Pet Teacher: Lesbian Toy Party

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PET TEACHER: Lesbian Toy Party

Note 1: Although not absolutely necessary, I recommend you read the first three parts first: Pet Teacher, Pet Teacher: Five Tasks, and Pet Teacher: Lesbian Club. If time does not permit, here is a very, very brief primer. A teacher is seduced by an eighteen year old student and after submitting to her she is forced to complete seven tasks to prove herself worthy of being a pet…this episode is the seventh and final task.

Note 2: A special thanks goes to Estragon for his copy-editing and support and to LaRascasse for plot suggestions.


Julie was absent on Monday and Tuesday, which greatly increased my anxiety, as it was now Wednesday, the day that I was supposed to complete my final task.

Julie walked into class with Beth a couple of minutes after the bell, and closed the door. Her sweet but naughty smile returned, the one that had been absent since last week, as she asked, “So. did you accomplish task number six?”

I looked at her nervously, knowing it was now or never. She returned my gaze confidently, and patiently. Finally, I broke the silence when I answered, “Yes, I have, Mistress.”

Julie’s smile grew wider as she said, “I was hoping you would say that. Do you want your reward?”

“Sure,” I responded, my pussy already tingling even though I was unsure what this reward might be.

Julie locked at the door and then snapped her fingers. Beth instantly walked to me, dropped to her knees and crawled under my desk. Just as instantly, my pussy got wet and I opened my legs to allow easier access to my pussy. As Beth lapped at my cunt, Julie talked to me. I tried to concentrate to Julie’s words, but had difficulty as the eighteen-year-old between my legs continued to give thrilling sensations. Julie explained, “Mistress expects you there at six and the party starts at seven. Be warned she will have you doing many very naughty and humiliating things during this party. It is also very important that you obey every order without hesitation. She will punish you for even the slightest hint at disobedience. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I moaned, dangerously close to screaming from the orgasm building in me. Julie smiled with an amused smirk as she watched as I held my mouth shut as my orgasm spread through me. Beth continued to lap up my juices until I couldn’t take it any longer and pushed her back, worried I would keep on coming. I looked down as the adorably cute Beth looked back up at me, like an obedient puppy just happy to be noticed. Her face glistened with my juices as I came back to my senses. As I backed up, Beth quickly got out from underneath my desk and stood back up and returned to our mutual Mistress.

Julie gave a wink and said as she got ready to leave, “See you tonight.”

I gave a nod and watched them leave. Julie stopped at the door and threw my world in a tizzy as she added, “Can you guess which one of your colleagues will be the other slut tonight?”

I gasped at the obvious implication. I watched both girls leave in stunned silence. Panic spread throughout my whole body as I realized my situation had gotten even more complicated. As I sat down I began to ponder who else she could have seduced. I worked at a pretty large school with a rather large staff so there were lots of candidates. There was Carol Johnson, the first year Chemistry teacher who always dressed somewhat provocatively and was very, very pretty. There was Rena Wallace, the cheerleading coach, who is amazing fit and flirty. There was also Zelda Hilton, our principal secretary, who was a drop dead gorgeous redhead; but how would Julie ever get to her? The list could go on and on, but it could be anyone…who would think I had submitted to Julie? Hopefully, nobody.

I taught through the afternoon in a haze of nerves and anxiety, as I wondered what was planned for me and what colleague would soon know of my predicament. And I of hers.

At ten to six, riddled with apprehension, I knocked on Julie’s door. I seemed to wait forever for the door to open. I could feel slight perspiration on my forehead as the seconds ticked by. Finally, the door opened and Julie greeted me. “Hi, Mrs. Walker. I am so happy you could make it.”

I followed her in sheepishly. I quickly looked around to see if anyone else was around and felt a burden fall off my shoulders when I saw the room was empty.

Julie looked at me and said, “So, Mistress has an outfit laid out for you in her bedroom. She should be home in the next half hour. Your partner should also be here in a few minutes.”

I asked, in a nervous stutter, “W-w-who is my p-p-partner?”

Julie’s smile became a naughty grin as she said, “Oh, you will see soon.” I looked at her with a deer-in-headlights look as she added, “You will get to know her much, much, much better.” As I continued to be speechless, and I assume white as a ghost, she comforted, “Don’t worry, my pet. It will all be good. She is really looking forward to tonight.”

“She knows?” I gasped.

