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Robert said, “Tommy I want you to meet Sam he is probably the best Politician ever!” Robert had his hand around Tommy’s waist as close friends with his new intern, and handed another drink to Tommy’s free hand as Sam shook his other. Sam gave Tommy a side hug with his hand around Tommy’s waist below Robert’s hand.

Sam was well dressed in a suit and said, “Glad to meet you. You will meet a lot of important people here and make good contacts. Enjoy yourself.” As he stepped away his hand was at the top of Tommy’s hip and as a momentary last minute friendly hug, instead of cupping his hand around Tommy’s waist it cupped the top of his buttock as if by mistake. Tommy did not pay any mind to it. Tommy could smell the lingering cologne from Sam.

Tommy was getting drunk but was enjoying himself. He felt important that he was making a name for himself with prominent politicians. This was a big dinner party and fund raiser. He and Robert migrated through the crowd getting bits and pieces of political issues, eventually to the perimeter of the indoor event, near the tables of good food and the bar with free drinks and where it was even easier to strike up conversations.

Tommy listened in on some of the conversations of spending, bills, voting, drugs, North Korean tunnels under the border to China, highly trained North Korean spy prostitutes and wives, Russian micro bots spying on the inside of North Korean capitol buildings, North Korean kidnapping of Japanese and Chinese women, and other issues.

Robert had a habit of hugging for greetings, sometimes combined with a handshake. Occasionally Tommy got a full on frontal hug with Robert’s hand around the small of his back, and at least once guided Tommy’s hand carelessly to the small of his own back.

Tommy sat down with a plate of scalloped potatoes, swordfish filet, and Angus steak. There were also fresh fruits and vegetables of various colors. Robert brought over a strong drink that looked and tasted a lot like sweet wine but was a tropical beverage with high alcohol content.

“Here drink this one with your meal. It will enhance the exquisite cuisine.” As he handed the drink to Tommy he cupped Tommy’s head much like he does at the waist, and brought Tommy’s head to his hip and side in a friendly almost affectionate hug. It was close enough to Robert’s waist that Tommy thought he got a whiff of urine since Robert had just gotten back from the men’s room.

Tommy didn’t mind the hug as it felt much like what his parents used to do when he was small and behaved well. All this made Tommy happy. He downed the drink and felt euphoria with the dinner, the guests, and all the affectionate new friends.

Conversations were blurry and Tommy was getting drunk. As the night wore on the hugs from some of the new friends got more friendly and more of the hugs were full frontal often with a squeezing pat on the ass. They brought him drinks and when he was sitting down got more hugs to the torso and hip. On at least one occasion he felt the hardness of a cock under the clothing brush against his face, accidently. Tommy could smell the cock and a bit of the musky odor from his balls. He could feel the heat of it through the clothing. Fortunately the lights were dim and the clothing dark, and all this was only momentary in passing.

Robert announced that they better be leaving soon. As they went around to say good byes, Tommy received more hugs with more frequent and blatant squeezes of his ass cheeks. One hand also fumbled and rubbed over his crotch like reaching to his hip. He attributed that to the drunkenness and the dim light.

Arm around his waist Robert guided Tommy with him to the limousine. They sat in the back facing a TV screen with a movie playing. The limo was well stocked and Robert mixed another drink for Tommy. He explained, “This looks like an ordinary thriller sex movie, but notice the actress is North Korean. It is a documentary.”

Tommy was woozy and his drooping eyes were blurry but it was a high definition screen and he could see the woman was very beautiful and tantalizing. Tommy was beginning to lean over from fatigue.

Robert was sympathetic and comforting, “Why don’t you lean over here and hug my waist. Here put your arm around my back to make more room and get comfortable. That sure is a pretty lady isn’t she?” Robert had adjusted his Limo seat to lay back and stretch out with his stomach laying flat.

“Yes she is,” Tommy replied.

“Lay your head against my waist.” Robert cupped Tommy’s head against his stomach and stroked his hair.

