Sugar Cube Ch. 05

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*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.


Elena Mollenkay sat in the cramped airplane seat and wished she’d taken a sleeping pill. The man seated next to her was a very large man; he did not fit in the small seat. He crowded against her, and his body odor was quite strong.

Thankfully, though, the plane began its descent. The pilot made the announcement they would be landing in Porasch, Poland in twenty minutes.

And again, her companion’s elbow ‘accidentally’ brushed her breast.

“Pardon,” he said.

Elena did not answer; the one time she had answered, the man had used it as an excuse to start a conversation. She had smiled and answered him in English. He had looked at Elena’s American hairstyle and American clothing and had assumed she was American.

Then he tried to speak English and Elena had politely told him his English was deplorable.

It was five forty two in the morning when they landed. By seven o’clock, Elena was seated on the train that would take her from Porasch to Tremblink, her small hometown. And her airplane companion was traveling from Porasch to Amstern, the town just past Tremblink. So, again, he attempted to seat himself next to her and engage her in American English.

She made a point of getting to her feet and sitting in another seat away from him.

“She is rude American,” the embarrassed man said to the few passengers that were staring at him.

“But I am not fat bore,” Elena called out in perfect Polish.

The man waddled to another car as the passengers laughed.

It was just after twelve o’clock when Elena directed the taxicab to the apartment complex her mother lived in. Her mother had considered herself fortunate to secure a two bedroom apartment forty nine years earlier, during the Communist regime that had held Poland in its fierce grip. Even after the fall of the Communist powers, her mother kept the large apartment, rather than move to a smaller and more modern apartment. Her mother did not believe that the Communists were no longer in power.

The taxicab driver carried Elena’s eight large cardboard boxes up the flight of stairs, complaining of his back on each trip. But Elena and her mother, Anna Kowenski ignored him; they were too busy laughing and crying and hugging.

Finally, Elena paid him for his fare and gave him a few Euros for his troubles.

Elena smiled sadly; her bedroom was exactly as she had left it twenty eight years earlier, when she’d left the apartment to marry Joseph Mollenkay. There was a small bed, an Army cot, actually. Her father had bought it for her when she was nine years old, and it had excited her then to think that she was sleeping on the bed that a brave soldier in the Polish Army had slept on. Her father seemed to have that sixth sense; his little girl was not interested in the dolls and princess things.

Now, at age forty seven, it was not nearly as exciting to think of sleeping on such an uncomfortable bed.

Her dresser was still there, and sliding open the top drawer, Elena smiled; her old undergarments were still there.

Each drawer held her old clothing.

“Mother, really, why did you not throw this out?” Elena asked.

“We paid good money for those things,” Anna answered, then coughed again.

Her mother must have been waiting to see her daughter again; she passed away in her sleep four days later.

Her ex-husband was at Anna’s funeral; he and Anna had maintained friendship even after Elena had asked for a divorce.

“So, you will be staying?” Joseph asked, not introducing Elena to the bored looking large breasted teenaged girl that stood next to him.

“I suppose so,” Elena said.

She’d given her home and automobile in Bender, Louisiana to her last lover, a sweet faced blonde eighteen year old girl. So she did not have that to return to. And truthfully, her entire time in America, she’d felt more like a visitor than a resident.

Here, she felt like she was home.

“Good, good, ever need anything; you just call, all right?” Joseph said, kissed her cheek fondly and turned to walk away.

“What became of Sophia?” Elena asked, mildly curious.

Sophia had been the beautiful red headed French actress Elena had caught Joseph with that had prompted her to ask for their divorce.

“Ah, you did not hear? I thought it was international news?” Joseph asked.

“No, no, first year in America, I watch the television, but I am just learning language so I don’t understand news,” Elena admitted.

“Ah, well, Walter, you remember Walter? Good looking young man?” Joseph said.

“Walter Pemikan?” Joseph’s companion asked, but both Elena and Joseph ignored her.

“Anyway, Walter and Sophia in movie together, they fall in love and they bet married,” Joseph said. “Then, one day, she is in my movie, but she feel sick so she go home and she catch Walter in bed with his lover…”

Elena waited, smiling. Joseph’s excitement was palpable.

“…Ivan. Yes, Walter is soft and porno Sophia start screaming, she will tell everyone and Walter take his gun and he shoot and he kill her,” Joseph said.

“No!” Elena gasped, saddened.

“And Walter tell Ivan, this is what they will do. At Walter’s trial, Ivan will be witness, but then he will confess to murder and Walter will be released,” Joseph continued. “Ant then, at Ivan’s trial, Walter will confess he is the one who killed Sophia.”

