Four Little Fetish Blips

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Author’s Note: Thanks goes to Tom Collins for help with editing. ~ Red.


Kenneth and Debbie

“One more baby? Can you take one more?” Kenneth asked.

The sunlight spilled into the bedroom of the young husband and wife. The bowl by the bed was empty of its chilled toys, toys that the couple had discovered a few weeks ago, that Debbie adored. He held the final cube between his fingers as his mouth hovered over her pussy. He could feel the combined temperatures of hot cunt and cold air escaping her sex.

“Ohhh Ken,” Deb sighed. “I… I… oh fuck baby.”

Kenneth smirked. He ran his tongue over her cunt, lapped up come and ice water. “It’s up to you Sweetheart. How about a sample?” he offered.

Kenneth ran the tip of the cube over her come-covered lips. She shivered and his mouth was there to take up the flow of ice water that melted from her dark pussy hole. He licked the trimmed red hairs and chuckled as he watched her struggle with her desire as well as with the decision to let him slip another cube into her pussy.

Deb moaned as small rivers of cold water ran down her slit and settled under her ass. She loved the jolt of cold water smacking her hot skin. Her body was still on fire and she had her own ice cube bowl by her shoulder; she was holding her last cube as well.

“Mmm. . . Yes baby, give it to me,” she hissed.

Simultaneously they used the cubes of ice. Kenneth shoved the final cube up into her cunt. He felt it hit the one that was still melting. He watched while he fucked her with the cube and saw her nipples were extended as if begging for the cold touch of the ice that was rolling over her tits, switching from one to the other.

“Fuck. . . KEN!” Deb cried out. Her hips lifted in the air and she arched her back. Her fingers pushed the ice cube hard against her nipple and she squeezed the cube inside her come-coated pussy. She bucked against her husband’s face as his mouth added to the erotic frenzy. His tongue ran between her chilled lips and then up to her clit, where he bit and pulled the strip of flesh until she was begging for him not to stop.

Ken tasted his wife’s cunt and lapped at the flavor-filled water until he noted the slight change in taste. He loved eating his wife out, had spent hours learning the exact taste of arousal. He knew the fresh taste of her juice. He could drink in the slight bitter taste that came out when she became even more aroused, and he had memorized the sweet hint of her honey seconds before she came. This time was no different.

“Oh yeah babe, hold it for me,” he told her.

Deb nodded her head yes and she slipped the remaining sliver of her ice cube to her clit. Ken left her pussy and grabbed his cock. He shivered as the touch of his cold fingers wrapped around the swollen member.

His wife’s blue eyes locked with his and he slammed his chilled cock into her cold cunt. “Ahhh,” Ken cried out.

Debbie’s head was thrown back as she welcomed him. The sliver of cube was no longer an item in play. It was gone. Deb wrapped her long legs around her spouse and together they increased their loving.

The tip of Ken’s cock was slammed over and over against the solid cube. He shivered as his cock rammed the frozen water and sent a shock to his mind and he growled for release. He thrust deep into Deb’s pussy and the water that melted around him brought grunts of pleasure. His mouth latched onto her left nipple and he sucked the cold nub.

“Ken!” Deb whimpered. Her fingers moved over his hips, ass, back, and up to his head. She anchored him there as he warmed up her tit. Her pussy was screaming for release as her husband drove his cock in and the ice finally disappeared.

The shot of come that erupted from Ken’s dick caused a rippling effect that ran through the couple. Ken groaned as his fiery load was shot into his wife. Debbie yelled as the hot liquid coated her frozen cunt as it was finally allowed to give up its own hot flames of lust.

Ken continued pumping into his wife as she continued to ride the waves of heat they had created from the frozen tools of pleasure.


Mike and Melanie

The air whipped through the countryside stirring the leaves and the wind chimes that hung from the farm house. Mike left the barn and made his way to the house Maltepe Escort to see Melanie. It was Wednesday and since he no longer farmed the land he spent most of his days with buddies in the area, but Wednesdays were their days.

