Squeeks Ch. 02

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I froze. I was on my hands and knees on top of Steph, both of us naked, and as I stared at Barb I was suddenly very conscious of Steph’s pussy juice covering my face. I didn’t know what to do. Steph pushed me aside and sat up. Her face was red and she hurriedly slipped into her shorts and the stained shirt and before I knew it she was out the door. She’d left. I was hurt and shocked and disappointed and yeah, frustrated. I sank back deeper into my bed and stared at the floor. After a bit Barb finally spoke.

“Shit Pam, I’m so sorry. I really messed that up for you didn’t I?”

I shrugged and sighed. “I dunno Barb. I-I…”

“Maybe I should leave.” Barb said. “You can call your friend back and I’ll find somewhere to crash.”

“Nah, there’s no need. I don’t have her number and I’m not sure she’d come back.”

“What do you mean?”

“Barb we just met, what…” I said looking at my smartwatch, “an hour ago?”

“Shit!” Barb said. “You move fast! How did you get her in bed so quick? Fuck!” she added an afterthought, “I didn’t even know you were a lesbian.”

“I didn’t know either! Look Barb, I spilled my lunch on us and we came to change, took off our shirts and… well… Hell I dunno! It just sorta happened.”

Barb was silent and sat on her bed across the room from me. After a minute she kicked off her shoes and tugged off her jersey. “Maybe I shoulda spilled my lunch…” she mumbled.

“Huh? What?”

“Shit Pam we’ve been friends for three years and roomies for half that…” she said, “And you never noticed how I always turn my back when you strip? How I never gawk at you or… or…” she sighed. “You have no idea that I wait until I’m sure you’re asleep before I start playing with myself and wishing it was..was… wishing it was you touching me.”

Damn! Barb? “What the hell Barb? Why me? And why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“Shit Pam Look at you! You never dress in anything but T shirts and jeans, you act like a completely sexless kid, not a damn thing sexy about you…until you smile, or laugh or dance in your underwear… I mean god you were underage for fuck’s sake! But now you’re eighteen and legal and I have wanted so fuckin’ bad to say something! But what the hell could I say? I figured you were either straight or truly asexual. So what happens then when your roomie hits on you huh? You see?”

“Uh… yeah… you have a point. But why didn’t I realize you were a lesbian? You never said anything about your orientation.”

“Well first off I’m not a lesbian; I’m more bi-sexual. I mean I’ve fucked a few guys and a couple of girls. Believe me, I thought about claiming to be a lesbian just to get guys from hitting on me because of my boobs.” She cupped her bra and jiggled her titties and we laughed. “But cock can be nice and if you fuck a guy after claiming to be lesbian, he crows about changing you.”

“Barb, I’m sorry. I had no idea about… well any of this. It’s just been one hell of a revelation. My head’s still spinning and it hurt’s that Stephanie ran out like that. I mean, shit, I was close to another orgasm and it all felt so… right. I dunno if I’m a lesbian or maybe bi. I haven’t really thought it through. I do find some guys attractive but until today, no one has touched me… caressed me… sexually.”

Barb smiled and sucked on her bottom lip for a moment, then ventured, “Pam, this isn’t gonna ruin our friendship is it? Because that’s the last thing I want.”

I sat there a second and thought about everything that had happened. Everything I had discovered. What did I want?

“Well I don’t want to lose you as a friend either but I need to understand the situation.” I said as I leaned forward and sat on the edge of the bed. My legs parted and my pussy was exposed to Barb. “You would be willing to stay my roommate and friend after all of this, sleeping across the room from me and fantasizing about me… masturbating and wishing I was in your bed…” I stood and slowly walked over to stand in front of her. “Craving my touch, my warmth… my lips…” Now I reached out and ran my fingers through her wavy dark hair. I bent closer and paused with our faces inches apart, gazing into her eyes. “That won’t do. I sex izle won’t keep you prisoner and listen to you moan as you diddle yourself. When I hear you moan… I… want to be involved.” and tilting my head I kissed her.

Barb melted. She cried. She trembled. I climbed into her bed and straddled her lap. I used both hands to caress her face and neck, running my fingers in her hair and kissing her passionately. I explored her full luscious lips and she surrendered her tongue. I rose up onto my knees and brought her mouth first to my neck and then my chest and finally my tits. Barb was still crying with joy as she kissed and licked my puffy areola and erect nipples. She moved back and forth, from one to the other. Her hands were shaking as she caressed my back and slowly sank to cup my tiny ass. I rubbed her neck and shoulders then slid my hands down to her bra strap and worked all five hooks open. I pulled away from her and stood taking her bra with me.

Barb had big boobs alright. They were huge and, her still being so young at only twenty, they were so nice and round. Yes they hung heavy, but her enormous areola and stubby nipples were carried high and proud. I wanted them. I knelt in front of her and began to explore. I caressed them and hefted them.

