Pleasure in Denial Ch. 09

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A continuing story of lesbian seduction, awakening, control, and intense edging. In this chapter, Julia gets to lick Felicity and she shows more than she intended. You’ll need to have read Chapter 8 for this to make sense, especially the Special Kickers


Felicity composed herself a little after her very public ordeal and then having been left naked in the glass elevator leading up to my apartment. She apologised for the times she’d not been instantly, unquestioningly obedient to my every command. I assured her she had not failed in that respect and that her behaviour was to be expected, and was acceptable. She then asked if she could have a coffee, which I agreed to, and could she possibly be allowed to take off the ‘special knickers’, now … which I declined.

“But Julia I’m so freakin’ horny and, well, you know how it feels, every time I move it just tuns me on even more. Then when I manage to subdue the feelings of ‘I need an orgasm and I need it NOW! I only have to move in a certain way and it all comes flooding back – literally in fact,” which she confirmed by running a fingertip between her legs and pulling out a long clingy string of creamy pussy juice.

“In a short while, my lovely. I just want to see you do the splits wearing them. I think that will look awesome; don’t you agree?”

Felicity smiled and agreed it’d be nice to try. She seemed a little happier now. “I’ll need to limber up first though, maybe while you make coffee? I agreed, but when she asked if she could take off her shoes first, I again declined, knowing how much more I’d get off on this spectacle with her pretty feet encased in straps and buckles.

Whilst the espresso machine hissed and gurgled its stuff, I watched Felicity stretching and bending. ‘Her body is a work of art in itself’, I mused, especially watching how her lovely titties subtly changed shape as she moved, almost disappearing when she stretched her arms up high, and best of all, when she bent forwards, how her erect puckered nipples formed almost a perfect continuation of the conical shape of her boobs.

We perched on stools and sipped our Americani and Felicity told me how she’d come close to climaxing at least 4 times whilst we’d been out, how the fear of public humiliation had helped her to hold back, and how (in her words) ‘fucking awesome’ the feelings inside her were when she got so close to the edge and rode the crest of the wave, sometimes deliberately prolonging the plateau of arousal just for the sheer excruciatingly reward of hitting the peak of self-denial. I told her I thought she described that rather well.

“You’re a good teacher … Miss.” she replied.

“Splits now?”

Felicity stood up and stretched out her lithe limbs some more. But then, instead of dropping slowly to the floor, edging her bare feet wider and wider apart as I’d expected, she stood in the doorway to my bedroom suite and gradually raised her right leg. Slowly she lifted it higher using her hands to help, and eventually placed her heel against the doorframe. With a few more bounces she was able to pull her knee to her chest, so both her upper and lower legs were now almost perfectly straight, one up, one down. Amazing. From where I stood I feasted my eyes on the beautiful sight of her engorged, parted and very pretty pussy lips, her cheeky clit peeping out from under its hood, and the strings of pearls immaculately framing her oozing, exposed vagina. I moved towards her and placed a fingertip at the entrance to her inviting hole.

“May I?”

“Sure, but be quick I can’t hold this too long.”

My finger slid in easily, as did my second. And my third. I plunged in and out a number of times and twisted them. I leaned forward and ran my tongue along the length of one of the strings of pearls, then the other, and Felicity flinched and moaned. I did the same again and she moaned some more, then asked me to ‘do it properly’. I asked her what she thought was ‘properly’ and she wasn’t sure, but I was, so I licked her delightfully protruding inner labia. She encouraged me with lots of ‘Yesses’ and ‘Mores’ and ‘Just Theres’ before bluntly explaining: “That’s fucking incredible. I thought, I, er, I thought no-one would ever want to lick me there after what my mother told me, that my … my … what do you call them?”

“Inner labia.”

“That my inner flappy labia bits were ugly. But you seem to like them Julia!”

“It gets better baby,” I reassured her then, without explaining how that would be, I flicked my tongue over her clit. She yelped and jolted, pushing her soaking wet pussy right into my face. Naturally, I licked my lips.

“Please, Miss Julia, if we’re going to do this properly can I get more comfortable? Please?” she pleaded, going on to explain that if she orgasmed in this position, she’d probably tear muscles she didn’t even know she had. She was obviously struggling so I allowed her to lower her leg.

“Thank you, Miss that was wonderful,” she confirmed bağcılar escort as she shook herself to loosen her muscles. “And can I take these off now?”