Tommy watched the movie over Robert’s belt buckle and the North Korean lady exposed some up-skirt shots as she seduced a man. She began to kiss and hug him and caressed his sides. Soon he got the idea and stroked her sides as her hand slipped further down and grabbed his cock through the clothing showing it was already getting hard. The man slowly unfastened her dress and let the shoulder straps slip down exposing her braless Bomonti Escort boobs. He caressed them with one hand while pulling up the back of her dress with the other. Soon he pulled her dress up and off over her head continuing to caress her boobs and pinch her nipples as his other hand slipped into her panties. Her camel toe in the bright white panties was obvious.

Tommy was fatigued and stone drunk.

Robert gently stroked Tommy’s hair and frequently pressed Tommy’s face into his stomach as if tempting Tommy to kiss it. Somehow while watching this movie, Tommy’s face seemed to get lower toward Robert’s belt buckle. Robert kept up the suggestive presses. As he watched the movie Tommy saw the lady kissing the man’s stomach down to the head of his cock. Unconsciously Tommy kissed on the next several presses, then found he kissed the head of Robert’s cock through his clothing.

“It’s ok,” came Robert’s soothing voice. “Watch the movie.”

The lady was caressing the cock head with her tongue, teasing the helmet and the flare, nipping at the looser skin just under the flare.

Tommy was so absorbed watching what the beautiful Asian lady was doing that he started subconsciously mimicking the movie scene kissing the cockhead through the clothing, opening his mouth as if to take in the cock.

She magnificently triggered a huge cum shot right into her mouth, and Tommy subconsciously wobbled his open mouth over the cock bulge.

When they got to Robert’s place it was raining in torrents with high wind, claps of thunder and lightning. The driver had one umbrella and out of respect held it for Robert up to the porch. Tommy was drenched and soaked in the torrents of rain, and the flickering lightning. They entered the house on a tile floor.

Robert said, “Just take your clothes off right there and leave them in the floor. I’ll get you a towel.”

Tommy was shivering and totally naked as Robert came back with a towel. Tommy was embarrassed, and was afraid his shriveled dick would look too small, and on the other hand he was afraid it might get hard as the cool air hit it.

“You can sit right here while I get us a drink.” Robert flicked on the TV as he dimmed the lights.

Robert brought the drinks back in as Tommy was finishing drying off, but still totally nude. They were spiked with crystal meth to enjoy the movies to the fullest extent. Robert had also taken Viagra.

Now watching the movie on the home video, the North Korean spy lady was in a very erotic scene, showing her naked ass, a display of her firm tits. Then she pulled her leg up in position exposing her hairy pussy with lips splayed, and a tempting asshole opening.

Tommy was getting hard.

“It’s ok to get hard. That is just a natural reaction.”

Tommy felt warm and friendly around Robert and was euphoric about the whole evening. He was glad though when Robert motioned him to sit with him to watch the movie. Again Tommy was coaxed to lay on his side with his head on Robert’s stomach and an arm around his back. In this position with the lights dim, his increasing hard-on was partially hidden.

It seemed the North Korean spy woman was getting more erotic. It appeared she was planting something in the man’s asshole as she was fingering it, perhaps it was a tracking device, or perhaps she was drugging him. With her other hand she was expertly caressing his balls, while giving a first class blow job.

“Does this feel good?” Robert asked, as he caressed the side of Tommy chest down to his hip, and around onto his buttock. He gave the lower part of the naked buttock a squeeze and drifted his hand up the butt crack to the small of Tommy’s back and up his spine all the way to the small hairs at the back of his neck and behind his ears. Tommy knew he was stoned drunk but didn’t quite know why he felt so euphoric and uninhibited with Robert.

The caressing continued and Tommy felt the hand drift down his crack again across his puckered anus, and to the back side of his balls. He felt his balls cupped.

Robert said, “Please take it out for me, it is getting too tight.”

Tommy hadn’t realized while watching the movie his open mouth was over the cock bulge again through the clothing. He obliged and unfastened the belt and pants, slowly unzipped the pants like opening a surprise, and gently pushed the underwear out of the way to let it free. Robert has wiggled and moved while Tommy had maneuvered the clothing and now Tommy’s hand fell down across Robert’s crack.

In a whisper without disturbing the passion of the moment, “Put it in your mouth, lick it and kiss it.”

