Pretty Lin

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I could barely sit still – that steamy scene in the romance novel had me so excited that even the cushion under me seemed like an intimate caress.

Lin and I had been doing sleepovers since before we had breasts. (She’s reading over my shoulder and just said “I still don’t,” looking down her chest with a fake pout. Trust me, she does.) Last thing at night, once we were mostly talked out, we’d just read for a while. We’re in college now, an easy bus ride away from each other, and still visit on weekends. The reading habit hasn’t changed. What we read has grown up, though. Lin has been introducing me to a different kind of romance novel, the kind with some very sexy love scenes. Each time I visit, they seemed to get sexier. This one beat them all, though, and the room seemed to get hotter with each new scene I read.

“Lin,” I asked, “have you read this one yet?” I showed her the cover.

“Oh, yes!” She had to restrain herself from laughing, or so I thought. “Is that the scene in the bathtub?”

“My god yes.” I’d tried a few of those things, when I was alone, but had never even imagined half of them.

“Has she gotten to the candle yet?”

“Uhh, no.” The clue teased me, but hardly counted as a spoiler.

“It gets better.”

A few minutes, Lady Margrave half-rose from her scented bath, reached her elegant arm across the page of my trashy little novel to remove the candle from its holder, and pinched it out. The scene went on, page after page, using the most elegant and delicate language to describe the Lady’s arousal and repeated peaks at her own touch – and the candle’s. I felt myself flush and my breathing get ragged, more so with each of the Lady’s tremors. Then, when the candle entered her from behind, my hips squirmed involuntarily and my bottom clenched. Guilt made me up to see whether Lin had noticed my response to this incredibly arousing passage. I would have been shocked and embarrassed to be seen as turned on as I was.

Instead, I was shocked and embarrassed to see Lin’s hand moving under her white cotton panty.

“What are you doing?” I blurted it out before even thinking, and surprised myself at how shrill I sounded.

“Playing with myself, you silly. Don’t you do it?”

“Well, yes.” Well, no, really, but I didn’t want to sound immature in front of my best friend. This was way into those areas I never liked talking about.

“I can’t help myself when the story gets this hot, I just find my hand there on its own. Sometimes I even get my own orgasm just when the heroine does, too. Have you ever done that?”

“Uhh, I think so.” I still wasn’t sure what an orgasm was, despite the number I had read about in those pink-jacketed novels.

Lin laughed. “Oh, you’d know. Believe me, you’d know.”

“Can you show me?”

Lin gave me with an odd, serious look for a moment, her hand still inside her underwear.

Oh my god. I couldn’t believe what I had just said. I started to cover my mouth and had an apology half-formed. I was about to speak when Lin smiled and spoke. “OK. Come up here.” She patted the bed next to her.

She rolled back, skinned the undies off in a two-handed motion, and lay up against the pile of pillows. Her thighs splayed wide with her knees up a little, showing me that warm crevice surrounded by wispy dark hair. My stomach fluttered, excited but with a little queasy nervousness as I climbed up, closer to her most intimate parts. My nerves won out when her fingers started working downward into the private, pink folds. Instead of staring into the opening petals of her vulva, I crawled up next to her. To tell the truth, I found her openness intimidating.

Her gaze never left my eyes. I lay down beside her, my head at the level of her shoulders, and I shied from her intense expression. My eyes roamed down across her t-shirt, where I could see her nipples poking up against the cloth like two buttons. Even that felt guilty, so I looked farther down. The t-shirt’s hem bunched high on her waist, above her navel. I continued looking downwards, where her arm joined the muscled curves of her tummy on its way to her pubis. My gaze stopped at her fingers, framed between tawny thighs, tracing gentle circles just out of sight, past her mons.

It fascinated me – I could barely move. I just stared at the delicate motions of her hand, her fingers hidden by the curve of her body. Sensing my tension, Lin reached up behind me with her other hand and stroked the back of my head. That made it easier for me, a physical kind of welcome that I responded to at an unconscious level.

At first, Lin’s hand cupped her pubis. I reached down and touched the back of her hand as lightly as I could. I didn’t want to interfere in any way, but I needed to know what she was doing, down where I couldn’t see. Her hand lay flat across her labia, pressing with wide, slow strokes. Sometimes I felt her hand shift side to side, other time I felt her fingers press against that deep soft place between beyoğlu escort her legs. My hand over hers, I followed along with each motion. She continued stroking my hair, sometimes tracing the curve of my ear, and I lay my head against her chest.

