I Love Bears!

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Brandon got out of class, his stomach was growling with hunger, when he got out of class he could feel the warm air hit his face, it was still hot in San Bernardino, the college still seemed the same after Brandon took a small break for the summer but it would soon change within fall and winter. Brandon put his hands in his pocket, he had just enough for a soda and a bag of chips. There was no way he was going to be able to afford candy to munch on before his next class in an hour and thirty minutes. The tries blowing with the motion of the wind, the wind felt so hot against Brandon’s face and arms. He looked up at the clock that still read the wrong time, which as matter of fact stopped at 5:25pm. Brandon shook his head opening the door to North Hall.

He went back into his pocket pulling out two dollars and twenty-five cents; Brandon looked up at the selection of chips to choose from. A door can be heard shutting to Brandon’s left, a man steps out, Brandon turns his head looking at the man only getting a small glimpse at him. From the small glimpse Brandon was able to already come up with stats. The man had a beard, all mixed with gray and dark gray hairs. A little big, maybe around 280 pounds, from the small opening in his shirt it was furry. Brandon smiled looking back at machine, Brandon put in his dollar pressing in the numbers for the Ranch Dressing Doritos. The man walking past Brandon slowly turns his head checking out Brandon’s body then stops half way down the hall turning around.

Brandon bent over to grab the bag of chips from the rack, Brandon pushed himself back up seeing the man looking at him. Brandon smiled, the man stood there holding a piece of paper in his hand.

“Hello there,” the man said to Brandon.

“Hi.” Brandon replied back.

“I’ve seen your face some where, I can’t quite put where I saw it.” The man said confused.

“Um…Maybe you saw me walking around school a couple of months ago; I did come here at the beginning of the year.” Brandon said kind of feeling shy.

“I remember now, I saw you from bear411.com, saw your profile. Man you’re much hotter in person” the man said in a low voice.

“Really? Oh my god, this is a surprise I never bumped into somebody who goes to bear411.com” Brandon said smiling.

“Oh… Man, I’m so fucking horny right now; do you want to go to the class room I work in? Do you have a class?” the man said.

“Well I have class in about an hour and thirty minutes. You’re a teacher here?” Brandon said confused.

“No, I’m an aid for a teacher, just down the hall. Do you know how hard it is to find a guy like yourself who wants guys like me?” the man

“Well being in San Bernardino is pretty sad to live in.” Brandon said joking.

“Exactly, I’m surprised I found you I didn’t even know what College you went to as stated in your profile but now I know. My name is Dave Williams.” Dave said.

“My name is Brandon.” Brandon said.

“Very lovely name. So did you want to…come with me back to the class, nobody is in there, I need to shoot my Mecidiyeköy Escort load so bad.” Dave said in a deep voice.

“Well I understand being at school all day and not being able to jack off can cause a problem.” Brandon said.

“Come on, I saw your nude pictures, I love them a lot, even jerked off to a couple of them” Dave said.

“Wow that’s good to know” Brandon said.

Brandon and Dave walked down the hall, Brandon looked at Dave, Brandon was finally going to get his hands on an older man, who most likely is a bear underneath. The thought made Brandon’s dick hard in his pants. Dave grabbed his keys opening the door to the classroom; it was empty, and very dark. Dave turned on the lights, Brandon closed the door behind him putting his backpack onto one of the tables. There were windows but they were blocked by curtains. Brandon looked at Dave who was already sitting down at the teacher’s desk.

“I read some of your stories I happen to find on a link on your myspace.com profile. They made my cock throb and leak precum, you’re a very talented writer Brandon, very talented, and I bet the English Teachers think so too.” Dave said rubbing his jeans.

“Well uh, I only wrote them for fun, and I guess it became a habit to the point I was writing a ton of stories” Brandon said eyeing Dave’s crotch.

“Come here, sit on the desk.” Dave said.

