Teaching Summer Ch. 03

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The time I spent with by best friend Summer could be divided into two distinct categories. The first would include the various activities we pursued together, just as any normal girlfriends would – shopping, going to parties, talking about boys, studying, talking on the phone. The second category is filled with the countless times we buried our faces in each others pussies, kissed until our lips were swollen and explored our bodies. The two lives we lead never, ever crossed paths; we weren’t dating, and the term “lesbian” hadn’t ever come up. I often wondered what our newfound attraction for one another meant, but I never voided my ponderings to Summer. For one, I was afraid of what the truth might be. I didn’t want to rock the boat, either.

I was grateful for the sexual escape I’d found in Summer. I liked boys – preferred them, actually – but along with male companionship came concepts like insecurity, betrayal, jealousy and birth control. Finding release with my best friend was not only pleasurable, it was easy and safe. During the times we weren’t fooling around, life carried on as it always had. We talked about boys and dating, who we liked and what we hoped would happen with them. I was never jealous of Summer’s boyfriends, because I knew what I shared with her was something she couldn’t get anywhere else.

Not to mention, our oblivious parents gave us ample opportunity for private time together, suspecting nothing more than a typical girl friendship.

“Andrea,” my mom inquired one morning before my first class, “What plans do you have for the weekend?”

I was supposed to be shopping with Summer on Saturday, and spending the night at her house afterwards. Hell, high water and Ryan Gosling couldn’t keep me from it. But something told me parental guilt was about to set in, forcing me to do something I didn’t particularly want to do.

“I was going to hang out with Summer,” I spoke into my cereal, “Did you need something?”

“Well, your Aunt Molly has a conference in Seattle this weekend, and her housesitter backed out,” Mom was already rolling her eyes at the mention of her wealthy, flamboyant sister.

“Ok…” I replied, not yet understanding what Aunt Molly’s travel plans had to do with me.

“She wants to know if you’ll stay at her condo this weekend,” she explained, “Apparently a tank of fish and a stack of mail seem important enough to pay a college freshman $100 to take care of…”

“A hundred bucks!?” I choked, “Seriously?”

“Yeah, and she said you could bring a friend if you wanted to, just no parties.” My mom added the “no parties” part, I’d bet money on it. Aunt Molly would have never said something like that.

Struggling to suppress a grin, I pondered the possibilities of a weekend alone with Summer in my aunt’s posh urban condo. Plus, the spending money I’d be earning.

“I think I can swing it, Mom,” I said. I’m such a giver, really.


Summer and I dropped our bags in the foyer of Aunt Molly’s condo.

“Holy shit!” porno izle Summer squealed, “This place is so cool!” She skipped over to the giant window facing out over the city, and placed her hands on the glass. I walked to the kitchen and found a note on the black granite countertop:

“Hey Girls! Thanks for keeping an eye on the place for me. Fish food’s in the pantry, key to the mailbox is in the junk drawer, and there are plenty of towels and sheets in the hall closet. Make yourselves at home and enjoy your weekend!”

Paperclipped to the envelope were two $100 bills. Either Mom didn’t want to make the deal seem this sweet, or Aunt Molly was feeling particularly generous.

“Seriously,” Summer said as she joined me in the kitchen, “This place is straight out of the movies.”

“Yeah, Aunt Molly is pretty cool,” I tried to act natural, “I remember when she bought this place, I helped her pick out some stuff. Wanna see my favorite part??”

I led Summer through Aunt Molly’s bedroom into her master bath. Situated in the corner of the bathroom-as-large-as-my-bedroom was a jetted tub lined with candles and fancy soaps.

“No fucking way!” Summer yipped, “That thing’s big enough to fit four people!”

“You put our bags away and grab a bottle of wine from the dining room, and I’ll run us some water?” I offered.

“I’m on it!”

As Summer dashed out of the room, I set to work lighting candles and stripping off my clothes. I was down to bra and panties when she returned, toting a bottle of red wine I knew nothing about, but probably cost more than I made in an entire week at my part-time job. She made quick work of her clothes, too and soon she was completely naked. We both eased our way into the steamy water, perched next to each other on the longest side of the wedge-shaped tub.

“You know what would make this perfect,” Summer said as she twisted her long hair into a bun.

“What’s that?”

“Some music. With all the money your aunt spends on her place, this bathroom really oughta have…”

Before she finished her sentence, I’d found the remove Aunt Molly keeps near the tub and clicked on the satellite radio. It was preset to her favorite 90s radio station, with Hootie and the Blowfish hootie-ing their hearts out.

“Sweeeet,” Summer leaned her head back and hissed, like she was in heaven. The sight of her hard nipples bobbing in and out of the top of the water as she breathed were begging me to suck them. I wondered how long I had to wait before initiating some playtime.

“You know, Andrea,” Summer pondered aloud after she took a pull straight from the bottle of wine and passed it to me, “I think I like your Aunt Molly.”

I laughed, “You’ve never even met her!”

“I know, but she has excellent taste and she doesn’t seem to let men run her life.”

“Well…” I started to explain.

“–I mean, you said she’s at the top of her game professionally, right?”

I nodded.

“And there are no signs of a live-in boyfriend here, which means she is free to live brazzers and work and travel to her heart’s content. I’m just saying that part of me wishes I could be like her one day.”