I almost jumped back again when I realized that my cheek was lying on her breast. A little gentle pressure from her hand held me in place until I settled, then went back to stroking my ear.

The view held me mesmerized. Her legs shifted occasionally as her hand and mine continued the slow massage. Then, once in a while, her hip would press down against the mattress, then relax again. Her thigh would flex, showing smooth definition when that happened. Muscles across her tummy would tighten, too, then smooth themselves. These moments of tension came when the hand between her legs stirred to sudden motion, then pass when her hand went back to its slow and steady rhythm.

My head cradled on her breast’s softness, I could hear her breathing deepen. It turned uneven each time tension appeared in her hips and legs, then soften again. Those fast motions of her hand came more frequently, and her hips and tummy flexed more strongly. I could feel my own hips rocking against hers, too. I would have had my own hand between my legs, but I didn’t dare let go of Lin’s hand working her pubis. There was too much to know.

Her hand seemed to lift off her labia, still cupping them from an inch away. Instead, one slim finger reached down into the top of her crevice, just where the valley started to form. My hand over hers, one of my fingers followed. Her hips rocked in a steady rhythm now and her legs straightened out, all the way down to pointed toes . That finger between her labia moved quickly and lightly, in an uneven pace. Her sleek body tightened with the finger’s quicker circling, then caught its breath when the tiny motion slowed.

Her breathing came raggedly, mixed with little half-moans. Pulses of tension coursed through her. Each lasted a moment longer than the one before, and the intervals between them shortened. Something lovely started to happen in her tummy, where cords of muscle rose from her chest downwards, sank, and rose again. I turned my head just a little, felt around with my lips, and grabbed a t-shirt covered nipple.

The moment I latched on, Lin nearly crushed my head against her tiny breast. One final waved of tension grabbed her, and didn’t let go this time. The fingertip between her labia kept a constant, petite frenzy; tension radiating up and down from her hips grabbed her and held her. Her whole torso throbbed with feminine strength, again and again, to breathy groans like nothing I had ever heard before. That tiny fingertip dance ran on and on at a furious pace. Then her delicate digit slowed and stopped. Her hand cupped between her legs again. It took her body a moment to realize that the stimulation had stopped. She seemed to relax by steps, unwinding, tensing again, and unwinding further. Her chest slumped against the bed under me, and her entire body came to a stop. I looked up at her face, for the first time, and saw a glorious, distant smile. Her head turned down towards me, her hand still stroking the hair behind my ear. I reached up to stoke her cheek. I had never seen anything so beautiful in my life.

“Lin …” She smiled at her name. “Do me.”

“What?” The lazy smile turned to grin.

“Could you do me? What you just did, could you do it to me?”

She tugged my shoulder up til our faces were even. My deep, heavy breasts slid across her sleeker ones, and she pressed our breasts against each other with a long hug. I didn’t even flinch when she kissed me – more than a girl-peck, but not nearly as much as I wanted. Then she rolled me over and lay on top of me.

“Yes.” Somehow, that little word carried huge meanings, some of them just out of sight. Her smile glowed even more warmly as she her hair dangled down into my face.

I expected her hands to start the same dance that I had just seen. Instead, she kept leaning over me, gazing down at me. Her caress started to roam my body along trails that had never been explored before. She lifted my breast,cupping it from the side, and massaged it gently through my top. When her thumb crossed my stiffened areola, she stopped and scissored it gently between her fingers. I blinked at the touch, and curled a little against her. Lin’s hands kept moving, though. She crossed my tummy, then slid across my cotton-covered mound. I expected her touch to stay there, but it moved on down my thigh.

My body understood what Lin was doing, even if my mind was still puzzled. Long, lazy strokes from shoulder to thigh relaxed me, and eased my nervousness about this new way to be close to someone. After a while, massaging my inner thighs opened them, preparing me to receive her intimacies. Occasional pressure on my mons and outer labia made me eager for more.

