Sorority Ch. 12

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Chapter 12

The Two Kates

Anne was alone in her room sitting at her desk in front of the computer. She began the evening by sitting down to start her art history essay, but became bored and began surfing the net. She eventually came across a porn site which almost instantly put her in a horny mood, so she decided to enter a chat room and see how that mood would play out. Once she gave her a/s/l/ in the room, it didn’t take long for her to find herself in a private chat window.

Anne knew that she really didn’t know who was on the other end of the window she was chatting with, but a part of her didn’t care. Sometimes she just felt naughty and wanted some sort of release, and chat rooms were usually a good way of getting it.

Surferdude69: so u go to college?

sweet_baby_anne: yep. its fun.

Surferdude69: boyfrnd>?

sweet_baby_anne: no, single ? I wish I had a bf right about now tho….

Surferdude69: why is that? Need some one to take care of your needs?

sweet_baby_anne: smthng like that… I’m a little bit horny.

Anne was always the quiet, shy one no matter what group she was around. That’s why she sometimes liked to go into her online persona where she had no trouble being as straight forward as she wanted to be. It gave her a sense of empowerment which she found she needed more and more of this year.

Surferdude69: ? me too… I bet you are really sexy

sweet_baby_anne: i don’t know…. i suppose some would say so

Surferdude69: i would love to see for myself…

Sweet_baby_anne: oh would you?

Surferdude69: and if i could i would lick you all ovr….

sweet_baby_anne: ? I would like that….

Surferdude69: I hve my cock out, its ready for you baby

This excited Anne knowing that somewhere on the other end of this connection some guy was playing with himself because of her. She inched her left hand down inside the top of her pants, wiggling down until she could feel the top of her vagina.

sweet_baby_anne: I am soooo wet

Surferdude69: can I C how wet U are?

sweet_baby_anne: I suppose that would be ok….

Surferdude69: do u have a cam?

Anne wondered if he would want to move things to a webcam. She had done it a couple of times before. She was always nervous about showing herself, but she loved to see the guy on the other end, so she usually just went for it.

sweet_baby_anne: yeah. Add me, my address is the same as my name here. I’ll turn it on.


sweet_baby_anne: I’m nervous….

Surferdude69: its okay baby. I’m sure u r hawt.

Anne accepted his cam chat invitation and turned her webcam on, positioning it just so that it caught her body below her neckline. She looked on the other end of the screen and saw that he positioned his cam much the same way. He already had his cock out of his pants and in his hand, rock hard.

sweet_baby_anne: nice ?

Surferdude69: would love to see your tits baby. you look so fine…

Anne slowly stripped off her t-shirt and then rubbed her hands along her sides, teasing him for a moment before she reached around back and removed her bra. As she took her bra away her breasts fell out, bouncing slightly in front of the camera. Anne saw him grip his dick tight and begin to pull it hard.

sweet_baby_anne: I want you to stick that nice, long dick in my pussy

Surferdude69: its ready for you

Anne moved her hands between her legs and unbuttoned her fly. She raised her ass up off the chair just enough to slide her pants out from under it, giving him a full view of her bare pussy. Then she ran her two forefingers across the lips with one hand and rubbed her own breasts with the other, giving him a full show as she watched him jerk off.

Surferdude69: I wanna cum all ovr those tits

sweet_baby_anne: I wanna watch you cum on them

Both of them stopped typing for a while as they focused just on their actions and watching the actions of the other on the webcam. Anne watched the head of his dick bob and guessed that he was close to popping. She suddenly imagined the cum spraying out and hitting the camera and giggled a little at how funny that would look.

As she jilled for the camera, she saw an email notice pop up on her toolbar. As she was an avid multitasker, she decided to see what it was, so she clicked on it and the email popped up in another window. What she saw horrified her.

It was an email which was cc’d to practically all of the students at the University. There was a video embedded in the email; a video of her. She watched herself lying on her stomach being taken from behind by a guy whose face was off camera. But she knew who it was; it was Darren, the asshole who had slipped her a roofie in the first semester.

Anne immediately closed the webcam window; that guy didn’t matter any more. She stared at the grainy video as her lips quivered and tears broke from her eyes. She couldn’t believe that this had just happened.

* * *

Dawson and Alison were hanging out in Dawson’s room together. Dawson was sitting on the bed with altyazılı porno her laptop in her lap while Alison was checking over Dawson’s English assignment for her.

“How is it?” Dawson asked reluctantly.