Brandon walked over to the desk sitting on it, Dave put his hand and started to rub Brandon’s arm. Brandon smiled, he loved the touch of another man, Dave was rubbing and squeezing his bulge in his jeans. Brandon pushed himself off the desk onto the floor, Dave moved himself around on the chair taking his hand away from his bulge. Brandon placed his hands on his bulge rubbing it, the feel of his hard cock was turning Brandon on, his hands slowly unbuttoning Dave’s pants. Brandon unbuckled his belt, unzipping his pants, the lovely sound of a zipper. Brandon opened his pants up more seeing a wet spot on Dave’s boxers. He got himself closer to Dave’s wet spot, sticking out his tongue and licking it. Dave bit his lip, the pleasure was so exotic.

Brandon pushed down on his underwear to reveal a 6 inch uncut cock with hairy balls and a lot of gray pubes. Brandon took a hold of Dave’s hard cock which was leaking precum some started to drip on Brandon’s hand. Brandon moved his mouth closer, licking the precum, Brandon stuck Dave’s cock head into his mouth, still licking his precum which was leaking out more and more. Dave closed his eyes starting to moan, Brandon sliding Dave’s cock all the way down his mouth, it fit all the way into his mouth, Brandon’s lips rubbing against his pubes. Dave moaned louder.

“Oh my god Brandon I love your mouth sliding up and down my cock! Yes…. Don’t stop” Dave said holding onto the chair.

Brandon went up and down sliding his mouth on Dave’s rock hard cock. Precum leaking out, filling Brandon’s mouth. Dave felt Brandon’s hands starting to remove his shirt, Dave took a hold of his shirt taking it off, revealing Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan his furry chest and stomach. Brandon continued to give Dave a blow job without using his hands, instead he used his hands to rub all over Dave’s hairy chest and stomach, he pinched Dave’s nipples, making them harder and harder while applying more pressure with his fingers. Brandon took his mouth off from Dave’s cock, precum and spit dripping down his mouth.

“Can I rim you Dave?” Brandon said whipping the precum from his lips and mouth.

“Are you serious?” Dave said amazed.

“Yes, I’m so horny and I want to eat your ass!” Brandon said in a wild voice.

“Oh shit you’re so fucking hot! Give me a kiss” Dave said.

Brandon got up from the floor leaning over and kissing Dave’s mouth, Brandon’s tongue going down Dave’s mouth, his hands rubbing all over Dave’s furry chest. The kiss getting deeper and hotter with each second. Brandon took his mouth away from Dave, but Dave didn’t want it to end, he grabbed Brandon’s head pushing him back, Brandon’s lips kissing Dave’s again, Dave’s tongue going down Brandon’s. The kiss lasted longer this time, Dave grabbed Brandon’s crotch squeezing it, and rubbing it. Dave feeling a hard cock inside Brandon’s pants. Brandon moved his head back looking into Dave’s eyes, Brandon breathing harder and harder touching himself.

“Turn around; I want to eat your hairy hole!” Brandon said.

Dave pushed down his pants turning around on his chair, Brandon looked at his back, he was amazed that Dave had a hairy back and hairy ass cheeks. Brandon got on his knees opening Dave’s ass looking what there was, Dave’s ass was covered in hair, his hole looking so big and good. Brandon put his face in Dave’s ass licking it, eating it, putting his tongue inside his ass hole. Dave moaned precum leaking all over the carpet.

“Oooh yes….eat my ass Brandon….yes!” Dave said feeling so much pleasure from this.

Brandon opened Dave’s ass cheeks more trying to get his mouth deeper into Dave’s ass. Brandon licking up and down his ass, sticking his tongue all the way into Dave’s ass. Brandon even rubbed his face in it, after about two minutes of Brandon eating Dave’s ass, Brandon sat on the floor. Dave turned around on the chair, Dave smiled at Brandon.

“Brandon I want your body, lay on the desk, I want to suck on your cock and eat your ass too” Dave said kicking off his pants.