Lin noticed my hand crossing bebek escort my own panty, and saw my shoulders lifting so I could hold her more closely. At that point, she sat back on the bed next to me and reached across. She hooked her fingers at the waist of my underwear and started tugging down. I lifted my hips and she slid the cloth to my knees; I sat back down, lifted both feet, and she had it off me. Then she crossed her arms to her own waist, took the edge of her t-shirt in both hands, peeled it off in one move, and came back to me.

She leaned down to kiss my breast again, and I lifted my shirt to feel her skin on mine. At the same time, out of sight, a small warm hand cupped my vulva. On their own, my legs separated to welcome that caress. After a warm moment just holding, I felt little circles of fingertip pressure against the outer lips. The point of contact moved every few seconds, up one side, across the top, and down the other side. That spot of firm warmth seemed to cover every part, from the crease at my thigh to the fold where the lips closed against each other. Her other hand reached up to my face, brushing a wisp of hair, tracing my lip, or following the curve of my eye.

I was lost in some warm place with no words. I felt unable to move, even though my hips, legs, and hands each did what they needed to to. I focused inward on unfamiliar feelings – my labia filling and thickening, for example, and something small and eager starting to quiver low in my tummy. My inner lips felt a tiny line of Lin’s caress. She hadn’t opened me to reach those folds, they had swollen so much that they peeked out between the outer labia, begging for attention of their own.

A scent in the air told me I was oozing from inside. Some little voice inside wanted to hide that, feeling that no one should see me wet. Other voices inside huddled around that little one, letting her know that it’s OK, that Lin would understand. Lin certainly did. For the first time, I felt her stroke the crevice between my labia, opening them without penetrating. She lifted her hand and looked at it, brought it to her mouth and tasted it, then smiled. She gave me a happy glance, then mouth and hand returned to my breast and vulva with new energy.

I felt a new exploration start between my full, fat labia. A small, cool fingertip worked in just a fraction, and explored the full length without going any deeper. When that shallow probe reached low between my legs, it paused. Lin had found my dampness. It gathered on her touch, and she spread it around. That touch took on a buttery smoothness as she worked my moisture into the hidden folds. Then, scooping deeper than before, she seemed to collect a fingerful of that slippery dew. In a moment, a finger and thumb spread me open while that moistened finger found my clitoris.

I nearly jumped. Lin’s kiss pressed into my breast, her hand on my face gentled me, and the touch too much stopped where it was. My startle passed, but that doesn’t mean I relaxed. My body tightened with an all-over tension I had never felt before, but that seemed as right as sunlight. Once I calmed, I felt Lin’s exploration begin in earnest. Light, careful caresses slid between the folds, mapping out the genital shapes that I barely knew, even in myself. Some touches did much too much, and I quivered. Others did little, other than leaving me loved and appreciated in mysterious ways. Soon, Lin had learned what she needed to know, and my seduction moved to the net level.

She licked her fingers to give a thick layer of slickness, then returned her hand to my unfulfilled excitement. One tiny touch, as I had seen her give herself, entered the keyhole curve near the top, where my labia became two separate folds. I felt contact with my hardened clitoris, way back away from the tip – Lin seemed to know that if she touched that tip, I would have been on the ceiling. Instead, I learned how she had touched herself, the soft ball of a fingertip pressing against that tiny, hidden shaft. I knew all the other ways her body kept contact with mine, but my whole awareness shrank to that one point.

Slow, delicate motions pushed that sensitive fold back and forth, side to side. Each time it slid under her fingertip, a bubble of excitement popped somewhere inside me. Something bigger was growing, too, like an ocean wave building under ocean foam. As it grew, it took control of my hips. It pushed them down into the mattress, and Lin’s hand followed. It parted my legs to open me more, and Lin’s touch deepened. I had no idea what that huge thing was, wakening inside me, but Lin seemed to be in silent communion with it.

The pace of that tiny touch changed as my body responded. Along with the gentle caress, Lin offered firm, two-finger pressure against my clitoris’s solid bed, and I sighed. She gave me fluttery bursts of delicate speed and I moaned. She slid to the sparkling tip, and I trembled. Thinking back, I’m startled that she knew me so much bayan eskort better than I knew myself, at least back then. She showed it with her loving invocation of that huge, slumbering feeling that I didn’t know I had in me.