“Oh yes,” Julie purred, escort ataköy adding, “she was really thrilled to hear you had submitted to me and Mistress.”

My mind spun at this revelation, as I desperately tried to figure out who this could possibly be. Names and faces flashed through my mind, but none made sense. Who would possibly submit to Julie? I was well aware of the irony of my thoughts.

The doorbell rang and Julie said, “You should go get your outfit on before Mistress gets here.”

I quickly obeyed, trying to avoid the upcoming humiliation as long as possible. I entered Mistress’s room and saw my outfit on the bed. I couldn’t believe what was expected of me. There was a black neck collar with a leash not attached, black thigh high stockings, a flimsy see-through red nightie, and four inch opened toe heels. I was mortified by what I was expected to wear and even more mortified as I thought of who was soon to see me in this.

I could hear voices in the other room, but could not hear them clearly enough to place any voice. Reluctantly, I began to get undressed. Once down to my undergarments, I grabbed for the stockings and began to put them on. I noticed they were seamed stockings with Cuban heels. I put them on and then the flimsy piece of lingerie. I looked at the heels, heels higher than I had ever worn. I once wore three inch to a wedding and almost killed myself. I looked at the heels, wondering how the hell I was ever going to walk in them. I sighed and began to put them on. Just as I finished buckling up the first one, I heard the outside door open and close. I froze as I wondered who else had shown up. Before I had time to put on my second heel, the door opened and Mistress walked in.

She roared, “What the fuck are you doing on my bed, slut?”

I immediately jumped off and stumbled to the floor. I apologized, “I am so sorry Mistress; I was just getting dressed for you.”

She looked at me, a dishevelled mess lying on the floor, and her tone softened, “OK, my pet, this one time I will forgive you. But sluts don’t sit on furniture unless given permission. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly answered.

She said, still not smiling, “Now finish getting dressed and get your collar on. Then wait on the floor like a good pet until after I shower.”

“Yes, Mistress,” I responded as I reached for my second heel. I watched her walk to her bathroom and let out a sigh. The feeling of having angered her was devastating. I couldn’t believe how eager I was to quickly obey her and hopefully get back in her good graces. I put on the second high heel and grabbed the collar. I looked at it closely and realized that when I put this on, I was submitting completely to her. There was no turning back; I was being collared. I hesitated briefly, and then put the collar on my neck and waited like a loyal dog on the floor.

Minutes ticked by and I heard the door open and close three more times. Finally, Mistress Candy returned to her bedroom and got dressed, ignoring me completely. She put on a pair of suntan thigh highs and a purple flower print sundress. She finally looked down at me and asked, “Are you really still wearing your bra?”

I, without any further instruction, took it off .

She then asked, “Are you wearing your panties still?”

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered.

“Get them off and don’t you ever wear panties in my house again!” my Mistress instructed with a glare, her tone showing her impatience with me.

I took my panties off and handed them to her. She looked at my undies as if they were toxic and tossed them into the garbage. She grabbed the leash and walked over to me and patted my head. Humiliation burned as she hooked the leash onto my collar. She went to her dresser and came back with a small vibrating egg. She turned it on, handed it to me and ordered, “Put that in your cunt, my slut. Leave it in there until I give you permission to take it out.” I obeyed, my pussy swallowing the toy in a heartbeat. The buzzing sensations quickly began getting me excited. Mistress ordered, “Don’t you dare cum, slut. Not until I give you permission.” She patted my head one more time and said, “I’m happy you decided to come tonight, my pet. I think you will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Now wait here until I come to get you.”

I watched her leave and sat on the floor. I could hear talking and giggling as I waited and waited and waited. The longer I waited, the harder it was to not come from the sensations that constantly teased my pussy. The longer I waited, the more anxiety began to fill my head. Question after question popped into my head. Who was the other teacher? Who were the other people at this gathering? What was my role in the night’s activities? What if one of the guests knew me? The more I thought about all the possibilities the faster my pulse raced. Just as I was completely freaking out and attempting to figure out a way out of this potential disaster, Mistress Candy came into the room.

“Are you ready, my pet?” she asked as she bent down and took the leash.

Horny esenler escort as Hell from the toy in my cunt and completely submissive to my Mistress, I responded without hesitation and a bit too eagerly, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good pet,” she purred, patting me on the head, humiliation filling me. She then bent down and, much to my surprise, put a blindfold on me. Once done, she pulled the egg out of my pussy and tugged gently on the leash. “Come, my pet, and crawl like a good pet.”

