Soft Interlude – Needles, CA

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

Good writers will often visit various locales to do research for a story, or novel.

Lesbian erotica writers are no different.

And so it was that I found myself in my ’89 Mustang, nearing this small, but surprisingly well-known town on the banks of the Colorado River, named after some pointed rocks on the other side of the river. The drive from Colorado had been long and tiring, and I was ready for some rest. Instead of staying at a chain hotel, though, I wanted a little of Needles’ Route 66 heritage to seep inside me – so what better place to stay than the 66 Motel, a little six room motel off old Route 66?

I had read a blurb about the motel years before, and it sounded perfect as a starting point for my intended sweeping epic novel about California lesbians in the 1940s, with an arc starting in small town California, and concluding in Los Angeles and San Francisco, as the two cities boomed during the glitz and glamor of the post WW II era. If I could get some flavor of those old days from some old timers in the town, it might make my project perfect.

After taking the East Broadway Street exit off I-40 in Needles, just over the state line from Arizona, I pulled into the paved driveway of the tiny establishment, old but still quaint, with a vintage neon sign that was so evocative of the whole ‘Route 66’ mystique. I had a really good feeling about my project with such a retro start.

I entered the ‘office,’ a small room piled up with paperwork on virtually every single flat surface. I found myself face to face with a girl of around twenty three, attractive and completely out of place with the otherwise dated surroundings. She looked a little butch, with the way she was dressed, but her face and body were fem. She had a small tat of a girl riding a bucking bronco on her forearm.

“Hi, my name’s Lisa, Lisa Summers,” I said, now definitely interested in at least one aspect of the 66 Motel. “I wanted to stay here, and soak up some of the whole history thing. Do you have any rooms available?”

“Oh goodness, no,” the girl said. “Pleased to meet you, I’m Mahi Patel,” she said, extending her hand. She had the glossiest, thickest long black hair that I’ve ever seen, fair features, deep green eyes, perfect white teeth, long lashes, lovely, full breasts and hips, she was nearly as tall as me – about 5′ 6″, and dressed in what I find to be one of the most exciting looks for a woman: long sleeved blue work shirt, with the sleeves rolled up, and dusty, tight boot cut jeans showing off the perfect curve of her ass.

Her grip was firm and strong, the grip of a girl who works outside – a lot.

Her smile was dazzling against her fine olive coloring. I could feel a pleasant tingle in my clit as we talked. I had not expected anything like that on a research trip, but shouldn’t we enjoy the pleasurable pain of a crush wherever we find it? If nothing else, her features would give me something to think about during my next long bath.

“This hasn’t been a motel for nearly twenty years,” she said, her hand lingering on mine. “The rooms are used for welfare housing. I’m so sorry.”

“Ohh,” I responded, a little disappointed. “Well, could you recommend a motel near here that is still a motel, one from the 40s? Preferably one with nice bathrooms? I’m a little tired from the trip.”

“Where are you from?” she asked. I found my eyes fixing on her soft, full lips and the tip of her small, pink tongue – I’m sure that was just a residue of my fatigue.

“Uh, Fort Morgan, Colorado. I’m a writer and I’m doing a story on social relationships in California during the 1940s. Since Needles was so busy then as an entry point to California, what with Route 66, I thought it would be a great place to start. Unfortunately, I foolishly decided to make the drive in one shot.”

“How long were you driving?” she asked, her voice both musical and throaty.

“Fourteen hours,” I replied. She winced.

“You must be completely worn out,” she said. “Unfortunately, this is the week we’re holding the Colorado River Round Up, and you might have trouble finding a room here in Needles.”

“River Round Up? What’s that?” I asked, feeling like an amateur at the whole ‘research’ thing.

“Oh gosh, what isn’t it?” she said, laughing. “Parade, dance, rodeo, pancake breakfast, crafts fair – it’s a real big deal for this little town.”

“Well, I guess I’d better start calling around,” I said. “I hate to impose – do you know of any kind of lodging that might be available?”

Mahi thought for a moment, then said, “Let me try a few places.” She got on the phone, but after placing about a dozen calls, she hung the phone up slowly and said, “I am really sorry, but there’s nothing.”

“I appreciate your looking and calling around,” I said. “I guess tonight I can sleep in my car. Tomorrow I’ll make better arrangements.”

Mahi looked at me thoughtfully, and said, “Would you be okay with sleeping in somebody’s house?”

“Sure,” mecidiyeköy escort bayan I said. “Gosh, I even sleep in a house sometimes when I’m not on the road.” Mahi giggled.

