wishing it was me with his cock in my mouth as I stroked a little tighter up and down my shaft. Pulling down hard and watching a bead of precum exit the head of my cock.

I held my cock down and used my free hand to finger the bead from bursa eskort the tip of my cock and spreading it on my lips giving me a taste of cum that I was craving. I continued my pace repeating the precum routine as I did. The older gentleman in the video was telling his cocksucker he was getting close and I decided I’d let them finish for me then I’d shoot the large load building in my balls.

Minutes later the video and the older man were coming to a climax as he grabbed the younger man by the hair and held his head back and shot a massive load onto his face. Again I’m wishing I was the recipient of his reward. My left hand now rubbing my balls I slowly increase the speed as I tighten the grip on my cock pumping faster now. Now breathing heavy as my orgasm approaches moaning loudly as I get closer and closer.

Then I hit the moment of no return. I couldn’t stop myself from cuming now even if I wanted to which I assure you I didn’t. I felt the first wave build in my stomach and I felt my cock go rigid as the flood of pleasure rose up my cock. I let out a loud oh fuck and a second later a forceful jet of cum shot from my cock hitting just near my lips and down my chest. I instinctively moaned again as I licked my cum from my lips and continued to shoot all over my stomach and body. Until I was drained. I put the hand that had jerked my cock to my mouth and savoured my cum as I caught my breath. I then used my hand to clean my chest and stomach and also swallowed that down.

The iPad started another video as I lay there naked and catching my breath. Then I noticed the door to the adjoining room was slightly open and noticed that a guy I didn’t really know too well was watching me. His eyes mesmerized staring at my bursa escort bayan cock. He didn’t know I had seen him. So I decided to give him a hint so he’d know what I was watching. I turned the volume up on the iPad and the sound of two men sucking cock was unmistakable. I glanced quickly in his direction and noticed he was touching his cock through his shorts. Being watched was definitely a turn on and I started to stroke myself for him.

As I did, I looked up and noticed he was looking directly at me. I smiled and said I hope I didn’t wake you I didn’t realize the door was open. He said he heard someone moaning and thought I might be sick so he came to check on me. I then said why don’t you come and join me? Watching porn is fun, but the real thing is always better. He smiled shyly and asked if I was sure. I laughed and said I am definitely sure plus my roommate is gone for the day. He then walked into my room and I said take your shorts off which he did.

He was about 5’8” tall and slender with dark brown hair with light blue eyes. As he stepped out of his shorts he was already fully hard and had shaved his cock and balls completely. He looked to be about 6” in length and was thick with a large head on his cock. I said get over here your cock is making my mouth water. He got on the bed and without a word straddled my chest. His cock barely touching my lips as he said I haven’t cum in a while so it may happen quickly. I moaned and opened my mouth and said I’m ok with that. He added but I do rebound quickly. With that he pushed his cock past my lips and into my throat. Mmm I let him know to continue.

He basically leaned forward over me and started to fuck my face. His moans drowning görükle escort out mine as his cock slid in and out of my mouth balls hitting my chin. He was going at a slower pace but I could tell he was lost in the moment. Tasting his precum I knew I was in for a nice load and as expected he didn’t make me wait long. Ohhh fuck was all he said and he soon flooded my mouth with his cum. Pistoning quicker as he spasmed into my mouth. Me swallowing as he came. His cum was the perfect taste of sweet and salty with a hot creamy texture. I was definitely going to want more.

He finished in my mouth and pulled out saying nothing and got between my legs and eagerly taking my cock into his mouth. I knew at that moment this guy had sucked cock before and he was very talented. His hand rubbing my stomach as he sucked me off. He used his other hand to tease my ass and I soon felt his finger slide into me. That got me moaning and soon he put a second inside me and didn’t miss a beat sucking my dick. His fingers wiggling inside me the pleasure was incredible.

He then inserted a third finger and again the wiggling was driving me nuts. I was breathing heavily and managed to say fuck me im going to cum. This encouraged him and he started fucking me with his fingers and deepthroating my cock and then I exploded into his mouth. Listening to him gulp down my cum as he moaned and swallowed constantly going mmm mmm mmm he stayed on my cock for quite a while and slowly removed his fingers from my ass. He then looked up at me as his face approached mine he then started to kiss me. I could taste my cum on his lips and he said I hope you want more I’d really like to fuck you. I smiled and said I’m all yours. He said good let’s go take a shower together. We showered and gave each other great blow jobs in the shower which add more enjoyment.

He left and said he was checking out in the morning – we traded contact information but have never connected. However, I now have a great memory.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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