Pixie Pt. 02 Ch. 07: The Orient Express

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Sarah turned, blushing. She might well blush. To be discovered by me with her hands probing a naked Emm’s arsehole required, shall we say, some explanation. It was typical of the ever-cheerful Emm that her response was:

‘Hi, Pix, do you like our hair?’

I can’t say that, as she was nude, with her arse in my wife’s hands, her hair was the focus of my attention. I did, however, notice her rouged and pierced nipples. Cross though I was, there was no doubt of her eroticism.

‘There is an explanation, darling, it’s not what you think!’ Sarah stammered.

‘I see, so your fingers aren’t in Emm’s arse, it’s an illusion, and no doubt her slutty dripping cunt is all in my mind?’

Emm giggled.

‘She is so sexy, it’s not fair that we can’t play, Pix!’

This was not helping my temper.

‘So what the fuck is going on? And stop fingering her arse.’

‘In which case, I don’t know how we are going to get Ivana’s device out!’ Sarah replied.

‘Sorry Pix, it’s just I found this interesting buttplug and inserted it, forgetting my ass has been stretched by my Mistress.’ Emm smiled at me.

I giggled, Sarah did too, and Emm, ever good-natured, laughed.

‘There are only two ways of getting it out, given that Sarah can’t reach.’

Emm was always helpful.

‘And would one of them involve you having an orgasm?’

I could see what my slutty friend had been angling for all along.

Sarah smiled.

‘For Queen and Country, Pix,’

With that, her hand slid to Emm’s pierced clit. As she rubbed it Emm moaned.

I grabbed the remote and handed it to her. Sarah turned up the revs, and Emm gasped.

‘Gravity might help,’ I said, ‘get into the wet room, Emm.’

Obediently, Emm crawled across the room, her firm, large mammaries swaying.

I placed a dildo in the centre of the room, firmly attached to the floor and instructed Emm to fuck herself.

The sight of the gorgeous blonde slut bouncing up and down on the dildo was too much for Sarah. Turning up the revs, she quickly stripped her knickers off and ordered Emm to eat her out. Emm obliged.

As gaziosmanpaşa escort the diamond in her piercing touched Sarah’s clit, she shuddered. Emm licked furiously.

I grabbed the remote, as Sarah began to lose control, and turned it up.

Emm’s tits were bouncing as she thrust herself up and down. Her chin was glistening with Sarah’s juices. She was beginning to shudder. Sarah was grunting as Emm pleasured her.

Stepping back to avoid the inevitable, I saw Sarah grip Emm’s head to stay upright and heard Emm scream, and at the same moment Sarah joined her.

‘Fuck, I’m cumming, squirting, pissing, oh, oh, oh!’

Never let it be said Emm did anything by half. But I was delighted to see Ivana’s buttplug comms device expel itself from Emm’s interior. As I watched the two women I loved most orgasm, I reflected how odd I was. I suspected most women would have been furious, but as I loved them both, it was no matter. And, besides, we had the comms device back.

But I was not sure that their afternoon’s primping had not rather been ruined.

Emm’s ‘punishment’ was to suck the comms device clean, but from the orgasm that provoked, I was once more reminded how close was the link between pleasure and punishment.

I send Emm back to her room to shower and change. We needed to leave in just over an hour. We were to dine on the train.

‘Now, you!’

I looked sternly at the dishevelled, blushing Sarah.

‘Erm, what can I say? Are you saying you’d have refused?’

I was going to tease her.

‘Well, you slut, I did!’

‘Oh fuck, Pix, I am sorry!’

I giggled, unable to keep up the faux indignation.

‘Fuck, Sarah, that was one of the most erotic things ever. I guess we give the five-million-pound woman a free pass?’

‘Pix,’ she said, hugging me, ‘I don’t know whether to hug you or be cross. Are you really okay with Emm and I having the odd dalliance?’