“I’ve got some room, although I’m kind of messy. Oh, and I’ve got two cats. If you don’t mind, I could put you up for the night…”

“I adore cats,” I said. “And messy’s not a problem – wait, you haven’t been featured on one of those ‘hoarders’ reality shows, have you?”

“Noooo,” Mahi said. “But I think my father thinks I could qualify for their waiting list.”

“Right now, anything would be great, and I really appreciate the offer,” I said.

“Good, then I can close up here – there’s really nothing to do, and go get you settled in.” She hugged me, and I could feel the love – she was really sweet and kind. It didn’t hurt that she was attractive and sooo hot, too. She gave me the funniest look, though, when we separated.

“Besides doing what little paperwork this place involves,” she explained, “I’m also the handyman and groundskeeper. Sadly, it brings in so little money that I just can’t afford somebody.” She gestured at her old Ford F-150, and we got in.

She drove us over to her house, a small 40s era two bedroom, single bath bungalow just three blocks away, in a nice area, pretty much middle crust. “Most of my neighbors are blue collar families, most Hispanic,” she said, when I noticed all the kids’ toys in neighboring yards.

“My dad’s in a nursing home,” Mahi said. “He’s never been the same since my Mom died, and, well…”

“What happened?” I asked.

“They were driving home from the market one day, and a drunk driver hit them. Killed her, and disabled him. It was five years ago, last month.”

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “What was your Mom like?”

“She was Welsh, Dad of course is Indian – I guess you probably already figured that somebody in there had to be from the subcontinent. Anyway, she was always sweet, and taught me that the most important thing in life was to be free, one way or another.” She looked contemplative. “Sometimes I think I’m a prisoner here, and other times I feel like the freest woman on earth.” She sighed. “It’s that second thought that keeps me here, though. Ironic, huh?”

“You’re very beautiful,” I said. “That’s a stunning combination of genes you have.”

“Thank you, you’re very attractive yourself. I love your blonde hair.” She paused. “The story you said you’re going to write…you said it was about ‘social relationships’?”

“Yes,” I said. “Um, it’s about the growth of the lesbian community,” I replied. I looked at her closely. “If that would offend you, I can find another place…”

She smiled noncommittally. “Don’t be silly, you’re here.” She unlocked the door and we entered. Her house was very nice, with lovely, girly decorations and furniture. Her two cats, both calicos, were sitting politely by the door, and meowed loudly when we entered, and rubbed against her legs for attention. Then they noticed me and sidled over to me to check me out.

“Thelma and Louise, meet Lisa,”she said. They meowed at me. I laughed, and said, “Hi,” petting them to let them know I was okay.

I looked around. “This is very pretty,” I said. Mahi looked uncertain.

“Thanks,” she said. “Here’s the kitchen, here’s the bathroom, here’s your bedroom. It’s easy to show somebody around when your house is small.” I smiled.

“I think it’s perfectly lovely,” I said. Mahi relaxed a little.

“Thanks,” she said. “I haven’t really changed much in here since my mother passed. To be honest, I’m not real good at, well, figuring out decorating or stuff like that, so I went with her decorating. It is so pretty…” She looked wistful.

“Do you mind if I ask you a question?” Mahi asked, looking pained.

“No, not at all,” I said. “What is it?”

“Are you…are you a lesbian?” She looked embarrassed.

I was surprised, a little. I dress fem, and certainly act fem, so that question usually isn’t asked, based on appearances. But I guessed that, to a small town girl, somebody who writes about gays must be gay herself – which in this case, would be correct. And where I live, I’m out, with a girlfriend, so I’m very comfortable in being truthful.

“Yeah, Mahi, I am. Is that what’s been making you uncomfortable? I assure you, as beautiful as you are, I don’t make moves on another girl, especially if she’s not lesbian-”

“But what if she is lesbian?” Mahi asked quietly, stopping me in my tracks.

“You’re gay?” I asked. Needless to say, I started looking at her in a whole new light.

“Um, I couldn’t say one hundred percent that I am, but I think so,” she replied.

“Well, okay,” I said. It’s all a matter of self-identification, so if she says she is, she is. And if she decides ten minutes later that she’s not, well, that’s cool, too. It’s not my business.

“I don’t have any girl friends – I don’t mean the romantic type, although I don’t have any of those, either – no girls who are friends, is what I mean. So I kinda have to go to internet web sites, and check myself against what I read there.” She hesitated, then her eyes were steady on mine. “And I know you.”

