It Could Be Worse Ch. 04

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In part 3 I was surprised when my wife Cin brought Bonnie home to witness me welcome Stan. Bonnie filmed the ritual on her cell phone, me on my knees kissing his cock and balls through his trousers, thanking him for driving the 4 miles to fuck my wife.

Stan indeed fucked Cin that night. It was quite an orgy. Bonnie rode Stan’s face while Cin rode his manly cock. I felt fortunate they let me watch. And as usual, when they had satiated their carnal lust, I performed my duties. Bonnie aimed her phone as I licked and sucked Stan’s seed from Cindy’s well used cunt. My crawling between Stan’s legs and cleaning his cock and balls was also filmed.

When my wonderful bride granted me my orgasm she asked Bonnie if she could use her underwear as my “panty pussy”. I was delighted to fuck Bonnie’s panties.

Cin added some changes that night. She may have been demonstrating my willingness to please her or she may just have been showing off. After letting me fuck her pantied hand a bit, Cin had me lie on my back. She held my “panty pussy” over my dick as I arched my back, fucking upwards. No one said a word as I bucked and fucked Bonnie’s panties, finally soiling them as I gritted and grunted my load into them. Of course I’ll wash them before returning them or hopefully Bonnie will let me keep them.

I had to admit it, the more I took Stan’s cock in my mouth the more natural it felt. Cin was right. Next to real men I pale in comparison. My self realization began when I invited a man to sample my girl’s pussy. The next time they fucked Cin saw me masturbating in her panties while watching. I was treated to a cum kiss after Cin sucked him to completion and ate his spendings from her freshly fucked cunt when he was gone. Later I welcomed Stan into our home and into Cindy’s pussy. Stan has become the real man in my relationship with he and Cin. Cin wanted Stan to feel comfortable in our home so she softened my look and had me wear panties when he visited us. All that continued after we married.

Softened my look is a rather oblique term for it. My hair is now shoulder length, my body hair shaved, arms, legs, everything. My eye brows have been plucked into a sexier appearance, and Cin surprised me with a lip enhancing treatment that makes them an inviting parking place for Stan’s cock.

I use all the skin care products Cin recommends and can not believe how soft and sexy my skin has become. My underwear drawer is filled with an assortment of colors and styles of panties. Most hide my dick when it gets hard. My thongs do not and I am not permitted to wear a thong when Stan is visiting. It would be inconsiderate of me for Stan to see my dick.

My recreational wear are skin tight, buttock hugging short shorts of various colors and I have a growing collection of skin tight capris, spanx, and spandex leggings. I enjoy the looks I get when I go out wearing a see-through shirt, unbuttoned to my naval and tied at my tummy. Sure lots of men look at me in disgust. In fact most do. But, I see some admiring my look too and that makes my dick twitch. Besides, Stan doesn’t seem to mind. And anyway, fuck em. My clothes have expensive labels.

I have blushed when strange women approach Cin when we’re out, complementing her on my look and my behavior. I’m always a gentleman and I always try to be considerate. I’ve even begun to sit when I pee so I don’t accidently leave the seat up. I’ve learned the Cin does not appreciate carelessness from me. Stan, no problem. He can leave the seat up. He’s the man.

The week following Bonnie’s and Stan’s visit Cin sat me down for a serious talk. Not knowing what she wanted, I was greatly relieved when she asked if I wanted to continue my growth. When I looked at her questioningly she asked if I wanted to go forward with my cock sucking. If I wanted to take the next step in my evolution and find my own man whose cock I could enjoy. I had to think about that. I didn’t want to be a complete homosexual and told her so. She calmed my fears telling me that if I liked pussy I couldn’t be a fag. Sissy, yes. Cock sucker, oh yeah. but homo, no way. I was comforted. She told me I could think about it and give her an answer in a day or so.

I was distracted the next 2 days at work and on my commute to and from. Did I really want to take the next step? I found myself checking more and more men out. Looking at the most manly, some caught me gazing at their crotches. I would imagine myself kneeling between their thighs.

Again I was met with contempt and scorn on some occasions. Those insults rolled off me like water off a ducks back. My mind was elsewhere. Some men smiled when they noticed me looking and that would send a thrill through me. Some black men would even grab their package and leer at me when they caught me staring. I wondered if black cocks were really as large as rumored.

Gradually I knew what my answer to Cin’s question would be.