“My god they’re heavy!” I exclaimed. I kissed them; I sucked on her areola and flicked her nipples with my tongue. I worked sucked one while squeezing the other and then switched. Barb was stroking my head and sniffed as she brought her emotions under control.

“God Pam, this is so good, this is what I’ve dreamed of for so many nights…”

I placed my face between her boobs and pressed them together, and looking up at her I smiled and Barb grinned back. I kissed her breasts all over and even rubbed one of her nipples against mine. She laughed. I kissed her mouth again and gave her my tongue. I’m not sure just how long we played like this but eventually I was unable to ignore the hunger growing inside of me. I wanted more of her. I took her hand and placed in on my pussy. I stared deep into her eyes as she first rubbed me and then fingered me. Barb slid second finger inside and I moaned as she stroked in and out. The wet sounds thrilled me. I took her wrist and brought her hand up. It was covered in my pussy juice. I watched Barb’s eyes as I licked and sucked her fingers clean. She was losing it.

“Why are you still dressed?” I asked retreating a step or two.

Barb peeled off her jeans and panties quickly and lay back on her bed spreading her legs for me. As I crouched before her I saw that Barb shaved. She was completely bare. Her labia and mound were smooth and sexy. I paused to inhale. She smelled different from Stephanie. More musky and intense, but not unpleasant. I kissed her and she kinda purred. I used my fingers to open her pussy and saw that she was quite wet. I held her lips apart and toyed with her opening. She was oozing so much juice! I licked it up and she quivered. I kissed her vagina and sucked her juice; I fingered her and licked her clit. Everything I had learned in the last hour and everything I could imagine, I tried. Barb was so sweet and understanding. She coached me and guided me. And her clit! Oh my god she had a big clit! It was twice the size of mine. Stephanie’s was just a bit bigger than mine but this was big and erect. It had swollen and protruded from its hood, begging for attention… and I gave it lots of attention. Soon I began sucking on it as I finger-fucked Barb’s pussy. In fact I was surprised to find that I could easily get all four fingers into her and pump. With Stephanie, four had been tight. Of course my hands are quite petite but still…

“Mmmmmnnnn… Pam that feels sooo gooood…” she moaned.

I laid my cheek on her bare mound as I tongued her clit. After a while Barb began to rock her hips and pant. My god she was so wet! The fluid just never stopped! My hand was so slick… What the fuck, I thought… and I curled my thumb into my palm and slowly thrust my hand into her vagina.

“Fuuuck!” she groaned.

I watched as my hand disappeared inside of her up to my wrist. I could feel her vag, so tight and even her cervix! I began to slowly stroke my fransız porno hand in and out a bit. Barb continued to groan and rock her hips and even begged me to pull out and re-enter her as the penetration thrilled her.

“I’m so close Pam, I want to come, fuck me harder and faster and suck on my clit! Make me come, please make me come!” I did as she asked and was amazed at the punishment her pussy was taking! Soon I felt her body tense up and a second later her pussy started to spasm around my hand! She didn’t squirt like Steph but oh my god she bucked!

“Ffffuuuucccckkkkk!” she managed to groan out. “Daaammmnn Pam! That was awesome!”

I rose up and looked at my hand as I slowly withdrew it. It glistened with her juice but, truly not that much. I guess we used up a lot. Barb sat up and took my hand and slowly brought it to her mouth. She inhaled her aroma and then licked up what juice she could find and sucked on my fingers. We kissed some more and then she began toying with my pussy.

“I want to eat you Pam, I want to taste you and savor your sweet pussy. I want to please you and make you come.”

I laid back and Barb went to work. Her mouth on my pussy was great. She really knew what she was doing and I was wet and climbing towards my orgasm in just minutes! Now I have to admit that although it was a great orgasm it wasn’t as great as the one Stephanie gave me. Maybe because that had been my first really good orgasm or probably because I was tired. But it was still awesome and I let her know it. Barb knelt atop of me and we kissed. I was still thrilled at the taboo taste of my own juice on her mouth. And I loved feeling (and seeing) her huge boobs hanging down and dragging across me. I played with them and she smiled.

“Damn I wish we’d done this ages ago…” I muttered.

“No way Pam! I wouldn’t look good in prison orange!” she teased.

“Okay, okay… but still if I knew then what I know now… This would have made one hell of a birthday present!”

I finally got around to asking that nagging question, “Barb, just how big are your boobs?”

“What? You mean my cup size? Careful, that’s a guy kinda question.”

“No, I mean yes, I know it is. This is coming from the girl who has no boobs to speak of. Hell no one in my family does. We’re all small boobs and big weird nipples.”

“They’re not weird, they’re called puffies and they…(kiss) are… (kiss) beautiful.” she said softly. “Anyway, my family have mostly been big boobed women. My maternal Grandmother was enormous, they didn’t make bras to fit her, she had to get them custom made and they cost a fortune! I think she hit a J cup. My older sister is a G and Mom is a triple D. I passed that and wear an F cup.”

