Alicia’s Desires

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This story has it’s beginnings in my early childhood. I was your typical all-american boy, striving to be as grown-up as my two older brothers. My name is Michael and I grew up in the South in a typical large, middle-class family. We had quite an extended family that we saw on a regular basis. However, it’s the cousins from up North that we never saw that this story is about.

About twice a year, our family of cousins would visit from Indiana. They consisted of the parents, John and Susan, three daughters, Alicia, Terri and Jo Ann, and one son Jason. The parents were married very young and were naive to say the least. They thought that their children were perfect and never did any wrong. Therefore, they often left the two older girls, Alicia and Terri, for me to watch while they went visiting the many relatives nearby.

Alicia was the oldest and about three years my junior while Terri was a year younger. Alicia had a huge crush on me from day one. No matter what I did or tried to do, she was always with me. As an over-hormonal teenager, this drove me nuts. I tried, in vane to discourage her at every opportunity. However, she was relentless in her devotion.


For reasons unknown to me, the Yankees had stopped visiting as often so I hadn’t seen Alicia for about 4 years. The last time I had seen her, she was a 14 year old brat tomboy who followed me around like a lost puppy. I got a call from my aunt who lived about 3 miles from the college I was attending. She told me that Alicia was coming to visit her for a couple of weeks in the summer. She wanted to make sure that I’d take some time off to see her.

I thought back to the days when she would follow me around like a lost puppy and smiled to myself. I figured that she had probably grown out of the tomboy stage and was now a young woman ready to begin college in the fall. She probably had a boyfriend and had long forgotten about me. I agreed that I would be there when Alicia arrived.

At 21, I was living the life of a college football player. I had bursa escort bayan grown to 6′-4 and 245 lbs of solid muscle and was quite popular with the ladies. My confidence was soaring as well as my cock most of the time. I figured I would go to my aunt’s and have dinner, then attend a party somewhere. I was ill-prepared for what actually transpired.

I was sitting in the den with my uncle, watching a Brave’s game when my aunt returned from the airport with Alicia. As the two rounded the corner, I was speechless. SHE WAS A FOX! I tried to maintain some form of control as I hugged her and said the normal hello and caught up on her life and plans, etc. over dinner. After dinner, I told my aunt that I couldn’t stay too late because of some made-up excuse. I needed to get out of there. Alicia had been hanging on my arm all night and I didn’t really know what signals she was trying to send. It may all be in my head, I thought.

Disappointed, Alicia asked if I could show her my apartment the next day. I told her sure that I would pick her up in the morning and we could go for a swim at the complex pool. She beamed at the idea and I excused myself and left.

Let me go back and describe my 18 year old cousin to you. She had grown into a knockout. She was about 5′-6or7″, tiny waist, 34-C perfect tits and an ass to die for. From the moment I saw her, I couldn’t help but watch her ass as she walked around, helping my aunt with the dinner, etc.

I was hard before I left the driveway, thinking of seeing her in a bathing suit. Being from a very conservative family, I figured she didn’t own a bikini, but she would look hot in a paper bag.

The next morning, I went to pick her up. I was dressed in my baggy swim trunks, t-shirt and sandals. As I pulled into the drive, Alicia came bounding out of the house in a too tight pair of jean shorts and a tight t-shirt with no shoes. I almost ran into the fence! She jumped into the passenger side of my truck exclaiming that she was ready to get wet and enjoy the southern sunshine. gorukle escort She explained to me that she had locked the house as my aunt and uncle were both gone to work and we were off.

I kept telling myself to get the thoughts out of my head. Surely she was just happy to see me and didn’t realize what she was doing. Arriving at my apartment complex, I realized that she hadn’t brought her suit to change into. When I mentioned this, she quickly pulled her shirt over her head to reveal one of the smallest bikini tops that I had ever seen. Her young, flawless breasts were all but completely bared to me as she grinned up at me. She told me that she has been looking forward to this for months and had bought the bikini last summer and had kept it hidden from her parents. Today was the first time she had worn it. She said that she hadn’t realized how much she had grown until she had tried on the top this morning.

Whew! I needed to hit the cold water fast. I was semi-hard and rising fast and what she did and said next brought me to full mast instantly. She reached out her small hand and grabbed my cock through my shorts and winked at me. She told me she was glad I liked her top. I didn’t know what to do! Should I cross the line and see how far she would go. But what if someone found us out? My family would be destroyed.

Trying to figure my next move was interrupted by Alicia pulling my arm towards the pool area. I stopped her and told her that we should get some towels from my apartment. She agreed and off we went. I tried to hide my bulge with my t-shirt as I didn’t want all my neighbors to see.

Upon entering the apartment, she twirled around and grabbed me for another hug. This time jumping into my arms and wrapping herself around me. She hugged me tightly and began to kiss my neck. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “I see you’re all big and hard for me”. She jumped out of my arms and pushed me towards the sofa. She told me to sit down, listen and not to say a word until she bursa merkez escort bayan was finished.

She proceeded to tell me that every since she was a little girl, she had dreamed about me. At first it was the girly stuff about marrying me, etc. but as she matured and became aware of her sexuality, that the dreams became about my body and what she wanted to do with me. She said that she was so disappointed on the visits that I had shunned her. Now that she was 18, she wanted to take control. As she told me this, she dropped to her knees between my legs and reached for my shorts. In one motion, she tugged my shorts from my body. Although I was still astounded, I managed to remove my shirt as I wondered what was next. I told her that I wanted to see her, but she said for me to sit back and enjoy as she had been planning this for two years after seeing her first porno.

As she stared lovingly into my eyes, she brought her lips closer and closer to the head of my cock. Pre-come was running down the sides as she took it between her lips and swirled her tongue around the tip. I knew that I wouldn’t last long. She was giving me the best blowjob I had ever seen, let alone felt. I warned her that I was going to come and she responded by taking as much of my eight inches into her mouth as she could. The site of her tiny hand on the base of my cock and the rest slowly disappearing into her young mouth was too much for me to take. I groaned as shot after shot of come exploded from me.

I was euphoric. I had not even seen a naked breast yet and I was already experiencing the best sex ever. I couldn’t wait to get rid of her clothes so I could worship that body.

She continued her worship of my cock for several minutes after my explosion. I never lost one bit of hardness as she expertly worked my manhood. She paused long enough to tell me that she had been practicing her technique so that she would be good for me. However, every guy she was with became me in her mind. She went on to tell me that she had sucked about 10 cocks but had refused anyone access to her treasures as she was saving that for me. No one had ever touched her pussy. Only her own hand as she masturbated and dreamed of me.

She stood and teasingly started to remove her shorts, undoing one button at a time very slowly…….

To be continued….. Let me here your feedback.

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