Fat Bottomed Girls

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Yes, in case you’re wondering, I was able to get hard again while washing my plump, cheating wife Lisa under the hot water jets of the shower, my hands caressing her soft, pampered flesh as I did so. I found my hands wandering all over her skin, just as hers did on mine. She went out of her way to arouse me, too. She knew the nature of her charms where I was concerned: her curves, her ass, her hips, and her fine breasts. I caught her biting her bottom lip when I started fingering her freshly cleaned holes … both of them. Lisa only bit her lower lip whenever she was in a state of rather intense pleasure or pain.

Right then, I think that Lisa would have sold her soul for an orgasm. Getting fisted, which was what happened instead when I was good and ready, was more than good enough for her. My right hand went deeper, to the knuckles, inside her sweet, succulent pussy, while three fingers of my left hand probed her pale, but sexy ass. My wife gave out a loud, guttural cry as I rammed her holes with my hands. Then I washed my hands clean again and I led her out of the shower to dry off.

After that, I took Lisa by the hand to the kitchen and spread her thighs to slip my cock into her rather wet and ready cunt from behind over the counters. I started pulling her long, brown hair as I reamed her slit rather forcefully. The sight and feeling of my good lady wife bent over like the kinky slut that she turned out to be was more than enough to keep me hard and vigorous with my strokes, but I had to fight not to cum too fast. Thankfully, of course, having cum already that night aided in that cause.

“Cum in me, baby, please … I’m cumming now and I want to cum with you!” Lisa begged me and I granted her wish, letting loose my seed within her.

Lisa grabbed my face and planted a fiery kiss on my lips, adding her tongue rather quickly, too. Her eyes ached with need, with want … with passion … desire. There was no doubt now that, despite our mutual infidelities, she and I were still madly in love. Her face registered an evident wish to prove to me that she still cared about me, still craved me … still ached for my body as well as my heart, mind, and soul.

“We should probably clean that up and put some new sheets on the bed, honey,” I reminded her of our normal practice after sex.

“Oh, please, not this time. I want to keep your cum in my pussy. Maybe you can take a photo of it and I can send it to Jonathan. No, scratch that … I like the idea of you catching us in the act … me with Jonathan, together. Catching us and seeing what happens after that. Something about the holy terror that you would seem to the guy … well, I’m aware that you and he don’t get along the same way that he and I do. I like him, but if I ever had to choose, I would choose you over him every day of the week and twice on Sunday … and tomorrow is Sunday, isn’t it?” Lisa giggled as she recalled the fact.

“You want me to catch you in bed with the good reverend, eh? I think that can be arranged … and what then? Blackmail him? Wouldn’t we be as bad as James?” I observed.

“Blackmail per se isn’t necessary. Jonathan would naturally fear the worst and offer any terms that we like to keep the secret from getting out. Remember, he has a lot more to lose than either of us. Even the possibility of exposure would be horrifying to him. He has shown more than once that he is paranoid, both about being caught by the missus and about being revealed to my father as an adulterer. The funny thing is that Jonathan might be a hypocrite and a sinner, but he really does believe in the Bible and all that stuff. The fundamentals of the faith.

“I sometimes wonder about him, though … he has always struck me as a bit touchy about his masculinity. Maybe that’s due to his small size … and I don’t just mean his shortness and slenderness, either. He is a nice pussy lapper and likes to suck on my tits, but his actual … woodwork is a bit of an anticlimax … then again, for the chance to have his lips and tongue on me, it’s more than worth a couple of heated minutes of rushed pounding. I can make him last five minutes on the second round if I suck his dick the first time around, but that’s about it. That shower encounter … well, it was mostly him feeling me up and eating me out before he finally fucked me and came in about thirty seconds from the excitement,” Lisa admitted to me with a blush.

“A little hasty, is he? We’ll have to work hard to make sure that we time it right so that I can ‘catch’ both of you in flagrante delicto, of course. Of course, if worse comes to worse, you can pin him down. He can’t be more than a hundred pounds even now soaking wet. Always was a bit on the lean and small side,” I suggested.

“A rare benefit of my being rather hefty, I suppose. Very true,” Lisa winked at me, “Before you give me that look, don’t worry. I know by now that I’m a chunky girl. That’s fine with me. For one thing, plenty of guys, especially you, seem to be rather attracted to me, so why object? Anyway, I still want your seed to stay right İstanbul Escort here.”