“Um, well, it could use some work,” Alison admitted, “But its okay, I can help you.”

Dawson sighed. “Can you help me with Psych and Bio too? Fuck, I’m failing at everything!”

“It’s first year, no one cares how you did first year,” Alison rationalized.

“Uh, Alison, you should come see this,” Dawson said as she noticed something in her inbox.

Alison came over to sit by Dawson on the bed and saw the video attached to the email. They looked on in shock as they watched Anne lying on her stomach being taken from behind. The video was low-quality but good enough to make out that it was Anne very clearly.

“Shit,” Dawson muttered under her breath.

* * *

The long-legged Kate stormed into Brandi’s room unannounced. Brandi was dressed in a t-shirt only with no pants or panties, but Kate didn’t bother about that. Over the years she had walked in on Brandi wearing much less and doing all sorts of things. Right now Brandi was sitting at her computer.

“Did you see it?” Kate asked determinedly.

“Yeah, I noticed it just now,” Brandi said in a voice which was both calm and teeming with anger at the same time, the video of Anne playing on her monitor.

“It’s Lambda. It has to be,” Kate accused.

Brandi just nodded.

“This has Katie written all over it,” Kate shook her head in disgust, “She has to pay for this one.”

“I know,” Brandi said staring at one of her girls literally getting fucked for everyone to see, “Get everyone together. Sorority meeting.”

* * *

Meanwhile, over at the Lambda Kappa house the Lambda girls had also received the leaked email video, with a slightly different reaction than their Sigma rivals.

Katie, the Lambda head girl was alone in her room yet not alone. She was completely naked; her jet black hair running in waves across her slender shoulders which lengthened into her perfectly toned and fit body with large, sumptuous breasts and flawless hips.

Underneath her on the floor of her bedroom a college guy was laying down naked, his erect cock sticking straight into the air. Katie was standing over him with her long, slender legs spread out, one on each side of his torso, almost doing the splits. Her hands rested on his chest and thigh as she lowered her open, moist pussy down on his cock, then lifted it again slowly.

She repeated this action with full concentration. The guy underneath didn’t matter to her, only his dick which was standing at attention for her. She used men like this to enhance her skills at pleasuring herself through intercourse. Very few people could maintain the balance and discipline it took to fuck like she did. Guys would jump at the chance to let her fuck them because they new it would be a very different experience.

Katie bobbed gracefully up and down, massaging the inside of her pussy with his cock. She could do this for hours as long as the guy could hold out, which they usually couldn’t. She heard a knock on her door and invited them in. Katie was open to her girls walking in on her. She didn’t like sex to be paused.

Jordan walked in to see Katie and her guy on the floor in an X shape, with her lowering and raising herself on top of him, her legs doing the splits overtop of him. She shied back a bit behind the door. She still wasn’t entirely comfortable with walking in on Katie when she was fucking.

“Sandy, um, wanted me to let you know that it’s done. The video is out.”

“To everyone on campus?” Katie asked between her heavy breathing, not letting the conversation phase her intercourse in the least.


“Good. Sigma will think it’s us, but they won’t have proof. There’s nothing they can do. Thanks Jordan.”

So Jordan closed the door left Katie to her balancing sex act. Katie’s concentrated face now had a hint of a smile on it ass he repeated her actions. She loved embarrassing Sigma Delta in any way she could.

* * *

The Sigma Delta girls all gathered together in the living room to discuss what had just happened. Alison and Eileen sat on either side of Anne on the couch, consoling her. Anne’s sweet face was puffy and red from crying. Brandi and Kate stood in front of everyone to chair the meeting.

“Anne, don’t worry. We are all behind you,” Brandi assured her, “Raven and Nikki are going to the police to see if there is anything they can do about this Darren guy.”

“There’s no way he did this on his own though,” Eileen said, “He doesn’t have the guts.”

“Was it Lambda Kappa?” Faith asked. The two rival sororities had been in a truce most of the year. Obviously the Lambda girls were bored of the truce and decided to act.

“Kate thinks it is,” Brandi said, “And I do to.”

“So what do we do about it?” Dawson asked.

“Kate may have someone on the inside,” Brandi informed them, “Someone who was trying to defect to our own sorority earlier. Kate will see zenci porno what she knows.”

“Can we trust her?” Nikki asked.

“I don’t know, for sure,” Kate admitted, “But don’t worry. I can still get what I want from her.”

“We need to get them back,” Eileen stated.

