My Favourite Summer

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I finally got around to write down my favourite memories, probably to keep them alive before they fade.

This one is my strongest memory and my favourite summer. It’s been only a few years but it seems like eternity. I was always naive, not very social and therefore almost innocent girl. I loved reading and being alone and even though I had a boyfriend for few months or weeks some years ago I never craved to be in relationship. I always loved it, seeing all other people suffer after breakups while my books (and myself) never cheated on me.

Almost every summer my family went on our cottage on the countryside, working in garden, reading, walking through forest and just enjoying the peace. The village, where our cottage was located was typical for my country, nothing happened there and most inhabitants were old people, and the few of my age were local drunks – no thanks.

I can’t remember what day it was but I know I was wearing long white skirt (I love long skirts, you’ll hear about them often), escort bayan merter plain black shirt and some vans type sneakers. I was walking throughout the village, heading to forest with small clearing where I liked to sit and think, dream and be unproductive, but something was different today, I couldn’t feel it caus that’s silly, but I could see it, or more specifically – her. Long blond hair, wine button up shirt, jeans. For a second I thought I saw some ghastly apparition. And then she noticed me. “Hey there, I’m kind of surprised to see someone like you here” she shouted at me. I tried to come up with some clever answer as she was approaching me but only thing that came out of my mouth was “h-hi, you are… new here?” I immediately regretted that sentence, but she laughed and with beautiful smile explained that she’s here for few months. She then invited me to join her in her walk to the forest, this was start of wonderful few weeks, when we spent all our time together, she lived at her escort bayan şişli grandmothers cottage, so we spent most time outside, talking, laughing. It was beautiful to meet someone whom I felt connected with, but the summer was at its end. I the last day I took her to the forest clearing I (and now we) liked so much to say proper goodbyes before we see each other in months, maybe even years.

Sun was shining and the heat was unbearable, at least the forest provided some protection against sunrays. When we arrived and put down the blanket we started without talks again, dreams and future, memories and past everything and nothing. We were a bit sad that I’m leaving, but ultimately we had a good time. After a while she sat up and I followed her. “You know, I rarely meet someone like you” she said affectionately as she put her hand on my arm “and I want you to know that this was beautiful summer and I want to thank you for that” then something happened, she leaned at me for the kiss, I couldn’t escort bayan şişli move, I heard my heart pump blood like crazy, her lips touched mine, they were sweet, wet, and I gave in, her hand moved to back of my head, I didn’t know what to do, but I liked it.

Slowly she started using her tongue, entering my mouth, slowly we moved on the ground, I could feel her slender body on mine. My hands were caressing her back as we kissed and held each other. It went for more than hour. I felt her breasts, nipples filled with blood and her soft moans as a did so were intoxicating. I wanted more, I wanted it all, but then the ominous phone rang, it was my time to go. Before we finally got up we exchanged numerous touches and kisses. When I stood up she remained on the ground and pulled up my skirt. I was still in such a trance that I just stood there and watched her kiss me on my panties, just once. She finally got up and whispered “when we meet next time…” and went to lead us back to the village. Final goodbye was hard, but I knew that we’ll meet some time in future.

So this was my first story, sorry it’s so short, I wanted for try if I can actually transfer my memories on “paper” and I did so on my phone. If there was someone liking this I’ll write more, and in Greater detail. Love you, bye

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