I grinned and rushed to the washroom, needing badly to use the john, only to have Lisa follow me there and put her arms around my waist as I pissed, unable to keep her hands off me for some reason. I was about to mention that I needed to wash my hands and she simply did that for me, much to my shock. The next thing that happened was another stunner … Lisa started wildly kissing my entire body from behind while wiping my dick with a wet wipe and then descending to part my cheeks and rim my ass with enthusiasm.

“Damn … that’s a first for sure!” I exclaimed as I felt chills from Lisa’s lips and tongue between my buns.

“I know, Dan … but things are going to change around here. I’ve firmly decided to go from what you called a ‘good wife’ to a … how do I put it? Not perfect, but still great wife … I’ve been slutty enough for others. Time to be slutty for Dan, for you, my husband. I’m your slut now. Your plaything now. I belong to you. I’ve opted to make myself completely yours … what do you think I enjoyed most about James? He had the power over me. Now, I’ve taken that power back from him and given it to you. I want to submit to you, Dan … to surrender my body for your pleasure. I haven’t been the wife that I really want to be, but now I will. After all, I did promise to ‘love, honor, and obey, ‘ didn’t I?” Lisa told me with a voice full of sweet seduction.

“So … anything that I want? Do you want a safe word, so that I can avoid doing any real harm to you?” I proposed.

“Safe words are usually part of a master-slave contract, and I would love to sign one of those for you, a perfect way to renew our commitment to each other, don’t you think, Master? To be honest, while I found the show a bit silly at times, I always envied Jeanie from ‘I Dream of Jeanie, ‘ for getting to call Major Nelson her Master. She could be petty, but so could I … I don’t have genie powers, but I will do all in my power to make your wishes come true. So, a collar and maybe a tattoo would be good, too … oh, and please breed me again. I want to breed more for you than I once planned to do. I would love to give Danielle and Stacey a baby brother or sister,” Lisa urged me, making it clear that she had found something good out of this whole mess, too.

“Wow, who are you and what have you done with my wife?” I teased her as I picked up her plump body and carried her to our bed.

“I’m the potential wife that was there all along. Just hadn’t been tapped until lately. As bad as James was, he opened the floodgates and now I wouldn’t close them if I could. Maybe we can do something for him … as a sort of consolation prize or thank you gift? Not me, of course. Something else,” Lisa suggested playfully.

“For seducing and blackmailing you and thereby ironically setting you free? Okay, as much as the guy infuriated me, I suppose that he unintentionally did us a favor, if he flipped the slut switch on you. How about this? You and I both agreed that Jonathan is something of a wimp, right?” I introduced the germ of an idea that just occurred to me.

“Hell, yeah, he is! What are you driving at, Master?” Lisa licked her chops as she listened to me.

“After Jonathan has submitted to us, we turn him over to James, with one condition: he must continue eating you out on a regular basis. In fact, he must eat you out, no matter what is in your pussy. If it’s my cum or whatever, he must suck that out of you. Oh, and he must keep sucking your tits, too. So that’s two conditions, actually. However, knowing James, he’ll want Angel, too. Well, we can’t promise him her, just Jonathan, but as much as I want Angel myself, we can let James try. If he fails, she’s fair game for me instead. If he touches her and drops her, she’s fair game, too. I’m not the sort of guy that considers a woman too filthy to touch because she’s slept with a particular man. That’s what douche is for, after all,” I chuckled.

“And while James is with her?” Lisa wondered as she brushed her long, wavy brown hair against my body.

“She’s off-limits as part of the agreement not to meddle. I must admit that I would find it hilarious if Angel had dark secrets of her own,” I laughed as Lisa spooned me now, clearly enjoying our pillow talk, but still craving my touch.

“What if I told you that Angel sometimes slept with Mary in the past? Yeah … she’s not as lily white as people think. In fact, given that she never had any premarital activities to my knowledge with any men … well, I think that you can infer what I am implying here,” Lisa snickered as she planted loving kisses to my chest.

“Angel’s gay?” I roared with laughter at that idea.

“She might be bi, but she’s definitely not straight, I can tell you that much,” Lisa clarified as she snuggled up with me.

“Well, well, the pastor’s wife isn’t as straight and narrow as she might first appear to be. That might explain at least in part why Jonathan was so eager for some Kadıköy Escort action on the side. Perhaps she’s been doling it out rather sparingly to him. He doesn’t seem like the kind of guy with plenty to spare, after all,” I remarked, which made Lisa snort with laughter, especially I tickled her a bit.

