Cupid’s Arrow

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cupid’s Arrow

The bound coyote groaned, twisting back and forth on the padded table, his legs spread and a softening beneath his buttocks boding ‘ill’ for times to come. He knew where he was, in Dora’s favourite playroom, designed so that everything she may need was at her fingertips with several pieces of bondage furniture set around the rectangular room. Even the corners of the room seemed sharp and angular, although she had not gone for the traditional lure of black and red but rather black and pink to match her favourite pair of pistols. She wasn’t much of a lady or ‘girly-girl’ when it came right down to it but that wasn’t something that anyone was about to comment on for fear of their lives. Dora liked what Dora liked and no one with an ounce of good sense in their body was going to question that.

No, that was a lie… Some had made comments. They’d disappeared. Those that survived did not ask questions.

She’d left Yote without a blindfold, perhaps wanting him to see just what was torturing him, the buzzing vibrations of the butt plug trembling up into his lower half as he panted heavily, tongue lolling out over his black lips. Just that on its own would have been more than enough but there was something about having a warming presence in there that set his toes curling and flexing, strapped down to the bondage table in cool, slick latex. His arms were by his sides and his head well-cushioned, giving him the impression that she planned to have him there for a while, but, as much as he twisted and grunted and fought and sweated, the coyote could not free himself either from the clasp of the cock ring around the base of his plumped-up shaft.

More… He ground his teeth together, eyes half-lidded and body overrun by raw sensation. He wanted more, the pulsing vibrations to drive him over the edge into climax as his cock throbbed and throbbed and throbbed, craving that little bit more.

Of course, however, the canine in charge wouldn’t have

“Oh, little ‘yote…” His mistress crooned, a disembodied voice floating through the speakers set up into the corners of the room. “Aren’t you caught up in quite a predicament this time?”

This time? He winced inwardly, panting heavily and trying to rock and buck his hips – anything to relieve just a little of the tension there. He was always in a predicament when it came to his mistress and sweetheart, yet only in the very best of ways. Dora was a German Shepherd who had all the thorns hidden behind the rose, knowing just how she had to be cruel in order to Kartal Escort be kind.

Only, the thing was that that cruelty sometimes reared its head a little more than the kindness. She could, however, still be kind when the mood so pleased her.

And that little drop of sunshine and sweetness came through in her attire as Dora herself flitted through the door, clad in a silken sweet outfit that would have portrayed her as an angel in pink, if not for the fact that it was Valentine’s Day and he knew, very well, that she was dressing as a female Cupid. In fact, she made a much better Cupid than any male could have, even with a bow and quiver all set up and ready to go, pivoting on her toes as she pointed an arrow at him, although that was all of the gear she had to paw.

She didn’t need anything more than that.

“You waited here so sweetly for me, little one,” she murmured, although it was hard to take her tone as pure and innocent when she had such fire and darkness dancing in her eyes, drawing the eye and attention from her lingerie, the skirt flowing shortly down her thighs. “Did you enjoy yourself?”

The coyote’s only answer for Dora, however, was a throaty groan, trying to lick his lips and bring some measure of moisture back to his mouth as he lapped and panted, eyes rolling back into his skull. The vibrations racked up all of a sudden and she laughed at his predicament as Yote twisted and bucked, trying to arch his back with all his might and even accidentally crushing his tail against the padded table as he sought that elusive high…just as it slipped away once again. He growled, unable to stop himself, and she grabbed his muzzle, jerking it to the side sharply with a ‘tsk’ of her tongue against the roof of her mouth. Anyone under her command knew that that sound boded trouble but she was in a subtler sort of mood than normal and would store away his transgression, however minor, for later.

“If you were a good pup, maybe I would have let you cum by now…”

Running a finger down his body, she smirked, her dark muzzle twisting in a cruel sort of pleasure that made his heart leap and bound in all the right ways.

“Please…” Even his breath came out harshly, rasping through his windpipe. “Please…”

But even Yote didn’t know what he was begging for, just needing something as she chuckled throatily, dropping her guise and act as a being of love and passion for a moment. The engagement ring glittered on the chain at her throat but it was by no means a symbol of ownership of her or submission to him. No, the collar secured tight and locked around his neck was a far better symbol, even if he had finally found a gem that adequately depicted just how much he loved her.

He loved her even better though when he was down on his knees, serving her. In any way, that was, as it was Tuzla Escort not for one little coyote to discern just what she wanted at any given moment, just to serve and obey. And he would too, whimpering for her as she leaned over his head, paws sliding down his bare chest and tweaking his nipples, although the sharp flash of pain mingling with pleasure as her claws bit in hardly dissuaded him from his, albeit bound, pursuit of lust. She was aroused – oh, it was so obvious, the thick headiness of her scent filling the air around him, better than any level of drink or drug that may have, in another time and life, passed the boundary of his lips.

