Shade’s Destiny Ch. 11

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Saturday was lazy, crazy and sexy. It also had snowed overnight and continued through much of the day. The bedroom windows were spectacular regardless of the seasons but snow somehow seemed so pretty and innocent as it fell. That innocence was lost as soon as you stepped outside or tried to drive! It also wrecked our plans to buy a tree! Oh well, we weren’t very concerned about any of that for most of the day.

I mentioned that I wished we had a tub and a shower as we began to get ready for the crazy night ahead. Shade smiled. The snow changed our plans. Kim and Honey would take a cab; we would too. We would cab back to the condo.

Shade insisted we both dress to be sexy but not too much; bra, thong, and short, revealing dresses. Okay, well, it was going to be a group effort and a really fun night so I did as she asked.

The doorman told us we were lucky the cab came as quickly as it did. He was right. Location, location, location!!

We arrived before Kim and Honey. The club was jammed, the music pounded, the dance floor was a mass of slinky, sexy women. The stage? Empty. I stood and waved Kim and Honey to our table. Kisses and hugs as they began to unbundle.

I suppose I should explain. It was a bar that catered to women. Tonight was amateur night. As in, sexy strip tease … only pussy had to remain covered. It was around ten when it began. A tall, lean, scantily clad brunette screamed into the mike. The crowd, buzzed with anticipation and fueled with booze, screamed back.

A table pushed a woman toward the stage. Short, young, pretty, brunette, she was one hell of a tease!! The room let her know how much they appreciated her. Next? Ya know how you have a sense of what’s what? I thought there were a few bridal parties on hand tonight … and more than one bride-to-be showed her goodies. The laughter and screams from the table as the lovely did her thing was the hint.

The music pounded, the liquor flowed, the women danced. Another one left and I felt hands on my arms, hips and ass and I was lifted from my chair and pushed toward the stage. I turned; all three were laughing. Hands grabbed at me and pushed me toward the stage. Oh my god!

I’ll do anything my lover wants, anywhere, anytime. I’ve been naked in front of the entire office for god’s sake! So why was I completely mortified, fully clothed, as the screams and the music pounded at me? I looked at the table. Shade, Kim and Honey were clapping, laughing, and screaming — though I had no idea what they were saying.

My new normal? I felt my eyes fill as I thought of Stacy. I thought of Shade, on the dance floor, as she whispered to me that first night in the club. Destiny, give ’em a show.

I did!

I strutted, I flaunted, I teased. I let a little show at a time. I heard some of the words but not all. I kept my eyes on our table and Stacy in my mind. I lifted my skirt and dipped my hands into my thong. The crowd went crazy when I gave my finger to a little thing at the edge of the stage. I felt hands on my legs, my hips; I moved away before they got higher.

I shrugged the dress from my shoulders, cupped it to my breasts and undid my front-clasp bra. I opened the bra; the crowd screamed. I slid the straps from my shoulders, gave them a peek, turned, bent, and shook my ass.

The bra gone, I lowered the dress … and slowly slid it down until it was at my hips. I swayed, eyes closed, and mimicked my hand plunging into my pussy. I let the dress fall to my feet, rocked my hips, threw my head back and screamed.

The room screamed with me!! I slumped, pretending to pant, as if in the middle of an orgasm. The room exploded in applause. I curtseyed, grabbed my bra, pulled the dress over my shoulders, and fought my way back to the table.

“Which one of you bitches is next?” All three laughed. Well goddamn! I’d been punk’d!!

You want to know the funniest part of the night? There were prizes. I was one of the top three finalists. My applause was (I thought) louder, by far, than the winner. But I won $250 for second place!!

We didn’t pay for a drink the rest of the night!! They just kept coming … so did the kisses and gropes from those in the audience. And I’m thirty nine!! Cougar me baby!! My birthday? Shade knows. Kim knows … Stacy knows.

It was really, really late when we got home. We said good night and headed to our respective bedrooms.

Shade slithered as she whispered, “Do you know how fucking hot it was watching you?”

“Baby, if your eyes were any indication, yeah, kinda.”

The brilliant morning sun was what woke us Sunday. No, that’s not right. It’s what roused us from sleep. What woke us was, as you might imagine, her doing what she does to me. This me writes that with a big ole smile.

Yesterday’s snow and today’s bright sun meant a cold day. And we have to get a tree today! That was among the topics as we snuggled under the covers. I mean all the way under the covers, whispering to each other like sleepover teens.