“Yeah … he sometimes got in a second round, if I was lucky. Half the time, I got impatient and gave up on him getting it up again. I’m a wife, mother of two, and part-time church secretary. I even do charity work now and then as a volunteer. I don’t have all day to wait for some wimp who thinks that he’s a stud to get hard again, just so I can cum. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy his mouth on me. That’s the main attraction and I’ll deal with his dick for a few minutes to experience it. I just mean that you might be onto something and all that. It would explain why he was so desperately horny until he came, and then after that … nothing. It would also answer the question as to why he’s so smooth. He has a very androgynous physique and all that jazz. If Angel’s rationing the sex in a miserly fashion, it would explain so much,” Lisa said as she lay her head upon my chest.

“Anyway, it sounds like a plan. We trap Jonathan by me catching him with you. Then we make him agree to some … terms of surrender, as it were. Then we give him to James as a small gesture, but with the stipulation that he must keep eating you out and sucking your tits. What James does about Jonathan’s dick is immaterial, of course. We should do this after church, of course. Let Jonathan think that he has skated by, as usual. Danielle and Stacey will be with the Youth Club, anyway, as always on Sunday afternoons. I’m going to enjoy making Jonathan squirm,” I got cracked up by the whole idea.

Well, I was all tuckered out, so I now drifted to sleep with Lisa in my arms, thinking ahead to all kinds of nasty plans. I had no idea just how crazy tomorrow would turn out to be, but that was okay. I was already having the time of my life, with the love of a good woman who might have done me wrong a few times, but was doing a great job of more than making up for it.

I didn’t quite sleep the whole night away, of course. At some time point in the wee hours of the morning, I woke up to hear movement in the kitchen, so I got on my Santa pajamas and found Danielle making herself some warm milk, which often helped her sleep. When she saw me, she tensed up a bit, as if she felt a little guilty, but Lisa had the same habit at times, so I just smiled and pulled my eight-year old daughter to me for a bear hug.

Danielle looked up at me and asked me, “Daddy, are you mad at Mommy? You seemed to be for a while, but I wasn’t sure if you were and why.”

“Sweetheart, sometimes in marriage, husbands and wives get upset with each other, but we try to work things out. I believe that your mother and I will be just fine, okay? Don’t you worry your pretty head about such things. Your mother and I are going to grow old together and be Grandma and Grandpa to your kids someday.”

“Okay, Daddy. Thank you. I badly wanted you and Mommy to be happy and stay together, not get divorced like I hear that Pastor Jonathan is going to get from Sister Angel,” Danielle told me, to my shock.

“Say that again, honey … Jonathan and Angel are getting a divorce?” I asked, since I was floored.

“Yeah, I overheard Sister Summer tell Sister Amy that her sister … Sister Angel, was tired of dealing with men and wanted a divorce from Pastor Jonathan. She said that Sister Angel liked girls … what did she mean by that?” Danielle asked me to explain that bit.

“Danielle, in this day and age, you’re going to hear a lot more such things, and there is nothing wrong with it. Some women like other women the way that most women like men … the way that your mother loves me,” I explained things as best I could, “and that’s okay. Some men like men that way, too.”

“I think that I prefer boys myself. Or men … when I get old enough to marry, I’ll want to marry a man, not a woman,” Danielle announced.

“That’s fine, but you can marry either one and I’ll still be happy with you, as long as he or she treats well, sweetie. You don’t even have to marry, but don’t tell your mom I said that. She wants to see you wear a wedding gown,” I laughed.

“Daddy, you’re silly! Of course, I want to get married. But do you mean that it’s okay for men to date men and women to date women?” Danielle’s giggling stopped and her eyes grew wider.

“Yes, it is, baby. There’s nothing wrong with it, honey,” I assured her.

“So … if Sister Angel dates women, she won’t go to Hell for it? Sister Amy said that she’ll ‘burn in Hell for it, ‘ Daddy. She said that ‘if she’s a dyke, Satan will get her.’ That’s not true, then?” Danielle expressed surprise at what I said, “Grandpa always preaches that it’s a sin, but Aunt Michelle and Aunt Missy … I’ve caught them kissing now and then, and not pecks on the cheek, either.”

“Your Grandpa is a good man, but I don’t agree with Ataşehir Escort him about this, sweetie. I don’t go to church because I don’t believe in what they teach and preach there. I just disagree with it,” I declared.

“Grandpa said that if you’re not a believer, you’ll go to Hell. Does that mean that you’re going to Hell, Daddy?” Danielle wondered.

“No, kiddo, I’m not going to Hell. Can you keep a secret, baby?” I asked her.

