Slipping Ch. 04: Wine Talking

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Female Ejaculation

Our weekly dates continued. Our touchy flirting continued. Our unspoken undercurrent continued. Our friendship grew stronger still. In eight months, Brianna had become the most important person in my life. She knew me as well as Tye, if not better.

For Christmas, I put more time and thought into her gift, than my husband’s. Her gift to me, a silver heart necklace that I’d once mentioned to her, made my eyes water. I’d shown it to Tye three times in two months, yet he didn’t even recognize it when he saw it around my neck. He bought me several nice, thoughtful gifts, but Brianna’s meant more. It was a treasure.

In January, Patrick had to travel for a week-long work trip. Brianna hated being alone during his trips and usually stayed at her parents’ house. But her mom had caught the flu, eliminating that possibility. She’d have to stay home. Patrick had suggested having a friend stay overnight with her. Of course, I was the one she invited. I could only come on Friday and Saturday night. Patrick would return on Sunday. Tye agreed, but asked that I take the kids, who played well with Brianna’s kids.

We were both giddy with excitement all week, looking forward to so much alone time. On Friday night, we let the kids stay up late playing while we did our nails and chatted. When the kids went to bed at around 11:00, we settled on the couch to watch a movie.

“I want some wine,” Brianna said as the opening scene of Black Swan began.

Captivated by the twirling ballerina feet and the dramatic entrance of some guy in dressed in black, I mumbled a reply. “Oh, yeah, me too.”

She came back with a bottle and two glasses. The movie was very compelling and we didn’t talk much as it moved along. It was not so much a ballet movie, as I’d expected. It was dark and psychological. We just sipped and watched, sitting next to each other on the larger couch.

The scene came where the main character is receiving oral sex from another girl. Brianna and I sat frozen on the couch.

When escort bayan ataköy it ended, I was desperate to break the hold that the movie had on us and return things to the fun girly time we’d been having before. I looked at the bottle of wine, realized we’d drank most of it and realized that I was definitely feeling it.

“Hey Brianna.”


“How often does Patrick go down on you?”

She smiled at me and sat up, letting me know that I’d picked the perfect distraction.

“He tries to a lot, but I usually stop him. He picks the wrong time, like, every time. How about Tye?”

“Hardly ever. He’s only done it like twice… ever.”

“Are you serious?!”

“I don’t even think about it,” I shrugged.

“Did you enjoy it?”

“Kind of. He wasn’t very good, I think. Is Patrick good?”

Our speech was slurring a little and our inhibition was weak as we walked to the kitchen to open another bottle of wine.

“Sometimes. It depends on how patient he is. When he rushes it, it’s not very good. But sometimes, he moves too slow and it can be frustrating. It would be really good if he could read my mind.”

“Like, he just doesn’t understand what women actually feel?”

“Well, of course not, he’s a guy!” We both laughed, not noticing how much we were over-laughing. “I guess that’s probably it, he’s just a guy.”

“Do you every wonder…?”


“What it would be like with a girl?”

“Have you?”

I shrugged and smiled, daring her to answer first. She obliged.

“Maybe,” she said, smiling shyly, “especially now since we’re talking about it.”

I smiled back as we stared at each other, wondering what the other was thinking. The movie was forgotten (thankfully). I drank the rest of my glass and accepted a glass of the new bottle.

“Let’s go turn something else on,” she said.

I wasn’t sure what exactly she meant. The slowing of the wine prevented a clever response from bayan escort istanbul me. My mind was left grasping as we left the kitchen.

We were in too good of a mood to enjoy such a dark movie as what we’d been watching. Personally, I was now in a mood to forget the TV altogether, but Brianna picked up the remote. I set aside disappointment and decided to simply enjoy our time. We both finished our glasses as she flipped channels, finally landing on Family Feud. I poured myself another and refilled hers. As I was about to lean back, I felt her hand on my back.

“Come sit with me?”

We’d been sitting sideways on opposite ends of the couch. Now, she had one foot up on it and the other leg hanging off with her legs open in an awkwardly casual way. I’d never known wine to affect sitting style, but maybe it was. Anyway, I took the opportunity as it presented itself, laying between her thighs. The fabric of her pajamas was soft and I got comfortable easily, resting my head on her stomach. Having settled in, I realized it was exactly where I wanted to be. My heart exhaled and I was content. We laughed through Family Feud and each managed to sip through another glass of wine.

“Are you tired?” I asked.

“No. Tired of the couch, though.” she replied.

With that, we stood, me first. I wobbled a little and her hand grabbed mine. She used it to pull herself up. We both laughed. We were definitely a little drunk–which was fine with me. As our laughing slowed, we were still holding hands. I stepped toward her without really meaning to and her loose hand went around me. Before we knew, we were hugging face-to-face and looking into each other’s eyes.

I kissed her.

It was slow and soft, just like my daydreams, just like she’d said she wanted. She was kissing me back, clearly enjoying it, just beginning to dart her tongue timidly forward. I opened my mouth to let her in. It was a long, full kiss that felt perfect, but then she stopped. We went back bayan escort şişli to face-to-face, forehead to forehead.

I hadn’t been aroused before we’d kissed. It only happened because I’d wanted to show her my love. But, having stopped kissing, I could feel the changes between my legs. It was starting to throb lightly and I could feel a subtle heaviness as warm blood filling the area. There was that slight touch of moisture, which could stay for hours if I wanted it to, even to the point that it could tickling my outer lips, secretly there for only me to enjoy. There was that little tenseness just beneath my waist, deep inside and the warm sensation starting its slow spread, which I loved so much. Oh, how I loved being turned on. It was just the starting moments, but I hoped to keep it going all night. I wondered if I would have help. I wondered about a possible climax.

“I can’t do this,” Brianna said. They were the last words I expected to hear and my heart sank in a way I could never describe.

Brianna’s eyes looked past me and I remembered the framed photo behind me. It was her and Patrick in the exact embrace her and I were in at this moment: face-to-face, madly in love.

“You want to, though, right”

“Yeah,” she admitted, “I’ve wanted to.”

“Patrick’s always wanting to try new things,” I offered gently, “Do you think he’d flip out?”

She didn’t answer for a few moments.

“I’m not trying to pressure you,” I said, giving my best encouraging smile.

“I know. You’re fine. It’s just a really good question. I don’t know. Even if I thought so doesn’t mean I can do this now. It’s a good question though.”

She had a thoughtful look on her face. We were swaying gently back and forth, something that had started without any intention. My arms were around her waist and hers were around my neck. I let my hand drift down and squeeze her bottom, just a playful, love-ya squeeze. She smiled.

“I can’t think straight. The wine has really kicked in!” she said with a laugh.

“To bed then?”

“To bed.”

In the hallway, walking behind my friend, I debated if I should let my turn-fade. Yet, even as I did so, I couldn’t help lightly touching my nipples through my shirt. Fuck. This turn-on was going no where.

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