“I beg your pardon?” I said.

“I know your name. You write lesbian erotic stories, right?” She was looking intently at me. “On the Literotica site?”

“Um, yeah,” I said. I just don’t run into fans that often.

“Well, I really like your stories,” she said.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“I just wanted you to know,” she finished.

“I appreciate it,” I said. Not knowing what else to say, I said, “Do you think it would be okay if maybe I used your bathtub? To take a bath?”

I thought she might have looked a little disappointed, but said, “Oh sure, it’s an old claw foot, but it works just fine. There’s clean towels and all on top of the toilet tank.”

“Thank you,” I said. I turned as I walked to the bathroom. “I really appreciate it,” I said. “The compliment, as well as the use of the bathtub. And for letting me sleep here.” Mahi blushed.

“It’s my pleasure,” she said. There’s something about a beautiful girl and the word ‘pleasure’ that gives me a little tingle inside. I hesitated, then turned and walked on.

I drew myself a bath, trying not to overdo the hot water, as I didn’t know if she could even really afford somebody wasting her energy needlessly. I stood and unzipped my sun dress, hanging it precariously on a stack of books, and had just taken off my bra, when suddenly the door burst open, and one of the calicos flew in, claws everywhere, with Mahi yelling, “Thelma! No no no no no no!!” and scrambling close behind.

The cat jumped up on the edge of the tub, teetering on the edge of falling into the bath full of water, racing around the edge, then out of the room again. Mahi hesitated, crestfallen, until she heard me laughing uproariously.

“Now that is some cat!” I exclaimed, giggling like mad. I stopped watching the cat’s madly rotating tail out the door, and looked up to see Mahi’s eyes on my uncovered breasts. I knew the look in her eyes, it was the same one I had for Sarah Hutchinson’s naked bottom during one sleep over in tenth grade. A look of longing, hunger and unquenchable desire.

With my heart beating rapidly, I stepped over to her, my eyes locked onto hers, and began quickly unbuttoning her cotton blouse, then unbuckling her belt, unsnapping the brass rivet of her jeans, rapidly pulling down her zipper, then slipping my hand inside her panties, to cup her vulva in my hand, squeezing and massaging the slight bulge of her sex, hot and pulsing. She moaned, and then quivered, throwing her arms around my neck, burying her face in the curve of my throat.

Her pussy was incredibly hairy, to my surprise, her soft fur like a plush pillow under my fingers, but her slit was easy enough to find, as wet as it was. I knelt before her, slipping her jeans down her legs, her panties momentarily askew, with one leg hole down her thigh, the other still clinging to her hip. I had to lift each of her feet to pull the jeans off – she seemed almost to be in shock.

Finally, her jeans were off and puddled in a corner of the bathroom. Her panties, of their own accord, finally slipped down her legs, and without any urging from me, Mahi stepped out of them, leaving her pussy and bottom naked, while her breasts were nicely exposed in her unbuttoned shirt. I helped her remove the shirt, and stepped back to take her all in. Slim, medium height, with light brown skin, full breasts and darker nipples and areolae, purplish slit – what I could see through her black forest – and her pigeon-toed stance made her look diffident and shy.

I took her in my arms, and our kiss was natural and unforced. I began to understand her loneliness as she clung to me, her body pressing into mine, as though trying to reassure herself that the woman she was embracing was real, was there in her arms, and not some fantasy or dream. Her lips were warm, soft and compliant on mine. Not really passionate right then, I think she was still trying to understand why she was feeling pleasure from another woman’s lips on hers.

She sighed as we absorbed and savored each other’s warmth, and softness.

“Hey, c’mon with me in the tub,” I said, “We both need it now.” I pulled down my panties, as she watched me – I kind of like undressing for another woman – it was a tight fit in the tub, but neither of us was complaining about that. She lay in my arms as we semi-floated, semi-sloshed around, just kissing. We kissed for hours it seemed, our lips sometimes barely touching, other times pressing so hard that I thought they’d somehow mash flat. Tongues playing, sometimes just tasting the other…it was idyllic.

Finally, though, after our bodies were at fever pitch from the sheer joy of just being close to another woman, our fingers decided to set off each other’s fireworks, tip-toeing into our güngören escort bayan warm valleys of pleasure. Her hand slipped into the highly manicured vee between my legs, my bush almost like a triangular blonde brillo pad, sparse and more symbolic than anything else – I like to be near bare, there, as did my partner, Karen.