Holding back my own overwhelming fear, I crawled on all fours as my Mistress led me into a room full of people. I kept my head down, attempting to prolong the shame and embarrassment as long as possible. The silence was unbelievable as all conversations immediately stopped as we entered the room. The silence was broken by Mistress Candy. “Guests, I would like you to meet my newest slut, Mrs. Walker, or Jasmine. She is Julie’s teacher and submitted first to Julie and then to me, last week. The good little sub is married and has two kids.”

“I wouldn’t mind a teacher pet myself,” someone announced.

“Yeah, I hated all my teachers in school. Would love to have been able to fuck a couple of my bitchy teachers,” another proclaimed.

“What a slut,” another called out.

Shame burned inside me, but at least I couldn’t see who was bashing me. I remained on all fours as I heard Julie speak. “Guests, I would like to introduce our other slut for the evening. She is the school counselor at my school and was charged with helping me deal with my issues. I am not sure she accomplished that, but I did surely help her with hers. She is twenty-four, fresh out of college and a very eager little dyke. Please welcome Alexis.”

A few disrespectful comments were made about her as well, as I sat there stunned by the revelation that is was Alexis. She was straight out of college, and a real looker. Her hair was so blonde it was almost white, her eyes were crystal blue and she had a body that every high school boy drooled over. She was also incredible sweet and quite shy when among our staff. If I had to choose which colleague I would want to most look like, it would be her in a heartbeat.

As I considered the implications of Alexis being Julie’s other sub, I heard Mistress Candy speak. “Well, ladies. I am so happy you could be here tonight. I am sure we are going to have a lot of fun and you and hopefully you will spend a lot of money. Without further ado, I will introduce our presenter for the evening, Jenna.”

A voice, presumably Jenna’s, spoke, “Well welcome, ladies. I have been doing adult sex toy parties for about two years now, but this will be the first time we have models to try out our toys for us.”

I gasped as I realized what was to be my role was in tonight’s proceedings.

Jenna informed the women, “Now I have at least two of every toy I will present today and can order more if need be. Each toy comes with a six-month money-back guarantee; and if you buy anything tonight you will get a 10% discount. Now with all the boring formalities done, let’s get to the good stuff. Up first is the Magic Wand. Now unlike most toys, this one you must plug in, but ladies, don’t let that stop you, as once you feel the power of the eight inch head you will be shaking with pleasure.” There was a pause as I assumed she was plugging in the toy. After a few seconds of silence and nervous trepidation, she explained, “The Magic Wand has a variety of speeds for each woman’s personal preference.” I heard the toy buzz quietly as she turned it on and then buzz much louder as she turned it on high. “As you can see, the toy can be used for teasing or pleasing.”

I heard her heels move towards me. I felt hands on my flimsy nightie and then felt the soft vibrations on my naked cunt. I moaned instinctively as the feeling sent shivers of pleasure up my body. Jenna informed, “You see how she moaned instantly. The magic wand is made to stimulate both the clit and the pussy lips at once, getting almost any woman into a feverish sweat in minutes. Now observe what happens when I turn it on high.” Already feeling good, I let out a scream the moment Jenna turned the Magic Wand on high. The sensations did as she promised, pleasing both my pussy lips and my clit. It was the most amazing sensation I had ever felt from a toy. Jenna kept talking while she teased me with the toy. “Besides just putting pressure on the pussy and clit, the wand can also be used for soft or hard spanking.” I felt the wand leave my pussy as she ordered me to lie on my back. I quickly changed positions, happy to be off my knees and hoping to feel more pleasure from the Magic Wand. Without instruction, I opened my legs, giving this woman whom I had never met easy access to my pussy.

A woman in the room quipped, “Wow Candy, your new sub is quite a horny little bitch!”

Candy chuckled, “You haven’t seen nothing yet, Carrie.”

The tone of her voice clearly foreshadowed a long evening for me, but as toy touched my pussy once again I didn’t remotely care. As I began moaning escort bayan again, oblivious to the women in the room watching my humiliating treatment, Jenna began gently tapping my clit with the toy. “Watch how the little slut responds to the wand as it teases her already wet cunt.” I wanted to prove her wrong, imply that the toy couldn’t control me, but that resistance was futile. With each tap of the toy, my moaning increased, the high speed vibrations and gentle spanking driving me wild.