“Sure, Daddy,” Danielle answered.

“Hell is … like Hansel and Gretel. Jack and the Beanstalk. Santa Claus. The Easter Bunny. It’s a fairy tale, but meant to scare people into being good. Hell isn’t real, baby,” I explained.

“Oh, okay. There is no Hell. I’ll keep that a secret for sure. Don’t want the mean girls at school to know that yet,” Danielle snickered, but her face showed relief and gratitude that I had leveled with her.

“Especially don’t tell Grandpa that I said that part. I want to get along with him and Grandma, not start a fight over my losing my faith. They probably suspect already, but no need to rub it in their faces,” I instructed Danielle, at which point her six-year old sister Stacey got up and rushed to hug me, having had a nightmare.

“Seems that I have two rivals for your affections, dear,” Lisa laughed softy to announce her presence, hugging both of our daughters warmly.

“Yeah, but in a good way,” I chuckled as I ruffled Stacey’s hair.

“Can we go to church in the morning, honey? All of us, even though you don’t believe in Jesus nowadays. I have a feeling that you’d want to catch more than just the afternoon fellowship,” Lisa spoke in code to me.

“Naturally, dear. Now, back to bed with both of you girls, okay? Get yourselves some rest, and Stacey, your mother and I will protect you from any monsters, sweetie,” I told her as I gave both girls butterfly kisses and sent them back to bed.

That morning, I took Lisa aside when the kids were sent off to Sunday school to convey what Danielle had told me, which made her laugh more than a little. We hugged and walked, hand in hand, to our old pew, which still held some good memories in spite of my “apostasy.” Lisa didn’t hesitate to play footsie with me as the head deacon, Arlen Moore, began pontificating and telling jokes through the lesson. Deacon Moore was a bon vivant of sorts, noted for his bad jokes, his gluttony, and for rumors about his private life based on his lifelong bachelorhood. He taught the adult class, but everyone knew that he wanted to be a minister. It was just that no one would ordain a man whose sexuality was ambiguous like that. He was oddly one of the least gossipy people in church, even if he was the topic of more than a little gossip himself. When not serving as a deacon and Sunday school teacher, he worked as Chairman of the local Chamber of Commerce and ran his own service station.

“I wonder when he’s going to come out of the closet,” Lisa whispered to me, making me laugh even as she tickled me a little.

That was when Angel ran out of my father-in-law’s study, crying, while Jonathan followed her into the main auditorium, where the lesson was taught. Jonathan was furious, even to the point of shaking Angel a bit, before I found myself standing up and stepping between them. I blocked Jonathan from reaching out to his wife and told him that was, “Enough,” while Lisa’s father stood meekly and let this happen.

“Don’t tell me when it’s enough, you fucking wimp! Your wife spreads her legs for half of the church and you want to play superhero? I’m still the assistant pastor of this church and you’re just a dumb cuckold hubby whose wife gives up the booty for her exes,” Jonathan taunted me, unaware that he had just cussed in church, in front of the senior pastor, “Hell, I fucked Lisa how many times now?”

“Nice to know that you men of the cloth practice what you preach, Shorty. From what Lisa told me in her confession, you only seduced her with your mouth, not with your wimpy little dick! But, of course, size doesn’t matter, or so Lisa probably told you so as not to hurt your feelings,” I laughed in his face.

Jonathan turned very red in the face, especially once I told him, “If you ever touch Angel again without her permission, I’ll personally report you to the Sheriff’s Department faster than you can say, ‘orange jumpsuit.’ If you do it in my presence, I’ll kick your sorry, scrawny ass!”

“She’s a dyke! She told me this morning! She’s a motherfucking, goddamned rug-muncher!” Jonathan protested angrily.

“Yes, Jonathan, I’m gay! So what! I was a good mother to your brats and I will be still. Yes, I want a divorce, but that’s because I’m tired of lying to myself and to you. I’m tired of putting on a mask for the rest of the world and pretending to be the prim and proper preacher’s wife. I can’t keep it up. I can’t sleep with you anymore. I can’t live a lie any longer.

“It’s not fair to either of us, and look what it’s driven you to do! Not that I blame you for fucking around, when I’ve been putting you off regularly and I haven’t exactly been faithful, either. Look, I’m sorry, but Chrissy and I, well, what can I say?” Angel confessed to me that she was in love with Christina, one of her mutual friends with Lisa, “We’re in love, and I can’t bring myself to sleep with a man when I only want her.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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