“Really? You know that to be true?” the large breasted companion asked, but again, Joseph and Elena ignored her.

“And Ivan does confess, Walter is released and Ivan is arrested,” Joseph continued. “Then at Ivan’s trial, Walter is put on the witness stand, but instead of saying ‘I did it, I am guilty’ so Ivan will be released and they will now both be free, Walter breaks down and screams at Ivan that he had loved Sophia and he will never forgive Ivan for killing her and Ivan is then put in front of the firing squad.”

“Oh my goodness,” Elena gasped. “So Walter is out? Free?”

“No, Ivan had an older brother, Peter,” Joseph said. “Peter paid Walter a little visit and no one knows where Walter is now and Peter isn’t saying.”

“So, when is the great Joseph Mollenkay making the movie?” Elena asked, smiling.

“Making the…” Joseph mused then brightened.

“Come, Tonya, I need to write,” he demanded.

“It’s Sonya,” the girl said as she followed Joseph.

Six days after her mother’s funeral, Elena roused herself out of her lethargy. She’d been sitting at her mother’s apartment, doing little but eating and sleeping. She had not even bathed since the day of the funeral.

She fiddled with the taps until she finally got a warm spray, quickly lathered up and rinsed and got out before the hot water ran out.

Then she dressed in American Levis jeans, a fashionable blouse, not bothering to put a bra on over her breasts, found her bathing suit, and walked the four blocks to the community swimming pool.

When she’d been a teenager, the community swimming pool had been the place to go, to see other girls, to talk and laugh and gossip and giggle. And every now and then, she’d meet a girl that thought like she did and they’d kiss and touch each other.

But she wasn’t supposed to hug and kiss and touch other girls, so when Joseph Mollenkay, a local University student had shown the quite beautiful Elena attention, Elena had gone along with what was expected of her.

Elena found a locker, stripped out of her clothing and wiggled into her bathing suit. A few of the women in the changing room did look at her as she walked around in her American bathing suit.

Because it was the middle of the day, there were only a few people at the pool. Most of the girls paraded back and forth in their bikinis, but they did not get into the swimming pool. Elena put her towel onto a stool, and then climbed the ladder to the three meter board.

The water was ice cold. Had she not been underwater, Elena would have screamed. That was one of the things she’d forgotten about the community swimming pool; it was kept very cold.

“Quite cold, isn’t it?” a cute red headed girl giggled as Elena surfaced and gasped.

Despite the chill, Elena couldn’t help but smile at the girl’s giggle.

The girl had short red hair, sparkling green eyes, and a plethora of freckles all over her round face and neck and shoulders.

“Quite,” Elena agreed and the girl looked slightly bemused.

“Your Polish is very good, but that is not a Polish accent,” the girl said.

“Because I have been in America for the last ten, almost eleven years,” Elena admitted, paddling furiously in an attempt to warm herself.

“America!” the girl gasped. “With the cowboys and Indians?”

“Well, I’ve seen the Dallas Cowboys play the New Orleans Saints,” Elena said. “A girlfriend was very much into the American football so we went to the game; very noisy. But the cowboys you are thinking of? They are all but gone, I am afraid.”

“I am Nadia,” the girl said. “Nadia Tamarin.”

“And I am Elena Mollenkay,” Elena said. “Do you attend the finishing school?”

“No, I have completed that,” the girl smiled. I know, I do not look it, but I am nineteen.”

She then looked at Elena again.

“Did you say ‘Mollenkay’ like…” Nadia asked.

“Joseph Mollenkay, the famous movie director,” Elena affirmed. “My ex-husband. I am sorry, though, I’m freezing.”

With that, Elena began to swim as rapidly as she could, trying desperately to warm up.

Soon, though, she tired of this; she had not realized just how out of shape she really was. So she decided to get out and towel off and let the June sun warm her.

And when she got out, Nadia did as well. Nadia grabbed her own towel and then walked to where Elena was briskly rubbing herself dry.

Out of the water, Elena could see that Nadia was exactly the sort of girl Joseph loved to feature in his films. Her breasts were large, probably a Double D, her waist was tiny, and her hips were full, anime porno womanly hips.

“Please, tell me more of America,” Nadia begged.

So, as the sun warmed her, Elena did sit and answer the girl’s questions.

“No, no, not everything is in New York City,” Elena smiled.

She pointed to a can of Coca-Cola a nearby girl was drinking from.

“In fact that? The Coca—cola? It is made in Atlanta, Georgia. Far away from New York City,” Elena declared.

