Stuck on You

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Sophie’s headset buzzed into life, the robotic voice telling her to go to a specific shelf to pick a specific item for a specific customer. This was basically what Sophie did to earn a living, and she didn’t mind at all; being on her feet and picking heavy boxes all day kept her in shape and she didn’t need to pay extortionate fees to join her local gym. A win-win, especially for a woman who really valued her curvy, sumptuous shape.

Sophie strode along to the shelf where the item, a food blender, lived and quickly realised it had been pushed right to the back of the shelf, just out of the 5’4″ girl’s reach. That was irritating, the job had a focus on speed and efficiency, so rather than getting a ladder, which took several minutes, she figured she could just climb the shelves and get the item quickly. This was against the rules but Sophie hadn’t seen another soul since she went upstairs, everyone else deciding to stay downstairs and have a lovely chit-chat, so rules didn’t matter, right?

Sophie reached for the item, only to get her sleeve trapped in a part of the shelves elaborate construction. No big deal, she’d just use her other hand to free herself. She made sure her footing was ok on the shelf and reached her other hand in and… fuck, no, this couldn’t be happening. She’d snagged her other sleeve on another part of the shelves, a loose screw that refused to let her go. To make matters worse, the girl couldn’t even get her upper body out from between the two shelves, leaving her perky C cup breasts to be crushed into the metal of the bracket she was resting on.

It was 5 minutes, and much shouting upstairs, before someone came to check on the tangled girl, and that someone was Rebecca. At first Rebecca was concerned for her colleague, having only found a pair of legs dangling off the shelf, but that soon turned to arousal, as the redhead noticed this pair of legs belonged to Sophie. Rebecca had spent many a night thinking about the young girl, usually prowling the girl’s Instagram page while she used one of her various sex toys to get herself off.

Sophie told Rebecca porno izle that she needed help, and went on to tell the tale of how she got stuck and generally started panicking. Rebecca was in two minds. Her good nature meant she wanted to help the poor youngster down but, as has already been established, Sophie drove the redhead absolutely wild. Obviously there’s the previously mentioned curves, boobs, and bum, but the young girl also had a certain meekness that made her the perfect prey for the older woman. Rebecca made a decision, it was now or never; especially after her plan to get Sophie drunk at the Christmas party was scuppered by Sophie not going to the party.

“Well? Are you gonna help me?” Questioned the still-trapped girl.

“No.” Replied the redhead.

“What the fuck? Why not?” An angry, panicked voice demanded.

“Well, it’s your fault you are up there. You specifically went against store rules, Sophie. I’ll have to punish you for that, which means you’ll have to stay up there for a bit longer..” An authoritative tone shot back.

“Fuck off and help me. This can’t be legal!” Sophie shouted.

“Honey, none of what I’m about to do is legal.” Rebecca purred as she sashayed over to her victim.

“Wh- what are you- what does that mean?” Anger had turned to fear for Sophie.

Rebecca had managed to find a Ping Pong set from somewhere in the stockroom and had decided to put it to good use. Rebecca gave Sophie’s still-clothed ass 10 smacks with the paddle, savouring the cries and whimpers coming from the girl she had at her mercy. These 10 strikes weren’t gentle, which is one of the reasons Sophie got a minute to recover from the ass attack, the other reason is simply that Rebecca wanted to savour every single sniffle and wail.

Sophie did begin to cry, the pain from the paddles was excruciating, but she was also confused. One part of her wanted to try and fight back, to run and hide from her colleague. The other part was beginning to realise it had a thing for being punished, and was aware that her pussy was absolutely soaking wet and she amatör porno was more aroused than she had ever been. This didn’t go unnoticed by Rebecca.

“I guess you really want this, you’ve soaked right through your leggings.” A husky voice taunted.


“Don’t talk baby, just enjoy.”

The older woman slowly pulled Sophie’s leggings down, a mixture of wanting to tease the girl and wanting to savour the moment. Rebecca had dreamt of fucking Sophie, and now it was finally going to happen; the older woman trembled with anticipation, a feeling that only got more intense as the smell of her victim’s sex filled her nostrils. The redhead wanted to have more time to tease her victim, however she realised this wouldn’t happen when they were at work.

With the leggings out the way, the younger girl’s knickers, some lacy black briefs, were the next to go. The sexy panties were yanked down her legs and her wet pussy was exposed, it was at this point that the reality of Sophie’s situation dawned on her, she was at work with her underwear around her ankles and a co-worker sticking a finger in – wait, holy shit!

“Oh my god Rebecca, what are you doing?” Sophie shrieked.

“Just giving your ass some love, it deserves it after the beating it took.” As if to emphasize her point, Rebecca ran her tongue over the red marks she left. Sophie winced at the pain, but was positively drooling at the second finger Rebecca pushed into her asshole. The two fingers started pumping in and out of the girl’s anus, causing her to moan a bit too loudly for Rebecca’s liking.

“Shut up, they might fucking hear you.” She hissed, smacking her with the paddle; causing a pained squeal, and bringing the young girl nearer to her orgasm.

Without warning, the two fingers were removed from the anus and shoved into her soaked pussy. More moans, another slap, this pushed her to climax. It was the most intense orgasm of Sophie’s life, but Rebecca didn’t want that to be an end to her fun. She mopped her prey’s juices up with a skillful tongue, occasionally gliding anal porno over the girl’s sensitive clit and enjoying the frustrated groans that came as a result.

This went on for a minute or two before Sophie’s frustration soon turned to elation, Rebecca finally stopped teasing and started eating the young girl out, letting her tongue run the length of Sophie’s pussy several times, making sure to linger on the swollen clit for a second or two. This made the vixen even wetter than before, something neither girl thought was possible but, really, neither was about to complain.

The skilled tongue then pushed deep into Sophie’s silky insides, an act that caused both girls to moan in delight. The moan sent vibrations through Sophie’s pussy and nearly caused her to cum right into her attacker’s mouth, but she didn’t want the skilled molestation to end so tried with all of her strength to hold off the orgasm for just a little longer. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Rebecca was far too skilled in the art of pleasuring women for the girl to not give up the fight. She came.

Her juices flooded Rebecca’s mouth, who would then proceed to swallow the girl’s delicious cum. Any leftover juices were, like before, mopped up by the skilled tongue with the older woman not wanting to miss a single drop of her hard earned reward. She had given the object of her depraved fantasies two explosive orgasms in the space of 10 minutes.

Rebecca generously helped Sophie untangle herself from her temporary prison, and once the young girl was free they shared a passionate kiss, Sophie tasting her essence on Rebecca’s lips. The two made out for several minutes, when suddenly normality came flooding in with a coworker shouting upstairs, asking if the two were ok.

“Absolutely fine!” The two girls shouted back, giggling in the knowledge that they were the only ones who knew what had taken place.

“Think they know?” Asked a slightly concerned Sophie.

“No, although if they see you with your pants around your ankles they might work it out.” Rebecca replied, smirking at the young girl’s wide-eyed panic.

The headset buzzed into life once more, the two girls let normality flood in, Sophie realised Rebecca had given her two amazing orgasms and hadn’t gotten one back, that didn’t seem fair. The girl plotted ways to even the score.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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