The sound of the screen door shutting alerted Melanie that Mike was home. She purposely bent over and felt the cold draft of air caress her ass. The string of her thong rested snugly between the round cheeks and when Mike smacked it gently she giggled. “Hey Daddy.”

“Hey baby girl,” he greeted her. He ran his palm over her ass as she stood up and when she turned to face him he let his hand snake over her covered pussy. He stroked the silk and felt the moisture that was proof of her arousal. “God I love this,” he told her. His palm rubbed harder. “Sure you can’t come over more often?” He pinched her cunt lips and grinned when she shook against his hand.

“Fuck Daddy. . . I can’t my parent’s won’t let me. They only let me keep the house for you because they think a man your age wouldn’t be interested in me. Harder Dad. . . I was bad today,” she moaned and thrust her pussy against his hand.

“Fuck. . . 55 and 18 sound like a nice number to me. Ain’t cleared the table yet baby girl,” he said. Mike grabbed her wrists and led her to the table. He pushed away the various papers and plates to the side and watched her, in her school uniform, climb onto the polished veneer and roll to her back.

Mike dropped to his knees and buried his mouth against the silk covered pussy and breathed deep the scent of his “daughter.” The girl was no relation to him, but she was the fuck he wanted and when she turned 18, admitted she wanted to be “Daddy’s little girl,” he was driving into her.

Melanie moaned as she felt his tongue lick her silk panties and his teeth started pulling at her covered lips. “Oh Daddy,” she whimpered. Her fingers moved to pull her large breasts from the school girls’ sweater she had worn. Her navy skirt was up over her hips and her “Dad” was gnawing on her cunt. Melanie was in heaven.

“Yes baby girl?”

“I was bad Daddy,” she said. Her voice was that of a young teenager, one that drove Mike wild and he licked the outline of her thong.

“How so, sweetie? Tell Daddy,” he groaned. Mike’s tongue dipped behind the soft material and he tasted her juice. “You got off while I was gone didn’t you baby girl?”

“Uh huh,” Melanie gasped. She felt Mike’s fingers move her panties to the side. His nails scraped her flesh. “Oh Daddy. . . I need help Daddy,” she whimpered.

“I know baby. Daddy’s here,” he told her. His tongue dipped into the hot hole and he started thrusting the long hot muscle in and out of her slick pussy. “I’ll help you baby. I’ll drink it all up so you aren’t wet when you go home.”

Melanie’s fingers twisted her nipples and she cried out as the painful pinches brought a quaking roll of heat from deep within her. “Oh Daddy. . . please. . . I have a lot of come for you,” she moaned.

“Daddy wants it all,” Mike told her. The thong was soon ripped from her young cunt and Mike was burying his nose deep between her lips. His head went from side to side and he blew hot air into her sex. He pushed a finger into cunt. His teeth pulled and teased her clit.

“Ohhh fuck me Dad!” Melanie screamed as her ass lifted from the table and her fingers wrapped around her lover’s head.

Mike grabbed her legs and wrapped them around his neck and finger and tongue-fucked his little girl. He had opened up his pants and his cock was out in the open by the time the screen door had closed behind him. He ignored it for now. He was eating pussy and loving it.

Melanie felt three fingers enter her cunt and she bucked against them. “Oh fuck me hard!” she screamed over and over. She kept one hand on her tit and the other moved to her clit.

Tongue and clit worked together and Melanie screamed for her Father when she showered him with her fiery liquid satin.

Mike drank her up, pulled and twisted his fingers in and out of her until she was screaming again for her Daddy to fuck her with his massive cock. Melanie gasped when her pussy was stretched to accommodate his dick and as she was fucking her Daddy Mike was swatting his little girl’s ass all afternoon.


