PTA Beauty

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As a married 34 year old woman, I never thought I would ever fantasize about another person let alone act on that fantasy. I joined the PTA group at my son’s school and the first meeting was filled with eager moms expecting to change the school. I worked full- time and didn’t have the zeal the rest of the moms had. That is where I saw Rebecca. Rebecca was short with shoulder length blonde hair; she was a classic beauty. I caught myself staring at her from across the room during the meeting. Her floral v-neck top showed a glimpse of her lovely breasts, at least a D cup. I tried not to look at her, but she caught my eye, and I blushed as I quickly walked away. Once the meeting was over I rushed out of the room as to not be caught by Rebecca or any moms trying to sign me up for anything.

That night when my husband got home from work, I told him about the beauty I saw.

“Did she get you wet?” Rick asked.

“A little,” I blushed.

“That’s really hot! Did you talk to her at all?” he wondered.

“Of course not!! She caught me staring!” I exclaimed.

“That’s still really hot that you found her attractive. Maybe she would want to join us some night,” Rick said, starting to fantasized.

“I doubt that. She’s way out of our league!” I joked.

True we aren’t the most attractive couple, but we definitely aren’t ugly. Rick is tall with blonde hair and steel blue eyes. I am a few inches shorter than my husband. I wouldn’t consider myself tall but definitely not short. I have long curly brown hair and brown eyes. While fairly plain looking my DD breasts never fail to get me second glances.

After that first night I saw Rebecca I didn’t see her until the next parents meeting. I arrived early and brought some cookies for the meeting. I love to cook and share that with others. I found a seat near the back knowing that I was less likely to get asked to volunteer back there. Rebecca didn’t show up until the meeting started. She snuck in and found a seat…right next to me. I flushed. I couldn’t believe she sat next to me. She touched my knee and asked if she had missed anything.

“Of course not, just reciting the notes from last meeting,” I said.

The touch sent chills up my leg into my swelling pussy. I could feel my self get wet just from the mere touch. merter escort

“Damn, I should have waited longer to show up,” she joked.

I giggled.

“My name is Rebecca; my son is in second grade,” she whispered to me.

“My son is too! My name is Liv. Nice to meet you,” I whispered.

The meeting dragged on, but Rebecca and I chatted the whole time to make it go quicker.

“Would you like to come back to my place for a drink?” Rebecca asked.

“Sure, my husband is off today with our son. So I can be out a bit longer.”

I started to get excited.

“Follow me.”

We got in our cars, and I followed her sleek black sedan. She definitely didn’t drive a soccer mom car. I started to get nervous the closer we got to her house.

“What was I thinking?” I asked myself. “I can’t believe I agreed to go to her place. We will just talk and drink, that’s all!”

Rebecca turned into a long driveway. There was a line of trees that blocked the view of her house. As I passed the line of trees I gasped as I saw a beautiful two-story house. It was white with a wrap-around porch. In one corner of the porch was a hot tub. I parked behind Rebecca’s car. I got out of my car.

“Your house is beautiful!” I told her.

“Thanks. It’s my little oasis away from the craziness of work,” she explained.

I followed her into the house, and she led me to the living room. She told me to make myself comfortable. I sat on the couch as she made a fire in the fire place.

“What would you like to drink? I have pretty much anything you could want!” she asked.

“Jameson and ginger ale?”

I made sound more like a question than an answer.

“Whiskey! That’s sexy! I like a girl who knows how to drink. I don’t have any Jameson. Will Crown work?” she responded.

“Works for me,” I said.

She handed me my drink and sat down on the other side of the couch with her drink.

“Crown and ginger ale sounded good. I hope I didn’t make it too strong for you,” she said.

“Is that possible?” I joked.

