Glory Hole Surprise

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“Where are we going?” I asked, staring out the window into the cloudy skies. Tyler had made me put on a short skirt and no panties before we left the house. I wasn’t sure what he had in mind for the day but I was a bit bored. I was also horny but all of my sexual advances had been rebuffed by him. I was confused as to why he would tell me to put on a skirt with no underwear and then not fuck me. I was frustrated.

“It’s a surprise!” he said with excitement. “Try to at least look a little bit happy.”

“Tyler, I just need sex. Why are you being so stingy?”

“Back to that again?” he sighed. “You just won’t let me surprise you? Will you?”

“Surprise me? I’m confused.”

“I’m taking you somewhere sexy,” he admitted. I perked up a bit.

“Wait! Where are we going? Tell me!”

“I think you’re going to love this but I want it to be a surprise. Can’t you just chill out for a little bit and relax. Let me surprise you?”

“I’ll try but you know I hate surprises. I like to know what is happening.”

“We’re almost there,” he smiled wickedly and turned off of the highway in a seedy part of town. I was getting a bit worried when I saw the bums on the side of the road with their shopping carts piled with old clothes. I looked at the desperation on their faces and then at Tyler. What was he thinking? Where was he taking me? “Don’t look so worried. I think you’re going to love this place.”

“What place?” I watched as he turned the car into the parking lot of an old book store. I was confused until we walked all the way up to the door. “Oh my God. This is an adult bookstore!”

“It sure is,” he opened the door for me and I walked inside. There were rows of books, dildos and old movies on DVD. I began to move up and down the aisles looking when Tyler grabbed my hand.

“Come on, babe. This way.”

“Oh!” I followed him to the back of the bookstore Bostancı Escort and then down a dark hallway that led to something I had never seen before. “What is this?” I asked him, smiling tentatively.

“It’s an adult arcade. Here, come inside.” He opened a curtain and I crouched down low to get inside of what appeared to be a small booth. He pulled out a wad of cash and began to feed it into a machine. There was a small television in the booth and as soon as Tyler inserted the money, the machine came to life asking what type of porn we wanted to watch. “Pick one,” he gestured to me.

“Okay!” I selected one of the limited options and was shocked to see old, 90’s style porn with big, fake titted blonde girls bouncing on cocks fill the screen. I giggled.

“Look, honey. There’s something waiting for you over here,” Tyler pointed to something I hadn’t noticed when we first walked in. It was a glory hole! I had heard of them but I hadn’t ever seen one in real life. I had thought that they didn’t really exist but I had been wrong. Not only was there a glory hole but there was a big, black cock poking through the hole. “You said you were horny. You want to fuck this black dick, honey?”

“I don’t know. Should I?” I had never fucked another dick in front of Tyler before but I’d done a lot of threesomes and group sex before I met him. I had been worried Tyler wasn’t perverted enough for me but this situation was giving me hope. I wasn’t too worried about whether I was capable of fucking the black cock through the glory hole. I was more worried how Tyler would react to seeing me fuck another cock.

“Yes. It would turn me on very much if you fucked this dick. Why don’t you just suck it first? Tease it?”

“Okay…” I crouched down a bit and wrapped my mouth around the black cock. It was much thicker than Tyler’s and I liked the way it felt in my mouth. I Ümraniye Escort sucked on it for a bit and I could hear the moans of the man it was attached to on the other side of the thin wall. I looked up at Tyler for reassurance and saw he was stroking his cock, which was rock hard. He was turned on and this pleased me. Tyler had certainly surprised me and I usually hated surprises. In this case, I was happy.

“Fuck it now, baby. Fuck his cock for me.” Tyler’s cock was harder than I’d ever seen it.

“Okay, I will.” I got up, turned around, and backed my pussy up onto that big, black dick. I could feel the head stretching my tight pussy open and I let out a moan as I grabbed onto Tyler’s cock with my outstretched hand. I had one cock in my pussy and the other in my hand. I felt so slutty and I liked this feeling. It had been too long since I had allowed myself to be this way and it felt right. It felt like coming home after a long trip. If felt so fucking good.

“Suck on my dick, baby. Suck it while you take that cock in your pussy.” Tyler presented his cock to me and pushed my head toward it. I opened my mouth and realized that this was the happiest I’d been in a long time. My pussy was instinctively fucking the black cock. I could feel the wall as it smacked against my ass. I couldn’t get the black cock deep enough inside of me and so I compensated with Tyler’s cock, choking myself on it until my eyes were tearing and I was choking hard. “You look so good like this.”

“Fuck!” I screamed as I came on the black dick. It felt so fucking good to choke on my man’s cock while my pussy spasmed on a stranger’s dick through the glory hole. I felt so deliciously slutty and I loved it! I loved being a slut! I loved that Tyler was loving it too. He had been just another boyfriend to me until that moment. Now he was something more. Marriage material, perhaps?

“That’s Anadolu Yakası Escort it, baby! Cum on that monster cock! Cum on it while you choke on my dick!” I was screaming but my screams were caught on Tyler’s cock. My heart was racing and I could feel the next orgasm working its way from my pussy to each and every part of my being. I could feel the pleasure ripping through me, tearing me apart in ways that I had never experienced before this moment. I had never felt so free. I could taste something bitter in my mouth and it took me a few moments to realize that it was Tyler’s cum. He had cum from watching me fuck a cock through the glory hole! It was amazing! Maybe he was the guy for me, after all.

The black cock pulled out of me and went back to its side of the video arcade. I hadn’t realized that there was cum inside of me until I straightened up and my pussy made an embarrassing queefing noise. I could feel the cum dripping from my legs and I was a bit embarrassed but when I looked at Tyler I could see that this turned him on as well.

“I want to eat your pussy right now,” he wasn’t asking. He was telling me he was going to do it. He crouched down in front of me and began to eat my pussy, cum and all. I was shocked. Tyler wasn’t the man I had thought that he was. He was something much darker and more perverted. I began to relax and I let Tyler make me cum again with his tongue. When he was satisfied that he had eaten all the cum out of me he came up for air and straightened up.

“That was crazy!” I whispered loudly.

“Why are you whispering?”

“I don’t know!”

“Did you have fun?”

“Yeah! We should do this again sometime,” I suggested.

“How about now. Look!’ Tyler pointed back to the glory hole. There was another cock poking through it, this time a white one.

“Oooh! Yummy!” I cried. I crouched down and took the cock in my hand, stroking it a bit before popping it into my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much fun this was! Tyler knew exactly how to surprise me and that was something special. I was the kind of girl who hated surprises but this one was definitely my favorite surprise so far in my entire life!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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