“We will. I’m putting Kate in charge of this one. She’s going to find out what she knows and figure out how best to retaliate,” Brandi said.

Kate nodded in agreement. All of the girls knew she was the best one for the job. Kate could be relentless and downright cruel when she needed to be. She also had a hate for the other sorority that even Brandi couldn’t match.

* * *

Later that evening, Eileen called Jeff over to talk to him. Jeff had already known what had happened to Anne and was already in their confidence. He had threatened Darren once just after the incident, therefore Eileen was hoping he would help out again.

“The nerve of that little prick,” Jeff shook his head when Eileen told him about the video.

“He can’t get away with this Jeff,” she crossed her arms across her chest, angry as hell, “He needs to pay. Raven and Nikki are going to the cops, but it’s not going to stick.”

Jeff looked into his girlfriend’s big, brown eyes. He knew what she was asking of him. He nodded.

“Okay. I’ll take care of it. Anything for you.”

A wave of guilt washed over Eileen. Only a week ago she had slept with his best friend behind his back, and now she was asking him to fight for her and her friends. How could she be so terrible? She always just pushed down the guilt she had when she cheated on him, but that was proving more and more difficult to do now.

“Thanks sweetie. I love you,” she told him as she planted a kiss on him before he left. She suddenly felt tears well-up in her eyes and turned back up the stairs. How much longer could she keep this up?

She went up to the third floor and walked over to Anne’s bedroom, peeking inside the door. Anne was lying in bed, still awake. Eileen felt pity for her and knew she needed comfort. Eileen needed comfort herself.

Eileen didn’t say a word as she entered Anne’s room. She just slipped into Anne’s bed under the covers and snuggled up behind her, wrapping the cute, blonde freshman in her arms. Anne responded simply by wiggling back to move closer. They didn’t say a word to each other, they just cuddled. Eventually Anne fell asleep in Eileen’s arms.

* * *

Eileen didn’t tell Anne about how Jeff was going to give Darren the Justice he deserved. Anne was far too passive of a person that Eileen didn’t think she would want to hear that. She did tell some of the other girls in the sorority however, all of whom approved.

Faith was thinking everything over as she was alone with Bobby in her room that next afternoon. She sat Bobby down in the chair in her room, grabbed a bottle of massage oil from one of her drawers, and knelt down in front of him. She threw her top off and did away with her bra also. She then undid her boyfriend’s fly and pulled his pants right off.

Faith poured some of the oil in her hands and lathered up her palms. She then took Bobby’s semi-hard dick in her hands and began to rub, allowing it to slowly grow and stiffen as she held it.

Once his cock was nice and hard and sticking straight out towards her, Faith took the oil again, this time pouring the oil over her gigantic boobs, tracing out lines of the lube over the tops of her tits. She then rubbed the oil in, caressing her breasts as she did, squeezing the fleshy mounds with her fingers.

After her boobs were all oiled up, she bent over towards Bobby, sticking his dick between her two boobs, holding them up with the palms of her hands. Once his dick was positioned firmly inside her cleavage fold, she started to work her boobs up and down over his shaft, lifting the two massive bundles of flesh from underneath.

Bobby loved a good tit fuck from Faith, and Faith loved giving him one. She had one of the biggest set of tits on campus and she knew how to use them. Her soft breasts were large enough to almost completely envelope his cock. She bobbed up and down, rubbing the oily flesh across his quivering shaft. The head of his cock would peek out from the top of her cleavage as she let her boobs fall down, and then would disappear as she lifted them back up.

As she jerked him off with her tits, he sat back and breathed heavily, relaxing and enjoying every minute of it. She looked up at him and began to chat with him casually as she sometimes did now that they were in a well-established relationship.

“So, I have a favour to ask you,” she said as she continued with the tit job.

“Oh babe, you could ask me anything right now and I would agree,” he admitted, resting his head back with pleasure.

“You know what’s happening with Anne. Well, we know the guy who’s responsible. Eileen’s boyfriend Jeff is planning to find him and make him pay.”

“Good, he deserves an ass-kicking,” he replied.

“He could probably use some help,” Faith hinted.

Bobby looked her aldatma porno stare up at him from her knees. He was not a violent person, but Faith knew that. She wouldn’t ask if it didn’t mean a lot to her and her sisters. He nodded.

“For you, yes, I’ll help.”

“I love you,” she smiled up at him, her tits still bobbing up and down stroking his dick.