Henry, Carol, and John

Henry Anadolu Yakası Escort looked over Carol’s shoulder. He could see the man at the bar looking at him and his girlfriend. Henry thought he had found a place for them to enjoy some one on one time with no interruption, but still feed the kink they enjoyed.

Carol’s eyes were closed, had they been open she’d only see the dark corner of the bar’s connecting walls. Her skirt was up, her boyfriend’s hands were on her ass, and his cock was buried into her pussy.

“Henry,” she whispered against his ear. “Oh baby . . . this is . . . oh fuck baby,” she moaned quietly. Carol had bit her lip and cheek several times during this birthday gift Henry was giving her.

John’s cock was scrapping along the denim of his jeans. As he unzipped his fly and grasped his dick with his hand he checked his surroundings. The bar wasn’t overly crowded. He was seated at the end of the corner bar and had a perfect view of the young couple fucking in the dark corner. He hadn’t been sure that was what they were doing until he saw the brief glimpse of ass that peeked out during one of the man’s more vigorous thrusts.

Henry continued to plunge his cock deep into his lover’s cunt. His eyes watched the man and Henry smirked when he saw the man’s hand move under the bar. “Fuck baby,” he whispered into Carol’s ear. “Having fun?” he asked.

“Oh baby, yes,” she answered quietly. “Henry can you play with my ass?”

Henry clenched his jaw to keep from growling out in delight over the idea of toying with her ass. “Yes sweetie. . . but someone might see.”

“Shit,” she hissed. Carol thought for a moment. “I don’t care. This is my birthday. Fuck my ass with those fingers,” she told him.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and lifted her pussy from his cock, just enough for him to slip one hand from her waist to settle against her asshole. She loved fucking in public, but she’d not had him take her ass where there was an even more chance of being caught.

John felt his balls tighten as he watched the man dip his hand into a tumbler of water. When he saw the round buttocks dimly highlighted in the dark corner he muttered, “fuck” under his breath. He watched with a mixture of lust, jealousy and hunger as the man took his fingers and slid them into his woman’s ass.

John’s cock was stroked and squeezed with the same tempo the couple was fucking. He would have sworn on his life that he could smell the woman’s sex from across the room. He sniffed the air and wondered if the fans above the customers were bringing that heady aroma to him or if it was just wishful thinking.

Carol gasped and snuggled her face into her boyfriend’s neck. “Oh baby, faster. Finger-fuck my ass faster,” she whimpered against his neck.

Henry did as she wanted and soon his eyes were no longer on the man at the bar, but were clenched tight as he felt himself tightening. “Fuck Carol. Someone’s watching baby. Do you like knowing that? Do you know he’s jerking off to the sight of us screwing? Of me fucking your pussy and your ass?”

His words coated her skin and a smile hit her lips. She wanted to see. She slowed her movements and looked back. “Who. . . mmm. . . oh fuck, baby. Who is it?” she muttered. Carol clenched his cock and kept him locked inside while she scanned the room. Before her boyfriend could answer, she caught the man’s smirk and raised glass in a toast. She smiled back and went back to sucking on her lover’s neck.

The idea that the man was risking public outrage increased her desire and when Henry thrust two fingers up her ass, she bit down on his jacket and poured her fluids over his cock. “Henry,” she cried into the fabric. Her muscles held him deep inside and she shook as rolling streams of come erupted from her. When Henry’s seed sprayed into her pussy, she climaxed again. Her fingers gripped his shoulders as she whimpered and moaned.

“Ohhh. . . fuck yes,” Henry groaned as he shot a third rope of semen into Carol’s hot cunt. His eyes had rolled back and when he felt her climax start to ease, he opened his eyes and looked over to their bar buddy.