Brandon laid his body on the desk, he was still fully clothed, but that didn’t bother Dave at all. Dave removed Brandon’s shirt, throwing it on the desk, Dave pinched Brandon’s nipples, then rubbing on Brandon’s hairy belly. Brandon giggled, Dave continued to rub it, unbuttoning and unzipping Brandon’s pants, Brandon’s hard cock was sticking straight up into the air. Dave took a hold of Brandon’s cock putting it into his mouth and sucking on it. Brandon moaned rubbing Dave’s hair back. Dave sucked harder and harder, Brandon flinched and moaning louder. Dave stroked Brandon’s cock walking around the table Escort Mecidiyeköy to Brandon’s legs, Dave lifted Brandon’s legs lowering himself down to Brandon’s ass, opening his cheeks seeing his hairy ass, Dave stuck his tongue inside Brandon’s hole licking it. Brandon groaned hard pinching his own nipples.

“Oh yes…. Dave that feels so good, licking my ass babe, eat it yeah that’s the way” Brandon said feeling and touching himself.

Dave was eating Brandon’s ass, rimming the hell out of Brandon’s ass, Brandon started to stroke his cock faster and faster. Dave stroking his own cock while rimming Brandon, Dave jacking off slowly, his uncut cock making it more slippery.

“Oh my god! Dave I’m gonna cum! AH! IT’S COMING I’M CUMMING!!!!” Brandon screamed.

Dave let go of Brandon’s legs walking over to Brandon’s dick, Dave stroked it faster. Dave put his mouth on his cock head sucking on it, then taking his cock into his mouth. Brandon groaned shooting his cum down Dave’s mouth, Brandon’s cock throbbing, squirting hot loads of juice down Dave’s throat. Dave sucking harder and harder on Brandon’s dick wanting every last drop of cum that came out. Dave sucked more until Brandon’s cock was cleaned dry. Dave swallowed Brandon’s load, Brandon moaned and looked at Dave. Dave started to jack off his own cock getting closer to Brandon.

“Get ready Brandon, I’m about to cum…Here it comes! Oooh yeah! Oh fuck yeah! YEAH!” Dave screamed.

Brandon quickly grabbed Dave’s cock putting it into his mouth, Dave shot a huge amount of cum down Brandon’s throat. Brandon stroking and squeezing Dave’s cock, his foreskin wrapping around his cock head, the cum oozing out onto Brandon’s tongue, all this going on in his mouth. Dave leaned over rubbing Brandon’s stomach and rubbing on Brandon’s nipples. Brandon sucked all the cum from Dave’s dick, he laid on the table exhausted, Dave kissed Brandon on the mouth sticking his tongue down Brandon’s, licking his cum swapping loads together. They kissed for about three minutes; Dave lifted his face up looking into Brandon’s eyes.

“This is the hottest thing that I have ever did at school, Brandon you are really an amazing person, we have to get together and do this again” Dave said.

“Oh my god what time is it?” Brandon said worried.

“You have about fifteen minutes left Brandon don’t worry, hug me, I want to feel your hot body against mine.” Dave said.

Brandon hugged Dave, Brandon loving the feel of Dave’s hairy body rubbing against his. Brandon and Dave kissed again, putting on their clothes. Dave rubbed Brandon’s arms again.

“Brandon, you truly made my day, thank you so much” Dave said.

“You’re welcome Dave.” Brandon said smiling.

“Well, take care Brandon, I’ll see you next week” David said.

“Yes I’ll be looking forward to it.” Brandon said smirking.

Dave walked down the hallway, Brandon walked over to the soda machine pulling out a dollar and twenty-five cents, he was pretty thirsty after having sex with another man. Brandon put the dollar and twenty-five cents into the machine pressing on the Pepsi tab. The Pepsi came out of the machine; Brandon bent over and opened it, he drunk some then closing the bottle. Brandon smiled walking out of North Hall.

“Oh man I love bears, they are so fucking hot!” Brandon said to himself walking to his next class…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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