“But I read in magazine all the models live in New York City,” Nadia protested.

“That is true,” Elena shrugged. “But the automobiles? They come from Detroit which is not in New York. And the American movies? They are in California.”

“I love the American movies,” Nadia confessed. “And I love the American magazines. Such pretty pictures, such pretty people.”

“I did bring some American magazines with me,” Elena casually mentioned.

“Oh! I must see them!” Nadia begged.

They went into the changing room. Nadia admired Elena’s American jeans and blouse.

“Do you need to call your mother?” Elena asked and Nadia asked if she could use Elena’s phone.

From her apartment, Nadia did use the old telephone in Elena’s living room. Then she happily accepted a glass of fruit punch.

“I bring big can when I come home,” Elena giggled, showing Nadia the large can of powdered drink mix.

Nadia sat at the kitchen table, sipping the sweet liquid.

Elena then went to her old room, found the box, and selected six of the magazines.

“Oh, Cosmopolitan!” Nadia squealed. “Oh! And Vogue!”

She slid the Vogue magazine off and laughed at the Sports Illustrated magazine, the ‘Swim Suit’ issue.

“Um, I do not know this one,” she admitted as she saw an issue of Parasols magazine.

“Hmm? Oh, the Parasols? Such pretty sugar cubes,” Elena said as she took her empty glass to the sink.

“Lesbian Roommates?” Nadia sounded out the odd English words phonetically.

Elena gave Nadia the Polish translation and Nadia looked shocked.

“Fist Fuck Party?” she read the last magazine’s title.

Again, she looked shocked when Elena gave her the Polish words.

“Nadia, are you virgin?” Elena asked, a little amused at Nadia’s shocked expression.

“What? No, I have two older brothers,” Nadia said with a playful smile.

Elena shook her head, not understanding.

“The joke? What do you call a virgin in Tremblink?” Nadia asked.

“Someone that has not had sex, I suppose,” Elena said and casually flipped open the ‘Fist Fuck Party’ magazine.

“An ugly girl that does not have brothers,” Nadia giggled and after a moment, Elena smiled.

“So…” Nadia asked, tapping the title of the ‘Lesbian Roommates’ magazine. “Are you the lesbian?”

“Yes, I am,” Elena admitted and paused at one of her favorite photographs.

It showed a chubby woman being fisted in both her vagina and her anus at the same time by two different women. The look on her face was either a grimace of pain, or a contortion of pleasure. Elena could not tell which, but she would love to have two women fist fuck her.

Nadia flipped open the pornographic magazine and goggled at the sight of two women kissing.

The next page showed one girl sucking on the other girl’s nipple while slipping a finger into her wet pussy. The facing page showed the two girls in a sixty nine position.

“I must go,” Nadia said suddenly and bolted.

Elena sighed heavily and got to her feet. She gathered up the magazines and brought them back to the bedroom.

Two days later, she had found her mother’s old vacuum cleaner and was cleaning the already quite clean apartment when there was a knock at the door. She turned off the vacuum cleaner, not sure if she’d actually heard anything or not.

A second knock sounded and she opened the door to see a hotly blushing Nadia.

“Hi, Sugar Cube,” Elena smiled a little guardedly.

“Sugar Cube?” Nadia asked.

“”It’s what I call pretty girls,” Elena explained. “Sugar cube, you just lick them up.”

“I am not pretty girl,” Nadia protested and looked at the kitchen table.

“You want fruit punch? I make more,” Elena offered.

“Sure,” Nadia agreed and looked around the kitchen and living room.

Elena poured them each a glass and they sat down at the kitchen table.

“Um, those, where are the magazines?” Nadia asked, not able to meet Elena’s gaze.

This time, Elena brought all twenty of the magazines she’d brought home with her.

Nadia skimmed past the Cosmopolitan and Vogue magazine and again flipped open the ‘Lesbian Roommates’ magazine.

Elena found a Parasols magazine and practiced reading English, even though she was fairly proficient in the language.

When Nadia finished flipping through the pages of that magazine, she flipped open ‘Fist Fuck Party’ and Elena looked up when she heard Nadia’s gasp.

“They, the lesbians do that?” she asked, goggling at the sight of one woman shoving her fist into another woman’s arap porno pussy.

“I like fist in my pussy,” Elena admitted. “But I never do it to anyone.”

She gently pulled that magazine away and pushed ‘Teenage Lesbian Sluts’ to Nadia.

“They, do you have one of these?” Nadia asked and Elena saw that Nadia was looking at the picture of a blonde girl using a strap on dildo on her ‘best friend,’ a large breasted brunette.