I nodded and she wriggled out of the ‘special knickers’ but before she’d dropped them anywhere, I told her to rub them on one of her new pink shoes. She looked at me oddly for a moment then smiled, and did as I’d instructed.

Now totally naked, Felicity walked over to me, placing one foot directly in front of the other and swinging her arms like an experienced catwalk model, and brushed my hair away from the side of my face with her long fingers.

“Auntie Julia …” she said in the coy little-girlie voice she does so well.

“Yes my darling?”

“Did you say I could lick your pussy sometime?”

“I think I did, but only if you’ve earned the privilege, beautiful Felicity.”

“Have I?”

“Ooo I think so, but of course first I’ll have to undress. Maybe you’d like to watch me? Would you like that, my precious, lovely niece?”

“Oh my, dearest loving Auntie, yes, I’d like that very much. Do you mind if I play with my tits and my cunt whilst you do?”

We both giggled and she hugged me. “Does Mummy know you say naughty words, Felicity?” I asked.

“I don’t give a fuck in a whore’s twat any more … Auntie Julia. I love to use all the words she’s told me never to say, and a few she will never have heard before too!”

I checked that Felicity wasn’t cold; she said she wasn’t even though she was nude and had been through a lot of physical and emotional stress already that day. I insisted she sat down and when she was ready, I started to pace the room in my wrap top, black skirt and matching yellow shoes. I couldn’t match Felicity for poise and pose, but I gave it my all and she kept her eyes on me as I paraded myself wantonly in front of her.

“You’re such a tease Julia,” she chided. “You know I can’t wait to see what bra you’re wearing, the one that makes your tits look so amazing.”

“Be patient, my lovely,” I replied, and leaned forward briefly so my alluring cleavage was right in front of her face. Then I instructed her to untie the corners of my top where they were knotted together above my hip and I gradually unwrapped my upper body, all the time watching her reaction. She had her eyes fixed on my breasts and I saw them visibly widen when I shrugged the top back off my shoulders to reveal my treasures, partly hidden within that upmarket ‘plunge & uplift’ black satin bra. I loved the way it pushed my boobs up and together to maximise the swell and curve of my smooth flesh, creating a killer cleavage. (I have the same bra in 3 other colours at home). Felicity asked to be allowed to touch, but I refused, telling her this was a visual feast only, for now anyway. She pouted like a disappointed child.

I made another complete circuit of the room then stood facing the huge mirror, with my back to Felicity, and invited her to unclip the clasp at the back of the bra. How could she refuse? Making sure she’d be able to see my breasts reflected as they escaped the confines of the aggressive D-cups, I dropped my shoulders forwards and the bra fell away. Even though she’d seen my breasts before she squealed with joy. Again she asked to be allowed to touch, and again I refused.

One more item of clothing to go and I cheekily flicked the front and then the back of my wrap skirt to give Felicity little peeks and flashes of my pussy. Of course, she knew full well I wasn’t wearing any knickers, as she’d been wearing them herself, but she was definitely enjoying the show.

One more circuit of the room; one more parade lap, then I stood where she could reach the hook that held my wrap skirt in place. She nervously unfastened it and the black fabric spiralled onto the floor at my feet. I stepped out of it and stood with my hands on my hips, informing her she was allowed to touch now. “But only with your mouth and tongue”.

“I can live with that!” she whooped.

Convinced she would want to suckle on my nipples first, I was ‘wrong-footed’ when she asked me to put one shoe up on the arm of the leather sofa. I did as she asked, especially as I knew that I’d enjoy what was going to happen next as much as she would. She lay on her side on the sofa, propped up on one elbow, and positioned her face between my parted legs. First she kissed all over my mound and my perineum, then she lapped all the way up my outer lips then along and between my inner lips. If she’d truly never done this before, she had great intuition; it felt fabulous and I told her so. As she continued, I made small suggestions, but she was so adept I just focussed on the amazing feelings.

Maybe she’d not really thought about it, but I did suggest she poke out her tongue and push it into my hole.

“Julia,” she purred, “I’ve been waiting to be told to do that all day!” and she did just that.