Without evening realizing I was speaking, I heard my own voice begging, “More, don’t stop, yes, yes.”

Unfortunately, as soon as I begged for more, the need to come becoming desperate, Jenna turned the toy off. “We don’t want our models coming too quick on us, so I better shut the thing off. So Jasmine, what did you think of the Magic Wand?”

Attempting to control my breathing, and quell the desire to just pleasure myself in front of all these unknown women, I stammered, “G-g-g-good.”

“Only good?” Jenna queried.

Suddenly the toy was on my clit again and I bellowed, “No, fucking amazing.”

She tapped my clit three times harder than she previously had, and concluded, “I think she likes it.”

Laughter exploded in the room and I instantly went from feeling horny to feeling ashamed.

I heard the click of her heels as she walked away and couldn’t believe the feeling of utter disappointment I felt. I wanted to come and I wanted to be used. It was so humiliating, yet I could not deny my complete surrender.

Jenna continued, “The second toy of the evening is one of a couple I will show tonight that can be used while out and about. It is manufactured by Lelo and is called a G-Spot Dual Action Vibe. This toy has a lot of features, including a silky smooth style, tandem vibration and is very travel-friendly, if you get my drift.” The women laughed again. “Now I am sure some of you have tried the rabbit. Well, this is much more advanced than the rabbit. The contoured shaft was created to stimulate the g-spot as well as stimulate the clit. Even better, the toy has eight distinct vibrating patterns from steady constant vibrations, to amazing feelings of circular massage, to pulsing that shifts back and forth from the clit to the g-spot. Anyway, enough sales babble. Let’s have our other model try this on for size.”

I was still on my back on the floor, horny and wishing it was me modelling the new toy.

“Oh shit, she isn’t wearing underwear. Candy, any chance she can borrow a pair for a bit?” Jenna asked.

“I suppose. But Alexis, my dyke, don’t think this will be allowed normally,” Mistress Candy quipped.

“Of course, Mistress,” Alexis concurred. Just hearing the beautiful counsellor’s submissive voice made a shiver flow through my entire body.

A couple of minutes passed before Jenna continued, “How does that feel?”

“Good,” Alexis purred.

Candy instructed, “Alexis, you will keep that in you until further notice. Now be a good maid and refill all my guests’ glasses.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Presumably, Alexis obeyed.

Jenna acknowledged me, “Well, we should probably allow this poor slut on the floor to come pretty soon. Jasmine, do you want to come?”

“Yes,” I confirmed, way too quickly.

Jenna laughed, “Well ladies, next is another Lelo product. It’s called the Soraya and it is a dual point vibrator. As you can see the long part is made for insertion, while the flexible curve is made to tease and please the clitoral area. The unique looped handle allows the user great manoeuvrability. Like all Lelo products, the motor is incredibly powerful and has eight levels of vibration and pulsation. Let’s see how teacher here likes it.”

The toy was placed in my hand. Jenna ordered, “Teacher, I want you to use this toy and get yourself off.”

“Okay.” I took taking the toy and began feeling it, trying to understand what it was.

Someone bellowed, “You dumb fucking slut! Shove it in your filthy cunt!”

Degraded, I quickly obeyed, slipping it in my wet cunt. Fumbling around a bit, I turned it on and instantly felt intense sensations inside me and on my clit. I used the odd handle to manoeuvre the toy and put extra pressure on my clit. The pulsing vibrations had me on the brink in only a couple of minutes. Jenna grabbed the toy out of my pussy and I moaned, “nooo.”

“Slut,” my Mistress barked, “don’t you dare speak unless spoken to!”

“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly responded.

Jenna laughed, “Wow, she really is a slut. Another great toy is the six and a half inch Lelo Gigli vibrator. A cheaper and somewhat old school vibe, although updated with specially designed curves and a blunt angled head, which is perfect for that elusive G-spot. Let’s see if our slut here likes this one.”

I felt a new toy in my hand and obediently slid it in my wanton cunt. Although I liked the other one better, this one was good too, much better than any of the toys I had hidden under my bed at home. Still near the brink, I used the toy with deliberate focus: to come. The toy curved perfectly against my G-spot and within only a few seconds of fucking myself with the toy I was screaming in ecstasy, oblivious to the other women watching. I squeezed my legs and let the vibrating sensations quake through my body. Once my orgasm subsided, I opened my legs and let the toy slip out of my soaking wet pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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