“Yes I do, slightly larger than that,” Elena admitted.

“I must, may I see it?” Nadia asked.

“For a kiss,” Elena said.

Nadia did not hesitate; just leaned over and kissed Elena’s lips.

“Thank you; that was very nice,” Elena praised and Nadia blushed, but smiled.

Elena went into her bedroom and found the box that contained her toys. She found her strap on, her double headed dong and an eight inch latex cock with a suction cup at the base and brought those back into the kitchen.

Nadia looked up from the ‘Fist Fuck Party’ magazine when Elena came back into the room and gasped when she saw the collection.

“And this?” she asked, gingerly touching the latex cock with the suction cup base.

“You stick it wherever you want to,” Elena said and demonstrated by playfully sticking it to the refrigerator door.

“So you can just walk up and fuck,” Nadia laughed.

“Actually,” Elena said and stuck it to the empty chair between her and Nadia.

“Oh,” Nadia said and touched the latex dong. “And it moves; oh that must be fun!”

“It is,” Elena said, and then giggled.

“I had the religious people come to my house in America; they were’ have you heard the good news’ and ‘we have the way of salvation,'” Elena related. “And I sat at my kitchen table with that in my pussy the whole time and the two women never ever noticed.”

“How’s it worked?” Nadia asked, whispering even though it was just the two women in the apartment.

“It’ll cost you a kiss,” Elena said and Nadia leaned closer and kissed Elena.

Elena wormed her tongue into Nadia’s mouth for a brief second, then stood and dropped her shorts to the kitchen floor.

She then pulled the chair out, lined herself up with the dildo, and sat down.

Nadia bent her head under the table to have a closer look.

“Oh and how’s this one work?” Nadia asked, grabbing the double headed dong as Elena slowly hunched against the fat dildo.

“That one?” Elena wheezed, close to orgasm. “That one will cost you a kiss.”

Nadia bent to kiss Elena.

“…And your panties,” Elena said and reluctantly pulled her pussy off her dildo.

“I uh, I don’t have any,” Nadia said, blushing bright red.

“But, seriously, you need to take your pants off if I’m going to show you this one, or this one,” Elena said, pointing to the double headed dildo and the strap on.

“Couldn’t you just tell me?” Nadia asked a tremor in her voice.

“I must go to the bathroom,” Elena said abruptly. “Let me know if you’d like me to show them to you or not.”

“I have no time for little girls and little girl games,” Elena said as she shut the bathroom door.

She used the facilities and cursed the cheap toilet paper her mother had in the apartment. She then reminded herself, she had not been too quick to replace the coarse paper.

With a count to ten, in Polish, then in English, Elena opened the door and felt a flush of happiness; Nadia was still at the kitchen table.

The girl then stood up and Elena saw that she did not have her trousers on.

“Oh, Sugar Cube, that is the prettiest little pussy,” Elena squealed, seeing the orange hair that barely covered Nadia’s pink lips.

“Now, will you…” Nadia asked, unable to meet Elena’s eyes.

“Oh, may I? I must have a taste,” Elena begged, looking at the girl’s pussy.

Nadia mutely nodded her head and just stood, waiting.

“Here, here, come to couch,” Elena said and pulled Nadia into the living room.

She put Nadia on the couch, pulled her buttocks to the edge of the cushion, and then got down on her knees between the girl’s slightly spread legs.

Nadia looked on as Elena used her hands to push Nadia’s plump thighs apart, then bent forward and gave Nadia’s pussy a sniff.

“Ah, young sweet pussy,” Elena praised, and then used her thumbs to ply Nadia’s lips apart.

Nadia gasped as Elena’s fat tongue made contact, then groaned as Elena dragged her tongue up and down Nadia’s slit.

Oh!” Nadia grunted as Elena’s tongue swiped her clitoris.

Elena sucked and licked at Nadia’s pussy until she had the girl close to orgasm, then abruptly stood.

Nadia looked up, confused.

“Now, I show you dildo,” Elena smiled and grabbed the double headed dong from the kitchen table.

Nadia watched, fascinated, as Elena drove one end of the dong into her pussy and fucked herself for a few strokes.

Then, gripping the middle, keeping six inches of the dong in herself, Elena knelt between Nadia’s spread thighs again, and pressed the head of the dong to Nadia’s slick opening.

“Uh!” both women grunted as the dong slid into Nadia’s pussy.

Elena leaned forward and sucked a kiss from Nadia’s open mouth.

For a moment, Nadia did not respond, then she thrust her tongue into Elena’s mouth and the two women kissed.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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