Wow! She has such a long and pointy tongue! She fucked my open merter escort vagina like an experienced lesbian and my juices flowed copiously into her mouth, over her face and into her hair. Then I used two fingers, one either side, to pull up my clit hood and she knew exactly what to do, licking and flicking and lapping at my rosy smooth bud. Surely she must have realised an orgasm was building in me, but she kept at it, alternating from tongue-fucking my hole and lapping at my clit. In the end I had to push her away as I was getting as close as I dare, and it was still 4 hours to go before midnight!

Felicity laughed and asked if she was too much for me. I slapped her bare bum cheeks a couple of times and she squealed, scurrying off across the floor on all fours and sitting cross-legged near the window, totally naked except for those shoes, and totally unashamed to expose her wet and engorged pussy as well as her perky titties

“Did you enjoy that?” she asked, as if there was any doubt.

“Yes I did, but more importantly, did you?”

“Loved it … Auntie. Can’t wait to do it again later, but I’m starving now. Aren’t we going out to eat?”

“Sure, let’s leave just before 9. Gives us time to maybe rest, shower, dress, tidy our hair, put on some make-up and get all prettied up to hit the streets again!”

Felicity was fine with that, and asked what I’d like her to wear. I put in a request for the clingy cropped top, silvery leggings and of course, the new pink shoes. I even offered to help with some make-up as, obviously, she had none of her own and hadn’t worn any since I’d ‘rescued’ her on Tuesday.

“Final question, Julia …”


“What’s in the box?”

“Ohhh yes … the box. It’s a surprise. I was going to show you earlier but we were … busy. I’ll show you later, OK?”

Felicity shrugged and went to her room, helping herself to a beer from the kitchen on the way. Didn’t even ask, huh.


I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling, going through the events of the last two days in my mind. Felicity was getting to me. What started out as a contrived plan to pick up a pretty young girl in the hope of luring her to my apartment for maybe an hour or two had now become an unbelievably intense 3 days during which I’d lived out some of my deepest desires and passions. Some, but not all. As I lay there, images of Felicity flashed through my mind. Clothed, naked, humiliated in public, confident, frightened … just one touch on my aching clit couldn’t do any harm could it? But I knew if I started, I’d risk everything if I pushed myself too far and climaxed before midnight. Instead I just held my hand about 2 centimetres above my shaved pussy mound, felt the heat rising, and concentrated on the nagging, throbbing sensations deep inside. The tension was almost unbearable. At times like this I often doubted myself, my motivations, my intentions, the morality of what I do. I’d been brought up to know that God loves a sinner even if he hates what they do and I daily push the credibility of my beliefs to the limits.

I must have fallen asleep because I suddenly became aware of someone in the room. I sat upright and saw Felicity sitting at my dressing table in just a baggy tee-shirt. “Hello sleeping beauty,” she purred. Sorry if I woke you but it’s already gone 8:30 and if we’re going out I thought I’d better get ready. Hope you don’t mind me using all your lovely stuff.”

Felicity turned away from the mirror and I was taken aback. She looked so different. So … dare I say … trashy. She’d found some very long false lashes; must have come in a set of varying lengths as I’d never wear them. Masses of black eyeliner, pale foundation, rosy red cheeks, and the brightest red lip-gloss I own which she applied very generously, making her lips look plump and full. She had most of her hair pulled back and up in a high bouncing ponytail with a few wispy bits hanging down her cheeks. Delicious.

“Oh my god Flix you look so hot!” I exclaimed. “No, I don’t mind at all, help yourself.”

“How about if you get showered, then I’ll do you?” she suggested. “It’ll be like when I go to a friend’s house and her mum’s out and we raid her cosmetics drawers, making up each other in all kinds of wild moods.”

“Sure, that would be lovely. What ‘mood’ do you have in mind for me?”

“Ooohhhh I think – ultra-glamourous, don’t you?”

“Mmmmm yes, that would go perfectly with the outfit I have in mind,” I assured her as I climbed off the bed and made my way to the bathroom. Felicity noticed the wet patch on the sheet where I’d been lying and looked confused. “Julia, we have an agreement, right?”

“Yes we do. Midnight, Why?”

“I wondered if you’ve broken it?” and she pointed to the patch.

I laughed and reassured her truthfully that I’d not even touched myself and that was just the result of how I was feeling and from thinking about her and what we’d been doing eskort together. She looked pleased.

“I’ll go and get dressed. It won’t take long – I’m not going to be wearing much!” she joked, and left with a cheeky sexy giggle and a coy look over her shoulder.