Shade, escort mecidiyeköy being Shade, brought up last night again. In the back and forth, I said, “I think we can say that the girl from Kokomo is officially gone.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I’m damn certain ‘she’ would never have been as fabulous as you were lover.” I moaned again as her kiss warmed me up. “We can buy one hell of a tree with your prize money.”

“The hell with that; I’m buyin’ something special just for me.” Pouty face. “What?”

“You mean you’re not sharing?”

“Excuse me; were you up on that stage?” Pout. “Were you shakin’ it?” Bigger pout. “Were you the one who got punk’d by her so called friends?” She laughed.

“Speaking of friends, what do you think they’re doing right now?”

I rolled my eyes. “The same thing we were doing.” Oh geez; that look! Quick, change the subject. “I think I made quite a few Koko-mo tips than any of the others too.” Shade laughed.

“Where do you come up with that crap?”

“Crap? Crap? Why I oughta …” I did! She liked it!!

When I told the other two they laughed as well. Picture the four of us, cold, naked, munching on muffins and drinking coffee and hot chocolate.

Shade whined, “I’m cold.”

Kim said, “So turn the heat up.” I looked at Honey and winked. A smirk; she slid from her chair and crawled to Shade. The heat did get turned up and then some.

Kim, Shade and Honey were bundled up to the point they almost couldn’t move — almost. I don’t know. I was born in New Jersey a long time ago, spent many a cold winter in Indiana, so the only thing about Chicago’s winters was the icy wind off the lake. They hustled into the cab and whined when we found a lot that seemed to have a bunch of trees left.

My two year old looked the first tree she saw and said, “That one.” What a baby! And she wouldn’t even kiss me. “Your lips will stick to mine it’s so cold.” The other two doubled over laughing at her.

We finally found a tree we liked. Kim and Honey were sent to flag down a cab while I talked to the lot dude about delivery. Yes, tomorrow was fine. Yes, morning was fine.

“Okay, well, the address you gave me isn’t that far. The tree is fifty dollars. Add another twenty five for delivery.”

Highway goddamn robbery is what it was!! I fished the money out of my purse and gave it to him with a dirty look.

Shade had hightailed it to the cab. The three of them were shivering. They scurried from the cab to the lobby and made fools of themselves in the elevator.

I did it intentionally of course. They screeched when I suggested we go out for lunch! I did mention we’d have to get the girls back to their house so they could get clean clothes for Christmas Eve and Christmas.

“Can’t we wait to do that tomorrow? Maybe it will be warmer?” No, it wasn’t the two year old. It was Honey.

“Besides, why do we need clean clothes?” That from Kim. Uh oh. I had a feeling!

“Or clothes?” Geez!

I remember reading an article that some woman wrote. She opined that a woman, after having an orgasm, is ‘lit’ (she said aroused) for up to an hour. That may account for some of what happened Sunday. I’m not exactly innocent. I was the one who showed Kim and Honey the various uses for the g-spot gel. (They loved it!) We also found out that grape jelly is kinda messy. Maple syrup? Very, very good! I was so glad we didn’t have any honey in the condo. Imagine hearing, “Honey, would you like my honey to put some honey on your …” You get the idea.

We scrounged for food. No mayo? Eat your tuna fish on toast. With maple syrup. The food thing got to be a little like poker. I’ll see your tuna on toast with syrup and raise you a waffle with peanut butter and pickle juice.

Did you know that mustard and ketchup make for a really good smiley face when the mustard is put on nipples?

Shade peeked when I wrote that. She suggested Asian mustard; said it’s sweet and sour. I told her she was too.

You say you’d gag if you had to eat sour cream and Worcestershire sauce on a tortilla? What if the reward was Honey?

There was that one time when three of us were in the shower together. It was a tight squeeze. Four of us? Uh huh. Four wet, naked, giggling, highly aroused women, completely at ease with each other. I’m not sure how clean we got but at least the stuff on our bodies got rinsed off.

Shade’s not happy with me (I’m writing in the present) calling her a two year old. I’m ignoring her.

Anyway, the food fun was first and then came the shower. We had the rest of night ahead. We had a deck of cards. Fifty two cards equal thirteen each. I suggested eight items of clothing apiece. Anything anyone wanted.

When everyone was back I set out the ‘rules.’

“Simple; high card takes a piece of clothing from the low card. First one naked has to do whatever the winner of the next hand says. If two are naked they have to do whatever the high card escort bayan istanbul says. The game goes till everyone is naked.”

The energy in the club last night was fueled by alcohol and lust. Ours was fueled by familiarity and love. And lust!