We chatted for awhile and the more we chatted the closer we got on the couch. She filled our cups twice and I was starting to loosen up. She was so easy to talk to, and every time she smiled I got butterflies escort şişli in my stomach. She explained that her husband had served in the Army and was killed while in Iraq. Their son hadn’t had a chance to meet his dad. My heart broke for Rebecca and Christopher (named for his Dad). She mentioned that she tried dating but couldn’t find a guy that she enjoyed as much as she enjoyed her late husband. She went on to tell me that she had been on a couple dates with women too. She considered herself bi-curious but hadn’t had a chance to fully act on her curiosity. I told her that I was also bi-curious and, despite my husband’s efforts, I hadn’t found anyone I was ready to try anything with.

“I hoped you would say that. I caught you looking at me at the last meeting,” Rebecca teased.

I blushed.

“You got me! I couldn’t stop staring at you that night. You are beautiful. My husband has wanted me to find a woman who I was attracted to, but I never thought I would find one at the parents meeting!”

She touched my cheek,

“No need to be embarrassed. I’ve been thinking of you every since I first saw you that night. I was staring too but you just didn’t see me.”

I moved in closer to her face. I looked from her eyes to her mouth. I longed for a kiss. As if she could read my mind she pressed her lips onto mine. I opened my mouth to welcome the kiss. The soft kiss went from tame and timid to wild and passionate. I put my hand through her hair and Rebecca’s hand pulled me close around the back of my neck. We parted our mouths, and our tongues found each other. Rebecca moaned as our tongues teased each other. I broke away from our kiss and moved my lips to her cheek and kissed down to her neck. She gasped as my mouth found her neck.

“Oh, Liv!” she gasped.

I didn’t stop. I continued to kiss her neck as she moaned in excitement. I pulled at her top. She helped me lift it up over head and threw it to the floor. I eyed her black lace bra; she was so sexy. I kissed her shoulder and down her chest. Before I could reach around to unhook her bra she pulled my mouth back up to hers. She gave me a small kiss and grabbed my hand to pull me up to standing. She stood in front of me with her black lacy bra and pencil skirt. She start to undress me. I was wearing esenler escort a button up shirt dress. She slowly unbuttoned the dress till it was on the floor with Rebecca’s shirt. Luckily I wore matching bra and panties today. I was in my light pink sheer bra and matching sheer pink boy shorts.

“Damn!” she breathed when she saw what was under my dress. “Come with me.”

She led me to the hot tub. When we got there she unhooked my bra and let if fall to the ground. She placed my breast it her hand and teased my nipple with her tongue. I kissed her again as I climbed out of my underwear. I began kissing her neck again as I reached around to unhook her bra and free her beautiful breasts. My mouth moved down her front. I kissed her collar bone and kissed down her breast until my mouth was on her nipple. I opened my mouth and took as much of her breast into my mouth as I could. I began to suck. She moaned and her nipple became erect in my mouth. She held my head on her breast. I looked up at her and she had her eyes closed at she threw her head back in pleasure. I moved to my knees and kissed her tight stomach. I pulled down her skirt, exposing her black lace panties. I pulled her panties down kissing every inch I exposed. I saw her shaved pink mound and saw she was swollen with desire. I teased her by kissing down her thigh to make sure her panties and skirt were on the ground. I stood up, and we entered the hot tub.

“This feels amazing! Almost as amazing as your body tastes,” I teased Rebecca.

“I wish your lips were always on my body,” she whispered.

She moved over to sit on my lap. She straddled me and kissed me. I spun her around and lifted her to the side of the hot tub. I had thought about this for a long time and couldn’t wait any longer. I pressed my mouth to her mound and pressed my tongue into her pussy, searching for her clit. I knew I found it when she gasped.

“Oh fuck”, she breathed.

I flicked her clit with my tongue, tasting her sweet juices. Her back arched.

“Yes, Liv, just like that.”

I moved my tongue to her pussy and fucked her with my tongue. She put one hand on the back of my head and controlled the rhythm of my tongue. I could feel her pussy tighten around my tongue. She was about to cum.

“FUCK!” she screamed as she came in my mouth.

I drank up her cum as she gushed into my mouth. I kissed her legs as she relaxed. I lowered her back into the water and kissed her mouth.

“How was that?” I asked.

“That was amazing. Now its my turn,” she smirked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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