Bit by bit, Lin awoke it, and it embraced me from within. It offered my breasts to Lin’s lips and teeth. It held my legs open to Lin’s affections, and held the muscles taut. It threw my head back into the the pillow, and drew purrs and moans from my throat. It responded ever more strongly to the silent language in which Lin spoke to it, seduced it. It lit my whole body in ways I had never felt before. And it kept growing within me, starting to take me over completely.

Quite abruptly, I had to stop. It had grown too big, too fast, too out of control, and started to scare me. I pressed Lin’s hand hard against my pubis, stopping the sign-language spell she was casting. My other arm clutched her head tightly against my wide, soft breast. My body curled nearly in half and I trembled. “Too much, too much. Please, just hold, it’s too much.”

Lin stopped. Every touch came to a halt where it was, pressing hard, the way you do to stop a touch from tickling. She looked up at me. I quivered, cradling her head in my hand. “Please, it’s too much.”

She responded, “OK. It’s OK.” Gradually, and with even more care than she had started, she withdrew. Pressure lightened, touch shrank and vanished, and her embrace turned to a sisterly hug. I rolled away from her, but not far. She snuggled up behind me, so my bare bottom pressed her bare lap, even though I still had my shirt on. Lin turned out the light, adjusted the covers, and reached around to my breast. Cuddled like kittens, I felt her relax into sleep. I was still too wound up, trying to understand what had just happened. Soon, I slept too.


I awoke some time in the night. Lin still lay next to me, one of her legs across mine and one of her hands on my breast. I just stared at the dark ceiling for a moment, enjoying the unfamiliar, cuddly warmth of someone sleeping next to me. Then it came back to me, a flashback of that huge feeling Lin had stirred. I could barely believe that I had that in me, something so strange and alien in this body I’d known all my life. I thought about how that feeling had built, tying my emotions and body together into one huge sensation. Gradually, I realized that it hadn’t finished with me. I wanted that scary-sweet feeling again and, with some trepidation, I needed to know how it would end – I didn’t just want that, I needed it.

I held Lin’s hand on my breast for a little while. As I thought about what Lin had lit up in me, and what she had almost lit, my nipple tightened under her hand and a kind of hunger grew between my legs. I shifted Lin’s arm so I could face towards her, and wrapped my arm around her slim, curvy waist. I felt how her back curved toward me, then swelled into that smooth, womanly hip and bottom. She felt wonderful to me. Trying not to wake her, I pressed as much of my body as I could against hers. My leg slid easily into the warmth between hers.

She made some sleepy noise and shifted toward me. I whispered, “Lin?”

“Hmm?” Her sleep-limp hug pressed me a fraction closer.

“Could we try again?”

“Whah -” Not so sleepy this time.

“I really liked what you did. Could you do more? Please?”

She didn’t answer, not in words, but her embrace started to awaken around me. She cradled my head from behind and kissed me again, and I felt the warm softness of breast and body against mine. Still on her side, one of her legs rose between mine and pressed. At the same time, her hand slid down my back to cup my bottom, and she pulled me close. I pushed my vulva hard against her thigh and rocked on it, riding her with instinctive motions. My arm around her moved lower on her back, to the fullest part of her behind, and pulled close.

An involuntary little moan of frustration came out of my throat when she pushed me onto my back. That passed, though, the moment her kiss found my breast again and her fingers snaked back into my pubic hair. She probed for a moment, examining every private crevice by touch. “Ooh, you really are ready,” she cooed. I knew that – I knew that I wanted to feel her excite me again.

Her loving caresses skipped over all steps she had started with before, and began with a long slow slide across my vagina. I felt myself twitch inside, expecting and hoping to feel a deeper pressure there. Instead, she just pulled the slickness from inside me and used it as balm across my inner folds. She did that a few times, pulling scented liquid from inside, until every touch slid with silky smoothness. Then two fingertips pressed against my clitoris again, and fired my responses.

That sense of building returned quickly, even faster now that I knew I wanted it. It grew fast to the point where I had shied before, and moved forward on its unknown course. With it came waves of tension; each seemed to radiate out from the point where Lin touched me, to hold me for a moment, and to leaved me limp and waiting for the next. Each wave seemed bigger than the one before and longer, and gave me less chance to recover before the next attacked me again. I almost asked her to stop. “Lin …”

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