Surprise for Amy

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Amy was on her first trip outside of Canada, a college sponsored week in London during her freshman year. College was challenging for the petite girl, but she worked hard and managed A’s in all her classes. She missed her friends, and had practically no social life as she spent all her time studying. When the opportunity for a Spring trip to Europe came, she jumped at it. It was not a holiday, as the participants were expected to attend lectures, visit a certain number of cultural institutions, and write a report of their activities and their perceptions of the trip.There were twelve on the trip, five men and seven women, including Amy.

On arrival in London, they were shown to their accomodation in a college dorm. They each had a private room, and some local students had volunteered to show them around in groups. Amy and three other girls met Ayesha, also a freshman in the London college, and she oriented them to the currency and the “tube” or subway. It was getting late and they were quite exhausted, so she offered to take them to Oxford St. and do some window shopping before dinner at the college. Amy was the only one to accept. She aked Ayesha if she would be with their group tomorrow. Ayesha replied that the groups changed from day to day, so it was possible.

“I hope I have you tomorrow, you’re so helpful and pretty…”

Ayesha gerçek porno glanced at the petite Canadian. Only five feet tall, and perhaps one hundred pounds, she had small shapely breasts, long curly blonde hair that almost reached her tiny waist, and wide flaring hips with a very cute ass. Ayesha was by contrast 5’8″ and and a full breasted 140lbs. Her black shoulder length hair was straight reflecting her South Asian ancestry. Both girls were 19 years old, and wore jeans and sweatshirts, with heavy waterproof coats against the damp London spring.

“Well, you can have me tonight…to show you around. Aren’t you tired, like the others?

“I slept on the flight…I’m full of energy now.”

With that, she reached out her hand to Ayesha, and they strolled along Oxford St. each looking at the bright wondows, but seeing only the beautiful girl next to her. In half an hour, they were sitting holding hands in a bar, their drinks ignored, talking earnestly as lovers do, and slowly their faces approached each other for the first tender kiss. It was brief, and they both seemed embarassed, but the second lasted longer, and the third was up there in the record


After the bar they went to a dance club where they could discard their heavy clothing and work up a sweat. They danced energetically, and gay porno later found a quiet corner to resume their urgent kisses. Ayesha found Amy’s tiny breasts and huge nipples were responsive to her caresses, as Amy opened Ayeshas jeans, reaching the crotch moistened thong, and invading her pussy with busy fingers. Amy put two and then three fingers inside the taller woman’s cunt, and massaged her clit with her thumb. Ayesha reached orgasm and leaned against the wall, enjoying the ecstacy. She bent down to kiss Amy deeply, and as their tongues mingled another orgasm hit her. They returned to the dorm, laughing and kissing, and fell on the bed in a tangle of limbs and clothes. They finally managed to get naked and for a while just sat there on the bed, admiring the other.

“You need to get some Asia-gurl loving, and I mean now” said Ayesha as she clamped her lips to Amy’s again. She then worked her way down to the other girl’s sensitive nipples and kissed and suckled on them alternately. Her hands wer busy also, one squeezing Amy’s lush rear as the other explored the moistness of her pussy. Eventually Ayesha tongued her way past Amy’s flat abdomen to her almost bald mound, and sought her pussy. Her long muscular tongue invaded Amy’s wet tunnel, and then caressed her erect clit. She raised Amy’s thighs to open her sex, and evli porno continued to lick and suck at the exposed wet flesh. Amy was quivering with excitement, and groaned softly as she grabbed fistfulls of bedsheet.

Then Ayesha turned her attention to Amy’s neglected ass. Again, she kissed and licked, exploring new territory, getting closer to her clenched asshole. With the first contact of Ayesha’s tongue against the virgin asshole, Amy jumped. She loved girls, and liked boys. She had sucked cock and eaten pussy, and her own pussy had welcomed fingers, toys, tongues, and a few cocks, but her ass had been untouched in all her sexual experience. The novelty was exciting, and all the more so for being taboo. Ayesha felt her jump, and decided to continue with her ass play. She didn’t neglect Amy’s pussy, and inserted one, then two, and finally three fingers into the warm wet tunnel, pistoning in and out, stimulating her clit at the same time. But her tongue was lapping at her ass, and she felt Amy relaxing. Ayesha forced her tongue deeper between her buttocks, into her asshole, and then withdrew. Into her now saliva lubricated asshole, the Asian girl inserted one finger as far as she could. Amy jumped again, and her groans became a scream of surprise, delight and orgasm. It became too much, and she wriggled away from Ayesha, saying “No more, that’s too much…”

Ayesha smiled, please at giving her new lover an orgasm and introducing her to anal play. The two girls then got under the covers and kissed tenderly, and began to talk, and make plans for the next day…

To be continued? All feedback welcome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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