‘Sod it,’ I exclaimed, ‘I should say no, but I say yes, instead. Now get yourself sorted, you tart!’

She kissed me.

Within the hour we were ümraniye escort in the lobby of the hotel. Ekaterina’s Amazons greeted us, loaded up the car, and drove us through the busy traffic to the station, which turned out to be twenty-five kilometres west of the city in what was, even by local standards, a dull suburb called Halkali.

It was, for sure, a far cry from the grandeur of the old Orient Express. The only saving grace was that thanks to Ekaterina, there was an extra car, a dining one, added. That made a huge difference.

I ensured we were all in our air-conditioned sleeping car before the Amazons left, and then pocketed a small package from them, with Emm and Sarah out of sight; I trusted the latter, but the former I did not. The less she knew about our secret, the better.

The phone in my pocket pinged:

‘In car two, saw you arrive. May we dine? A’

I responded in the affirmative.

Inside, Emm was in a state of hyper-excitement. Sometime around 18:00 on the morrow we should arrive at Bran Castle, and all Emm could think about was her Vampire Countess. Sarah, ever practical, was more concerned about supper. So we wandered through to the dining car, which was open only to those of us in the two sleeping cars.

We had about five hours before the border, where our passports would be checked, so my view was that we should eat, drink, and be merry.

Ekaterina had spared no expense to ensure we dined in style, and there were damask cloths on the table, crystal wine glasses, and a seven-course taster menu. The bar was already filling up. I recognised Alessandra, while the two men in dark suits were so obviously Russian agents, they might as well have been in uniform.

There were two American women, loudly proclaiming their dislike of Turkish food, and being offered ‘burgers without the buns,’ and us. As the tables were set for four, I invited Alessandra to join us, leaving the other table for a Russian-American detente.

‘Thank you, I am Alessandra.’

As though we had never met, I introduced myself and my companions to Alessandra, who eskort bayan told us she was a businesswoman from Damascus, taking a leisurely trip to Paris, stopping off in Bucharest. She proved, as I had thought, an agreeable companion, and Emm flirted with her shamelessly.

She clearly found Emm as attractive as the rest of us did, and there was an inevitability about the pair of them disappearing back to Emm’s room after a few courses. That allowed Sarah and I to have a long, loving, time together, which we needed after her afternoon adventures.

As we had our coffee, I caught a snatch of the conversation from the other table.

‘We are going to whup your asses. The President is never going to allow you guys the freedom you had under Obama.’

‘Sure, so why are you guys here at all, it isn’t like you are not obviously CIA.’

‘Sure, like it is not obvious you are FSB.’

That seemed to break the ice, and a round of scotches seemed to clinch it. At least on the Orient Express, detente was a reality.

Just before 1:30 the train began to slow. It was the Kapuikule border crossing where we were supposed to disembark to get our passports stamped. I had Alessandra’s and Emm’s.

The Inspector boarded.

‘Are you Colonel Demirbas?’ I asked. ‘If so, I have a package for you.’

He was, and swiftly looking at the contents, stamped all the passports.

‘No need to trouble you, your Excellency, and there are just the four of you, yes?’

I confirmed that, thus securing Alessandra’s position.

The Russians were churlish, and Demirbas insisted on a full customs check for them. Ekaterina’s money had spared us that too.

We pulled away just after two in the morning. Sarah retired to her berth. I could see Emm and Alessandra in each other’s arms, sleeping, exhausted. I should not, I though have had the coffee. I was wide awake. So I decided to read.

The first case I grabbed had the Walther PKK 380 secreted away. Some instinct told me to load a clip. I dozed and read. I could feel the train slow as we went up into the mountain defile that would lead us to Sofia. Apart from the noise of the train, all was quiet.

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I caught it, a movement. Someone was moving toward the sleeping car. Clutching my gun, I left my seat and inserted myself quietly into the shadows. Whoever it was, was going for Alessandra’s berth. I tensed.

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