The cockhead felt soft against his lips and left a trail of tasty pre-cum. Tommy greedily licked the pre-cum up, and took the cock all the way to the back of his mouth to feel it against his throat opening. He rubbed it against the inside of his cheeks, and he let it travel in and out on his tongue savoring the taste. He licked the cockhead with the top and Bomonti Escort Bayan soft bottom of his tongue. Tasting the pee hole with the tip of his tongue first, he then used a figure eight pattern with the tip of his tongue on the cockhead to tease it.

While Tommy gave him a holly-wood blowjob, Robert’s hand caressed his ass.

The movie scenes did not let up, but now Tommy was caught up in the sensations of sucking cock and caressing balls while letting his fingers travel all the way to the clinching ass crack and asshole. He never really planned on what happened next when Robert stiffened up holding Tommy’s head in place and came with multiple volleys of cum. The insides of Tommy’s mouth were dripping with cum. Some went down his throat but some remained on his tongue and the roof of his mouth. After the cock quit jerking more drops emerged and Tommy sought them with the tip of his tongue savoring the taste.

It was amazing, as he felt the cum vein pumping with his lips, and the base of his cock below the balls thrusting as he caressed all the way back to the asshole.

He kept the cock in his mouth and caressed the balls, feeling below the sack to the asshole and ass crack. To his wonderment the cock did not get soft. He felt comfortable in that position with a cock in his mouth.

Robert had a jar of lube on the side table, and had dipped his finger in it, now pasting it into Tommy’s asshole. Tommy in his drunken euphoric state assumed it was just more caressing. Robert kept working the lube in and out with his finger preparing the hole for the unknown to Tommy.

Tommy hardly noticed when Robert moved him to a chase lounge chair with his head propped on a pillow facing the movie screen. His ass was raised high and his knees were spread to the sides of the chair and some soft straps were holding his knees in place. His ankles were also fastened in place slightly more inward such that his position was that of frog legs. Robert’s fingers were easily slipping in and out of his asshole and Tommy could feel drops of lube dripping down over his balls.

The man in the movie was now eating pussy and the North Korean woman was giving screams of pleasure. Another character appeared in the movie as a pretty political intern in a cute dress with frills. This character began to undress and showed a lacy bra with matching panties. Gradually Tommy realized the new character was a male dressed in women’s clothes. Soon this character was sucking the man’s cock and slathering over his balls sticking his tongue impossibly far back.

In the back of his mind, Tommy wondered if this movie foreshadowed events.

The movie showed the kinky cross dresser kissing the asshole of the man. He rimmed the asshole in extreme outrageousness and kissed it with ravishing passion and erotic exhibitionism knowing the North Korean spy lady was watching.

Tommy felt a bulge pressing on his asshole.

Robert pushed the head into the tiny virgin asshole with his thumb. He watched as the asshole stretched and started to open around the cock head. The rim of the asshole stretched around the tip of the cock more and more. Robert felt more resistance at the inner ring and changed angles moving his cock but watching the head start to get engulfed. He let Tommy’s asshole relax for a minute then urgently pushed until the flange disappeared, and finally the shaft was starting in. He felt the asshole squeeze on him, and felt the heat of the body on warming his bareback shaft. He pumped in small movements until it was in all the way to the base and his pubic hairs were entwined with Tommy’s. Tommy had a small tight ass, and just the width of his cock was a third of the length of the ass crack. He loved that ass. He loved the tight fit while holding a tight ass cheek in each hand while fondling them. He played with the tiny ass crack feeling the smooth skin on both sides down to the little brown wrinkles glistening with lube.

Tommy grunted, and sighed.

Robert liked looking at Tommy’s tiny naked ass and playing with the cheeks. He liked squeezing and spanking them. Robert also liked the feelings of Tommy’s tight asshole warmly squeezing and hunching on his cock. It turned him on.

The movie showed the intriguing North Korean woman loading a rolled up document of very fine print into a butt plug and refastened the top such that you couldn’t tell it had a compartment. Then she flipped a hidden switch on it and a small LED light briefly flashed. She lubed it and inserted it into the ass of the cross dresser.

As he fucked harder, Robert’s stomach started to smack Tommy’s ass and soon he grabbed Tommy around the waist passionately and thrust hard until he flexed his entire body.

Tommy felt Robert’s strong arms hold him tight, and felt Robert’s strong cock nearly lifting him up.

Tommy squeezed the cock hard with his asshole and felt the cum splash into his rectum.