“Oh, oh oh,” he suddenly moaned, “Keep going, don’t stop!”

Faith’s smile turned into a wicked grin as she increased the speed of her tit fucking. She grabbed her breasts as tightly as she could with her hands, despite them almost falling out of her fingers, and shook them hard. His dick inside glistened with the oil and the head was red and puffy and looked ready to pop any moment.

Soon it was too much for him and the cum shot out from between her tits, straight up to her neck and the running back down her skin to her chest. More cum shot out in a second, third and fourth burst, this time covering the top of her tits and coating the area in between them. She looked down at her cum-covered tits and then looked back up to smile at the satisfied look on his face.

* * *

Dawson saw Alison sitting on one of the campus lawn benches and went over to join her. Dawson was returning from her Psych class where she had just gotten her marked essay back. As she joined Alison, she pulled the paper out of her backpack to check out the mark.

“Fuck,” she whispered.

“Bad mark?” Alison asked.

Dawson became completely downtrodden. “I failed. Again. I don’t see how I can possibly pass this class. I’m failing two other classes as well.”

“I’m sorry sweetie,” Alison sympathized.

“If I can’t get my marks up somehow, my dad’s gonna cut me off. I need to pass this class. I just… don’t know how,” Dawson shook her head with worry, “But whatever. I’ll either pass or I won’t I guess. Anyway, how are things with you and Lana?”

“She’s still hardly talking to me,” Alison complained.

“I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean to get you in trouble,” Dawson replied.

“No, it’s not your fault. I just… I don’t understand why she needs to keep this a secret so bad. She thinks we’ll get the boot if they find out. I don’t think so. But anyway, this is deeper than just you walking in on us. This is something we’re going to have to sort out eventually as it is.”

After a brief pause, Alison asked, “Hey, how are things with Matt?”

“I think I’m ready,” Dawson smiled, “It’s time to go all the way. I haven’t told him yet, but I have told him I want to have a ‘special’ date this weekend. To be honest though, I’m actually quite nervous about it.”

The two of them sat in silence for a while, thinking about their problems, until finally Dawson said “You talk to Anne today?”

“Yeah. She’s still pretty quiet.”

“Fuck those Lambdas. We’d better get them back good. I hope Kate thinks of something.”

* * *

Kate pulled the jeep up to the outside of the motel deeper in the city. She felt like she was in one of those movies about reporters breaking a big story, where she was going to meet the secret informant. She already had a key to the room and entered from the street level.

Karen was waiting for her inside. The petite Lambda girl with her baby brown eyes and shoulder-length blonde hair looked at Kate questioningly.

“This seems like an odd place to meet,” Karen wondered, “We couldn’t find some place on campus?”

“You know we can’t be seen together,” Kate eyed her up, “If either of our sisters found out, it would be way too dangerous.”

“So what did you want?” Karen asked.

“This,” Kate answered as she moved her body close, took Karen’s head in her hand, leaning in and kissed her.

The two girls exploded with passion as they began to rip each other’s clothes off, stripping down to their bare-naked skin. Kate ran her hands over Karen’s well-trimmed body, cupping her ample, b-cup boobs. After squeezing them for a while, and rolling her tongue around in Karen’s mouth, she slid her hands down to Karen’s skinny hips and pushed her over towards the motel bed.

Karen leaped backwards onto the bed, landing in a spread eagle position, which was exactly how Kate wanted her. Kate crawled up onto the bed and buried her face between Karen’s legs. She ran her tongue across Karen’s pussy lips sliding it up and down to find her soft spots.

Kate was no stranger to eating other girls out. The first time had been during her pledge week, the right of passage for all Sigma girls. Since then she had done it a few more times, usually with some of the older girls of the sorority who told her it was her duty as their underling in the sorority.

Karen’s juices flowed out as Kate’s tongue wrapped around her clitoris. Karen gripped the bed sheets with her fingers moaning with pleasure. Kate began rubbing Karen’s pussy underneath where her mouth worked, spreading Karen’s fluids around.

“Oh fuck yes,” Karen cried, “Fuck yes!”

Kate now lifted her head up and repositioned herself. She used her hand now rather than her tongue, sliding her two forefingers into Karen’s wet hole then sliding them out again. Kate picked up the speed, ramming her fingers in and out of Karen’s pussy, causing Karen to quiver where she lay. Kate bent her head down and began to suck on Karen’s nipple, her mouth still wet from Karen’s own juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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