Rear Ended Ch. 01

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Annabel rattled around in their apartment some days. It was such an opulent home – magnificent arts and the finest of furnishings, but it felt lifeless and lonely to Annabel, and she felt like a kept woman – a plaything to be used at her husband’s whim. Even then, the sex wasn’t great – routine and predictable.

Sure, he said the right things; she was beautiful, sexy and made him laugh. He would compliment her looks, how he loved her wavy blond hair, chiselled features, and turned up nose. He often made an admiring reference to her slim, but curvaceous looks, yet it was always followed by a quick grope and fondle which ended with them in the sack.

She was just thankful that his ambassadorial duties took him quite frequently away, sometimes for months at a time, but for Annabel this was swiftly replaced with the onset of boredom. She found part of the solution working for a group of solicitors in the city as a secretary to one of the senior partners. It gave her a sense of purpose, plus some pocket money to spend on the latest stylish fashions. Her boss always complimented her on her sense of dress, but she realised that these admiring comments turned into an excuse to give her bottom a quick grope. But he was a senior partner after all, so what could she say?

Secretly, she loved the attention. There was a time when she detested the size of her sex izle rear. She used to buy clothes to dress it down, but over time she’d grown to love her protruding, round butt and the attention her boss would afford it, although she would never let on she enjoyed it. In a peculiar way, it made her feel wanted and loved.

Her husband had recently discovered the joy of anal sex, or rather she had! It’d opened a door to a completely new world of exquisite rapture, but she wasn’t about to let on she enjoyed it – she wouldn’t hear the end of it, and it would become a monotonous routine that would lead to boredom in the bedroom, again. No – this was her secret pleasure, although, sometimes it took everything to prevent her from crying out with orgasmic pleasure as her husband skewered her rear.

She didn’t want to become a whore to anyone – she already felt used and disrespected. If it wasn’t for the fact she gained so much pleasure from this act she would have divorced him long ago, she thought. But there was this one compensation, that, and the opulent living and what money generally bought!

Now she dressed up using butt enhancing clothes that clung and accentuated her rear. She enjoyed the furtive glances.

But what she really missed was female company. There was too much male testosterone flying around and she lacked the kind of alt yazılı porno connection that only another female could bring. Of all the potential good things in her life, this was the one she sorely missed. Sure, there were female companions she shared lunch with at the office, but they were only acquaintances, no real depth to be had there. She missed the soul searching, and emotional stimulating discussions that only another female could bring.

With this in mind, she unconsciously straddled the arm of her sofa as she looked out of the window of their apartment to views over Kensington Garden’s, a park in central London. She’d always wanted to live in this part of town. It was the one promise she made her husband keep when they first married. It didn’t matter about the “till death us do part” bit, as long as she had these views. She needed roots – a sense of familiarity – somewhere she could call home, and this view was her comfort blanket that made her feel safe.

It was a particularly hot, humid Saturday in July, and she watched as a group of female friends frolicked around and splashed about in the pool to keep cool in the searing midday sun.

She opened the windows to let much-needed air in. It was all she could think of to do, other than strip off and join them as well. She felt particularly vulnerable and altyazılı sex izle lonely as she watched them romp about. It emphasised her need for company and friendship.

As she pondered these things her eyes fell upon a particularly attractive brunette who was part of the group, yet stood back observing in a thoughtful, far off repose.

As Annabel looked on, her eyes fell to the brunette’s rear comparing it to her own. It was full, and round and seemed firm, defying gravity. Annabel absently started to fantasise what it would be like to grind her pussy against the brunette’s ample cheeks, and as she did so she unconsciously started to push her hips forward, and backward in small movements at first grinding in circular motions against the back of the sofa simulating this lewd act. As she did so her hands fell to her breasts and she rubbed, squeezed and rolled her nipples through her braless top. This was the highlight for her. Her nipples were exquisitely sensitive, sometimes more so than her pussy, she thought.

She continued to grind her pubic bone in an increasingly frantic motion as she toyed back and forth with both nipples, working herself up into an orgasmic frenzy. She particularly loved the sensation her nipples gave her as they were stimulated through the soft cloth.

She now imagined lewdly humping the booty of her brunette friend, holding her hips and grinding for all it was worth whilst her friend reached back and toyed and pleasured her nipples. This vision and fantasy was too much and sent her over the top and she cried out leaking cum through her pants and soaking the arm of the sofa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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