Tommy felt strangely satisfied.

Robert left Escort Bomonti his still hard cock in Tommy and just laid on top of him while they watched the rest of the movie.

Tommy was fascinated that the cross dresser went to an anything goes night club and sat in a back corner where another man sat down next to him and they started making out. The ingenious camera angle caught the exchange of butt plugs.

The cross dresser sucked the man’s cock while being felt off under his panties, then he pulled his panties back up, straightened his skirt, and left.

Robert announced, “Tomorrow, we are going to the hotel, and you will go under cover.”

The next morning after sleeping like a baby, Tommy was aroused by Robert. He hardly had time to freshen up and have a light breakfast before they left. His clothes had been cleaned and pressed.

They went to the conference hall again, and Robert encouraged Tommy to mingle and set Tommy’s phone to a strong vibrate for text messages for when he needed Tommy to meet back with him.

Tommy got a drink, and listened in on some conversations and greeted some that he met the previous day. Soon a strikingly pretty young woman came across him in the group conversations. They walked around together to the finger foods, and to the bar while talking. She draped an arm around him and whispered in his ear when she wanted to talk. Soon enough they found a place to sit and chat at a corner table toward the back. She placed a hand on his leg at first then as they talked more she rubbed his leg. Slowly she caressed his leg through the material of his business slacks.

She whispered in his ear some more letting her lips then tongue drag across his ear lobe. Tommy was getting so horny, he couldn’t talk with complete sentences as she rubbed closer to his hard cock. Tommy had not had sexual release in days and didn’t get the chance last night. Without realizing it Tommy discovered she had unzipped his pants and released his cock in public. She leaned over taking advantage of the excessive table cloth and started sucking his cock. She teased the head, licking up pre-cum, and blew on it feeling the heat come off it, making it harder, and more on the edge. Somehow his pants became unfastened and she had a hand on the small of his back while she sucked. Her hand slid down his ass crack pulling his pants down over his ass cheeks. She tickled his ass hole.

Then she held his ass cheek with one hand while starting to play with his balls with the other. His pants came further down while she sucked his balls and slid a hand the length of his crotch. She let a finger tease his asshole and he hunched to give her better access. With finger fully inserted she started massaging his prostate while licking up and down his cum vein to the seam on his ball sack, and then tonguing the flange of his cockhead.

His prostate had never had such attention and soon pre-cum was dribbling from his cockhead. She licked and sucked it up. His cock seemed to get ultra hard, and with one finger up his ass, and his ass cheek in her other hand Tommy clinched and rocked while holding her head tightly over his cock. He felt his cockhead start into her warm throat and this is all it took before he exploded cum down her throat and all in her mouth.

She took a few moment tasting and licking her lips before sitting up and kissing Tommy with cum smeared lips. Tommy’s bare ass was on the cushion and his pants were down to his knees. He was just getting them pulled up when his cell phone buzzed and he knew it was time to meet back with Robert. After discreetly fastening his pants, he looked up and she was gone.

Tommy was thinking how lucky he was in his discovery of sexuality he never knew he had. First he sucked a cock and swallowed cum for the first time last night. Then unexpectedly he had anal sex for the first time and it was far better than he had ever dreamed. Now he had just met and received a blow job in public from one of the prettiest women he had ever met. He felt like he would ask her to marry him.

He met up with Robert and they headed up to a room upstairs where he would learn about his disguise and what his duties were going to be. It was intriguing being an intern for a politician.

This room had tables of food and drink. There were semi private love seats scattered all around, and porn movies of spies and politicians showing on monitors. There were waitresses in micro mini skirts showing sheer panties of various styles, low rise bikini, string bikini, micro bikini, half back bikini, chiffon bikini, open back and open front thongs. These were all in colors that shown brightly in the black lights.

Tommy was surprised when he came across the pretty girl again. She seemed more beautiful than ever and they hit it off again. After getting drinks, they found a love seat that had more privacy than others, and dimmer lighting. Before reality struck again of what a lucky chance meeting of this beauty was, Tommy found himself embracing her and kissing her.

Tommy wanted to feel her pussy but she guided his hands to her butt saying that she loves to have her ass cheeks caressed and fondled through her ultra slick satin panties with lace and ruched in the back. “Kiss my stomach, baby,” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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