They don’t call it ‘gambling’ for nothing! Early on it looked like Kim would be the first one naked. She not only wore thigh highs but socks and glasses. Shade protested about the glasses as ‘clothing.’ Kim lost the shoes and socks.

I thought I’d surprise everyone by taking off my bra first. Shade told me I was a show off!

Kim one-upped me by taking her panties off first; she put them on Honey’s head. Uh huh, the visual is correct! Grin.

Shade lost three: garter, stocking and stocking … to derision.

Fortune, the cruel bitch, destined me the first to be naked. We laughed when Shade said, “Finally Koko-mo naked.”

Several hands gave me a reprieve. Kim’s high and my low gave her the upper hand.

Cruel and fabulous: “Lick Shade’s pussy for thirty seconds.” Oh this is going to be some kind of fun night!!

Honey was the next to be naked. That was fabulous and dangerous. The sisters took full use of every advantage.

Thankfully, Kim was the last to be clothed. After several delicious hands, she too joined the rest. We three descended on her; it was late when we said our goodnights and headed to our bedrooms. Giggles, whispers, and kisses … finally, sleep.

In something of a rarity I woke before Shade on Christmas Eve. It may have been the sun; her head was on my shoulder. I thought about my life and this slender slip I love so much. No one from my past would believe I could be where I was, with who I was. I’m excluding you know who. Shade was right. I don’t know how she knew but she was right.

Kokomo me thought I knew what love was. This me? I smiled. I turned, kissed her, and woke her with a furious passion that left her shivering, quivering and breathless. That ‘aroused for an hour’ thingie? I think I need to find the author and let her know what she said is true!! Shade proved it to be true … in spades!

The four of us were a sight. Doe eyed, clearly sleep deprived and starving. Toast, coffee, hot chocolate and one last bagel were breakfast. I have no shame. After nuking a waffle and putting margarine and syrup on it, I put margarine on my nipples and drizzled syrup in the valley. None of them moved from their chairs. I pretended to ignore them ignoring me.

None of them made a move so I did. I offered Kim a nipple, Honey the other. By the time I’d gotten to Shade the drizzle reached kitty. She pushed me back on the table and enjoyed the taste of maple syrup.

The lobby buzzer … oh my god, the tree was here.

Kim told the doorman to buzz them in. I yelled at Shade to get the black bell sleeve dress.

“Kim, Honey, you two hide in the kitchen out of sight.” Shade brought me the dress. I stepped into it and pulled it up over my breasts.

Kim said, “Destiny, you don’t have anything on …” She shut up when I glared.

Shade asked, “What about me?” I pointed to the table. “You mean I’m gonna be naked?” I smiled my sappy sweet smile. “Can I at least have my back to the door?” Kim and Honey snickered.

Two young dudes gawked when I answered.

“Morning boys, come on in. The tree goes over there.” I lifted my arm and pointed. They ogled me. One of them caught a glimpse of Shade. The blonde dude got on his knees to guide the tree to the stand while the moron with the Green Bay Packers knit hat tried to get the tree straight as he looked at me every few seconds. Finally I’d had enough. “Keep your goddamn eyes on the tree. I want it straight so it doesn’t tip when we decorate it tonight.”

What Shade didn’t know was that ‘back to the door’ didn’t help her much. The tree stand was behind the couch and they could see her from the side. Oh, she’d crossed her legs and her arms, to cover her breasts, but she was still naked.

I saw Honey peeking around the corner and winked at her.

Finally the two of them seemed to think the tree was upright and locked in place. As they left, Packer idiot said, “You and your girlfriend have a nice Christmas.”

Just before I closed and locked the door I said, “You and your boyfriend have a nice Christmas.”

Kim and Honey laughed as they came out from the kitchen. Kim said, “Does that look straight to you?”

Honey said, “If it is, it’s the only thing here that is.” There’s no way to top that!!

There was no way around it. We had to go food shopping. Shade was wearing the collar and nothing underneath ‘the’ raincoat — which was ridiculously big on her. She whined enough that Kim clipped the leash on and handed it to me. Honey couldn’t stop laughing.

Shade was still pouting about being naked with the tree dudes and having to wear the collar and raincoat. “Honey,” I asked, “did Kim tell you about the Saturday Shade and I went food shopping?” Shade glared escort bayan şişli at me. “Pet, do you really want to wear the leash in the store?” Shade lowered her eyes. “Well?” She shrugged. “Dip your finger and give it to me?” It was soaked. “Okay, so you do. What do you think Kim?”