Two days later after work Cin and I talked. I can still see the joy on her face when I said I’d like Avrupa Yakası Escort to try to find a cock for me to enjoy. She knows that Stan doesn’t cum in my mouth. She also knows I’m learning to enjoy the taste of his spent seed I’ve lapped out of her cunt. I’ve told them that. Cin has told me several times that she wants me to get cum from the source. I want it too.

Saturday Cin was excited. We were going out to check men out. Not for her. For me. Stan was her man and Cin is no slut. Stan was out of town that weekend which gave us free time. Cin laid out my apparel for the night. I trust her. Her taste is impeccable. Light blue bikini panties with high front and rear panels that met on the sides at the waistband. Ankle high spanx, and espadrilles completed my bottom half. Topping my outfit was a pink, loose fitting t-top that almost covered half my ass but did match the scrunchy holding my hair back. My only accessory was my fanny pack.

Cin’s outfit was comprised of a short tight leather skirt and sheer red blouse with a lacy black bra underneath for affect. Her panty was a black thong and she wore black thigh-high hose that did not require a garter belt. Her shoes 3″ black, open toed heels. Her deep red toe nails, finger nails, and lipstick complemented her outfit. Her eyes were beautifully mascaraed. Although she looked ripe for fucking she assured me this was to be my night. Cin had me kneel and put the ankle bracelet that Stan had given her on her left ankle.

Have I mentioned how thoughtful Stan can be?

Pulling on the spanx I considered how obvious my panty line was. Cin hushed my concerns and said no one would notice. She made sure my eye brows were neatly done and added a touch of color to them. A little balm to put a shine on my full lips and off we went.

Cin told me where she was taking me and I drove us to a fern bar in a nice part of town. She said it’s a hip place and an eclectic crowd gathers there. She knew this she explained because this is where she and Stan would come for happy hour some times.I was glad to be on grounds at least familiar to her.

Feeling confident and sexy we strolled into the bar like we owned it. People looked. Oh they looked alright. Many a smile was cast our way. Cin elbowed me and whispered for me to check out the guy at the end of the bar drinking alone. He was checking us out as well.

He was a handsome gentlemen. In his early 40’s, his dark hair greying at the temples the smile was both pleasant and inviting. I could feel him watching us as we walked to the window and took our seats at a small, round table. Cin sat with her back to the street so she could check out the room.

Lite rock was playing softly, the lights dim. Cin told me there’s no table service and would I please get her a cosmopolitan. That sounded good to me so I went to the bar and ordered two.

A sideways glance told me the gentlemen was looking at me. Feeling brave, I moved to his end of the bar and introduced myself. I looked over at Cin and saw she was nodding and smiling. Her legs crossed, Cin was showing a lot of thigh and her stocking top. He said his name was James but I could call him Jim. I told him to call me johnnie and invited him to join us. He quickly accepted my invitation with that same inviting smile.

The drinks arrived. I told the bartender to run a tab as Jim stood up to join us. He towered over my 5’9″ by at least 5″. He’s a little taller than Stan I thought. His white polo fit him well and a few manly hairs poked from the open collar. His trousers were Italian wool and his loafers looked expensive. He was fit and trim and sexy. A real man.

Following Jim to our table, I introduced him to Cin. He took her offered hand and kissed it in greeting.

Real men do that.

He sat between Cin and I and sipped his single malt scotch. I never developed a taste for scotch but understand that a lot of real men enjoy it. We talked and drank. We learned Jim was in town on business and had the weekend off. He’s been in town for 4 days and was missing his wife. We told him we were local and just enjoying a night out as husband and wife. I thought I saw a look of disappointment in his eyes for a second but his smile remained. His smooth conversation put Cin and I at ease. He was hypnotic.

After a few drinks we all loosened up and naturally the subject gravitated towards sex. Jim laughed as he told us that he was used to having intercourse with his wife 3-4 and sometimes 5 times a week. He also reminded us that he’d been in town 4 days and was horny. My dick began to stiffen at the thought of him fucking. I wondered what his cock looked like as it pumped his cum into a pussy I was sure belonged to a woman as beautiful as my own Cin.

I excused myself and went to the men’s room. I knew that anyone who looked would be able to see the outline of my hard dick straining against my panties and spanx. I had to wait a few minutes for my erection to ease before I could pee.