Mahi’s fingers explored my pouty, plump vulva, her fingers shyly exploring my thin labia, and curious about the deep, hot slit between them, but with my urging, slipped within, eliciting a sigh from me, contentment and growing pleasure. Her slim finger, shy at first, filled my tight hole deeper and deeper, as I arched my back, wanting her to fill me. Her thumb instinctively brushed over my clit, time and again, sending jolts of pleasure through my center, making me moan.

As Mahi played with me, my own fingers explored her thick mat, then into her own, tight hole between her fat, plump and swelling labia, fleshy and prominent. Her pussy itself was hot and welcoming, her hips shivering as I entered her. “Please…please,” Mahi moaned. I could almost feel the urgency in her voice, and strummed my own thumb over her plump clit. Her hips bucked and shook, and Mahi pressed herself further into my arms, her sweet, full breasts warm and wet against my own, her large nipples poking into me.

“Uhhh, so good…” Mahi moaned, her body vibrating with the pleasure that she felt inside. Her own fingers stopped moving inside me, as her orgasm crowded out all thought, essentially paralyzing her delightful body with ecstasy. “Ohhhh, Lisa…fuck…I’m cumming,” she moaned, her cheek next to mine.

I pressed my free hand against Mahi’s hand on my pussy, masturbating myself with her fingers, grinding my pussy into her supine hand, her palm pressing against my clit, shocks of joy shooting through me at the touch of her hand on me. “Oh fuck fuck fuck,” I moaned as I came. Both of us cumming made the water splash over the side of the tub, wetting one of the cats, who, curious, had come back to investigate the strange noises. An angry meow signaled her disdain at the antics of two human females, and, tail stiffly held upright, she marched back out of the small bathroom.

Mahi and I slumped into each other’s arms, luxuriating in the still warm water, and the contact with another female. She rested her face against my breasts, then looked up into my face.

“That was wonderful,” she sighed. Then she said, “I think…one hundred percent now.”

I laughed, and kissed the top of her head, sweaty as it was. “Yeah, me too,” I said.

I picked up the bar of soap, and began soaping up Mahi’s back. Truthfully, she kind of needed it, after having worked outside. It was delightful, intertwining bodies with a wet, sweaty woman, but we all need to eventually clean up after the pleasure is done.

“Ugh, I must stink,” Mahi admitted. I grinned at her.

“Well, this is one of the advantages of fucking in a bathtub.” I continued covering her in slippery soap and suds, then she took the bar of soap from me and returned the favor. Soon, we were slipping and squealing against each other, our anticipation and excitement growing at so much pleasurable contact with another woman’s hot, slick, slippery flesh.

My hands were all over Mahi’s full breasts, caressing her warm, soft and so feminine flesh. Her nipples pressed back impudently into my palms, her desire very apparent. As I stroked and touched her there, she returned the favor, massaging my smaller breasts and pink nipples. She flopped on top of me, slick wet flesh on slick wet flesh, my hands going to her ass, cupping her butt cheeks in each hand.

She giggled as my fingers tickled her sensitive bottom. “Oh, no,” she protested, as she felt my fingers in the cleft between her cheeks. “No, no,” she protested, as one finger wormed its way into her tight, hot ass hole. “No, I’m dirty…” she moaned, but her protests were weakening, as the pleasure of a woman’s slim finger inside her ass began to overtake her.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned again, this time no protest, but a moan of pleasure. Her hips pushed back, as she attempted to impale herself deeper on my finger fucking her ass. “Ohhhh, god…yesssss.” Mahi’s mouth was open, her eyes closed, her face poised above mine, as she came, again and again. I brought my lips to hers, gently touching them, a thread of her saliva dripping from her slack mouth, into my mouth.

As though waking, she snapped into action at the touch of my lips, ferociously kissing me, seemingly fucking my mouth with her own, surprising me with her intensity. We kissed strongly, determinedly, passionately, expressing our desire for each other through the medium of two pairs of lips, then spreading to hands, hips, breathing and the small noises we make during love. Once again we thrashed in the water, wetting no cats, but much bathroom floor, intense waves of delight and ecstasy consuming us yet again.

“Fuck me,” I groaned, pushing up with naked hips.

“Yeah, I’m fucking you, fucking your hot cunt,” Mahi groaned, pussy grinding on pussy.She leaned down and kissed me again, the sweetness of her mouth on mine supplementing the sweetness suffusing through my pussy. She rode me until we were both finally finished, filled with pleasure.

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