“Are they a problem? I hear you bitching about them…”

“Oh hell yes!” she replied. “But I am rather fond of them. I love playing dress up and watching guys and some girls lusting for them! If they keep getting bigger, I may someday have to look at a reduction but I really hope not.”

“I hope not too!” I said and I returned to kissing them and squeezing them. “They are very nice boobs. So soft, and warm. And your skin is so silky smooth…”

Barb giggled. “Pam, I’m having fun and this is great… but I’m actually getting really hungry, Do we have any food in the fridge?”

“Ugh, just the last of that old pizza.”

Barb stood up, “Then we have to go out. We can always come back and fool around some more later.”

“Hell it’s Friday night, we can fool around all night!” I said.

I started to reach for my jeans and Barb stopped me. Uh, girl I think we need to shower first, we smell like sex. I’ll go first.”

While Barb showered I wished our apartment was bigger than an efficiency/student model. We had only one common room for two beds, a pair of closets, a kitchenette and a small bathroom with only a shower, no tub. It would be nice to shower with Barb I thought. Then when I got out of my turn in the shower I found that Barb was already dressed. She was wearing a pair of black yoga pants that showed off her shapely legs and round ass, a black sports bra that supported her very nicely, and a neon pink tank top teen porno that was open enough on the sides to show off the bra and just long enough to reach her ass. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail in a neon pink scrunchie and her cross-trainers were done up in pink laces.

I giggled. “You look cute! And wow, your legs look awesome!

Barb insisted that I dress similarly and even had the clothes laid out for me. Now I don’t own any yoga pants but I run and she had my scarlet running tights out with a black compression shirt. I started to reach for a clean bra but she stopped me.

“No bra girly. You are dressing for me and I want you dressed just like this.”

So I was very nervous when we stepped out and walked down the block to the taco place. In fact from behind my forced stony face of indifference, I secretly prided myself on this huge step. The evening was warm and the breeze was wonderful and the looks we were getting made the walk seem far more enjoyable that it usually was. As we sat and ate I was conscious of guys sneaking glances at us or even openly staring. One girl even jabbed her boyfriend in the ribs for gawking! By the time we were finished and started walking back to the apartment, I was comfortable with this minor feat of exhibitionism (for me) and when Barb suggested that I gather my shirt up to bare my midriff, I did.

“You look awesome Pam!” she said. I can hardly wait to get you in bed!”

I stopped and grinned at her. “You want me? You buy me ice cream.” I said pointing to the bodega.

Once inside our apartment we flipped on the TV and sat together eating our pints and laughing. I felt really good. Soon the cartons were on the floor along with our clothes and we were wrapped in each other’s arms. Barb was reclining and I was on top of her, kissing her breasts as I rubbed my pussy on her thigh. She pulled me up to her face and kissed my lips then my chin, throat and chest. On down she went to my belly and mound until I was sitting on her face. Barb licked my wet slit and teased my opening until I was moaning, well on the way to an orgasm. She then shifted her attentions to my clit and soon I was grunting as I came. While my body was still trembling she turned me around and went 69. She was gentle with my pussy but I wasn’t with hers. I licked, sucked and fingered her. Barb was oozing delicious pussy juice and I was determined not to waste a drop. Eventually she came, burying her face in my pussy as she cried out. We continued to fuck until we had each come again before Barb asked for a break.

As I sat cradled in her arms she toyed with the hair on my mound. “You want me to give you that shave?” she asked.

“Hell, why not?”

Barb had me lay back across the bed with my legs spread and then she lathered me up with shaving gel. Geez that stuff was cold at first! Then with a bowl of hot water on the floor she proceeded to shave my pussy. She actually shaved my labia completely smooth but left a tiny patch of hair on my mound. After she had cleaned me with a washcloth, she used lots of lotion on me. My god her hands felt amazing! She could be so gentle and I relaxed as she worked on me. Soon I felt her sliding her finger into me again. As usual she was using two fingers.

“Barb… try three fingers…” I said and she did. I felt my pussy stretching happily to accept them. Barb pumped them in and out slowly and used her other hand to gently massage the base of my clit. As I felt the wave of pleasure approaching I began to moan, smiling in anticipation… But it kept growing… and growing… When the wave did crash over me, the orgasm was greater than anything I had yet experienced! My pussy was screaming in my mind and my body was covered in sweat and I was trembling from head to foot. I was gasping for breath and my bottom lip was sore from biting it. I weakly raised my head and looked at Barb. She was looking at her hand, covered in my juices. I took her wrist and brought her hand to my face where I first inhaled my scent, then licked it clean. Again, the sense of breaking with convention and experiencing the taboo thrilled me. And apparently Barb too. She took my hand and rubbed my pussy with it, then licked it. We sat there for several minutes sharing my pussy juice until I was finally out.

My bed was soaked so we moved to hers. As we fell asleep, cuddling naked beneath a single sheet, I was half afraid I would wake to find that this was all just a fevered erotic dream.

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