Minutes later Avrupa Yakası Escort Bayan I rejoined them. Then it was Jim’s turn. After he left Cin told me that Jim knows why we’re here. She told him. She also said that Jim would consider it while waiting to see how things progressed. I shivered. My dick hardened at her words.

Jim returned and he was now looking at me differently. He was studying my look. My outfit. Cin winked at me and I saw that wicked smile come over her. She really wanted this to happen. She wants me to enjoy cock. I want it too. I licked my lips.

A drink or 2 later and Cin went to the woman’s room excusing herself. Jim watched her walking away, her nice round ass swaying side to side. He took a deep breath and sighed. Then he turned to me and smiled that wonderfully inviting smile. Looking me in the eyes he gently took my hand and brought it down to his thigh and then let go.

As Cin returned she noticed my hand under the table and again winked like a co-conspirator. I was softly rubbing his thigh, slowly working my way to his crotch. He took in a quick breath as I put my hand on his cock. He was soft but a good size cock it was. I was lost in the sensation of what I was doing, seducing a real man. I was no longer listening to their conversation. I was lost in cock.

I reached for his balls. Cupping them in my palm, I lightly scratched them and felt Jim stiffen. He looked at me and I at him. I wet my lips and gave him a shy smile. Jim reached out and cupped my chin. He ran his thumb across my lips. I parted my lips a little and he inserted his thumb into my mouth. It seemed the whole place watched as I sucked his thumb that was fucking my mouth. I blushed but did not pull away. I wanted this man. and I wanted him to know it. I didn’t care who knew it. I was under his spell. His cock grew hard in my hand as I continued to lick and suck his thumb for a few more seconds. Pulling it from my mouth Jim caressed my cheek once and turned to Cin. When he told her he’d do it Cin was delighted.

I went to pay the tab as Jim and Cin walked to the door. I noticed he had his hand on her ass and she was not resisting. Resist hell, she had her arm around his waist and was leaning against him. Now I’m getting jealous and hurry after them.

Jim joined Cin in the back seat as I drove us home. They were kissing. I saw it in the rear view. Then I hear Cin say wow. She had freed his cock and told me I was going to enjoy it as she stroked it.

Me, I was going to enjoy it. I felt relief that she wasn’t trying to steal him away from me. I had come this far and I was determined to suck his cock and let him cum in my mouth. I rubbed my dick in anticipation and drove on.

We finally got home. Jim walked between us again with his hand on Cindy’s ass. He didn’t care if our neighbors saw. He is a real man I thought. As I opened the door and let Cin enter first Jim patted her ass and she giggled. He had me go in before him and gave my ass a sharp spank that I’m sure Cin heard. I know he felt my panties. It thrilled me that this man was so self assured. My dick was as hard as its ever has been.

Cin had me make Jim and her a drink and went to freshen up. We had no scotch and Jim said he’d take a bourbon, neat. A real man’s drink I thought as I poured him 4 fingers of 12 year old Canadian in an on the rocks glass. I poured white wine for Cin and myself and took the drinks into the living room. Placing them on the coffee table I excused myself and joined Cin in the bedroom.

Cin had stripped down to her thong and removed her bra. She kept her hose and heels on and put on the mauve gown she had me wear for Stan. She saw my worried look and stilled my concerns telling me she and Jim had made a deal. She’d help him not feel gay by dressing sexy and playing some with him to warm him up for me.

I’ve said it before, Cin is so considerate.

Cin had me take off my shirt and spanx but keep the lite blue panties on. She removed the scrunchy and as she brushed my hair out told me again how nice and big Jim’s cock is. I tried to imagine it and rubbed my hard dick. Handing me my short oriental print robe she told me how proud she was that I’ve taken the steps to be all I could be.

My robe on we joined Jim. Cin told Jim of my welcome ritual for Stan and suggested I put Jim at ease with the same technique. I wanted this so badly. No, I needed this. I went to him and knelt at his feet. He watched me as I parted his knees. No pretense, no hesitation, I put my face in his crotch and nuzzled his balls. I then moved my mouth to his hidden cock and felt it stir as I nibbled on it.

Sitting back and making eye contact I thanked him for allowing me to drive him to our home and promised to be the best host I could be. Cin, who had moved beside him on the couch had her head on his shoulder as I welcomed him. Her gown had opened a bit and the tops of her hose were visible. She told him he could call me her pet name joanie if it made him feel Escort Avrupa Yakası better. I blushed as he said he’d like that.