John barely reached the napkins he’d been readying as the couple fucked. When the girl locked eyes with him, he almost came. The arousal in her face İstanbul Escort was so clearly written he didn’t know how she kept quiet. When he came, he knew deep down that they had all come together. His loads of white pearls were shot into the napkins and he stroked the seeds from his balls until he too was just shuddering in the bliss of a climax

Carol felt her lover’s fingers leave her ass and she slipped off his cock. She turned around and casually sat back down in her seat. Her eyes met those of the man at the bar and she winked. Suddenly her napkin fell to the floor and she scooted away from her chair to slip down to the floor to pick it up. . . or so John thought. . . it wasn’t until she hadn’t made a return appearance to her seat when John realized the woman was doing a little bit of tongue bathing while retrieving her napkin.


Andy and Amy

The house was quiet, with one exception, the scream of pain that radiated from somewhere behind the closed windows and doors of the Castel family home. If someone who wasn’t familiar with the area had been walking by, they would have called the police and reported a crime. In fact, what was occurring was not a crime. . . well, perhaps withholding one’s pleasure is a crime. . . a crime of passion?

Amy’s voice was barely audible. Andy had made her come several times over the past three hours. Her body was bruised and in some spots bloody. She didn’t care. That was why she had screamed. Andy had made her come again. This time Amy had come when he delivered the tenth lash of the whip against her back. The come flowed thick down her thighs and she shuddered as the sticky fluids coated her flesh.

“Like it bitch?” Andy asked.

“No!” Amy screamed. She did like it. She loved it. She loved telling him no. It was her fantasy. She battled him, fought him, bruised him, and then in the end, he conquered her. He fucked her hard and fast, broke her skin and called her vulgar names. “I don’t like it, you ass!” she yelled.

Andy’s cock jerked. He dropped the whip and pulled Amy’s hair. “Ass?” he said. He growled down and bit her neck. His canines marked her. Another series of bruises painted her white flesh. “In the ass whore?” he asked.

He reached around from behind her back and grabbed her right breast. “Is that what you want slut… my cock in your ass?” His left hand came back and he slapped her ass cheek hard as he twisted her tit.

“Ohh. . .” Amy cried out. Her arms pulled on the chains that kept her tethered to the wall. Her ankles were bound to the floor. She was spread before him. Andy’s breath enveloped her neck and shoulders. Her ass burned from his spankings and the new slap sent a new wave of energy through her veins and it slammed into her come-soaked pussy.

“Well whore. . . in the ass?”

Andy already had his cock covered in the lube as well as his lover’s juices. Her ass was ready for him. It too had been prepared. Andy spread her ass cheeks, bruising her soft skin and rammed his cock into her slippery lube-filled hole.

“Yes!” Amy screamed. “Fuck my ass! Oh fuck Andy. . . harder . . . oh yes!”

As he pounded his cock into her, Amy was screaming. His teeth were still marking her flesh and she loved every minute of it. Her back streamed tiny beads of blood where the tip of his whip had opened her skin. His nails had marked her boobs. His mouth had sucked and plundered her pussy, now she was getting what she craved.

“That’s right bitch. Harder and faster. You like hurting don’t you?” Andy grabbed her hips, pulled his cock from her ass, and let her catch her breath so she could answer.

“Fuck. . . Yes. . . Oh God give it back to me. Fuck me. . . ” Amy was on the edge of another cliff, but this one was higher, this one was THE ONE. She felt it. “Andy.. . oh God, please!”

Andy stabbed his hard cock into her tight hole one more time. His fingers dug into her hips. His mouth latched onto her shoulder. He bit her; he came inside the dark hole that swallowed his rod. “Ahh. . .” Andy yelled as he tasted the metallic flavor of her blood and drank it while his cock shuddered with the jolts of come released from deep within his balls.

Amy felt the hot milk soak her ass. She clamped tight on his cock, squeezed it with her cheeks and felt her orgasm rock her body. She jerked on her chains and as the pain of his teeth on her flesh reached her mind she screamed out her release. “Andy! Oh my God!”

The come flowed thick from her cunt. It ran down her slick lips, covered her raven curls, and was the lotion her lover used later to smear into her skin.

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