I lost it, unable to suppress my laughter any longer at the irony of Summer’s proclamation.

“What’s so funny?!”

“Summer,” I blurted between giggles, “Molly’s a lesbian! There’s a reason there are no men in her life…”

Summer stared at me blankly for a moment, and then joined my hearty laughter. “Well then,” she wiped her eyes, “I guess that explains a lot.”

I turned to face Summer, cupping handfuls of water over her arms and shoulders. I ran my hands over her neck and collarbones, before lowering to cup her breasts in my hands. I’d often thought I could amuse myself with her tits for hours, palming their firmness, weighing them in my hands, using my thumbs to tease and tweak her nipples. Summer moaned as I lowered my mouth to suckle her. She pulled me into her as she lay down against the side of the tub. I laced my legs with hers and we humped each others thighs as we made out, growing more furious with each passing minute.

I sat up and pulled Summer out of the water and motioned for her to sit on the side ledge. When she did, I parted her legs to have full view of the tight opening between. Her soft, firm pussy lips dripped with water, but I knew her own slickness lay between. I lifted her legs over my shoulders as I dove in, eager to smell her musk and taste her essence.

“Mmmmmm”, Summer moaned as she ran her fingers through my damp hairline, “I’ve missed you.” She lifted her hips to thrust into my face, and I smiled at her confidence. This was the girl that, just a few short months ago, I had to coax into kissing me. My, how far we’d come.

I stood from the water and led Summer by the hand into Aunt Molly’s bedroom. We lay side by side on the bed, facing each other as kissed passionately. Two girls threading their legs together to create the right friction on their naughty parts, we’d discovered, isn’t always easy. I wanted to feel her pussy against mine, so I swung away from her to try something new.

Summer’s eyes opened, and she looked at me confused as I clumsily repositioned myself opposite of her in the bed. I lifted her leg as I scooted by ass toward hers until we met skin to skin. Her eyelids fluttered as she realized what I was trying to do, and she adjusted per position accordingly. With a little lifting, and using our legs as leverage, Summer and I were able to press our sexes together. To this day, I will never forget the sensations this brought about. Her labia were warm and beyond slick, and every now and then I could feel my clit graze against her pubic bone. As if one wet pussy wasn’t enough, two together made for a deluge in the middle of the bed. I dreaded the thought of the wetspot we were creating but in that moment, nothing else mattered. We were grinding ourselves into slippery oblivion.

Summer let out a guttural cry of release as she dug her fingernails into my knee. I was fake taxi porno on fire, but had yet to feel my own climax.

“Did you get off?” she asked me, still panting. This was yet another thing Summer would never have said out loud a few months ago.

“It felt amazing,” I skirted the question.

“That’s not what I asked, but I think I know the answer.” She looked disappointed. “Want me to lick your clit?”

My clit came alive when I heard those words, but somehow I knew I needed more.

“There’s only one thing missing from this sexual equation,” I explained.

Summer cocked her head inquisitively.


“Oh,” She looked uncomfortable, and once again I was left wondering if I’d taken things too far.

“Listen, it’s–“

“Why don’t you get on your hands and knees on the bed,” Summer instructed, her tone changed completely.

“Summer, you don’t–“

“I said, get on your hands and knees.” She demanded, her directives sending moisture pooling in my cunt. Obeying her commands, I positioned myself at the headboard, with ass and pussy in full view.

I felt Summer’s warm body behind me, stroking my back and asscheeks. Her hand left me and before I could wonder what she was up to, I felt it crack down on my skin. Holy shit!

“That’s for lying to me,” Summer reprimanded.

I began to protest, but Summer’s hand came down even harder on the other cheek.

“For lying to me about not getting off. Don’t. Ever. Lie to me.”

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings,” I offered, genuinely sorry that she was mad at me, but not at all wanting her to stop spanking me.

Like answered prayers, I felt another sting on my ass. “What was that one for?”

“Because I’m really enjoying this,” I saw Summer’s smile widen and her voice returned to its normal lilt, “And by the looks of it, you are, too.”

She was right, I was on fire. I felt her slide her fingers down my bottom, between the cleft and below to my wet core. “Didn’t you mention a fondness for doggy style fucking?” Summer inquired. I had shared stories in the past about sexual liaisons in this position and the sensations it created against my g-spot. Before I could answer, Summer was two-fingers deep inside my begging pussy.

“Unnngh,” I tightened involuntarily around her hand, grinding against her palm. “Fuck my pussy, baby,” I begged, “Fuck it hard!”

For the next several minutes, Summer pumped her fingers in and out of me, following my lead every time I raised and lowered my hips, or adjusted my position. She used her free hand to spank my bottom every so often, until the pleasure-pain wound so tightly that I exploded in sensations indescribable.

I rolled onto my back and pulled Summer’s leg over me, dragging her by the hips until her pink, swollen cunt was above my face. I forced her legs apart until her lips splayed across my face, covering me in her juices. I cupped the globes of her ass to anchor her as I whispered, “Ride my face.”

She obeyed, circling and mashing her labia against my mouth. As she widened her circles, I used my lips, tongue, chin, nose and cheeks to pleasure her and take her all in. As the movements became jerkier, I felt more of Summer’s wetness slide into my mouth as she came for a second time.

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