I showered under the luxuriant monsoon head, carefully avoiding using the hand-held Jetstream spray. I washed my hair knowing it would soon dry naturally in the warm evening air giving me that rough-and-ready ‘wash and wear’ look that I can usually carry off. Anyway, the way I planned to dress, no-one will be looking at my hair. I pulled a fluffy towelling robe around me just as Felicity knocked and announced: ‘Make-Up!’

She walked in and, as requested, she was wearing the cropped top and silvery leggings we’d bought on Tuesday. She looked cheap, but something wasn’t quite right. I pondered over this as she set to work on the basics of my make-up. She knew what she was doing and soon I was quite happy with what I saw in the mirror. But she wasn’t finished. She asked to see me dressed so she could get the final look right. I sent her out of the room and took my chosen item from the wardrobe.

I still have that dress, it’s one of my faves if I want to look glamourous but not too classy. It’s shimmery gold, light and loose and it drifts over my body. Starting from the top, it’s basically two narrow triangles of fabric that flow over and cling to my boobs. They are supported only by a single spaghetti halter strap, tied in bow knot behind my neck. It’s cut away all the way down my sides and round to my coccyx so my entire back is bare. At the front, there’s a wide, deep, U-shaped opening all the way from the insides of my boobs almost to my navel and the fabric collects and pools there in a series of folds. The bottom hem is scalloped and finishes less than halfway down my thighs, and the light fabric swings and floats in waves when I move.

It slipped easily over my head and I adjusted the halter tie so it hung low, only just about covering my nipples and areole. I looked at myself in the mirror. I loved the way the inside and outside curves of my boobs were (deliberately) exposed, especially when I moved quickly. Some women might resort to boob tape to stick it in place by I wanted to give Felicity a thrill.

I pulled up a skimpy black thong with pretty lace detailing and slipped my feet into a pair of very expensive gold-coloured heels. The ones with a tiny real gold ingot hanging by a small chain on the right shoe, positioned exactly so it dangles against the sensitive inside of the arch of your foot when you walk. Exquisite, and very insistent. Nice.

I called her back into my bedroom.

“Fuck me, Julia!” she exclaimed as she stood in the doorway, her mouth open in awe.

“Be careful what you wish for,” I quipped.

She blushed and told me how much she loved the dress as I gave her a twirl. She was very complimentary about how it made me look; I think she said: “‘It makes you look like a casino croupier.’ I liked that and told her that her outfit made her look the complete opposite – super trashy. She replied she’d be happy to look even trashier if that’s what I wanted but she didn’t have any other suitable clothes.

“I can fix that!” I responded, but Felicity looked nervous when I reached for the sharp pair of scissors on the shelf, and more nervous still when I grasped her hand and pulled her towards me.

“Arms out sideways please” I instructed.

At first she was reticent and asked what I was planning to do, although I think she’d already worked something out.

“Keep still Flix, this won’t hurt” I reassured her as I began to shorten her crop-top even more, cutting off roughly the bottom 10 centimetres, and I mean roughly. I chopped randomly and deliberately with the scissors, leaving a very ragged edge.

She realised I’d exposed the start of her titties, and that was even without her raising her arms any higher than shoulder height.

“Oh my god Julia what are you doing, I can’t go out like this!”

“Yes you can Flix – now turn around so I can do the back”

She wasn’t convinced, especially when she looked in the mirror. “I look totally like a slut”


“Indoors is different. Going out like this is, is …”

“Sexy? Exciting? Arousing?”

“Whorish. Humiliating. erm …” she paused. “Damn you Julia everything you say and do makes me want to give more of myself to you. Makes me horny. And now there’s only a few hours until midnight I just want to do anything that gives me a better chance of having an orgasm. I need to come so badly Julia. My pussy’s soaking wet and I didn’t even have any clean fresh undies so I have nothing on under these leggings and when I walk they rub me just where … well you work it out.”

I did, and smirked, but Felicity sat quietly as she finished off my make-up with light bronze eyeshadow, bonkers amounts of black eyeliner and deep crimson wet-look lip-gloss. I looked at myself in the mirror and admired her work. Very glamourous!

“I’m ready to hit the town now! Are you?” I asked

“Yes, but I’m finding this no-orgasm regime so hard. I look and feel like a trashy Cinderella who needs to be back by midnight,”

“Sorry I didn’t get you any glass slippers.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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