Still kneeling at his feet I asked Jim if I could remove his shoes. He told me I could take his socks off too. I did. He was watching me intently. So was Cin. He’s got his arm around her feeling her perfect ass. She told Jim that she had heard the spank he gave me and it turned her on. She also told him that she might make spanking me a regular thing if she could get Stan to do it. I shuddered at the thought. Jim looked at her questioningly so Cin explained our relationship with Stan. I nearly died from embarrassment when she told him of my “panty pussy”. He laughed and said he’d like to see that. She told him he may get to if he behaves as agreed. They talk as if I’m not even there.

I’m not really. I’m fixated on his crotch.

Finally I’m acknowledged as Cin told Jim to stand so I could unwrap his gift to me. He lifted his polo over his head and off. His big chest was covered in dark hair. His six pack abs were an indication that he worked out. I loosened his belt, opened his trousers and pulled them down.

Like Stan does, Jim used my head to steady himself as he lifted each foot for me to remove his pants. He’s wearing black briefs. His package prominently bulging. Cin was right. His cock looked big. He smiled down at me and calling me joanie, told me to continue. I leaned forward reaching for his ass. I pull him in tight and rubbed my face against his cock, kissing and licking through the material. Then I took the waist band in my hands and pulled down.

Jim’s cock was still soft but beginning to harden. It hung low over his large manly balls. It had to be eight inches still soft. His pubis was neatly trimmed. As he stepped out of his underwear I ran my hands up and down the back of his legs looking at that cock. I looked over at my wife. Cindy was lying on her side staring at us. One foot flat on the sofa, her knee bent and spread, the gown was open to her waist above and below the sash. Both breasts were on display. She was slowly massaging her pussy through her thong as she watched. She appeared to be in a trance.

Jim spread his legs a bit. This allowed me access to his balls. Holding the back of my head he brought my face to his crotch. His cock lying across my face I licked and kissed and nuzzled Jim’s balls. I licked behind them enjoying his manly taste and scent. He smelled a tiny bit musky and there was a hint of soap. I took his cock in my hand and held it up. Looking him in the eye I stuck out my tongue and ran it up his shaft from his balls to the head. I wanted to please this man. I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted his cum. Still gazing up at him, I took his cock between my lips and teased the head with my tongue. Swirling my tongue around the head I tickled the pee hole. Jim’s pre-cum was intoxicating. This cock tastes like a real man’s I thought.

Jim stepped back to sit on the couch. I followed, still on my knees, his cock in my mouth. Backing off I placed my arms under his knees and lifted making his asshole available. I lick under his nut sack and tease his rose bud with little stabbings of my tongue. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I was. I was not able to see Cin with my head buried in Jim’s ass but I could hear her labored breathing. Jim pulled my face in tighter and humped his ass. He liked the rimming I gave him. Then, without further ado, Jim pushed my away, stood and pulling me up by my wrist told me to “take me to your bedroom bitch”.

I led as Jim and Cin followed in that order.

Jim tossed the bedspread back and propped himself back on a pillow spreading his legs. Cin discarded her gown and laid along side of him, her breasts pressed against him, her head on his chest facing his hard cock. She took his cock in her hand marveling at it’s size and slowly jacked him. It had grown to nearly ten inches. Her hand looked small as she worked his cock up and down.

I removed my robe and in just my light blue panty, crawled between Jim’s legs again.

My head hovered over his groin. Lowering my face I took his cock that Cindy was offering me between my lips. My hair spread out across his stomach and thighs as I tried to swallow Jim’s cock. I moved to the side Cin wasn’t on for better access. My head on Jim’s stomach I bobbed, and slobbered all over his cock. I licked and sucked like I was possessed. In fact, I was.

I cupped and caressed his churning balls. I could hear the slurping noises I was making as I worshiped this man in the way that felt natural for me. I was meant for this I thought. I had a real man’s cock in my mouth and he was enjoying it. I was enjoying it.

Jim grabbed my ass then let go and brought his hand down on it with a smack. Then another and another. He was spanking me and through gritted teeth he called me names urging me on. He called me a fucking sissy, a cocksucker, a cum dump as he began to fuck my face. It’s normal for real men to heap abuse on guys like me. It’s natural as their excitement builds. Cin had explained that to me after Stan reacted the same way. I was not offended. On the contrary. I was a cock sucker. Jim was almost balls deep in my mouth trying to gag me with his cock. I was a willing and eager receptacle for his cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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