It took Kim a few minutes to catch her breath. “Um, how about, ‘I’ve been a very naughty pet.'” Even Shade had a smile on her face.

“Okay, that works. Honey, you want to hold the leash?”

“Sure. Who does she have to say it to?”

“I don’t care. You and Kim decide.” Shade, flushed with excitement, groaned. “What, do you need to cum lover?” A moan and a nod. “Say it out loud pet.”

“Miss, I’ve been a very naughty pet. May I please be allowed an orgasm?” The plaintive tone of her voice was too much.

“Kim, did you bring the egg?” Shade nearly broke her neck looking at me, eyes wide with shock.

“Yup, sure did.”

“Give it to your sister please.” She did.

We were in the covered garage. I turned off the car. “Go ahead, put it in.” Mortified, she did. I kissed my honey and said, “You’re a very good pet. You may have one now and one in the store.” My god the windows fogged up quickly!

The high heels were Kim’s idea. The ‘naughty’ elf hat from the party was mine. The three of us were bundled for the cold. Shade had on a raincoat, heels, a leash and the hat. Kim had the controller. I walked a few paces behind. They picked out some doozies for Shade to say her thing to. The store was crowded and we didn’t need any trouble.

Kim is really evil! She waited until we were in the very long, slow checkout lines before turning up the egg. Shade leaned against me, gripping my hand tightly. When the cashier was ringing up the food she saw Shade’s flushed face and frantic eyes and asked, “Is she all right?”

“It was a long night. She got a little buzzed at the party.” I heard the muffled laughs. “She’s more tired than anything else. Aren’t you pet?” Mortified eyes from Shade; the cashier’s eyes were confused and curious. I smiled brightly as I swiped Shade’s credit card. “Have a very Merry Christmas. I know we will.” We took an escalator a floor up to the garage. The store had an electronic thingie for the shopping carts.

We took the girls to their house. They bounded out a few minutes later and scurried back to the car. Ah the young and their energy. Kim and Honey shooed us to our bedroom while they put away the groceries.

Shade was under the covers as I undressed. “Did you enjoy yourself babe?”

“Lover, I get so goddamn turned on and I hate it too.” Her eyes searched mine. “Did you ever feel that way?”

“Oh sure, there were a few times here and there. A lot of it wasn’t really fun. I mean, I like most of the girls in the office now but back then, while there were a few, most of the time it wasn’t much fun.” Her eyes slid away from mine as I talked. “But I’m not really as submissive as you are. You’ve taken to this like a duck to water as they say.”

Shade brightened. “I know! Who knew?” She shook her head. “All this time I was afraid. Afraid that if I let this part of me out someone would take advantage.” She stopped and pulled me down to her. “And here you are Destiny Langan. The woman I tried to break, the woman who fought back, the woman who gave me my true self.” She kissed me. “The woman I love so much.”

I kissed her and said, “The woman I love so much.”

The love we made was sweet and tender as we took our time with and for each other. For as often as we’re intimate there are always those special moments that stand out. At least for me, that Christmas Eve afternoon will be one of mine!

The bed was empty when I woke up. Damn! I had to pee. Eyeroll. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. The tree was already more than half decorated. Geez, and I didn’t even know where the damn ornaments were. A few minutes later each of my breasts had an ornament on a nipple.

You’re wondering? Ya know the silver thingies that the ornament hangs from on the tree? Well, it got wrapped around a nipple and twisted tight. Not tight enough to hurt, it just pinched a little. Wink. There was another hanging from my belly button adornment. Nice huh? My adornment had an ornament! Honey wanted to put ornaments in my ears. I insisted the hooks be dowsed in rubbing alcohol.

“So, I have two ear ornaments, two nipple ornaments, and a belly button adornment ornament.”

Kim laughed. “Try saying that after about six eggnogs,” as she handed me a cup of the stuff.

“What’s in this?”

“Eggnog.” I glared. “Eggnog!” She kissed me. I tasted more than eggnog on her lips. Sorry, the joke’s too obvious.

“Why am I the only naked one … again?”

Honey deadpanned, “Because you’re the oldest.”

“So this is how it’s gonna be?”

“But you love me!” Oh my god how I blushed. Kim laughed.

Shade had a chance to get even. “Would you two lovebirds like some private time?” All three of us shouted her down. She was upset and went to sit on the couch.

“Shade, come here.” She stood in front of me. “Take that robe off.” My voice was whisper soft; my eyes weren’t. God she’s so cute! I pulled her to me so that she straddled me. I pulled her close and kissed her, hot and deep.

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