She was the best addiction he could have ever had.

The silk lingerie draped over her body – a babydoll? It was cut differently, but the coyote was hardly in a position to care or comment – as if it was striving to cling to every last beautiful curve, revealing glimpses of her tan and cream fur, struck through with black. It was hard to focus, his tail hole trying to squeeze and push around the plug, but he tried his best, turning his muzzle into her paw as she walked around him, observing her little, bound subject from every direction. A pair of small wings had even been fixed to her back, although she by no means needed wings to fly straight into his heart.

And other places, of course, fingers trailing up his cock as if she was going to wrap her paw around it and, finally, offer him some sense of relief. He caught his breath, eyes snapping wide – and then she flitted away, instead groping his balls, cupping and kneading the warm orbs between her palm and fingers.

“Maybe I’ll have to lock these up too next time,” she giggled, tail tucked down as if she was trying to keep the skirt in place – but for what reason? “So exposed… So vulnerable… Oh, the things I will do to you, little one.”

Of course, she didn’t hypothesise that she could do things to him, implying that, well, there was so much more to come. And she knew just how to make his mind run absolutely and completely amok with sex act after act, his balls clutched up in her paw as she laughed and blew him a kiss, cranking up the vibrations as she teased and teased him through yet another cycle.

He twitched and convulsed within the allowance of his bonds, tail trying to wag even from its position beneath him. More… Would she let him…that time? He panted heavily, lost in sensation, but there was nothing at all a body so bound could do to escape from such a dominant paw, Dora standing before his head and flipping up her skirt just in time for him to catch the briefest, flirtiest glimpse of her bare crotch and pussy, devoid of any panties or underwear at all. Her pussy-lips glistened with a glimmer of wetness and the German Shepherd moaned as if on cue, putting a sensual sort of lust into the sound Anadolu Yakası Escort that had him wanting to orgasm all the more.

So that’s why she was trying to keep her tail down…

But it wasn’t something that his mind could lock onto as the pulses blended into over-sensation, his sensitivity ramped up and every breath he took seeming to rake, obscenely, against his eardrums. In the moment, the poor, submissive coyote could not have told anyone just where he was, only that he was consumed by the driving need to cum, to climax, to experience any shred of ecstasy that could, possibly, be within his grasp.

His cupid-mistress teased him up and down, tantalising on the edge of climax for far, far too long. Of course, not by her standards or anything: she thought she was, in fact, being very kind. She was paying attention to her pup, after all! And what better could he possibly have as her Valentine’s gift?

Dora was not, however, so cruel as to not to allow him to get off that first time; it was the subsequent orgasms that she forced from his sore and aching body that would be more of a problem for the abused coyote. Closing her paw around his shaft, she scooted over the head of the bondage table, hovering over his head even as he panted, filling his nose with the thick scent of her own arousal. But he didn’t even see her, howling and writhing and thrashing like a creature possessed, her paw pumping the full length of his cock over and over again.

And he needed it – oh, he so very much needed it! Losing himself in the moment, all he could think about was the sharp increase of pleasure as the plug itself seemed to swell up under his tail, thick and full and needing a ‘release’ of its own, although that was solely pressure. Yet it was the stroke and tease of her paw that knew just how to move to bring him ecstasy as well as pain, shuddering and panting and heaving – until, at least, orgasm was his.

Yowling, Yote tried to lash his tongue up against the sweet pussy in his face but couldn’t control himself as orgasm rolled over him, carrying him up and away as she wickedly directed his seed down over his own stomach, soaking his fur. It was not his orgasm that was to be the end highlight of the night, however, even if he was not to know that, grunting and moaning and crying out his thrill in every last way he knew how.

But he could think a little more, head swimming and the vibrations dying off, just a little, as he came down from his high, the waves of pleasure keeping on even though the stream of cum tapered off as swiftly as was normal for any respectable coyote. She giggled above him and wiped off her paw on his fur, letting him come back to himself as she dropped lower, finally insisting on that sweet lick of pleasure for herself too.

The night, after all, was still young.

“I think my arrow has already sunk home, little ‘yote…”

And, groaning, he knew he was right where he needed to be, loving every last thing that she offered him, the sweetness of her pussy soft before her muzzle as he lapped and lapped and lapped.

She was his sweetest Valentine’s night treat.

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